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GnoNaymecan anyone explain the benefits of scopes over the software center?02:10
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avi_my problem is that my app depend on somelib and i have packaged that lib in the click. but this lib has a translation files, i put them in this path data/usr/share/locale/*/LC_ MESSAGES/somelib.mo and the translation are not loaded. what i did wronge?05:00
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simosxavi_, the lib tries to find the translations using the "translation domain" (some name that is defined in the source code). Also, it uses some path to look into. Can you run 'strace' on the app so that you can figure out what files it tries to open?05:24
avi_simosx, in the emulator i think i cant run it.... i will try..05:25
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simosxavi_, "strace" is preinstalled on the phone (or I installed it easily). You could change the .desktop file so that it runs the command through strace and have an idea what files are being tried to open.05:43
avi_ok. that idea. i will try it. thank you05:45
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Mirvpopey: can you check if the newest comment in bug #1462989 means that the patch shouldn't go in, ie that Renato claims the API should be just used differently?06:46
ubot5bug 1462989 in qtpim-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "containsItems returned wrong value when checking all day event" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146298906:46
dholbachgood morning07:11
dpmmzanetti, good morning! Do you happen to know if there is a way already for app developers to detect if their app is running on unity 8 on a phone or on a bigger form factor (e.g. the desktop)?07:42
dpmor bzoltan, you might know too? ^07:49
bzoltandpm:  as I remember the idea is not to expose such API to the apps.07:50
dpmbzoltan, oh, I see, so what's the plan to do the detection, if it's not via API?07:52
didrocksdpm: application width size I guess + other capabilities07:54
didrockslike mouse, keyboard, sensors…07:54
didrocksbasically you do some progressive enhancement, as in the web07:54
didrocksand base on capabilities rather on form factor07:55
bzoltandpm: The plan is that apps should not care about this.. all happens automagically, layouts, UX, visuals, etc07:55
dpmdidrocks, I do not quite understand. So how does the app dev detect capabilities, if there is no API?07:55
justCarakasAnybody know why I am still on r19 on my nexus 4 ? It keeps saying software is up to date07:56
didrocksdpm: ah, for sensors and such, I guess there will (is?) some API07:56
didrocksdpm: but basically you won't have "get_form_factor()" -> desktop/phone/tv…07:56
seb128justCarakas, that's rather a question for #ubuntu-touch07:57
justCarakasok thx07:57
dpmdidrocks, bzoltan, there is no API that I know of in the SDK to detect whether a mouse is present or the monitor size. So I guess my question is, is there a way to work around it and make a guess at form factor/capabilities, until the full vision is implemented?07:58
seb128dpm, define "form factor", what part of the program do you want to change and when?07:58
didrocksreally, we should remove the "form factor" part of this question, it's about capabilities really, and on the API, I'll let the sdk team answering, I'm not fluent enough yet to know if there is anything :)07:59
seb128didrocks, well screen size matters and it's not really a "capability"08:00
seb128but then it should probably check the width rather than a "form"08:01
dpmseb128, as an example, the reminders app uses the Layouts API to switch between different layouts if running on a phone or on a tablet. I'd like to know how the app can detect it's running on a desktop with monitor and use the tablet layout, but not at full screen08:01
dpmseb128, or e.g. the terminal app: it has a button to show the OSK on the phone. If running in a desktop setting, with a monitor and hardware keyboard, it should hide the OSK button08:02
seb128dpm, those seem different cases08:02
didrocksseb128: screen size is capability08:03
dpmright, one is about layout, the other one about hardware detection08:03
seb128didrocks, k, weird vocabulary08:03
seb128dpm, layout is just how width is your window, so you know if you have space for several column, no?08:04
didrocksdpm: I guess you typical example is "I want my app to be fullscreen if screen_size =< 50gu", otherwise, I switch my layout to be 2 columns and request at least 51gu08:04
