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Vaingloryapparmor is blocking my nginx server from reading a file. i get the following: audit: type=1400 audit: apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/nginx" name="/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/" comm="nginx" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=003:00
Vaingloryi have the following : /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* r, but i still get a DENIED when attempting to read that folder03:00
linuxmintAnyone know how to setup RAID? Do I follow Debian net-install? I cancelled my CloneZilla idea as I have to manuall backup, whereas RAID automatically runs the 4 disks, saving my server if 1 disk breaks.04:56
sarnolddon't confuse raid with backups04:59
sarnoldraid is there so you can go buy a new hard drive when one dies04:59
sarnoldbackups are there so you can get your databack if the computer burns down / stolen / or some yahoo types rm -rf / :)04:59
linuxmintsarnold: yes, but I think RAID will help ensure I don't have to reinstall the OS when the 1 disk breaks.05:11
sarnoldlinuxmint: yes :)05:13
linuxmintmy challenge is building the RAID.05:13
sarnoldwow our docs on that are really .. iffy05:15
sarnoldthe serverguide only covers it during the install phase https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/advanced-installation.html05:16
linuxmintMaybe I need to stick with 1 disk, but less peace of mind.05:16
sarnoldand everything else seems to make the same assumption -and- is quite old. that's annoyuing.05:16
linuxmintA lot of people said not to bother with RAID. E.g., Server grade hardware doesn't need RAID. Or use CloneZilla backups. I need an automatic assurance running with my 4 disks if 1 breaks, the OS/server should still run.05:18
linuxmintClonzeZilla is good, but it's a manual process.05:18
sarnoldsome server hardware come with raid cards already, you can configure it via their own bios-like interfaces before booting05:21
sarnoldthose raid cards give and take, of course, if something happens to the raid card, your data is probably toast. maybe you can get it back if you buy identical raid card again, but I've heard of arrays just not coming back regardless of what is done to try to bring it back05:22
linuxmintok, sounds like too much work/risk. Might just get used to reinstall of broken server OS and restore VM backups.05:23
sarnoldanother option is to investigate zfs; it's not shipped with ubuntu, but I think it's a much nicer interface for storage pools. But I wouldn't use it for the system drives, because it adds in too many odd wrinkles. (People do, and they like the end result, but I don't think it's worth the hassle.)05:23
linuxmintk, thanks, will explore :)05:29
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pmatulissarnold: yes, the server guide could use some TLC, hint hint, merge proposals welcome, etc, etc :)12:26
seijirouHello.  I've got emulex HBAs on ubuntu 14.04 and I'm wondering if it's possible to configure them in target mode and use SCST or LIO or something else to expose a target.  I've found some info on qlogic but almost nothing on emulex.  I believe the driver shipped with 14.04 is lpfc but I can't find any information on lpfc configurables to switch from initiatior to target.13:03
rbasakjamespage: two items for you please. 1) a docker PPA in ~ubuntu-server for kickinz1 and I to coordinate, and 2) bcache-tools upload.13:11
jamespagerbasak, on that now13:11
jamespagerbasak, can't do that under ubuntu-server "Open or Delegated teams can not create PPAs."13:12
rbasakHmm, OK.13:12
* rbasak didn't want to create Yet Another Team.13:13
rbasakAnd kickinz1 isn't in ~ubuntu-server-dev13:13
jamespagerbasak, indeed - I'd just do it under another team13:13
jamespagebcache-tools now13:13
* rbasak wonders if there's some other suitable general team we can use for this type of thing13:13
rbasakDaviey: o/  ^^ do you happen of any please?13:14
jamespagerbasak, wait - there was an ubuntu-server-edgers team once13:14
jamespagenope apparently no longer13:15
Davieyrbasak: be careful with u-s-dev, that is the ACL team for serverset uploads.13:16
rbasakDaviey: right, so we can't use that (also I think I can't add anyone anyway - that's have to be the DMB)13:16
rbasakDaviey: and we can't use ~ubuntu-server for PPAs because it's open AIUI.13:16
