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barrydkMore Ubuntu Maaitjies04:53
andrewlsdHi peeps. 06:47
andrewlsdbarrydk: you were here early. (according to the IRC logs, unless they're in UTC)06:49
mazalHi andrewlsd07:01
mazalYeah we start work at 6:15am already07:02
mazalMe and Barry 07:02
Kilosmorning mazal  andrewlsd  barrydk  ThatGraemeGuy  and others07:02
andrewlsdWb Kilos 07:03
andrewlsdlate night mining?07:03
Kilosnono woke just before 7 and it was cold, so i thought 10 mins more wont hurt07:03
Kilosi have long 10 mins it seems07:04
mazalHi ThatGraemeGuy , Kilos07:04
* andrewlsd lurks, as usual07:10
Kiloswill ping you when im awake 07:11
inetprogood mornings07:15
Kilosmorning inetpro  07:15
TinuvaMacmorning gents07:35
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  07:36
andrewlsdmorning TinuvaMac 07:36
* andrewlsd goes to find coffee07:36
Kiloshi Jacques_Stry  gaanit?07:37
Jacques_StryGoed en oom07:38
Kilosgoed dankie07:39
MaNIwas half expecting the ancient aliens guy07:47
MaNIdoesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the delay of medupi and kusile are major causes though :p07:54
mazalall boils down to incompetance08:06
MaNIhaha now they are blaming cloudy weather08:09
MaNI"Eskom has cited power loss from units across the country including cloudy weather conditions affecting solar power projects in the Northern Cape."08:09
mazalI wish I could fiber08:43
Kilosdont we all08:43
mazal4mb fiber with 100gig data , only R350 rand08:43
mazal4mb ADSL with only 15gig data , R53008:43
mazalOnly SA08:44
mazalMaybe in 2150 my town will get fiber :P08:44
MaNIheh, I should have bought somewhere with fiber :(08:46
mazalI am amazed at how much cheaper for much more data it is against ADSL08:46
mazalBecause with ADSL there is Telkom's stupid rule that have to pay for a telephone line as well. Even if you don't want it , you must08:47
mazalThat drives the price of an ADSL line up by R180 automatically08:48
linR180 per month?08:48
linThat's brutal!08:48
mazalRoughly , it's R168 before VAT08:48
mazalAnd it's forced unto you if you want ADSL08:49
linAlmost unsustainable for a single user08:49
linInternet access is a commodity08:49
mazalI have to pay that every month , even though I never use the phone08:49
linBut Telco's like cashing on it like a money cow08:49
linYes...I know that feel08:49
mazalBut the 3g route's data is waaaaaaayyy to overpriced , so there a user is also screwed08:50
linmazal, where are you located? ADSL sounds a bit overkill now..08:50
mazalADSL still by far the most affordable on data rates08:51
linMost telcos in Kenya will issue you a 3G USB dongle or a SOHO router with a SIM that you pay for as you use..08:51
mazalData prices and dreadful signal strengths is what still killing the 3G way08:51
linDo tell..08:51
mazalWhere I live we still on normal edge08:52
mazalWe don't even have 3g08:52
mazalAnd data prices , shees. I can get 20gig on ADSL for the same price as 1gig on 3G08:52
Kilosand im nagging telkom because my 3g is too slow08:52
Kilos3g is expensive08:52
mazalSA , all about getting rich without providing a service08:53
MaNIso true08:53
MaNIsome wifi providers are a bit more affordable than ADSL - though not by a drastic amount, but that depends on where you live08:54
mazalWe defnitely don't have that either08:54
linWhat are your opinions on Neotel SA?08:55
linThe flight school I'll be attending in SA is provided for by Neotel..08:56
MaNII'm enraged by what a failure they are08:57
MaNIit is almost like they signed some non compete as part of the licensing process or something08:57
MaNIwait multiple decades for a second national operator and when we finally get one they are a lame duck08:58
linso with Neotel we're fucked...08:58
MaNIyour flight school will probably get good enough service08:59
MaNIit is just that they have poor coverage and aren't really offering better packages, performance, price etc.08:59
linAt that rate, internet access in Kenya sounds way cheaper and faster.09:00
linI pay about KES 3500 per month for Zuku internet, unlimited data, at 20 Mbps...09:01
linThat comes to about R300 p.m...09:01
