melvsterhas anyone tried running telegram on ubuntu touch?00:27
AlexandreSamelvster: I'm has installed telegram in my ubuntu touch without problem.00:36
AlexandreSaI'm use Nexus 4. With Mako Image00:38
melvsterAlexandreSa: thats fantastic news, thanks.  Did you install the web version or the native ubuntu app?00:46
AlexandreSamelvster: I was installed the native app.00:48
melvsterawesome, thanks!00:48
AlexandreSamelvster: You are welcome00:49
AlexandreSaI like know if have some scope to integrate at OwnCloud service.01:44
OerHeksAlexandreSa, not yet ... https://uappexplorer.com/apps?q=owncloud01:50
AlexandreSaOerHeks: ThankYou01:50
bzoltanzyga: sadly I can not make it to the FOSDEM. We have found a simple problem with that package, the UITK examples conflict with the archive UITK example package. But it is not a problem, just remove and reinstall the distro UITK example.04:46
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h2o64Hi ! I'm working on ubuntu touch for my Moto G but LXC container is crashing my kernel (break=mountroot is the proof). Can someone help me ?07:20
cedian_linuxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11712805/ got some problems08:39
h2o64@cedian_linux you need to do 'make cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig' first08:46
cedian_linuxnot found08:47
h2o64Really ?08:47
cedian_linuxI'll try to make08:48
h2o64cd android_kernel_oneplus_one && make cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig08:48
cedian_linuxI know that08:48
h2o64No ! You set the 3.19.0-18-generic config :p08:49
cedian_linuxI didn't08:49
cedian_linuxit wasn't me08:49
h2o64do cat  arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig08:49
h2o64you did by calling the old-config thing08:49
cedian_linuxit's there08:50
h2o64cp arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig .config08:50
h2o64will manually use it08:50
cedian_linuxit asks for pc stuff08:55
h2o64Yes because you set the thing to use your PC defconfig08:55
cedian_linuxno I copied as you sai08:56
h2o64That's wierd ...08:57
h2o64Did you said the ARCH=arm08:57
cedian_linuxno now I dud08:57
cedian_linuxunrecognized values08:58
h2o64Could you pastebin this ?08:59
cedian_linuxI'll do09:00
cedian_linuxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11712886/ the letters are wrong because of no utf-809:02
cedian_linuxfixed signs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11712894/09:06
cedian_linuxh2o64: I've added it09:08
h2o64Did you try make clean and then make again ?09:09
h2o64try :p09:26
cedian_linuxI'm oing it09:26
cedian_linuxstill doing09:27
h2o64Maybe clone made shit09:28
cedian_linuxit's cloned indeed, but for ubuntu touch09:28
cedian_linuxI fund a .config09:45
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cedian_linuxI get a boot.img of 700 kb11:28
cedian_linuxCan't add modules12:18
cedian_linuxgot a 700 kb size image12:28
cedian_linuxgot the error no rule to make target cnd13:01
cedian_linuxprepare0 fails13:15
buntyHi guys,  I am facing problem with X11 Server on ubuntu touch from command line. anybody has any idea about it?14:25
Sleep_Walkersorry for not helping you, but you're running X11 at the same time as MIR? or it is some X server for MIR?14:29
mariogripi see a new folder on the system-image server called "ubuntu-personal" what is that? snappy desktop? :D14:55
cedian_linuxI've found out the click packages archives, I won't talk too much about it though15:14
cedian_linuxit's a site15:15
nik90mariogrip: In the recent Q&A, it was mentioned that snappy personal would be used for user desktops..could it be that?15:24
nik90it would contain necessary stuff like unity8, mir etc...while snappy would just be the core that is used for other devices like pi, beagle boards etc.15:25
cedian_linuxmariogrip: I got some issues with compiling, but it seems it continues15:32
