* bluesabre fumbles around trying to rename a debian bug02:47
Unit193https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq#How_do_I_make_my_first_package.3F mentions it.02:48
bluesabreyay, it just took a while https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=78101402:49
ubottuDebian bug 781014 in wnpp "ITP: xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin -- Xfce4 panel plugin to" [Wishlist,Open]02:49
Unit193bluesabre: Great!02:50
Unit193Well, ok at least .:P02:51
Unit193I didn't do it = great02:51
Unit193Should I nitpick? :P02:54
bluesabreonly if you want to make the changes :p02:56
Unit193...Not done.03:02
bluesabrewhat'd you do?03:06
Unit193Nope, not done.  I'm not play with this crap anymore.03:09
Unit193Read manpage.03:10
Unit193Follow manpage03:10
bluesabrepoor Unit19303:10
bluesabrewhat are you trying to accomplish?03:11
Unit193Using an application how the manpage directs you to, the 'bts' application.03:22
Unit193Figured, forget this.  Man, I like LP so much right now, it's bad.03:27
ubottuDebian bug 781014 in wnpp "ITP: xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin -- Xfce4 panel plugin to control pulseaudio" [Wishlist,Open]03:31
Unit193bluesabre: Don't touch bts, reportbug isn't jacked up though, I've used it before.03:31
bluesabreI just used the email commands03:31
Unit193Email is the only way, it's a terrible system.03:32
bluesabreI'll do the xfdashboard ITP in the morning, unless you want to mess with it03:32
bluesabretomorrow it is03:34
bluesabresleep now, bbl03:34
Unit193I filed an xorg bug, didn't do anything though. :P03:34
NoskcajNew xfpm won't let me change brightness via hotkeys. Is this a known issue?09:07
ochosiNoskcaj: there has been another report of that, but we haven't changed anything there. so it's likely something else13:50
sorinbHello. I know that this may sound idiotic, but how can I open a xfce module in eclipse ? I come from Java background, where I use maven, so there is a file which Eclipse reads in order to open the module. How  can I open for example http://git.xfce.org/xfce/exo/tree/exo-open inside eclipse ?14:06
sorinbMakefile Project ?14:07
lderanis your eclipse setup for c/c++'ing?14:09
sorinbI'd like to try to fix a bug I've reported yesterday, so I'd like to dive in a little bit in the  code, even that I don't know C/C++ nor GTK 314:10
lderanyou might need to setup an eclipse project and copy the files into it or just open the main.c file with eclipse14:11
sorinblderan, what I am mostly interested is to be able to navigate from one class to another when clicking on an object. Having an easy way to navigate through files it will be easier to understand the code14:14
sorinbi guess :)14:14
lderanthen all you need is the main.c file really, use automake or make -f Makefile.in to compile and see if your patch works :)14:17
sorinblderan, I'm not useless in C++, I'm null in C++. It will get some time for me to be able to produce a patch. Let's not say that I might fix something in the wrong place, don't even know if my bug report is valid :)14:20
lderansure it is, what goes wrong with exo-open?14:25
sorinellolderan, : let me find the issue14:53
sorinellolderan, https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11976 it might be a wrong issue14:56
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11976 in Settings Manager "Preferred Applications does not update default browser properly (xdg-open)" [Normal,New]14:56
dkesselmhh today's parole version does not crash, but instead hangs while consuming 100% of one cpu thread17:59
sorinellolderan, ping18:13
brainwashdkessel: but parole was not updated, so it's still the same version, or?18:18
dkesseli got an update from the -dev ppa, revision 898 -> 899 (wily)18:20
dkesseli haven't looked at the code changes ;) maybe this changed behaviour is just because of some other package update....18:20
dkesselanyway, still unusable18:21
Noskcajochosi, It seems to be that the panel plugin's brightness slider is taking control from everything else20:12
knomebluesabre, ochosi: think you might be interested in https://bugs.launchpad.net/~elfy/+subscribedbugs20:39
sorinelloHello. I have cloned the entire exo repo, and opened it in Eclipse, using Import -> Makefile project. To problem is that I get a TON of errors in main.c because a lot of the symbols cannot be resolved. Could someone tell me what am I doing wrong ?21:04
knomemaybe you need libexo-1-0-dbg (and exo-utils-dbg)21:06
sorinellothose are packages ?21:08
Unit193dbg?  Not likely, though I have no idea how Eclipse works, I'd think it's talking about libxfceui4 symbols.21:08
knomelibxfce4ui-1-dbg then21:08
sorinellofor example, 2 includes cannot be found: #include <glib/gstdio.h>21:08
sorinello#include <gio/gio.h>21:08
Unit193Then you need those dev packages.21:09
Unit193sudo apt-get build-dep exo21:09
sorinellothanks, installing now21:09
sorinellobut just as curiosity, how does Eclipse know where to look for these files ?21:10
sorinellook, installed the package along a lot of other dependencies, but I still get the same number of errors21:11
Unit193That's relative to the includes dir, so gio is a dir and gio.h is the file.21:12
sorinelloI reimport the project, Eclipse is asking me "Toolchain for Indexer Settings": I have 4 options: 1) none, 2) Cross GCC, 3) GNU Autotools Toolchain, 4) Linux GCC. Which should I choose ?21:13
sorinellook, I've managed to fix most of them... not it's complaining about GTK21:20
sorinelloI see a lot of related gtk packages, could you tell me which one I need ?21:21
knomesorinello, what are you actually trying to achieve?21:22
knomesorinello, why are you looking at the exo repository to begin with?21:22
sorinelloknome, do be able to look at main.c from exo-open without having errors in eclipse21:23