linAnd it's consistent..09:02
MaNIis there a 'fair usage' policy on that?09:02
MaNIhow unlimited is unlimited?09:03
linOn Zuku, no FUP.09:03
MaNIhere it is not uncommon to buy 'unlimited' internet only to have it slow down to 9600 modem speeds because you used more than 30 gb :p09:03
linOn Zuku, they have no FUP...yet09:03
linThere's one network here that has that FUP policy...09:03
linOrange Kenya..09:04
MaNIman thats depressing, R300 here will get you like 30gb of data on a 1Mb/s line - and thats on a cheaper wireless provider 09:06
linOrange KE has a similar policy09:06
linThey cap you to 64 KB/s if yoiu exceed your daily "unlimited" plan 09:06
MaNIADSL it won't even cover your line rental09:06
linIt caps out at about 300 MB09:06
linAbd it's worth about KES 50 reneweable daily09:06
linKES 50 is about R8 at most09:06
linI'll come to SA packing my high-end Chinese router for that.09:06
linShare that internet as much as possible.09:06
linI believe internet access is a basic human right.09:07
linEvery one should have fast, affordable and accessible internet access no matter the locale.09:07
linIdeally, without "value added packages" like what mazal is goinf through with the "free" phone line09:08
MaNIyeah it would be nice09:09
MaNIhow many landline operators does Kenya have?09:09
linPersonally, I make an effort of creating an isolated open network on my premises so that any passer-by can use it. Of course, it's bandwidth-shaped so no one can cut me out by overloading..09:10
linTelkom Kenya.09:11
MaNIheh interesting09:12
MaNII suppose it does help that you guys are not so far from everyone09:12
linMost people use handsets09:14
linMobile phones09:14
linOnly businesses and a few people have fixed landlines to their premises09:14
MaNIdo you guys have stable power? Maybe I should move to Kenya lol09:19
stickyboyMaNI: Yep. :P09:19
linMostly, MaNI09:21
linAnd no loadshedding!09:21
Kiloshi SDCDev  09:23
linSo if you have good net, do share09:23
MaNIIf I had good net I would, sadly not :p09:24
MaNII'm on a 60gb capped account have to watch my bandwidth usage like a hawk09:24
linEspecially if you're a gamer09:25
linAnd no Steam downloads for you..09:25
MaNIyeah accidentally let a game upgrade and I'm toast for the month09:25
linGTA V is a 60GB download09:25
linOne touch on it and your monthly cap is done for.09:26
MaNII don't have much time to game these days anyway though so its okay09:26
linlucky you09:26
linI need to check out this Akitio Thunderbolt HDD enclosure09:26
linCan't see info on the mailing list..09:29
magespawngood day all09:37
Kiloshi magespawn  09:38
linhi magespawn 09:40
mazalmaaz I am talking to you09:53
Maazmazal: Excuse me?09:53
mazalmaaz what's for lunch ?09:53
Maazmazal: Steers make the best burgers in town. http://www.steers.co.za/09:53
KilosMaaz  coffee on09:53
* Maaz flips the salt-timer09:53
mazalmaaz , that's the best idea you had yet09:54
Maazmazal: What?09:54
mazalToo bad we don't have a steers though :(09:54
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:57
KilosMaaz  gracias09:58
MaazKilos: ¬°de nada!09:58
mazalmaaz where is my coffee09:59
Maazmazal: my coffee is finished...09:59
mazalI don't care about yours , where's mine09:59
mazalMaNI: I only have 15gig cap , just think how I have to tip-toe between game updates and playing10:01
MaNIhaha ouch10:02
MaNIfeels like a human right violation10:02
Kiloshaha you guys want to try 2g per month10:03
Kiloswith luck i can make it last 2 months10:03
MaNIonly if you send me back in time like a decade10:03
MaNII work from home, my emails alone probably use that much10:04
magespawnMaNI: freelance? or just work from home/10:05
MaNIjust work from home10:05
MaNIthough we are a small company so its almost the same thing as freelance I guess10:06
magespawni have been trying to find something like that for myself10:06
MaNIexcept without the shortage of clients :p10:06
mazalOom Kilos , mu midnight schedule managed to do half of those updates of last night at least hehehe10:07
MaNImagespawn what work do you do?10:08
Kiloshe teaches game to use wifi10:10
