ozzloyi keep showing people how to use the terminal, and they are used to using the mouse to fix if they've typed something wrong00:00
EriC^^ozzloy: ctrl+a takes them to the start of a line00:00
ozzloyand i keep having to explain that you can't do that in terminal, but it really doesn't need to be that way00:00
ozzloyEriC^^, yeah, and C-e goes to the end of the line, and other shortcuts too.  i appreciate the input, and would like to know more about those too, but not right now00:01
digitalvaldostaOk EriC^^00:01
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: did anything show up?00:02
digitalvaldostano EriC^^00:02
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EriC^^digitalvaldosta: ok, try sudo modprobe dm-mod00:02
digitalvaldostanothing EriC^^00:03
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EriC^^digitalvaldosta: ok, try sudo lvscan00:04
astroboygood morning :)00:04
digitalvaldostacommand not found EriC^^00:04
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: type sudo apt-get install lvm200:05
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ run the command again now?00:07
ozzloyheh, i found a suggestion: use emacs and inside that M-x shell00:07
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: type sudo vgchange -ay00:07
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ 2 logical volume(s) in volume group "mint" now active00:08
EriC^^ok, type sudo blkid | nc termbin.com 999900:08
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: ok, type sudo mount /dev/mapper/mint-root /mnt00:10
EriC^^then sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot00:11
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/mint-root, missing codepage or helper program, or other error00:12
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ In some cases useful info is found in syslog -try dmesg | tail or so.00:12
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: type dmesg | tail | nc termbin.com 999900:13
blzHello.  I just created a raid5 array (/dev/md0) at the command line on a headless server.  What's the recommended way to mount it at startup?00:15
mikubuntuany wifi guru available to help me with getting bcm4312 broadcom card to work in an hp mini 1000?00:16
daftykinsblz: add it to /etc/fstab00:16
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ http://termbin.com/c55h00:16
blzdaftykins:  just add /dev/md0 as if it were, say /dev/sda1 ?00:17
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daftykinsblz: i don't see why not00:17
blzdaftykins, me neither, but I've never worked with raid before so I'm just double checking :)00:18
daftykinswell you're not booting from it so it seems a-ok to me00:18
daftykinsand 10 points for that btw!00:18
blzindeed.  I'll give it a whirl :)00:18
blz10 points for?00:18
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: try fsck /dev/mapper/mint-root don't repair anything yet though00:19
daftykinsnot booting from the RAID volume00:19
daftykinsmakes life 100x easier00:19
blzdaftykins, haha well I sort of lied earlier.  I used raid *once* before... and booted from it...00:19
blz... and here I am redoing everything00:19
blzShrapnel removed; lesson learned.00:19
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ Error reading block 8971633 (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read). Ignore error<y>?00:21
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ Error reading block 2097156...00:22
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: ok00:22
digitalvaldostaForce ?00:23
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EriC^^digitalvaldosta: cancel it and type sudo apt-get install smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 999900:23
EriC^^daftykins: please check it out ^00:24
blzdaftykins, working like a charm.  Thanks for the sanity-check!00:25
astroboyi have a problem, my pc's brigtness always reset to the max value after reboot, any solution?00:25
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ http://termbin.com/ldpc00:26
EriC^^daftykins: ^ :)00:26
JinjaNinjaFor some reason, whenever I enable JACK audio, my sound goes out. Jack audio works fine, but my sound doesn't work after turning it on00:28
gagalicioushow do i install software raid on ubuntu 14.04?00:28
gagalicioushow do i install software raid on ubuntu 14.04 server?00:28
bazhang!raid | gagalicious have a read00:29
ubottugagalicious have a read: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:29
daftykinsEriC^^: nasty! had a feeling that was coming XD00:29
bazhangread that first gagalicious00:29
EriC^^daftykins: it's dead?00:29
daftykinsEriC^^: yep, 383 curent pending sectors that haven't been remapped, controller's unhappy due to the raw read error rate00:31
JinjaNinja Anyone know what's up with my sound after I enable JACK audio? Wtf. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that my sound is ran by Pulse audio?00:31
daftykinsthose likely won't remap until the disk is zeroed00:31
astroboythe site for check kernel updates, kernel.org or kernel.com ??00:31
gagaliciousok thanks. basically server doesnt come with a configuration to configure raid... i think that's really dumb... server needs raid. so it's fine.00:31
mikubuntuany wifi guru available to help me with getting bcm4312 broadcom card to work in an hp mini 1000?00:32
daftykinsastroboy: you don't just throw newer kernels on when you like :)00:32
digitalvaldostahttp://termbin.com/ldpc EriC^^00:32
EriC^^daftykins: could a fsck probably help just to recover data? or it would mess it up more.. what can be done here?00:32
histoastroboy: what are you trying to do?00:33
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: it appears that your hard disk is pretty toast00:33
daftykinsEriC^^: is the fs failing to mount?00:33
EriC^^daftykins: yes, it says bad superblock00:33
daftykinsany luck using a backup?00:33
astroboyonly want to know the site00:34
histoastroboy: for?00:34
EriC^^daftykins: i think he followed a guide and it didn't work00:34
daftykinsastroboy: .org , ask #linux for further info00:34
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: right?00:34
astroboyfor checking the change log00:34
histoastroboy: kernel.org is the site for the linux kernel organization00:34
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ I used: https://askubuntu.com/questions/137655/boot-drops-to-a-initramfs-prompts-busybox00:34
digitalvaldostadamn >:o00:35
EriC^^daftykins: would that be the method to use the backup? ^00:35
* daftykins glances00:35
daftykinsyep that's the method i've seen before00:36
daftykinsdigitalvaldosta: is your data super duper important?00:36
digitalvaldostapictures that can't be pulled from anywhere else and a paper my wife wrote. So... yes.00:37
__Myst__i3 + multiple terminals or tmux?00:37
daftykinsdigitalvaldosta: ok i think if it really holds this importance, it's professional data recovery company time00:37
* EriC^^ is thinking if he could image the disk and give it a fsck, would that work?00:38
astroboy my pc's brigtness always reset to the max value after reboot, any solution?00:38
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ I do have another drive that I could make an IMG file to that is more reliable00:39
daftykinsEriC^^: depends if you have the time to help through a ddrescue or similar, the trouble is the actions of reading this disk will likely push it over the edge and finish it off00:39
daftykinsso it depends if digitalvaldosta is willing to take that risk00:39
EriC^^daftykins: oh ok00:40
daftykinsyou could just keep trying the superblocks in order until one works, if you're super brave? :)00:40
digitalvaldostadaftykins EriC^^ I'm willing if the odds are decent so I can pull the files then trash the HDD00:41
gp5sthello. My ISP hijacks DNS. when I do host <nonexistant domain> 2 records get returned, the second is an NXDOMAIN. if I dig or anything else I just get the one record.  How does the host command figure out the NXDOMAIN part00:42
daftykinsdigitalvaldosta: it's really not great, if you only tried one backup superblock with the above guide, maybe try some more than go the pro data recovery approach00:42
EsoRoticaI have a 14.04.02 fresh install, md5sum checked, but once booted into the machine I have no keyboard/mouse/ethernet support, All of which work on the liveCD. I've attempted several kenerl options to see if those would solve the problem,  checked BIOS, etc... Anything else I can try?00:44
daftykinsEsoRotica: laptop/desktop?00:45
digitalvaldostadaftykins I couldn't get a read on the superblocks for the locked partition (sda5) only on sda1. (There is also a partition sda2 extended)00:45
EsoRoticaDesktop Thinkcentre m91p00:45
daftykinsdigitalvaldosta: yeah extended is just a placeholder for logical drives (sda5) so no worries there, but sounds like you've got a one partition setup as sda5 might be swap and sda1 / ?00:46
daftykinsEsoRotica: USB kb+mouse i take it?00:46
EsoRoticadaftykins: Both are USB, Yes00:46
daftykinsEsoRotica: did you install with updates?00:46
daftykinsi.e. is the live kernel the same as the installs kernel?00:46
EsoRoticadaftykins: Yes00:46
daftykinsi asked two things so can't tell which that yes is to00:47
digitalvaldostadaftykins sda5 is the locked partition which contains the install of linux. Yeah I encrypted everything.00:47
daftykinsoh encryption :<00:47
EsoRoticadaftykins: Sorry, I installed with updates, Likely meaning that the kernel is not the same as the install media00:47
* daftykins shakes his head at the spammer00:47
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: did you try sudo dumpe2fs /dev/mapper/mint-root ?00:47
daftykinsEsoRotica: ok, does the keyboard work after POST to be able to hold left shift and get GRUB?00:48
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EsoRoticadaftykins: Yes,  that is how I was able to test different kernel params00:48
daftykinsEsoRotica: cool, so was the kernel from the live session not installed?00:49
* astroboy ---00:49
EsoRoticadaftykins: I'm unsure as to wether the latest kernel is the same as the 14.04.02 release00:49
daftykinsboot live -> uname -r, check GRUB -> read kernel vers00:50
gagaliciousinstead of import export save and load the docker containers.. is it possible that i copy AUFS /mnt/docker to another /mnt/aufs and then i restore with /mnt/aufs -> /mnt/docker... will it still work that way? else what COW file system will work this way?00:50
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ I will check. daftykins this is the tutorial that I used to install the encryption: hak5.org/episodes/hak5-140600:50
daftykinsgagalicious: was #docker no use?00:51
daftykinsdigitalvaldosta: heh i used to watch episodes from them. it's no use to me as i have zero experience with encryption i'm afraid.00:51
EsoRoticadaftykins: I lost connection there for a second after saying I'm unsure of the versions and missed any messages since. I'm working on checking now00:52
EsoRoticadaftykins: The computer with problems is running the 13.16.0-30 Kernel00:54
daftykinslive session is probably earlier00:54
EsoRoticaI'll boot now and figure it out00:55
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daftykinsin fact i have a 64-bit 14.04.2 desktop ISO right here00:55
daftykinstum te tum00:55
daftykinsok don't know how you find out00:55
EsoRoticauname 0a00:56
EsoRoticauname -a daftykins00:56
daftykinsno it's -r00:56
daftykinsand i'm talking from opening an ISO, not booting it :)00:56
EsoRoticahah, good luck.. I've booted one, just a moment00:56
EsoRoticadaftykins: Its running the same as what my grub is trying to boot. 3.16.0-3000:57
daftykinshow interesting00:57
daftykinsthis is gonna sound nuts, but have you tried pulling the mains cable, then booting up from truly cold?00:57
EsoRoticaNo, but why not.00:57
astroboyhow to check kernel version on my pc?00:57
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ doesn't look like we have this time (since reboot). But previously I couldn't get much info. Just ran it and got a ton of info. daftykins00:57
EsoRoticaastroboy:  uname -r00:58
daftykinsastroboy: we literally just said this :>00:58
daftykinsdigitalvaldosta: huh what did you run?00:58
EsoRoticadaftykins: No luck there00:59
digitalvaldostadaftykins, EriC^^ asked if I had ran 'sudo dumpe2fs /dev/mapper/mint-root00:59
digitalvaldostadaftykins I hadn't on this boot but have quite a bit of info now that i have ran it.01:00
daftykinsah ok01:00
EsoRoticadaftykins: Maybe this is a problem best solved with chroot and updates?01:00
daftykinsEsoRotica: you could boot the live session then, chroot the install... lol yes01:00
daftykinsthat's what i'd try.01:00
EsoRoticaOkay, to be sure we're on the same page, make a dir with proc, sys, and dev. the mount --bind the respective directories?01:01
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot01:01
EsoRoticaThanks boss.01:01
daftykinsfully detailed there01:01
hr49__Hey all. I'm having some difficulty getting lightdm to work with xfce4 from Minimal CD. (manual package installation) When I try to logon from lightdm, it reports that it cannot start the session, but I can still start xfce with startx.01:02
EsoRoticadaftykins: Hmm, last time I did this, it was far less steps :)01:02
daftykinsyeah all that extra mount stuff seems to have grown01:03
daftykinsno idea why01:03
daftykinshr49__: have you at any point run 'sudo startx' out of desperation perhaps?01:04
Jordan_Udigitalvaldosta: I'll second the statement that for very important data you should probably leave recovery to the professionals with special *hardware* based tools for recovery, but that said GNU ddrescue is probably about the best you can get for software based recovery of data from failing drives. I would recommend making an image of the entire drive with GNU ddrescue (not to be confused with the inferior but similarly ...01:04
Jordan_U... named dd_rescue).01:05
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ the last time I ran that command (before I got on this chat) this is how I ran it>> sudo dumpe2fs -f /dev/sdb1 | grep -i superblock01:05
hr49__daftykins: No, I've always invoked it without sudo.01:05
digitalvaldostaEriC^^ should I run it this way again but for /dev/mapper/mint-root ?01:06
gagaliciousdaftykins : #docker is quiet01:06
gagaliciousinstead of import export save and load the docker containers.. is it possible that i copy AUFS /mnt/docker to another /mnt/aufs and then i restore with /mnt/aufs -> /mnt/docker... will it still work that way? else what COW file system will work this way?. i mean rsyncing instead of dd01:06
daftykinsgagalicious: /q alis LIST docker01:07
daftykinstonnes of channels.01:07
hr49__now startx fails as well when I install nvidia drivers, but one problem at a time for now (especially since nvidia drivers require lightdm)01:07
gagaliciousdaftykins : i dont have the /q command01:07
gagalicioususing xchat01:07
daftykins /msg also works01:08
daftykinsor just message that bot01:08
EriC^^digitalvaldosta: i've no experience with that, ask daftykins or Jordan_U01:08
gagaliciousdaftykins : thanks! that's great thing i didnt know01:09
daftykinsJordan_U: if you're active i think you may be better for today's data recovery ticket ^01:09
Jordan_Ugagalicious: Since the S.M.A.R.T data said that your drive is failing (according to others in the channel, I didn't look at it myself) you should *not* be using fsck. With a failing drive you want to stop writing to the drive in any way, and simply make an image of it somewhere else. Then, if needed, you can do an fsck against the image.01:10
digitalvaldostaThanks EriC^^. I just ran it anyways and am able to get the superblock numbers. I will take the risk and attempt to recover them. Thanks also daftykins.01:11
Jordan_Udigitalvaldosta: *NO*01:11
daftykinsi think i mentioned the risk but it was deemed worthy of trying *shrug*01:11
daftykinsin my opinion even imaging up is going to risk the disk01:11
gagaliciousJordan_U : my hdd is not failing01:11
digitalvaldostaJordan_U you have a better idea?01:11
daftykinsgagalicious: he mixed up users is all01:11
Jordan_Ugagalicious: OK, that changes things entirely. My entire objection was based on that.01:12
daftykinsJordan_U: you are correct, but it's for digitalvaldosta01:12
Jordan_Udigitalvaldosta: Since the S.M.A.R.T data said that your drive is failing (according to others in the channel, I didn't look at it myself) you should *not* be using fsck. With a failing drive you want to stop writing to the drive in any way, and simply make an image of it somewhere else. Then, if needed, you can do an fsck against the image.01:13
Jordan_Udaftykins: Thanks :)01:13
daftykinsnp :>01:13
EsoRoticadaftykins: Thanks for the help. Just a quick question on these notes for basic chroot, it says lucid and i386, should these not reference Trusty and amd64 for me?01:13
digitalvaldostaJordan_U should I dd or ddrescue to a .img file on an external HDD? I have a 500GB that is newer and reliable.01:14
daftykinsEsoRotica: err the architecture and dist name doesn't bear any relevance to a bunch of mount commands01:14
blzDoes anybody here have experience with setting up a deluge thinclient?  I've followed the instructions on their website and I can log into the web UI, but not via the connection manager of a local GTK client.01:14
Jordan_Udigitalvaldosta: Yes. And you should use GNU ddrescue rather than plain dd. Also make sure that you create a log with ddrescue.01:15
EsoRoticadaftykins: Right on. Just unfamiliar with debootstrap. almost there01:15
daftykinswhen does it say something about debootstrap? o001:15
digitalvaldostaNot sure how to do that Jordan_U01:15
Jordan_Udigitalvaldosta: The GNU ddrescue manual is very good, if you have the time I highly recommend reading sections 1,2,3,4,5 and 7. http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/manual/ddrescue_manual.html01:18
EsoRoticadaftykins: Under the creating a chroot section ><01:18
digitalvaldostaOk thanks Jordan_U01:19
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EsoRoticadaftykins: I think I would have been better off trying what I knew first :P almost there01:19
daftykinsEsoRotica: oh you don't want to do any of that crap, just start from "setting up the chroot"01:19
XLVanyone else facing the problem of "acpi pcc probe fail starting option 219" problem with 15.04 and nvidia gpus?01:20
daftykinshmm someone seems to have edited that post to make it less useful01:20
hr49__XLV: yes; from my understanding, it's harmless01:21
Jordan_Udigitalvaldosta: You're welcome. For your purposes, if the LUKS partition takes up most of the drive, I would make an image of the entire drive rather than a single partition. Among other things, that makes it easy to start the image up in a VM later, or restore it to another drive which you can then boot from and use.01:21
EsoRoticadaftykins: Looks like it wants the bin dir too?01:21
XLVhr49__, unless in my case, it really stopped the booting process... fixed it with installing a v4.0 kernel01:21
XLVhr49__, so for future reference, this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/613969/acpi-ppc-probe-failed-starting-version-219-nvidia/614737#614737 works01:23
EsoRoticadaftykins: I've created a dir which has mount -o bind cat proc sys bin  to my chroot dir, Then when I sudo chroot that dir it says failed to run /bin/bash01:23
daftykinsEsoRotica: what partitions does your install have? mount / to /mnt - then *after* you do proc and sys inside it01:24
hr49__XLV: oh, you don't have nomodeset in your grub. I guess a kernel upgrade is another solution.01:24
daftykinsorder being super important01:24
hr49__or do you boot to nomodeset?01:25
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EsoRoticadaftykins:  Ah.01:25
XLVhr49__, no, havent tried nomodeset, will try it now with the older v3.19 kernel01:26
daftykins__Myst__: can't see it!01:27
hr49__XLV: yeah, that makes sense; this is a kernel issue01:27
gagaliciousis it possible for multiple client computers to share one nfs host?01:27
hr49__so I guess it works at some point b/n 3.19 and 4.001:27
Jordan_Udigitalvaldosta: Once you have an image saved you can try some recovery on a completely read only copy of it by running "sudo losetup -r /dev/loop0 /path/to/disk.image" then "sudo kpartx -a /dev/loop0". The first command will make a read only loopback device pointing to the image, and the second will make it possible to access partitions on the image via /dev/mapper/loop0pX.01:27
hr49__I remember looking into this when trying to run nouveau, since it beds KMS01:28
hr49__thus nomodeset disabled nouveau01:28
EsoRoticadaftykins: LOL! I chrooted the thumbstick. I'm a genious today01:29
hr49__so yeah, it works on some newer dusts,with Brewer kernel01:29
__Myst__in cron, 0 * * * * is equal to every hour01:29
hr49__anyways, are there any packages required to get lightdm to work with xfce besides those two packages and their dependencies?01:31
daftykinsEsoRotica: 8D01:31
XLVhr49__, hmm, it doesnt work.. tries to load xserver but dumps me again into the gdm01:32
XLVvery borky update, this one to 15.04.. perhaps a clean install would fare better?01:33
digitalvaldostaOk I'll look into both of those. I saved what you wrote to a txt file just in case I have to continue this later. Jordan_U01:33
pavlos__Myst__, yes ... the columns are: min hour dayofmonth month dayofweek command01:33
hr49__also, what is the Xubuntu minimal installation on the live CD? (versus Xubuntu-desktop)01:33
hr49__XLV: no idea; nomodeset has always worked for me01:34
XLVhr49__, nouveau runs fine.. its the nvidia binary ones that fail in my case01:34
XLVi7 4770K, z87, gtx 76001:34
XLVanyhow, keeping v4.0.0 kernel for now01:34
hr49__heh I can't get nouveau to run myself01:35
hr49__although I have no reason to want it01:35
hr49__XLV: your hardware is newer than mine (i5 3750, 550 Ti, Z68) so who knows01:36
EsoRoticadaftykins: Thank you again, chroot now up and running. I have it running apt update now: Upgrade, dist-upgrade is next?01:37
hr49__or is it 3570 ... not sure01:37
XLVhr49__, funny thing is, i have a laptop with i7 4770mq, h81m, nvidia gtx 765m and optimus, there the upgrade went flawlessly01:37
shome2You guys recommend any channels to join for ZFS discussion ?01:37
daftykinsEsoRotica: you run dist-upgrade instead of upgrade01:37
daftykinsso sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:38
XLValso on another laptop with i7 2720, h61m, gtx 560m01:38
EsoRoticaWell, its root, so no sudo, but sure.01:38
XLVhr49__, completely unpredictable01:38
shome2hah, nvm01:38
hr49__anyways, good luck, ik how much "fun" nvidia hardware can be on linux01:38
daftykinsEsoRotica: oh dear. i hope you use a correct method to switch01:38
pavlosshome2, #zfs01:38
EsoRoticadaftykins: when I su the user it complains at me.01:38
XLVyeah... though its the first time i had such an installation problem in years.. quite a heavy glitch01:38
XLVi wonder how it got away through all the ubuntu beta01:39
daftykinsEsoRotica: wat? tell me specifically what you type...01:39
EsoRoticadaftykins: one moment. let me cancel current command01:39
EsoRoticasu user \ sudo apt-get update  -> Sufe Eddective uid is not 0, is /usr/bin/sudo01:40
EsoRoticaon a file system  with the nosuid option set?01:40
hr49__is there any special configuration needed for lightdm with xfce when installed from packages?01:40
daftykinsyeah you don't 'su user' because root should not have a password01:40
EsoRoticasorry, sufe eddective == sudo : effective user id not 001:41
daftykinsunless you're breaking ubuntu's core principles :)01:41
EsoRoticadaftykins: doesnt chroot in its very concept break that? Do i need to mount /usr to the chroot as well?01:41
EsoRoticaKeep im mind this is because I've switched to the user of the system01:42
daftykins'chroot' refers to the root file system, not users01:42
hr49__if I'm having issues with lightdm, should I try gdm? or is that deprecated?01:42
EsoRoticadaftykins: It pops me into the command line as root@ubuntu... so...01:42
EsoRoticaI think that was my confusion, Thanks.01:43
daftykinsyeah so you chroot as root, but you don't do any user switching shenanigans01:43
happyfr0ggIf I remove/purge lightdm, will gdm automatically take over?01:43
daftykinsmy bad i forgot the context of the task so of course you'd be root01:43
Jordan_Uhr49__: GDM is not deprecated (it's still the official login manager for the GNOME project, even if Ubuntu doesn't use it by default).01:43
EsoRoticaNo big, I'll ping you when the dist-upgrade is complete.01:43
hr49__happyfr0gg, is it installed?01:44
hr49__otherwise no01:44
happyfr0ggI know I have lightdm-gtk-greeter but I want to remove both. How do I check if GDM is installed?01:44
hr49__Jordan_U, thanks; I'm going to see if gdm world01:45
hr49__happyfr0gg, dpkg -s GSM01:45
hr49__no typo01:45
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Jordan_Uhr49__: You're welcome.01:46
hr49__sorry for typing currently on phone01:46
HoloIRCUser2Any book for advance ubuntu users01:47
hr49__happyfr0gg, so run dpkg -s gdm and see what it says01:47
happyfr0gghr49__,  GDM is not installed.01:47
happyfr0gghr49__, if I install GDM, will it take precedence over DMs?01:48
hr49__GDM or gdm? I'm not sure if packages are case sensitive01:48
hr49__happyfr0gg, not sure about precedence01:48
hr49__nor how to set it up01:49
happyfr0ggI mean will GDM automatically take over (no longer running lightdm or lightdm-gtk-greeter).01:49
hr49__if lightdm is gone, I think it should01:49
Guest99299so if a pc has lightdm display/desktop manager and it is replaced with another manager, and then lightdm is deleted, does that manager automatically take over the login screen?01:50
ablest1980hello need some help01:50
happyfr0ggThanks guys.01:50
happyfr0ggI am out.01:50
hr49__after a reboot I think (but just be ready to use ttys in case)01:51
daftykinsablest1980: waiting for a question...01:51
ablest1980im trying to use fglrx proprietary driver for amd/ati video01:51
daftykinsAMD cards yes01:52
ablest1980it says applying changes long time01:52
ablest1980orange loading bar moves only so  much01:52
daftykins'it' ? can you share a screenshot of what you're doing?01:52
shome2How are you guys tonight ?01:52
hr49__ablest1980, perhaps run command from terminal to see output?01:53
ObrienDavelmgtfy.com ;P01:53
ablest1980how do i take a screenshot01:53
daftykinspress the print-screen key01:53
daftykinsor better yet, alt+print-screen with the target program as the active window01:53
Guest99299install a screenshot program01:53
ablest1980its in software and updates01:53
Guest99299then you can take screenshots01:54
hr49__(if you know what package you're installing, which should be listed in that window next to the radio button you select)01:54
Guest99299you might have one already instaleld01:54
ablest1980additional drivers01:54
daftykinsit's built in, Guest9929901:54
hr49__no, you don't need screenshot program01:54
daftykinsthere's an echo in here01:54
hr49__just hit print screen01:54
OerHekssometimes when this driver thing takes too long, and you cancel it, the driver is there :-D01:54
hr49__window should pop up01:54
hr49__ah yes, drivers are a bucket of joy01:55
ablest1980it just moved01:55
* OerHeks waves ObrienDave 01:55
ablest1980i think its working but ill post a screenshot anyway01:55
* ObrienDave waves OerHeks 01:58
ablest1980on windows my system has option in ati setting to select from 800mhz to 1900mhz cpu speed01:59
daftykinsthis should be auto01:59
Pleb_Can I have help on my Minecraft server running Ubuntu?02:00
HoloIRCUser2There are so many features missing in linux02:00
ablest1980can paste printscreen in imgur its disabled02:00
daftykinsand an AMD control panel doesn't choose your CPU speed02:00
daftykinsno you save the file first02:00
daftykinsyou don't paste into websites02:00
dhrosayou can on some sites02:01
ablest1980when i had windows on this system it did its a amd/ati drivers02:01
daftykinsi doubt from print-screen pressing02:01
daftykinsablest1980: so you're installing AMD graphics drivers with the hope to control CPU speed...02:01
xanguaHoloIRCUser2: like support for millions of hardware¿02:02
dhrosai'm on a high DPI screen and have the opposite problem most peopel seeem to have? my chrome addres bars are GINORMOUS, like 1/5 of the screen height, and my emacs has a ginormous font02:02
dhrosathi happens at full resolution (3200x1800) and also at just (1920x1080)02:02
ablest1980yes because in windows the amd/ati drivers had that option02:02
HoloIRCUser2Yes xangua ... And driver installation headach02:02
dhrosait's not consistent between programs either02:02
daftykinsablest1980: no this is silly, why do you want this CPU control? it should already be happening...02:02
ablest1980it was a cpu slider thing from 800 to 1900mhz02:03
daftykinsCPUs are load adaptive02:03
hr49__okay, so it seems gdm requires nouveau, which I don't want, so installing nvidia drivers, which require lightdm, but then I will replace02:03
ablest1980i want to play cs02:03
ablest1980its set at 800mhz02:03
xanguaablest1980: to manually control your cpu freq, install cpufreq-indicator02:03
dhrosaanyone know how to fix the DPI issues, or at least which folders I want to nuke to delete all display/gnome/unity settings and start over?02:03
daftykinsablest1980: open a terminal and run this: watch -n 0.1 'cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz'02:03
ablest1980i had that02:04
daftykinsablest1980: you should see the clocks change based on load (i.e. activity)02:04
ablest1980whats that do?02:04
daftykinsprints the clock speeds of your CPU every 0.1 seconds02:04
ablest1980says nothing02:05
daftykinsyou either typo'd, or you're not reading it correctly02:06
EsoRoticadaftykins: looks like its grabbing the new kernels :D02:06
EsoRoticafor some reason sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade says no package found :P02:06
