awojoIf I setup DHCP through MAAS will it cause conflicts with my existing DHCP server00:59
viboli use vmware to test maas ... maas requre power type to boot up the node05:58
vibolSo any recommend for this ? i don't which power type should i choose and i don't know even power address or etc05:59
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dweaverTrying the MAAS trusty hwe-v kernel using the daily images and the kernel panics on boot.  See bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/146507113:27
kikodweaver, you rock thanks14:28
kikosmoser, ^^14:28
smoserdweaver, fix is coming :)14:41
smoserdweaver, and actually, should be fixed i hope.14:42
dweaver kiko smoser, stellar, thank you so much ;)14:52
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smoserdweaver, seems still busted even with 20150611, but it shoudlnt be. investigating.15:22
kikoplars, rvba thinks you have encountered a bug15:27
plarskiko: ah, ok15:27
kikoplars, however, we know that some custom images work, i.e. centos15:27
rvbakiko: plars: tbh, I'm not that familiar with the custom images code so I can't be sure this is a bug (maybe there is just something I'm missing)… and we don't have documentation for this feature unfortunately.15:29
kikorvba, does anyone other than blake_r know?15:30
rvbakiko: roaksoax probably.15:30
kikorvba, and other than him? :)15:31
rvbaNobody else really.15:32
smoserdweaver, luser error made me think it was still busted.16:05
smoseri think i booted too early and got old initramfs.16:05
smoserif it is not fixed for you, and you have16:05
smoser 20150611 for ubuntu/*/hwe-v/trusty16:05
smoserthen please let me know.16:05
dweaversmoser, that version is in the daily images now?16:06
smoserrefresh either from web ui, or cli (maas <maasname> boot-resources import)16:06
smoserit is only there for ~ 2 hours though.16:07
dweaversmoser, OK, I'll sync and have another go, if you don't hear anything else from me then you must be awesome and fixed it, thanks16:07
dweaversmoser, OK, syncing now.16:09
mupBug #1465071 changed: Daily hwe-v kernel for trusty results in kernel panic when attempting to mount iscsi partition <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1465071>16:20
mupBug #1466151 opened: MAAS unit tests (at a minimum) are broken when bonding driver is loaded <MAAS:In Progress by mpontillo> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1466151>16:47
rvbaplars: kiko: Actually you can't use 'ubuntu' as a prefix for your image name because the suffix isn't a valid series name.16:55
rvbaplars: so just drop the 'ubuntu/' in front of your image.  It should then show up under 'Custom'.16:55
plarsinteresting, I'll give it a try in a bit16:55
plarsthanks rvba16:55
rvbaplars: you can check that it's correctly synced by making sure /var/lib/maas/boot-resources/current/custom/amd64/generic/ contains the name of your image.16:56
kiko`thanks plars17:16
kiko`and thanks^2 rvba17:16
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mupBug #1466162 opened: commissioning error <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1466162>17:47
CrummyAdminGood Afternoon19:24
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CrummyAdminI am running an ubuntu server 14.04 instance with MAAS v1.5 as a virtual guest in Virtualbox. I am setting the regional controller, cluster controller, and dhcp server on the same server. eth0 is connected to the NAT network and has public internet connection. eth1 is reserved for the dhcp server. Scope for the NAT network is so eth0 is and eth1 is
CrummyAdmineth1 is also a host-only network adapter. DHCP was working well though and assigning numbers in the scope and I still had internet connection. After I ran dpkg-reconfigure maas-regional-controller and dpkg-reconfigure maas-cluster-controller and setup accordingly I can no long reach the public internet19:31
CrummyAdminwhat is the best way to troubleshoot this?19:37
kikoCrummyAdmin, you can't reach the internet from the server, or from nodes provisioned from it?20:03
kikodon't use 1.520:03
kikouse the stable PPA above20:03
CrummyAdminI can't reach the internet from the server20:21
CrummyAdminI still needed to download images for maas but am unable to currently20:21
CrummyAdminShould I go ahead and upgrade maas even though I am currently having this issue or wait?20:22
CrummyAdminI can just start from scratch again but would like to be able to troubleshoot for the experience20:22
kikoCrummyAdmin, you should upgrade maas regardless20:31
kikoit's a bit weird that your uplink went down -- how are your interfaces configured?20:31
kikoplars, did that work?20:39
plarskiko: not so far... it seems to be syncing?20:40
plarsI ran:20:40
plarsmaas testmaas boot-resources create name=ci/wily architecture=amd64/generic content@=/tmp/wily-desktop-amd64.iso.tar.gz20:40
plarsand I see it under images, but it's still under generated, not custom20:40
kikoplars, hmm, and are either doing something?20:40
plarsand there's a circle next to it, when I hover, it says "waiting for clusters to sync"20:40
plarsis there a way to force that?20:41
kikoplars, is df changing? :)20:41
kikono, it should happen automatically20:41
mupBug #1466213 opened: commissioning output should show the output of lsblk and  udevadm commands used to gather block device data <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1466213>20:41
plarskiko: not quickly if it is20:42
plarskiko: this was many hours ago that I ran the create20:42
kikoplars, and the cluster is healthy, connected, etc?20:42
plarskiko: seems to be - it's just a small test system I set up locally20:43
plarskiko: just trying to figure out what options maas could provide for testing things based on daily isos20:43
kikoplars, I am sure we can do things to make things better20:45
CrummyAdmineth0 static gateway dns-search google.com dns-nameservers netmask
CrummyAdmineth1 static dns-search google.com dns-nameservers netmask