mazalThat reminds me , what adsl with wi-fi router are good these days ?10:11
mazalI have a netgear , but nor very happy with it10:12
magespawnMaNI: sort a system administrator, with one or two other things thrown in11:07
magespawnpc technician for anything with a microchip11:07
MaNIahh okay, a bit harder for home work I guess11:11
magespawnsystem admin stuff can largely be done remotely, but a fair amount of what i do needs physical presence11:14
ThatGraemeGuyI just need a laptop and an internet connection11:17
ThatGraemeGuyor my phone, if its something dumb like it usually is11:18
pieter2627evening inetpro Kilos... and all others11:18
Kiloslol hi pieter2627  11:19
Private_Userafternoon peeps11:24
Kiloshi Private_User  11:24
Private_Userhey Kilos11:25
magespawnMaNI: try d-link, i like the few i have used, somebody recently recommended billion11:25
Private_Userjust curious MaNI, what work do you do from home IT stuff?11:26
MaNIprogramming mostly (c++)11:26
Private_Userah ok nice11:26
Private_Useranybody else work from home here?11:27
ThatGraemeGuyI can but typically don't11:27
Private_UserI am wondering why many more companies do not allow there people to work from home11:27
MaNIdiscipline :P11:28
MaNIalso if you have bigger teams the team work isn't as great I guess11:28
Private_UserI worked in a company where all our work was done remotely and our teams were spread across the globe but they never gave us the option to work from home well they did say they would consider it after we past the initial phase of the project but there was always another reason or some other excuse as to why not yet but the mangers could freely work from home whenever they wished11:30
Private_Userand we were responsible people well I was not sure of the others though11:31
MaNIyeah, its a trust thing I think, most managers want to micro manage people and think they will just play games all day long if they don't11:31
MaNI(unfortunately they probably aren't entirely wrong for a lot of people)11:31
Private_Useryeah but that is true for some people I know a guy who used to "work" from home and on those days he did if you went to visit him he would be chilling outside in his garage working on his car or a friends car installing sound and enjoying a cold one11:32
ThatGraemeGuy"most" managers don't want to micromanage in my experience, only the crappy ones do that11:32
ThatGraemeGuyI don't even have a manager here in the traditional sense11:33
MaNImost manager are crappy ones :p11:33
Private_Userwell not to say he was not working he would walk into the house every now and then check emails and stuff11:33
MaNIbut yeah, it does become difficult not to start taking liberties so its not for everyone :p11:33
MaNII mean it starts out reasonable enough, maybe you can pop out and do the shopping during the day and then work a bit later in the afternoon to catch up and make your time more efficient that way11:34
MaNIbut then you get in the habit of doing that and soon you are doing shit in work time you shouldn't, have to sort of keep an eye on it11:34
MaNIfamily/friends seem to think that because you are always at home you are always available as well etc.11:35
MaNIat the same time, in the other direction, work starts to invade your personal time 11:36
MaNIlots of pros/cons I guess, it is quite different11:36
Private_Userbut I know in the UK many people work from home some of them live like 600KM away from the companies offices, we supported users from the UK remotely and sometimes they would have some hardware issue and then they would have to courir their machines or devices to the office11:38
MaNIyeah, I personally think its an improvement, I would struggle to transition back to an office routine again11:39
Private_Useryeah and it saves time you are fresh when you start working not having to deal with traffic and tire yourself before getting to work and the company does not need to rent out big offic spaces11:41
MaNIbut it's something I would only allow for people I trust and are established11:42
MaNIso I'd probably want people to come in to an office of some kind for at least the first year or something IDK11:42