EsoRoticadaftykins: For the record, this is the chroot problem02:06
ablest1980no such file it says02:06
daftykinsEsoRotica: no that's a non-existant command02:07
EsoRoticadaftykins: Yeah, I know. I just thought it was funny..02:07
daftykinsablest1980: paste from watch to and including '02:07
ablest1980driver is installing it just taking slow02:07
=== Fersure is now known as Guest93036
ablest1980paste where in paint program?02:07
EsoRoticaablest1980: His point is that the CPU uses on demand scaling...02:07
daftykinsno in the terminal02:07
ablest1980yes EsoRotica02:08
nathanesau1I just attached another hard drive into my computer which has a bootable system on it. How can I rerun grub to recognize /dev/sdb in addition to my ubuntu install on /dev/sda02:08
daftykinssudo update-grub ?02:09
OerHeksnathanesau1, sudo update-grub02:09
ablest1980cpu freq thing works i thought my the propretary drivers have that feature in windows02:09
EsoRoticawatch -n 0.1 'cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz'02:09
hr49__does lightdm require x to be running?02:10
hr49__as in, before login02:10
ablest1980goes 800 to 120002:11
ablest1980drivers are installing just taking slow02:11
xangua!info indicator-cpufreq | ablest198002:11
ablest1980i cant paste screen shot02:11
ubottuablest1980: indicator-cpufreq (source: indicator-cpufreq): CPU frequency scaling indicator. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.2-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 32 kB, installed size 601 kB02:11
hr49__I would think it does, but earlier when I had it and nvidia and xfce installed, startx would fail02:11
ablest1980i think i can do printscreen paste in a paint program and upload it to imgur02:12
hr49__so, I could neither start xfce through lighten or terminal02:12
EsoRoticaablest1980: There is a save file button.02:12
hr49__now, when the nvidia drivers weren't installed, I could use startx02:12
daftykinsablest1980: your idea of forcing the CPU to a specific speed to benefit a game is 100% wrong02:13
hr49__but lightdm still wouldn't work02:13
Guest99299if apt-get dist-upgrade is used should it update the kernel to the lastest version?02:13
ablest1980watch -n 0.1 'cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz' how i set this to 1900mhz?02:13
ablest1980is 1900mhx at 2 same as 3800mhz on single core?02:14
hr49__so, I imagine gdm might solve not being able to log in from dm, but not sure how it would solve startx issue02:14
xanguaGuest99299: latest supported by Ubuntu, yes02:14
OerHeksablest1980, if it jumps up and down, you don't need to do any thing02:14
Guest99299down as in a downgrade?02:14
ablest1980only goes to 120002:15
ablest1980max 190002:15
OerHeksablest1980, then add some tasks..02:15
Guest99299how do i know which kernel is supported by ubuntu(latest)? is there a command?02:16
ablest1980nvm lol02:16
xangua!info linux | Guest9929902:16
ablest1980im good now ty its applying changes02:16
ubottuGuest99299: Package linux does not exist in vivid02:16
daftykinsGuest99299: yes02:16
daftykins!info linux-generic02:17
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 1 kB, installed size 27 kB02:17
OerHeksoh, i have  3.19.0-18-generic #1802:17
hr49__okay, so trying to remove lightdm after installing nvudia-346-updates has me installing a bunch of new packages, gdm included02:18
ablest1980how do i  know which kernal i have?02:18
daftykinsuname -r02:18
hr49__uname -r02:18
ObrienDavei have 3.13.0-54-generic #91-Ubuntu02:19
ablest1980im on 14.04lts though02:20
ObrienDaveso am i02:20
EsoRotica!info trusty-generic02:20
ubottuPackage trusty-generic does not exist in vivid02:20
OerHekstry !info linux-generic trusty02:21
hr49__ah, it's nvidia-prime that depends on a em02:21
hr49__d m02:21
ablest1980vivid doesnt exist in trusty?02:21
EsoRoticathat's DM sir.02:21
ObrienDaverofl what ever02:21
hr49__stupid phone02:21
ObrienDaveoperator error ;P02:22
hr49__no, it's whatever android's autocorrect is02:22
ObrienDaveno, it's not checking the result before hitting send. operator error02:22
hr49__it changes upon sending02:23
=== li is now known as Guest27991
daftykinsno you must hit space after all text *then* send02:25
ObrienDavestupid phone, how dare you correct the operator ;P02:26
xanguathe dumbphone02:27
hr49__great I just installed gnome02:27
EsoRoticadaftykins: The dist-upgrade had a few errors in chroot sending to /dev/null heres a screenshot http://imgur.com/Jq2iVhf02:28
xanguathe I wanna be a smarphone desktop02:28
daftykinsimages of text make me a sad panda02:28
hr49__well, at least something works02:28
EsoRoticaRight on, let me pastie :P02:28
daftykinshrmm maybe you need /dev mounted02:28
daftykinsexit from the chroot, mount /dev/ to /mnt/dev then re-chroot perhaps02:29
EsoRoticacan I do that with just addiitonal mount commands, or exit?02:29
EsoRoticaoh, okay02:29
hr49__err... is there a way to use the mouse with gdm?02:30
EsoRoticadaftykins: apt-get install -f?02:30
daftykinscan try sure02:30
hr49__can't seem to select xfce instead of gnome02:30
hr49__of course, could be that xfce just isn't going to work for any dm02:31
nicomachushm.. if I install ubuntu on an external hdd--not a live version, a full install--will it have a boot sector?02:31
hr49__which begs the question of how xubuntu-desktop makes it work02:31
daftykinsnicomachus: yip02:31
EsoRoticadaftykins: Still complains about /dev/null ><02:32
daftykinsdid you mount actual /dev to chroot/mount/point/dev ?02:32
nicomachusdaftykins: I tried to use it to boot an unresponsive computer and it said "no boot sector" and refused to boot it. but I can boot my laptop from it... but it still goes to GRUB2 and shows my laptop's HD partitions along with the external HD partitions02:33
daftykinsEsoRotica: read this http://aaronbonner.io/post/21103731114/chroot-into-a-broken-linux-install02:33
EsoRoticadaftykins: mount -o bind /media/ubuntu/uuid/dev /mnt/chroot/dev02:34
nicomachushm... he's where I was last week. hope you don't have full-disk encryption, EsoRotica, getting chroot gets more complicated then.02:34
EsoRoticanicomachus: Nah, too much work to maintain02:34
Jordan_Unicomachus: If you install Ubuntu for UEFI then it won't have any boot sector, as UEFI doesn't use boot sectors but rather files in a fat filesystem.02:34
nicomachusgods... agreed.02:34
daftykinsEsoRotica: nooo, /dev - the one from the live session02:35
EsoRoticaokay, i see.02:35
nicomachusJordan_U: I didn't. It was ntfs, the linux partition on it is ext402:35
Jordan_Unicomachus: So both computers are BIOS based?02:36
hr49__okay, so doing startx starts gnome, so no good. doing xfdesktop tells me that it can't parse arguments (none provided) and open a display02:37
Jordan_Unicomachus: Some broke BIOSs refuse to boot drives that don't have an "active" partition. If you don't currently have any partitions set as "active", try setting a primary partition (doesn't even matter which one) as "active" in fdisk and see if your BIOS will boot it then.02:37
nicomachusI see... the BIOS on the unresponsive pc won't boot from USB, so I'm using plop boot-manager on a cd to boot the HDD. so that could be it.02:38
daftykinsnicomachus: so you finished that rsync, what's the general task here?02:39
daftykinssurely you're not giving someone a machine booting an external disk XD02:39
nicomachusdaftykins: rsync was apparently too much for the old girl. it froze up on a file for 10 minutes, then rebooted, and wasn't able to resume because live disk.02:40
daftykinsthat disk could have issues, have you checked the SMART info?02:40
nicomachusI wasn't able to unwrap the passphrase after that to remount the encrypted partition, I'm afraid it's all corrupted.02:41
nicomachusand SMART said it was fine a week ago... haven't checked it since the fail. but it's not even 3 months old, brand new Toshiba from MicroCenter. I'll check here in a sec02:41
EsoRoticanicomachus: hence my fears of full disk encryption02:42
nicomachusand hence my newfound agreement with you.02:42
daftykinspersonally i'm not afraid of my cat pics getting into the wrong hands02:42
nicomachusit's mostly music, movies and tv shows... but I selected full-disk encryption when I did the initial format/partition/install02:43
nicomachusand there was no going back from there. :/02:43
hr49__is there a way to use gem without gnome?02:43
EriC^^hr49__: i suppose so02:44
daftykinshr49__: you seen this? https://xpressubuntu.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/how-to-install-a-minimal-ubuntu-desktop/02:45
EsoRoticadaftykins: I see where I've been wrong with my chroot now. Should only be a few minutes from getting this finally resolved. Thanks for the proper article02:46
hr49__daftykins, exactly along the lines of what I was looking for02:46
nicomachusonce again, I am not a smart man.02:46
nicomachusI was selecting "HDB Partition 2" from the boot-manager menu instead of "USB".02:47
hr49__hopefully what someone else gas tested will work on my machine02:47
Vaingloryis there a channel for apparmor?02:51
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:51
Vaingloryeh, doesn't look like there is. would i get apparmor help in here?02:52
daftykinsjust ask a question02:52
Jordan_UVainglory: Are you using Ubuntu?02:52
VaingloryJordan_U: i am02:52
Jordan_UVainglory: Then yes, ask away :)02:52
Vaingloryi have apparmor installed, and my nginx site doesn't seem to work now. i have the following : /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* r, but i still get a DENIED when attempting to read that folder02:54
Vainglorythat's from /var/log/syslog02:54
EsoRoticadaftykins: You're the man, man.02:54
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
daftykinsbooted and working?02:55
Vaingloryaudit: type=1400 audit: apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/nginx" name="/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/" comm="nginx" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=002:56
Vaingloryso, not quite sure as to why it's not working.02:57
Vaingloryi've reloaded the configuration of apparmor, and restarted the nginx service02:57
Vaingloryrebooting the system now to see if that'll work at all02:58
Jordan_UVainglory: If you don't get a response here, #ubuntu-server might be a good place to ask.02:59
VaingloryJordan_U: thank you02:59
Jordan_UVainglory: You're welcome.02:59
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hr49__aha! it was lightdm-gtk-greeter I was missing03:05
brando56894Hi could someone please look at these errors I have in my .Xsession log? I'm using LXDE and Openbox with Ubuntu 14.04/14.10 (Installed the LTS but had to upgrade the kernel to get my touchpad to work). http://hastebin.com/vanezuneze.coffee    http://hastebin.com/dejutilinu.md03:06
daftykinshr49__: :)03:07
daftykinsgoogle wins again03:07
hr49__Google also wins your privacy...03:08
Blue_SapphireHello everyone. I am using Android Studio and have a project open yet when I open the structure panel it says "Nothing to show in the structure view". I dont understand why it's showing that, do you have any ideas?03:08
brando56894hr49__ : there is no such thing as privacy on the internet hahaha03:08
daftykinshr49__: are you serious that you'd have preferred to stay with your problem to just avoid typing it into google?03:08
hr49__no, I use startpage03:09
hr49__me -> startpage -> Google -> startpage -> me03:09
hr49__or ixquick03:09
hr49__or duckduckgo03:10
daftykinsanyway, point was you were in here for a while and i searched one thing ;)03:10
hr49__but indeed, there is less and less privacy on the internet03:10
hr49__but yes, agreed03:10
Blue_SapphireI am following a tutorial with someone who is using Eclipse and opened his Outline panel so i opened the structure panel which i read is supposed to be similar. Is there something i need to do?03:11
hr49__I always search for the wrong things it seems...03:11
daftykinsBlue_Sapphire: no luck in a java channel?03:12
daftykinsor perhaps an eclipse one exists03:12
daftykinssince your query isn't really OS support03:12
Blue_Sapphiredaftykins, is that where i need to be?03:13
B0g4r7I seem to recall #eclipse existing.03:13
Blue_Sapphiredaftykins, i didnt think to go there03:13
hr49__sweet! it works with nvidia's binary blob! Thanks everyone!03:13
daftykinshr49__: your install will probably break on kernel updates, so keep the installer around03:13
daftykinsxorg-edgers PPA and a driver from there might've been easier03:14
hr49__even using ubuntu's nvidia package?03:15
daftykinsdepends which card you have for which version you need03:15
daftykinsi'm just tired so my brain foolishly assumed a modern card that needs newer drivers03:16
hr49__I've been fine with official packages through plenty of dist-upgrades and through the progression from trusty to utopic to vivid, so probably fine03:18
hr49__unless live CD is somehow different03:18
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glitsj16hi all, using 14.04 and experiencing trouble when trying to navigate the file system using the keyboard.. file chooser windows don't respond to entering the first few characters .. which makes navigating around quite irritating.. any pointers as to how to start debugging this? i'm assuming this is GTK related, but i'm having a hard time finding the correct phrasing of the problem, so looking at existing bugs so far got me nowhere.03:31
FreezingDroidHow can I tell when updates were checked for last?03:40
FreezingDroidNever mind, looks like it's all working.03:42
Bashing-omFreezingDroid: /var/log/dpkg.log ??03:43
FreezingDroidBashing-om: /var/lib/apt/periodic/03:43
FreezingDroidthat was the actual answer :)03:43
Bashing-omFreezingDroid: :) look'n .03:44
wheeeiI got quite slow wifi and wonder if it's because I it runs on 802.... and how to disable it? I tried to run sudo rmmod iwlwif but just go the response that iwlif module isn't installed...03:47
Wahm200hey all wsup03:48
wheeeior "not currently loaded"03:48
Wahm200can in install ubuntu in virtual box?03:48
Bashing-omFreezingDroid: Nope, can not confirm as my /var/lib/apt/periodic is empty .03:48
FreezingDroidBashing-om: I don't know what you're even asking03:50
limberai have a 14.04 machine that i use on digital ocean03:55
limberai'd liker o format the hard drives, essentially do a complete clean install03:56
limberais that possible via ssh?03:56
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yvearhello! say in wheezy stable there is a bug in only one package that is fixed in testing, how should I proceed upgrading? can I use testing for only one thing?04:05
xangua /join #debian yvear04:05
yvearxangua, ok yes but just in general how is this done/what is recommended?04:07
xangua you type "/join #debian" and press enter, that's how it's done04:07
yvearxangua, oh, no I mean using a buggy package that is fixed upstream?04:09
supercom32Does anyone know what Virtualization software works best with Ubuntu in providing 3D acceleration?04:10
xanguado you really need 3D acceleration on a virtual machine¿04:11
supercom32xangua: It seems like an easy way to compromize with playing Windows games on Linux without having to dual boot.04:12
yvearsupercom32, I read vmware, but that was like 2012 iirc04:14
Hilikushow can i make it so that if i try to connect to a machine in my network using its hostname it resolves correctly to its IP like in windows? currently i have to modify /etc/hosts or use the ip04:14
supercom32yvear: I heard xen / kvm can do it too. But I don't know which of the solutions are better.04:14
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edward__hi every one04:39
lotuspsychjeedward__: good morning04:39
edward__im trying to be good04:40
lotuspsychjeedward__: you have an ubuntu question?04:41
edward__i drink to much04:41
lotuspsychje!ot | edward__04:41
ubottuedward__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:41
edward__no My main op is ubuntu04:41
edward__so great04:41
edward__linux forever04:42
lotuspsychjeedward__: please stop using this channel for random lines, only ubuntu support here04:43
jzp113hi guy04:45
jzp113hi guys  some know  the reverser engineering channel?04:46
lotuspsychje!warez | jzp11304:46
ubottujzp113: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:46
jzp113ok sorry04:47
lotuspsychjejzp113: this channel and also network freenode doesnt support h*cking topics04:47
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keerlaHey, so I just have a quick question for anyone who might be able to help me. I'm a big steam enthusiast and i recently tried to play borderlands 2 however when it loads up none of the words are readable so I was wondering if there's something I need to install to make that go away? I'm running debian on my computer currently.04:49
lotuspsychjejzp113: what you can do, is install ubuntu and download pentesting packages for security issues04:49
lotuspsychjekeerla: ask in #debian please04:49
jzp113lotuspsychje, I want to swap the caps and  ctrl04:49
linuxmintAnyone know how to setup RAID? Do I follow Debian net-install? I cancelled my CloneZilla idea as I have to manuall backup, whereas RAID automatically runs the 4 disks, saving my Mint OS if 1 disk breaks.04:56
somsiplinuxmint: Debian? Mint? Neither of these are supported here...04:56
MarloweI have some questions about how to make a USB bootable. Is anyone able to help, please?05:05
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:06
MarloweI don't want to make Ubuntu bootable from a USB.05:07
MarloweI am having hard drive issues, and need to put the Western Digital diagnostic tools on a USB.05:07
MarloweThe only instructions I have involve using a windows utility to make a bootable USB, and adding the WD files.05:07
MarloweI can't do that on Ubuntu, and I don't know how to make just a plain old bootable USB so I can run these tools.05:08
MarloweIs that something anyone can aid me with?05:09
lokoumI think it would be better to plug your hard drive in USB and work with an another windows05:09
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: burn the .iso on your usb stick with multiboot05:09
bilalhaving screen tearing in linux mint05:10
lotuspsychje!mint | bilal05:10
ubottubilal: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:10
MarloweIt's not an iso. WD offers an exe file inside a zip.05:10
MarloweAnd tells you to download a utility that will make the USB bootable05:10
bilalok thanks05:11
MarloweI have no other systems: just the hard drive in my tower that I need to diagnose, and this laptop I'm on with Ubuntu.05:11
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: then extract the contents of the zip to the usb05:11
MarloweRight. And done.05:12
MarloweI don't need anything else to make my desktop recognize and run it?05:12
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: then boot your usb from bios05:12
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: or burn that content of zip to a cdrom05:12
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: but the easiest way, would be just install ubuntu on your desktop with WD to see if your hd recognizes05:13
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: if it has bad blocks, your logs will surely say so05:13
Marlowelotuspsychje: downloading a new ubuntu iso now to try.05:16
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: if your WD is bad, it wont even show the partitioning from setup05:17
lotuspsychjeMarlowe: and if it has badblocks, but able to run, your syslog will spam messages about it05:17
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lotuspsychjeMarlowe: dont forget to enable internet + updates during setup05:18
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ChrisWHi, does anyone know where I can get better video editing codecs? The AVCHD support is pretty terrible.05:34
ChrisWI'll come back later then05:36
Blue1I need to pre-install a printer so the machine can be shipped (i.e. I don't have the printer here) but there seems to be no way to do that --05:50
lotuspsychjeBlue1: printer brand?05:52
Blue1lotuspsychje: HP DeskJet 1000 J110a to be exact05:53
lotuspsychjeBlue1: install hpliptools05:53
Blue1lotuspsychje: maybe hplip?  there doesn't seem to be an hpliptools in the repo05:54
lotuspsychjeBlue1: yes hplip05:55
Blue1lotuspsychje: okay installed, and also hplip gui05:55
lotuspsychjeBlue1: then when you connect your hp to the box, it will be ready for use05:56
Blue1lotuspsychje: thanks -- I am trying to set this up for a friend in indebanana.  I am in arizona05:56
lotuspsychjeBlue1: best of luck!05:56
Blue1lotuspsychje: thanks - now I have to debug the vpn -- I think there might me an issue because it connects via wifi05:57
lotuspsychje!vpn | Blue105:57
ubottuBlue1: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN05:57
lotuspsychjeBlue1: the ##networking guys can help also perhaps, or ask your specific issue in this channel05:58
Blue1lotuspsychje: i know how to set up a vpn, but I think it's a wifi thing -- I'll try a hardwire connection tomorrow.06:02
Blue1lotuspsychje: thank you for all your help - that will be one less thing to worry about....06:02
lotuspsychjeok cheers06:02
etchHi, folks. I updated my Chrome browser today. Now I have a very large window frame (huge tabs and a huge address bar). Do you have similar issues?06:10
svetaupload screenshot to www.imgur.com please and I would suggest to try under another fresh new OS user just in case06:10
svetafor troubleshooting purposes06:10
etchsveta, here it is: http://imgur.com/TWL5SAD06:15
nemithothers at work have reported that as well06:16
etchnemith, what did they do?06:17
nemithi have no idea.  I have been running the beta and it has other issues but not that one ;)06:17
svetaetch: thanks. this is discussed at https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/yZi2_2YxfMY with a link to this bug: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=37582406:18
svetaetch: fixed in chrome 3806:19
jc_why does my desktop ubuntu try to update package list for armhf? I get 404 @ sudo apt-get update06:19
etchsveta, my fonts are okay.06:19
etchFont size hasn't changed.06:19
svetaah. and what version have you got?06:20
etchAh, that one sounds great: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=47771606:20
etchIt's exactly my problem.06:21
svetagreat. they say it's fixed in 45.0.2414.0 (or a bit earlier)06:22
darthanubisdoes unity need compiz?06:22
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
jc_why does my ubunu 14.04 desktop amd64 wants to fetch packages for armhf? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11688287/06:30
etchA bit messy, but I could fix it by adding "--force-device-scale-factor=1" as parameter within the desktop icon.06:34
svetathat's the one06:35
sorinbHello. Can someone tell me in which package the preferred applications feature is located ?06:39
thomedyif i  ffmpeg can i turn any video into h264 with the same ffmpeg  command06:39
lotuspsychjesorinb: you mean details icon?06:41
sorinblotuspsychje, : I'm actually on xubuntu, and I am trying to determine if this feature comes with xfce or is Ubuntu standard06:42
pitiye_any bumblebee users on 15.04 ?06:43
sorinblotuspsychje, I am talking about the settiing where you define your default browser, email agent, terminal client and file manager06:43
lotuspsychjesorinb: not sure on xubuntu sorry06:43
lotuspsychjesorinb: on ubuntu its the details icon06:44
lotuspsychjepitiye_: your card is optimus?06:44
pitiye_lotuspsychje:   yes06:44
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-prime | pitiye_06:44
ubottupitiye_: nvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1 (vivid), package size 10 kB, installed size 114 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)06:44
lotuspsychjepitiye_: bumblebee is outdates mate06:44
pitiye_lotuspsychje:  so what should i pick then ?06:44
lotuspsychjepitiye_: nvidia-prime, install that one and reboot to enable performance mode06:45
lotuspsychjepitiye_: then you can enable your nvidia card06:45
pitiye_lotuspsychje: Arthritis in Hand06:45
pitiye_lotuspsychje: nvidia-prime is already the newest version.06:46
lotuspsychjepitiye_: ok and can you set performance mode in nvidia-settings?06:46
pitiye_lotuspsychje:   yes i can , but the issue is that i cannot use optirun command06:47
lotuspsychjepitiye_: what are you trying to do exactly06:47
pitiye_lotuspsychje:  i want blender to use optimus06:48
pitiye_by using optirun blender06:48
lotuspsychjesorinb: maybe ask in #xubuntu06:48
sorinblotuspsychje, I just did06:48
svetasorinb: that feature is a part of xfce06:48
lotuspsychjepitiye_: not sure for blender sorry, never used it before06:48
lotuspsychjepitiye_: doublecheck nvidia-settings if your card says performance mode06:49
svetasorinb: http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/exo/preferred-applications06:49
sorinbsveta, could you tell me the package name where its code is located ? I'd like to see the source code06:49
sorinbthanks sveta06:49
pitiye_lotuspsychje:  and my card gets overheated and system gets shutdown :/06:49
svetasorinb: maybe in this archive http://archive.xfce.org/xfce/4.12/src/xfce4-settings-4.12.0.tar.bz2, i am not sure; ask #xfce06:50
lotuspsychjepitiye_: thats not good news, had same overheat on 14.04?06:50
pitiye_lotuspsychje:  yes06:50
lotuspsychjepitiye_: wich grafix card exactly?06:50
pitiye_540m GT06:50
lotuspsychjepitiye_: tryed other drivers switch?06:51
pitiye_lotuspsychje:  what do u mean ?06:51
lotuspsychjepitiye_: checl sudo lshw -C video behind driver=06:52
svetasorinb: i am 99.9% sure it is somewhere in here: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/exo/tree/06:52
svetasorinb: since the wiki page mentions exo, and this is the exo tree06:52
sorinbsveta, found it, thanks :)06:53
pitiye_lotuspsychje:  sorry did not got u06:54
lotuspsychjepitiye_: your graphics card needs a driver on ubuntu, right06:54
tr3eehi guys, i am running ubuntu in virtualbox, but initially i had setup storage of 8GB and it is gonna be full soon , googled and found "VBoxManage modifyhd "path-of-disk-file" --resize"06:54
svetasorinb: excellent; congratulations06:54
lotuspsychjepitiye_: you can try a switch in additional drivers section06:55
tr3eemay i know how to find path-of-disk-file?06:55
pitiye_lotuspsychje: hang on i am pasting ur command now06:57
pitiye_lotuspsychje: http://pastie.org/1023258006:57
lotuspsychjepitiye_: driver=nvidia latency=006:58
lotuspsychjepitiye_: try another driver perhaps06:59
pitiye_i am using nvidia 346 which is latest i guess07:00
sheapis it possible to make a program run in my desktop session from the tty?07:02
jc_why does my ubunu 14.04 desktop amd64 wants to fetch packages for armhf? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11688287/07:03
phixjc_: cause your network provider has injected those as you are not using http in your /etc/apt/sources.list?07:07
phixhttps even07:07
jc_phix: hmm, what to do? :P07:10
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* Daedalus-x 07:19
* Daedalus-x 07:19
* Daedalus-x This is an action 07:19
Savemechhi there, just finished installing ubuntu on my laptop; and i got this http://i.imgur.com/A5jnB0z.jpg what i could do now to get rid of this and boot in normal way? :C07:21
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=== Maxwell is now known as Guest11487
Guest11487hi guy07:31
EriC^Savemech: do you have a live usb?07:35
=== parduse is now known as Guest41929
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
SavemechEriC^^, yes, i have07:42
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999907:42
EriC^^paste the link here07:42
SavemechEriC^^, https://bpaste.net/show/067aba470da107:45
EriC^^Savemech: what's the 8gb partition?07:47
SavemechEriC^^, its for swap07:48
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt07:49
EriC^^Savemech: also, type ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi07:49
=== tcpman is now known as Guest54639
SavemechEriC^^, https://bpaste.net/show/bfd47d8a876d07:51
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi07:52
=== nilo is now known as niko
SegadsHey guys07:53
SegadsAnyone online07:54
EriC^^Savemech: did you do this http://xfs.org/index.php/XFS_FAQ#Q:_Can_XFS_be_used_for_a_root_filesystem.3F ?07:54
SavemechEriC^^, https://bpaste.net/show/dab8d58df2c907:55
SavemechEriC^^, nope, i did not07:55
SegadsI just finished installing Ubuntu 15.0407:56
SegadsWorks great,  the nvidia drivers and everything else is working just fine07:56
SegadsTook me a couple of hours figure it out how to configure a nas drive through07:57
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done07:57
SavemechEriC^^, wow, why were chrooting; could you just point me where i did wrong?07:58
SegadsHow much ram are you using?07:58
SegadsI just check and says 890mb07:59
EriC^^Savemech: to reinstall grub, /boot/efi didn't exist initially07:59
EriC^^so first things first, we'll give it a shot07:59
trijntjeSegads: how did you check?08:00
SavemechEriC^^, i think asking here "why it is not installed via initial installation" is just useless :)08:00
SegadsI use htop08:00
EriC^^Savemech: who knows08:00
EriC^^Savemech: it's not common, i guess it could be due to xfs or something08:01
WarmongerFuck Ubuntu!08:01
trijntje!ops | Warmonger08:01
ubottuWarmonger: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang08:01
WarmongerUbuntu is shit08:02
WarmongerI hate it08:02
SegadsI like Windows 7 but I have to admit Ubuntu is better08:02
SavemechEriC^^, done;and i did need to create these dirs also08:02
WarmongerI personly like Mac08:02
trijntjeSegads: you can use system monitor to check how much ram you use08:02
EriC^^Savemech: something is wrong08:03
EriC^^Savemech: i think you mounted to /mnt/sda3 instead of /mnt08:03
EriC^^Savemech:  please type mount | nc termbin.com 999908:03
