robert_ancellbregma, I'm updating the metacity package and it changes the soname for libmetacity-private. This means compiz-gnome needs to be rebuilt. Have you done a migration like this before?03:38
robert_ancellbregma, bug 146364503:45
ubot5bug 1463645 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Update metacity to 3.16" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146364503:45
pittiGood morning04:20
didrocksgood morning05:56
RAOFpitti: Good morning! We seem to have some SRU autopkgtests failing due to test environment changes.06:14
RAOFI understand that you're on the hook for doing something about that? :)06:15
pittiRAOF: in trusty mostly, right?06:15
RAOFpitti: Yah.06:15
pittiRAOF: yeah, some of the tests fail because they expect their build dependencies to be installed06:15
pittiwe could fix them in trusty by SRUing the fixed tests if we care, but for the user that'd be a no-op update06:15
pittiwe don't have the old infrastructure any more which ran tests with the null runner06:16
RAOFThere was another one that seemed odd; “failed to find parent run by non-root” seemed to be the relevant output.06:18
RAOFBut I can't remember which particular adt job that was.06:18
pittiRAOF: haven't seen that one -- is that a jenkins or a test error message?06:19
RAOFIt looked like it was an test runner error message.06:19
RAOFIt didn't look like it had actually started running the tests.06:19
pittiRAOF: then these should just be retried; might be just another jenkins glitch?06:20
RAOFMight be? It was one of the gvfs rdepend failures, which seemed to have hung around for some time.06:20
pittiRAOF: looking at the trusty gtk+3.0 rdeps06:26
pittideja-dup: missing dbus-x11 test dep06:27
pittinotify-osd: doesn't say (darn parallel test runner), but presumably missing xvfb or something such (also fixed in utopic and later)06:27
pittiubuntu-release-upgrader> not sure, there are multiple errors there; "None is not true" doesn't help much06:29
pittiperhaps due to missing at-spi-core or so ("The name org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files", but that's just a warning)06:29
pittiupdate-manager> 'HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed'06:30
pittimay be due to changed proxy settings; we can't just switch that back either06:30
RAOFOooh, I downloaded the log!06:30
RAOFhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11688382/ is the log with the weird non-root message.06:31
pittiapport> not sure about that, but it never succeeded in trusty with teh current infrastructure either; needs a test fix backport and closer investigation06:32
sarnoldthat's a string from gvfs06:32
pittigvfs> "Did not find a parent process that runs as non-root"> that was fixed in gvfs-testbed in utopic, needs backport06:33
RAOFAh, good.06:33
pittiRAOF: ah, so that's what you saw, right06:33
RAOFIt didn't look like it actually got to running a test, but clearly it did.06:33
pittiso, we could fix the tests if/when we SRU these packages, but not sure if we should do SRUs *just* for test fixes06:33
pittithere's loads of them; the current infrastructure wasn't really meant to run trusty tests; we knew that a lot of the ones in trusty were broken and only worked due to the deficiencies of the null runner06:34
RAOFSo, we can basically ignore trusty SRU adt failures, then?06:35
pittithe ones which never succeeded since we turned on SRU testing for trusty, yes06:36
seb128good morning desktopers06:36
seb128hey pitti RAOF06:36
pittior, we have to fix them all, but that's a rather large undertaking06:36
pittibonjour seb12806:36
RAOFHey seb12806:36
RAOFpitti: Can we detect those never-passed ones, and not show them on pending-sru as regressions?06:37
didrocksre seb12806:38
seb128re didrocks ;-)06:40
pittiRAOF: replied to the ML06:42
pittiRAOF: yes; preferably through the britney override branch (I think slangasek and bdmurray discussed that yesterday, not sure of the outcome), and if that doesn't work, we can hack the history file06:43
