intrbizrunning kde5 \o/00:25
intrbizlooking pretty awesome00:25
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bujjihow to find load average using uptime command03:47
mappsit shows t i thought04:36
MooDoohello all07:15
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:53
knightwisehey brobostigon08:54
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:54
ujjainwhat is cooler, a sports or prone rifle?08:54
knightwiseguns arent cool08:54
brobostigonmorning knightwise, ujjain and bigcalm08:54
knightwiseabout to swear in church but .... i just got a surface pro 3 to play with08:55
* brobostigon is cool.08:55
knightwiseinteresting hardware08:55
knightwisenice to play around with and use it to connect to ssh :p08:55
* brobostigon is just cool, but definitivly freezing.08:55
brobostigonisnt just*08:55
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Ball Point Pen Day! 😃09:02
mwludarskiHi, I have problem with game perfromance on Ubuntu 15.04, I've installed Fglrx-updates drivers. I have a hybrid graphic Inte/AMD  and my graphic card is Radeon 7610M 2GB and I have a laptop Asus K53SK with i7(second generation),16GB Ram(Corsair Vegance) .I asked question on (askubuntu and answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/267884 but no one can not help me)09:03
* davmor2 stabs his ball point pen through a £20 note, then rips the pen through the note and then shows the pen and note intact....dun dun dun09:04
davmor2JamesTait: that was just for you09:04
davmor2JamesTait: it's all done with mirrors honest :D09:08
awilkinsmwludarski, which games are you having trouble with? Bear in mind that the AMD drivers are famous for sucking badly.09:11
mwludarskiAll games I have on steam09:12
awilkinsAnd the 7610M gets 1 star for performance : http://www.futuremark.com/hardware/gpu/AMD+Radeon+HD+7610M/review09:12
awilkinsIs this performance compared to how they run on Windows?09:13
awilkinsAnd "all games that I have on Steam" isn't very specific... I'd imagine that games like FTL which are mostly 2D rendering probably work OK but games like Pillars of Eternity which render things in 3D are probably less wonderful09:14
mwludarskiFor example when I run cs:source on windows i have around 80-120fps on highest graphic settings, but on ubuntu I have around 20-30 on lowest graphic settings09:14
awilkinsOn the same hardware?09:15
mwludarskiI checked fps on Witcher2,Dead Island,CS:GO,CS:Source,War Thunder,Rust,Guns of Icarus, Euro Truck, Day of Defeat:source, Mount & Blade:warband09:17
TwistedLucidityThose all look like intense 3D games.09:19
awilkinsYeah, Witcher 2 is a challenging game even on something as recent as a 560Ti09:20
awilkinsThe Source engine games, not so much09:20
TwistedLucidityCould it be that they are trying to run on the Intel chipset? I'll confess to only having experience of discrete nvidia cards.09:20
TwistedLucidityi.e. using bumblebee. I am unsure of the AMD equivalent09:21
awilkinsStupid question : have you tried the OSS driver?09:21
awilkinsApparently it's the bee's knees now09:21
awilkinsBut not the best for games, meh09:22
mwludarskiawilkin I did try oss driver09:22
TwistedLucidityRoll-on the Steam Machines and nvidia/AMD getting a kick in the conkers.09:23
popeyTempted by a steam link thing09:23
awilkinsWill Steam Machines use Mir, do you think?09:24
mwludarskinothing change but I tried them on ubuntu 14.04  Now I have 15.04 vers I will try now it09:24
awilkinsmwludarski, The "not actually using the AMD hardware" thing is possibly the most likely problem09:25
awilkinsFollowed by "sorry, the drivers just suck horribly"09:25
mwludarskino drivers but AMD ;p09:25
awilkinsI wouldn't consider buying AMD hardware just because of it's terrible performance reputation on Linux09:25
TwistedLucidityEither glxgears or glxspheres will tell you which driver they run on. Let me check which one it is....09:25
awilkinsgears doesn't09:26