Private_Useryeah I guess some might take advantage11:43
MaNIif there are obvious delivery milestones you can keep control of it though11:43
MaNII mean if I stopped working it would be fairly obvious as there would be more angry customers screaming at us for missed deadlines11:44
MaNIfor a more junior position its maybe not as obvious, a good manager can probably tell though, but juniors probably benefit from having people around to assist them for a period11:45
MaNIhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21043693 <- and then there is stuff like that11:45
Private_Userthat guy was smart and stupid11:49
Private_Userif I were him I would have got the company to remote into my home private network11:49
Private_Usersetup some sort of connection to my work PC and then get them to connect that way11:50
Private_Userthat way to the company it would just look like a connection from my work pc in my home11:50
Private_Userhehe but now MaNI is thinking yeah you see you are the type of person I will not hire11:51
MaNIhaha, no I thought the same :p11:53
magespawnthat way from their vpn point of view all the data is coming from your pc anyway11:53
MaNIif it weren't for the massive customer privacy breech and security issues I'd actually praise the guy11:54
MaNIfrom a purely business perspective if he can get someone else to do the work and keep me happy with the result then kudos to him11:54
magespawnsending the security key around the world is a bit of risk11:54
MaNIbut yeah the privacy breech is a big problem :P11:54
Private_Userbut you gotta admit that is some out of the box thinking11:55
MaNIviolate the wrong NDA and company is in some big trouble11:55
magespawnMaNI: yes but that should be transparent, so set up company then supcontract the work out11:55
mazall8tr everyone , enjoy the afternoon12:21
Private_Userbrb need to reboot12:26
barrydkGood night everyone12:37
magespawnback later all13:41
Kiloshmm... so much for needing to loadshed in peak times14:22
MaNIcut them some slack, nobody could possibly have predicted that we might have clouds at some point14:46
andrewlsdnight all.15:14
Kilosnight andrewlsd  15:14
* andrewlsd must go fill up the generator ahead of tonights power outage15:14
andrewlsd(that means feed the kids)15:15
Kilossort a connection from home man15:15
andrewlsd(so that they have energy to pedal the dynamo generators)15:15
Kilosoh i saw something that they terminated shedding for the day15:15
andrewlsdtwo benefits. Electricity, and tired kids.15:16
andrewlsdcheers all15:16
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Cryteriongrr, loadscheduling really being a problem today16:10
Kilosinetpro  ping16:32
Kilosme needs some info on where the external antenna for mobile connects to your router and with what plug and if the sim card is then inside the router or if you still use a modem16:33
magespawngood evening17:44
Kiloshi magespawn  and z3r009  17:44
Kilosz3r009  welcome to ubuntu-za17:44
magespawnhey Kilos, is lin a new face as well?17:46
Kilosyeah but been in africa channel a while now too17:46
z3r009am I a new face?17:46
Kiloshe is from kenya17:47
magespawncool beans, new peeps is a good thing17:47
Kilosohi superfly  17:47
Kilosz3r009  you tell us17:48
z3r009I'm not new though, i just haven't been on long for a long time.17:48
KilosMaaz  nickometer z3r009  17:48
MaazKilos: z3r009 is 92.8% lame17:48
Kilosunder what nick z3r009  17:48
magespawnMaaz nickometer magespawn17:48
z3r009same nick17:48
Maazmagespawn: magespawn is 0.0% lame17:48
Kiloswow i must have forgotten17:49
magespawnbeen a while then z3r009 17:49
Kiloswell then z3r009  welcome back17:49
z3r009but i was new when i was on back then... I remember you and magespawn though, always there.17:49
magespawncool beans17:49
Kilosz3r009  why did you stay away so long i forgot you?17:51
magespawnthat might no actually be that long Kilos 17:52
Kilosya i got too many peeps to try remember now17:52
z3r009i ran out of data, for months lol17:53
Kilostough in africa17:53
z3r009dude, these prices..17:53
Kilosi know i use 3g17:53
Kilosno voda sucks i use telkom mobile17:55