mariogripnik90: :D That's cool15:46
mariogripcedian_linux: do you have some logs?15:47
cedian_linuxmariogrip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11714821/15:50
mariogripfor me it seems like you don't have the correct version of gcc15:51
mariogripbtw, are you still using -i?15:52
cedian_linuxmariogrip which should I use? yes15:52
cedian_linuxelse it still buggss out15:53
mariogripuse the tools that are listed there15:53
cedian_linuxthat doesn't work15:54
mariogripthat should work15:58
cedian_linuxit doesn't it gives errors about incompatible so's15:59
cedian_linuxand it compiles the kernel partially16:01
mariogriphumm, i think you might need to do some cleanup, and remove -i and fix errors as they come. I haven't seen that error before so i don't know what will fix it. maybe you need to reinstall some tools/remove some tools that overwrite for other tools16:05
taiebotHi all, As i am on willy not sure if it s really worth opening a bug report. But just in case can someone confirm. If you open contacts app. select a contact,open the messaging app via the little messaging icon. it opens the messaging app but not the correct thread and fails to send any message16:10
h2o64Hey, is somebody ready to help me hack initrd because my LXC container is mountable in recovery but make the kernel panic while booting16:10
mariogriph2o64: I tried to set console=null on my oneplus one and it gave me and kernel panic, so i really think you need to console=tty0 and remove androidboot.console.16:13
h2o64Shit ! I didn't noticed the androidboot.console. console=tty0 is set. Do you think adb will come thanks to that ?16:15
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hevyhomiegood evening16:25
h2o64good evening16:26
hevyhomieI am porting touch to motorola moto e, and when I execute lunch, I get: build/core/product_config.mk:222: *** Can not locate config makefile for product "condor".  Stop.  ** Don't have a product spec for: 'condor' ** Do you have the right repo manifest?16:27
hevyhomiecould you guide me what could be the issues?16:27
h2o64I'm porting touch on Motorola Moto G ^^16:28
h2o64Luk is porting for Moto G 4G16:28
h2o64See here https://github.com/ubuntu-touchCAF16:28
hevyhomieI already have the cm 11.0 binary files, vendor files, kernel files and the manifests as well, where should I put them?16:32
hevyhomiein the phablet dir16:32
h2o64First sync ubuntuTouch CAF16:34
h2o64then you do a local_manifest like this one16:34
h2o64<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>16:34
h2o64<!-- Falcon Trees -->16:34
h2o64  <project name="ubuntu-touchCAF/android_device_motorola_falcon" path="device/motorola/falcon" remote="github" revision="ubuntu-touch" />16:34
h2o64  <project name="ubuntu-touchCAF/android_device_motorola_msm8226-common" path="device/motorola/msm8226-common" remote="github" revision="ubuntu-touch" />16:34
h2o64  <project name="CyanogenMod/android_device_qcom_common" path="device/qcom/common" remote="github" revision="cm-11.0" />16:34
h2o64  <project name="ubuntu-touchCAF/android_kernel_motorola_msm8226" path="kernel/motorola/msm8226" remote="github" revision="ubuntu-touch" />16:34
h2o64  <project name="ubuntu-touchCAF/proprietary_vendor_motorola" path="vendor/motorola" remote="github" revision="ubuntu-touch_OLD" />16:34
h2o64Replace with the condor things. Then you have a few patches to apply on trees and kernel. APK/JAR has to be remove from vendor, and you are good to go16:34
cedian_linuxmariogrip: if I remove tools it  gives errors that it may break my system16:35
mariogriph2o64: btw did you replace the adbd this a unlocked one?16:47
mariogripcedian_linux: yeah, don't remove them if they break your system16:47
cedian_linuxwhat are dtb files mariogrip?16:48
h2o64The unlocked one provided by you or canonical ?16:48
mariogripby ogra_  one of the ubuntu developer16:49
