jParktonI dont know if this is a Kubuntu issue or not, I connected my laptop via VGA adapter to my hdtv and selected input "PC" and it displayed 'a' desktop that was like a side desktop to mine? And I couldnt play movies or anything on the side desktop01:07
jParktondoes anyone know if there is a specific setting on my laptop I need to use?01:08
rainesrI am new to Kubuntu, using 15.04. I don't see all the Qt5 dev packages in the repos, are they missing or do I need to add a repo?03:53
bjrohanI need help updating. I was running 14.04. I then did a apt-get update then an do-release. I am now upgraded to 14.10, but I want to get to 15.01. When I repeat the steps, it says no new release available.05:12
bjrohanWhat am I doing incorrect?05:13
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lordievaderGood morning.07:48
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BluesKajHey folks10:39
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bshah!test | karaan11:52
ubottukaraan: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )11:52
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yossarianukwhat is the latest with the entire 'sack your 'leader'' fun?13:32
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RAMdOOMi created a new ramdisk and i want to include this disk into RAM system.  this is possible?13:46
lordievaderRAMdOOM: What disk? Also it is better to use a tmpfs instead.13:50
RAMdOOMlordievader: Is ext2.  someone said that is more fast than tmpfs. i want to include,accress,sum this new ramdisk into ram system kernel. this is possible?13:52
RAMdOOMi don't. want to swap.13:54
lordievaderMeh, it is both ram. Ramdisk has as the downside it doesn't tell you it is full... I'm still not clear what you want to put on it.13:54
lordievaderIf you use a tmpfs the chance of swapping increases...13:54
lordievaderIf you don't want to swap buy more ram.13:54
RAMdOOMlordievader: i will not buy more ram if i have infinite ramdisks here.13:55
pronetlaHello any can help me?13:56
lordievaderWhat do you mean with infinite ramdisks?13:56
lordievaderRAMdOOM: A ramdisk is mounting part of your ram as a disk.13:56
RAMdOOMlordievader: swap is not for me. if i create 100 new ramdisks these 100 new ramdisks will work.13:57
lordievaderRAMdOOM: http://www.jamescoyle.net/knowledge/951-the-difference-between-a-tmpfs-and-ramfs-ram-disk13:58
RAMdOOMlordievader: i am not loosing freeram when i copy or delete files to this newdisk.13:58
lordievaderRAMdOOM: Are you taking about those disks that have ram inside?13:58
pronetlaI installed Kubuntu OEM by Misstake plz help me, ad after a normal install my system say   juan@juan-To-be-failed-by-O-E-M (ubuntu 15.04)13:59
RAMdOOMlordievader: if i format to tmpfs allright, how to include this into ramsystem?13:59
lordievaderpronetla: Change the hostname ;)13:59
pronetlathat ist all13:59
lordievaderRAMdOOM: I still have no idea what you want. Or what you are talking about.13:59
lordievaderpronetla: Unless there is more non-default, yes.14:00
pronetla<lordievader> Tanks =)14:01
lordievaderpronetla: ;)14:01
RAMdOOMlordievader: i want to increase freeram creating and including new ramdisks into system without hardware. because i suppose that my hardware have at least 512M of free space like a zombie.14:01
lordievaderRAMdOOM: You cannot magically add ram...14:02
RAMdOOMlordievader: i know. but if i try to bind these disk onto the ramblocks?14:03
lordievaderIf you are talking about disks like: http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/ramdrive-ars.jpg14:03
lordievaderI suppose you can rip the ram out of there...14:03
RAMdOOMlordievader: no. is not hardware. is similar to squashing F's14:04
lordievaderRAMdOOM: So you are talking about ramfs/tmpfs?14:04
RAMdOOMmy kernel have a bad owned configuration. i am trying to reconfigure again14:05
pronetlawell i wana say a BIG thank YO to the Community, Kubuntu i WOW!14:05
lordievaderRAMdOOM: Is that a yes or a no?14:05
pronetlais WOW!14:05
RAMdOOMlordievader: no14:07
lordievaderSo what are you talking about then?14:07
RAMdOOMlordievader: virtual temporary ramdisk created on boot and deleted on shutdown.14:07
lordievaderSo ramfs/tmpfs...14:08
lordievaderThat only eats ram...14:08
RAMdOOMlordievader: i done Ramfs. now i want to include this newdisk because the freeram value not changed14:09
lordievaderOfcourse not, you mount part of your ram as a filesystem. The free ram will only decrease.14:10