TwistedLucidityIt'll be spheres then. I used that to check I had Bumblebee config'd correctly.09:26
awilkinsglxinfo works too09:26
awilkinsAnd is installed by default09:26
mwludarskiI bought laptop with windows 7 but I had a lot of bluescreen so I change os to ubuntu :P09:27
awilkinsglxinfo | grep vendor09:27
awilkinsLots of bluescreens?09:27
* bashrc does not believe that Windows is ready for the desktop09:27
TwistedLucidityawilkins: True. But spheres gives a nice, simple output and acted as a (very) basic performance test.09:27
awilkinsThat's really only one of a few things on Windows 709:27
awilkinsBSOD ==   bad GPU driver (all too common on laptops)09:28
awilkinsOr bad hardware09:28
awilkinsIt's a laptop so it's not the PSU09:28
awilkinsBut it may well be duff RAM09:28
TwistedLuciditymemtest386 would do system RAM. Don't think it would test GPU RAM09:28
awilkinsThe only things I get BSOD for on modern windows, GPU drivers, failing PSU, bad RAM09:28
mwludarskiglxinfo |grep vendor results : server glx vendor string: ATI09:28
mwludarskiclient glx vendor string: ATI09:28
mwludarskiOpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.09:28
intrbizawilkins: Nvidia's SATA drivers clocked the most BSODs for Vista09:28
mwludarskiI've checked ram 2 days agon and everything was fine09:29
awilkinsintrbiz, I think they revised the driver model so that only the GPU drivers were running in kernel space09:29
TwistedLucidityWill bridging from AMD -> Intel suffer the same performance hit as with nvidia?09:29
awilkinsHence GPU being the only thing that causes BSOD now (??)09:29
TwistedLuciditySomething about having to marshal the framebuffer wotsit across...I forget the details.09:30
bujjiyum install squirrelmail is not working10:33
directhexawilkins: no. never. i can guarantee that.10:33
directhexbujji: try a fedora channel?10:34
bujjiits saying https://bpaste.net/show/bf4636ff969e10:34
directhexor centos or whatever10:34
intrbizbujji: try asking in the chanel for the distro you are using10:34
intrbizbujji: judging by the error message, the configured URL of the EPEL repo is wrong10:35
directhexawilkins: steamos will use x.org, until x.org games run perfectly and at least 1:1 as fast under wayland w/ proprietary drivers. "at least" being important there, as there's complexity increase from changing, so tangible improvements would be needed10:36
knightwiseafternoon peepsµ11:23
MooDoohowdy knightwise11:31
knightwisehey MooDoo11:37
bujjiintrbiz:configured successfullly but not working11:43
knightwiseso , whats up :)11:51
awilkinsThe vector antiparallel to gravity11:51
TwistedLucidityThe ISS after the oopsie, fortunately.11:51
TwistedLucidityperpendicular (noun): see 'antiparallel'.11:52
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popeyEgg banjo time!12:51
ujjainRTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory < what does this mean?12:53
ujjain- /sbin/tc qdisc del dev lo root12:53
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ujjainah, already works, devs tried to del before a create13:04
foobarrywhy doesn't RHEL/Centos have tmpreaper?13:25
foobarryseems odd13:25
bigcalmintrbiz: ping :)13:26
intrbizbigcalm: pong13:26
davmor2bigcalm: yes it rock13:26
intrbizfoobarry: to tidy up /tmp?13:26
bigcalmI've enabled client-client in the server config. My home laptop can now "see" the office printer. But it can't connect as all ports are appearing as "filtered" in nmap13:27
bigcalmintrbiz: any thoughts?13:27
foobarryintrbiz: yes, centos has tmpwatch which sucks13:27
foobarrytmpreaper is much better since it works13:27
foobarrybut not found on centos13:28
MooDoofoobarry: tmpwatch does pretty much the same on centos13:28
foobarrydoesn't do regex or delete directories13:28
MooDoooh sorry didn't read your last but lol13:28
foobarryso cannot do /home/*/data13:28
intrbizbigcalm: where is your laptop and where is your printer?13:28
intrbizbigcalm: client-client just allows two VPN clients to pass traffic to each other13:29