RAOFinfinity was also talking about it this morning.06:43
pittiRAOF: e. g. http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Vivid/view/AutoPkgTest/job/vivid-adt-click/ looks like an "honest" regression somewhere06:43
pittivivid regressions should be fairly real; utopic still has some infrastructure related regressions, trusty's are mostly due to a completely different infra06:44
didrockshey willcooke07:23
seb128hey willcooke07:26
didrocksseb128: 32 bits of visual studio code coming in next ubuntu make release07:26
seb128didrocks, oh, nice ;-)07:26
seb128hey larsu07:29
didrocksmorning larsu07:29
larsuhi seb128, didrocks! Ça va?07:31
pittihey willcooke, hello larsu07:34
larsuhi pitti :)07:38
larsumorning willcooke07:38
seb128larsu, oui, et toi ?07:38
larsuseb128: nickel, merci!07:39
Laneyhey hey08:02
larsumorning Laney!08:02
Laneyyo dawg08:03
Laneywhat is up?08:03
larsuvery up08:03
Laneynot here08:04
Laneylend me a bit08:04
larsucome on over08:04
Laneyoh yeah good plan08:04
Laneybrb plane08:04
willcookegoodly morloade Laney08:04
* larsu makes some tea for Laney 08:04
Laneyahoy willcooke08:04
seb128hey Laney08:05
didrockshey Mr Laney08:05
larsupitti: what's responsible for mounting the filesystem writable when /userdata/.writable_image is there?08:08
larsubooting with systemd makes it ro for me again08:08
ogra_larsu, the initrd08:12
larsuhm, that shouldn't have changed though, right08:12
ogra_but !08:12
ogra_i'm not sure core allows that at all :)08:12
ogra_your desktop-next is based on core, not touch08:13
larsutalking about tough08:13
ogra_ah, k08:13
ogra_yeah, thats the phone initrd08:13
ogra_the initrd does the low level partition mounting and feeds all writable paths into fstab ... the boind mounting of the writable b its then happens from whatever processes fstab (mountall, systemd-fstab)08:15
Laneyit puts something in kmsg08:15
Laneymounting or mounting in developer mode or something08:15
Laneyso you can see if it reads the file right08:15
ogra_so i guess systemd-fstab behaves a little different to mountall here08:15
ogra_(or you end uzp with the writable partition in fstab, which shouldnt be the case)08:16
larsuogra_: thanks! fstab lists the rootfs as ro, even though writable_image is there08:20
larsuLaney: nothing of the sort..08:20
ogra_larsu, with a partition name ?08:21
larsuno, /dev/root08:21
ogra_/dev/root / rootfs defaults,ro 0 0 is fine08:21
larsubut then there should be something mounting / as rw?08:22
* ogra_ must admit he hasnt used writable by default in ages ... remounting rw for the moment i need it feels a lot cleaner08:22
larsufair enough :)08:22
ogra_but our tests that run for every build are all on writable devices08:23
ogra_(the CI automation stuff too)08:23
larsuya, it worked fine until I linked /sbin/init to systemd08:24
* larsu is trying to find the cause now08:24
ogra_as Laney said, check dmesg for "initrd: mounting system.img (image developer mode)"08:24
ogra_to make sure the initrd side is fine08:24
larsuya, it doesn't say this08:25
ogra_wow, thats weird08:25
ogra_what phone is that ?08:25
Laney"(user mode)" seems to be the other case08:25
larsunexus 408:25
ogra_/sbin/init doesnt have any effect at that point in the boot08:26
pittilarsu: hm, I don't know I'm afraid08:26
ogra_(or, well, shouldnt have :P )08:26
larsuogra_: I did a dist-upgrade as well, maybe this isn't init's fault. let me check08:27
larsuso ya, I get that message in dmesg now08:34
* larsu <- confused08:36
Laneypitti: have you seen the chromium-browser autopkgtest failure (ENOSPC)? any way the node can get some more space?09:26
pittiLaney: FYI, for your upower build, I'm on the broken umockdev09:26
LaneyI'm fixing the gjs (real) failure right now, F*Y*I :)09:27
pittiI'm waiting on LP to import 0.8.10-2 from Debian, then I'll sync, and the tests should be happy again09:27
