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hevyhomiehello everyone02:08
hevyhomieWould you be kind to help me with how to build apparmor for moto E as given by the porting to new device link: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/02:15
sturmflut2tathhu: I'm just forwarding relevant information to my loyal crowd of followers ;)05:01
sturmflut2dholbach: Good morning!05:18
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dholbachhey sturmflut205:25
zygabzoltan: hey06:31
zygabzoltan: do you have a moment to talk06:31
bzoltanzyga: yes06:44
zygabzoltan: thanks, I'm interested in the binary runtime for SDK apps06:46
zygabzoltan: for LTS releases06:46
zygabzoltan: I'm curious as to how apps are supposed to use it06:47
zygabzoltan: ahd what kind of testing was performed on it06:47
bzoltanzyga: Right...I am almost done with the prototype package.https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/qt5-beta-proper/+sourcepub/5119834/+listing-archive-extra06:48
bzoltanzyga:  It compiles, builds, but i need to fix up the packaging and stuff06:48
bzoltanzyga:  The apps need to figure out the whereabout of the Qt. Env vars are there for that06:49
zygabzoltan: do you have an idea when it will be ready?06:49
zygabzoltan: I'd like to give it a try with checkbox06:49
bzoltanzyga: Is there a rush?06:49
zygabzoltan: no, just planning06:49
zygabzoltan: we're about to end one cycle and I wonder if I should reserve some time to work on this next week06:50
bzoltanzyga:  hobby or real planning? peaple tend to plan before concept and feasibility study in these days :D06:50
zygabzoltan: real planning06:50
zygabzoltan: we have a production app that runs on 14.04 but we want to replace it with one that relies on current SDK06:51
bzoltanzyga:  for real planning i would not commit anything for this week. What we do is still an early prototyping. I know it works, I know it is good, but i would not jump on production just yet06:51
zygabzoltan: ok, thank you06:52
zygabzoltan: as soon as you think it's something that you consider ready for broader testing, please tell me06:52
zygabzoltan: we'd like to unify our apps across LTS and non-LTS releases06:52
bzoltanzyga:  if we release a Qt 5.4 with 1.3 UITK for LTS then we are commited to it ... we can not change paths and modules anymore. So I would do the proper base work.06:52
bzoltanzyga:  that is a brilliant plan and I am sure that our Qt and UITK are up to the job. But we need to be super careful not to commit to an API or a modul what might change.06:54
zygabzoltan: understood06:54
brunch875Why do I always seem to miss ubuntuonair?06:55
zygabzoltan: one last question, will you release something before the end of 15.10 development?06:56
zygabzoltan: a vivid version of SDK -libs would be useful for our needs06:56
zyga(so current, not next)06:57
bzoltanzyga: to release a vivid version via the SDK PPA is easy ... to the archive is close to impossible. Sadly not because of me.06:58
bzoltanzyga:  but the latest UITK on vivid is fresh06:58
zygabzoltan: ppa is fine06:58
zygabzoltan: so which is it? is your plan to wait for 15.10 development to finish and then release a set of libraries to let apps to run on 14.0407:08
bzoltanzyga:  I plan to release much earlier07:10
bzoltanzyga:  in optimal case in weeks ... at least the prototype package what would be good for concept validation and testing.07:11
bzoltanzyga:  the first package will come with a major _DISCLAIMER_ that the content and paths are subject to change07:11
zygabzoltan: thank you, that's all I need now07:12
zygabzoltan: and I'm very grateful for your work07:13
bzoltanzyga:  My pleasure :) You push this ship to the right direction ... rolling release of the developer offering. that was my ambition since the beginning  :)07:14
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zygaara: do you have any plans to adopt asana?07:24
arazyga, not currently, why?07:25
zygaara: I used it a little lately to track lp development, I'm just curious to see what our plans are07:25
arazyga, the current plans probably involve trello, rather than asana07:26
sturmflut2Does anybody have a vegetahd device at hand and could test a click app for me? You can ping me in private if you don't want to reveal yourself ;)07:54
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Ball Point Pen Day! 😃09:03
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popeyJamesTait: oddly a fountain pen just dropped through my letter box :)09:21
JamesTaitpopey, nice! Anything to do with Ronnie Tucker's series of reviews?09:22
popeyyes :)09:22
popeyel cheapo one from ebay09:23
popeythen realised I have no ink :)09:23
* JamesTait prefers fountain pens.09:23