bigcalmintrbiz: laptop is at home. printer is at shrewsbury office13:29
intrbizbigcalm: ok, and by 'see' what do you mean, just ping?13:29
bigcalmintrbiz: nmap from home lists all of the awake devices at the shrewsbury office. All devices (bar the openvpn server itself) show the ports as filtered13:30
intrbizbigcalm: what is the default gateway of the printer?13:31
bigcalm1.1 I expect13:31
bigcalmWhich is currently the adsl router13:31
intrbizis that the openvpn box, or the FTTC router?13:31
bigcalmNot the micro server13:31
intrbizdo you have a static route on the FTTC router?13:32
bigcalmOnly to forward 1194 on to the openvpn box13:32
davmor2bigcalm: get your boss to hire adam, send you intrbiz and get him to do it for you done ;)13:32
bigcalmdavmor2: I don't learn that way13:33
bigcalmdavmor2: I now have my own 26 port managed switch at home13:33
davmor2intrbiz: can slap the back of your head in a gibbs-esque way to help you learn :)13:33
intrbizbigcalm: so, as your VPN client is on a different network to the printer, the printer will need to know where to forward the traffic via (ie: to route it)13:34
intrbizbigcalm: by default traffic that is not for the local nic, will be sent to the default gateway13:34
bigcalmintrbiz: I thought that would have been handled by the incoming request. Like wot http does13:34
intrbizbigcalm: in this case, the printer is sending traffic destinded for your VPN client, to the FTTC router, which will drop it13:34
bigcalmSo until I make the microserver the router/firewall for the office, I need to add static routes to the FTTC router?13:36
intrbizbigcalm: routing is plain IP (layer 3), IP has no concept of a 'connection'13:36
bigcalmI see (I think)13:36
intrbizbigcalm: you can add a static route on the FTTC router, however that probably won't work, as things dislike triangular routing13:36
intrbizbigcalm: you could either, set the default router of the printer to the microserver (easiest way) or add a static route on the printer13:37
bigcalmWorth a shot. What route would I be adding? to route traffic for to the openvpn box?13:37
intrbizbigcalm: as the printer is unlikely to need access to the interner, changing default gateway of the printer will probably be the best option for now13:38
bigcalmAnd it won't stop local users from using the printer?13:38
intrbizbigcalm: route would be: <vpn_network> via <openvpn_ip>13:38
intrbizbigcalm: no, because local users are on the same network, so routing does not come into play, packets are sent from local user -> printer13:39
bigcalmI don't mean to sound like a scratched record, but isn't that what the vpn client is doing as well?13:39
intrbizbigcalm: routing needs to be configured both ends13:40
intrbizbigcalm: so the VPN server, tells the VPN client, the routes it needs to access stuff behind the VPN server13:40
intrbizbigcalm: stuff behind the VPN server, equally, needs to know where to route stuff to reach the VPN clients13:41
bigcalmproliant ~ $ telnet 910013:41
bigcalmConnected to
bigcalmEscape character is '^]'.13:41
bigcalmThat was by changing the gateway on the printer to that of the openvpn box13:42
intrbizbigcalm: the other option, is to masquerade the VPN clients onto the local network via the VPN server13:42
intrbizbigcalm: :)13:42
intrbizbigcalm: where did you telnet from?13:43
bigcalmOnce I move all routing to the openvpn box, I assume that I won't have to13:43
bigcalmintrbiz: my home microserver13:43
intrbizbigcalm: correct13:43
bigcalmI'm in Shrewsbury today, so I ssh'd home via my home vpn tunnel and then used the work vpn tunnel to connect to the printer13:44
bigcalmFun times13:44
intrbizbigcalm: right, around the houses testing is always fun13:44
bigcalmI have another box that I could do with talking to from home. But that device does talk to the internet13:46
bigcalmI wonder if I can set a route without killing it13:46
intrbizbigcalm: linux box?13:46
bigcalmiDigi X413:46
intrbizbigcalm: ip route add <dest_net> via <gateway_ip>13:46