SavemechEriC^^, btw i had really multiple xfs on root installations; but also all of them is MBR08:03
voozeAnyone else using google chrome stable, where its not twice as big? It seems it scaling x2 / 200% for no reason.08:03
voozewhere its now **08:03
SegadsWell my brother likes Mac too, personally never use it08:03
SavemechEriC^^, yes i did, let me then remount in proper way08:03
trijntjeSegads: but 900mb sounds about right08:04
Warmongerwhy so much kicks?08:04
Tm_Tvooze: try launch chrome with switch "--force-device-scale-factor=1" and see if that makes any difference08:04
WarmongerI am French08:04
EriC^^Savemech: ok, unmount it and then delete the dirs you created08:04
SegadsYea and I was watching a movie In 720p08:05
SegadsIt use less ram Tham my phone08:05
voozeTm_T: it does. But the problem is that I have an external monitor that uses scaling 1. And my laptop 1.25, so I would have to change all the time :/ Just wanted to hear if it was just me. It JUST updated, so its a new problem08:05
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type for i in /dev/pts /dev /proc /sys /run; do sudo umount /mnt$i; done08:05
SegadsMy phone use at least 1.2gb of ram08:06
SegadsIs crazy08:06
SavemechEriC^^, yea, but /proc is mounting nowhere i got segfault; rebooting to live again now08:06
EriC^^Savemech: ok08:06
SegadsI have problems with a nas drive08:07
SegadsIs a Seagate personal cloud 4tb08:07
SegadsIs working now08:07
SegadsI use a separate network for the nas drive08:08
SavemechEriC^^, got a bunch of "cant find /mnt/$i in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"08:08
EriC^^Savemech: did you reboot the live usb?08:08
EriC^^that command was just to unmount stuff so you can delete the dirs, nevermind it08:08
SegadsIs just a switch with the nas drive is not connected to the Internet08:08
Tm_Tvooze: right, I believe it's known issue08:09
EriC^^Savemech: also please type everything exactly as i'm typing it08:09
SavemechEriC^^, i did mount again /dev/sda3 to /mnt and then mount other /dev/{things,things,}08:09
SegadsI have to disconnect the wifi and them Ubuntu recognized the nas08:09
SegadsIs working fine though08:10
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi08:10
SavemechEriC^^, done08:10
EriC^^Savemech: ok, sudo chroot /mnt08:10
SavemechEriC^^, done08:10
EriC^^Savemech: apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed08:11
Savemechgrub want specified target08:11
SegadsI think it was a bad idea bought that nas drive08:12
SegadsIs slow as hell08:12
EriC^^Savemech: /dev/sda08:12
SegadsWhy nas drives are soo slow anyway08:12
SavemechEriC^^,  i mean https://bpaste.net/show/d9aedd7fd8bf08:13
EriC^^Savemech: target for what? the efi partition?08:13
EriC^^Savemech: you didn't run the for i command correctly08:13
EriC^^Savemech: type exit08:14
=== ika is now known as Guest47412
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done08:14
EriC^^Savemech: exactly as it is08:14
EriC^^character, for character08:14
SegadsHaha no one is talking to me08:14
SegadsI'm leaving now08:14
SavemechEriC^^, what did i miss O_o08:14
EriC^^Savemech: you missed the -B $i part08:15
EriC^^Savemech: also, put /dev before /dev/pts08:15
bujjiwebmail configuration in linux info..08:15
SavemechEriC^^, goes smoothly; then proceed to chroot? :)08:16
EriC^^Savemech: yes08:16
SavemechEriC^^, invoking apt to install efi-grub08:16
EriC^^Savemech: ok08:16
popeybujji: you're probably better off asking your question than pinging me specifically08:17
bujjipopey:i ping you hello))08:17
popeyah, hello.08:17
SavemechEriC^^,  i mean https://bpaste.net/show/b0de4c83dc8908:18
EriC^^Savemech: apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed08:18
bujjiany info webmail configuration in linux08:19
SavemechE: Internal Error, No file name for grub-efi-amd64-signed:amd6408:19
Savemechmeanwhile dpkg -l shows me this package installed08:19
EriC^^Savemech: try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed08:20
EriC^^Savemech: nevermind the sudo, no need08:20
rsrathhaalles fit im schritt08:21
rsgaugmawas geht08:21
SavemechEriC^^, same; https://bpaste.net/show/b0de4c83dc8908:21
EriC^^!info grub-efi-amd64-signed08:22
ubottuPackage grub-efi-amd64-signed does not exist in vivid08:22
SavemechEriC^^, i did apt-get -f install; here is output https://bpaste.net/show/d089bd316e4108:22
EriC^^Savemech: great, type update-grub08:23
SavemechEriC^^, done08:23
EriC^^Savemech: ok, did it pick up the kernels and initrd?08:23
Savemechyea, two of them *52 and *5308:24
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type exit08:24
EriC^^Savemech: then try rebooting and see if it works08:24
SavemechEriC^^, k, le me sec08:24
SavemechEriC^^, nope; same grub screen08:25
EriC^^Savemech: ok, type configfile (hd1,gpt3)/boot/grub/grub.cfg08:26
SavemechEriC^^, done; but its hd008:27
DeineMamIstSchwuDo u like my name?08:27
EriC^^Savemech: ok08:27
EriC^^Savemech: type boot08:28
SavemechEriC^^, its tell me that i need to load kernel 1st08:28
EriC^^Savemech: when you typed configfile (hd0,gpt3)/boot/grub/grub.cfg nothing happened?08:28
EriC^^or it reset the prompt?08:29
SavemechEriC^^, its like i press ctrl+l at terminal; refresg screen and blank grub cli08:29
EriC^^oh ok08:29
SavemechEriC^^, reset, yes; that word :)08:29
EriC^^i guess it's booting the right config then08:30
EriC^^maybe it's something to do with xfs, a parameter to be passed or something?08:30
SavemechEriC^^, there is no way to "load that kernel" in grub cli?08:31
=== john is now known as Guest51838
EriC^^Savemech: type insmod xfs08:32
EriC^^Savemech: insmod part_gpt , then insmod ext208:33
=== Ubuntu818318 is now known as Guest88183
SavemechEriC^^, xfs.mod not found :C08:33
EriC^^i have it here08:34
SavemechEriC^^, gpt did load sucessfully i think(no any output)08:34
EriC^^Savemech: type ls (hd0,gpt3)/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/08:36
EriC^^Savemech: is there the xfs.mod there?08:36
SavemechEriC^^, unknown FS, oh i think i got where error is; is this something wrong with grub and somehow its cant bootchain OK08:37
EriC^^i think you need to put have the xfs.mod there so it can read it08:37
EriC^^Savemech: it's odd i have that file08:38
EriC^^Savemech: try booting the live usb again, i guess08:39
SavemechEriC^^, where i can get this fancy file?08:39
EriC^^Savemech: it's supposed to be in the package08:39
EriC^^maybe you have it, who knows08:39
=== marshal0505 is now known as marshal
=== marshal is now known as marshal0505
EriC^^Savemech: are you sure the filesystem is in tact?08:41
SavemechEriC^^, no, i not; probably its time to use ext408:41
Savemechmeanwhile debian jessie at xfs works well without any issues(non-working skype not count!:)08:42
EriC^^Savemech: :D08:44
EriC^^Savemech: you could try asking in ##linux somebody might know08:45
SavemechEriC^^, i just boot to livecd again08:45
SavemechEriC^^, and you know; there is a lot of them; also xfs.mod here08:45
EriC^^yeah, it makes sense08:46
Savemechthere is also zfs.mod, which i was really surprised about; and idk why this grub wont make me happy08:46
Savemechi suppose reinstall to ext4 wont solve my problem :C08:46
EriC^^Savemech: hmm, ask in ##linux about it08:48
Vainglorywhat am i missing here? apparmor is denying nginx.. audit: type=1400 audit: apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/nginx" name="/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/" pid=1905 comm="nginx" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r"08:48
EriC^^Savemech: ext4 should work i guess, but xfs might too08:48
SavemechEriC^^, well, thank you08:48
EriC^^no problem08:49
Guest88183what is the file manager that is partially embedded into all applications called in kde?08:54
Guest88183not the name of the specific manager but the name of that place in the system08:54
Guest88183what is that called? its naturally embedded into applications08:55
Amm0nVainglory, did you create an apparmor profile for nginx?08:55
VaingloryAmm0n: yes i dod08:55
Vaingloryi have   /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* r,08:56
Vaingloryin there08:56
VaingloryAmm0n: any idea?08:58
Amm0nVainglory, well i think there is something wrong with this profile.. did you see:https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-create-an-apparmor-profile-for-nginx-on-ubuntu-14-0408:59
Vaingloryyep, exact one i followed.08:59
Vaingloryhttp://p.ngx.cc/e7a12910d071b0c0 is what i've added09:00
Vaingloryand it complains about /etc/nginx/sites-enabled09:00
remmas-sidahmedHello anyone09:01
MadsyIn crtmpserver, what exactly are "external streams" in the flvplayback sample application?09:01
dhliujoin #gcin09:02
theNoobieLinuxUshey! :D09:06
theNoobieLinuxUsjust installing Ubuntu MATE as we speak :309:07
theNoobieLinuxUsfirst time using Linux09:07
theNoobieLinuxUsbut I think it will be an easier OS to use, during my time programming.09:07
hackalHello, I plugged in my new monitor (27') to my notebook using VGA and I am getting only 1920 x 1080 resolution. I am unable to change it to 2560 x 1440. How can I troubleshoot this issue? 14.0409:08
=== theNoobieLinuxUs is now known as UbuntuNoob
k1lUbuntuNoob: just give it a try :) if you have issue you can ask here09:08
UbuntuNoobi had this problem.09:08
Vaingloryhackal: xrandar, probably09:09
UbuntuNoob@hackal, your graphics card is only built for some certain resolutions.09:09
k1lhackal: waht video card?09:09
UbuntuNoobif you laptop monitor, and your external monitor are exactly the same resolution (and inches/size etc.) you shouldn't have any trouble.09:09
hackalI also have nvidia graphics card but when I check system details it shows Intel Ivybridge Mobile graphics card09:10
Amm0nVainglory, can you paste the profile?09:10
Vaingloryyes, one moment09:10
k1lhackal: can you pastebin a "lspci"?09:10
UbuntuNoobhmm yeah, I'm guessing your two monitors are different sizes, in that case, nothing can really be done...09:10
k1l!paste | hackal09:10
ubottuhackal: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:10
k1lUbuntuNoob: hackal different screensizes are not an issue on ubuntu.09:10
UbuntuNoob:O rally09:11
UbuntuNoobthat's amazing..09:11
k1lhackal: did you install the nvidia driver in the prop. drivers tab in "system settings- updates and software"?09:12
VaingloryAmm0n: http://p.ngx.cc/91b0a974fef30c4909:12
UbuntuNoobSo here I am, trying to allocate and reassign space to my current partition, to install Ubuntu MATE. It did say it would take a long time, but it's been 20 minutes now, and I'm not sure if it's still busy, or the program/process is not responding.09:12
UbuntuNoobIs there any way to tell?09:13
* UbuntuNoob is MEH09:13
k1lUbuntuNoob: with big drives it can take very long. just wait09:13
UbuntuNoobhmm, It's not like it's T or anything.. it is 130gb that I'm trying to assign however, so you are probably right.09:14
* UbuntuNoob is turning 17 in 3 hours!!! :D09:14
hackalk1l: http://i.imgur.com/MM0btju.png09:14
hackalI should probably change to nvidia 331.11309:15
k1lhackal: ok, check the first option: nvidia binary version 311.11309:15
UbuntuNooblucky S.O.B's, with awesome GPU09:15
UbuntuNoobi'm stuck with a damn Intel HD 4000!!!!!09:15
UbuntuNoobI can hardly run oblivion!!09:15
UbuntuNoobGuys don't mind my noob-linguistic talk, I've used Windows for my entire life.09:16
UbuntuNoobNo doubt, most of you don't even use linux for gaming.09:16
Amm0nVainglory, try to change the line /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ r, to: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* r,09:16
UbuntuNoobI'm used to Windows symbols, markers and syntax etc., but all this Ubuntu SYNTAX confuses me..09:18
UbuntuNooblike when you open terminal09:18
k1lUbuntuNoob: just give it a try.09:18
UbuntuNooband you see: '09:18
UbuntuNoobubuntu-mate@ubuntu-mate:~$ ^C09:18
VaingloryAmm0n: when i restart the nginx service it chokes on         include /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*;09:18
UbuntuNoobI have *no* idea what this all means. ;-;09:19
k1lUbuntuNoob: what what means? you mean the prompt in the terminal?09:19
k1lUbuntuNoob: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:19
UbuntuNoobcheers, i'll check it out :D09:20
Vainglorywhich syslog says... audit: type=1400 audit: apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/nginx" name="/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/" pid=3006 comm="nginx" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=009:20
hackalk1l: I am now using the nvidia driver.09:20
* UbuntuNoob is afk09:20
k1lhackal: did you reboot?09:20
hackalk1l: no, I am rebooting now, I will be right back.09:20
astroboyis there in ubuntu apps that can post to blog?09:20
UbuntuNoobwhat are the physical differences bewteen 'Unity' and 'GNOME'?09:23
=== pikos is now known as shamangeorge
SavemechEriC^^, well i do reinstall with efi-ext4 and works well; why silicon graphics, why?09:24
k1lphysical? none. they are both desktops on top of gnome3 basis09:24
UbuntuNooboh oki09:24
UbuntuNoob"The easiest way to open the Terminal is to use the 'search' function on the dash. "09:25
UbuntuNoobin Ubuntu MATE, THIS doesn't work for me..09:25
UbuntuNoobthe search function.09:25
UbuntuNoobis it under a different key than09:25
k1lbecause you dont use unity. if you want unity with unity functions use unity as a desktop09:25
UbuntuNoobohh, right, I didn't even know I was using Unity or not xD09:26
k1lon mate you need to click through the menu. i mean that is why people use mate, they like use the menu09:26
zamba/etc/udev/rules.d/persistent-net* isn't generated on my system09:27
zambawhat's going on?09:27
Amm0nVainglory, include /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*; is in nginx.conf and /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* r, in your apparmor profile?09:27
hackalk1l: Hello, I rebooted the laptop, in system details I can now see I am using nvidia as graphics card. However the monitor is still at 1920x1080 (no higher resolution available in settings) and it is bugged.09:27
k1lUbuntuNoob: you installed ubuntu-mate. so you have the mate desktop. unity is shipped as standard on the original ubuntu install media.  but you always can install unity when installing the "ubuntu-desktop" metapackage09:27
UbuntuNoobon windows, you can right click the taskbar, and select the option to view 2 windows side by side. Is there any way to do this in MATE?09:27
k1lhackal: any adapters involved?09:28
hackalk1l: do you mean cable adapters? No I use only VGA cable.09:28
k1lhackal: yeah, hdmi/dvi to vga adapters are known to cause issues. that is why i asked09:29
VaingloryAmm0n: yes09:30
k1lhackal: so the right driver is running. try the nvidia-settings menu to set the right resolution.09:30
hackalI also have one more cable I could use its hdmi -> dvi09:30
k1lhackal: if that doesnt work you might need to fake the edid the monitor sends. but i am not familiar with that.09:30
k1lhackal: i would give it a try09:30
hplcsometimes the "usb creator", "unetbootin" etc etc fails, what is the most likely combination to work? in terms of filesystem type, partition type and in case of dd, the size set on " bs= "?09:31
k1lhplc: just dd the ubuntu.iso onto the device (/dev/sdb and not /dev/sdb1). as bs= i use 1M09:31
EriC^^Savemech: what do you mean?09:31
EriC^^Savemech: you used ext4 instead of xfs and it worked?09:32
EriC^^you changed the filesystem completely?09:32
hplcbeen using just 1M for bs, could it be the flag for "boot" is not set?09:33
hplchow to set flags in terminal?09:33
gagalicioushow do i start nfs server? is there a command? i cant do service nfs restart09:35
hackalk1l: hdmi->dvi is not working too, I am only able to get 1650x1080 resolution09:37
SavemechEriC^^, yes its worked with ext409:37
EriC^^Savemech: great! :)09:38
SavemechEriC^^, all the same; but i done replace xfs with ext4 and now im messing with xfce time widget; he misspels day of week in russian :C09:38
Amm0nVainglory, apparmor denied r-access to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ thats all i can tell you from that error msg.. is nginx picking up sites in that folder if you deactivate that profile?09:40
Vaingloryhow would i deactivate it?09:40
philip_what to change my ip address to a name.09:41
hplcsomethings gone bad :(  according to parted "Error: /dev/sdk: unrecognised disk label "09:42
Amm0nVainglory, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor09:42
philip_what to change my ip address to a name.09:42
roryphilip_: Do you mean on IRC?09:44
roryphilip_: It will use whatever is the reverse DNS record for that IP... also known as a PTR record09:45
roryphilip_: If you have a home internet connection, you probably can't set it09:45
philip_okay...how will i go about it09:45
roryphilip_: Contact your ISP09:45
svetaphilip_: hi.09:45
svetaphilip_: what do you mean 'change your ip address to a name', where are you seeing that information?09:46
philip_i have a public ip address which i want to change to a name on my ubuntu09:46
philip_sveta:to a domain name09:46
rory"change to a name" where? Could you explain a different way09:46
svetaphilip_: where would you see the domain name instead of the ip?09:47
roryWhat is currently happening, and what would you like to happen instead09:47
=== dean|away is now known as dean
UbuntuNoobit's been like.. 1.5 hours, still hasn't progressed to the next level...09:47
philip_i have no idea thats why i am asking on how to change my ip to a name on my ubuntu server09:47
UbuntuNoobi'm pretty sure there's a chance it could be 'not responding;09:48
roryphilip_: You can't just keep repeating that09:48
roryphilip_: Nobody knows what you mean09:48
svetarory: he rephrased09:48
svetaphilip_: where does the ip show?09:48
roryinb4 "on my ubuntu"09:48
hplccould be he mean register an domain for a www, ftp, gopher etc etc09:49
philip_i have a public ip connected to my server, of which alot of software are been installed and mostly displyed on the web09:49
philip_instaead of me using an ip to display those wed software will love to use a name09:50
roryphilip_: OK I understand09:50
roryphilip_: You need to buy a domain name from a registrar like gandi.net09:50
roryphilip_: And then use their web console to point the domain at your IP, by adding a DNS A record09:50
GeHaWhat documentation has mention of a default x11 cursor files location?09:51
k1lphilip_: you will need a dyndns service for that09:52
Amm0nVainglory, maybe this is related to your issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/139022309:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 1390223 in linux (Ubuntu Utopic) "Apparmor related regression on access to unix sockets on a candidate 3.16 backport kernel" [Medium,Confirmed]09:52
philip_okay.....kil how will i go about that09:52
k1lphilip_: easiest way is: see what your router supports for dyndns and make an account there09:53
svetaGeHa: `man xcursorgen' mentions `Xcursor(3)', but `man Xcursor' says this does not exist. odd.09:54
k1lphilip_: if your router software doesnt have that feature you need to setup services yourself. see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DynamicDNS that explains what and how.09:54
GeHasveta, where are the linux days these days . . .   ,  good point )09:56
Unhammerwhen testing a mainline kernel, it panics with "no working init found" – what do I pass to init=?10:00
Unhammeron 15.04, so using systemd10:00
Unhammeroh nvm I was running the wrong architecture10:07
pingodoes anyone know how to do ubuntu headless server install through serial console?10:14
mobile3how to solve this problem "Php command line not detected"10:15
pingoI tried appending "console=ttyS0,115200n8" to kernel parameters10:15
=== john is now known as Guest22179
pingoBut I get "Undefined video mode number: 314"10:15
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=== Guest22179 is now known as daft
mobile3any one can help ...... how to solve this problem "Php command line not detected" ??10:17
shiblyHi, how are you all?10:18
mobile3can anyone help me ?10:18
shiblymobile3, What is the problem?10:18
pkircherapt-get install php-cli10:19
mobile3shibly: how to solve this problem "Php command line not detected"10:19
pkircherthe hint is in the error10:19
pkircher.. you dont have the cli installed10:19
pkircherapt-get install php-cli10:19
shiblymobile3, aptitude search php-cli10:20
shiblymobile3, aptitude install php-cli10:20
Ben64not aptitude, use apt-get10:20
ImJunehello again10:20
mobile3shibly , -bash: aptitude: command not found10:21
Ben64mobile3: use apt-get10:21
shiblymobile3, apt-get install aptitude10:21
ImJuneIs there A way I can have the grub screen skipped10:21
pkirchermobile3: are you reading what someone actualy writes10:21
ImJuneto make my boot faster10:21
mobile3pkircher, E: Unable to locate package php-cli10:21
Ben64shibly: theres no reason to use aptitude10:21
pkircherapt-cache search php-cli10:21
pkircherapt-get update first probably10:22
Ben64it is php5-cli on my system10:22
pkirchermight as well be php5-cli10:22
mobile3to all : aptitude install php-cli Couldn't find package "php-cli".  However, the following packages contain "php-cli" in their name:   php-google-api-php-client Couldn't find package "php-cli".  However, the following packages contain "php-cli" in their name:   php-google-api-php-client No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed. 0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 0 B of arch10:24
Ben64mobile3: sudo apt-get install php5-cli10:25
shiblymobile3, Did you do aptitude search php-cli first ?10:25
shiblymobile3, Try aptitude install php5-cli10:26
Ben64shibly: please don't suggest aptitude here10:26
Ben64its not installed by default, its an extra step to install it, it doesn't work any better than apt-get10:26
shiblyThere is nothing wrong with aptitude10:27
mobile3shibly : yes,  aptitude install php5-cli No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed. 0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 0 B of archives. After unpacking 0 B will be used.10:27
Ben64mobile3: sudo apt-get install php5-cli10:27
k1lmobile3: what ubuntu is that exactly?10:27
k1lmobile3: "lsb_release -d" gives you what?10:27
shiblymobile3, http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/10976/how-do-i-install-a-php-cli-with-a-usable-interactive-prompt-on-debian-wheezy10:28
mobile3Ben64: sudo apt-get install php5-cli Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done php5-cli is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.10:28
nPranavHi.. I am running out of memory when i run 'dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/mnt/USB/backup.img bs=1024' (hda1 s 512MB, and RAM is 128MB). Any ideas how can i create a backup without running out of memory?10:28
shiblymobile3, paste the result of "dpkg -l | grep php"10:28
mobile3k1l: Ubuntu 14.04 x86 Minimal10:29
k1lnPranav: please show a "sudo fdisk -l"10:29
k1l!paste | nPranav10:29
ubottunPranav: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:29
Ben64mobile3: where are you getting the error you came in here for10:29
mobile3dpkg -l | grep php ii  php5-cli                        5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.9           i386         command-line interpreter for the php5 scripting language ii  php5-common                     5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.9           i386         Common files for packages built from the php5 source ii  php5-json                       1.3.2-2build1                   i386         JSON module for php5 ii  php5-readline                   5.5.9+d10:30
mobile3ben64: pydio file manager installation10:30
nPranavk1l: wait please10:31
adscnPranav: don't use of, pipe it into gzip instead10:31
nPranavadsc: hmm..10:32
adscdd if=/dev/hda1 bs=1024 | gzip > /mnt/USB/backup.img.gz10:32
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mobile3_I was disconnected10:32
adscnPranav: but you still have to make sure that there is enough space on the USB device10:32
adscnPranav: for a full disk image10:33
nPranavadsc: my USB drive is empty 4GB10:33
adscnPranav: and how big is your hda1?10:33
mobile3_shibly, ben64, chk..., I was disconnected...10:33
nPranavadsc: will 'bs' impact too on memory? i used 1024, and then 128. out of memory showed on both.10:33
nPranavadsc: 512 MB10:34
nPranavmy RAM is 128 MB10:34
mobile3_shibly, ben64, chk... are you there ?10:34
k1lnPranav: please show the fdisk.10:34
k1lnPranav: i still dont think the input is that small10:35
nPranavi don't see how piping to gzip can prevent me from running out of memory10:35
adscit has nothing to do with RAM10:35
k1lnPranav: please provide the facts so we not have to guess10:35
mobile3_anyone there ?10:36
k1lmobile3_: the last questions was: where do you get that error from?10:37
mobile3_k1l: pydio file manager installation10:37
TJ-nPranav: try adding "oflag=nocache,direct" to your original command10:37
k1lmobile3_: https://pyd.io/f/topic/solved-php-command-line-not-detected/10:38
Walexk1l: "provide the facts so we not have to guess" goes against IRC tradition! :-)10:38
mobile3_k1l: there is no proper information in that page...10:38
k1lmobile3_: there is10:39
mobile3_I read that too many times10:39
nPranavk1l: adsc http://imgur.com/7KUQpA910:39
adscnPranav: try TJ-'s suggestion10:40
k1lmobile3_: so did you check the paths pydio wants the php to be in?10:42
mobile3_k1l: how to check where pydio want php to be in ?10:42
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k1lmobile3_: check with pydio where that is. the ubuntu system got the php-cli like the dpgl -l showed10:44
Unhammeranyone know how to set the screen blanking timeout in the lightdm greeter?10:44
soeecan i use wget with IP address ? so specify ip from where the file shoudl be downloaded ?10:44
k1lsoee: yes10:45
mobile3_k1l: I don't know where in pydio it is... can you help me in that10:45
Ben64soee: check the wget man page, search for "IP address"10:45
=== MichaelDiederich is now known as da_didi
k1lmobile3_: i dont know pydio10:47
shiblymobile3_, Hi,10:49
mobile3_help me10:49
shiblymobile3_, Is your problem solved?10:49
shiblyWhat did you try so far ?10:50
k1lmobile3_: did you try to ask the pydio specialists where to make pydio working?10:50
mobile3_shibly, php cli is installed but still the same warning is showing10:51
shiblymobile3_, What warning?10:51
mobile3_k1l: no10:51
mobile3_shibly, Php command line not detected10:51
k1lmobile3_: looking at that pydio forums thread where is shown that pydio is the issue i would talk to the pydio guys about that. i dont know where and what to change since i dont use pydio10:52
HippoAnyone update Chrome recently? http://superuser.com/questions/926007/google-chrome-on-ubuntu-shows-huge-tabs10:53
k1lHippo: press controll and "-"10:53
shiblymobile3_, sudo aptitude install php5 php5-cli php-pear10:53
mobile3_k1l: they are very slow in response... they took 3, 4 days to reply10:53
Hippok1l, nope, that only changes page zoom. My entire chrome is HUGE10:55
shiblymobile3_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=268276&s=c1f78ce7ceec89c5f15d71e31dc141d910:55
pkircher September 30th, 200610:55
shiblymobile3_, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12157163/run-php-file-via-command-line-on-an-ubuntu-linux-server10:55
pkircherbefore posting something at least validate the age of the post10:56
shiblymobile3_, Did you install aptitude and aptitude update ?10:56
pkircheryou dont need aptitude for that10:56
pkircherits a different problem10:56
pkircherphp-cli is installed10:56
pkircheryet there is something how working10:56
jpdsshibly: aptitude was deprecated a long time ago.10:57
pkircherso please stop repeating your selp shibly10:57
pkircherif you want to help do it with Knowledge10:57
pkirchernot with wild guessing10:57
Ben64its a problem with pydio, whatever that is10:57
Ben64it doesn't know where to find php10:57
pkircherpath vars i suppose10:57
pkircheror some internal discovery of that app10:58
mobile3_ whereis php php: /usr/bin/php /usr/share/php /usr/share/man/man1/php.1.gz10:58
shiblymobile3_, Did you try "php filename" ?10:58
mobile3_which file name ?10:59
pkircherOo indians or why are you guys that stubborn ?10:59
pkircherits a different problem10:59
shiblymobile3_, Or did you try to "php" then command line functions?10:59
pkircheras ben pointed it out10:59
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Hippomoved to chromium instead11:01
nPranavadsc: TJ-  my dd seems to be older version, it is not taking oflag parameter. i am trying with conv=fsync11:02
shiblymobile3_: Is the problem solved?11:03
pkircherand it will not be solved with apt nor apitude11:03
pkircherthe problem is in the software he trys to use11:03
pkircherbut you jerks wont listen11:03
pkircherrather be stubborn11:03
k1lmobile3_: please: ask the pydio guys. php is installed on your ubuntu so its not ubuntus fault. please ask them what you need to setup in pydio11:03
TJ-mobile3_: Doesn't pydio run on top of a web-server, in which case that server's php module needs to be loaded and configured?11:04
pkircheri get it .. - done with my rant11:04
nPranavdo i need to create multiple images11:04
cfhowlettpkircher attitude, man.  attitude11:04
shiblymobile3_: How did you run php on terminal ?11:04
pkirchercfhowlett: those indians get me all the time .. i try to keep my calm11:04
pkircherbut i dont get that “behavior”11:04
svetapkircher: whose problem are you referring to?11:04
cfhowlettpkircher, wait, so we're doing racism  now?  stupid. and a violation of channel rules.   cease immediately11:05
mobile3_shibly, I didn't run php on terminal11:05
pkirchermeh .. allright .. i get it ..11:05
shiblymobile3_: So what's the problem? Re-phrase the question11:06
TJ-mobile3_: what does the pydio dianostic tool report when you first request it from the web server ?11:06
mobile3_shibly, see here...
