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jouknoob here, I have an error in my /etc/init/foo.conf. I fixed the file, but when I try to "stop", the fix is not present. It looks like it's using a cached file somewhere19:07
joukHow do I make upstart "reload" my new foo.conf?19:07
astrumasjouk: Is this what you mean? http://upstart.ubuntu.com/faq.html#reload19:11
astrumasSupposedly it should do it automatically, but looks like you can force it.19:12
joukhm, the problem is that the "stop" command does not work (that's what I fixed)19:13
joukso when I try to initctl reload, the same error occurs19:13
astrumasHmm... is it safe for you to kill the job the hard way?19:14
astrumasOr even reboot the machine if thats possible in your environment, heh19:14
joukastrumas: what's the hard way?19:15
astrumasinitctl list, find your running jobs, "process XXX", where XXX should be the PID, then "kill XXX".19:17
astrumasEssentially kill all the jobs that use that config and try to restart them.19:17
joukoh, yeah I can do that. let me give it a shot19:17

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