jay2324what is the command to disable the webcam on a laptop ?02:18
jay2324i tried blacklist uvcvideo  but that disabled my keyboard and the webcam02:20
bookshi is uniti 3d available in lubuntu old systems?10:20
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bookswhy when I click google chrome in lubuntu dalays too much to open?20:36
bookstoo much to open?20:37
ianorlinbooks: does everything else load fast?20:52
ianorlinis it trying to restore lots of tabs20:52
booksI think it loads fast20:52
booksbut if it loads it runs fast20:52
bookshowever delays to start20:52
bookswhen I first click it20:52
booksfrom plank20:52
booksI wait a lot20:53
booksto open20:53
booksI dont know why it delays to open20:53
booksis it a problem of plank?20:54
bookswell it does not restore20:54
booksit is a new window20:55
booksand I click it and wait20:55
booksto open20:55
krytarikbooks: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on one line - easier to follow for everyone.20:57
booksyes ok20:57
books I boot pc, I click chrome icon in plank, and chrome does not open, I wait some time and then chrome opens, and runs ok20:59
bookswhy it takes too much time to open?20:59
MrKlownhello people.  i keep having issues with lubuntu software center.  as soon as i try to install anything i get authentication failure errors and it's not even giving me a chance to put a password in23:34

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