bigcalmNo, the box of tricks with zigbee in it13:47
intrbizbigcalm: ah, it might have the older route command13:47
bigcalmI'm seeing what I can do via the web interface 1st13:48
bigcalmI can add static routes via the web interface13:50
bigcalmI can also clear out old static routes that it appears to have :|13:50
bigcalmWhat's the Metric? I'll learn some day13:51
intrbizbigcalm: its the priority of that entry13:53
bigcalmReversed priority? Lower number == higher priority?13:53
intrbizbigcalm: you can have multiple entries for a route where the lowest metric wins13:54
intrbizbigcalm: metric could be: number of hops, latency etc13:54
bigcalmI see13:54
intrbiz10 is the commonly used defauly13:54
intrbizor just leave it blank13:54
bigcalmIt works!13:55
* bigcalm bounces13:55
bigcalmNow I can stop doing work related things in my lunch break and watch kitten videos for 5 minutes13:56
bigcalmWoop woop14:00
bigcalmI just added a static route to the FTTC router. Now I can ssh to my home machine from my office workstation without having to ssh to the openvpn server 1st14:01
bigcalmThis should mean that I can remove the static routes from individual devices14:01
bigcalmYep, still works14:02
bigcalmdavmor2: see, I get to learn this way around :)14:02
bigcalmdavmor2: come to the Oddfellows tonight14:02
davmor2bigcalm: I'm going to try lots on at the minute though so no promises14:03
bigcalmThe pub needs more odd fellows14:04
davmor2popey, bigcalm: in chromium can you try and go to ee.co.uk14:13
popeyi dont have chromium installed14:13
davmor2popey: do you have chrome14:13
popeyworks in chrome14:13
davmor2popey: thanks14:14
davmor2for me works in ff fails in chromium14:14
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bigcalmdavmor2: works for me in Chromium14:22
davmor2hahahaha http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/love-sex/relationships/a35998/dating-a-girl-from-wolverhampton/  popey looks like they saw born in wolves and thought they needed to write an article :D14:29
davmor2raised by wolves even14:29
nucc1so I have an SSH private key which I use to log in to 2 servers, A and B. If server A is compromised, should I assume that the attacker can is able to login to server B as me?14:53
MooDoonucc1: i would14:56
nucc1MooDoo: so the ssh stuff is not public/private? I would imagine that the key stored on the servers is "public" and only the one on my laptop is "private"14:58
intrbiznucc1: if you have your private key stored on server A then yes, if it is jus the public key on server A (ie: authorized hosts), then it's all about the strength of your key14:59
intrbiznucc1: if you private key is only stored on your laptop, and the public key is deployed to servers A and B, if server A is compromised an attacker could not immediately login to server B15:01
nucc1intrbiz: i pretty much just followed the instructions here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-ssh-keys--215:02
davmor2MooDoo: \o you like my comment then, my aim was a smile on your face :)15:02
nucc1i think private key is on my laptop only, but i'll just generate a new set of keys.15:03
intrbiznucc1: your probably fine then15:03
intrbiznucc1: unless you've manually copied ~/.ssh/id_rsa to an vulnerable location, you'll be fine15:03
nucc1intrbiz: no i didn't. thanks :)15:04
intrbiznucc1: as long as you keep the private key safe, all will be fine, unless someone factors your RSA public key (which is time consuming, expensive and unlikely)15:05
intrbizunless a debian maintainer has patched openssl again15:05
nucc1lol at debian maintainer. private key is as safe as I can make it, because it's never left my laptop, which is full disk encrypted. I guess it's safe to say only NSA/GCHQ/Chinese Mil can get it15:07
nucc1and they are welcome to my stash of sexting photos if they fancy.15:07
intrbiznucc1: or someone with a rubberhose15:08
nucc1i doubt they can overpower me with a rubber hose :)15:08