JamesTaitI haven't watched any of the reviews yet, but I intend to just out of curiosity. I have a cherry wood fountain pen that my wife bought me as an anniversary present, and I like that.09:26
jgdxseb128, this [1] now passes. Could you take a look at it? [1] https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-1441192/+merge/25540209:32
davmor2popey: JamesTait I prefer rotary pencils.  I find them smoother to write with than pens09:33
popeyme too usuaally09:33
popeyI generally only use pencils, but I want to try something different, not used a fountain pen for 30 years09:33
jgdxseb128, also, I can't run system settings locally due to the file exists fix of yours. Not sure how to recover.09:34
* sturmflut2 can only write in block letters and had to train his hand for three weeks before every written exam at university09:35
davmor2I also don't tend to break the nibs so easily09:35
* JamesTait has replacement nibs handy with the cartridges, just in case.09:38
popeyMirv: is this something you can help get tested / landed? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtpim-opensource-src/+bug/146298909:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1462989 in qtpim-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "containsItems returned wrong value when checking all day event" [Undecided,New]09:38
jgdxsturmflut2, highly recommend learning lower case letters.09:39
sturmflut2jgdx: I hardly ever write anything by hand. Too many devices available.09:40
jgdxsturmflut2, but you went to elementary school, right? :p09:41
Mirvpopey: I can help getting it landed, but it's renatu's package so I'd like him to accept it and test the landing09:45
Mirvpopey: I'll add a landing line for it but it seems renatu is not online09:46
popeyok, thanks Mirv09:46
popeyI'll poke him when he's around09:46
Mirvpopey: it needs overlay too? I mean to vivid images (well probably obviously...)09:46
Mirvcaptain obvious09:47
JamesTaitpopey, davmor2: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamestait0/18047069764/ <-- My essential equipment.09:48
seb128jgdx, you didn't reply to my review comment in that mp, did you?09:49
popeyJamesTait: is that an ubuntu plectrum?09:50
Mirvpopey: so, ping him to review the patch and add his comment to the bug. I subscribed to the bug now so when I see his review approval of the patch, I'll do a silo with that patched added and ask renatu to test it.09:50
popeyawesomesauce, thanks Mirv09:50
JamesTaitpopey, yes it is! From barry, at UDS Budapest!09:50
jgdxseb128, no, I thought the pass constituted an answer. :p09:50
seb128jgdx, well, currently tests don't fail, so I'm unsure why they need to be skipped09:51
jgdxseb128, commented09:51
seb128jgdx, also what issue do you have with my file exists change?09:51
jgdxseb128, no tests are skipped right now if they can pass. Some cannot pass due to lacking NM mock support.09:52
jgdxseb128, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11689223/09:52
seb128jgdx, ldd /usr/bin/system-settings | grep libS09:52
davmor2JamesTait: now be lefthanded and heavy handed and see how long a nib lasts ;)  Apparently the ones you can stab through can don't do so well if you just use them :D09:55
jgdxseb128, libSystemSettings.so.1 => /usr/local/lib/libSystemSettings.so.109:56
seb128jgdx, that's your issue, /usr/local custom install taking over the system version09:56
seb128jgdx, just delete /usr/local/lib/libSystemSettings.so.109:56
JamesTaitI think it's just you, davmor2. 😝09:56
jgdxseb128, haven't used /usr/local in ages, but makes sense09:56
seb128jgdx, yeah and the lib didn't change in ages09:56
seb128so you probably didn't notice before09:56
jgdxseb128, worked, thanks!09:57
seb128jgdx, yw!09:57
seb128jgdx, k, approved your changes, can you link the bug to the branch maybe, so it gets listed in the changelog/closed on upload09:59
jgdxseb128, oh, sure.10:01
seb128jgdx, thanks10:01
jgdxseb128, shouldn't we use USS (RTM) to track these landings in bugs?10:20
seb128jgdx, as you want, is that needed/bringing any value?10:21
jgdxseb128, it's just a bit tedious looking at the linked branch to figure out whether or not it's in vivid or not10:21
seb128jgdx, you mean? if that's a mp against vivid is that the change is not in vivid :-)10:23
YtivargHi, videocalling work on uphone?10:24
bzoltandidrocks:  May I have a packaging question? I have a project with an orig.tar.gz on a http server, the debian/watch has the correct data. Is there a way to create a source package without creating a local orig.tar.gz?10:24
jgdxseb128, that's not true though ;p10:25
didrocksbzoltan: you mean, you want to force downloading the orig.tar.gz from the server, right?10:25
jgdxit can be landed in vivid but still have an mp against vivid :p10:25
didrocksbzoltan: or you want to even skip that download?10:25