knomesorinello, no, that's not what i'm asking21:23
sorinelloI imported the full exo module, from its root, but I am interested in exo-open21:23
knomewhat are you looking to do with exo-open?21:23
sorinellostudy a bit the code, play around, maybe fix an issue I've reported21:23
knomethen i think it would be more beneficial for your hacking that you figured out the packages you need yourself21:24
knome(no, i don't even know the answer to that question)21:24
sorinellookay. too bad the docs don't have more detailed steps on how to setup a dev environment21:24
knome#xfce-dev is likely better for getting information on setting up xfce devel environment21:25
knome^ on that channel you can leave feedback about that, and if you are willing, volunteer to help improving the docs21:25
sorinellothanks for pointing, didn't know about that channel21:25
knomeyou're welcome, good luck21:26
sorinellook, managed to fix that, but now I get some missing includes which I really don't know even where they should be :))21:38
sorinellosymbols like: EXIT_FAILURE, EXIT_SUCCESS21:38
sorinelloand  PACKAGE_VERSION21:39
ochosidkessel: no new relevant commits in parole. you can always check here: http://git.xfce.org/apps/parole/ (only translation updates)22:07
ochosidkessel: so it's very unlikely (again or still) that this is really related to parole. might be some gtk3 or gstreamer hickups in 15.1022:08
ochosiNoskcaj: hm, strange, works just fine here. so what you're saying is that the plugin's slider works but the laptop's brightness buttons don't?22:08
ochosisorinello: so wait, apt-get build-dep didn't do the trick for you at all? did you run ./autogen.sh and then you got the missing symbols thing?22:11
ochosiNoskcaj: so with 1.4.4 everything is fine while with 1.5.0/1.5.1 it isn't?22:12
sorinelloochosi, you mean build-essential ? Cos I can't find build-dep22:17
ochosiehm, running "sudo apt-get build-dep exo" didnt work?22:18
sorinelloochosi, yepp, I have it installed. I ran autogen.sh, all seemed good. Debug support: full, GNU visibility: yes. Then I ran make and it crashed with: exo-job.c: In function 'exo_job_emit_valist':22:20
sorinelloexo-job.c:398:3: error: 'g_io_scheduler_job_send_to_mainloop' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/glib-2.0/gio/gioscheduler.h:42): Use 'g_main_context_invoke' instead [-Werror=deprecated-declarations]22:20
ochosioh ok22:22
sorinellowhat am I doing wrong ?22:22
ochosiwell, in that case run autogen with less debug support ;)22:22
ochosie.g. ./autogen.sh --enable-debug=no22:23
ochosithat should help with the deprecation warnings22:23
ochosithing is, with full debug support the compiler considers warnings deadly threats22:24
sorinelloindeed, this worked :)22:24
sorinelloochosi, and if I want to open the code in eclipse, I have to include some additional paths, right ? pointing to /usr/include .....22:25
ochosisorry, with eclipse you're on your own. i've never used it for anything22:25
sorinellowhat IDE do you use, vim ? :)22:26
ochosimousepad ;D22:26
ochosino, tbh i don't use IDEs for my coding. all i need is an editor with syntax highlighting22:26
ochosigeany is quite nice though22:27
sorinellohave you tried sublime ?22:27
knomeochosi, but mister big mister, shouldn't this discussion be on -offtopic22:27
ochosioh, the channel police!22:28
brainwash_we prefer open source software22:28
knomeat your service!22:28
sorinellosorry for the noise, I'll keep quitet :)22:28
ochosisorinello: i might have. and i might have tried atom22:28
knomesorinello, i'm mostly kidding, but on a serious note too, #xubuntu-offtopic isn't a horrible place :)22:28
knomebrainwash_, the royal "we" ?22:29
ochosisorinello: also, no reason thou shall "quitet" straight away22:30
ochosiespecially because everyone here seems to be in a jolly mood tonight22:30
knomeochosi, are you making me put on my language police hat on as well?22:30
* ochosi wants to see how many hats knome can put on at once22:30
knometwo hats together look silly, you know22:31
ochosisorinello: anyway, good luck with fixing that exo bug!22:32
* knome puts the jester hat on top of the bearskin22:32
ochosithanks, that pretty much makes my night :)22:32
knomeochosi, now see, this looks totally silly!22:32
ochosianyway, that means i can finally head off to bed22:33
sorinelloochosi, I don't even know if it's a valid one: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1197622:33
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11976 in Settings Manager "Preferred Applications does not update default browser properly (xdg-open)" [Normal,New]22:33
knomeochosi, good night ;)22:33
* ochosi ticks "make knome wear >1 hats" off his bucket list and wanders off22:33
brainwash_sorinello: did you try "exo-open ..."?22:34
ochosisorinello: last note before i leave: chrome might not be best-practice in this respect and xdg-open != exo-open22:34
sorinelloyeah, I agree, but if other apps use xdg-open ... exo-open becomes useless for these programs22:35
sorinellospeaking of hats, I have my dumb user hat on right now :)22:35
brainwash_also, ubuntu ships with an old and custom patched xdg-open version22:35
brainwash_please try the git version22:35
sorinellothe one which expects this setting from xfce-settings to go system wide22:35
sorinellobtw: you can close my issue if you consider it's invalid22:36
brainwash_but it does not work as expected22:38
brainwash_sorinello: it's probably bug 138892222:43
ubottubug 1388922 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu) "xdg-open doesn't properly detect Xfce/Xubuntu" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138892222:43
brainwash_xdg-open calls exo-open if it detects xfce or xubuntu22:44

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