=== nano is now known as citroniks
TJ-mobile3_: That requires editing the web-server's PHP configuration11:08
mobile3_TJ- , how ?11:09
TJ-mobile3_: That's something you'll get from the pydio documentation, or support channels, not an Ubuntu issue11:11
dyvmnhi, i just got my pc with ubuntu crashed11:15
dyvmnanyone can help me to figure out what the problem is?11:15
cfhowlett!details | dyvmn ,11:16
ubottudyvmn ,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)11:16
dyvmni got python script that was running about 18 hours and writing alot in stdout11:17
dyvmnmaybe memory error?11:17
mobile3_I used direct ubuntu installation and it worked... https://pyd.io/download/11:19
Rene_xQuestion: I have messed up my desktop icons somehow by copying the icon on the desktop and filling in new startup commands, now some icons attempt to run extra programs that are not in the desktop icon command, where do i find the place where the text/config version of the icon is saved to correct this ?11:19
TJ-mobile3_: That doesn't look to be an Ubuntu server; apache 2.29 isn't in Precise  nor Trusty and the server reports it is running on "Unix" not "Ubuntu" in its servername11:21
TJ-mobile3_: typo, 2.29 should have been 2.2.2911:22
mobile3_TJ- , from where you got that information ?11:22
TJ-mobile3_: the server!11:23
mobile3_how ?11:23
TJ-mobile3_: "<address>Apache/2.2.29 (Unix) Server at Port 80</address>"11:23
mobile3_where should I execute this command ?11:23
mobile3_I don;t know that but I installed Ubuntu 14..04 x86 minimal11:25
mikubuntuok, i decided to try to proceed with a side by side with xp installation of lubuntu 1204 on hp mini 1000 netbook, even tho i know i will have the unresolved issues of no wired nor wireless connections for the time being. wonder if someone could help me through the partitioning process. .. http://imagebin.ca/v/24kSCcb5lorZ .. http://imagebin.ca/v/24kSZ6L3WzWr .. http://imagebin.ca/v/24kT2lIqF9Cc11:25
TJ-mobile3_: Trusty version is 2.4.711:26
TJ-!info apche2 trusty11:26
ubottuPackage apche2 does not exist in trusty11:26
mobile3_how to install that ?11:26
TJ-!info apache2 trusty11:26
ubottuapache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.7-1ubuntu4.4 (trusty), package size 85 kB, installed size 462 kB11:26
TJ-!info apache2 precise11:26
mobile3_how to install that ?11:26
ubottuapache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.22-1ubuntu1.9 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB11:26
TJ-mobile3_: through the package-manager (apt-get) like everything else11:27
mobile3_give me the full command11:27
mikubuntui want to make sure i don't mess up the xp space because for now its the only os that will give me internet connectivity11:27
TJ-mobile3_: do you know how the basics of Debian/Ubuntu package management work?11:27
TJ-mikubuntu: !!! how are you getting on?11:27
mikubuntuTJ-: just saw you here! you weren't around yesterday that i could see :P11:28
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Rene_xQ: Is there any other place where the desktop-short cut info is saved other then the *.desktop file ? I don't get it how multiple applications are being attempted to start , that I can not find back anywhere.11:29
TJ-mobile3_: As it's a server you need to use command-line tool "apt-get". See this page for details of how package management works: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware11:29
TJ-mikubuntu: I looked out for you but didn't see you 'alive' so wandered off again :)11:30
mikubuntulots of people helped, but could still never determine why lubuntu (nor ub nor xub) would recognise even a wired connection, even tho when the box is running on xp, it has both wired and wireless connectivity11:30
BluesKajHiyas all11:30
TJ-mikubuntu: Really? So you got it alongside the other PC with a power extension, or are you using a looooong Ethernet cable? :)11:31
TJ-mikubuntu: (looking at your images now)11:31
mikubuntuTJ-: today i've just decided to try to proceed with a side by side of lub 1204, preserving xp until i can dump it off completely11:31
mikubuntuTJ-: no, i'm chatting on my laptop -- the target machine is the hp mini 1000 that someone gave to my sis, but i'm going to have to give it back to her as she is leaving town in few days :(11:33
TJ-mikubuntu: So, you have XP working from a single partition (sda1, 16GB), is that correct?11:33
TJ-mikubuntu: remind how large the hard disk on it is11:33
mikubuntuTJ-: i think, but i'm not literate enough to know that so i wanted some guidance11:34
TJ-mikubuntu: Those images are showing an installation on a 16GB SanDisk SSD, is that inside the notebook?11:35
mobile3_TJ-: when I switched to Apache2 , nothing is working... see the doesnotexst page again11:35
mikubuntuTJ-: it must be, my installation usb is not sandisk -- should i run a term query?11:36
=== sveta is now known as Svetlana
TJ-mobile3_: Remember you'll need to remove the manual installation of Apache2 that you must have done/had done for you, previously, otherwise it and the Ubuntu packages will conflict.11:36
TJ-mikubuntu: well that image shows "ATA SanDisk pSSD 16G" - the ATA suggests its on an ATA interface, not USB11:37
mikubuntuTJ-: so i don't really understand where xp is, and whats free -- but it is asking me to create a root partition11:37
mobile3_TJ-: Apache 2 means  2.4.12 ...11:37
TJ-mobile3_: apache2 just means *any* version of apache version 2.x, as opposed to the apache version 1.x11:38
mikubuntuTJ-: so does that sound about right for a 'netbook' ?? can we just split the space evenly between xp and lubuntu?11:38
TJ-mikubuntu: I'm not sure XP can live in much less, not if it is going to have applications installed into its partition.11:39
mikubuntuTJ-: don't know if you remembered this other little detail regarding partitions on the hp mini -- https://roomforcreativity.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/installing-ubuntu-12-04-on-hp-mini-210-1000/11:40
mobile3_TJ- :I removed  2.2.29 and installed 2.4.12 , but it is not showing on that doesnot exist page11:40
TJ-mikubuntu: Right now you'd have to shrink that existing 16GB sda1 partition using that gparted resizing option to create space for Linux... that'd need a minimum of 6GB and that's going to constrain what can be installed/put on later11:40
TJ-mobile3_: let me check11:41
Ben64mobile3_: where did you get 2.2.29?11:41
Rene_xQ: Is the *.desktop file in the desktop folder, the only place where Ubuntu saves the info for a short cut ? And if this file is edited it should do precisely what is in there ?11:41
mikubuntuTJ-: i would like nothing less than to strangle xp in a bathtub, and let the worms eat it, but i don't want to give my sister a box with no connectivity11:41
mobile3_Ben64: from webuzo apps11:41
Ben64mobile3_: no idea what that is. you should pretty much only install stuff from the software center11:42
pengemismobile3_, help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP11:42
Ben64mikubuntu: xp isn't supported. don't use it11:42
IceBot3000Windows XP doesn't get security patches now, might want to upgrade11:42
mobile3_Ben64: Webuzo is VPS contol panel11:42
mikubuntuTJ-: my sis is not computer savvy (less than me actually!) nor even curious, so she won't be adding software, as a rule11:43
Ben64mobile3_: that's not good11:43
TJ-mobile3_:  "Server: Apache/2.4.12 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.1k PHP/5.5.24"11:43
mobile3_TJ-: from where ?11:43
mobile3_Ben64: why not good ?11:44
TJ-mobile3_: In the Response Header the server sends back, I required it manually using Telnet11:44
Ben64a vps control panel shouldn't be installing things11:44
Rene_xnvm i see the other prog also starting from console ... i guess i messed up my wine bottle, nothing to do with the short cut thanks all o/11:44
mobile3_Ben64: is that wrong? why ?11:45
mikubuntuBen64: no choice for now -- no connectivity (wired or wireless) in lubuntu11:45
Ben64mikubuntu: i don't see how that requires you to use an unsupported windows version11:45
TJ-mikubuntu: I'm not sure what to suggest. My gut feelign is to get (L)ubuntu on it and working and don't worry about trying to dual-boot, but it's your call. As I said the other day you really *need* the mini to be sitting next to your active PC so you aren't shuttling backwards and forwards between rooms to run commands which might be needed to solve the issues it has.11:46
TJ-mikubuntu: If you're using the Lubuntu Live "Try..." option we can attempt some diagnosis as to why the wired connection isn't operating11:46
TJ-mikubuntu: that is usually pretty obvious stuff especially as we already know that XP can immediately bring up wired and wireless connections on the same hardware - tells us the cables, router, etc., are all good11:47
mikubuntuTJ-: TJ- so if lubuntu was side by side with xp, couldn't i fix lubuntu, and then erase xp?11:47
mobile3_okay, I am going...11:48
R13oseHow do I increase my mic voice?  I feel this is super low and people can't hear others most of the time.11:48
mikubuntuTJ-: i know, and if you think you know how to diagnose, that would be great -- but nobody else has seemed to know11:49
Rene_x<R13ose>: go to sound settings , then input tab , make sure you select the right input and adjust the volume11:50
Rene_x<R13ose>: i normaly enter from the unity bar in the pulldown menu where also rhytembox is located top right11:51
mikubuntuTJ-: have to run outside for just a moment, be back in 5-7 mins and i'll let you make the call -- either full lubuntu install, or side by side with xp11:52
snegrussian people?11:53
cfhowlett!ru | sneak11:54
ubottusneak: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:54
cfhowlettsneg ^^^11:54
MrDoctorHas anyone had the issue of [x] signs in the titlebars of windows in ubuntu 14.04 using the uity DE?11:54
R13oseRene_x: When I do that, and use Skype the mic volume goes down on its own and I can't put this back at 100%.11:54
Svetlanadisable skype's auto adjust feature11:55
Rene_x<R13ose> you might need to save your alsa sound settings and setting the mic volume from the alsa mixer11:55
Svetlanasneak: да, заходите на русский канал11:55
Svetlanaer, ignore that, he quit11:56
R13oseRene_x: how?11:56
Rene_x<R13ose>do: alsamixer in a console11:56
Rene_x<R13ose>let me check what the save command was again11:57
nPranavk1l: asds TJ-  Thanks a lot guys for ideas11:57
nPranavdd command worked finally based on the ideas provided though it was older version.. and my device is rebooting :)11:57
Rene_x<R13ose>: sudo alsactl store11:57
Rene_xwill save the settings11:58
R13oseRene_x: okay but I have to change the settings right?11:59
Rene_x<R13ose> if the mic boost goes away after boot then yes11:59
Rene_x<R13ose> if skype it self is doing it then i dont know11:59
Rene_xas i dont use skype11:59
R13oseRene_x: this command didn't do anything for me.11:59
mikubuntuTJ-: i just thought of something -- is it possible to use open ssh to let you access the machine THRU xp?12:00
Rene_x<R13ose> you have no alsamixer ?12:00
TJ-nPranav: great to hear ... is it a Raspberry Pi model A ?12:00
TJ-mikubuntu: haha not without going through a lot of hoops installing cygwin12:00
R13oseRene_x: I mean I can tell if anything happened.  I have alsamixer12:00
mikubuntuTJ-: ok, just trying to figure out how to give you a birds eye view into the box :(12:01
R13oseRene_x: can't12:02
TJ-mikubuntu: You have the Lubuntu 14.04 Live installer, is that correct?12:02
PwnXHello everyone, someone here that can help me with Conky ?12:02
Rene_x<R13ose> in alsamixer when you press F4 you get input devices, i would look there if you can boost anything12:02
Ben64mikubuntu: xp is not a sane option12:02
TJ-mikubuntu: and is it also correct that installer causes the black screen when it starts, or, does that display correctly?12:02
mikubuntuTJ-: yes, and i have gparted open as you saw in images, just don't know where to proceed12:02
TJ-Ben64: XP is the *only* option right now!12:03
=== umbra_purus is now known as Guest51143
Ben64TJ-: xp is not an option. it is not supported12:03
TJ-mikubuntu: OK... that's progress I think since the other day we were trying to fix the black screen on 14.04 issue!12:03
mikubuntuTJ-: lub 1404 went to black screen -- lub 12.04 displays fine12:03
TJ-Ben64: Who cares? it's installed on the device and currently is the only OS that can operate the device's network interfaces!12:03
TJ-mikubuntu: Ahhhh... so it's 12.04... right... thought you'd fixed that glitch yourself :)12:04
mikubuntuTJ-: i gave up on 1404 for that reason12:04
Ben64when it stops working when the multitude of vulnerabilites get exploited12:04
citronikshi to all , i want to control  vlc media player through terminals how can i do please help me12:04
PwnXMy OS is Ubuntu Mate 1.8.2 and i use ppa teejee2008 to install conky but after i have apply a widget the weather info dont shows..12:04
TJ-Ben64: The device isn't working at all right now, that's the problem!12:04
Ben64xp isn't any better12:04
Ben64if windows is desired, 7+12:05
TJ-mikubuntu: OK, using 12.04 and the Live "Try..." option you can install openssh-server and give me direct access if you want to do that12:05
Rene_x<R13ose> i think even if you just use the GUI/sound controls and later give a: sudo alsactl store it should store the settings you just setted, else i dont know what to do sorry12:05
Rene_xsudo alsactl store12:06
mikubuntuTJ-: its possible that if i resolved the black screen issue on 1404 we might find that theres no connectivity problem there, but ... who knows12:06
Guest51143hey can someone help me installing wifi drivers? I've found a tutorial but I can't do install it12:06
Guest51143hey can someone help me installing wifi drivers? I've found a tutorial but I can't do install it12:06
PwnXAny one here that can help me with conky-manager ?12:07
Rene_x<R13ose> as in the gui sound controlls it should be easy to set a mic to have boost on12:07
agent_white!ask | PwnX12:07
ubottuPwnX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:07
mikubuntuTJ-: no, i can't give you open ssh using lub because it won't work even on an eth0 wire :(12:07
TJ-Ben64: Please! We're (trying) to install an Ubuntu version but the device is causing severe hardware issues; XP is the default installed OS and currently the only one that will work correctly, so it is the only option for fixing up that PC right now.12:07
R13oseRene_x: I found a setting in Skype that made the mic settings check based on Skype.12:07
agent_white!ask | Guest5114312:07
ubottuGuest51143: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:07
Ben64TJ-: xp has nothing to do with getting ubuntu to work12:07
Rene_xR13ose> yeh maybe it's just a skype thingy12:07
TJ-mikubuntu: OK... so how about we focus on seeing if we can get that working?12:07
R13oseRene_x: should I have this at unamplified position or 100%?12:08
TJ-Ben64: Do you want to take over this issue? You seem to be argumentative for no productive reason12:08
astroboycitroniks, never try, but you can type "vlc --help" in terminal12:08
Ben64TJ-: you go for it, i'm just saying windows xp is NOT an option12:08
Rene_xR13ose , i would test around abit normaly soundcard mic amplifiers are very crappy, and start crackling12:08
TJ-Ben64: That's for mikubuntu to decide12:08
Ben64TJ-: and you continue to say its super cool to run an outdated unsupported os12:08
Guest51143What? I've asked a question! I can't install wifi drivers! Can someone help me?12:09
Rene_xR13ose so set it as low as possible while you have settisfing sound input12:09
cfhowlett!patience | guest51143,12:09
ubottuguest51143,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:09
mikubuntuTJ-: lol12:10
mikubuntuBen64: this is day 6 of this saga -- i need to get resolution any way i can. my disabled sister is wanting her box back.12:11
Rene_xR13ose not sure ofcause what skype is doing, maybe it's just doing a digital signal boost, and you might need to tweak the ubuntu mic input settings too to get the best results12:11
Ben64mikubuntu: ok so focus on getting ubuntu working then12:12
TJ-Exactly what we *are* doing!12:12
astroboyi have a question, if i have some files in folder, the files is *.mp4 , can i change the extension to *.m4v using terminal? i mean dont need to change one by one...12:12
R13oseRene_x: I might have figured this out, and will try this tonight but if this fails I will be back here for more advice.  Thanks.12:12
Rene_xR13ose best is if possible not to boost the mic too much in ubuntu settings, unless you have an extreemly expensive sound crad for better results12:12
Rene_xno boost = better sound, the more boost the more crackling12:13
agent_whiteastroboy: You just want to change the file name? Or convert the file from mp4 to m4v?12:13
agent_whiteastroboy: There is a big difference.12:13
astroboyagent_white, just want to change file name12:14
R13oseRene_x: none boost seems so low.12:14
cfhowlettastroboy, that ain't the way.  to transcode, use avconv; avconv -i *.mp4 *.m4v12:14
agent_whiteastroboy: What cfhowlett said.  Changing the extension does not change the file's encoding.  ie -- changing a music file's name from "foo.wav" to "foo.mp3" does not change it from a wav file to an mp3 file.12:16
astroboycfhowlett, how about if my files is formatted in mp4, but the files now have no extension at the end.12:16
agent_whiteUsing avconv or ffmpeg would be best.12:16
agent_whiteastroboy: Are you sure they are mp3 files?12:16
R13oseRene_x: thanks again, I have to go12:17
Rene_x<R13ose> yeh it's a question of tweaking,boost enouigh to make stuff audiable, but not too much to avoid cracking sounds, and i gues you have to tweak both alsa & skype, im asuming skype is just digitaly trying to boost the incoming signal12:17
agent_whiteYou _could_ have a mp3 file named "foo.jpg" -- file extensions only help to identify the file quickly, not to determine its type.12:17
Rene_xnp laters12:17
astroboyfoe example, the files now named "abc", awant to change it into something like "abc.mp4", and i have many files that need to change12:17
cfhowlettastroboy,  do this: file FILENAMEHERE and read the properties.  IF the file is actually .mp4 format, then adding the suffix would be permissible.12:18
umbra_now can someone please help me with the wifi drivers?12:22
agent_whiteastroboy: Are you sure that EACH AND EVERY file in that directory is an mp3?12:22
astroboychecked the properties, these all mp4, and now they all have *.0 extension , i only want to change it into *.mp412:23
asdfffdsaanyone know i cant use bashes !! with alias? alias kk='!! | (grep -o match) | xargs sublime'   gives me, !! command not found12:23
agent_white!ask | umbra_12:23
ubottuumbra_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:23
astroboyi sure these all mp412:23
umbra_Again with that?! Can someone please help me? I'm trying to install but if I haven't been successful then I need help like troubleshooting?12:24
Fuchsastroboy: yes, this is trivial. You can use mmv if you want a tool, but this is also feasible with just a for loop or find12:24
somsipasdfffdsa: History expansion is done before alias expansion, so you'll have to use the history built-in to perform the expansion yourself http://askubuntu.com/questions/629846/use-the-bang-commands-e-g-of-bash-in-scripts-and-aliases12:24
asdfffdsasomsip: thx a bunch12:25
somsipasdfffdsa: np12:25
umbra_agent_white: can you help me install wifi drivers in ubuntu?12:25
agent_white!ask | umbra_12:25
umbra_agent_white: I just asked...12:25
k1lumbra_: what wifi card is it? does it show in "lspci"?12:25
umbra_It's a qualcomm atheros qca9565 / ar9565 wireless net... you get the picture12:26
umbra_k1l: It's a qualcomm atheros qca9565 / ar9565 wireless net... you get the picture12:26
umbra_k1l: I have a folder that i've download called backports 4.1-rc1-112:27
umbra_k1l:  but the tutorial is using a driver selector script that isnt in this folder12:27
k1lumbra_: doesnt that work with ubuntu ootb? is it hardware blocked or what? is the kernel modul loaded?12:28
k1lumbra_: need to leave for lunch12:28
saladin442hello folks. i hae a huawei broadband modem  but when i plugg in to ubuntu, it doesnt detect. how to force ubuntu to do  modswich to the huawei modem? and how can i know what's is the version for the huawei modem? (e.g: huawei e150).12:28
umbra_k1l: I have no idea.. When I try to enable the wifi it just won't enable12:29
=== badon_ is now known as badon
cfhowlettsaladinn442, suggest you search out ubuntu + linux + huawei12:32
umbra_Hello? So no one knows how to solve the wifi drivers installation problem?12:32
ZaitzevHi, I have an NTFS drive on the verge of complete failure, currently plugged in via USB on my Ubuntu laptop. When I try copying files, the drive disconnects. Is there a better, more reliable way to rescue my data?12:33
FuchsZaitzev: well, as a first step I'd just dd the whole partition to another drive12:33
agent_whiteumbra_: We need more than "it just doesn't work" to help you.12:33
Fuchsas dd doesn't care about filesystems, this should hopefully work. Then at least you can have multiple attempts at rescuing it without destroying it any further12:34
ZaitzevFuchs: Would you care to elaborate? I have never used dd12:34
agent_whiteumbra_: Things like... what do you mean it doesn't work? how are you enabling it? What do you expect to happen? What's the info on your hotspot you connect to? Can you connect anywhere else or is this the first time you have ever done this before?12:34
ZaitzevFuchs: You may pm me with details if you want, easier to keep track of there12:34
FuchsZaitzev: dd if=/dev/foo1 of=/somewhere/where/you/have/plenty/of/space.backup    (you can also pump it through a compression such as gzip, just will take longer and eat CPU)    replace foo1 with your actual partition12:35
FuchsZaitzev: I don't do pm support for various reasons, nope12:35
Zaitzevthat's alright, I'll just keep that one line copied =)12:35
FuchsZaitzev: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DriveImaging#Backup_with_dd12:35
Fuchsthat is a bit more verbose and adds compression12:35
FuchsZaitzev: unmount the partition first12:36
Fuchsthen launch that, so you have a 1:1 copy of the filesystem  (including errors, but nevermind).   After that, various rescue attempts can be made, because at least you still have an image if it breaks some more12:36
Fuchsan image you could, worst case, even feed to professional data rescue services12:36
mcphailEasier if you don't compress: makes it slightly simpler to mount the image later12:37
Fuchsthe thing after of= can either be a device  (careful with that) or a file12:37
ZaitzevThe files aren't important enough to warrant expensive professional services12:37
astroboyFuchs, agent_white, cfhowlett, thankyou guys.. solved now using 'mmv' .. :))12:37
ZaitzevBut important enough that I'll try what I can to recover :)12:37
agent_whiteastroboy: Good to hear :) Look into bash scripts in the future for an alternative as well.12:37
Fuchsastroboy: you're welcome :)12:38
TJ-Zaitzev: Fuchs For an actively dying drive that is doing I/O disconnects, use 'ddrescue' not 'dd' to grab a recovery image12:38
agent_whiteastroboy: `for file in *.0; do  ...   ` :)12:38
FuchsTJ-: from what I gathered it is the file system that breaks, not the actual hardware. If it is the hardware: yes.12:38
agent_whiteTJ-: LANGUAGE12:38
agent_whiteTJ-: ... Just kidding. ;P12:38
Fuchsagent_white: that is a very bad idea with just a for loop,12:39
Fuchsthis will break on various characters, mostly whitespaces though12:39
TJ-Fuchs: " When I try copying files, the drive disconnects." ... I think that's a dying drive12:39
agent_whiteFuchs: If used correctly, it's not a bad idea at all :)12:39
ZaitzevTJ-: ddrescue huh?12:39
astroboyagent_white, or >> mmv '*.mp4' '#1.m4v'   :)12:39
Fuchsagent_white: yes, and that example is far from "used correctly", thus the friendly warning from my side, before anything breaks12:40
saladin442my caps lock suddently turning on.  then i turned it off but then sometimes it is turned on for unknown reason. I don't press it, that's sure!12:40
saladin442any idea?12:40
agent_whiteFuchs: The example I provided was just to inform him that he could use bash scripting directly in his terminal. Nothing more.12:40
agent_whiteastroboy: Good to hear it worked for you! :)12:40
Fuchssaladin442: any virtualisation software running, by chance?12:40
cfhowlettastroboy, happy2help!12:41
TJ-Zaitzev: see https://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/manual/ddrescue_manual.html12:41
agent_whiteFuchs: Understood though. I won't recommend bash scripts to those who know nothing of it!12:41
umbra_purusQuestion: why can't I install the wifi drivers? Error message shows this http://paste.ubuntu.com/11689934/12:42
umbra_purusagent_white: Question: why can't I install the wifi drivers? Error message shows this http://paste.ubuntu.com/11689934/12:44
saladin442Fuchs: nope...12:45
Fuchssaladin442: check the settings of your desktop environment, aside from that: shouldn't happen indeed12:46
agent_whiteumbra_purus: Unfortunately,that isn't helpful... we don't know what/where/why you installed that package you are trying to build, only that you can't build it. For starters, maybe a pastebin of the output of `lspci -v` would be good.12:46
agent_whiteumbra_purus: Lets start from the beginning and figure out the details of your wifi card as your computer knows it.12:46
agent_whiteumbra_purus: At the very top of that pastebin, add in the output of `uname -a` so we know what kernel you are currently running.12:47
saladin442Fuchs: what do you mean by my desktop environment? how to check it's setting?12:47
ZaitzevTJ-: ddrescue didn't work, it started but stopped as the disk just disconnected and reconnected12:48
=== zero is now known as Guest26529
Guest26529I want to write a VoIP program for learning purpose12:48
Guest26529how to begin12:48
agent_whiteGuest26529: #learnprogramming12:48
Fuchssaladin442: e.g. Unity or KDE or Gnome, some of them have settings to enable / disable various keyboard features on login12:48
Guest26529I know socket programming12:48
Guest26529and a little bit of open ssl also12:49
agent_whiteGuest26529: Join the channel #learnprogramming.12:49
agent_whiteGuest26529: Asking programming questions here is offtopic.12:49
Trudkohi guys if I made alias for a command with same name as existing command , so I overwrote it, how can I call the old one?12:50
saladin442Fuchs: i am using gnome ubuntu 15.0412:50
Zaitzevand dd fails too -.- I/O error. Looks like it's a dead drive then huh?12:50
agent_whiteTuna-Fish: Prefix the command with a backslash,.12:50
Fuchssaladin442: then check your gnome settings whether they have something like I mentioned :)12:51
agent_whiteTrudko: Prefix the command with a backslash,.12:51
agent_whiteWoops! Sorrry Tuna-Fish :P12:51