didrocks(you can't, you need to have the orig.tar.gz locally so that it can create the diff.tar.gz)10:26
didrocks(so you can download it with "uscan --force-download")10:26
YtivargHi, vocalsearch work on uphone?10:35
popeywhat's vocalsearch?10:37
popey(and probably no)10:37
sturmflut2mzanetti: Ping10:38
bzoltandidrocks: Ok, so there is no way to convince the packaging tools that the orig.tar.gz is up there and it should not create/download huge files and then upload it to the builder?10:39
YtivargVocalassistent ... sorry10:41
popeyYtivarg: still no idea what that is :)10:41
popeyYtivarg: can you link to it10:41
didrocksbzoltan: no, because to generate your diff.tar.gz, you need to compare your current directory and the orig.tar.gz files10:42
didrocksand so, it couldn't do that without downloading it :)10:42
didrockspopey: I guess Ytivarg is talking about something like a google now search (voice recognition)10:43
* popey shrugs10:43
bzoltandidrocks: but if the project has only the debian directory without any patch ... then the diff.tar.gz can not be other then an empty file.10:44
YtivargWith my voice found my contact10:44
popeyYtivarg: no, we don't have that yet10:44
didrocksbzoltan: or orig.tar.gz can be empty, and diff.tar.gz would contain then all debian/ dir :)10:44
didrocksbzoltan: there is nothing magic about any dir, so any combination can exist10:45
bzoltandidrocks:  I would just love to save bandwidth  by using the watch feature and let the PPA download the orig.tar.gz when i do only debian space hackaround10:46
didrocksbzoltan: if you only do packaging changes, (and so, create a -0ubuntuX where X>1), it doesn't reupload the .orig.tar.gz file10:48
bzoltandidrocks: all right, that is comforting .. let me try it10:48
didrocksbzoltan: look at your .changes file, it lists the packages it would upload10:50
YtivargPopey: Okkey but this tecnology are 10 years old10:50
popeyYtivarg: So?10:50
YtivargFor any people are fondamental ... sorry my very bad english10:53
bzoltandidrocks:  thanks, cool10:55
mzanettisturmflut2, hey11:03
sturmflut2mzanetti: Welcome back!11:03
mzanettihave I been away?11:04
Ytivargdidrocks: thanks and good day at all11:14
mcphailAre updates from Ubuntu Store going to switch to binary diffs rather than redownloading the full thing?11:41
mcphail(and, as an extension to that, is the versioning under /opt/click/packagename going to change to some form of COW arrangement?)11:46
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mcphailI'm a bit worried apps developed for convergent devices (particularly if delivered as fat packages with armhf, i386 and amd64 arch) are going to kill my poor little bq11:51
ogra_snap packages will get binary diffs ...11:52
mcphailogra_: i _thought_ I'd heard that somewhere. Good to hear. Any plans on how the versioning will work when installed?11:52
ogra_the versioning ?11:53
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mcphailogra_: yes - just now we have dirs for v0.1 and v0.2, both with complete copies of all binaries11:53
ogra_ah, snappy doesnt have that11:53
mcphailogra_: how does snappy handle rollbacks etc?11:54
sturmflut2cking: Ping11:54
ckingsturmflut2, hiya11:55
sturmflut2cking: I've looked at your fix for forkstat, great! I'll put the new version on my device and continue with the article11:56
ckingsturmflut2, excellent!11:57
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jgdxkenvandine, hey Ken, could you take a look at the backport spreadsheet and tell me if there's something missing?13:01
kenvandinejgdx, you mean the landing spreadsheet?13:02
kenvandinejgdx, for row 63, just the dest ppa13:03
jgdxkenvandine, no, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F6eKzwpobzoAW1JyvFt_nacFltQiIMCniA793F1z2Lc/edit#gid=013:03
kenvandinei fixed it13:03
* kenvandine looks13:03
barryJamesTait: actually, i think it was steve conklin who made those.  i got a big bag of picks and i've been slowly losing them ever since.  but they are really cool (and great picks)13:03
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kenvandinejgdx, list is shorter than i would think..13:04
jgdxkenvandine, yeah, maybe I missed something13:04
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jgdxkenvandine, also, landing 33 fails to build due to tst-update-manager segfault: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/208645434/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-powerpc.ubuntu-system-settings_0.3%2B15.10.20150609.1-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz13:07
jgdxkenvandine, idas?13:07
kenvandinejgdx, these fixes aren't listed https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/0.3+15.10.20150604-0ubuntu113:10
