dufluWhy is it every time I look, Ubuntu is using a kernel that upstream has end-of-life'd ? :)02:47
dufluWe never seem to be using the long term supported ones02:48
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greyback_alan_g: network dropped, have you a link to the HO?09:32
alan_gtvoss: ^09:37
tvossalan_g, ack09:37
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kdubits gotten tricky to be sure whats the source of a CI failure14:07
kdubhmm, anyone know anything about glmark breaking with abi changes? I've found https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1341490, but what I see seems slightly different14:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1341490 in Mir "Bumping the client ABI causes CI failures" [Medium,Triaged]14:15
kdubbecause i shouldnt be bumping or breaking anything in https://code.launchpad.net/~kdub/mir/multiple-bufferstream-api/+merge/26112314:15
alan_gkdub: the most recent problem with glmark was that the version of libmirclient8 from 0.12 loaded libmircommon3 but the 0.14 drivers that were loaded also loaded libmircommon414:28
alan_gOnce 0.13 hit archive that "went away"14:28
kdubhmm, dunno if thats what i'm hitting in this problem14:31
alan_gI doubt it.14:33
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AlbertAkdub: another MP is also hitting the same glMark issue... https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/input-methods-can-specify-foreign-parents/+merge/25800115:30
kdubAlbertA, right, and that one adds another function to the mir_surface api too....15:31
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kdubso the glmark definitely is a loading mirclient8 when mirclient9 should be loaded16:03
AlbertAkdub: oh is it loading libmirclient8 then using the built libmirprotobuf.so.0 from the cI build?16:05
kdubpossibly, have been able to get a backtrace16:06
AlbertAkdub: but in any case, do we even want a libmirclient8 talking to a server released with libmirclient9?16:08
kdubprobably not16:09
kdubmaybe we need to bump the protobuf number?16:09
AlbertAkdub: seems like we need to disable glmark for now since we bumped client ABI until release...16:09
kdubAlbertA, because we don't build glmark against the code that's being landed?16:10
AlbertAkdub: right. it's just a package dep16:11
AlbertAkdub: or rather I guess it's just a package installed by the mir mako runner scripts16:13
AlbertAkdub: so looking at RAOF's branch - protobuf seems like the only suspect to cause the glmark crash...16:28
AlbertAprobably stack protobuf objects that are now a different size in the new libmirprotobuf.so.0....16:30
AlbertAdo we have libmirprotobuf as an .so to share between client and server?16:31
AlbertAit does seem like we need to bump the protobuf ABI then....16:32
AlbertAor at least when we bump libmirclient ABI16:33
AlbertAand there's been a protobuf change16:33
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kdubAlbertA, right, that seems sensible to me too16:46
racarrwhee...all my tests passing now and working on device for touch stream rewriter...just code cleanup now.17:16
alan_gYou enjoy cleaning up code?17:17
racarralan_g: I feel like you are kind of pointlessly mean to me sometimes17:23
racarr(e.g. above)17:23
racarrsorry I'm sure you consider it as having intent17:24
racarrand are trying to communicate something to me17:24
alan_gracarr: actually I'm glad you are not tempted to skip the "clean up" bit.17:24
racarrbut I don't really appreciate it when it's phrased like that17:24
alan_gI was just amused by your phrasing17:25
alan_gSorry that it read differently17:25
racarrlol I understand sorry.....17:25
racarrno, my fault lol17:25
alan_gno, no, my fault. I was careless in my phrasing.17:28
racarrsuch is our internet life.17:29
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bschaefermterry, would deb2snap work on armhf?18:07
* bschaefer only saw x86/x64 libs on it18:07
* bschaefer tests it out18:08
mterrybschaefer, heyo -- it would work, but you may have to do it inside an armhf machine18:11
bschaefermterry, right, its what i was thinking i would have to do18:12
mterrybschaefer, it *should* work18:12
bschaefermterry, as it looks like it does some fun ldd work :)18:12
bschaeferhaha yeah :)18:12
bschaefer*should* work is usually worth a try18:12
bschaefermterry, thanks!18:12
kgunnmterry: hey before i let the day get away from me....again...i'm going through review comments on my attempt to upload mir snap to store19:48
mterrykgunn, oooh OK19:48
kgunnand one question was about the global socket vs user19:49
kgunni mean on one hand i guess you could argue it doesn't matter for the type of device19:49
kgunne.g. it's probably not gonna have multiple apps19:49
kgunnbut just wondering, was there something troubling about using the var/run/user/*/mir_socket19:50
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kgunnmterry: ^19:52
kgunnor is that just what mir_demos* use...19:52
mterrykgunn, didn't try it, but I thought compositors were expected to be per-device, not per-user19:52
kgunnmterry: i guess that is true for a "system compositor"19:53
kgunnaltho in ubuntu touch i think u-s-c is actually per user....?19:54
mterrykgunn, no even there it's run as root for the whole system19:54
mterrykgunn, (otherwise it'd be hard to do the split greeter, which runs as a separate user)19:54
mterrykgunn, unity8 is its own compositor of course (for the user).  But u-s-c is system wide19:54
kgunnholy crap...just grabbed krillin, it's been on for 3 days idling hardly any battery gone...impressive19:55
mterrykgunn, I'm .. pleasantly shocked?   :)19:55
kgunnme too19:55
kgunnmterry: ok, thanks...i think i've got the ammo to argue that one away now19:56
kgunnmterry: one last one...i got dinged on confinement, so doing a lot of reading....is it just "work" ? or is there some mystery there....19:59
kgunnguessing you know from being a snappy dude now :)19:59
mterrykgunn, can you explain that a bit?19:59
mterrykgunn, I can explain the current Mir confinement a bit?  Or are you talking about something else?20:00
kgunnmterry:  security_template_valid (meta/system-compositor.apparmor)20:00
kgunn(MANUAL REVIEW) 'unconfined' not allowed20:00
kgunnWhy is this running unconfined? Framework services and binaries should also all run under confinement.20:00
mterrykgunn, ah yes20:01
mterrykgunn, that was laziness on my part20:01
mterrykgunn, so just "work"20:01
kgunnyou lazy so and so20:01
mterrykgunn, there needs to be some investigation on what exactly u-s-c needs20:01
* kgunn keeps reading hoping for a payoff...20:01
mterrykgunn, so basically that's likely just running it confined and seeing what DENIED comments you get in syslog20:01
mterrykgunn, and then crafting an apparmor file with exceptions20:02
mterrykgunn, similar to the apparmor file for clients20:02
mterrykgunn, in meta/framework-policy/20:02
kgunnmterry: yep...i'm familiar :)20:02
kgunni've already made some mods20:02
mterrykgunn, that one I did put some thought into and worked with jdstrand a bit to tighten it as possible20:02
mterrykgunn, oh good20:02
mterrykgunn, I figured it was more important to get that right than worry about the server side of things, which is something we wrote20:03
mterrykgunn, but I guess the store reviewers/admins didn't see it that way  ;)20:03
kgunnwhich btw, are you ok for me to just push changes to snappy-packaging ?....or, should i keep a seperate branch20:03
mterrykgunn, naw that's fine.  I put it under mir-team so that it could be edited as needed20:03
* kgunn has been known to tear up steele balls with rubber hammers20:03
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