h2o64Errr ... No I didn't16:49
cedian_linuxand mariogrip do you got the original .config?16:49
mariogripsee all the way down on this page h2o64 https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/16:49
mariogripcedian_linux: what .config?16:50
cedian_linuxof your kernel16:50
h2o64Ahhh ! That's what I was checking. No I don't use it. I should ?16:50
cedian_linuxbecause I can't get it working16:50
mariogripcedian_linux: do you mean this? https://github.com/ubports/android_kernel_oneplus_one/blob/master/arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig16:51
hevyhomiehow do I paste code here?16:51
cedian_linuxthat one doesn't work16:51
h2o64mariogrip : Same error. However, I have extra line in the kmsg wich tell me that the crash is mmc related16:52
mariogriph2o64: the adbd binary shipped with Ubuntu checks if the device's screen is unlocked and if there is a password set for the phablet use, so you need to replace it if you want adb to start before it got mir to start16:52
mariogripcan you send me the kmsg?16:53
cedian_linuxit works16:53
cedian_linuxI use the android armhf now16:53
mariogripcedian_linux: okay16:54
h2o64mariogrip : It crashes only 10 seconds after I turn it up. Do you think it will make adb works while a "break" is going on16:54
h2o64mariogrip : here is the log if you're interessting in it http://pastebin.com/MG42nWxW16:55
mariogripi still see console=null :P16:55
h2o64console=null  must be a translate from console=tty016:55
cedian_linuxmariogrip: should I use ramdisk-recovery.cpio16:56
h2o64mariogrip : here is my cmdline androidboot.hardware=qcom user_debug=31 msm_rtb.filter=0x37 vmalloc=400M utags.blkdev=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/utags androidboot.write_protect=0 console=tty0 apparmor=016:56
hevyhomieh2o64: I get an error when i sync http://pastebin.com/06KG6qkM16:56
h2o64hevyhomie : 'rm -rf .repo/manifest* && repo init -u git://github.com/ubuntu-touchCAF/android_local_ubuntu-touchCAF.git -b ubuntu-touch"16:57
mariogriph2o64: see line 28, it says console=null, i think that is your problem. not syncing: Attempted to kill init! was the same error i got when i set console=null on the oneplus one16:59
mariogriptry to force it to use tty0 somehow17:00
mariogripyeah, i think that's your problem, i'm 90% sure about that...17:02
hevyhomieh2o64: Im gonna work on it and keep you updated. THank you and God Bless you. Have a wonderful rest of the week.17:03
mariogriph2o64: use the boot_info tool (http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2033369&d=1370917036) to check your boot.img if it has correct cmdline17:04
mariogrip./boot_info boot.img17:04
h2o64Actually, my boot.img is already problematic : I have to unpack it each time in order to put a cmdline in it17:05
mariogripcedian_linux: you cannot use the ramdisk for the recovery for boot.img17:06
mariogriph2o64: have you tried to delete the boot.img before make? so it needs to rebuild it17:06
h2o64I did I did17:07
cedian_linuxwhy was my boot.img 700 kb? And what files can be used for boot.img?17:07
h2o64$ adb shell "cat /proc/cmdline"17:07
h2o64console=null androidboot.hardware=qcom user_debug=31 msm_rtb.filter=0x37 vmalloc=400M utags.blkdev=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/utags androidboot.write_protect=0 androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.serialno=TA883031EV androidboot.baseband=msm androidboot.mode=normal androidboot.device=falcon androidboot.hwrev=0x83C0 androidboot.radio=0x1 androidboot.powerup_reason=0x00020000 bootreason=kernel_panic androidboot.write_prote17:07
mariogriphave you tried to move common configs file to device config?17:08
mariogripBoardConfigCommon.mk -> BoardConfig.mk17:08
mariogripor have them both just that it so it will overwrite17:09
h2o64BoardConfigCommon.mk is directly included by BoardConfig.mk17:09