jgdxkenvandine, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/146162413:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1461624 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu Vivid) "Battery charge graph glitches" [Undecided,New]13:11
kenvandinejgdx, no idea about tst-update-manager segfault, nothing in your branch changed that13:11
brunch875Which notes program should I use on the desktop if I want it to synchronize with "Reminders" on ubuntu touch?13:11
jgdxseb128, the libsystemsettings1 change's not being backported?13:12
brunch875AAh, there's a reminders app for the desktop too; nevermind13:13
seb128kenvandine, listed where?13:14
kenvandineon the backport spreadsheet jgdx linked13:14
seb128jgdx, no, that's only for snappy purposes, I don't see the point of backporting13:15
jgdxseb128, kenvandine, listed the battery rendering one. It's in silo 613:15
jgdxseb128, won't it also be helpful for the convergence story?13:16
JamesTaitbarry, I just remember you having loads and telling me to "take a handful" - I have one, my sons have one each, the rest found their way into geocaches as swaps. ☺13:16
seb128jgdx, I doubt we ever build a snappy image from < wily13:16
barryJamesTait: that's awesome!  how cool would it be to find one in a geocache?13:17
seb128too much changing, wily is supposed to be where the snappy works is going13:17
jgdxseb128, k13:17
barryJamesTait: yeah, i think i snapped up all the leftovers :)13:17
jgdxmakes sense13:17
kenvandineseb128, jgdx: i guess we won't be able to switch to dual landings then, i had hoped to13:17
kenvandinebut makes sense13:17
kenvandinemy hope was to remove the delta then dual land for everything new13:18
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, well we can also merge in for the sake of dual landing, I don't know how much vivid+overlay is freeform for non ota-targetted changes13:18
JamesTaitbarry, the real shame is that I didn't tag them before dropping them - it'd be cool to have had them as trackables and see where in the world they ended up!13:18
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, like I'm also unsure where is convergence work, display panel, etc going to go13:18
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, it's likely going to require new MIR, is that going to overlay?13:18
kenvandineall good questions13:19
jgdxdelta is inversely proportional with ken's ability to sleep at night13:19
seb128jgdx, ken never liked sleep anyway13:20
kenvandinei'm learning to like it :)13:21
seb128kenvandine, anyway the delta is small enough that I would be fine backporting the remaining changes in another landing13:21
seb128then we can dual land for a while13:22
kenvandineseb128, it would be nice13:22
seb128then see what happens with the convergence work13:22
jgdxseb128, silo 3 for the fileexist thing, then?13:22
jgdxsince yours is tested already13:22
seb128jgdx, we already have another silo?13:22
jgdxseb128, yes13:22
seb128is that on top of what I'm trying to land?13:22
seb128or how does that work?13:22
jgdxseb128, I'll wait until your stuff has landed13:22
seb128kenvandine, what was your thing about overlay ppa flag?13:23
jgdxkenvandine, did you see I'm landing the device_name branch? You okay with that?13:24
seb128kenvandine, oh, I saw you replied on -ci-eng13:24
kenvandinejgdx, i'm good with that13:24
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kenvandineseb128, yeah, makes sense?13:25
jgdxseb128, I tested silo 6, btw. All green13:25
kenvandineseb128, it's best to set that before the silo is created13:25
kenvandinebut we can change it after if needed13:25
kenvandinejgdx, i just wonder what QA will say about a landing with that many branches :)13:26
kenvandinebut i think unity8 has done bigger landings13:26
jgdxkenvandine, silo 6, 3 or both?13:26
kenvandinejgdx, silo 613:27
kenvandinehopefully they'll let it through13:27
seb128kenvandine, yes, I just didn't know about it, I wondered when I created the landing13:28
seb128I looked twice at the target distro combos13:28
kenvandineseb128, :)13:29
seb128also I wonder if I a proper SRU would make sense13:29
seb128there is a string change in there13:29
seb128and we didn't figure out how to deal with string updates in the overlay ppa13:30
kenvandineoh... how are we handling string changes from the ppa?13:30
seb128the langpacks come from vivid13:30
seb128we don't13:30
kenvandinepmcgowan, ^^^ that's a real problem13:30
seb128we noticed that when testing the ota4 candidate13:30
seb128kenvandine, he knows, that was discussed a lot monday and yesterday13:30
seb128we distro patched langpacks manually for the new strings for ota413:30
kenvandinewe probably need to SRU a bunch of stuff...13:30
seb128or figure out another way to update translations13:31
seb128like merging wily strings back in langpacks or something13:31
seb128but that would assuming that wily and overlay have no string mismatch at all13:31
