daftykinsObrienDave: vodka pls01:58
ObrienDaveLOL too late, i'm out of that and cinnamon whiskey ;P01:59
ObrienDavegoing to raid a bit of step-son's grey goose ;P02:00
daftykinsomg ablest is such a *censored*02:01
ObrienDavepatience, grasshopper ;P02:07
daftykinsnah this guy can't even paste a command, jeez02:08
OerHekscpu scaling on demand, that is a long long time ago02:08
daftykinsand for frickin' counter-strike, for the love of Tux02:09
daftykinsi was playing that when i was a teenager02:09
ObrienDavetux is a god ;P02:09
daftykinsi like using it so as to not offend on religious grounds, sort of02:10
ObrienDaveunderstood :)02:10
ObrienDave*bites fingers* *must behave*02:11
ObrienDavesometimes i HATE having to be politically correct. grrrr02:12
daftykinsoh i didn't mean to tell you off02:13
OerHekspolitical correct sounds so wrong02:13
daftykinsjust sort of background02:13
ObrienDavei was going to retort to your retort. but i caught myself before i hit the send button LOL02:14
ObrienDave*dang, that's tough to do sometimes* ;P02:15
ObrienDaveoh boy, too bad i have to work in the morning02:17
ObrienDavei would drink a LOT ;P02:18
daftykinsthat channel really does drive to drink02:19
ObrienDaveummm, yup *hic* ;P02:20
lotuspsychjemorning to all04:39
BluesKajHiyas all11:30
histowell so much for my uptime had to upgrade17:30
OerHeksI need to think hard, when was the last time my ubuntu install crashed beyond control17:31
histoOerHeks: I reconnected what happened?17:59
OerHeksi am still thinking hard ....18:01
OerHeks[19:31:47] <OerHeks> I need to think hard, when was the last time my ubuntu install crashed beyond control18:02
histoOerHeks: ahh18:11
daftykinsOerHeks: what's prompting that?18:11
OerHeksWhat do you mean by prompting that?18:12
OerHeksi was thinking about uptime, lots of kernel/system updates spoil it.18:13
OerHeksor crashes :-P18:13
histoI had to update to debian 8 and lost my uptime :(18:20
histowell should rephrase wanted to not had to18:21
OerHeksThis systemD should make things easier.18:21
daftykinsah i see18:24
daftykinstbh caring about uptime is something more suiting to teens18:24
OerHeksYou are a wise man, daftykins.18:27
daftykinshaha ty *bows*18:29
daftykinsthe number of kernel updates my ubuntu VM gets and the monthly patch tuesday on the host beneath it (my file server) bleh18:30
daftykinsonly way to play that game is to be insecure ;)18:30
lotuspsychjegood evening to all18:33
lotuspsychjedaftykins: ellow mate18:39
lotuspsychjedaftykins: https://system76.com/laptops/serval?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social_post&utm_term=serval&utm_content=serval_release&utm_campaign=social18:45
lotuspsychjenice web preview :o18:45
daftykinseh i don't run desktop ubuntu and i think it works even less well on laptops (:18:45
daftykinsthat right there is essentially a 'gaming laptop' which is a paradox :>18:46
lotuspsychjeyeah lol18:46
lotuspsychjebut still a nice beast18:47
DJonesLooks like they've taken a Lenovo Y510P and just used parts that are 18 months newer18:48
lotuspsychjeDJones: i wonder where they get their hardware from18:48
DJonesLooking at the spec's they seem remarkebly similar to my laptop, just newer models of graphics etc18:49
DJonesWonder what the price is18:50
lotuspsychjeDJones: https://system76.com/cart/configure/serw818:51
lotuspsychje1799 default config18:51
lotuspsychjeif you put everything on high values..oh my :p18:51
DJonesSheesh, $1,799..... I paid £700 for this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-i7-4700MQ-2-4-3-4GHz-1920x1080-Keyboard/dp/B00FEHK0SG18:53
lotuspsychje5267 $ for everything at high lolll18:54
DJonesHeh, its nice doing those tests, then you think not a chance in hell18:55
lotuspsychjeDJones: nice price for your lenovo, what Os you running on it?18:55
DJonesNormally, 15.04, occaisonally I boot into win 8 to do some work related bits18:57
lotuspsychjeDJones: i would put in a samsung ssd 850 pro in there + ubuntu for sure18:57
DJonesI''ve got an ssd in it now18:57
lotuspsychjeDJones: wich brand?18:57
DJonesCrucial_CT512MX100SSD1 (MU01)18:58
DJonesAccording to Disks info18:59