h2o64and CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE=y17:10
mariogriphumm, but did you try the boot_info tool? so we can check if it's the image file or the device that has wrong console17:11
h2o64I'll do that I just a minute17:11
mariogripI hope it's the image file that has wrong cmdline, that's easier to fix xP17:12
cedian_linuxmariogrip: why is android-ramdisk.img only 271kb?17:13
mariogripcedian_linux: i don't know, did you choose the right device in launch?17:13
mariogripcedian_linux: did you edit anything in the kernel?17:14
h2o64$ ./boot_info boot.img17:14
cedian_linuxyes the apparmor17:15
cedian_linuxit's 371 kb17:15
mariogriph2o64: did it output something?17:16
mariogripcedian_linux: humm, i really don't know what's going on with your build, i suggest you do a full cleanup.17:17
mariogripcedian_linux: you can push the apparmor patch to a fork of the kernel and i can build it with the ci server17:18
cedian_linuxbut ci failed17:19
mariogripcedian_linux: i will fix that17:19
h2o64IRC Crash... Still there ? Did you say something since I posted boot_info results ?17:26
mariogriph2o64: im here, i didn't get the boot_info17:27
mariogripcan you pastebin it?17:27
h2o64I will yes :)17:27
mariogripthe irc does not like multiline paste17:27
h2o64(Btw, I'm flashing the build with forced cmdline17:27
h2o64This build didn't crash 10 sec later for now..17:29
h2o64adb is un-reachable17:29
mariogripthat's a progress i guess17:30
mariogripdid you add adbd to upstart so it starts at boot?17:31
h2o64crash is gone17:31
h2o64I'm using the same rootstock as you but adpated for my device IDs17:31
mariogripso it cp the adbd.conf into etc/init17:32
mariogripand you replaced the adbd in /sbin with the unlocked one?17:33
h2o64I forced-shutdown the device in order to get a kmsg and check if everything's good. And it is. It just spam the "[rev_rmnet8] error: rmnet_ioct called for unsupported cmd[35585]" at the end. Should I wait as long as I can ?17:33
h2o64Yes, cp is done.17:33
h2o64No I didn't replaced adbd17:33
mariogripyou need to do that in order to let it start at boot17:34
mariogripand you getting unsuppered cmd that's a nice progress17:34
h2o64That's the log I got http://pastebin.com/8MNTzMwk ;)17:34
mariogripso now we're inside the ubuntu system,17:34
mariogripthat's good, now you can also try to pull syslog that should contain a better log than kmsg17:35
mariogripsyslog is located in var/log inside system.img in data17:36
h2o64I'm replacing the adbd17:36
mariogripokay, that should bring adbd to life :)17:37
h2o64I place in in ubuntu rootfs sbin ?17:37
mariogripthe upstart config starts exec /sbin/adbd17:38
mariogripbtw, did you get my mail?17:38
h2o64I do (just seen it)17:39
h2o64I would be happy to join :)17:39
mariogripAwesome! :D making you mod on the forum right now17:40
h2o64To change adb I must mount system.img ?17:40
h2o64Ouf ! I was worried that something went wrong :p17:42
h2o64still no adb17:44
cedian_linuxI do as is said on the forums and get weird output17:45
mariogripthen i might not have reach to upstart before it crashes, then we need to exstract the syslog without adb, reboot to recovery mount (maybe make a .sh file that does that automatically) and pull var/log/syslog17:46
mariogriph2o64: ^17:46
cedian_linuxI meant on the wiki mariogrip ^17:47
mariogriphumm, have you tried to build it without the patch you did just to check if it's the patch that makes the build goes wrong?17:48
cedian_linuxno not yet17:49
h2o64mariogrip : syslog does exist17:49
mariogrippull it and pastebin it17:49
mariogripah it does not exist okay. then we are stuck with kmsg17:50
mariogripcedian_linux: maybe you should try that fist17:51
h2o64I search in the whole hdd : nothing17:51
h2o64(I was talk to mariogrip : "I search in the whole hdd : nothing")17:51
mariogripcedian_linux: just cut the kernel folder out to a temp folder and resync the repo17:52