Kilosand their 2+1 promo17:55
z3r009whats the promo?17:56
Kilosi never get to use the +1 though, midnight is sleep time17:56
magespawncell c has the 2 + 3 Gb for R9917:56
Kilosmagespawn  i can look at that but thats 3g i will lose17:57
z3r009is this for the whole month? coz lately i just do the cellc gig a night when i need to get stuff. 17:57
magespawni have only just found out that is what i have been paying for the last year17:57
Kilosand i need to check the tower, last cellc used the voda tower here and after sis could not connect for 4 months she went telkom too17:58
Kilosthe telkom promotion 2+1 is valid till the end of the following month17:58
Kilosso can be 2 months if you get it beginning of the month17:59
magespawni think is one of their standard packages17:59
magespawnfor cell c that is17:59
MaNIisn't afrihost 3g cheaper than telkom?18:00
MaNInever looked at it closely as using 3g is crazy, but got that idea somewhere :p18:01
Kilosafrihost and mtn are buddies i think 18:01
Kilosand the mtn tower here is edge18:02
z3r009afrihost? i always thought that was just a webhosting company.18:02
Kilostook like 9 hours to upgrade a new install18:02
z3r009Lol edge was so fast when i was a kid, downloading those 300kb v360 games18:03
Kilosnow im getting http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/442571943518:04
Kilossometimes just over 518:04
Kilosbut have asked telkom to upgrade the tower to lte18:04
magespawnafrihost does mtn data with their own apn18:04
magespawnonly month to month, and you can double the data for R99 extra18:05
Kilosi would need to get a new cellc sim mage18:05
magespawngood deal if have good mtn signal and if you take 3 GB or bigger18:05
Kilosmaybe got one here still18:05
magespawnthe cell c is 12 or 24 month contract18:06
Kilosnono no contract for me18:06
magespawnafrihost is month to month18:06
magespawnjust watching a documentary on youtube about defcon18:09
magespawni would really like to go there one year18:10
inetproKilos: one day when you have high speed LTE you will quickly regret asking for it18:11
inetprostability with the speed you're getting already is much more important than speed18:11
inetprooh and good evening everyone18:11
magespawnstable and fast would be the goal really18:12
Kilosis lte unstable then18:12
magespawnhi inetpro18:12
magespawnstable, fast and cheap18:13
magespawnsince we are talking wish lists18:13
z3r009you can only take two, from stable, fast and cheap18:13
Kilosz3r009  you still studying hey?18:14
magespawnthey usually list four qualities, distance being the fourth18:14
inetproat 50mbps you would use more than 22GB in one hour18:14
magespawn50 mbps, still not really fast enough though18:14
magespawn150 now we talking18:15
z3r009yep @Kilos18:15
Kilosno man i dont do lotsa downloads or videos or youtube stuff18:15
inetproKilos: oh and pong18:16
Kilosz3r009  you can leave the @ out here18:16
Kilosyou a twitter fan18:16
z3r009forgot how to irc.. haha, gonna /help now18:16
Kilosnp thats why we here18:16
z3r009your messages are highlighted differently which leads me to believe that they are private... not sure though18:17
Kilosinetpro  dont just pong man, answer whats under the ping18:17
z3r009the ones that start with my name anyways18:17
Kilosif you want private here you can do that too18:17
inetproKilos:  HUAWEI B593s-60118:18
Kilosis the sim inside or with usb modem inetpro  18:18
z3r009Kilos not really a twitter fan though. but the @ is convenient.18:18
inetproKilos: you slot the sim into the router18:19
Kilostwitter is a pain for me, but handy when you want quick reaction from telkom and tswane power peeps18:19
inetprosee: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/575591-The-Huawei-B593-LTE-discussion-thread18:19
Kilosah ty inetpro  18:19
Kilosi want to mod a d-link router for ian to be able to use an external antenna18:20
Kilosonly way how to so far is using an e220 modem that i can find where an external ant must connect18:21
magespawnz3r009: they are not private just highlighted to attract attention18:26
magespawnif we are talking about the same thing18:27
captineevening all18:28