pmcgowanyeah we need to fix that asap, even if it means ditching the ppa13:31
jgdxkenvandine, reminds me, I'm landing the connection type fixdesign in wily in it's own silo. :)13:31
kenvandinepmcgowan, agreed... we'll go into big time translation debt if we don't13:32
kenvandinejgdx, cool13:32
pmcgowanabeato, did you verify silo 31 already? awe ?13:34
jgdxseb128, kenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/15.04/+activereviews :)13:34
awepmcgowan, abeato tested krillin and it looks good.  I wanted to do some more testing on arale & mako this morning13:35
abeatopmcgowan, yes, I installed and tested, see comment in https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/network-manager/lp1461593/+merge/26145013:35
awepmcgowan, I'll ping you when I'm done13:35
pmcgowanawe, abeato great thanks13:35
awe( and will also add my test results to the mp above )13:35
awethanks abeato!13:35
sturmflut2Hmmm, I suppose there are scripts to build the "ubuntu" tarball in an image from .deb packages, and the "custom" tarball is probably mostly built manually, but how does "device" come together? Who creates the boot images, the Android container etc.? And how?13:38
kgunnjhodapp: hey there, so seems we're still needing a media hub fix to make player controls for audio show up in indicator panel13:50
kgunnis that being worked? or had you thot we were all good ?13:51
jhodappkgunn, I'm working on the prerequisite tasks right now of background playlists13:51
jhodappkgunn, once that's done, then the player controls can come back13:51
kgunnjhodapp: just checking on time stack up, so pmcgowan looking at another freeze around mid july...13:52
jhodappkgunn, yeah, we will need some changes to the indicator-sound to make it a little more intelligent (like hiding next/prev buttons when appropriate, etc)13:54
pmcgowankgunn, jhodapp I need to make tasks to track the music player and indicators for that13:54
pmcgowanjhodapp, do you have that bug handy?13:54
jhodapppmcgowan, I don't, not sure if there was one filed for that or not13:54
pmcgowanlet me look13:55
pmcgowanjhodapp, there is this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/media-hub/+bug/137331313:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1373313 in Media Hub "Previous & Next buttons not hooked up in media-hub" [High,In progress]13:57
jhodapppmcgowan, that needs updating, let me do that13:58
pmcgowanjhodapp, does it also need a uitk bug? or qtubuntu?13:59
pmcgowantask that is13:59
jhodapppmcgowan, not to my knowledge, I'll redo the description as it's not quite accurate anymore, and include the sound menu again13:59
pmcgowanjhodapp, I included indicator-ound14:00
pmcgowando not think sound menu is the right thing14:00
jhodapppmcgowan, right, cool thanks14:00
pmcgowanpopey, can you get that attention on the music app side once the api is working ^^14:01
jhodapppmcgowan, trying to target this for the next ota?14:02
popeypmcgowan: sure.14:02
popeypmcgowan: do we have a bug tracking it that I can point the guys at? is 1373313 the right one?14:03
jgdxkenvandine, that tst-update-manager fails in trunk it seems14:03
kgunnjhodapp: i had hoped to target next ota, but if we can't we can't14:03
pmcgowanpopey, yes I added a music-app task to it14:03
pmcgowanjhodapp, yes14:03
jgdxkenvandine, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11690383/14:03
pmcgowanor joe's head will explode14:03
jhodappkgunn, pmcgowan ok, might need to see if I can get some help on this to accelerate it14:03
kgunnthis is true ^^14:04
jhodappkgunn, also helping dednick to unblock him on the scope stuff14:04
pmcgowanjhodapp, I thought we loicm to help, the indicator stuff wont be bad14:05
pmcgowanthats why I thought there was qtubuntu work14:05
popeypmcgowan: ok14:05
kenvandinejgdx, interesting, but in CI it was a segfault?14:05
jgdxkenvandine, yes, but I don't know if that's accurate.14:07
jhodapppmcgowan, ok I can keep giving him stuff :)14:07
kenvandinehas any of that code changed recently in trunk?14:07
dobeyhmm, does anyone know if QtNetwork is using the modularized SSL stuff that uses libcurl-gnutls or libcurl-nss?14:10
jgdxkenvandine, device_name touched on that stuff, as well as seb128's if file exist-stuff14:10
dobeyor perhaps just gnutls?14:10
seb128jgdx, touched what?14:11
jgdxseb128, system-update14:11
seb128is it failing consistently?14:12
seb128the CI was fine on the mr14:12
jgdxseb128, right. Probably something wrong with the silo then.14:13
kenvandinejgdx, are you running the tests on wily of vivid?14:14
kenvandinei'm doing a trunk build to run the tests on vivid now14:15
jgdxkenvandine, trunk. I don't get failures if I run using ctest14:15
jgdxweird, all points towards silo now14:15
