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schnitzhey need a little help with ubuntu in general, have troubles getting my graphic card(s) to run17:13
schnitzright place?17:14
schnitzupdated to 15.04 and am not so deeply involved with Linux, but everything worked well for many months. Now suddenly, I have only 60Hz whatever I do17:16
schnitz(yes I'm running an old school monitor)17:16
schnitzProblem is, I have a onboard APU with an additional graphics card. Both AMD / ATI ... under Windows, with ATI drivers, they work together well, do multi-GPU load balancing17:17
schnitzunder Ubuntu, they seem to collide now17:18
schnitzSince I'm not doing anything graphics intense, I was wondering whether I could *disable* and additional grafics cards hardware-wise under Linux17:18
schnitzaticonfig is not working properly under Linux, tried lots of configs, it mostly crashes and doesn't help at alll17:19
holsteinschnitz: you mean, both intel and ati?17:25
holsteinanyways, i had an nvidia version of that.. dual GPU.. i was able to disable the nvidia part, and only use the intel part17:26
holsteinanyways, you are in the right general area.. i would experiement with the GPU drivers17:26
holsteinif its me, i would download the live 15.04 iso. or, 14.04, if i dont want to mess with this often.. i would see how to simply implment what i want, which would just be a desktop that works well for my needs, not both ati and intel at the same time17:27
holsteinif you want to "fiddle" about with your install, you can simply remove/purge any/all proprietary drivers you have installed, *backup*, but then remove or rename your xorg.conf, and try stock ubuntu with the open ati drivers17:28
schnitzno its both ati17:35
schnitzfirst of all17:35
schnitzthey're both using fglrx_pci17:35
holsteinschnitz: i really dont think so, friend17:35
holsteinmaybe you have an onboard with a dual head kind of thing17:35
holsteinbut, what do i know17:35
holsteinanyways, if whoever made the hardware wants to, they can support linux for you.. but, if they dont, then, you'll have to do it yourself,which can be challenging17:36
schnitzhey thanks for helping, just a slight misunderstanding... yeah, I have a APU with an onboard GPU17:36
schnitzfrom AMD17:36
holsteini'll pull one, and work with *just* one at a time17:36
schnitzbut I'm still looking for a way w/o physically removing17:36
schnitzie. pulling17:36
schnitzsince I have 2 OS, and under Windows it works fine17:37
holsteinsure, and again, if the creators of those graphics chips want, they can provide you a nice and easy way for that to work, as you are seeing that they are capable of doing for windows17:37
schnitzI was wondering whether I could make ubuntu believe the additional graphics card (also ATI) 'doesn't exist'17:37
holsteinif not, you may find it is the easiest to reinstall, or to pull the hardware and deal with them indeividually17:37
holsteinschnitz: if you have installed the proprietary drivers, and a custom xorg.conf is in place, still, which, i suggest trying to bypass, that could have blacklisted a module, or create a conf file that doesnt "see" is17:38
schnitzok i see what you're trying to get at... thanks17:40
holsteinon my production machine, i just disabled the internal GPU.. i have a dual head nvidia card.. when i tried to do both, it didnt work well17:40
holsteinso, i decided to go with what i thought would be more stable17:41
schnitzthat makes a lodda sense, maybe I should do the same and disable the internal GPU17:41
schnitzinstead of the other way round17:41
schnitzbut not quite sure how I can do that if both use the same driver17:42
schnitzalso, aticonfig is a mess17:42
schnitzin the sense thats its crashing when I do changes17:42
schnitzthere is an option for doing this under aticonfig, however, it does not persist, ie. take effect17:42
schnitzwhich is why I'm here too :-)17:43
schnitzafter start-up those changes from aticonfig either don't take effect or the system crashed on aticonfig at booting17:43
holsteinsure.. try not using aticonfig17:44
holsteintry removing the proprietary driver, and using just the open, included driver17:44
holsteinif you want to know if that will work, try the live iso.. you can do that without changing your system at all17:44
schnitzsure, I will remove the proprietary driver now.17:45
holsteinyou'll likely simply make them persistent by saving the xorg.conf it creates17:45
holsteinyou can also try 14.04, and see if it just works "better", and install and use it.. since, it will be supported longer17:46
schnitzI had the same problem under 14.04, tbh17:46
schnitzok removed the proprietary driver17:47
schnitzyup aticonfig has been removed17:48
holsteinsure. im not suggesting 14.04 as a "fix".. just that, *when* you get this resolved in someway, you can have it working for 5 years17:48
holsteininstead of a few more months..17:48
schnitzA few months is eternity in my world... :-)17:49
holsteinanyways, what i would be doing is, removing variables.. testing with the live iso, and seeing if the open driver works.. if you are skipping that, fine.. then, i would deal with them one at a time and see that the open driver works with them..17:49