pittiLaney: LibO fails on that as well, looking09:27
* Laney blehs at people disabling testsuites09:27
Laneys/disabling/|| true-ing/09:27
seb128libO keeps sending "dual jenkins emails"09:28
seb128it fails09:28
seb128or it's fixed09:28
seb128it fails09:28
seb128oh it's fixed09:28
pittihm, neither / nor /run/shm is full on alderamin09:28
Laneyit's failed on wazn and aldebaran too09:29
Laneyseems systemic09:29
pittiperhaps they have finally exceeded our default VM size of 10G09:29
pittierr, 50G09:30
Laneysurely not09:30
pittibut that would be gross09:30
pittihm, wait09:31
pittinone             16G  200M   16G   2% /run/shm09:31
pittijibel: ^ didn't these machines use to have 64G?09:31
pittiLaney: ok, that might be it; running locally to confirm, but it seems somehow these machines lost a lot of RAM09:33
pittiLaney: so I guess I'll invent an override mechamism to run these big packages on an overlay in /tmp/ instead of /run/shm/09:33
davmor2pitti: did you repartition?09:33
pittidavmor2: no, I don't have root on these machines, and partitions are fine09:34
davmor2pitti: meh sorry something else all together09:34
pittihah, we already have that mechanism09:35
* pitti will enable that for chromium-browser then; but why did libo fail then09:36
pittihttp://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Wily/view/AutoPkgTest/job/wily-adt-chromium-browser/lastBuild/ARCH=i386,label=adt/consoleText definitively has -o /run/shm09:36
pittibut http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Wily/view/AutoPkgTest/job/wily-adt-libreoffice/lastBuild/ARCH=i386,label=adt/consoleText doesn't09:36
pittijibel: ah, wazn and albali do have a 32 G /run/shm, so I guess alderamin just never had09:40
jibelpitti, yeah, alramin was the only machine with only 32G of RAM10:00
pittijibel: I added USESHM=no for chromium-browser and re-ran; stil not sure about libo, I'm investigating10:01
pittisame "disk full" without /run/shm/, so that isn't it10:02
pittiand running this locally on alderamin works fine10:02
jibelpitti, with the same base VM?10:04
pittiyes; re-running the exact command from the jenkins run now, with -proposed10:04
pittiand watching df in the VM10:04
pittitmpfs           2.0G   69M  1.9G   4% /tmp10:05
pittihah! that would be it10:06
pittiLaney: ack, looking at that; auto-mounting /tmp as tmpfs seems to be from systemd 220, seems our patch to not do that doesn't work any more10:07
=== CrazyMelon is now known as CrazyLemon
Laneypitti: ah, right, so it's at least a real regression somewhere10:28
* Laney wonders why shotwell started failing in the same way again10:28
Laneypasses on my real system :(10:28
pittiLaney: umockdev10:28
pittiLaney: libudev 220 changed behaviour a bit, umockdev needs to follow along10:28
pittiLaney: should reproduce with --apt-pocket=proposed -U10:28
Laneyprobably; I just ran d/t/...10:29
Laneyis that breaking gvfs too?10:29
LaneyI wish adt-run would say in which way test-deps are unsatisfiable10:31
pittiLaney: it usually does10:42
pittiLaney: well, it calls apt-get with Debug::pkgProblemResolver10:42
pittithat isn't very readable I'm afraid10:42
pittibut at least it's there10:42
pittiLaney: gvfs> yes, the Gphoto test uses umockdev too10:42
pittiLaney: and ubuntu-drivers-common10:43
Laneypitti: ah, right, yes - the output is further up10:43
Laneyit's readable if you know how - for kde-gtk-config it's quite simple looking anyway. :)10:44
seb128Laney, can you retry desktopnext cdimage build?11:20
LaneyI'm goign to set up this team11:20
seb128Laney, thanks11:30
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
seb128Laney, oh, I forgot to follow up after the meeting yesterday about those gnome-shell-extensions/gtk, what was that?11:54
seb128Laney, also you retried desktop-next on amd64 only?11:55
seb128mvo, livecd-rootfs 500-move-kernel-to-device-tar.binary has its name on it ... maybe you can help there :-)11:56
