trippehYay, the new wireless-regdb in wily, installed on vivid, upped 2x2 ultrabook wifi from ~105Mbps to ~305Mbps02:22
trippehTCP throughput02:22
pkerntrippeh: which country?09:23
pkernI guess that's AUTO-BW.09:25
trippehpkern: Norway. It's availability of 80Mhz wide "channels"10:52
trippehiwlwifi could also get confused and fall back to 802.11n when it saw a 80Mhz wide network10:54
trippehinstead of just continuing 802.11ac but using 40Mhz10:54
trippehpkern: it was missing a load of VHT80 updates for a bunch of countries that landed upstream in Q4 2013, and more recently VHT16011:14
pkerntrippeh: I see. Thanks!11:45

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