Kiloshi captine  18:29
magespawnare there anything like the american conventions in the rest of the world?18:31
captinemagespawn, you mean like linux conventions18:31
Kiloswhats that18:31
magespawnor defcon, etc? yes linux ones too18:31
Kilosthey got funny name things18:31
Kilosubucons i think it is18:32
Kilosand fly is organising a debcon or conf18:33
magespawndebian conf, in capt town next year i think18:33
Kilosya that18:33
magespawnhey also got a new phone yesterday18:38
z3r009anyone ever been to the pycon?18:38
magespawnmyabe superfly, do not know18:39
captinemagespawn, am thinking of trying to get to CT18:39
captinealthough I am not a developer18:39
captinewould still be keen to see it18:39
magespawnwould be nice18:39
magespawnyup for sure18:39
Kiloscold wet place18:45
Kilosand the sea is only good for fish and penguins18:45
z3r009what happens at these conventions?18:49
Kilosz3r009  where are you?18:50
captinedisplay lots of linux things.  18:50
Kilospeeps are planning a SFD in ptown later this year18:50
captinetech, hardware etc.  all vendors are normally there.  Microsoft was at the last US North West linux convention with some pretty amazing things...18:50
KilosSFD=software freedom day18:50
z3r009I'm near jhb18:51
magespawnwww.defcon.org redirects to, what?18:51
magespawncolour me confused18:51
z3r009reallY? can't click link, have 10mb or less, have to be very careful.18:52
captinedefinitely going to SFD this year18:52
captinewas away last year18:52
captinebut very keen to go this year18:52
Kilosmagespawn  i got https://www.defcon.org/18:52
magespawnreally hope that i am up there there this year18:52
magespawnlet me try that 18:52
Kilosi just opened your link in chrome18:54
Kilosill get like pro just now and tell you to use a decent browser18:54
magespawnif i ping defcon.org or www.defcon.org i get replies from, if i add the http or https then i get unknown host18:54
magespawnusingi firefox18:54
Kilosopens fine in opera as well18:55
Kilosi just click the link you give here and it opens18:55
Kilosinetpro  try https://www.defcon.org/ in your fox please18:56
magespawnmust be something here18:57
magespawnlet me go look 18:57
magespawnping it for me and give me the ip address18:58
Kilosunknown host https://www.defcon.org18:59
Kilosboth of them18:59
magespawnmy dns has been playing around all day18:59
inetpromagespawn: ping is not the answer to all your problems19:00
KilosMaaz  ping unknown host https://www.defcon.org19:00
MaazKilos: Excuse me?19:00
KilosMaaz  ping https://www.defcon.org19:00
MaazKilos: Error: unknown host https://www.defcon.org19:00
Kilosya that dont work19:00
magespawnMaaz is defcon.org up19:01
inetprothe website is perfect on my side19:02
magespawnhmm, let me check dns settings in the router19:02
inetproresolves to
inetpronslookup www.defcon.org19:02
KilosQA> Yes, https://defcon.org/ is up19:03
magespawni am getting some wierd results here19:03
inetprodig +noall +answer www.defcon.org19:03
Kiloswww.defcon.org.         2341285 IN      A
Kilosoh my19:06
Kilosare you using win magespawn  19:06
magespawnno on xubuntu here19:07
Kilosoh wow19:07
magespawndns on the router is set to google19:07
magespawnveeeery odd19:07
z3r009i;m with inetpro, resolves to same addr and loads proper.19:08
inetpromagespawn: obviously you can't visit the site with it's IP address19:09
magespawnmaybe afrihost doing something, somebody doing something19:09
inetproit's a name based virtual host19:09
Kiloscan a router interfere with one connecting to a site?19:11
magespawnwhat is? sorry not getting that, inetpro 19:11
magespawnyes , well at least the dns in the router can19:12
magespawngoing to reset it to the automatic ones provided by the isp19:12
inetpromagespawn: many sites out there are hosted on servers with one IP address19:12
magespawnahh right yes19:13
inetpromagespawn: you could always try to browse a site through a translation service 19:14
inetprofor example https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=en&tl=af&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.defcon.org19:14
magespawnjust wierd that i cannot get to it straight up19:15