holsteini would look and make sure i have no xorg.conf in place..17:49
holsteini would back it up, and rename, or remove it..17:49
schnitzinteresting. OK I will reboot then, I now the Live ISO works.17:50
holsteinsure. but with what?17:51
holsteinwith the open driver?17:51
holsteinanyways, as i said, you want to skip that, skip it17:51
schnitzat least pretty sure17:51
schnitzsure enough17:51
holsteinits just, *I* dont know that. and now you are "pretty sure"17:51
schnitzoh well :-) This is fun, I like you :-)17:51
holsteinand we are implementing that driver, and i dont have your hardware.. no one from ATI is here, and we dont know that its going to do anything17:51
schnitzwell sorry for that. I'm the kinda quick and dirty guy17:52
schnitzI'm happy to explain everything in more details .-) ... answer *do* exist17:52
schnitzOK so the pretty sure thing... I've been trying many Live ISO Linux distributions before I chose UbuntuStudio on this same hardware setup 6 months ago. They ALL managed to bring up a decent resolution and rate.17:54
schnitzCan't imagine they all had some proprietary ATI driver on board17:54
holsteinsure. so, you can skip that..17:55
schnitzthats the pretty sure / common sense thing I was getting at...17:55
schnitzbut hunting and deleting xorg.confs seems like a great idea17:55
schnitzfor now, I'll reboot and be back in 1min... thanks so far, you've been great, cu soon :-)17:55
ubottuX.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf17:55
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. | Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf | ATI proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd | Nvidia proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia17:56
holsteinschnitz: *if* you reboot, with a "broken" xorg.conf in place, you can actually not be able to get to the desktop17:56
schnitzgood point17:56
schnitzso better delete them now?17:56
holsteinif there is one..17:57
schnitzI'll have a look17:57
holsteinand , i'll look at my sources, and make sure i dont have any PPA's that will "break" anything.. and do a quick update17:57
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:57
holsteini want to make sure i have the latest kernel.. ill make sure i understand where xorg.conf is, and how to edit it from a live iso, or recovery prompt17:57
holsteini'll know how to get to grub.. i may even go and unhide it, so i know i can see my older kernels, if the new one doesnt work17:58
schnitzI understand17:59
schnitzfound it17:59
schnitzit still exists17:59
schnitzand opened it17:59
holsteinso, again, i would back it up, and rename, or remove it17:59
schnitzits still trying to reference aticonfig17:59
schnitzthanks, will do, of course17:59
schnitzabout the update17:59
schnitzI've updated to Ustudio 15.04 yesterday18:00
holsteini would have removed the proprietary driver *before* that, anyway18:01
schnitzgood point18:03
schnitzso xorg.conf is removed. Now I shall reboot18:04
schnitzcu soon18:04
schnitzoh well :-)18:07
schnitznow running solid 640&480 at 73Hz yeah:-)18:07
holsteinso, i would just use the open driver, if its meeting your needs18:08
holsteinif not, you can try reinstalling the proprietary one18:09
ubottuX.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf18:10
Samul`hi guys18:41
Samul`I need a piece of software which allows me to play live the input from a usb mic (so a mixer), but with support for plugins and effects18:42
Samul`is there any?18:42
Samul`I've tried a couple but they were either unstable or I didn't like them18:42
holsteinSamul`: yes19:16
holsteinSamul`: there is simply a jack mixer19:16
holstein!info jack-mixer19:16
ubottujack-mixer (source: jack-mixer): JACK Audio Mixer. In component universe, is optional. Version 10-1 (vivid), package size 53 kB, installed size 340 kB19:16
holsteinyou can set it up, and then route that to a plugin host, or route to standalone jack plugins..19:17
holsteinyou can always just route live through something like ardour, or qtractor, as well.. but ,that will likely be overkill19:17
holsteinuse #opensourcemusicians when its slow here19:17
Samul`okay thank you very much man19:18
holstein!info zynjacku19:18
ubottuzynjacku (source: zynjacku): JACK based host for LV2 synths and LV2 plugins. In component universe, is optional. Version 6-4 (vivid), package size 136 kB, installed size 451 kB19:18
holsteinfor example ^19:19
Samul`sounds good19:20
Samul`I'll take a look, thank you again :)19:21
Samul`ubottu: I installed jack-mixer, but it isn't clear to me how to use LV2 plugins on output19:23
ubottuSamul`: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:23
Samul`I failed to tab you, holstein19:23
holsteinSamul`: should have a manual19:23
holsteinbut, i would expect to launch and start jack, have is table19:24
Samul`yeah, did it19:24
holsteinthen, i would launch and setup a simple plug with the mixer.. jack-mixer19:24
holsteinthen, i would route that to a plugin host19:24
