mikubuntuare you guys part of the florida LoCo team?01:25
mhall119mikubuntu: yup02:41
mikubuntucool -- do you do any support events in south florida?03:01
ahoneybunHello all I am now in NC22:48
Nothing_Muchahoneybun, Permanent or visiting relatives?22:49
ahoneybuna con22:50
Nothing_Muchwhich con?22:50
Nothing_MuchI swear, when people say that dependency hell is "not as bad as dll hell"...22:50
Nothing_MuchEasily the worst part about Linux distros, hate it, but I'd rather not sell my soul to Microsoft22:51
Nothing_Muchwelcome back ahoneybun_ 23:09
ahoneybun_I was one a webIRC cuz this hotel seems to block the port Konversion uses23:10
ahoneybun_and KeithIMyers__has me on a ssh tunnel now23:10
=== ahoneybun_ is now known as ahoneybun
Nothing_Muchdon't you hate it when you can't get your work done at a hotel?23:12
Nothing_MuchI have a question, when will Audacity 2.1.0 be introduced into Ubuntu?23:30

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