mariogriph2o64: if it exist it should be in var/log.17:52
h2o64I searched just in case17:52
mariogripbtw check dmesg17:53
cedian_linuxI'm trying now17:53
h2o64mariogrip : dmesg will show me the recovery log nope ?17:53
mariogripno, i mean the dmesg in var/log17:54
h2o64/data/tmp/var/log # cat dmesg17:56
h2o64(Nothing has been logged yet.)17:56
cedian_linuxstill fails mariogrip17:57
mariogripxP then we are stuck with kmsg17:57
h2o64Wiat ... new kmsg is wierd17:58
mariogripcedian_linux: what fails? make?18:00
cedian_linuxnot yet18:01
cedian_linuxdidn't make one18:01
cedian_linuxI mean a log mariogrip ^18:01
mariogripcan you send me the output of make+18:01
cedian_linuxyes soon18:01
h2o64(I lost a entire afternoon because of deving xD)18:05
mariogripbtw, what i see from the kmsg your android HAL is crashing18:07
mariogripwhy are you using cyanogenmod repos? and not aosp from ubuntu git?18:10
cedian_linuxmariogrip I don't understand how I should I rebase the packages I need a clear explanation not something like rebase xxx without knowing what xxx must be18:12
h2o64mariogrip : because I want to base ubuntu touch of a CAF rom as CM11 or pure CAF branch itself18:12
h2o64Android HAL crashing ;... interessting18:14
h2o64Lastest longest log http://pastebin.com/Hf67ARY918:14
mariogriph2o64: i don't know, but using CAF might cause problems... I don't know, but i tried caf for oneplus one and it didn't work as well for me, but i probably did something wrong...18:16
h2o64My device can't boot AOSP18:17
h2o64That's why I made such a choice18:17
mariogripthe oneplus one has no AOSP ether but i made it work18:17
h2o64Yes, but you doesn't have RIL and Camera (frameworks)18:18
mariogripthe ril has some problems with ofono, the rild work in the android hal18:19
cedian_linuxI can't find the patches it's not good described18:19
mariogripcedian_linux: in the ubuntu wiki?18:19
h2o64My device is very specific. I know that I can make it boot with AOSP18:19
cedian_linuxnot described.18:19
cedian_linuxI can't find out which I need18:20
cedian_linuxand when I rebase it says it is clean18:20
mariogripcedian_linux: i don't know, i haven't tried yet18:20
mariogriph2o64: okay18:21
cedian_linuxand the patches won't work18:21
cedian_linuxI'm getting depressed :P18:21
h2o64Could you (if you have time) test if my sources work on your device mariogrip ?18:21
mariogriph2o64: sure18:22
mariogripcedian_linux: you need to stay positive and just try everything :)18:22
cedian_linuxI did what I could18:22
cedian_linuxsearched the whole web nothing found18:23
mariogripcedian_linux: apparmor is not an easy task if you not have much experience with kernels, so maybe if you want, work on something else that's a little easier? like camera or headphone plug?18:24
cedian_linuxThat's good18:24
cedian_linuxMariogrip I just need apparmor for now18:25
cedian_linuxbut other stuff is great, my sound didn't work at all though18:25
mariogripcedian_linux: i can see if i can take a look at it today18:26
Sleep_Walkerapparmor is still alive?18:26
Sleep_Walkerscary :)18:26
cedian_linuxI need my apps which won't install with click18:27
cedian_linuxmariogrip I don't understand why they use apparmor3 which isn't ready yet18:30
mariogripcedian_linux: That's not up to me, that's how Ubuntu touch is18:31
cedian_linuxyeah, but they could at least add more information, if they want users to port it18:31
cedian_linuxtrying noe18:48
cedian_linuxmariogrip what's the normal size of the kernel?18:55
h2o64mariogrip : Did you red my last log ?18:56
mariogripthat last thing you said was "Could you (if you have time) test if my sources work on your device mariogrip ?"18:56
h2o64Ah :p18:57
h2o64Did you saw that ? http://pastebin.com/EMaJCDnn18:57
cedian_linuxmariogrip could you (if you have time) build apparmor3?18:57
mariogripyou shuld try irccloud.com h2o6418:58