TJ-Zaitzev: But with ddrescue you can restart it where it left off. You'll need to read the documentation but its pretty straightforward12:51
agent_whiteTrudko: As in, if you aliased "ls", use "\ls" to call the original that you shadowed.12:51
Guest26529Thanx for yoor kind help agent_white. I am now talking to myself there  #learproramming :)12:51
=== Aerides is now known as Aeon
pbxmy notification style (e.g. new mail) just changed. where do i set it?12:51
agent_whiteGuest26529: I have yet to see you here.12:51
saladin442Fuchs: meaning to check under keyboard option?12:52
TJ-Zaitzev: although you'll probably get fed up reconnect the drive constantly. Myself, I'd connect the drive directly to the PC using SATA or IDE, because most of the incidents of your description I see are caused by a failing USB<>disk controller, not the disk itself12:52
ZaitzevTJ-: The drive used to be connected to a SATA port (It was the datadrive on my home PC), I just put it in the USB case to try it on the laptop12:53
TJ-Zaitzev: Ahhh, so it had already shown failure symptoms?12:54
ZaitzevYeah, a couple of days ago it started. I then disconnected it to put it in the USB case I got today12:54
ZaitzevTJ-: Can I use dd/ddrescue to try and save just a specific directory instead of the entire drive?12:55
ZaitzevTJ-: The drive is 500GB and almost full, but I just really "need" to save about 10-12 GB of it12:56
TJ-Zaitzev: No. dd's work on a block, not file-system, level. If the drive is resetting itself something very serious has happened to it12:56
TJ-Zaitzev: This is why backups of important data are essential12:56
ZaitzevI keep the most important in the cloud, but I had this drive as a backup drive at one point, and had kind of forgotten about those files that I want to save until now. My luck. :p12:58
seijirouHello.  I've got emulex HBAs on ubuntu 14.04 and I'm wondering if it's possible to configure them in target mode and use SCST or LIO or something else to expose a target.  I've found some info on qlogic but almost nothing on emulex.  I believe the driver shipped with 14.04 is lpfc but I can't find any information on lpfc configurables to switch from initiatior to target.12:59
TJ-seijirou: Probably better to ask that in #ubuntu-server as well13:02
bstonewhere is korean channel13:02
JosephSilber-mHow can I upgrade curl to 3.42? I followed this guide: http://pavelpolyakov.com/2014/11/17/updating-php-curl-on-ubuntu/13:02
JosephSilber-mTo no avail.13:02
bstone한국채널 접속하라~13:02
seijirouTJ-: Okay, thank you13:02
bstone한국대화방은 어디에 있을깡?13:03
Myrtti!korean | bstone13:04
ubottubstone: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko13:04
Myrttitime to "bookmark" it to your irc client?13:04
astroboyone more question guys, why my ubuntu always reset screen brightness to the mx value after reboot, so i need manually to set the brighness every time after reboot. any solution??13:08
astroboyone more question guys, why my ubuntu always reset screen brightness to the max value after reboot, so i need manually to set the brightness every time after reboot. any solution??13:09
pbxastroboy, you could install and use xbacklight to set it...13:10
pbxastroboy, i have a couple terminal aliases for setting the backlight to specific levels i like. ideally it would be more automatic (sensing AC power for example) but oh well13:10
PazoozaI have that issue too, astroboy.13:11
astroboypbx, thx, but can i just configure a specific file to set the brightness to certain value on reboot?13:13
pbxastroboy, you'd add something like `xbacklight -set 100` to one of the startup scripts. don't know the 'right' place for it though. if you're the  only user you could do it in e.g. .bashrc13:15
pbxastroboy, but no, there's not any setting waiting to be tweaked that i know of13:16
lnbalt+F# doesnt change desktop anymore. 14.04. anyway to get this back?13:17
lnbshould have wrote doesnt switch desktop13:17
xangualnb:  it's Control+Alt+Number13:18
xanguaAlt+F# doesn't sounds right13:18
astroboypbx,  i was ever tweaked specific file to set it into specific value automatically on reboot, but i forget which file it was13:18
pbxastroboy, if you remember, let us know!13:19
astroboypbx,  for now i'll add xbacklight script to startup13:21
Teligard251Hi All; where can I set the global PATH?13:33
Teligard251I need to add a particular directory to my global path variable, but can't seem to track down where the system-wide path is set...13:34
TJ-Teligard251: "/etc/environment"13:38
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umbra_purusagent_white: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690225/13:45
umbra_purussorry for the delay13:45
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SholiraEya ^^13:53
=== dean is now known as dean|away
sudoritzanyone know where i can disable TLS V1.013:54
SholiraI ran into a problem with my dual boot ubuntu laptop, after a software update it's stuck in a login loop, I tried reinstalling ubuntu and many other options from the internet. When I check the .xsession-error it gives this message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11678071/13:54
pbxi think i accidentally replaced the unity notification daemon with the i3 one. short of removing i3 how might i go back?13:58
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
philipcan someone kindly give a brief explanation on load avaerage14:01
Piciphilip: man uptime has a good explanation that I would likely just end up copy and pasting here.14:03
Piciphilip: if that doesn't help, poke me again and I'll try explaining it further14:04
philiphelo Pici love a clear understanding14:05
hackalHello please could you help me change resolution of my external monitor(27" 2560x1440) attached to laptop? My laptop has nvidia card. I have installed all the drivers and I can see in system details that I use nvidia as graphics card. In display settings I am not able to set more than 1920x1080 on my external monitor.14:12
southsidethis may interest some folks14:13
southside^^^ Job in Scotland - beautiful Clyde coast - remote working possible14:13
htdfjtHey everyone, what is this wonderful line I found in dmesg about?   systemd-hostnamed[5817]: Warning: nss-myhostname is not installed. Changing the local hostname might make it unresolveable. Please install nss-myhostname!14:15
KetoImperatorHello! There is a issue on both my laptops with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS hanging up randomly. Display is on, sometimes you can move the cursor someone you can't. Did you come accross it?14:23
sudoritzwhere can i disable TLS 1.0 but keep TLS1.1 and 1.214:28
sudoritzi tried /etc/apache2/mods-available/ssl.conf but it didnt hel14:28
ian_macis there a recommended way to install Java 8 on Precise?14:29
* astroboy dinner14:29
htdfjtian_mac: However Oracle says to14:31
ian_macso there's no OpenJDK 8 for Precise?14:31
Denludhey ma linuxniggas14:32
Denludwhats goin on?14:32
htdfjtian_mac: Ah, I assumed you were looking for the Oracle one, since usually people asking need the SDK/JDK or whatever that thing is that the open source one doesn't have.  Though... I'm not sure about openjdk 8, I only have a 714:33
ian_machtdfjt: yeah.  I have OpenJDK 7 on our prod boxes now, and am trying to upgrade some software that requires OpenJDK 8 (or at least strongly recommends).  Would rather upgrade Java than upgrade the OS on all the boxes14:34
htdfjtian_mac: You can check if someone maintains a ppa for that, or you can grab the deb package from a newer repo.14:36
htdfjtian_mac: I'm not sure what the recommended way would be though.14:36
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Guest9568anyone know of a good top-like terminal tool for monitoring network usage?14:37
kamil_i want to install mysql-workbench, but mysql workbench requires mysql-client, and mysql-client requires mysql-client-5.5, but i've installed mysql-client-5.6 from custom repository, because i need 5.614:37
kamil_how can i resolve this problem?14:37
Guest9568nice thanks14:38
zerowaitstatekamil_: there is a version of mysql-workbench for 5.6 in the custom repo14:38
htdfjtkamil_: Also install 5.5.14:38
zerowaitstatekamil_: however, i think it has a spurious dependency on mysql-server14:39
htdfjtkamil_: Or yes, zerowaitstate's solution is better.14:39
zerowaitstatekamil_: but i like the workbench from 5.6 better than 5.514:39
htdfjtIf it's genuinely spurious then he can just force it14:39
kamil_ok, i'll find workbench for 5.614:39
kamil_htdfjt: if i install 5.5, 5.6 will be removed14:40
zerowaitstatekamil_: the version i'm using from the custom repo is 6.2.5-1ubu140414:40
zerowaitstatekamil_: package is mysql-workbench-community14:41
htdfjtkamil_: eh?  you should be able to install both with the right voodoo being passed as arguments to apt-get14:42
htdfjtkamil_: or is this something not in the repo?  I still liked zero's solution better though14:42
mcphailForcing installs can break the system and shouldn't be supported in this channel, imho14:43
kamil_sec, i'm adding repo and we'll see14:43
Picimcphail: agreed.14:43
kamil_actually... i've added this repo https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/mysql-5.6 and now mysql-workbench doesn't require mysql-client-5.514:47
kamil_and it works ofc14:47
kamil_thank u :)14:48
leafybasilHey all, running 15.05 on an retina MBP, after reading forums I thought hot-plugging for cinema display over thunderbolt was supported now, but it only seems to work if plugged in on bootup, anyone knwo why?14:50
Daedalus-xhi to all14:58
htdfjtmcphail: Ah, np, I did support the other solution ^_^15:00
joe42Does anyone know if Ubuntu will definately go to btrfs, or if they are considering openzfs?  Or something else I haven't mentioned?15:06
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lnbalt+F# doesnt switch desktop anymore with 14.04 anyway to get this back?15:09
umbra_purusagent_white: are you there?15:10
umbra_purusagent_white: are you still there?15:11
mcphailhtdfjt: :)15:13
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stacks88when i do nano +136 file.txt to open at line 136 it doesnt seem to work, anyone know why?15:14
mcphailjoe42: I doubt anyone knows for sure, but I'd be _very_ surprised if zfs became the default filesystem15:15
stacks88it instead opens at the beginning of the file15:15
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Sonickhi all15:16
=== maxim is now known as Guest27983
IceBot3000ReiserFS is the new default I think15:16
umbra_purus_please can someone please help me install wireless drivers? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690225/15:18
vbexpertHave you got vBulletin? Want to get a Mod/Product/Style? No problem request one here https://www.criosphinx.net/boards/showthread.php?p=4#post4 and we'll get it from vbulletin.org and attach it!15:18
vbexpertHave you got vBulletin? Want to get a Mod/Product/Style? No problem request one here https://www.criosphinx.net/boards/showthread.php?p=4#post4 and we'll get it from vbulletin.org and attach it!15:19
vbexpertHave you got vBulletin? Want to get a Mod/Product/Style? No problem request one here https://www.criosphinx.net/boards/showthread.php?p=4#post4 and we'll get it from vbulletin.org and attach it!15:19
umbra_purus_please can someone please help me install wireless drivers? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690225/15:19
Guest27983на русском тут вообще можно получить помощь?)15:20
Piciumbra_purus_: whats not working? it says there that it is already using a kernel driver15:20
Pici!ru | Guest2798315:20
ubottuGuest27983: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:20
umbra_purus_please can someone please help me install wireless drivers? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690225/15:21
umbra_purus_please can someone please help me install wireless drivers? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690225/15:21
Piciumbra_purus_: Please read responses sent to you before repeating.15:21
DarkEraumbra_purus_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:22
umbra_purus_Can't read because I'm on a webchat15:22
umbra_purus_There's no record15:22
Piciumbra_purus_: whats not working? it says there that it is already using a kernel driver15:22
umbra_purus_But really can't nobody help me?15:22
umbra_purus_But I can't enable wifi15:23
Piciumbra_purus_: how are you trying?15:23
umbra_purus_When I select enable wifi it won't start15:23
stacks88whats weird is if i compile nano from source , i can ./nano +136 file.txt and land at line number 136.. but the nano provided by ubuntu, if i do nano +136 file.txt it doesnt work, keeps me at line 115:23
Picistacks88: works for me on 14.04. not that I'd use nano on purpose for anything.15:23
stacks88lol what is better to use?15:24
umbra_purus_Through the panel in top right-hand corner15:25
Picistacks88: I've seen the light.  I'm now a vim user (although I agree that nano is great for people who don't want to remember shortcuts)15:25
Piciumbra_purus_: What do you get if you type   ifconfig   in a terminal?15:26
TJ-stacks "nano +3 /tmp/test.txt" works for 14.04 on amd64 for me15:28
umbra_purus_Pici: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690762/15:28
TJ-umbra_purus_: is the wireless power (RF kill) switch on15:28
umbra_purus_TJ: meaning?15:29
TJ-umbra_purus_: most wireless equipped PCs have a hard switch somewhere on the casing to enable and disable the Radio for the wireless devices15:29
umbra_purus_nop negative...15:29
TJ-umbra_purus_: Think of "airplane mode" on a smartphone15:29
umbra_purus_no switch15:30
TJ-umbra_purus_: check this command: "rfkill list"15:30
umbra_purus_I have two wireless lan installed??15:30
umbra_purus_TJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690769/15:31
logan___hi everyone. in the past i've had problems with HDMI with my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650. Someone know if somethings is changed in Ubuntu 15.04? i need to migrate from windows8 to ubuntu but i cannot if my OS freeze every time i plug in a HDMI cable :) thanks15:31
TJ-umbra_purus_: "acer-wireless: Wireless LANSoft blocked: yes"15:31
umbra_purus_I notice that but why does it have acer?!15:32
Piciumbra_purus_: fyi: its uneeded to block out the ip address listed on lo, thats (normally) always
umbra_purus_When I installed the drivers the last time it didnt had acer-wireless15:32
TJ-umbra_purus_:  "sudo rfkill unblock 2"15:32
umbra_purus_still blocked. i've runned sudo rfkill unblock 2 but afte r15:33
umbra_purus_that I've run rfkill list and it's still soft blocked15:33
TJ-umbra_purus_: OK, that suggests maybe the driver needs to also load some firmware blob into the device to have it work correctly.15:33
umbra_purus_TJ: so what firmware now?15:34
tq7which img file do i have to choose from my noobs.zip to kopie it on my sd card?15:34
TJ-umbra_purus_: Before we assume that, check the kernel log for clues: "pastebinit <(grep ath9k /var/log/kern.log)"15:36
umbra_purus_TJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690793/15:39
umbra_purus_TJ: you there?15:41
billharrisonAfter a crash, the locale command is giving odd output (and vim and other programs like Typescript compiler are behaving strangely)15:42
billharrisonWhy are LANG and LANGUAGE broken and how do I fix this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690810/15:43
TJ-umbra_purus_: Yes, running back and forth :)15:44
gpfarinaGuys i have installed ubuntu 15.04 and I need to install all this software15:44
umbra_purus_TJ: oh :)15:44
TJ-umbra_purus_: unfortunately that ath9k driver isn't being very informative!15:44
gpfarinai tried but i had problems and i have to reinstall everything15:44
gpfarinais there a way to do that?15:45
umbra_purus_TJ-:  so what now?15:45
deliperoHow can i use c++ for sql injection attack?15:45
TJ-umbra_purus_: search the web for how to "soft unblock" the atheros 956515:46
umbra_purus_TJ-: no solution?15:47
mcphaildelipero: why do you think that would be an Ubuntu support question? Please read the /topic15:47
deliperomcpail i have asked on other channels but no boddy will answer15:48
mcphaildelipero: that does not make it on-topic here15:48
TJ-umbra_purus_: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/62730/cannot-change-soft-block-setting-to-no-for-ar9287-wireless-network15:48
billharrisonCan someone paste me a copy of their /etc/default/locale file?15:50
EriC^^billharrison: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690846/15:51
billharrisonI need to get on with my job, this is ruining my schedule that is already behind.15:51
mcphailbillharrison: I can paste a debian one, if it helps...15:51
billharrisonEriC^^: Thanks so much. I'm hoping that will resolve my charset problem.15:52
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
EriC^^billharrison: no problem15:52
billharrisonThis is mine, which looks corrupt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11690853/15:53
TJ-umbra_purus_: you can try it manually without needing to reboot using "sudo modprobe -r acer-wmi" then "echo 'blacklist acer-wmi' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-acer-wmi.conf" then "sudo modprobe -r ath9k && sudo modprobe ath9k"15:53
EriC^^billharrison: yeah15:53
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dougquaidI installed x2go server on my Ubuntu 14.04 desktop. In my x2go client I chose Gnome as the desktop environment, but the client just sits there with a black screen. Is there a way to fix that? Or should I choose another desktop environment in my client?16:08
umbra_purusHey. I'm having troubles enabling wifi. when i rfkill list it shows the one acer is soft blocked but I have two wireless cards.. I should have only one and probably that's why I can't enable wifi. Can someone please help me with this?16:11
umbra_purusHey. I'm having troubles enabling wifi. when i rfkill list it shows the one acer is soft blocked but I have two wireless cards.. I should have only one and probably that's why I can't enable wifi. Can someone please help me with this?16:12
TJ-umbra_purus: did you see the link I posted for you, and my suggested test to see if it solves it?16:13
compdocumbra_purus, I dont use wifi, but do you see the adapter(s) in the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules   ?16:13
umbra_puruscompdoc: yes what about it?16:14
compdocare there more than one adapter?16:14
compdocit should only list your actual nics16:14
ioriaumbra_purus, how did you install the driver ? backports ?16:15
SholiraI ran into a problem with my dual boot ubuntu laptop, after a software update it's stuck in a login loop, I tried reinstalling ubuntu and many other options from the internet. When I check the .xsession-error it gives this message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11678071/16:15
umbra_purusyeah. probably the acer one is automatically installed in the installation of the os16:15
umbra_purusNop. Not backports. I selected the option in download drivers16:16
TJ-umbra_purus_: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/62730/cannot-change-soft-block-setting-to-no-for-ar9287-wireless-network16:17
TJ-umbra_purus_: you can try it manually without needing to reboot using "sudo modprobe -r acer-wmi" then "echo 'blacklist acer-wmi' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-acer-wmi.conf" then "sudo modprobe -r ath9k && sudo modprobe ath9k"16:17
clayendisk1Hey all.16:17
clayendisk1Need some help.16:17
=== pkircher_ is now known as pkircher
Rene_xwelcome to ubuntu free customer service, just pose your question, and when anybody knows the awnser they will trow something out :)16:19
clayendisk1Does anybody know about icons for launchers? I've tried deleting them in [/usr/share/icons/.../emotes] and they still show up!16:19
clayendisk1Thank you.16:19
Rene_xhow you mean they show up ?16:19
Rene_xas files after deleting ?16:20
clayendisk1Ok. When I edit a launcher, I click on the icon button and it pulls up all the different categories... file-types/emotes/etc16:20
Rene_xif so you have the correct rights to del them ?16:20
clayendisk1Yeah, the files are all deleted, Rene_x16:20
Rene_xmaybe they are pulled from else where ?16:21
clayendisk1But they show up still when I choose "emoticons" under the icon-selector gui of the launcher editor16:21
clayendisk1Any idea where they'd be?16:21
conyoohi guys, i got error ;(16:21
Rene_xmaybe a disk wide search for the file name ?16:21
conyoosudo snappy rollback webdm16:22
conyoopanic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference16:22
conyoo[signal 0xb code=0x1 addr=0x20 pc=0x5ca3b1]16:22
conyoocan help?16:22
clayendisk1Thanks, I tried that!16:22
Rene_xclayendisk1> i mean it's strange that icons would still show if you deleted them, i would then asume there are other (copies?) icons used/pulled from some where else then16:23
clayendisk1Yeah, I agree!16:23
umbra_purusTJ-: it worked TJ :D what is modprobe? can you explain really quickly what all this commands do?16:23
Rene_xnot sure, sorry i have to go again , im just another ubuntu noob :) wot is waiting maybe others have a better awnser then me :)16:23
clayendisk1They've got to be in some kind of tarball or something, since the search wouldn't find extras either.16:24
clayendisk1Hey thanks for giving it a shot!16:24
TJ-umbra_purus: basically, an incompatible driver (acer-wmi) got in the way and stopped proper control of the device. By unloading the acer-wmi driver from the kernel and then blacklisting it so it can't be loaded automatically, it put the system in a proper state16:26
minghello world16:26
=== ming is now known as Guest68028
TJ-umbra_purus: to be sure, please do a complete reboot and ensure the wifi works. If not we may need to alter the blacklist setting16:27
ankayhow are you?16:27
Guest68028I'm good16:27
Guest68028I'm Chinese16:28
ankayany spanish room?16:28
ankayim spanish16:28
ankayAnd now im using ubuntu 12.0416:28
=== billharrison is now known as JamieDimon
Guest68028ubuntu 14.0416:29
ankayi prefeer 12.0416:29
ankaybut last year i used 14.0416:30
ankayany spanish room?16:30
* ankay need help16:31
TJ-!es | ankay16:31
ubottuankay: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:31
umbra_purusTJ-: thanks TJ-  sorry for you troubles16:31
TJ-umbra_purus: Good luck with it, its nice to know you've got it working :)16:32
ankayim new16:32
orionHi. How come Ubuntu's NTP package uses version 4.2.6?16:37
ubottuMultiple stack-based buffer overflows in ntpd in NTP before 4.2.8 allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted packet, related to (1) the crypto_recv function when the Autokey Authentication feature is used, (2) the ctl_putdata function, and (3) the configure function. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-9295)16:37
=== mohammed is now known as Guest57513
TJ-orion: The package is patched16:40
orionTJ-: Why don't they bump the version?16:40
TJ-It is16:40
TJ-orion: see the package's changelog16:40
orionTJ-: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/ntp 1:4.2.6.p5+dfsg-3ubuntu2.14.04.316:41
ballardboyI have install grunt-cli on 14.04 and the install worked but when I type in grunt I get the following message /usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory. Has anybody else had this problem and how do I fix it?16:41
TJ-orion: and?16:41
orionTJ-: I'm expecting it to say 1:4.2.8... not 1:4.2.6...16:42
TJ-orion: why? we don't update wholesale we just patch specific known bugs16:42
TJ-orion: see the changelog: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/n/ntp/ntp_4.2.6.p5+dfsg-3ubuntu2.14.04.3/changelog16:42
orionTJ-: Alright.16:42
TJ-orion: "debian/patches/CVE-2014-9295.patch: check lengths in ..."16:42
ubottuMultiple stack-based buffer overflows in ntpd in NTP before 4.2.8 allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted packet, related to (1) the crypto_recv function when the Autokey Authentication feature is used, (2) the ctl_putdata function, and (3) the configure function. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-9295)16:43
orionTJ-: Ok, thank you.16:43
swy12.04 LTS question: Server in a VM, static IP configuration. /etc/network/interfaces has proper dns-nameservers configured. can dig @DNS_Server $host and it works.  But dig $host fails. I'm out of ideas why that might be and seeking new ones.16:44
=== mohammed_ is now known as Guest51992
TJ-orion: the general policy of security patches is explained here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Preparing_a_patch16:46
orionTJ-: Ok, thank you.16:48
bugsonubuntuHey, I have a issue on ubuntu, when I boot half of the time it loads a purple screen then freezes I then have to turn it off and on go to recovery and get an error then restart again then I have to boot normally get a error about a driver or something I also have a  hard time shutting tdown it stays on the screen does go black though half the time i shut my screen down it stays on16:49
bugsonubuntucan anyone help?16:52
SholiraI ran into a problem with my dual boot ubuntu laptop, after a software update it's stuck in a login loop, I tried reinstalling ubuntu and many other options from the internet. When I check the .xsession-error it gives this message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11678071/16:52
bugsonubuntudoes your screen go purple?16:53
Sholiraonly black and then back to the login screen16:53
bugsonubuntuHey, I have a issue on ubuntu, when I boot half of the time it loads a purple screen then freezes I then have to turn it off and on go to recovery and get an error then restart again then I have to boot normally get a error about a driver or something I also have a  hard time shutting tdown it stays on the screen does go black though half the time i shut my screen down it stays on16:54
bugsonubuntuCan you help me?16:54
SholiraI'm quite new to ubuntu myself tbh16:54
SholiraSo I haven't ran into a lot of stuff yet, so sorry :(16:55
TJ-Sholira: Have you tried deleting the "/home/$USER/.Xauthority" file?16:55
SholiraTJ- , yes16:55
ioriaTJ- you know what   ~/.config/dconf/user    file is ?16:56
TJ-Sholira: You were able to delete it, and the loop continued? sometimes that file gets owned by root and the $USER cannot delete that file without using "sudo"16:56
SholiraTJ- , I deleted it without using sudo and the loop continues16:57
TJ-Sholira: OK, that's always the obvious cause so worth checking :)16:57
TJ-Sholira: I looked at your .xsession-errors but it didn't suggest anything to me other than that.16:58
TJ-ioria: I think it's dconf's settings file isn't it?16:58
SholiraTJ-, I tried a lot of the stuff already from other people with the same symptoms, but nothing has helped so far =/16:59
SholiraI can also check other stuff if that might help16:59
Sholirafor you to help16:59