seb128mvo, " cp -ar boot/vmlinu?-* $TMPDIR/assets/vmlinuz", where is that boot/ coming from?11:56
seb128it fails on amd64 for desktop-next with11:57
seb128"+ cp -ar boot/vmlinuz-3.19.0-20-generic boot/vmlinuz-3.19.0-20-generic.efi.signed /tmp/tmp.WKlc3yv5h0/assets/vmlinuz11:57
seb128cp: target '/tmp/tmp.WKlc3yv5h0/assets/vmlinuz' is not a directory11:57
seb128E: config/hooks/500-move-kernel-to-device-tar.binary failed (exit non-zero). You should check for errors."11:57
seb128I guess there is a /boot/vmlinuz, should we mkdir mkdir -p $TMPDIR/assets/vmlinuz before the cp then?11:57
seb128hum, that's a stupid suggestion :p11:58
seb128I guess that's not mean to be a dir11:58
seb128so the issue is likely that we have several matches for vmlinu?-*11:58
Laneyseb128: the others are going to fail no?11:59
seb128likely due to the uefi variant11:59
Laneyoh wait, it'is i386 that works11:59
seb128Laney, yes11:59
seb128Laney, i386 is the one I'm interested in ;-)11:59
seb128that's the one that builds11:59
Laneygtk> test regressions to fix first11:59
Laneythat's what I was talking about with p itti11:59
Laneygreat fun11:59
mvoseb128: from the kernel we install in our livecd-rootfs11:59
mvoseb128: do you guys install a kernel too?12:00
Laneyok i386 going12:00
seb128Laney, thanks :-)12:00
seb128mvo, I guess we do :-) unsure why/how though, that image should be similar to ubuntu-core, just with extra seeded binaries12:01
seb128http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.wily/view/head:/desktop#L64 doesn't include linux-*12:01
mvoseb128: I think we don't do it via the seeds, irrc its black magic12:02
mvoseb128: hold on a sec12:02
seb128mvo, yeah, I just don't understand that magic, I'm a muggle ;-)12:03
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
mvoseb128: I think you need to set KERNEL_FLAVOURS some lines earlier, I can add that for you12:05
ogra_yeah, it isnt handled by seeds12:06
ogra_comes from a live-build var12:06
seb128mvo, ogra_, how/why is that different between ubuntu-core and ubuntu-desktop-next?12:06
seb128they have the same livecd-rootfs hooks basically12:06
ogra_seb128, not sure, let me take a look12:06
seb128ogra_, thanks12:06
ogra_(i havent touched core before)12:06
ogra_(at least on that level)12:06
mvoseb128: I don't know, I don't know why it wasn't added it to desktop-next12:07
seb128well, for sure they are different12:07
seb128mvo, is it in ubuntu-core?12:07
mvoseb128: but really, this code-duplication that we need is bothering me (quite a lot)12:07
mvoseb128: one sec, let me point you at the code line12:07
seb128mvo, yeah, me too, I tried to symlink those hooks yesterday but build failed then12:07
seb128"cp: cannot stat 'config/hooks/03-boot_with_systemd.chroot': No such file or directory"12:07
mvoseb128: well, its ok for now, but longer^Wshoter term this is becoming a nightmare12:08
seb128need to fix that12:08
mvoseb128: not blaming you :)12:08
mvoseb128: don't get me wrong, the tools just have not kept up with the task we now throw at them12:08
seb128I've to admit I didn't sit down trying to understand the livecd-rootfs details12:08
seb128I'm just poking around12:08
mvoseb128: *cough* I doubt many people do12:08
ogra_seb128, line 412 in live-build/auto/config adds the kernel12:09
ogra_OPTS="${OPTS:+$OPTS }--linux-packages=linux-image"12:09
ogra_seb128, i guess you want to add "ubuntu-desktop-next" to the case in line 36812:10
seb128ogra_, ok, good spot, thanks12:12
seb128mvo, thanks as well ;-)12:12
mvoogra_: well, if we do that they will not install recommends anymore12:14
ogra_oh, right12:14
mvoogra_: so we need another if ! ubuntu-core12:14
ogra_then you want to duplicate the whole thing or some such12:14
mvoogra_: which is frankly all terrible and spahgeetty12:14
seb128ogra_, mvo: in fact it seems didrocks did that12:14
seb128ogra_, mvo, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/auto/config#L20612:14
seb128OPTS="${OPTS:+$OPTS }--linux-packages=linux-image"12:15
