dokoslangasek, infinity: verfication now done for https://launchpad.net/bugs/131186609:42
ubot93Launchpad bug 1311866 in gcc-4.8 (Ubuntu Trusty) "update binutils and GCC for trusty" [Wishlist,Fix committed]09:42
hallynhi - qemu wily package needs approval of some new binary pkgs14:10
Laneystgraber: how do I configure release managers in the iso tracker?15:04
Laneyoh, bah, are you off today? :)15:09
hallynLaney: is approving the new wily qemu packages something you can do?19:03
infinityhallyn: I can look.19:04
infinityhallyn: libacard (and related) and qemu-block-extra?19:05
infinityhallyn: I assume/hope these changes are in sync with Debian, not us going out on a limb?19:05
infinityhallyn: Okay, answered that one myself from the Debian changelog.19:06
infinityhallyn: Looks like you probably want to merge -5 for the security fixes, though. :P19:07
hallyninfinity: yeah...  actually i'm assuming mdeslaur wanted to push patches for those, which is why i wnated to get this cleared19:07
hallynbut i can just merge the next version right now from debian too19:07
infinityhallyn: Kay, just doing a quick binNEW review here.19:08
infinityhallyn: Accepted.19:11
hallynhm, -5 is not in debian's git19:11
infinityhallyn: Manual merge and resolve it later? :P19:12
infinity(Or yell at mjt to push his branch)19:12
hallynstarting with 2 and then doing 1 :)19:13
hallyninfinity: pushing the new merge now19:34
infinityhallyn: Shiny.19:35
infinityhallyn: Ahh, I see you got mjt to push git. :)19:35
hallynyup :)  was a refreshingly simple merge.  (jinx)19:36
mdeslaurgrr...dist-upgrading a freshly installed trusty fails20:36
* mdeslaur will research and file a bug tomorrow20:36
infinitymdeslaur: There's already a bug.21:35
infinitymdeslaur: Assuming this is what you're seeing: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/145223821:35
ubot93Launchpad bug 1452238 in apt (Ubuntu) "Failed to upgrade system from 14.04" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:35
mdeslaurinfinity: ah, yes, that's the issue, thanks22:19
mdeslaurinfinity: I think that's the issue people with brand new Dell XPS 13s are hitting too22:21
mdeslaurinfinity: it's a pretty bad issue...is anyone actively working on it?22:22
infinitymdeslaur: Other than commenting on the bug, I haven't looked too deeply, but I'm guessing it can be worked around per my last comment.  Would be nice if someone found the time to experiment.22:27
mdeslaurinfinity: ack. adding to my to-do list23:27
mdeslaurinfinity: right after the glibc tzdata regression23:27
infinitymdeslaur: Oh man, I completely forgot about the tzdata thing.  I'd really like to understand that one.23:28
mdeslaurinfinity: did you see the bug with the reproducer?23:28
mdeslaurinfinity: I have a test build in a ppa with the commit reverted, I need to upload tzdata to it and test further23:28
infinitymdeslaur: I wonder if it's something as simple as building on a 64-bit system produces unportable results, but 32-bit is fine (given that vivid was when we switched from i386 to amd64 for arch:all)23:28
infinitymdeslaur: Bug number?23:29
mdeslaurinfinity: nah, I thought about that, but the tzdata where it worked was built on amd6423:29
mdeslaurinfinity: bug 146205223:29
ubot93bug 1462052 in glibc (Ubuntu) "timezone handling regression in glibc 2.21" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146205223:29
* mdeslaur uploads tzdata to ppa23:30
infinitymdeslaur: Oh, I think I pointed you at that commit.  That's not exactly an isolation of the problem. :P23:30
mdeslaurinfinity: I only reverted the zic part of the commit...just for confirmation23:31
mdeslaurI can't build glibc locally for some reason, the test suite fails, which is why I put it in a ppa23:32
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infinitymdeslaur: Are you building on an overlayfs schroot?23:33
infinitymdeslaur: There's a test that fails on overlayfs.23:33
mdeslaurinfinity: oh, yeah, I am23:34
mdeslaurinfinity: I'm doing this in between the zillion security updates I work on as my day job, so it's taking a while :P23:35
infinitymdeslaur: Right.  Well, if reverting that "fixes" it, that's a start, but it's not a reasonable fix.  So, more digging required.23:36
mdeslaurno, not a reasonable fix at all23:36
mdeslaurmy next step was to see if updating to the latest tzcode fixes it23:36
mdeslaurthere's a lot of fishy things in that commit23:36
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infinitymdeslaur: There are definitely a lot of places where wordsize looks like it could come into play.23:37
mdeslaurI'm just trying to confirm that commit so I know I'm looking in the right place23:38
infinitymdeslaur: But it's still weird that it's producing data files that then get misinterpreted on load.23:38
mdeslauryeah, quite weird23:38
infinitymdeslaur: Dumping a working and non working zone and comparing them might be interesting.23:38
mdeslaurI tried that23:38
mdeslaurbut it's like 100% different :(23:38
mdeslaurwell, actually, I haven't tried dumping the same version of tzdata23:39
mdeslaurbut the one I just uploaded to the ppa will allow me to do just that23:39
mdeslaurI tried comparing utopic with vivid23:39
mdeslaurand that was too different23:39
mdeslauranyway, more tests tomorrow23:40
* mdeslaur -> away23:40

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