TJ-Sholira: I'm wondering if it could be a lightdm session issue. There's usually log files created in "/var/log/lightdm/" that I investigate for these type of issues17:01
SholiraTJ-, what should I look for in those files?17:04
=== hxm is now known as Guest63544
TJ-Sholira: any indication of an error :D I have no idea specifically, but usually you can separate regular informational messages  from the warnings/errors17:05
=== syeekick_ is now known as syeekick
SholiraTJ- I'm now looking at a log file that seems to have quite some errors, some involve something for my wallpaper, the other: Error getting properties on a new menuitem: Error getting properties for ID17:13
TJ-Sholira: can you pastebin the file "pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/<filename>" ?17:14
SholiraTJ- : http://paste.ubuntu.com/11691287/17:16
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
TJ-Sholira: unfortunately, those don't help... pretty normal output17:19
MrDoctorDoes anyone know a fix for this http://askubuntu.com/questions/498153/accented-characters-not-rendering-correctly-on-title-bar-in-ubuntu-14-04?17:19
SholiraTJ- okay, anything else I can check that might help? ^^"17:19
MrDoctorWhich is also same as this http://askubuntu.com/questions/533059/weird-box-like-characters-showing-up-in-title-bar-of-windows.17:19
Zack263does ubuntu have a utorrent17:21
Zack263i'm gonna check ubuntu store17:22
schnitzneed help with graphics problem17:22
schnitzrunning ubuntustudio 15.0417:22
schnitzrate is 60 Hz only, tried lots of things17:23
schnitznot a Linux pro, just a user17:23
TJ-Sholira: long shot but I vaguely recall having an issue with the lightdm .Xauthority file. Can't remember if it allowed the system to get as far as beginning a user-login though. There's a "/var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority" file I had to delete. Requires switching to a VT using Ctrl+Alt+F1, log-in, then "sudo service lightdm stop" then "sudo rm /var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority" then "sudo service lightdm restart" ... I think there's only a 2% chance that'll affect it thou17:23
schnitzupdated to 15.04 and am not so deeply involved with Linux, but everything worked well for many months. Now suddenly, I have only 60Hz whatever I do17:24
schnitz<schnitz> (yes I'm running an old school monitor)17:24
schnitz<schnitz> Problem is, I have a onboard APU with an additional graphics card. Both AMD / ATI ... under Windows, with ATI drivers, they work together well, do multi-GPU load balancing17:24
schnitz<schnitz> under Ubuntu, they seem to collide now17:24
schnitz<schnitz> Since I'm not doing anything graphics intense, I was wondering whether I could *disable* and additional grafics cards hardware-wise under Linux17:24
schnitz<schnitz> aticonfig is not working properly under Linux, tried lots of configs, it mostly crashes and doesn't help at alll17:24
schnitzHow can I completely deactivate an additional graphics card so ubuntu is forced to only use the onboard GPU on the APU / Mainboard?17:27
schnitz(w/o physically pulling it out of the PC ;-)17:27
Zack263do you guys have a recommend torrent client for ubuntu?17:28
TJ-schnitz: if the GPUs don't share the same driver, blacklist the driver17:28
schnitzTJ- perfect, how do I that?17:28
schnitzhow do I do that...17:28
TJ-schnitz: identify which driver(s) the GPUs use first: "lspci -nnvvv" look at the "driver in use" line17:29
schnitzok will do thx17:29
Zack263omg i just read this online... "Be Safe. Use Linux.17:29
Zack263Double your drive space. Delete Windows. "17:30
slayeranyone ever faced a not working usb 3.0 port in Ubuntu 12.04?17:30
histoslayer: what's not working it's not showing any devices or the speed?17:30
slayerno devices17:30
histoslayer: new mobo?17:31
histoslayer: mother board17:31
slayernope, its a laptop17:31
slayerpreinstalled Ubuntu17:31
histoslayer: preinstalled by whom?17:31
histoslayer: That's odd. Maybe try a live cd and see if they borked something up with their configuration17:32
schnitzTJ- thanks, I found both GPUs in that list, unfortunately they both use the same kernel driver 'fglrx_pci'17:32
histoslayer: if not perhaps the hardware itself is bad.17:32
dionysus69hey guys, I have this thing to do, right now my ubuntu partition is at the end of the hard drive, is it possible to move it in front??17:34
TJ-schnitz: OK, so you'd have to use the ATI specific config tool ... which from what you said earlier, doesn't work!?17:34
SholiraTJ- I tried your option but it didn't work...17:35
slayerhisto: the hardware is okay17:35
slayerit worked fine few few days earlier but today it completely stopped17:36
TJ-Sholira: it was a very long shot17:36
khaldrogoxis there an official channel for cannonical openstack + maas?17:36
slayerhisto: it was dropping usb mouse connection but pen drives were working fine17:37
SholiraTJ- any shot is a shot for me, do you have another suggestion?17:37
slayerhisto: though i managed to fix it by blacklisting module "uas"17:38
schnitzTJ- it mostly crashes, I can do changes, but then after reboot ubuntu tells me it crashed during startup17:38
slayerBut I wonder what could have done this behavior... I didnt even did any changes to system recently17:38
zero-1hi everyone, quick question, I'm on a fresh install and my keyboard is going crazy repeating keystrokes randomly, I thought i could be my mechanical keyboard, I connected a different keyboard and the problem persist17:39
TJ-schnitz: does the crash report give you an option to examine the details of the crash? that might help fix the crash entirely17:39
schnitzyes it does I just chose to ignore it :-)17:40
zero-1I checked accesibility settings everything is off, what can I do to fix this, trying to code like this is super annoying and time consuming17:40
schnitzno I did read it, it was just beyond my knowledge17:40
schnitzfrom what I could tell it seemed to have memory allocation issues17:41
TJ-schnitz: usually best to fix or workaround the root issue17:41
poacheRHello. I have a question that's been bugging me for years, but I never set out to answer it properly. What do people generally do if they need to install a package but it relies on newer libraries than those installed on your system?17:41
voozeI'm trying to change the lightdm unity-greeter GTK-theme. I have found the options in dconf under unity-greeter, but it does not seem to have any affect at login. What could I be doing wrong?17:41
proderlinorHow do i remove xfce4 without removing any installed software17:41
poacheRIdeally I would love to find a way to create a 'static' deb ... but the only instance of a static .deb I've ever come across was from skype. People do not tend to package their .deb files as static or offer that choice in general.17:42
TJ-proderlinor: that doesn't make sense. how can you remove it without removing the software?17:42
poacheRI know there's a way, *if* you have those other libraries installed somewhere else, to point  LD_LIBRARY_PATH to them and run your file17:43
poacheRand presumably to install it in the first place you might have to do something like dpkg -i --force-all17:43
poacheRbut then there's the question where do you get all the library files in general17:43
MonkeyDustproderlinor  xfce *is* software17:43
poacheRdo you hunt them down one by one?17:43
TJ-poacheR: build the software inside it using static linkage rather than dynamic shared objects17:43
poacheRdo you add a newer repository? doesn't that break the old one?17:44
zero-1could erst_disabled and acpi=off in grub be the cause of my keyboard issues?17:44
poacheRTJ-: can you elaborate a bit more? Is this standard practice, or your suggestion?17:44
TJ-zero-1: Yes17:44
lufei 大家好17:44
schnitzTJ- total agreement, its just that understanding the error report upon start-up/crash needs to happen first17:44
lufei大家 好,有没有人在用VNC?17:44
genewitchI'm getting a certificate error from a baltimorecity.gov website in curl and wget (http://projectftm.com/index.php?1849f6 errors); is this a possible ubuntu CA issue or is this the website/godaddy issue? who should i call?17:45
zero-1TJ - which one would be? both? I added those options to  get rid of some of the errors at boot17:45
genewitchbecause that cert doesn't look self signed, it looks signed by godaddy17:45
TJ-poacheR: When building binary executables there's 2 options for accessing code from other libraries: 1) dynamic linking to shared objects and 2) static linking to the libXXX.a files which are included inside the binary executable so it does not need to load any external code17:45
zero-1brb rebooting with those options removed from grub17:46
TJ-zero-1: erst_disabled only affects MCE log access via ACPI I believe, so acpi=off is going to affect a LOT of things17:47
poacheRTJ-: oh, I see, sorry, no I don't mean anything to do with building. If I'm building something myself in the first place, I can get it to run anyway. I'm talking about getting a deb file from the internet, which on installation complains that I don't satisfy the dependencies because my ubuntu is old.17:47
TJ-poacheR: Ahhh, in that case you're stuck, unless you create a container using LXC (think Docker) and install just what's needed in that17:47
TJ-poacheR: LinuX Containers17:48
poacheRI'll look that up, thanks. So, there isn't a "standard" way of dealing with this problem?17:48
TJ-poacheR: Yes... only use the distro's archives :)17:48
TJ-poacheR: Or else, use a bleeding edge distro that tracks upstreams or builds everything for your system17:49
poacheRTJ-: on my home computer, this is what I'd do. The problem comes more when I need to use a package at work, but our IT department doesn't allow us to upgrade the distro in general (because they don't "offer support" for it).17:49
poacheRSo I'm stuck with a version of ubuntu which is 6-versions behind, but need to install, say, the latest octave17:50
TJ-poacheR: which is a very sensible rule to have17:50
poacheR(ok, octave is a bad example, because that's better built from source anyway)17:50
TJ-poacheR: Are you able to run virtual machines?17:50
poacheR(but you know what I mean)17:50
poacheRyes, but I was wondering if there's a standardized solution to fetching newer libraries and running a .deb that requires them, that I wasn't aware of17:51
TJ-poacheR: or create a chroot (change root) and install the distro release required in that17:51
poacheRseems to be a very frequent problem, and one that would scare newbies away ... I'm fairly confident in linux and I still just say "eh, fukit, I don't really need this then" when that happens17:51
TJ-poacheR: No... the LXC/Docker approach has in a general way come out of what you're describing.17:51
TJ-poacheR: allowing single apps to be isolated from the rest of the OS with their own dependencies17:52
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poacheRI remember this "linux static installation process" project a long time ago ... can't remember the name now, but it was going to be packaging things statically into 'keys' or sth. or 'bottles'. or something like that17:52
poacheR(no, not wine)17:52
poacheRyeah. thanks, I'll have a look at that17:53
poacheRThat still means tracking down the libraries by myself on the interwebz though, presumably, right?17:53
poacheRlike, packages.debian.com or sth17:53
poacheRsolving this problem would be a nice little 'app' actually ...17:54
Gh0st-can anyone here Help me with IRCANYWHERE?17:54
poacheRif only I had the time for play :p17:54
Gh0st-on Ubuntu17:55
zero-1back from reboot, so far the keyboard has been behaving properly, let's see if it lasts17:55
histopa: what do you want to do?17:55
dionysus69ram indicator is showing "cache" and it sometimes overloads and computer lags why?17:55
histopoacheR: what do you want to do?17:55
histodionysus69: linuxatemyram.com17:55
poacheRhisto: tl;dr general approach to installing a .deb with newer dependencies on an older ubuntu17:55
zero-1can anyone enlighten me as to why those options could make my keyboard go crazy? (erst_disabled acpi=off  on grub)17:55
histopoacheR: lxc or docker.  or the new snappy packages that are proposed17:56
poacheR(or, a newer package on an older linux distro in general)17:56
dionysus69histo: haha thats funny ;P but I am sure its not supposed to get laggy at points ?? :S17:56
genewitchI'm getting a certificate error from a baltimorecity.gov website in curl and wget (http://projectftm.com/index.php?1849f6 errors); is this a possible ubuntu CA issue or is this the website/godaddy issue? I called the OIT of that government, but i want to be sure i'm not an idiot, too.17:56
poacheRhisto: yeah, thanks, I'll have a look at that. It's weird that you'd need containers in the first place though ...17:56
poacheRhisto: essentially bringing the newer libraries in the same folder and linking to them is the windows approach, right?17:57
poacheRhisto: I don't see why you'd need such a specialised structure just to put things in one place and ask the executable to use those instead of the system ones.17:57
poacheRhisto: anyway, I'll have a look. thanks!17:57
histopoacheR: check out snappy sounds exactly liek what you are talking about17:58
genewitchpoacheR: if you want something like that you either need containers /etc/alternatives maybe17:58
histopoacheR: http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/tools/snappy17:58
poacheRhisto: cool thanks!17:58
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poacheRgenewitch: I'm not looking for something specific per se. It's just a general problem I come across very often, and I'd not bothered to ask how people go about it in general in years.17:59
genewitchpoacheR: you could compile all the libraries you need and then force the source of whatever you're trying to port to use those libraries, but then we're back at 1995. look for a backport?17:59
TJ-zero-1: Turning ACPI off is pretty extreme on any modern PC (after 2004)17:59
poacheRgenewitch: yes, exactly xD17:59
Guest91992hey guys, I'm having a little issue here, when I'm trying to connect to some wifi network with ubuntu it keeps trying and can't connect to the network. so I just can access the internet through cable... any idea?18:00
poacheRgenewitch: I was just wondering if there was something out there that had addressed this issue and that people were actively using for this reason18:00
genewitchpoacheR: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/update-alternatives.8.html maybe18:01
zero-1TJ- I did it because I had an error saying that acpi probe failed so it made me think that maybe I had it installed but my motherboard didn't support it18:01
genewitchGuest91992: has it ever connected to a wifi network?18:01
conyoohelp :( how do you install this ubuntu? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop-next/daily-preinstalled/current/18:01
zero-1TJ - the error went away and I ended up with a clean boot with no errors, but a crazy keyboard18:02
conyooi can't find the .iso there18:02
poacheRgenewitch: this assumes I already have the newer libraries installed somewhere, right?18:02
Guest91992genewitch, yes, but he(my friend) told me it stopped suddenly18:02
conyooand i have no idea how to install  wily-preinstalled-desktop-next-i386.device.tar.gz18:02
genewitchGuest91992: maybe your friend's wifi password changed18:02
Guest91992genewitch, I can see the wifi networks avaliable, then when I try to put the password it just try to connect, but doens't work18:03
genewitchGuest91992: grep /var/log/syslog for "wpa_supplicant"18:05
genewitchGuest91992: that'll tell you the errors since it's not showing up and dyying silently?18:05
Guest91992genewitch, I don't have installed ubuntu yet, there is no syslog file... I'm running ubuntu from a usb stick18:06
hr49_pisorry, confused irc for terminal :P18:07
genewitchhr49_pi: ctrl-D18:08
luvenfuhello, i tried to use cron, but don't know why the script is not executing, i did a script to write and then open gedit, there's something i forgot to did: 20 * * * * * ~/script?18:11
TJ-luvenfu: use the absolute path to the script, not relative or using shell aliases like "~"18:12
luvenfuTJ: i think the alias is HOME, i forgot that, thanks18:13
luvenfuTJ-: there's no error log of cron?18:15
TJ-luvenfu: syslog I think18:18
tonyyarussoluvenfu: cron sends errors to the user's system mail account.  But two things: 1) Yeah, user absolute paths, and 2) Good luck launching a graphical application from cron.18:23
luvenfucan't i use $HOME then?18:24
EriC^^luvenfu: you need to run DISPLAY=:0 gedit18:25
EriC^^in the script18:25
luvenfuEriC^^: ok, but even the command echo "TEST" > output isn't working.18:26
EriC^^you need to type ~/output18:26
luvenfuEriC^^: my crontab -e is opening a tmp file18:26
EriC^^luvenfu: that's normal18:26
luvenfuEriC^^: ok, but what about /etc/crontab? the contents are different18:27
EriC^^luvenfu: those are system-wide, nevermind them18:27
luvenfuEriC^^: should i use crontab -e or /etc/crontab?18:27
EriC^^luvenfu: your cron is in /var/spool/cron/...18:27
EriC^^luvenfu: use crontab -e18:27
TunaFishanyone using fish as their shell? is ok to change bash to fish using chsh -s /usr/bin/fish?18:28
poacheRTunaFish: I've used it in the past. Very nice little shell.18:29
rxr_Hi, this is the first time that I've install ubuntu. Thanks to all18:29
TunaFishpoacheR, Thx for the comment, I like its auto complete, that's why I am thinking about the change18:30
michelubuntuTJ-: knock knock18:30
clayendisk1I have a question I don't know how to find answers to: I tried deleting certain "emoticons" from [/usr/share/icons/*/emotes] and they still show up in the launcher editor.18:30
luvenfuEriC^^: thanks18:31
Samul`okay, I've just installed livemix – live mixer from the ubuntu software center18:31
Samul`and it just does not work18:31
Samul`as soon as I open it, it closes18:31
Samul`ubuntu says something crashed. I send the report18:31
Samul`and I try to open it again18:31
Samul`this, forever18:31
TJ-Samul`: try starting it from a terminal command-line it may report something useful18:32
Samul`the original output is: Errore di segmentazione (core dump creato), which means segmentation error (dump core created)18:33
EriC^^luvenfu: no problem18:33
Samul`also, jack_client_new: deprecated {new line} Connected to session bus, unique name is ":1.198"18:33
Samul`(didn't want to use pastebin for 3 lines worth of text)18:33
Samul`TJ-: what should I do?18:33
TJ-Samul`: nothing much of use there, unfortunately18:34
MonkeyDustSamul`  try mixxx (tripple x)18:35
TJ-Samul`: A known bug, apparently: bug #95132118:36
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 951321 could not be found18:36
TJ-Samul`: unfortunately, the bug report is currently marked Private so you won't be able to view it18:36
TJ-Samul`: did you let the system post a bug report when it crashed?18:37
Samul`I did, TJ-18:38
Samul`so that piece of software is still under development?18:38
SebaaasCan you help me?18:38
Samul`MonkeyDust: does it support plugins like normal DAWs?18:38
PiciSebaaas: You'll need to ask a question first. ;)18:38
Samul`I need to be able to play a mic input live and add some effects as well18:38
TJ-Samul`: I think it is more likely it is bit-rotting... not been kept up to date with system libraries18:39
Samul`so this problem is not up to my system right?18:39
Samul`because I've had some problems with software crashes recently18:40
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SebaaasWhat this lines DOES?  sudo iptables -A INPUT -i eth0:1 -s 0/0 -d 0/0 -j ACCEPT18:40
Sebaaas sudo iptables -A INPUT -i lo -s 0/0 -d 0/0 -j ACCEPT18:40
Samul`I think it tells iptables not to deny something from someone18:40
Samul`but I'm not sure, wait for the reply from a more experienced one XD18:41
Sebaaaswhat means -s 0/0 exactly?18:41
Samul`I don't know, I'm afraid18:41
Sebaaasand -d 0/018:41
SebaaasIts hard to understand18:41
MonkeyDustSamul`  i guess the people in #ubuntustudio know such details18:41
Samul`let someone else tell you, since I'm not familiar with iptables18:41
Samul`thank you MonkeyDust18:41
SebaaasSomeone expert?¿18:42
pavlosSebaaas, -s is source, -d is destination ... man iptables18:42
Sebaaasyes i know, but if i put 1/118:43
Sebaaasor 1/0 ?18:43
poacheRTunaFish: you know bash has autocomplete too though, right?18:43
lotuspsychje!iptables | Sebaaas18:43
ubottuSebaaas: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo18:43
poacheRTunaFish: not as "matlabish" as fish, but still good. I admit I didn't know about it until after I tried fish and checked if bash had the same too18:43
pavlosSebaaas, it expects address/mask18:43
TJ-Samul`: From what I can see, the cause is a problem with one or more of the plugins18:44
Sebaaasthen if i put 1/0 , i expect only the address?18:44
TunaFishpoacheR, I think I know, with tab right? I'll check it out to confirm if it is good or not for me.18:45
poacheRTunaFish: no, with Ctrl+R18:45
poacheRTunaFish: and there's reverse search too, but a feature of modern linuxes fucks that up, and you'll have to edit your bash.rc first if you really want it18:46
poacheRTunaFish: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/73498/how-to-cycle-through-reverse-i-search-in-bash18:47
TunaFishpoacheR, Ctrl R opens up reverse search, not auto complete? but I didn't know about reverse search, it look good.18:47
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TunaFishpoacheR, Nice, thanks, look quite useful. I need to read the fucking manual.18:48
SebaaasIts okay now i understand18:49
poacheRTunaFish: well, if you press ctrl+R after you've already typed something, it's like an autocomplete from history18:49
SebaaasThanks you guys, especially pavlos18:49
poacheRand obviously, normal autocomplete exists with tab18:49
TunaFishI think I've fallen in love with fish's webconfig, and colorful default config. though I already colored my bash, it looked cute :318:50
SCHAAP137Sebaaas, 0/0 stands for i think18:50
HelpeRXim currently using webchat.freenod.net and the text box to type is so small how do i increase the size im on the latest ubuntu18:50
SebaaasTHe first 0 for the IP18:51
Sebaaasand the t18:51
Sebaaasand the right 0 for the mask18:51
SCHAAP137most probably, yes18:51
Sebaaasthen i can put
SCHAAP1371/0 or 0/1 makes no sense18:51
SCHAAP137no, a specific IP is always a /3218:51
SCHAAP137learn about subnets18:52
bekks /0 doesnt make sense.18:52
SCHAAP137i've seen it before in firewalls18:52
Sebaaasi see in the manual the 1 means a 24 mask adress18:52
SCHAAP137ah rly?18:52
Sebaaassee man iptables18:52
Sebaaasmy english is not so good so if you can explain me more18:52
SCHAAP137i don't know iptables that well18:53
HelpeRX my english is not so good so if you can explain it to me more18:53
HelpeRXwould be the correct way to say that18:53
bekksSebaaas: Where does it say that in "man iptables"?18:53
SCHAAP1370.0.0.0/0 = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Default_route18:53
Sebaaasok ty helper xD18:53
Sebaaasgo man iptables18:54
Sebaaasit is shows that18:54
bekksSebaaas: I did. And I found only ONE reference of "24".18:54
bekksSo where does it say that /1 means ?18:55
Sebaaasi think so18:55
SCHAAP137makes no sense18:55
bekksSebaaas: It doesnt say that at all.18:55
SCHAAP1370.0.0.0/0 is more likely, meaning default route18:55
SCHAAP137all my iptables entries are in CIDR notation, it can reasonably be assumed that 0/0 is short for
Sebaaasand what i need to put in the right side18:56
Sebaaasthe 0 means?18:56
poacheRTunaFish: I liked fish very much, but in the end, the non-standard way of doing scripts was a no-no for me18:57
poacheRTunaFish: if I remember correctly, anyway.18:57
zero-1TJ - What about erst is that safe to disable?18:57
Sebaaasim not so good in english18:57
Sebaaasso what it tells18:57
SCHAAP137i'm tired of repeating myself; use Google18:57
poacheRTunaFish: because it meant that I can't just run a bash script straight in the terminal18:57
TunaFishpoacheR, yeah that's why I think I'll stay with bash for now18:58
SebaaasThe subnet mask is given as /0, which effectively specifies all networks18:58
poacheRTunaFish: But yeah, I remember fish just like that: Lots of good ideas that I wished bash would adopt, but in the end, not 100% compatible with bash stuff, so you can't really 'just switch'.18:59
joukI've edited an /etc/init/blah.conf file. Do I need to do anything to upstart before those changes can take affect?18:59
jouk(because right now, the changes aren't taking effect)19:00
Sebaaas192.168.2.0/24 for IPv4, and 2001:db8::/32 for IPv6.19:00
TJ-zero-1: Yes, some systems require that to boot successfully, if their ACPI MCE ERST logic is broken19:00
joukto be clearer, when I sudo stop foo, the changes I've made to /etc/init/foo.conf aren't showing up.19:01
zero-1alritghty then I guess that's my next attempt19:02
lotuspsychje!upstart | jouk19:04
ubottujouk: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:04
porchohi there. I've just update to mate 1.8.1 and I'm facing some problems with caja. right after I log, tons of instances start up, and I see lots of "Starting Caja" icons. already tried adding "-n" and "--sync" options to the Exec lines of caja*.desktop files, but that didn't work.19:06
porchoI see tons of "caja: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/caja/extensions-2.0/libcaja-actions-tracker.so: undefined symbol: g_type_add_instance_private" in my .xsession_erros file, also19:06
porchocan anyone help me?19:06
lotuspsychjeporcho: maybe the #ubuntu-mate guys can help you?19:06
Helperxwhat font is recommed for web browsing?19:07
porcholotuspsychje, I'll ask them. tks19:07
bekksHelperx: One which your readers can read.19:07
Helperxno i mean for just general browsing19:08
Helperxsomething compatible with everything19:08
bekksHelperx: There is no such font.19:08
Helperxdang lol19:09
Jordan_UHelperx: What problem are you trying to solve?19:09
Helperxsmall text box right now on webchat.freenode.net19:09
xor_ax_axwhat are the rules to peaknuckle?19:09
lotuspsychjeHelperx: use an irc chat client19:10
Helperxthat wont fix the problem though of why it is like this currenltly19:11
delinquentmeI assume that linux / ubuntu has some kind of internal DB it uses ... if thats correct ... just out of curiosity .. what db is it19:12
lotuspsychjeHelperx: this is not really an ubuntu issue right, check your webchat options, maybe you can bigger the fonts19:12
Helperxyes it is lol since when i log using windows its not an issue19:13
TJ-delinquentme: I think you assume wrongly, unless you can be more specific19:13
delinquentmeTJ-,  where do things like passwords get stored?19:14
lotuspsychjeHelperx: wich ubuntu version? wich browser?19:14
TJ-delinquentme: yes19:14
Helperxopera vivid19:14
MonkeyDustHelperx  consider using another irc client19:14
delinquentmeso when linus made the quote about crappy programmers worry about their code and good ones worry about the data model19:14