mariogripcedian_linux: yeah18:58
mariogriph2o64: are you back to console=nulll?18:58
cedian_linuxand then it accidentally works, by me :P just a joke18:58
h2o64wait, taht's not the right kmsg18:58
h2o64What's irccloud.com ?18:58
cedian_linuxan irc client I guess ;)18:59
h2o64I mean why this one in particular18:59
h2o64log : http://pastebin.com/NQZRdYs18:59
h2o64* http://pastebin.com/NQZRdYsQ18:59
mariogripa irc client that runs on the web so it keeps you alive and you will receive/send all messages18:59
h2o64I'm using piding on Ubuntu but each time I close the windows it kills the conv19:00
cedian_linuxI'm using hexchat right now19:01
mariogripbut with irccloud if you cloese the window it still is alive in the cloud, that's why im always on this channel19:04
h2o64Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !19:04
h2o64Me and my team are use to hanghout19:06
mariogripah, I have used that before, but we moved to irc19:09
mariogripcedian_linux: i build the kernel now with apparmor3 let's see if it works19:10
cedian_linuxI'm looking up some info about some Dutch law which might be fake. A lot of signs are made with the same text19:12
mariogripnice it works!19:13
mariogripI can download apps now :D19:15
cedian_linuxcool give me the kernel ;)19:15
h2o64Back with irrcloud19:17
h2o64mariogrip : Where did you get https://github.com/ubports/qcom_conn_init ?19:19
mariogripa mix of codeaurora and aosp19:20
mariogripmostly aosp19:20
h2o64On mako ?19:20
h2o64And how did you patch hardware/qcom/display ?19:21
h2o64(I'm thinking about make nice branches with good commits on github :3 )19:22
cedian_linuxmariogrip: any luck with uploading19:22
h2o64i saw but hwhy did you made those changes ?19:22
mariogripsome of them are copy form codeaurora and some form linux19:23
mariogriph2o64: something i need to do i clean up, but that's not my priority now.19:25
h2o64Sure sure :)19:26
h2o64But I'll have a lot of spare time soon so I'll do it :)19:26
seth__im trying to install Ubuntu on my Motorola Xoom. when i try to flash the device i get "Device wingray not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel stable"19:31
cedian_linuxmariogrip: any update on boot.img upload?19:32
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kwahHi All19:33
kwahWant to file a bug about lock-screen not reacting on input19:34
mariogripyeah i forgot, it's donw19:34
mariogripit's on the download server19:34
kwahany ideas on the package/sub-system to file a bug against?19:34
cedian_linuxwhy in 2015054?19:35
mariogripthat's todays date19:38
cedian_linuxno that's 2015061419:38
mariogripoh yeah, my bad :P i will correct that. I'm still in may19:41
mariogripthanks :D19:41
cedian_linuxme too sometimes19:41
mariogripcedian_linux: I will say thanks for trying to get Apparmor3 to work, i feel little bad that i just took apparmor3 from you... sorry about that. but you're welcome help with other stuff :D19:50
cedian_linuxinstalled, it doesn't matter I love to learn things, I thank you for letting me help19:51
cedian_linuxmariogrip ^19:51
mariogripdid you download some apps, i just downloaded podbird19:53
cedian_linuxyes I downloaded utilities19:57
cedian_linuxmariogrip I'm installing a lot ;)20:04
ahayzenHi, anyone else ever got "2015/06/14 21:08:18 error pushing: " and then nothing else in the output when trying to ubuntu-device-flash to a mako ?20:09
lpotterhey. Does canonical actually use any of these packages? https://code.launchpad.net/nemo-mobile20:17
taiebotahazen recently got quite some erros with flashing. Most of the time i delete the .cache folder on my desktop sometimes it helps20:20
ahayzentaiebot, hmm maybe going to recovery mode and doing it that way20:26
ahayzen..yeah thats seems to be working/doing more \o/ maybe adb is just nicely broken in wily or something20:28
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