lotuspsychjefast boot on 15.04 with systemd?18:59
DJonesTo be honest, I don't notice the boot time, I switch on & then make  a drink/walk the dog etc, but certainly not long19:00
lotuspsychjeim on acer netbook + samsung ssd 850 pro + ubuntu 14.04 64bit goes rocketfast19:00
lotuspsychjeanyway those system76 machines are so pricey lol19:01
lotuspsychjeand because windows10 is gonna giveout free update, laptops will not sell good anymore19:03
lotuspsychjeanother marketing trick to keep their users19:03
daftykinsnot so sure about trick, more like moving in line with Apples OS strategy19:05
daftykinswhich really they had to do to stay relevant19:05
lotuspsychjedaftykins: wich is?19:05
daftykinswell, free updates :D19:06
lotuspsychjegiveout free19:06
* lotuspsychje gonna stick with ubuntu's free updates19:07
DJonesIt wouldn't surprise me if MS didnt move more into hardware, free updates to the OS which need newer/better/faster/shinier hardware19:07
daftykins10 actually has been feeling even faster than 7 for me19:08
lotuspsychjeDJones: that would be logical marketing trick yes19:08
daftykinson pretty old hardware too, core 2 quad i'm running it on19:08
DJoneseg http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/134225-microsoft-surface-hub-to-cost-5k-and-that-s-just-the-starting-price19:08
daftykinsmeh that thing is a gimmick19:08
DJonesAn expensive gimmick19:09
lotuspsychje 55-inch HD for £5,709 and 84-inch 4K for £16,269.19:10
daftykinspocket money right 8D19:11
daftykinsbut it's for business conference rooms so, mmm19:11
* lotuspsychje looks on his bank account oO19:11
lotuspsychjexor_ax_ax: good evening mate19:16
xor_ax_axheylo, howsit19:19
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: evening mate :p20:18
EriC^^evening lotuspsychje :p20:19
EriC^^how's it going?20:19
lotuspsychjefine tnx and you?20:19
EriC^^did you find any cool stuff for the store?20:19
lotuspsychjei still have to to final exam, before i can start the store20:20
lotuspsychjestill looking for barebone companys20:20
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: did you see the new system76 monster?20:20
EriC^^oh, nope20:21
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: http://news.softpedia.com/news/System76-Unveils-the-Fastest-and-Most-Powerful-Ubuntu-Laptop-on-the-Planet-483840.shtml20:21
lotuspsychjerather expensive :p20:22
OerHeksohh no cd drive :-(20:23
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: you can order the dvd bay :p20:23
OerHeksi have 2 usb-dvd-rw in my drawer, eating dust20:23
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: ive simulates all values to high and came up to 5267$ lol20:23
EriC^^lotuspsychje: yeah, cool though20:23
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: i rather looking for i3 laptops without hd and Os20:24
EriC^^i love the i7 man20:24
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: where i can put samsung pro 850 and ubuntu20:24
EriC^^yeah i wanna try a ssd some day20:24
lotuspsychjeyeah but the i7's are high prices20:25
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: i really reccomend the pro 85020:25
OerHekspro, not evo !20:25
EriC^^i should get it not a usb one right?20:25
EriC^^cause it'll be slower usb?20:25
lotuspsychjeyou mean external use?20:25
EriC^^i mean like i should get one that fits instead of the laptop's one20:26
EriC^^to replace it20:26
lotuspsychjeyeah all ssd's are same size as the small hd's of laptop20:26
lotuspsychjeand the samsung pro 850 is thin to fit almost everywhere20:26
EriC^^how much do you think a 750gb one would cost20:27
lotuspsychjesome other brands are too thick20:27
lotuspsychjelemme see20:27
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: 547 euro for the samsung pro 850 1TB20:28
lotuspsychjeand 310 for the 51220:29
lotuspsychjei would suggest 120 or 256 version20:29
lotuspsychje162 euro for the 256gig20:29
lotuspsychjeand goes rocketfast20:29
lotuspsychje8sec boot here20:30
EriC^^i'm using about 500gb of the laptop's 750gb right now20:30
lotuspsychje3sec halt20:30
EriC^^so i guess i need to get a 750gb or 1tb20:30
lotuspsychjeor use the mechanical as 2nd hd?20:30