jgdxkenvandine, is it possible to go back to start in that silo?14:16
jgdxpossibly collect $50014:16
jgdxseb128, new icon in silo 3 then?14:20
dobeyjgdx: so i see your silo is having the same segfault issue as i am having14:21
kenvandinejgdx, can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/wifi_activate_on_click/+merge/26142514:21
kenvandinedobey, oh?14:22
seb128jgdx, seems so ;-)14:22
dobeykenvandine: new gnutls/libnettle6 in wily appears to be broken: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690433/14:22
kenvandinethat could do it!14:22
dobeyat least, on armhf and powerpc14:22
kenvandinejgdx, ^^14:22
jgdxlook at that14:23
dobeysigh @ lack of autopkgtests for migration on armhf/powerpc14:23
kenvandinejgdx, i just confirmed that trunk passes on vivid14:23
dobeyso anything that uses gnutls is going to segfault on phone, on wily images :-/14:24
dobeyugh, and no dbgsym for libnettle6 on ddebs :-/14:24
ogra_improve your guessing skills then :)14:25
dobeyseb128: any suggestions on whom to poke to get this debugged further, and fixed?14:25
Elleopopey: heya, when building clicks for filemanager what do you do about the libsmbclient dependency? it doesn't look like it bundles libsmbclient.so with the package by default (unless I'm building it wrong in some way?)14:25
popeyElleo: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2015-June/015566.html14:26
popeyI can't even build it!14:26
Elleoah, heh14:26
popeylooks to me like there's a problem with libsmbclient packaging, but I need someone else who knows more to take a look14:26
seb128dobey, unsure, try #ubuntu-devel, maybe mdeslaur since he's the most recently uploader for gnutls14:28
kenvandinejgdx, i added another backport to the spreadsheet14:36
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kenvandineElleo, my all_content_type branch is ready for review, when you get a chance14:53
Elleokenvandine: cool, will take a look as soon as I've hacked together something to get this click package bundling libsmbclient14:55
kenvandineElleo, thx14:56
kenvandinei'd like to see that too :)14:56
kenvandineElleo, any plans to remove any of that code that we don't need?14:56
kenvandinei guess not any of that code14:56
Elleokenvandine: I figured it made sense to leave the plugins alone, so we could share them between the projects14:57
Elleokenvandine: most of it is upstream from nemo mobile's folderlistmodel plugin anyway14:57
Elleokenvandine: although, it looks like that might have been rolled in to Qt.labs.folderlistmodel now14:58
Elleokenvandine: so it might be worth rewriting a bit to use that instead14:59
kenvandinebut we don't ship that?14:59
kenvandinewe'd have to bundle that14:59
Elleokenvandine: not sure, it's installed on my device without me remembering installing it myself14:59
* kenvandine checks15:00
kenvandinewhat's the package?15:00
Elleokenvandine: but I don't think its officially part of any framework15:00
kenvandinei have it too15:00
kenvandineso must be included15:00
kenvandineubuntu-sdk-libs and unity8 depends on it15:01
kenvandineand webbrowser-app15:01
kenvandineseems pretty safe :)15:01
Elleoah, cool15:02
Elleowill just see quickly if it works with a straight substition of the two modules15:02
jgdxkenvandine, cool. I am eod but will check in later15:04
Elleokenvandine: ah no, looks like it doesn't have everything we'd need; doesn't support things like the file selection model15:05
kenvandinejgdx, thx15:06
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awepmcgowan, almost finished with testing.  Also, created this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlans/network-manager15:36
pmcgowanawe, great I pointed jibel at you earlier for that15:38
awepmcgowan, ok.  Although I still don't quite understand our testing strategy(s) and who's supposed to run what test plans...15:39
awethis plan is something that we ( as phone engineers ) will run whenever we do new uploads of NM15:40
pmcgowanawe, if we gate all nm landings via CI we can do better, per previous discussions15:40
awepmcgowan, sure... but we had no test cases previously.  Also CI still isn't fully defined for packages like network-manager15:42
aweI have to manually upload to the phablet-team telephony PPA, and then we do a binary sync to a silo15:42
awealso still trying to work out what happens in wily15:42
MoPacHello; I hope this is the right channel. I just tried out the Unity8/touch LXC container in a desktop. I'm wondering: is the expected behavior is for more or less everything to be broken?  I wasn't sure if the lack of usability coudl be down to an installation problem or if there's ust not much of anything you're meant to be able to do in this version at the moment15:58
BonobosSakeHi !16:17
BonobosSakeI need some help in my porting16:18