CrummyAdminDestination     Gateway     Genmask     Flags  Metric  Ref  Use  Iface21:01
CrummyAdmin0.0.0.0     UG  0  0  0  eth021:02
CrummyAdmin10.0.2.0 U  0  0  0  eth021:03
CrummyAdmin10.0.2.0  U  0  0  0  eth121:03
CrummyAdminthat is my route -n output21:04
CrummyAdminarp -a = "? ( at <incomplete> on eth021:05
kikoCrummyAdmin, you are really a crummy admin :-) you can't have two interfaces on the same network without special handling21:23
kikoCrummyAdmin, what is eth1 supposed to be doing?21:23
kikoCrummyAdmin, perhaps it's worth taking a step back and explaining your network setup21:24
CrummyAdminI was going to make it a private subnet for the dhcp server but couldn't get internet so someone suggested issuing ip's from it that are on the same subnet so I would still get internet. up until configuring maas it seemed to be working okay lol I am pretty new at this and just doing this to learn21:25
kikoso the right way to do that is to use the machine to also route from eth1 to eth021:26
kikoif you shut down eth1 for now do you get your internet back?21:26
kikowhat are eth0 and eth1 plugged into?21:27
CrummyAdminSo with virtualbox I have a nat network with dhcp turned off and the Network CIDR as this is the connection to the public internet that my maas server has on eth021:27
kikoyou are running maas inside virtualbox21:27
kikoI see21:27
CrummyAdminNo I used ifdown eth1 and try connection again and could not ping google.com21:28
kikothat's odd21:28
CrummyAdmincould a restart be necessary?21:28
kikoping google.com is not a good test21:28
kikocan you ping
CrummyAdminI have 3 physical servers at home I plan to deploy to but learning to configure in virtualbox while on the go seemed to be my best option for now21:29
kikoso most simple setups do the following:21:29
kiko- use a server with two interfaces for maas21:29
CrummyAdminfrom imcp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable21:29
kiko- maas is configured to manage DHCP/DNS on one of those interfaces21:29
kiko- maas is configured to ignore the other interfaces21:30
CrummyAdminokay yeah I told maas to use eth121:30
kiko- you configure routing (and possibly NAT, though not in your case) to allow machines on the managed interface to get outside21:30
CrummyAdminand I setup dhcp using isc-dhcp-server before hand then provided the config to maas within the web gui21:31
kikoyou shouldn't set up dhcp manually21:31
kikomaas does that for you21:31
kikowell, unless you really want to21:31
kikobut that is not a trivial undertaking21:31
CrummyAdminOh! I was wondering about that21:31
kikoyou should also really be on 1.721:31
kikoI need to split tongiht21:32
CrummyAdminI promise once I get a connection back I will upgrade immediately =)21:32
CrummyAdmink thanks for the suggestions I will google routing21:32
kikoso I'm not sure what is wrong -- eth1 down should have21:32
kikoscratch that21:32
kikoI know what is wrong21:32
kikoyour default route is wrong21:32
kikohow are you configuring your networks21:33
kikonetwork manager?21:33
kikoor /etc/network/interfaces?21:33
CrummyAdminall through terminal no gui21:33
CrummyAdminyeah /etc/network/interfaces21:33
kikoso if you look at your setup21:34
kikoyou have a default route set up to the address of your eth121:34
kikothat can't work21:34
kikoyour default route needs to be the first hop external to you21:34
kikowhich I would assume is
kikoif you shut down eth1 and fix your default route you will have internet back21:34
kikoand later21:35
CrummyAdminlater thank you again!21:35
kikoyou will need a second subnet which MAAS will manage, such as
CrummyAdminokay that's what I originally wanted to do21:35
kikothat should work21:35
kikoyou don't even need to do anything to route if that's the config21:36
kikoas packets coming in from eth1 that are intended for outside will be told to go to your default route, which is reachable by eth021:36
CrummyAdminso what would be if dhcp is turned off on the nat network and my dhcp server is currently
kikoif you are sure eth1 is down21:37
kikocan you ping
CrummyAdminshould I turn dhcp back on for the nat network. Yes eth1 is down21:37
CrummyAdminnope host unreachable at the moment21:37
kikodhcp is turned off where? outside the virtualbox?21:38
kikoI think testing this inside a VM is much harder fwiw21:38
CrummyAdminvirtualbox has a virtual network that you can enable dhcp on and virtual box will distribute addresses like a router from the virtual adapter21:38
CrummyAdminthat is what eth0 is connected to21:39
kikowhat is the gateway address supposed to be on that network?21:39
kikoif it's, when you should be reaching it from eth021:40
kikobut perhaps you confused virtualbox when you added a second interface with that same address21:40
CrummyAdminvirtual box uses as the gateway I believe21:40
CrummyAdminif it is turned on to handle it21:41
kikocan you ping
kikothen make that your default route21:41
kikoyour gateway in /e/n/i speak21:41
kikoyour internet will come back21:41
CrummyAdminand it did!21:42
CrummyAdminsweet thank you! Takeaways: let maas configure dhcp, keep both nic on seperate subnets, use routing to configure default route and enable public internet on both nics21:43
CrummyAdminand upgrade my maas install21:44
kikodon't enable public internet on both nics21:47
kikoI think you can't basically21:47
CrummyAdminSorry for dropping kiko, thanks again for your assistance. Huge help21:50
kiko<kiko> correct21:50
kiko<kiko> uhh21:50
kiko<kiko> no21:50
kiko<kiko> don't enable public internet on both nics21:50
kiko<kiko> well21:50
kiko<kiko> yes21:50
kiko<kiko> I think you can't basically21:51
kikodid you get that CrummyAdmin?21:51
kikomaas should route21:51
kikonot virtualbox21:51
CrummyAdminokay I make up a name of an adapter in the maas web gui correct then put in the details for the subnet I would like it to create on eth1 the private subnet and let it do it's thing21:52

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