mvoseb128: I'm not sure thats enough, it may need KERNEL_FLAVOURS, but again I don't know the ins/outs12:15
seb128mvo, so adding a "                        KERNEL_FLAVOURS=generic" line?12:16
ogra_it definitely needs more additions now that you are snappy based12:16
mvoogra_: meh, sorry, I don't want to come across negative, the or thing is probably a good start, we could move the other ubuntu-desktop-next after ubuntu-core and override the apt recommends to true again12:16
seb128ogra_, like?12:16
mvostill not great but if its close together and we add a comment it would be ok I guess?12:17
ogra_seb128, look at the ubuntu-core stuff ...12:17
ogra_while you dont want the dropping of recommends it adds a ton of extra packages etc12:17
seb128ogra_, well, it mostly install packages, that we don't need because our seed is complete/has recommends12:17
mvoI really wish we had somthing declarative where you can say "project ubuntu-desktop-next(ubuntu-core):\n  apt_recommends = true\nextra_package += ["foo", "bar"]12:18
ogra_seb128, add_package install ubuntu-snappy ... and the like12:18
ogra_also enabling universe for system-image-cli12:19
ogra_etc etc12:19
seb128ogra_, but ubuntu-snappy is installed, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/208626439/livecd.ubuntu-desktop-next.manifest12:19
ogra_ah, k12:19
ogra_well, all i mean is you should go over all the lines there and see that you end up with the same bits installed12:19
seb128right, we added those to our desktop seed12:19
seb128unsure why core is not doing that12:20
seb128                        # some workarounds because the seeds are not quite12:20
seb128                        # corrent at the moment12:20
seb128        add_package install dbus"12:20
Laneyseems to just be the flavour thing12:20
seb128I don't understand why that needs to be there as a hack12:20
ogra_dropped recommends ?12:21
ogra_though yeah, one could have seeded that :)12:21
seb128couldn't dbus be seeded?12:21
* ogra_ has no idea why it wasnt 12:21
seb128yeah :-)12:21
ogra_perhaps because you dont want it in certain images12:21
ogra_cloud ?12:21
ogra_hmm, no, its in the generic part of the code12:22
Laneyis there an ubuntu-core seed?12:23
LaneyI think this SUBPROJECT thing is because there is ubuntu-core and ubuntu-core-system-image12:23
Laneyyes indeed, there is12:24
Laneyso maybe this can be cleaned up now?12:24
Laneyalso the broken indentation in that block makes me twitch12:25
ogra_well, ubuntu-core still builds the ubuntu-core tarballs on cdimage12:25
ogra_which are used by many projects as cheap chroots12:26
ogra_(and i agree about the indendation)12:27
seb128Laney, it's a vcs and you have commit access, feel free to fix the indent ;-)12:28
LaneyI am doing12:29
Laneydone, please pull12:32
Laneymvo: It looks like you've not got LP generating Task: for your seed - intentional?12:37
LaneyI think it'd be feasible to move those manual installations there and then we could merge the desktop-next and core bits12:37
Laneyat least that block12:37
LaneyMaybe there's a project I can file a bug on? :)12:38
mvoLaney: hm, I have Task headers for some bits, no? what am I missing :) ?12:49
Laneymvo: e.g. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-core.wily/view/head:/core-libs-dev don't have them12:58
mvoLaney: oh,core-libs-dev will go away, sorry. task: ubuntu-core is the one we use12:59
LaneyMaybe so, but those packages don't have Task headers which indicates that ubuntu-core isn't being processed12:59
mvoLaney: a while ago there was this idea to have core-libs/core-libs-dev so just like ubuntu-sdk-libs/ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev so that we can re-use the click chroots environment. but that never got enaywhere13:00
Laneyit needs to be in lp:ubuntu-archive-publishing scripts/cron.germinate13:00
mvoLaney: there are a bunch of packages with a ubuntu-core header, no?13:00
* mvo is probably confused13:00