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kenvandinejgdx, fyi, dobey filed bug 1463875 for that segfault16:57
ubot5bug 1463875 in nettle (Ubuntu) "Crash in libnettle6 on armhf and powerpc archs" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146387516:57
jgdxkenvandine, cool17:05
jgdxkenvandine, your silo failed (30)17:09
cedian_linuxHow do I include AppArmor in a kernel port?17:15
jjohansencedian_linux: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/AppArmorForPreviousKernels17:28
ice9after  while of running "phablet-dev-bootstrap  phablet", it exited with error.GitError: manifests rev-list ('^5287c048fd4b6f1df66ee21ecb7eb54b6bf83085', 'HEAD', '--'): fatal: bad revision 'HEAD'17:29
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kenvandinejgdx, yeah... :(17:31
kenvandinejgdx, same old segfault...17:32
ice9how can I fix the above error?17:35
ice9I'm creating the env for the first time17:35
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ice9I need expert in setting up the dev env! :D18:08
cedian_linuxwhat kernel backport do I need for the apparmor?18:32
jjohansencedian_linux: it will depend on the device/kernel18:33
cedian_linuxI use the oneplus one it's a phablet oc18:33
jjohansenlook at the presquash branches18:33
jjohansenthe patches will say for which kernels18:34
jjohansenso say it is a 3.10 kernel you will need 3.10 and later back port patches, but not the 3.2 ones18:35
lotuspsychjedo we have cutegram on ubuntu-touch ?18:38
cedian_linuxwhat's the diference between the backports and peesquash18:39
cedian_linuxsorry presquash18:40
davmor2lotuspsychje: no just the telegram app and I think a web app in the store too18:41
lotuspsychjedavmor2: ok tnx18:42
cedian_linuxjjohansen what is the difference between presquash and normal backports and how do I get the files?18:46
jjohansencedian_linux: the presquash is the set of backport patches split out into individual patches so you can pick and choose which ones are needed for your platform, eg. maguro had cherry-picked some upstream fixes so it didn't need some of the the 3.2 backport patches18:48
ice9phablet-dev-bootstrap throws "error.GitError: manifests rev-list ('^5287c048fd4b6f1df66ee21ecb7eb54b6bf83085', 'HEAD', '--'): fatal: bad revision 'HEAD'", how can I clone the repo?18:48
DonkeyHoteipeesquash is when you drown an insect in urine instead of squashing it would be my guess18:49
cedian_linuxI need 3.4 patches18:49
jjohansencedian_linux: the squash is just squashing all the patches down into 1 for the platform so that it is easier to manage, there shouldn't be any difference in the code18:49
cedian_linuxthanks, can I also use the linux-apparmor-backports18:50
jjohansensquashing, has its disadvantages so whether you do it is up to the person maintaining the branch18:50
jjohansencedian_linux: not yet, I am in the process of getting that set up18:50
jjohansenhopefully I will finish that today18:51
jjohansenthen you will be able to use it and it will be the tree we point people at18:51
cedian_linuxcan I use this one? ubuntu-vivid.git18:51
jjohansencedian_linux: yes, though IIRC ubuntu-vivid.git didn't have the backport patches split out18:52
cedian_linuxThen I should use utopic, don't I?18:52
jjohansencedian_linux: if you can wait a few hours there should be something in the linux-apparmor-backports tree you can use18:53
cedian_linuxI can't wait a few hours18:53
jjohansencedian_linux: it is being setup to be very easy to use, so you just pick a branch that is close to your kernel18:53
jjohansencedian_linux: ack, so I would use a mix of ubuntu-vivid and ubuntu-utopic18:54
jjohansenvivid for the latest apparmor, utopic for the broken out backport patches18:54
jjohansencedian_linux: of course you could probably just grab, ubuntu-vivid mako or gold fish apparmor dir18:55
jjohansenand not worry about the individual patches18:55
cedian_linuxthank you, I'll do that18:55
cedian_linuxerror: pathspec 'mako-aa3-backport-presquash' did not match any file(s) known to git.19:08
cedian_linuxsorry was looking at Utopic19:09
cedian_linuxwhat is git checkout19:14
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jgdxkenvandine, ping19:49
jgdxkenvandine, can USS pick contacts using contacthub? I.e., does contact hub support that?19:50
* jgdx brb, GOT19:51
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cedian_linuxcan't run make at my config20:00
cedian_linuxgives this error: warning: (DRM && ION) selects DMA_SHARED_BUFFER which has unmet direct dependencies (EXPERIMENTAL)20:00
cedian_linuxwarning: (ACPI_HOTPLUG_CPU) selects ACPI_CONTAINER which has unmet direct dependencies (ACPI && EXPERIMENTAL)20:01
cedian_linux# configuration written to .config20:01
cedian_linuxwarning: (DRM && ION) selects DMA_SHARED_BUFFER which has unmet direct dependencies (EXPERIMENTAL)20:01
