smoserjgarr, seedfrom was busted recently.12:44
smoseranotheral, cna you give me example of what you're p utting in there?12:46
openstackgerritClaudiu Popa proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Add the data source base classes and the HTTP OpenStack implementation  https://review.openstack.org/18832713:24
openstackgerritClaudiu Popa proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Add the data source base classes and the HTTP OpenStack implementation  https://review.openstack.org/18832713:48
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Odd_Blokesmoser: I'm pretty much wholesale lifting your OpenStack talk abstract. :)15:27
smoserimitation is the greatest form of flattery15:28
Odd_Bloke/nick Odd_moser15:28
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ByPasSOdd_Bloke : has discussed with smoser curl is empty on linux VMs16:05
ByPasSOdd_bloke : on windows VM there is informations...16:05
ByPasSas type16:05
ByPasSas typo ! :D16:05
Odd_BlokeByPasS: On the OpenStack I'm looking at, there is an admin_pass key in the config drive metadata.16:08
Odd_BlokeBut not in the HTTP metadata.16:08
Odd_Bloke(You don't want it in the HTTP metadata; you're effectively granting anyone with access to your server root if it's available from there)16:08
ByPasSOdd_Bloke : the http metadata in windows is not really the password itself since there is mix with the password and the pub key is used to hash/encrypt it and in order to do nova get-password u need the private key sent..16:11
ByPasSOdd_Bloke : I will need to have a look at config drive metadata I never used it so far (yet)16:11
ByPasSOdd_Bloke : thanks using metada drive and this first boot command : mount /dev/sr0 /mnt; echo "ubuntu:"`cat meta_data.json  | python -mjson.tool | grep admin | awk -F'"' '{print $4}'` | chpasswd; umount /mnt it now sets the passwd properly :)16:55
Odd_BlokeByPasS: :)16:55
ByPasSwell forgot the full path for the cat but basicly u get the point16:56
Odd_BlokeByPasS: We'd be happy to accept a patch in to cloud-init for this, if you wanted to try that. :)16:56
ByPasSOdd_Bloke : thatd be interesting, I will brag to my project manager about the successful passwd injection and will look into it if the company gimme some time or at least I can do it in spare time16:59
harlowjaOdd_Bloke http://tinyurl.com/on6c32o try that sucker out17:01
* harlowja nicer dashboard for gerrit17:01
harlowja* created from  https://review.openstack.org/19277017:01
Odd_BlokeOH YOU FANCY17:03
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=== Odd_Bloke changed the topic of #cloud-init to: cloud-init || cloud-init 2.0 reviews: http://tinyurl.com/on6c32o
* harlowja to fast, ha17:03
Odd_BlokeNeeds more cowbell^Wcloud-init.17:04
anotheralsmoser: actually, it looks like the cloud-init part is working, but that set_hostname: does not.  So i can use a shell script as a workaround.17:45
harmwharlowja: I'm not seeing very mucho reviews :p20:38
harlowjaharmw make some more code ;)21:09
harmwthat hurts :p21:09
* harlowja can't do as much as i want, got all these other code-bases to help with too21:11
* harmw knows that problem :>21:11
harlowjaand i'm not #1 so need to make that happen ( @ http://stackalytics.com/?metric=commits )21:12
harlowja*see bottom loll21:12
harlowjataking my #1 place, bums21:12
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jgarrdo runcmd entries run as root? or as one of the defined users?22:47
* jgarr is curious if that's a problem with his subscription-manager command that doesn't appear to run22:48
ByPasSjgarr : yes it does run as root / UID 022:59
ByPasSjgarr : at least from my experience I can use mount with runcmd which requires root23:00
jgarrByPasS: k thanks, then I have no idea why subscription-manager doesn't work as a runcmd :-/23:00
jgarrmy only thought is it runs too early in the boot process and network isn't available or something23:00
ByPasSare you using list method or string ?23:02
ByPasSas far as I know bootcmd is executed really early in the boot process23:03
ByPasSruncmd set in a string should be executed on runlevel 3 while passing the info in a string will be written to a file and ran by sh (according to the doc)23:04
ByPasSI'd add a while loop checking for network connectivity right before the subscription manager cmd to validate your suspicion23:05
jgarrByPasS: I see the command is in /var/lib/cloud/instance/runcmd but the machine isn't subscribed23:06
jgarrI also try catching sterr/stout via `subscription-manager register ... >> /root/cloudinit.log 2>&1` but it never shows up in the file23:07
jgarrI didn't think to try a loop. I'll give it a shot. thanks23:08

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