lotuspsychjeand first hd ssd?20:31
lotuspsychjeor doesnt fit 2 hd's?20:31
EriC^^it won't fit i guess20:31
lotuspsychjestill pricey, but very worth the deal20:32
EriC^^i think i bought the whole laptop for like 600euro20:32
lotuspsychjelol yeah20:32
EriC^^it was like $1000 couple years ago20:32
lotuspsychjei would go for external storage mechanical hd20:32
lotuspsychjeand fastboot hd ssd20:32
lotuspsychjeyou dont always use the 500gig no?20:32
EriC^^yeah maybe get a huge external one and use a smaller ssd20:32
lotuspsychje2TB mechanical is very cheap these days20:33
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: or a cheap nas to connect over your home network?20:33
EriC^^no idea what a nas is20:33
lotuspsychjeits a network hd20:34
EriC^^i see20:34
lotuspsychjeso you can access your files fast over eth cable20:34
EriC^^oh ok20:34
lotuspsychjeand put a 2TB inside20:34
EriC^^i see20:35
lotuspsychjethere are also ways to build an ubuntu nas with an old pc20:35
OerHeksi have this one, for spare, http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/249224/sitecom-md-253.html dual bay, gigabit, now sold in shops for €4020:35
lotuspsychjebbl guys20:36
* ObrienDave waves from Colorado, USA21:51
* daftykins stands atop the Rockies and yells a hello down toward ObrienDave 21:52
ObrienDaveLOL howdy neighbor ;P21:53
daftykinsalas i am nowhere near, but mmm, seemed a nice state21:53
daftykinseven if the altitude and summer heat kicked my ass21:53
ObrienDavethe altitude is still kicking my butt22:06
daftykinsi thought it only took days to aclimatise? (spelling may be bad)22:09
ObrienDavei'm old, it takes MUCH longer to do anything ;P22:09
ObrienDaveand i smoked for 40 years. down to 3 cigarettes a day22:10
daftykinsimpressive! what's the trick?22:14
ObrienDavelack of money ;P22:14
daftykinsmmm, this is why i don't really want a costly habit22:15
* daftykins looks at computers22:15
ObrienDavei'm married and broke22:15
ObrienDavewhat's that tell ya? ;P22:15
daftykinsa woman entered your life22:16
daftykinswomen = death to hobbies?22:16
ObrienDavepretty much, yea LOL22:16
OerHeksmaybe this will cheer you up ..22:22
OerHeksme not married, still hanging out with you guys :-D22:22
daftykinswoohoo \o/22:22
daftykinsmarried to freenode22:23
ObrienDaveyee HAAA! \o/22:23
ObrienDavewhat is blitz on about in #U-OT?22:24
EriC^^hey daftykins how's it going?22:26
daftykinsnot bad ty sir, just sat waiting for some mates to get on their xboxs but it seems they all forgot tonight was a game night!22:27
daftykinsso i get to be here instead ^_^22:27
daftykinshow are we all doing today?22:27
EriC^^good :>22:27
EriC^^what games do you play on xbox?22:29
daftykinswell we just picked up Dying Light at last since it went down to £25, meant to have 4 of us on it co-op but one mate has yet to pick up his copy from me22:30
daftykinsbefore that we were doing Battlefield 4, Forza Horizon 2 and some Destiny22:31
daftykinsi had a pretty big cycle accident last September so picked up an Xbox One whilst i was resting up out of hospital22:31
EriC^^ah i see22:31
EriC^^glad you were ok22:33
daftykinsta :>22:33
daftykinsit wasn't too bad, broke 4 ribs and the scapula (which is in the shoulder) down one side22:33
daftykinstotal amnesia of the event though so i don't even know what happened22:33
daftykinsand the bike... little bugger got away without a scratch practically22:34
EriC^^accidents suck22:36
daftykinsthe hospital food was amazing :)22:38
EriC^^yeah those bikes are heavy, can't image him running into you22:38
EriC^^haha, cool :)22:39
daftykinsin intensive care the dude looking after me would call up for a fry-up every morning, aww yis22:39
EriC^^i love airplane food and the likes, contrary to popular stereotype stuff, it tastes pretty awesome usually22:39
daftykinsyeah i'm always impressed too!22:39
daftykinswe must just be really unfussy types :>22:39
ObrienDaveor just not picky ;P23:20
daftykinsthat's more what i meant yeah :>23:26
daftykinsi think the packaging on the planes can get the better of me though23:26

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