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kgunndednick: hey, how's the inline video stuff ? we still needing media hub fixing?13:45
kgunnmzanetti: just fyo dialer app sync silo 8 is in the QA queue..13:47
kgunnfyi even13:47
mzanettikgunn, yes, I just talked to the apps guys13:48
mzanettikgunn, will ping some QA people now to try getting that on the fast lane13:48
kgunnmzanetti: yep, just poked jibel13:48
mzanettikgunn, speaking on inline media: the audio thing requires media hub fixing still, to make it show up in the indicators.13:49
mzanettiltinkl, hey, your account should be fixed, you'll be getting jenkins reviews as of now15:04
mzanettilet me know if not15:04
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popeymzanetti: when in desktop (windowed) mode, how do you close full screen apps? (there are no window controls)17:34
mzanettipopey, there should be window controls :D17:35
mzanettipopey, there might be a bug17:35
popeyI'll file it17:35
mzanettipopey, no17:35
popeyoh okay17:35
mzanettipopey, open an other app using the launcher17:35
popeyi have17:35
mzanettipopey, then switch back and hopefully the controls should appear17:35
popeywindowed app has controls17:35
popeymaximised window doesnt17:35
mzanettipopey, I guess then it is a normal app that is dragged to a size so it looks like fullscreen17:36
mzanettipopey, anyhow I know this is buggy, but its really too early to file bugs17:36
mzanettibecuase this will be reworked a lot still17:36
popeykeyboard shortcuts are missing, so can't even ALT+F417:37
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dkesselshould unity8 in lxc be working properly on an optimus laptop? everytime i try to open an app, a window pops up for a split second, then nothing happens19:16
dkesselnouveau drivers ;)19:17
ChrisTownsenddkessel: Hey there, is it something like the webbrowser app dying?19:22
anpokdkessel: which nv version?19:23
ChrisTownsenddkessel: I suspect you're probably hitting https://bugs.launchpad.net/oxide/+bug/145745819:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1457458 in Oxide ""No suitable EGL configs found" on desktop-next" [Medium,Triaged]19:23
anpokthe gl feature level could be insufficient for qt to start19:23
dkesselChrisTownsend: right, that's what i found in upstart/unity8.log :)19:24
ChrisTownsenddkessel: Yeah, it's been a known issue for a while.  Just waiting on the right folks to fix it.19:25
dkesseltoo bad. well ok, at least I know that it is a known issue now. thanks ChrisTownsend19:28
ChrisTownsenddkessel: np!  And I wish I had better news about it:-(19:29
josharensonis there a way to compile/install 1 plugin w/o having to build install all the debs?21:00
* josharenson could try make install but is skeptical 21:00
greybackjosharenson: unity8?21:29
josharensongreyback: yeah21:29
greybackjosharenson: the run_on_device script no use?21:29
josharensongreyback: humm does just run.sh work? I'm trying on desktop21:30
greybackjosharenson: ah, probably not21:31
josharensongreyback: bummer, ill try make install and see how that goes...21:31
greybackjosharenson: but if you use build.sh, then the compiled module ends up inside the builddir/ dir. You can set the QML2_IMPORT_PATH=/path/to/builddir/modules//// and run unity8 then21:32
josharensongreyback: ah ok21:32
josharensongreyback: ack ^21:47

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