cedian_linuxwarning: (ACPI_HOTPLUG_CPU) selects ACPI_CONTAINER which has unmet direct dependencies (ACPI && EXPERIMENTAL)20:01
cedian_linuxmake[1]: Nothing to be done for 'all'.20:01
cedian_linuxmake[1]: Nothing to be done for 'relocs'.20:01
cedian_linux  CHK     include/linux/version.h20:01
cedian_linux  CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h20:01
cedian_linux  CALL    scripts/checksyscalls.sh20:01
cedian_linux  CHK     include/generated/compile.h20:01
cedian_linux  CC      arch/x86/kernel/pci-dma.o20:01
cedian_linuxarch/x86/kernel/pci-dma.c: In function ‘dma_generic_alloc_coherent’:20:01
cedian_linuxarch/x86/kernel/pci-dma.c:112:8: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast20:01
cedian_linuxerror, forbidden warning: pci-dma.c:11220:01
cedian_linuxscripts/Makefile.build:307: recipe for target 'arch/x86/kernel/pci-dma.o' failed20:01
cedian_linuxmake[2]: *** [arch/x86/kernel/pci-dma.o] Error 120:01
cedian_linuxscripts/Makefile.build:443: recipe for target 'arch/x86/kernel' failed20:01
cedian_linuxmake[1]: *** [arch/x86/kernel] Error 220:01
cedian_linuxMakefile:950: recipe for target 'arch/x86' failed20:01
cedian_linuxmake: *** [arch/x86] Error 220:01
dobeycedian_linux: please use a pastebin site like paste.ubuntu.com for future pastes like that20:05
hevyhomiecan anyone point me in the right direction? I am porting touch to moto e (can't find an image anywhere on the net), and I am stuck after 1) . build/envsetup.sh 2) lunch 3) pick #. After which I get build/core/product_config.mk:222: *** Can not locate config makefile for product "condor" something about a product spec?20:09
lotuspsychjehevyhomie: did you try the XDA forums for existing projects?20:12
hevyhomiei did no luck20:13
hevyhomiei mean no existing projects are under development20:13
lotuspsychjehevyhomie: ok then your pretty on your own for this i think :p20:14
lotuspsychjehevyhomie: i presume you found the porting guide also: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/20:15
hevyhomieyes i copied relevant files from cyanogenmod(respect to them) into the phablet folders respectively20:17
hevyhomiedevice, hardware and vendor i believe20:18
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hevyhomiethen I ran the kernel config script :check-config <defconfig file> -w20:19
hevyhomiei decided not use apparmor3 yet20:19
JimHatleytesting... testing... Am I connected to #ubuntu-touch?20:20
hevyhomiethen i decided to build,20:21
JimHatleyI think I'm connected...20:21
hevyhomiebtw i found a thread on xda, but no dev project currently:http://forum.xda-developers.com/ubuntu-touch/android-ports/port-request-ubuntu-touch-moto-e-gen1-t304348520:22
JimHatleyHey guys... Not sure of protocol here, but I have a couple of minor questions if anyone has any answers...20:22
lotuspsychjehevyhomie: cant really help you more, im just a happy touch user here20:23
lotuspsychjehevyhomie: idle here for the devs to awaken :p20:23
hevyhomielotuspsychje: thanks for answering :)20:23
JimHatleyAhh... Yeah, might need a dev. Need to know the command name for the lock screen notification circle so I can kill it. And, preferably, kill it for good. It doesn't tell me anything I need to know, and blocks my sweet wallpaper at the only time I can actually see iy!20:24
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cedian_linuxWhat did I do wrong jjohansen?20:41
jjohansencedian_linux: give me a minute to read back scroll20:41
ogra_cedian_linux, looks like you are building an x86 kernel there ... was that what you wanted ?20:42
cedian_linuxThat's the problem then, I'll report it20:43
jjohansenyou will need to setup your cross compile environment20:43
jjohansencedian_linux: I think https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ARMKernelCrossCompile should have what you are looking for20:44
ogra_jjohansen, thats pretty ubuntu .deb centric though ...20:45
ogra_export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- ... export ARCH=arm  are the two vars you want to have set ...20:45
ogra_(and indeed make sure to have the gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf compiler installed ... that should be enough)20:46
cedian_linuxShouldn't it be armhf ogra_20:51
ogra_no, arm is correct (thats a kernel variable ... while armhf is a debian architecture)20:52
ogra_(the latter refers to packaging)20:52
cedian_linuxI'll leave for now sent myself a mail and I'll go to sleep20:52
ogra_well, good luck :)20:52
ice9I'm trying to create env dir using phablet-dev...  but after it downloaded about 3.5GB I get "error.GitError: manifests rev-list ('^5287c048fd4b6f1df66ee21ecb7eb54b6bf83085', 'HEAD', '--'): fatal: bad revision 'HEAD'"21:09
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