brouschI love the Python community. I contacted the PyImageSearch guy and he sent me a free hard copy of his book to give away at the next GRPUG (which is a talk about OpenCV)12:32
brouschI'm less enthused about O'Reilly's "partnering" changes. It's all ebooks now12:34
cmaloneygood morning12:34
cmaloneybrousch: yeah.12:35
cmaloneythough I completely understand the change12:35
brouschI guess, but it was so nice to get a box of relevant books from them12:35
cmaloneysi si12:35
brouschI was spoiled12:36
cmaloneyheh, us too12:36
jrwrenegon was right, print is dead13:17
mrgoodcatso many things are dead and people don't even know it yet13:27
jrwrenmrgoodcat: whoa deep.13:28
mrgoodcatbooks (paper of any kind really), cable tv, landlines, privacy, etc13:28
jrwrenlife is time before death.13:29
mrgoodcati got sling tv and a digital antenna13:29
mrgoodcat1000 times happier than when i was paying for cable13:29
mrgoodcatsling tv is targeted squarely at people like me who hate paying for cable or who never have (read millenials)13:29
brouschPrint is dying. It's not dead yet.13:38
jrwrenprint will never die before me. You can have my paper book from my cold dead heads.13:41
cmaloneyThe Roku is perfect for us because I have a hard time paying for something that is pre-programmed with stuff I couldn't care less about13:59
cmaloneyand paying handsomely at that13:59
jrwreni would really like a programmed channel for kodi, that would be really cool.14:04
jrwrenchannels even, so I could say, when you click this channel it plays this content at this time of day.14:05
cmaloneyWell, I understand the need for live programming14:06
cmaloneyI get that in spades14:06
cmaloneybut having pre-programmed content that can't be changed (eg: it's a Pawn Stars Marathon) is pretty silly.14:06
cmaloneyI know some folks use TV as background noise though so maybe I'm the fuddy-duddy here.14:07
jrwrenI love a good NCIS marathon on USA :)14:21
mrgoodcati use my tv as background noise14:45
mrgoodcatusa not a OTA channel and not on sling so i dont get it anymore14:46
jrwrenmrgoodcat: I always disliked that. I know that many many people do it.14:46
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