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dkesselwhat shall we do for ubuntu's quality, what shall we do for ubuntu's quality…17:50
dkesselfellow testdrive hackers, i would like to get the fix for bug 1328800 reviewed if you find any time to do this, please.18:39
ubot5bug 1328800 in TestDrive "Missing Ubuntu-Desktop-Next in the distro list" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132880018:39
balloonshey dkessel18:52
dkesselhey balloons :)18:53
ianorlynalso is there a reason the kvm backend defaults to cirrus graphics?18:56
knomeeverybody happy with the wily testing being open in the package tracker now?19:02
ianorlynknome yes19:03
dkesselknome: do you have the admin powers to fix this here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-website/+bug/143455319:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 1434553 in Ubuntu QA Website "Ubuntu Mate download pages lack md5sum and zsync links" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:31
knomelet's see19:31
knomewell the bug could be better19:32
knomebut i'll see19:32
knomedkessel, can you confirm it's working now?19:45
dkesselknome: perfect :) guess you can close that one19:46
knomei will then19:46
knomeanything else while i'm around?19:49
Letozaf_balloons, hi19:49
dkesselknome: let me check the list of bugs :)19:49
dkesselbuena sera (?) Letozaf_19:49
balloonsdkessel, I asked the testdrive devs to have a look, but it will be next week before they can19:50
balloonsI've got no authority on that project so :-)19:50
Letozaf_dkessel, buona sera :) howzit?19:50
dkesselknome: there's bug 1418488 - but it don't know from where the mini.iso files are linked. the information is missing. also, i don't know the correct link to mini.iso19:51
ubot5bug 1418488 in Ubuntu QA Website "the links to the mini.iso do not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141848819:51
dkesselbuona. okay, i'll try to remember that. Well, Letozaf_ - I am looking around for something useful to do after my first working day after my holiday. Which autopilot test are you hacking on? ;)19:54
Letozaf_dkessel, on docviewer app19:56
Letozaf_dkessel, I am having an issue if you want to help me find out what the problem could be19:56
knomedkessel, where are they visible in the first place?19:57
knomedkessel, netboot?19:57
knomedkessel, or are they visible somewhere else as well?19:57
dkesselknome: i don't remember. i have seen it somewhere. but also, I have not reported that bug :)19:58
knomefor the netbook, they seem to be fine19:58
dkesselokay. i can ask the reporter where they have seen the bad link19:58
knomei just did that in LP19:58
knomeif you have an IRC contact with them, just point them to the bug19:59
dkesselok. no i haven't20:00
knomeright... apparently the netboot tests for trusty daily20:00
knomei don't think that is something i/we can fix20:00
knomethe version in tracker is ...318.1920:01
knomebut that version doesn't exist20:01
dkesselLetozaf_: let's see if i can get the app to run from your branch. as a first step20:02
knomeor it is elsewhere announced as 31820:02
Letozaf_dkessel, https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-docviewer-app/remove-single-file/+merge/26114320:03
dkesselLetozaf_: I guess I am doing something wrong while building it. I created a "build" dir, then did "cmake .." in there, then ran "click build build/". That gave me a .click file20:13
dkesseltrying to install it gives me a signature verification errors20:13
dkesselman click20:13
Letozaf_dkessel, I am using Qtcreator to build20:13
dkesseloh. well maybe i should, too :p20:14
Letozaf_dkessel, and then I run the test on my desktop20:14
dkesselLetozaf_: ok, got the app running. how can a user delete a file using the app? what do i have to do?20:18
dkesselah, long press, then click delete20:19
Letozaf_dkessel, :) yes20:19
knomedkessel, you'll want to check my comment #2 for the bug 141848820:20
ubot5bug 1418488 in Ubuntu QA Website "the links to the mini.iso do not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141848820:20
dkesselknome: ok, i read. it i don't know either. maybe bdmurray has an idea *ping*.20:25
knomeyeah, it's not a technical problem in the first place20:26
bdmurraydkessel: what?20:29
Letozaf_dkessel, going to bed, I am quite tired tonight, be back tomorrow ok ?20:30
dkesselbdmurray: we are wondering about the broken link reported on the qa tracker. bug 1418488. knome just updated the bug with a comment of what he found20:30
ubot5bug 1418488 in Ubuntu QA Website "the links to the mini.iso do not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141848820:30
dkesselLetozaf_: good night20:30
Letozaf_dkessel, good night20:30
bdmurraydkessel: I don't have any immediate ideas20:31
knomebdmurray, who drives the netboot testing?20:34
* ianorlyn does not know20:48
knomewell that's helpful, thanks :P20:49

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