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
Laneymvo: Seems to come from ubuntu.wily/system-image seed13:04
Laneyis that your thing?13:04
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
rickspencer3didrocks, so, ironically, I think I am getting punished for not using umake13:22
rickspencer3I tried writing some Go code and go build kept complaining that certain members weren't in a certain class13:23
rickspencer3I assume this is because I have an out of date Go from the archives and need to use ubuntu make to get the fresh stuff ;)13:23
didrocksrickspencer3: not sure if I should \o/ in some way :p13:25
rickspencer3didrocks, brace yourself, I may come back and ask for help with umake :)13:26
* didrocks is away for a long long time ;)13:26
davmor2didrocks: not sure that's what rickspencer3 meant when he said brace yourself :p13:28
didrocksdavmor2: I will argue "ENOTNATIVESPEAKER"13:28
Sweet5hark1didrocks: that one is always helpful13:30
davmor2didrocks: you speak better English than I do French so that doesn't wash sorry ;)13:31
mvoLaney: yes13:32
mvoLaney: sorry for the delay, meeting13:33
Laneyno worries13:33
didrocksdavmor2: what do you mean? j/k ;)13:33
Laneylarsu: do you want to try to get https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/ubuntu-themes/overlay-scrollbars in?13:39
* Laney hasn't tried it yet, mind13:39
seb128Laney, that has issues, progressbar have no bg with it13:40
* seb128 tried it13:40
Laneyoh right, did you report that already?13:40
seb128IRC report :p13:40
seb128larsu confirmed/said he would have a look13:40
larsuwhat seb128 said13:44
seb128oh, other gtk316 issue13:45
seb128in nautilus sidebar, the equivalent of ~1.3 rows of space is empty at the bottom13:46
seb128oh, also13:47
seb128gnome-tetravex: /usr/@DATADIRNAME@13:47
* seb128 looks at that13:48
larsulooks like the undershoot rule doesn't apply there...13:51
seb128larsu, speaking about which issue?13:51
seb128weird, the gnome-tetravex debs in Debian don't have the issue and we are in sync13:51
seb128different intltool or something?13:52
larsuseb128: nautilus13:52
seb128larsu, undershoot, is that having to do with the scrolling overshoot?13:53
seb128do you see the issue as well?13:53
larsuseb128: yes, undershoot is when there's more content at an edge. I see the issue too (haven't until now because my nautilus is usually large enough)13:54
Laneyseb128: can you file a "gtk316" bug so it doesn't get lost?13:54
* Laney has trying the 3.16 update on the list13:54
larsugtk316 assignee:larsu :(13:54
Laneymaybe that fixes it :)13:54
Laneyjhbuild run nautilus doesn't work :(13:55
larsuLaney: is the nautilus on your system still running?13:56
seb128larsu, Laney, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/146384813:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1463848 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "[gtk 3.16] sidebar has unused space at the bottom" [Undecided,New]13:56
larsuseb128: thanks13:57
Laneylarsu: I quit it first, it's an assertion failure13:58
larsuuh oh13:58
* Laney tries the 3-16 branch13:59
seb128is calling nautilus -q or nautilus from a command line also giving you13:59
seb128gtk_icon_theme_get_for_screen: assertion 'GDK_IS_SCREEN (screen)' failed13:59
seb128GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance13:59
seb128g_signal_connect_object: assertion 'G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed13:59
seb128Laney, can you retry deskotp-next on amd64? want to see if the livecd-rootfs update made a difference there14:57
seb128Laney, I see what you are trying to do :p15:10
LaneyI guess I have to still do it >:(15:10
seb128meanwhile can you start a build? I would like to see the result before going off for tennis in ~1.5 hours15:11
popeywillcooke: in your mail you suggested installing unity8 on desktop, what method would you recommend? (I'm on Wily on my Intel laptop)15:18