lordievaderIf you want more ram, buy more ram. That is the only way.14:10
lordievader(Not counting swap here).14:10
RAMdOOMlordievader: the freeram not decreased and not increased.14:10
lordievaderIt's not decreased because it is an empty mount.14:10
RAMdOOMlordievader: indifferent14:10
lordievaderPut a file of 4g on the tmpfs and you'll see.14:11
RAMdOOMthe only difference i am feeling is that speed. running 60% more fast14:11
lordievaderYes, if mounted strategically a tmpfs can boost performance quite a bit.14:12
RAMdOOMlordievader: i want only 64MB more.14:12
lordievaderThen buy more ram. Or add swap.14:13
RAMdOOMlordievader: i don't want speed. i want freeram only14:13
lordievaderBuy more ram.14:13
RAMdOOMwith no buying and no swapping14:13
lordievaderSo you are trying to do the impossible?14:14
RAMdOOMyou assumed that the performance increased?14:14
RAMdOOMmy freeram not changed14:14
RAMdOOMbut the speed Chang's14:14
RAMdOOMon where is hosted this newdisk so?14:15
lordievaderThe amount of free ram is no measure for performance, in performance there are many factors which can influence it.14:15
RAMdOOMlordievader: ok. i will change my question: on where gone hosted this newdisk?14:16
RAMdOOMlordievader: on where gone hosted this newdisk?14:16
lordievaderThat sentence doesn't make any sense...14:17
lordievaderWhat are you trying to ask?14:17
RAMdOOMlordievader: i created a 16M of virtual ramdisk. my. performance increased. and i didn't loose or increase freeram. ok? now is this question: in where gone these -16MB IN TO HARDWARE?14:19
lordievaderIf it is an empty mount, nowhere. Fill it and your ram usage will increase with 16MB14:20
RAMdOOMlordievader: wait: i will test14:21
RAMdOOMlordievader: my freeram is still the same before i fill this 16Mb with 4 files of 4.4MB .14:23
RAMdOOMNo ram decreased14:24
RAMdOOMno spaceleft14:24
RAMdOOMand if create some other new disk or milliondisks the values stays equally14:24
RAMdOOMdo you understand onwhere i meaning to come/14:25
RAMdOOMi know that disks is temporary. the question is where is the part of hardware that these disk are using. this is why i suspect that my hardware have 512MB at least free like a zombie.14:27
RAMdOOMlordievader: if these disks are real, they may be included by logic ways, or some new method, into the ram system to increase value of freeram. correct14:33
vbgunzis KDE 15.04.2 in the backports repo?14:46
geniiMore likely in -proposed14:49
vbgunzI'm hoping some of the bugs I had in 15.04 and 15.04.1 are solved. it's been a while, I forgot exactly what but I'm hoping it's more solid14:51
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tomorrowhi, how use C-return in konsole? thks17:01
Graf_Westerholttomorrow, I do not understand what you want to do. Can you explain, please?17:03
tomorrowbecause cua-mode isn't work, in emacs.17:04
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zzzcccHello, guys. Can smbd give me kde5 installation faq for ubuntu?18:36
bjrohanI just updated to 15.04, and I keep getting an annoying message about proprietary drivers. When I select the only driver listed for Intel, and click apply, a few minutes later I get the damn message again. What do I need to do to satisfy this request?18:52
victor__in KDE5 how do you choose the backend rendering? e.g., opengl?19:01
victor__found it19:02
victor__system settings > hardware > display and monitor > compositor19:03
EvilRoeyvictor__:  ^19:18
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ahoneybunThe First ever Kubuntu Podcast: https://plus.google.com/events/cjbl4jsvkaovmjc5ut595nubkpc19:52
EuryaleHello, I'm having trouble with KDE Plasma. When I alt-tab to switch stuff the thing that shows up on the left to show you what window you're on doesn't just flash up but it /strobes/, which can be dangerous for me.20:18
Euryalewhat can I do to prevent this from happening?20:18
EuryaleSec, I'm going to try restarting to see if it makes it go away temporarily20:25
Euryalewhen I get back maybe someone will have a more permanent solution20:25
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Euryalenope... restarting didn't help20:30
EuryaleOkay, apparently disabling the 'fade' desktop effect fixes the problem20:38
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Euryalehow do I stop the nag screen asking me to install Adobe Flash?22:44
EuryaleI really don't want Flash, thank you very much22:44

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