magespawnnow using afrihost provided dns, and still nothing19:16
inetpromagespawn: dig +noall +answer www.defcon.org19:16
stickyboymagespawn: Use these instead: http://www.privacyfoundation.ch/de/service/server.html19:17
stickyboyFuck Google.19:17
Kiloseish stickyboy  19:17
Kilosyou shocking our ladies19:17
z3r009there are no girls on the internet19:18
Kilosoh yes19:18
Kiloswe dont swear here19:18
stickyboyLife is too short to mince words.19:19
stickyboyIt's like sugars in the food pyramid... use sparingly. ;)19:19
inetpromagespawn: what DNS server?19:19
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Kiloshehe, you well stickyboy   you been quiet19:20
z3r009the food pyramid lol. 19:20
magespawn196.7.7.7 and
inetpromagespawn: well there is your problem19:21
inetprowho's DNS servers are those?19:22
inetprodig @ +noall +answer www.defcon.org 19:22
inetprothat ^^ also gives me
* inetpro suggests contacting afrihost19:23
Kilosz3r009  see why i mix with these guys19:23
Kilosso i can smell clever19:23
inetproKilos: sshhh19:24
* Kilos goes to the corner19:24
inetproit's just DNS19:24
inetprono need to be a rocket scientist19:24
magespawnwhy would they be stopping that though?19:25
* z3r009 takes notes.19:25
inetpromagespawn: ask them19:25
magespawnhmm, that is annoying though19:26
inetprotalk to @gianvisser19:27
magespawnit was also happening when i set it to and
z3r009that's my queue, I'm out, peace.19:31
magespawnlate z3r009 19:31
magespawnlater too19:31
magespawngoing up to my room, might get disconnected19:33
stickyboyKilos: Yeah, I'm good.19:35
stickyboyAbout to make some hot chocolate.19:35
stickyboyI'm currently on a 38-day GitHub streak... https://github.com/alanorth/19:35
stickyboyHacking all teh things...19:35
Kiloshi gremble  19:41
grembleHey Kilos 19:41
grembleHow are you?19:41
Kilosok ty and you?19:41
Kilosyou did exams yet?19:41
grembleI am well thank you19:42
grembleYes. Wrote one today19:42
grembleLast one on wednesday19:42
Kiloswhew hope all goes well man19:42
Kilosgood luck19:42
grembleToday's one was hard19:47
grembleI did not start studying early enough19:47
grembleSometimes my other interests trip me up when it comes to these sort of things19:47
Kiloswb magespawn  19:48
magespawnin case you missed that, my windows laptop gets there fine19:50
Kilosthrought the same router?19:50
Kilostheres the prob19:50
Kiloswin corrupted the router19:51
grembleIf only it were that easy19:52
grembleIt is probably something odd that win handles magically19:52
magespawnokay, but what?19:52
Kilosnot something in nm19:56
grembleI have no idea :P That is for you to find out haha. I know nothing about networking :P19:56
Kilosmagespawn  is it only that site19:56
inetprothe publicly accessible DNS servers at as well at return the address for the hostname www.defcon.org20:00
inetproin a case where your infrastructure uses those as DNS servers you will never reach www.defcon.org20:01
inetproend of story20:01
inetpromagespawn: you just missed what I wrote20:02
inetpro06/11 22:00:32 <inetpro> the publicly accessible DNS servers at as well at return the address for the hostname www.defcon.org20:02
inetpro06/11 22:01:09 <inetpro> in a case where your infrastructure uses those as DNS servers you will never reach www.defcon.org20:02
inetpro06/11 22:01:13 <inetpro> end of story20:02
* inetpro suggests contacting afrihost20:03
grembleThat is strange. 20:05
magespawnhmm indeed thw windows machine has google dns set on itself, so not using the router dns20:08
grembleSo you are being thwarted by your routers DNS?20:08
grembleThat is pretty bizarre. What make is it?20:08
magespawnbut interesting that even if i change the dns on the router, it still not allow me on to the site20:08
magespawnlet me try something else20:09
grembleToday I got offered a job as a choreographer for strippers. I'm not sure what to make of it20:11
superflyinetpro: it's probably a hack20:11
grembleI thought they just undressed20:11
superfly"hack" as in, they specifically made it use
inetprosuperfly: true20:12
inetprothey will probably have a good reason for it20:12
superflymy guess is a transparent proxy20:14