delinquentmelinux doesnt actually have a data model?19:14
tyteen4a03Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server and want to set up RAID. I have 4 disks (imgur.com/zEYT9tS) but the installer keeps telling me only 3 are available19:15
MonkeyDustdelinquentme  that's for #ubuntu-offtopic, or #ubuntu-discuss19:15
lotuspsychjeHelperx: did you try firefox or chromium?19:15
xor_ax_axdelinquentme, nice trollbait19:15
lotuspsychje!raid | tyteen4a0319:15
ubottutyteen4a03: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto19:15
delinquentmexor_ax_ax, it was just a thought that came up in passing -- apologies19:15
MonkeyDustHelperx  instead of struggling with it, try something else19:16
lotuspsychjeHelperx: if all fonts are same on the browsers you tested, you sure you have same screen resolution as on windows?19:16
Helperxeverything else is perfect19:16
Helperxalso anyone have any fix for graphics accelration for the gma95019:17
TJ-Helperx: is there any real acceleration for the GMA950?19:18
Helperxeh not really but on windows there isnt any issue19:18
Samul`TJ-: I'm back right now19:18
Samul`so you said the cause may be a plugin(s)?19:18
Helperxsuch as using chrome but on ubuntu when opening and going into the chrome store it crashes the computer19:18
Helperxif i untick hardware accel it works but i dont understand why19:19
Jordan_Utyteen4a03: That picture shows the installer listing what appears to be all 4 2 TiB drives. What do you mean by the installer "only telling me 3 are available"? Can you post a picture of that?19:19
TJ-Helperx: I've been helping someone with the same chipset with other issues, and the research I did suggested it's a wrapper around a PowerVR core, and not well supported by Intel - I think that covered the GMA950 as well19:19
TJ-Samul`: That's what I read on the livemix forums19:19
Helperxand when i try to do a x server config it says the number of screens does not match the number of display19:19
Helperxso what should i do?19:20
Samul`by plugin do you mean L2V or similar (common plugins used in DAWs for reverb, eq, etc.) or another kind of plugin?19:20
Helperxi mean i tried doing sna accel and uxa19:20
Helperxdid dri no 3d accel19:21
TJ-Samul`: I assumed you'd know what that meant - I've never used livemixx myself19:21
Samul`okay probably they were talking about that kind of plugins19:21
Samul`but since I have 1000+ plugins installed on my system, let's move onto the next piece of software ^^"19:22
TJ-Samul`: this is where I read that info: http://www.hydrogen-music.org/hcms/node/53119:22
Samul`thank you19:22
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Dumle29How would I go about making a bootable windows install USB from ubuntu?19:33
sukapxTake a USB Stick, drop your Windows and use Linux ;)19:34
Dumle29How would I go about making a bootable windows install USB from ubuntu? I'm in 15.0419:34
Dumle29sukapx: I am :P It's for my neighbours son :) He's 12 so I don't think it's linux time for him yet :P19:34
neurotStartup disk creator Dumle2919:35
Dumle29neurot: Only does linux distros doesn't it?19:35
Jordan_UDumle29: That's more of a question for ##windows than #ubuntu.19:35
Dumle29Jordan_U: Not at all, as I know how to do it in windows19:35
Dumle29I'm trying to use ubuntu, to make a bootable USB stick, containing windows.19:36
csbDumle29 Oracle's VirtualBox might be an option.19:36
OerHeksDumle29, ask in ##windows and they will tell you about rufus19:37
Jordan_UDumle29: This has more to do with the way that Windows boots than it does with the way that Ubuntu handles data. Please join ##windows and ask there.19:37
Dumle29Jordan_U: Hmm okay.19:37
Dumle29OerHeks: Right. Which is for windows, a.k.a. it doesn't run under linux :(19:38
SCHAAP137i tried running Ubuntu MATE on my i7-4790K, but it sees a 3rd/4th generation Xeon 1240 series, even though intel-microcode package is installed19:38
SCHAAP137any tips how to make it show the true processor?19:38
csbDumle29, Have you tried Oracle's VirtualBox?19:38
neurotDumle29 do you have a dvd just burn one19:39
xor_ax_axDumle29, Winusb.19:39
Dumle29xor_ax_ax: Tried that, it doesn't work (can't select the stick)19:39
Dumle29neurot: Nope, bought a key online19:39
OerHeksSCHAAP137, did you overclock?19:40
csbDumle29, You can run Windows inside a Virtual Machine (which is running inside Ubuntu) and do stuff from there.19:41
Dumle29csb: Sure, but that's. ehh. I think I'll have to go that way though19:41
neurotDumle29 http://askubuntu.com/questions/289559/how-can-i-create-a-windows-bootable-usb-stick-with-ubuntu19:41
neurotgot to love google19:41
ryan_461n  urr19:42
Dumle29neurot: Thanks. Didn't find that one when looking around.19:42
neurotDumle29 its cool19:42
OerHeksneurot, useless, no candidates for 15.0419:43
Dumle29OerHeks: The method for 14.04 should work19:43
daleon 15.04 my applications free the system when I drag them across workspaces, if I switch them using the commands (move right, move left, etc.) they work okay?19:43
dawnsonis there a way to install ubuntu server on a remote computer without mouse/keyboard? via ssh maybe?19:43
dalethat's freeze, not free19:44
dawnsonbecause the installer does not detect any keyboards we have. and i have tested 8.19:44
neurothttp://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html that is what i was loooking at19:44
neurotsudo add-apt-repository ppa:colingille/freshlight19:44
neurotsudo apt-get update19:44
neurotsudo apt-get install winusb19:44
Dumle29neurot: I did manage to get winusb installed before though, by getting the saucy deb package, and installing it manually, but: http://imgur.com/o7exWst19:44
urandom-devdawnson: the process is tricky, but there's some documentation online19:44
Dumle29neurot: Won't work, there's no PPA for 15.0419:45
dawnsonurandom-dev: alternatively i would like to have my usb keyboards working during setup if that is easier :D19:45
OerHeksDumle29, no, you have to change trusty to vivid > sudo sh -c "sed -i 's/vivid/saucy/g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/colingille-freshlight-trusty.list19:45
urandom-devdawnson: you basically pre-answer the questions in a config and install from whatever you're booting off of19:45
OerHeksstill a bad idea19:45
Dumle29OerHeks: Yeah19:45
dawnsonurandom-dev: that would work great19:45
urandom-devdawnson: it used to be pretty tricky. I used it to setup a headless machine back in the day of 10.04. let me see if i can dig up the docs for you19:46
dawnsoni have found one that assumes that you have access to a system currently running ubuntu :s19:47
xor_ax_axDumle29, http://askubuntu.com/questions/116885/can-i-use-ubuntu-to-write-a-windows-7-iso-to-usb/363630#36363019:47
xor_ax_axit avoids any extraneous packages19:48
xor_ax_axwell, aside from grub i suppose....19:48
urandom-devdawnson: oh, i forgot -- it's easy now19:48
dawnsonit is? :D19:48
dawnsonit looks like i need to create a kickstart file19:49
dawnsonwhich i maybe simply need to copy to the installer usb stick19:49
dawnsonbut i dont know how to create such a file on os x :o19:50
dawnsonhm maybe that tool is available on archlinux19:50
urandom-devdawnson: i believe the process is to make a usb with persistence enabled, setup ssh and ssh into the headless after booting up from the usb19:50
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Dumle29xor_ax_ax: Thanks :)19:52
TJ-dawnson: were all the keyboards you tried USB?19:53
dawnsonTJ-: yes, i dont have any other option on this pc19:53
dawnsonno PS219:53
TJ-dawnson: and are you trying them on different USB ports in case 1 port is dead?19:54
TJ-dawnson: Have you enabled 'Legacy USB' in BIOS?19:54
dawnsonall ports working fine, i can even boot from every usb port19:54
dawnsoni can select the boot option from the usb stick19:54
TJ-dawnson: which release of ubuntu are you trying to install?19:54
dawnsonbut then at the language select option nothing works anymore19:54
dawnson15.04 server19:54
dawnsonive had this issue with every server release since at least 12.1019:55
dawnsonon all of my pcs19:55
dawnsonit works just fine with ubuntu desktop though but i dont want all that19:55
dawnsoni just want ubuntu server on there :)19:55
TJ-dawnson: in the installer boot screen, you can use F6 I think to  edit the kernel command-line. I'm wondering if one of the ACPI sub-options might help. Can you tell me the make/model of the system?19:57
dawnsonit is the newest i5 Intel NUC19:58
dawnsonlet me get the box and i can tell you more19:58
acz32any benefits to using kubuntu instead of ubuntu and installing the DE through the package manager?19:58
Jordan_Udawnson: Can you only use your keyboard in X from the Ubuntu desktop CD? It's odd that your keyboard would work in what but not the other, given that they share the same core.19:58
TJ-acz32: avoiding Unity, getting to choose your desktop layout :)19:59
dawnsonJordan_U: yes, i can, but i want ubuntu server on there as it will be running a headless plex server19:59
Jordan_Uacz32: If I undestood your question right, one advantage is that you're left with only Kubuntu packages, rather than having a lot of non-kubuntu packages taking space, update bandwidth, and cluttering your menus.19:59
dawnsonTJ-: Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH19:59
Jordan_Udawnson: I mean can you switch to another tty from the Desktop DVD/USB and does your keyboard work there if you do?20:00
N3X15acz32, despite whatever the website says, Kubuntu 15.x is far from stable, so stick to 14.x20:00
dawnsonJordan_U: yes20:00
dawnsonTJ-: it is an i5-5250U according to lscpu20:01
dawnsonnot sure if you need any more information20:01
TJ-dawnson: I'm reading hints that there are problems with APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) ... you could try "noapic" on the kernel command line20:01
dawnsonit is currently running archlinu but the plex server package has some problems there and ubuntu is officially supported20:01
dawnsonTJ-: i will try that, one moment20:01
acz32N3X15: is all 15.x unstable or just 15.2 which it shipped with? i heard 15.3 is better20:02
Jordan_UTJ-: Wouldn't you expect such a problem to affect all flavors of Ubuntu equally though?20:02
acz32well somoene could just to a minimal ubuntu install and choose the DE in the install process20:02
dawnsonTJ-: i add that to the linux line? after "quiet ---"?20:02
N3X15acz32, all I know is that I've been unable to edit settings for KDE on two seperate installations and the non-breeze themes are just totally broken20:02
TJ-dawnson: Jordan_U: Might be a BIOS config issue - I was going to suggest doing a BIOS load factory defaults20:02
dawnsonit is all factory default, i just got this pc yeterday :)20:03
TJ-dawnson: Yes... but unless there is something special you've set in BIOS I'd strongly recommend trying BIOS default settings first20:03
dawnsonwell except for disabling bios boot, it is going to be efi only20:03
TJ-dawnson: The thing is, NVRAM can get weird settings in it and only a factory reset will clear them20:03
acz32N3X15: ya i've heard a lot of complaints. i use debian which has kde 4.x20:03
dawnsonnoapic does not work either20:03
N3X15Also, I'm considering just dropping KDE altogether since their developers would rather bicker over politics rather than fix serious issues20:04
dawnsonN3X15: thats why i am using gnome 3 until papyros-shell is ready :)20:05
N3X15dawnson, I highly doubt that will ever happen, given the current glacial pace of development with them.20:05
N3X15You'd be better off asking Valve to made a DM.20:06
dawnsonwhy? first beta is due to be released soon and i am running the development version on my laptop20:06
dawnsonoh valve has already done that, it is powering steamOS which i am also running :P20:06
Jordan_U!ot | N3X15 dawnson20:06
ubottuN3X15 dawnson: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:06
acz32N3X15: i switched to kde from using a wm only. i just like it because it is the most customisable de20:07
dawnsonhmm is it possible to mount a "write protected" partiotn as rw?20:07
acz32i know nothing about the politics behind the team20:07
Jordan_Udawnson: How is it "write protected"?20:08
dawnsonJordan_U: i am not sure, it is the ubuntu server installation usb stick20:08
dawnsonit says mount: /dev/sdb1 is write-protected, mounting read-only20:09
Jordan_Udawnson: Did you use dd to prepare the USB?20:09
dawnsonJordan_U: yes20:09
dawnsoni want to edit some files so i dont need the keyboard during setup20:09
Jordan_Udawnson: Then it's a read-only iso9660 filesystem. You can't modify it without re-creating the entire FS.20:09
dawnsonthen it will be a lot harder than i expected20:10
dawnsonhow am i supposed to do that? :(20:10
Jordan_Udawnson: What files are you trying to edit?20:11
Jordan_Udawnson: If you use a tool like USB startup disk creator or Unetbootin you will get a fat32 filesystem rather than iso9660.20:11
dawnsonthe /isolinux/langlist file for example20:11
dawnsonbut unetbootin does not support efi boot20:12
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Jordan_Udawnson: I think that the resulting USB drive will boot via UEFI, simply by virtue of having a /EFI/BOOTX64.efi on a fat32 partition. If not, then ensure that you're using GPT and mark the fat32 partition as an EFI System Partition and it should definitely work.20:15
samthewildoneTrying to launch samba but get this error > http://pastebin.com/LDsYYe3Y20:17
samthewildonealso this is a fresh install of 15.04 fully upgraded.20:17
dawnsonhmm ok i will try it then with unetbootin20:18
samthewildoneAlso I cannot launch "samba" when entered into dash20:18
dawnsoni can also add the storage option, is it easy to enable ssh from there?20:18
Ben64samthewildone: that is not how to start it.20:18
dawnsonnot sure if that will work with ubuntu server though20:18
k1l_samthewildone: that is not the way you launch it20:18
k1l_samthewildone: its a background service. not a program like firefox.20:18
Ben64samthewildone: sudo service samba start20:18
k1l_samthewildone: sudo systemctl start smbd20:19
k1l_Ben64: its all systemd now, dont know if the upstart service scripts still work20:20
Ben64k1l_: d'oh20:20
samthewildoneI'm trying to setup samba... so how can start it without configuring anything yet ?20:20
k1l_samthewildone: nautilus can handle samba shares. just browse the network20:21
invitadocomo estan20:23
lotuspsychje!es | invader20:24
ubottuinvader: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:24
dawnsonunetbootin doesnot recognise my usb sticks >_>20:26
dawnsonwhy doesnt ubuntu server support the same input devices as the desktop version?20:26
samthewildoneSo I see my workgroup in nautilus but, what username and password do I use ?20:26
samthewildoneSince I don't have username on windows where do I go from here ?20:27
Jordan_Udawnson: Use Gparted to create a new partition table on them, be sure to use GPT, then create a single FAT32 partition and give it the "bootable" flag (or whatever GParted calls giving a partition the appropriate GUID for an EFI System Partition).20:27
bekkssamthewildone: Ask your Windows administrator.20:27
samthewildoneI am the admin20:28
bekkssamthewildone: Then you should know your Windows credentials.20:28
kris27mcI'm running Ubuntu Studio 15.04 and I'm attempting to install Spotify. I need "libgcrypt.so.11" but it isn't in the Vivid repository. Is it safe to add an older repo, like Trusty? There's a newer package called "libgcrypt.so.20" but it's incompatible. So is it safe to add an old repo or is there a safe source?20:29
dawnsonJordan_U: ah, thanks20:29
Ben64kris27mc: no20:29
kris27mcSo there's no way to get the package? Or?20:30
samthewildonebekks, I'm able to login but, only see two folders, "ADMIN$" & "C$"20:30
Ben64kris27mc: i don't know, but you should not mix versions20:30
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samthewildonewhen I try to access these folders it says "password required for share admin$ on blackbird"20:30
xanguakris27mc: you can also use spotify on a web browser (uses flash)20:31
samthewildonebekks, I'm all out of passwords... ^20:31
samthewildonebekks, when I try to connect as anonymous the gui freezes.20:31
TJ-samthewildone: check "/var/log/samba/log.<ip-address-of-server>" for indications of the problem20:33
Ben64samthewildone: why are you trying to access ADMIN$20:34
bekkssamthewildone: Did you create a regulary share yet?20:35
samthewildoneTJ-, I already did, first time it say's I was missing a ucommon-utilus ... installed it and did a cat of the log.20:35
samthewildoneBen64, well once I logged into WORKGROUP there were only two folders.20:36
bekkssamthewildone: So create a regular share on the windows side.20:36
samthewildoneHere's the log > http://pastebin.com/YuWGbirg20:36
OerHekskris27mc, known issue >http://www.webupd8.org/2015/04/fix-missing-libgcrypt11-causing-spotify.html20:37
samthewildonebrb doing a recommended restart20:37
TJ-samthewildone: The Windows PC has at least 1 user-defined shared active, does it?20:37
samthewildoneTJ-, what were you saying ?20:39
dawnsonwhy does the image contain a full jdk but not the same usb keyboard support as the desktoop iso? oO20:39
TJ-samthewildone: The Windows PC has at least 1 user-defined shared active, does it?20:39
samthewildoneTJ-, idk20:40
TJ-dawnson: You fixed it?20:40
dawnsonstill creating a unetbootin stick20:40
samthewildoneTJ-, all I want to do is share my videos folder20:40
Jordan_Udawnson: I would expect it to have the same USB support, which is why I'm so surprised that you get different results with the different flavors.20:40
dawnsonso i can edit a simple text file on the installer >_>20:40
bekkssamthewildone: So create a share.20:40
samthewildoneour at least "My Documents" folder20:40
dawnsonJordan_U: it does not, or at least the installer doesnt20:40
* samthewildone smashes his head against the comp20:40
sor_not sure if this is a bug I typically don't run ubuntu (LFS is my main box) so i am not sure if it's a config issue -- anyway on a laptop with unity hooked up to a tv -vga- when i turn the laptop display off and the computer suspends It can't wake up the tv20:41
dawnsonthere a year old bugs that get closed every time because it wont be fixed in this release and then someones the bug for the next release and they ask for the same information again and it starts all over20:41
sor_any thoughts20:41
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Jordan_Udawnson: Is there a bug report filed about this particular problem?20:43
dawnsonJordan_U: i found 2 or 3 for older ubuntu version the last time i searched20:43
dawnsonafter about 3+ hours of research20:43
dawnsonso they are a bit hard to find, but if i should come across them i can send you the link20:43
dawnsonunfortunately i have to work at the moment, while also trying to get this stupid release to install :D20:44
kris27mcI solved the problem using wget and dpkg. Thanks for the help20:44
Jordan_Udawnson: Another option for installing would be to boot from a LiveCD/USB, install kvm, then run "sudo kvm -hda /dev/sdX -cdrom /path/to/ubuntu-server.iso". Then you would just have to ensure that you don't mount any of the partitions on your internal drive during the installation.20:45
amariHow do I configure a slideshow for the background in Unity?20:46
Jordan_Udawnson: Probably want to add a "-boot d" to that kvm command so that it boots from the server iso rather than your internal drive.20:47
dawnsonJordan_U: that way i would need a live stick that also includes the iso file, right? >_>20:47
Jordan_Udawnson: Correct.20:47
dawnsonhm. why is this so complicated? T_T20:47
dawnsonediting the file on the unetbootin stick did not seem to work20:48
Jordan_Udawnson: What file did you edit, and what change did you make?20:48
dawnsoni changed /isolinux/langlist to only include the line en20:48
dawnsonwhich should skip the language select option20:49
Jordan_Udawnson: When booting via UEFI you're using grub, not isolinux.20:49
dawnsonhm hm hm20:49
dawnsonthen i need new instructions on how to make the installer unattended from OS X20:49
dawnsonor from archlinux20:50
dawnsonunfortunately it wants me to install the system-config-kickstart package which is not available on archlinux or for os c20:52
dawnsoncan someone install it and create a kickstart file for me with this command? >_> system-config-kickstart20:52
weeti thought you meant a kickstarter campaign20:52
weeti was like wat20:52
dawnsonit looks like it is more complicated than that20:53
dawnsoni would also have to generate a preseed file somehow20:53
dawnsonit cant be that complicated.. it is easier for both os x and windows!20:53
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MrDoctorIs there a unity backports ppa for ubuntu 14.04?20:55
ReaperiousSup ?20:56
Jordan_Udawnson: There is a kickstart file posted in the third answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/122505/how-do-i-create-a-completely-unattended-install-of-ubuntu20:56
dawnsonJordan_U: thanks, but how to i generate the preseed file from os x?20:56
traekilios x?20:57
dawnsonmac os x20:57
bekksdawnson: Install an Ubuntu VM and do it inside the VM.20:57
Jordan_Udawnson: The same post includes a full preseed file as well. (I haven't verified the correctness of either files).20:58
dawnsonbekks thats a bit complicated and also i am not allowed to install a virtualisation software on my company laptop :p20:58
samthewildonebekks, I got it to work but how I am I able to view my ubuntu files on windows now ?20:58
dawnsoni cant find the preseed file there20:58
bekksdawnson: But you are allowed to runArchlinux and OSX on your company laptop?20:58
dawnsonbekks: no, archlinux is running on the pc i want to install ubuntu on20:59
samthewildoneI'm able to see my computer in windows but cannot connect to it or browse20:59
Jordan_Udawnson: Search for "The key differences are setting this as the preseed file:".20:59
bekkssamthewildone: Install samba, and create a share.20:59
samthewildoneon win?20:59
dawnsonJordan_U: ah so the preseed file is just a text file as well?20:59
bekkssamthewildone: No. On Ubuntu.20:59
Jordan_Udawnson: Yes.20:59
dawnsonthanks :D21:00
dawnsonwill see if that gets me somewhere21:00
Jordan_Udawnson: You're welcome :)21:00
samthewildonebekks, thats the problem !21:00
samthewildonebekks, I did install it but, it won't launch21:00
bekkssamthewildone: Did you configure it?21:00
samthewildonebekks, it keeps giving me an error, I'm unable to configure it.21:00
Jordan_Udawnson: If not, the kvm method will definitely work, just be sure to install ssh in the VM before trying to reboot in case your keyboard doesn't work in the installed system either.21:01
bekkssamthewildone: Which error prevents you from opening the config file with a text editor?21:01
samthewildoneok configuring21:01
samthewildonebekks, which file do I edit ?21:01
samthewildonebekks, can I pm you ?21:02
bekkssamthewildone: So I take that as "no I did not even try to configure samba yet".21:04
* samthewildone runs from bekks 21:05
samthewildonebekks, nope21:05
samthewildonebekks, I'm relying on the gui application.21:05
bekksForget that GUI.21:05
samthewildonebekks, that doesn't seem to work21:05
bekkssamthewildone: Did you read this already?: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba21:05
samthewildonebekks, a while back... yes21:06
dawnsonJordan_U: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/124417621:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1244176 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu Trusty) "Server 13.10 Install Fails with USB Keyboard (Appears to Hang)" [High,Confirmed]21:13
kuba7447what is the best python IDE ???21:13
Reaperiouskuba7447 have you checked out Eclipse ?. Im not sure, but i think that covers most of things ?21:14
kuba7447what about ninja-ide ?21:15
kuba7447i did tried eclipse for java21:15
Reaperious<--- Cant program, so i realy dont know.21:15
ReaperiousI want to learn, but never had the gutts to do it21:15
kuba7447<------ same21:15
kuba7447i want to start with python21:16
brainwash_then ask in #python please21:16
traekilithey are helpful there btw21:16
kuba7447ok, thanks21:16
kuba7447#python dosent work21:17
smamirCan I get help with something?21:17
kuba7447it says "unregistered"21:18
traekilineeds one more octothorpe21:18
ReaperiousMust register you nick at freenode, i dont know annything more than that. Just checked myself21:18
bekks!register | kuba744721:18
ubottukuba7447: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode21:18
smamirguys! little help here?21:20
Jordan_Udawnson: What version of Ubuntu server are you trying to install?21:20
dawnsonJordan_U: 15.0421:21
traekiliis 1521:21
traekilian lts21:21
dawnsonidk and idc21:21
dawnsoni want the newest one21:21
Jordan_Utraekili: No, Ubuntu 15.04 is not an LTS release.21:21
dawnsonand yes, i have tried the lts one as well21:22
Jordan_Udawnson: From reading that bug report, that particular bug is fixed in Ubuntu 15.04. You may be hitting a different, if similar, bug.21:22
geniitraekili: All even numbered releases ending with .04 are LTS21:22
dawnsonJordan_U: but the last comment says that it is still in 15.04?21:22
traekiliok thank you Jordan_U and genii21:23
dawnsonalso i am not sure what exactly is causing this, but i have had the same symptoms for yeats21:23
Jordan_Udawnson: "Still not working with the 06-Jun-2015 Trusty Netboot installer." Trusty is Ubuntu 14.04.21:23
ReaperiousI want to help ubuntu in some way, programming or annything. But i cant program :(21:23
dawnsonwell it is not working in 15.04 fo rme :D21:23
melvinDoes anyone know what repository i should use for Wireless Intel adapter 7260?21:24
gregLsmamir I doubt anyone will acknowledge you with out a question first... It's best to ask your question and if anyone knows the answer they will chime in...21:24
Jordan_U!contribute | Reaperious21:24
ubottuReaperious: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu21:24
smamirthanks gregL :)21:25
TJ-dawnson: does this always affect the same PC, or lots of different PCs ?21:25
dawnsonTJ-: at least 4 different machines i can remember21:26
dawnsoni self build desktop c, 2 different generation intel NUCs and one dell XPS 1321:26
smamirThe name of months and days in calendar are by default showing in my local language. Can I reverse it back to English? I'm using 14.0421:27
gregLsmamir http://askubuntu.com/questions/288346/how-do-i-change-the-calendar-language21:29
Jordan_Udawnson: Were you using the same keyboard for most of these machines?21:29
dawnsonJordan_U: i tried multiple keyboards on them all. for the XPS the built in one worked afair21:30
dawnsoni tried several cheap and not so cheap logitech ones, wired and with a usb dongle as well as some razor and roccat ones21:30