nucc1a gun maybe, or a group of them :)15:08
zmoylan-piin east european circles they use a soldering iron in place of the rubber hose15:09
nucc1good thing i'm just a nobody. he he. biggest threat to my computer is ransomware, i think.15:10
nucc1or one of my VPSes turning into a DDoS bot15:10
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Myrttilet's see what Dell Support thinks of my laptop problem now...16:49
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daftykinsMyrtti: what's up with it?17:43
Myrttidaftykins: left speaker stopped working and the right one has a temperament now too17:44
daftykinsany indication that's common on that model at all?17:45
Myrttitried googling it but haven't found any17:47
MyrttiXPS13 9333.17:47
daftykinsmmm i remember it well, pretty close to ideal machine really17:47
Myrttiof course the support wants me to do the online diagnostics now...17:48
daftykinsah some nasty Windows prog? blech17:50
* popey fancies the 934317:54
daftykinsi've got a client who is essentially picking between a Lenovo X1 Carbon and the Microsoft Surface Pro 317:55
daftykinsmobile data seemed to be a priority though, i think a Surface with a dongle stuck out the side of would be a terrible idea :D17:56
popeydo they not do one with data?17:58
davmor2daftykins: just sell them a mifi too :D17:58
daftykinsseems a surface 2 might have done, but it's nowhere in the specs of the 317:58
daftykinsmmm nah, this one just *lost* an entire laptop so the more things can be in the one unit the better i think :)17:59
Myrtticould Dell have "online sound card diagnostics from the support website http://del.ly/6013B6O7F " that would work on Ubuntu? Please tell me I just can't find it...17:59
* Myrtti doesn't want to nuke Ubuntu to run a bloody diagnostics test17:59
daftykinsyou can run executables from the Windows preinstallation environment18:00
daftykinsmind you it'd lack necessary drivers at that point >8\/ nevermind18:00
daftykinsthat link needs a service tag18:01
daftykinspowered by PC Doctor, hmm18:03
Myrttijust asked them how they would have dealt with the issue if the laptop were the Developer Edition18:05
Myrttiand double checking that they mean the Windows only tool18:05
davmor2Myrtti: there is the quick test button no idea how that works with ubuntu dells18:05
Myrtti"The Quick Test scans the hard drive, memory, processor and disc drive of your Windows-based PC or tablet for errors."18:05
daftykinsit doesn't, it ties into a Windows program you are told to install18:06
daftykinsthere's probably an equivalent within the EFI18:07
daftykinsbut then you're asking them about speakers so all those tests are useless XD18:08
MyrttiUbuntu thinks the speaker is there.18:08
MyrttiI can hear just fine from the right speaker.18:08
Myrttiwell, when that one isn't getting a weird static18:09
popeythis sounds dumb...18:09
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popeybut have you tried running alsamixer?18:09
popey(my usb mic gets muted or low vol sometimes and only alsamixer can fix the volume level)18:09
Myrttisure, just ran it. I can see S/PDIF, S/DIF 1 and S/PDIF 2 there.18:10
Myrttiwith toggles on and off.18:10
Myrttithat's it.18:10
daftykinswould a live session also rule out any such quirks?18:10
popeyf6 to choose sound card?18:10
popeycard should be listed at top, Intel HDA or something18:11
Myrttilive session might be a good idea18:12
Myrttialsamixer has nothing muted18:13
popeynothing panned down?18:13
popeyi had one channel panned down on my mic, oddly18:14
Myrttilive session has the same issue18:16
daftykinsspeaks of something more serious then, mmm18:21
davmor2I wonder if they ran the speaker cable over the graphics chip18:31
daftykinsCPU then18:31
daftykinsi almost asked earlier if the intermittence was influenced by heat / uptime18:31
MyrttiIve rebooted a few times now and the right speaker is fine19:33
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