stickyboyinetpro: Is that some sort of DNS filtering done by the ISP?20:15
stickyboyI know some organizations do it.20:15
stickyboyAnways, just add the proper IP to /etc/hosts:  defcon.org www.defcon.org20:15
stickyboyFuck the DNS.20:15
magespawnback again20:16
inetproand he just missed another good workaround20:16
magespawnrepeat please?20:16
inetpromagespawn: 06/11 22:15:40 <stickyboy> Anways, just add the proper IP to /etc/hosts:  defcon.org www.defcon.org20:16
magespawnyup just done did that20:16
inetproafrihost probably want you to use their proxy server20:17
magespawnbut how dare they decide what i may and may not see?20:17
magespawnmost people would think the problem lies elsewhere rather than with the isp20:19
inetpromost people probably will never visit the defcon site20:20
magespawni was seriously starting to think my mind had taken a walk somewhere without me20:21
magespawnmaybe, this way they do not even have the choice, you only need the illusion of freedom20:21
inetpromaybe it is just a very innocent mistake20:21
magespawni'll give them a call in the morning and find out if i can20:23
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:29
Kilosty inetpro  20:29
inetproKilos: for?20:29
inetprowb smile20:29
magespawnhi smile20:30
smileHoi! :)20:30
magespawnthat is my cue, good night all20:30
stickyboyMan, Internet in South Africa is terrible...20:30
stickyboyYou guys suffer. :(20:31
smileStolen, o no20:31
smileThats probably why they enjoy irc. :)20:31
stickyboysmile: True. It's hard to mess up IRC. :P20:34
smileUnstable connections can cause trouble though :-P20:34
stickyboyAnyone got any job openings in SA? :P20:49
grembleEven with our terrible internet?20:50
smileIn telecom maybe, lol20:52
stickyboyGuess I'll stay in Kenya. :P21:00
smileBelgium is better21:02
smileFar cooler climate21:02
smileWith a lot of rain21:03
smileStable internet connection. 8-) most of the time21:04
stickyboysmile: :P21:04
stickyboyBelgium sounds cool.21:04
stickyboyI've only been to NL a few times.21:04
smileBelgium is more chaotic but its a nice place to spend your life :-P21:05
grembleis SOAP as a thing deprecated or something?21:05
smileNot sure21:06
superfly"SOAP" is the phrase that is mentioned just before the developer groans loadly21:08
grembleIt seems that way21:10
grembleIt is like XML had a bastard baby21:10
grembleWell, what message looks like21:10
grembleI am trying to find an existing library to replace SOAPy in ibid21:11
stickyboyJust applied for a job in Munich.21:11
stickyboyAnd two in New York.21:11
stickyboyI need to be around research... 21:12
stickyboyPhysics, Biology... academia. Yessss.21:12
gremble"Multi-protocol chat framework" nowhere does it specify actually which protocols these are21:18
grembleFor all we know they use smoke signals and set your CPU on fire21:18
smileWith zeros and ones21:18
grembleI need to teach vim to recognise different source files and handle tabs and spaces appropriately21:29
smileUse geany21:34
grembleI always feel lost in editors where I have to use my arrows to navigate21:36
grembleEven worse when I have to use the touch pad on this laptop21:37
smileWhy not an external mouse21:38
grembleBecause I only have so much deskspace21:39
grembleI am one of those people with the towers of books and papers everywhere21:39
grembleI got a wireless mouse for my desktop because there just isn't space for things attached to wires21:40
grembleI even put another bookshelf in my room, to no avail21:42
grembleNice non-seqitur on my part -> There is no space on my desk, therefore I use vim21:43
smile"My disk is full on my laptop. Therefore I use my desktop"21:47
smile @ gremble 21:47
grembleThat probably makes more sense21:49
smileIt doesnt. You can empty the trash bin for instance21:51
grembleThere is a trashbin?21:52
grembleI just rm :P21:52
grembleThe fact that I am installing python libraries and they're all compiling to C is entertaining21:54
grembleI am rather easily entertained, yes21:55
smileSlaapwel :)22:08
grembleJy ook22:08
smileDank :)22:08

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