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Jordan_Udawnson: Your problem likely is caused by needing a kernel module which is available in /lib/modules/ but isn't included in the initramfs. That would explain why the installer failes but the Live system doesn't. That would mean that once installed, Ubuntu server would work with your keyboard.21:33
Guest9568can anyone here vouch for boot-repair? I ran ntfsfix on my Windows 8 drive and now I can't boot to it21:33
Jordan_UGuest9568: Use Windows' chkdsk for repairing ntfs filesystems.21:33
dawnsonJordan_U: yes, (but the deskop installer works fine as well), thats what i am trying to do. I hope that the installer stick i am creating now will work correctly. previously i had edited a wrong file and overwritten the values in there, now i have to start over21:34
dawnsonunfortunately it takes forever, because the image includes a lot of crap i dont need21:34
Jordan_Udawnson: The desktop installer uses a full root filesystem rather than staying within the initramfs, that's why it works.21:35
__Myst__Why does setting $DISPLAY to "localhost:0.0" case an infinite log-in loop?21:35
dawnsonJordan_U: and why are these not included in the initramfs?21:35
__Myst__Every time I try to log-in It sends me back to the log-in screen21:35
__Myst__Removing the "export DISPLAY='localhost:0.0'" line fixed it.21:35
Jordan_Udawnson: Oversight most likely.21:36
dawnsonJordan_U: any ideas if/when this might get changed?21:36
k1l___Myst__: is that a setting that should work at all?21:36
__Myst__k1l_: I wanted to set $DISPLay for feh21:37
__Myst__Cause feh doesn't set my display when I run it from cron21:38
Jordan_Udawnson: If you can figure out what module needs to be added to support your hardware and file a bug report with that information it should be a one line fix (which wouldn't immediately take affect in the installation media).21:38
k1l___Myst__: i dont think the xserver is listening for tcp connections at all21:38
dawnsonhmm no idea what that would be21:38
__Myst__k1l_: How do I change my wallpaper periodically then?21:39
__Myst__Also, what is ctrl+alt+f1 useful for?21:39
__Myst__I mean, I just used it to remove that line from my .bashrc; But I see no other use.21:39
k1l___Myst__: ctrl+alt+f1 is tty121:39
k1l___Myst__: what desktop are you running?21:40
__Myst__k1l_: Yeah, I know it's a terminal. But whatis its purp?21:40
Jordan_Udawnson: If you can figure out how to do so without the keyboard working, running "lsmod" in the initramfs then again after switching to the full filesystem (with the keyboard then working) and comparing the two it would proably be obvious which additional module relates to your USB keyboard.21:40
__Myst__k1l_: I3 is what my WM is. is that related?21:40
k1l___Myst__: of course its related if you ask about trouble with setting the wallpeper21:40
__Myst__k1l_: I'm running i3.21:40
dawnsonyes, but how can i run lsmod without the keyboard working? its an egg/henn problem, isnt it?21:41
k1l_but if you know everything and just rant about stuff you dont understand i loose motivation to help you21:41
__Myst__k1l_: me?21:41
=== adante_ is now known as adante
Jordan_Udawnson: You could pass "init=/sbin/lsmod" as a kernel parameter, which will cause lsmod to be run (followed by a kernel panic when it exits :).21:43
__Myst__KernelPanic? What's that?21:43
TJ-dawnson: You can break inside the initrd, using "break=XXXX" on the kernel command-line, where XXXX is some place to break21:44
traekiliinit=/bin/bash ?21:44
TJ-dawnson: to discover the active XXXX options you can choose do: "grep maybe_break /usr/share/initramfs-tools/init"21:45
traekilithen lsmod21:45
TJ-dawnson:  I'd suggest "break=modules"21:45
Jordan_UTJ-: Then how would dawnson run lsmod, given that they at that point will have no ability to use their keyboard? For some background, we think that their keyboard requires a kernel module that is included in /lib/modules/ but is not included in their initramfs, and we want to figure out what module that is.21:45
xmountso im new to web developing and would like to learn how and know what the best way to learn it is?21:45
Jordan_Udawnson: Actually, from archlinux (or an Ubuntu LiveCD/USB) on the system in question please run "lspci -k" and "lsusb".21:46
dawnsonok, one moment21:46
TJ-Jordan_U: At that point, if dawnson is lucky, the BIOS Legacy USB driver will still be active21:46
dawnsoni finish up the usb stick then walk over and run the command and try to set it21:46
dawnsonTJ-: it is active21:46
dawnsonJordan_U: how do i get the output to you from that machine? :s21:49
dawnsonis there a way to pipe it to pastebin or something?21:49
dawnsonhmmm it looks like that might work21:51
Jordan_Udawnson: "lspci -k | pastebinit" or "lspci -k | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us".21:51
TJ-Sorry; GPU died, grrr.21:53
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=== Xiti` is now known as Xiti
dawnsonJordan_U: it currently looks like the automated setup might work21:55
josiasboa noite21:59
Jordan_Udawnson: OK, you're not using ohci-pci, which confirms that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1244176 doesn't apply to you. You are using xhci_hcd, xhci_pci, ehci-pci, and ehci_pci. I'm checking to see if all of those are included in the initramfs by default now.22:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 1244176 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu Trusty) "Server 13.10 Install Fails with USB Keyboard (Appears to Hang)" [High,Confirmed]22:00
k1l_!br | josias22:01
ubottujosias: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:01
Zack263do u guys have an egg timer that will beep or go off on screen... in the ubuntu store?22:02
Jon__Hey all :)22:02
Zack263Hi Jon!22:02
Jon__Im thinking of installing Ubuntu on my workstation, but im not sure if i should go with server or desktop22:03
Jon__Is server just desktop without Gnome/KDE/etc?22:03
Zack263Well server doesn't have the GOOY interface22:03
Zack263its all text22:03
Zack263if your new to Linux I would go for ubuntu22:03
Zack263not the server22:03
Zack263and I would put knoppix on a flash stick to boot to for fun22:03
Jon__Im pretty good with linux actually - using it for years :)22:03
dawnsonhmm the automated installer does not seem to work as i expected22:04
Jon__One time even, no jokes, installed Gentoo from stage 122:04
Zack263well the question is are u content with terminal only?22:04
Jon__But im older now, and I dnot get any satisfaction in making my life harder than need be22:04
Jon__Yeah sure :)22:04
Zack263what are you gonna do with your linux machine?22:04
k1l_Jon__: the server got the same kernel and packages, just not an installed desktop. so it boots up to a tt122:04
Jon__I write javascript software to crunch numbers in Biology22:05
Zack263oh well I would use the gooy22:05
Jordan_Udawnson: Commit 9bc3a784 added xhci-pci to the list of modules, so now I'm looking to see if that commit made it into Ubuntu 15.04.22:05
Jon__yeah you're probably right22:05
Jon__less headaches down the road22:05
Jon__k1l_:  ah ok, simple enough differnce22:06
Jon__I guess i can always install KDE or whatever later right?22:06
dawnsonJordan_U: thx22:06
Zack263i dont think i use kde22:06
Zack263I think i'm on unity22:06
Zack263i always forget which one is which22:06
Zack263or is it called gnome22:07
k1l_Jon__: yes.22:07
Zack263very confusing all those interfaces22:07
Zack263kde is more like windows22:07
Zack263I think my knooppix disk has kde22:07
Zack263I'm not new to linux but i am new22:07
Zack263I finally took a deeper dive into it22:08
Zack263to find out that its easier than windows22:08
Zack263i think22:08
dawnsoni think my issue is that the preseed file tries to install ubuntu on /dev/sda but /dev/sda is the usb stick if i boot from it. is that possible?22:08
Zack263if i look up instructions for ubuntu stuff it usually works22:08
Zack263not so much for windows22:08
Zack263I'm not really an ubuntu expert dawnson to help you.22:09
Zack263I usually use a special program to install linux distro to a flash stick22:09
Zack263if thats what your trying to do22:10
bekksI usually just use dd to put Ubuntu onto a stick.22:10
dawnsonno, i want to install ubuntu server without any inut because my keyboard does not work during setup22:10
Zack263I don't know dawson its a little over my skill level for ubuntu22:11
Jordan_UWould someone running Ubuntu 15.04 please pastebin the contents of /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions ? It will save me some time looking for the package and extracting it manually.22:12
Amm0ndawnson, you got grub2 on this machine?22:12
xmountim looking to learn web development anybody have any advice?22:12
dawnsonAmm0n: no, it is currently running archlinux with gummiboot22:12
=== julian is now known as Guest12955
Zack263xmount... "web development" is a wide open area22:13
Guest12955Hey, why is it that when I jump between a workspace in unity it drags my current open window with it? It's really annoying 0_022:13
Zack263xmount  - i'd say focus in on apple 5 or 7 stores....22:13
Zack263focus in on adobe products maybe22:13
Amm0ngrub2 can boot iso's but i don't know about gummiboot sry22:13
Zack263but its all preference to wear u want to focus22:13
Guest12955I hit shift + ctrl + alt + left to jump to the left and it drags my window with it!22:13
Zack263xmout i also want to do webdevelopment22:14
k1l_Guest12955: loos the shift22:14
Zack263but theres so much info and so many areas22:14
k1l_the shift tells the window to switch the workspace.22:14
Zack263its very hard to narrow down focus22:14
Guest12955k1l_ thanks sounds like the problem...22:14
herrkinhello, has somebody ever worked with a huawei 353s-2 modem? I cant figure out how to comunicate with it. I tried with others and the ports open, I can see 3 ports in dmesg for this modem but when I try to send commands to them the console says the file doesnt exist. have any idea where I can find help with that?22:14
xmountZack263, are there tutorials out there that you know about?22:15
k1l_Guest12955: if you keep holding the super key the shortcuts get explained22:15
xmountas far as php, html, mysql go22:16
reisio#php, #html, #mysql22:16
reisiodo yourself a favor and replace the first and last with an alternative, though :)22:17
NightKhaosWhy does the SFTP utility not support reput? I need to provide a solution to resume failed transfers to an SFTP server and I'm having trouble finding a client that will do it on Ubuntu (and if anyone says use rsync, the server is an SFTP server, it doesn't have rsync)..22:17
Guest12955k1l_ still not working. Changed the shortcut via settings to [alt + arrowkey] and it still drags the current window into the workspace :S22:17
Zack263xmount i sent you a private message so we dont flood the room on offtopic topic22:17
Jordan_Udawnson: Ubuntu 15.04 does *not* have xhci-pci included in its initramfs, so that is almost certainly the problem you're hitting. The bug has been fixed upstream in Debian, and therefore will be in the next release of Ubuntu. If you'd like it backported to Ubuntu 15.04 please file a new bug report with "ubuntu-bug initramfs-tools" and say that you are hitting Debian bug #773250 and that you would like the fix applied ...22:19
ubottuDebian bug 773250 in initramfs-tools "linux-image-3.18.0-trunk-amd64: USB keyboard not recognized at the time cryptsetup prompt shows up" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/77325022:19
Jordan_U... there to be backported to Ubuntu 15.04, and ask for new install media to be created. (I'm not very hopeful about the request for new install media being granted for a non LTS release).22:20
dawnsonJordan_U: is there a workaround?22:20
OerHeksNightKhaos, i believe the server needs resume enabled, clients are usually ready22:20
OerHeksat least filezilla is22:21
Jordan_Udawnson: You could unpack the initramfs, add the xhci-pci module to /lib/modules/, then repack it.22:22
dawnsonis that complicated? :D22:22
sireorionhey everybody... i have maked a big misstake... i have lost my PHP prefix22:22
__Myst__What is tty1?22:22
NightKhaosWhy does the SFTP utility not support repuOerHeks: man sftp (Ubuntu 14.04), does not support resume. (No reput/put -a). Similarly with CentOS. BSD however has reput support. This is specifically a client problem.22:23
NightKhaosApparently Ctrl+A doesnt' work in this IRC client... *sigh* Anyway. OerHeks see above.22:24
ObrienDave__Myst__, #1 terminal. TTY = TeleTYpe22:25
Jordan_Udawnson: Somewhat, yes. I may have time tomorrow to make a new initramfs that you could use.22:25
sireorionis there anyone that can help me with php prefix?22:26
dawnsonJordan_U: that would be great :) i am trying once more with the automated installer, but if it wont work still then i will give up with this method :D22:26
Guest12955Hey, why is it that when I jump between a workspace in unity it drags my current open window with it? It's really annoying 0_0 I've changed my shortcut to alt + [arrow] and it's still dragging the top-most window into the new workspace!22:27
__Myst__ObrienDave: So why #1? What is #2?22:28
schnitzgeneral question: how does ubunutu / ubuntu cope with changing mainboards 'under its feet'? Both AMD boards, but different sizes / versions.... thinking of just swapping boards... will I need to completely reinstall ubuntu?22:30
reisioschnitz: no, but you may need to reconfig22:30
schnitzit should still boot though, right...22:30
reisioschnitz: any onboard devices you're relying on, audio, graphics, etc., disk controllers22:31
reisioit may well still boot22:31
reisioif it doesn't you can fix it from your install media (without reinstalling)22:31
schnitzof course, no garantuee22:31
schnitzhave no install media... will an ISO do?22:31
reisiothe kernel is very fat, made for lots of hardware22:31
reisiomost any Unixy live OS, yes22:31
schnitzseems worth trying... thanks for letting me know :-)22:32
ObrienDave__Myst__, TTY222:33
ObrienDave__Myst__, can do #1 thru 6. iirc22:33
__Myst__ObrienDave: How do I choose?22:36
dawnsonJordan_U: do you think adding an insmod line to grup will work?22:37
sarkie(since no one replied in elementary)  hi all, ive managed to mess up my elementaryos, with nvidia uninstaller and apt-get, so now I've lost network-manager I think so can't connect on it, I'm dual booting with windows, is there a way I can overwrite the installation with the live cd so I don't lose /home and whatever? maybe apt-cdrom?22:38
bekkssarkie: We have no clue about Elementary OS.22:38
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.22:38
ObrienDave__Myst__, CTRL-ALT F1 thru F6 are the terminal shortcuts22:38
__Myst__oh okay22:38
__Myst__What can I use them for?22:39
sarkiebekks: imagine if it was ubuntu, is it possible?22:39
bekkssarkie: My imagination is sufficient to magically make Ubuntu out of ElementaryOS.22:39
LavaLampShade_Guest12955_, silly question, but did you make that window sticky to all windows?22:40
dawnson:O it is installing the system. i hope it finishes :322:45
dawnsonso close. but i hope i can fix this one22:46
kokuthello, anyone knows if clamv is really needed? how can i remove it?22:47
Bashing-om!virus | kokut22:49
ubottukokut: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus22:49
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux22:49
ubottureisio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:52
reisiono chance there22:52
reisiokokut: remove it as with any other app22:52
dionysus69hey all i have an emergency, first I edited something I shouldnt have in disk util, I changed "identify as" values of the partitions including the root partition and now it drops me to some root of some weird dir, basically I can assume it cant even mount the root partition, so now I booted with the advanced option called "upstard" in the grub menu, how??? what is upstart and how do I change the values back so I can boot regularly???22:53
dionysus69upstart* i meant22:53
Dumle29i know nothing, other that I'd just boot with a live CD and revert the things I did in your case22:54
dionysus69Dumle29: I dont have to boot live cd, I am in the system I could only boot using the upstart option in grub22:55
dionysus69i dont even know what is upstart before there were only two options, regular and recovery22:55
Dumle29dionysus69: No idea what that is :P Upstart is the service management system (that they replaced with systemmd in 15.04)22:55
dionysus69well I dont know what upstart is in my case but i have heard about that when I googled22:56
Dumle29Again. I'd just boot with a live cd (or usb) and fix it from there22:56
dionysus69can you tell me how you have it there22:56
dionysus69open disk util22:57
dionysus69change mount options22:57
dionysus69what is there written for "identify as"22:57
dionysus69i ll try selecting the same option i just dont remember which one was by default22:57
Dumle29For my main disk?22:57
dionysus69i mean for the root partition yes22:57
dawnsondoes the installer write a log file to the disk if an error appears, even if you just reboot the PC without exiting the installer?22:58
dionysus69do you use efi partition too?22:58
Dumle29dionysus69: http://imgur.com/5ctMlaS22:59
dionysus69does it say same for "matches the device with the given uuid" for efi partition?23:00
Dumle29I'm not entirely sure what you are asking23:01
dawnsonhmmm ok, the installation completed, then i got a "bootin in insecure mode" message and now i have a black screen23:01
dionysus69well your root partition is identiffied by the uuid23:02
dionysus69thats what it said below the line you deleted in the screenshot23:02
Dumle29dionysus69: That's just the UUID of my harddisk23:02
dionysus69ye i know but i changed the indentify option of my own hard dist to something else than uuid23:02
dionysus69was wondering what i had to put it back to23:03
dionysus69problem is that i change efi partition too haha23:03
Dumle29dionysus69: I have 5 options, 4 of which start with /dev/ the one selected in there just starts with UUID23:03
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
dionysus69ye will try with that one now23:03
Bashing-om!nomodeset | dawnson Maybe ?23:03
ubottudawnson Maybe ?: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:03
dionysus69thanks :)23:03
dawnsonhm somehow it worked now23:04
dawnsoni hope it works always now23:04
Bashing-omdawnson: Is that a YAHHH !23:04
dawnsonlet me try a reboot :D23:05
dawnsonthen we can get excited23:05
dawnsonbut first i will isntall the available updates23:06
usermehello how do u test mtu on linux23:08
=== dio is now known as Guest28410
bekksuserme: Just take a look at "ifconfig".23:10
usermethe what mate23:10
usermethanks mate got it23:12
usermeits telling me a number can i test it for correct size23:13
sixunhuitGot a question, should I just "ask away"?23:13
tewardsixunhuit: yes, just ask23:13
teward(don't ask to ask)23:13
usermeu can ping a mtu size but not sure how on linux23:14
bekksuserme: "ping a mtu size"?23:14
bekksThat doesnt make sense.23:14
usermeyeah like on windows u can do open a command and type likw google and a size 1472 and says fragmemted or not23:15
bekksuserme: So you want to produce packets with a specific MTU size?23:16
usermein my ps4 downloads going slow and i am trying find correct mtu size on it was 1500 before23:17
TJ-userme: "ping -M [ do | want | dont]" - see "man ping"23:18
bekksuserme: So just use 1500 if you are using a local network.23:18
darthanubisuserme, are you using ppoe as an internet connection?23:18
usermeive tried from 1472 upto 1500 and like 2 gigs 4hrs23:19
usermeim on fibre optic23:19
bekksuserme: The PS4 has no fibre optic network interface.23:19
darthanubisthen leave it at 1500. MTU is not your issue23:19
darthanubisps4 doesnot need a fibre connection23:20
darthanubisit's plugged into his lan23:20
bekksSo he has a local network and should not change the MTU of 1500.23:20
usermeps4 to fibre router with ethernet.  on ps4 network settings can set mtu, dns, static ips.  as the downloads was going slow on some sites say use correct mtu like 1472, 1492. 1500. so im on my laptop findin mtu on linux23:22
darthanubismtu is not your problem23:23
usermedoes speed downloads up if u can find what isp using23:23
darthanubisno one changes from 1500 since about 2000, maybe 199923:24
darthanubisbut on fibre, that's the least of your concerns23:24
usermethat ifconfig just said 150023:24
sixunhuitI switched to ubuntu recently, and I used to trouble shoot my windows quite often, even if no problem was apparent. I would like to do the same thing : keeping an eye on the logs for example. That doable? I tried but figuring out stuff that should be there from stuff that should be investigated is not yet in my skill set.23:25
__Myst__Man I love vim23:25
psusiuserme, tracepath will probe the path MTU23:25
__Myst__I just split a string into three columns and made it a list of cha23:25
__Myst__('x', 'y', 'z')23:25
__Myst__In like three commands23:25
dionysus69I fixed it, I just had to put mount point at / instead of /mnt/UId etc... not my fault disk util changed it itself while I changed different thing :S23:26
TJ-userme: the MTU is set by the encapsulation used ... if the link is encapsulating in PPPoE then 1492 is the usual setting23:26
psusidarthanubis, gigabit ethernet supports jumbo frames so a larger mtu there is useful at least for local communications23:26
usermeon my old adsl was 1500 now on fibre saying 1492. 1472.23:27
darthanubispsusi, yeah, but he is worried about non lan connections If I understand him/her23:27
usermeim a him23:27
psusiuserme, your ISP must be using the stupid pppoe protocol, which adds its own 8 byte header23:27
usermeoverheads of 2823:27
psusii.e. you have to "dial up" with a username and password to establish internet connectivity23:28
TJ-userme: yeah, baby jumbo frames aka EFC4638 allowed 1508 for the Ethernet frame so that the PPP payload could be a full 150023:28
darthanubis"The normal MTU (Maximum Transmit Unit) value for most Ethernet networks is 1500 Bytes, or 1492 Bytes for PPPoE connections. For some ISPs you may need to reduce the MTU ,but this is rarely required, and should not be done unless you are sure it is necessary for your ISP connection."23:28
usermethere is good program tcp optimizer dont work on linux23:28
darthanubislast used that in 199723:28
darthanubisin windows xp23:29
Nothing_MuchI have a question, when will Audacity 2.1.0 be introduced into Ubuntu?23:30
TJ-userme: Are you on FTTH or VDSL (FTTC) ?23:30
TJ-userme: OK so the modem will be using PPP23:31
psusiNothing_Much, possibly in 15.10 assuming someone bothers to package it23:31
Nothing_Muchpsusi, Blah23:31
sixunhuitusing : sudo reboot results in black lines (with bits of colors) over the ubuntu logo23:35
leafybasilI'm referencing a shell script in a .desktop file to load DWM with some config before hand, for some reason xmodmap and setxkbmap are not being run/applied, anyone know why?23:35
reisioleafybasil: from within X?23:36
reisiomight need to use DISPLAY=:0 (etc.)23:36
leafybasilreisio, sorry can you give a bit more detail and I can look it up?23:36
reisioleafybasil: try: DISPLAY=$(ps aux | egrep -o 'X :[\.0-9]+' | head -1 | cut -d ' ' -f 2) script23:39
asmodai_hi I'm having an issue with my wallpaper. each time I switch back on my screen forgets the one I set.23:40
leafybasilsorry reisio i have no idea what that would mean.23:40
reisioreplace 'script' with your script23:40
jeeves_mosswhat is the simplest way to jail a user to their home dir?23:41
ObrienDavelock 'em up ;P23:41
reisiojeeves_moss: to what end23:41
asmodai_remove permissions for that user23:41
leafybasilreisio, sorry i missed that, i'll give it a whirl shortly23:41
jeeves_mossI would say slap 'em23:41
reisiojeeves_moss: ...uhyeah?23:42
jeeves_mossreisio, we have some web programmers who are being difficult and claim they want shell access.  The manager is an idoit push over, so I'm being pushed into giving them access.  The last programmer made a MESS out of the OS, so I need to keep them jailed into their home dir (ie. the web root of the project they're working on).23:42
reisiohow'd he make a mess of the OS without root?23:44
leafybasilreisio, "ps aux | egrep -o 'X :[\.0-9]+' | head -1 | cut -d ' ' -f 2" on it's own returns nothing23:45
jeeves_mossreisio, they started to reference OS files in their web code, etc.  lets just say I ended up with this mess dropped on my desk.23:45
reisioleafybasil: then X probably isn't running23:46
reisiojeeves_moss: so they didn't make a mess of the OS, they just told your boss that they needed more access because no workie blah blah?23:46
reisioasmodai_: I'm a one23:46
leafybasilreisio, how comes I can use xsetroot and xset ?23:47
asmodai_lol you sure?23:47
ObrienDavei'm not any ;P23:47
reisioleafybasil: probably because X is running23:47
jeeves_mossreisio, yea. I know this guy is a lazy joke, so I'm being forced to jump through hoops in order to prove he's full of it so I can fire him23:47
linuxuz3rhi ho23:47
linuxuz3rInconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-version.c: 224: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != ((void *)0)' failed!23:47
linuxuz3rive been dealing with so many errors for 2 days now23:48
linuxuz3ri hope someone can help me23:48
reisiojeeves_moss: what if he complained about his jail?23:48
jeeves_mossthen I tell him to suck on it.23:48
reisiocouldn't you do that already and save yourself the trouble?23:49
TJ-linuxuz3r: that looks pretty serious, has the system had bad RAM modules that have caused disk contents to be corrupted?23:49
=== spinza_ is now known as spinza
intekwhats the best way to tell if a harddrive is bad from a live usb23:50
reisiointek: try to use it23:50
TJ-intek: check "/var/log/kern.log" for I/O error reports on the device23:50
reisiojeeves_moss: apt-cache search jail23:50
intekit wont allow for install23:50
asmodai_ahh think i got it. I remember what I did wrong23:51
leafybasilreisio, you're not making much sense, in the same file, three lines before I can use xsetroot, but I xmodmap does nothing.  Surely X is loaded?23:52
Zack263are there any free magazine on webdesign or coding in the ubuntu store?23:53
OerHeksZack263, no, but there are on fullcirclemagazine23:53
Zack263oh yes i see it, thanks i'll check it out23:54
reisioleafybasil: surely23:54
Zack263i should make a free magazine we need more23:55
Zack263oh snaps its not free23:55
OerHeksFCM are all free.23:55
OerHekshttp://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/ and http://fullcirclemagazine.org/special-editions/23:55
Zack263oh.. it says free i was looken at the buy button23:56
reisiobased on this website's code, I'd guess all their information is poor23:57
jeeves_mossreisio, sorry, system locked up.23:59
linuxuz3rwell it works now23:59

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