rbasakDaviey: so I think we want a third team that is nominally restricted even though we'd add anyone capable or being trained who wants to be involved.13:17
rbasakAny name suggestions?13:17
rbasakOr does anything like that already exist?13:17
jamespagerbasak, where is bcache tools?13:17
rbasakjamespage: git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/bcache-tools.git13:18
rbasakjamespage: pristine-tar included in there. Upstream don't publish tarballs so squisher has been generating and importing them AIUI.13:18
jamespagerbasak, ok13:19
Davieyrbasak: It sounds like you are trying to grow a community, are you crazy!?13:19
rbasakDaviey: :)13:20
rbasakDaviey: I specifically am trying to avoid closing this work when it can be open.13:20
rbasak(or else I'd just use ~canonical-server or something)13:20
Davieyrbasak: There was a ~ubuntu-server-contribs IIRC, trying to mimic the contributing developer thing.. But it didn't grow, so i dropped it.13:21
rbasakDaviey: hmm. Perhaps I should recreate that?13:22
rbasakDaviey: intended membership would be anyone who is working with us as a team, but doesn't have upload rights. In practise that'd probably be Canoncial people, but I don't want to restrict it to that.13:22
rbasakIt's silly because ~ubuntu-server would be fine except for the restriction on PPAs.13:23
jamespagerbasak, squisher: uploaded and tagged in git13:23
rbasakjamespage: thank you!13:23
Davieyrbasak: The trouble with an open team and PPA's is that if anyone adds them to their system, i create a new LP account, join the team and p0wnz users.. At least vetting a smaller team, they rely on their reputation.13:25
* rbasak finds ~ubuntu-server-staged-uploads but that's ~ubuntu-server-dev so won't do13:25
rbasakDaviey: yeah that makes sense13:25
rbasakDaviey: in this case I want a PPA for easier build dependency management and testing, rather than for end users actually using the packages.13:26
DavieyI suspect ~ubuntu-server-staged-uploads can be dropped... That was an effort (jamespage) to try and gate all archive uploads for server stuff through Jenkins... but it didn't take off..13:26
Davieyjamespage: agree ^ ?13:26
rbasak~docker-maint exists. Maybe we can ask to join that.13:27
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friendlyguyhi there! I'm trying to boot a fresh ubuntu 15.04 server installation but upon start i receive a message: "ERST: Cannot request [mem ADDR] for ERST."13:47
friendlyguyand it's not progressing any further13:48
friendlyguyany idea what this could mean?13:48
friendlyguyI'm going to try the lts version next13:50
OpenTokixfriendlyguy: Where do you get this error?13:56
friendlyguyafter selecting ubuntu entry in grub13:56
OpenTokixfriendlyguy: ok, is your bios st for UEFI or BIOS boot?13:57
friendlyguyit's bios13:57
OpenTokixand secureboot is disabled?13:58
friendlyguyi guess, haven't seent this in bios. let me check.13:58
TJ-friendlyguy: Is it a Dell R900 ?14:00
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friendlyguynope, it's a supermicro x7db8 with two quad-core xeons14:02
OpenTokixfriendlyguy: And the ram is whole, and properly configured?14:02
friendlyguywith two xeon e542014:03
friendlyguy8 of 8 modules installed, 32gb ram14:03
OpenTokixfriendlyguy: if its supposed to be a server, - I would recommend the LTS, since the rolling releases tend to be far to quick for a server enviroment14:04
friendlyguyhaven't run memtest. but: it's ecc fb ram and no problem running windows on this machine before14:04
friendlyguyokay, i've just prepared a stick with lts ... going to install and check with this release14:05
TJ-friendlyguy: looks like an ACPI/BIOS issue. That error is reported from drivers/acpi/apei/erst.c::1180 ... "pr_err("Can not request [mem %#010llx-%#010llx] for ERST.\n","14:12
friendlyguyTJ-: interesting... afaik i've the latest bios version installed. maybe i could have tried factory defaults14:13
friendlyguyright now i'm trying 14.04.2 lts14:13
TJ-friendlyguy: It's trying to read the MCE log via ACPI ERST ... maybe that's a configurable option in the BIOS?14:14
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friendlyguyokay, finished installation. lets c if it boots14:35
friendlyguylooks better actually14:38
friendlyguybut, for some reason i don't have a console via ipmi after selecting ubuntu in grub. but: the attached monitor displays everything14:40
