Kiloshello africa06:24
elacheche_anisHey Kilos :) see you in minutes with elacheche :D :p07:06
Kilosmeeting tonight08:05
elachechewhat meeting?08:08
elachecheKilos, ?08:12
Kiloslemme check08:12
Kiloswb Neo3108:30
Kiloselacheche  14:00 - 15:00    Ubuntu Membership Board Meeting #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net08:31
Neo31morning Kilos :)08:32
Kilosmorning slystone08:39
elachecheKilos, no condidates for today's meeting08:52
Kilosah ty08:52
Kilosbut im here anyway08:52
elachecheYep.. But no meeting for today.. → Our Rules: Add your wiki page to the meeting agenda at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting08:53
elachecheI'll just send an email about this to remind everybody that we should have a meeting today.. But as there is no condidates so no meeting :)08:53
Kilosoh maybe some dont have calenders setup08:54
slystoneMorning Kilos!09:51
slystoneOhai! *09:52
elachecheo/ slystone09:52
Kilosall good in france?09:52
slystone\o elacheche09:52
slystoneKilos: Except a broken heart, yes09:52
Kilosoh no what happened?09:52
slystoneHum, love sucks?09:53
slystoneI'll stick to my computer next time. :309:53
Kilosbeen there, done that09:53
Kilosyeah safer09:53
slystoneHow about you?09:54
Kilosim good ty, just we in winter here now so kinda cold09:54
slystonePlenty of sun here! :)09:55
Kilosoh we have sun but wind from the mountains that had snow have dropped the day temp to 15°c09:56
elachechestickyboy, France?09:58
Kiloshaha tab incomplete09:58

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