popeywillcooke: tbh I'd rather not install on my main machine simply because then it means flip / flopping between two sessions (unity7 and 8)15:19
popeywillcooke: would way rather have a machine dedicated to this so I can continue working / file bugs / build clicks etc on main machine while doing testing on second machine.15:19
willcookeand we'd rather not rework everything we've done to get the U8 snappy image out ;)15:19
popeywell it was clearly prematurely expired, surely? given we have a requirement for click based desktop15:20
willcookewho is we?15:21
willcookeHow about this:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC15:21
popeythat is broken here :(15:21
popeyi get a blank screen when i login to that unity8 session15:22
willcookeis blank screen this:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8-lxc/+bug/138349715:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1383497 in unity8-lxc (Ubuntu) "TTY switching does not work when running Unity8 in the LXC" [Medium,Confirmed]15:23
seb128popey, we never had a click based desktop and I don't see how that would work, click is a good simplified format to distribute apps, it's not something you build a desktop from15:23
popeyI dont mean click distributed desktop15:23
popeyI mean, a desktop build which is similar in setup to the phone build15:23
popeywhich is based off debian packages and click packages15:23
popeywhich I truncated as "click based" sorry.15:24
seb128desktop-next was not different from install unity-desktop-session-mir on your normal wily and logging into that from the login manager15:24
seb128why can't you just do that?15:24
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willcookeqengho, you around?15:37
seb128mvo, same error with the kernel flavor set :-/16:16
seb128cp: target '/tmp/tmp.nawPuZ1kD7/assets/vmlinuz' is not a directory16:16
seb128 cp -ar boot/vmlinu?-* $TMPDIR/assets/vmlinuz16:17
seb128wonder if the *uefi/signed variants don't make several matches to "boot/vmlinu?-*"16:17
seb128should have added a ls debug line in there, I was pondering doing that for that upload16:18
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mvoseb128: meh, :( is the script run with set -ex ? but I guess thats not helpful18:22
mvoseb128: we really need a livecd-rootfs that can run locally18:22
ogra_mvo, i was pondering to update rootstock-ng ... that runs it locally18:26
mvoogra_: I wonder if there is anything that blocks getting that support for upstream livecd-rootfs18:27
ogra_mvo, it is a complex setup if you want to do the same as the buildd does (stacked chroots in onion model)18:28
mvoogra_: right, still…18:28
ogra_mvo, well, there is the BuildLiveCD.sh script upstream18:30
mvoogra_: aha, part of live-build?18:30
ogra_which is essentially the thing that gets executed on the buildd18:30
ogra_no, part of livecd-rootfs18:30
ogra_but that doesnt help you since you need to first get the setup in place that LP does when provisioning the buildd18:31
ogra_(which is what rootstock-ng does)18:31
mvoogra_: yeah, I write some code for this a long time ago and then it didn't get anywhere and I lost interesst :/ but everytime I need to debug a failure I whish I hadn't18:32
ogra_mvo, well, as i said, its probably just 10min of work to update rootstock-ng and make it build wily images (and to build core instead of the hardcoded touch)18:33
ogra_i wrote it in a way (explicitly) to not be a generic tool18:33
ogra_would just need some generalizing again18:33
rsalveti"funny" how we keep having this same issue over and over and over18:49
NoskcajLaney, Would you mind syncing gjs from exp now you've uploaded it to there?20:49
LaneyI'm certainly going to do that, can't right now though20:49
LaneyLP needs to know about it first20:52
robert_ancellLaney, I was about to track down how to sort out the libpeas / Debian Python issue - thanks for doing that.23:32

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