Samul`and I properly set it up so that input mic results in speaker output19:24
Samul`but I cannot figure out how to use plugins19:24
holsteinnone of that matters19:24
holsteinremove that from the equation19:24
Samul`oh, I was expecting it to have a built-in plugin manager19:25
holsteinplay a simple audio file, in an audio player.. route that through the mixer, and try implemting plugins til it works19:25
holsteinSamul`: there are many19:25
Samul`no I mean19:25
holsteinSamul`: you can try that one i suggested for lv2's.. or, you can try using ardour/qractor19:25
Samul`I have to use plugins on the mic19:25
holsteinor you can try one of the other hosts19:25
holsteinSamul`: sure, friend.. i understand what you want in the end19:25
holsteinbut, you *dont* have to do that right now19:26
holsteinyou can simply do that with a simple audio file playing in an audio player19:26
holsteinbut, do what you like19:26
Samul`okay so, I have ardour installed on my computer19:26
holsteinim saying, get the plugin host working19:26
holsteinit doenst have to be with the mic input19:26
Samul`I don't know how, this is the first time I've had to do something like this19:26
holsteinSamul`:  cool. simply spend some time, then, learning to route signal in jack19:26
Samul`how can I do this through ardour?19:26
holsteinunder "connect" in "qjackctl" or one of the other connection managers19:27
Samul`I know how to route, actually, but I have never had to use plugins with it19:27
holsteinSamul`: using ardour as the plugin host19:27
Samul`I've always had my track in ardour, and the plugins were applied to it19:27
holsteinSamul`: route through a plugin host..19:27
Samul`but if I connect the mic in to ardour track, won't it just record it?19:28
holsteinno need to use the mic, right now19:28
holsteinyou can simply import an audio track there.. and test with it19:28
holsteini understand the final goal is "mic to effect to speaker"19:28
holsteinbut, there is no need to do that right now19:28
holsteinyou can just test  "effect to speaker" with something easier19:28
Samul`I already know which plugins to use and how to use them, so what is the purpose of using plugins on an audio track?19:28
holsteinSamul`: do what yo like, friend19:28
Samul`no I mean19:28
Samul`does it even have a purpose?19:29
holsteini would route my mic to a plugin host.. select my plugin, and test my route19:29
holsteinSamul`: yes.. simplifying the route, for testing19:29
Samul`but what on the earth is a plugin host?19:29
Samul`isn't ardour a daw?19:29
holsteinSamul`: inn this case, you are using ardour to host19:29
holsteinSamul`: you can use zynjacku19:29
Samul`in which way? what does the mic in have to be connected to?19:29
holsteinSamul`: to the plugin you want it to me using19:30
holsteinSamul`: you are asking how to route the mic to an effect then to the speaker19:30
Samul`but if I use jack to route things, I only have the tracks in my ardour session19:30
holsteinso, you route the mic to a plugin host, and load the effect you want19:30
Samul`don't know how to route it to "a plugin"19:30
holsteinSamul`: you route to a track, apply effects/plugin, and they will come out of ardour19:31
holsteinno need to record, in this case.. since, you are not trying to record the signal..19:31
Samul`then I connect the track to system playback?19:31
holsteinthe track or ardour's out.. whatever is carrying the signal you want to hear in the speaker19:31
holsteinshould be fine with just that track out.. using ardour as a host for the plugin you are applying19:32
Samul`ooh now I freaking understand it!!19:32
Samul`thank you so much19:32
Samul`lemme try so19:32
holsteinthough, its overkill to use ardour for that.. so you can swap something else lighter in for ardour19:32
Samul`sure, but the big deal was to understand the concept—how it works19:34
holstein!info jack-rack19:34
ubottujack-rack (source: jack-rack): LADSPA effects "rack" for JACK. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.8~rc1-2 (vivid), package size 79 kB, installed size 264 kB19:34
holsteinthats the other one i havfe used in the pase ^19:34
Samul`sure enough I'll take a look soon19:34
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kris27mcI'm attempting to install Spotify but I need libgcrypt.so.1120:17
Unit193!find libgcrypt.so.1120:17
ubottuPackage/file libgcrypt.so.11 does not exist in vivid20:17
kris27mcIt's not in the Canonical repo. So I need a safe source20:18
kris27mcThere's a newer version called "libgcrypt.so.20"20:18
kris27mcBut it's incompatible with Spotify20:18
Unit193libgcrypt20 is the up to date package, yes.20:18
kris27mcWould it be safe to add an old Canonical repo? Like from Trusty?20:19
holsteinkris27mc: adding any source, really isnt "safe"20:39
holsteinif anything, i would cherry-pick a deb, and know how to remove it..20:39
holsteinyou cant just stream spotify? maybe run the andoid version in a browser?20:39
Unit193Or get a newer version.20:40
guest-A2QGz1sudo dmidecode --type memory21:58
* LikeVinyl is away: "no hay wifi, hablen entre uds."23:03

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