TJ-friendlyguy: maybe grub is putting the console into graphics mode which is causing IPMI issues?14:56
jamespageDaviey, agreed14:58
jamespageDaviey, tbh we get that via proposed now anyway14:58
Davieyjamespage: right!  Good to see the server team innovating before the rest :)15:00
friendlyguyTJ-:  i really don't know yet :) i've never used those ipmi cards on linux15:00
jamespageDaviey, indeed ;-)15:07
kyle__At what point in the boot does init handle luks?15:10
kyle__I tried to make a luks encrypted /var/lib, set it all up with /etc/crypttab and /etc/luks/keyfile, rebuilt my initramfs using update-initramfs -k all -c, so I'm guessing I need to tell it to setup luks/cryptdisks earlier?15:11
TJ-kyle__: cryptodisks should be unlocked before the /etc/fstab mounts get scanned by mountall15:19
kyle__TJ-: I think I just found it.  I forgot installing haveged and cryptsetup-bin doesn't install cryptsetup.  Doh!15:20
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friendlyguyi have a weird problem with luks / dmcrypt. i've got a os hdd which has unencrypted /boot and encrypted / (lvm) partitions on it. also there are 11 more drives in the server which i also encrypted. (lated used for zfs) i derived the key from my os, and added it to all 11 drives. i also created a entry for every drive in crypttab.18:21
friendlyguyhowever, upon restart i get error msges like:  "conflicting device node '/dev/mapper/hdd500_4' found, link to '/dev/dm-8' will not be created" and symlinks to dm-X are missing18:22
friendlyguyentries in crypttab look like: hdd500_4 UUID=e5f010ec... sda5_crypt luks,keyscript=/lib/cryptsetup/scripts/decrypt_derived18:24
TJ-friendlyguy: bug #135849118:27
friendlyguyoh no18:30
friendlyguybut thanks ;)18:31
TJ-And I've not worked on it since I was able to work around it I assumed it was a udevd race18:33
friendlyguycould you explain your workaround? i think i didn't get it18:34
TJ-friendlyguy: use another controller and disks!!!18:44
TJ-friendlyguy: what controller are those disks on?18:45
patdk-wkhmm, I never worked around the issue :)19:00
patdk-wkbut I do use a custom initramfs script to setup mine on boot19:00
friendlyguyi'm using a 3ware 9550-1219:01
onoruaHow to configure multiple bonding interfaces on Ubuntu 15.04 ?19:23
onoruawhen I configure it, it can't startup19:23
onoruaand my system doesn't boot, and hang on the networking service19:24
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friendlyguypatdk-wk: could you explain / show this custom initramfs script?20:10
friendlyguybut first... need to get pizza :)20:10
xcyclistI have have instructions to install libxml-dev package on my ubuntu server.  It is not found.  Please advise what is equivalent?  There is an libxml2-dev...?20:22
xcyclistOkay, I found an ubuntu thing that says libxml2-dev:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/62849/installing-libxml-dev-package20:25
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friendlyguypatdk-wk: could you please explain what u did to your initramfs script?21:36
Patrickdka lot actually21:36
Patrickdkdoes a few udev settles21:36
Patrickdkbut it's goal is to read the key stored externally21:36
Patrickdkand to decrypt that key using a password21:37
Patrickdkand then feed that key into the crypttab entries21:37
Patrickdkit's probably just the udev settles you need21:37
friendlyguyi think so too21:37
friendlyguycould you give me some advice what i need to do21:40
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friendlyguyPatrickdk: i found that there is actually a "function" wait_for_udev which does a udevadm settle22:01
friendlyguybut where do i need to call it22:01
keithzgHmmm running a long-awaited upgrade on an Ubuntu 14.04 server, and it's been "Setting up mysql-server-5.5 (5.5.43-0ubuntu0.14.04.1)" for over a minute now, which makes me uneasy...22:18
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TJ-keithzg: any databases that might need their tables upgrading?22:35
keithzgTJ: I wouldn't have thought so, it's just a minor point upgrade. Anyways, it turns out the issue is a quasi-known one that seems to crop up from time to time. Merely stopping the mysql service *before* the upgrade solved it.22:40
keithzg(In total it hung for 10 minutes and seemed to be using no CPU or disk, so it really didn't seem to be upgrading anything; didn't see any such processes in ps -ef either)22:41
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