didrocks(when the app opens)08:04
seb128didrocks, it's like "my screen is capable of displaying pixel" wououou ;-)08:05
dpm:)didrocks, so can I detect "if screen_size"08:05
dpmsorry, pressed enter too quick08:05
didrocksseb128: there is a difference between "capable fo displaying pixel and capable of displaying xxx pixels"08:05
dpmcan I detect "if screen_size =< 50gu"?08:05
seb128dpm, didrocks, I would expect the "put things in fullscreen" to be a shell thing rather than a per-application choice?08:05
didrocksdpm: yeah, that's a question for the sdk team08:05
didrocksseb128: initial window size? I don't really know…08:06
seb128didrocks, well, the width is not inherent to the screen, when I resize something on my desktop the display doesn't change properties08:06
seb128it's not capable of more pixels because I dnd-ed a corner of the win08:06
didrocksseb128: reread my sentence about "when the app opens"08:06
didrocksbut whatever08:06
dpmbzoltan, can you perhaps enlighten us on the widh detection question? ^^08:06
seb128dpm, you can tweak the layout on width < something08:07
seb128without having to query the screen08:07
didrocksI don't think it's dpm's question08:07
seb128just the width of the windows should tell you if you have space for e.g multi columns08:07
dpmseb128, right, but it's the available width I don't know how to query08:08
seb128dpm, "available"?08:08
didrocksdpm: did you try http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qscreen.html?08:08
seb128the layout depends of what size you application has no?08:08
seb128not of the size of the screen08:08
seb128like on a desktop you wouldn't display the multiple columns if the win is 100 pixels width08:08
seb128it would rather match the linear layout used on e.g a phone08:09
seb128so it's the actual win geometry that you want no?08:09
dpmseb128, right, so if we switch layouts on e.g. "if width >= 100GU" you are saying that I should set the initial size of the app at 100GU and it should just do the right thing?08:11
seb128well, it's up to you08:12
seb128on e.g the phone the shell is going to put your app fullscreen08:12
seb128so you don't get the define the width08:12
seb128to define*08:12
dpmyeah, that's what I mean08:12
seb128well just do if width >= 100 gu08:12
seb128on a bq you are going to get 40gu or something and be under it08:12
seb128and if you try on your desktop you can resize to be over 100gu08:13
seb128or even specify the default width, so it's used on your desktop where things are not maximized08:13
zsombidpm: so, if your app is having width: 100GU, your app will run on 40GU on device no matter of what's the size you defined, but on desktop will run on 100GU08:14
dpmthat's what I'm trying to say, so is the guidance to set the default width to be > than a phone layout and then a) on a phone the app will be resized to full screen and b) on the destkop the default width will be used08:14
zsombidpm: you can prepare your layout based on this: if mainview.width >= 100GU use this layout, otherwise use that08:14
zsombidpm: there is no guideline, but I think these doesn't have to be "guidelined"08:15
dpmzsombi, yeah, that'd be the condition, but what sets the default mainview.width if the app is not running full screen?08:15
zsombidpm: all you need to know is that apps run "fullscreen" on phone, no mater if you've set your app size to (0,0)08:16
dpmright, so I get the fullscreen case08:16
dpmzsombi, so when I've got a huge monitor and I don't want the app to run fullscreen on launch, then is the guidance to a) set mainview.width = "something wide" and b) have the layouts switch condition to "if mainview.width >= 'something big'"?08:17
zsombidpm: that depends on the app08:18
zsombidpm: if the app knows that on desktop it should run on 100/80 GU, then it should set its width.height to that size08:18
dpmzsombi, so how does the app "know"?08:19
zsombidpm: so then on phone it will run fullscreen, and on desktop, or any widnowed mode will run on 100/80 GU08:19
zsombidpm: well, I guess designs for desktop have some window metrics, right?08:19
zsombidpm: so they can use those metrics to set their app size08:20
zsombidpm: you go and set MainView { width: units.gu(100); height: units.gu(80) } right?08:20
dpmzsombi, I think we're talking about the same thing. So if I as an app developer I want my app to be 100GU wide on a big monitor, I should just set the initial size to that, and that's it08:20
zsombidpm: right08:20
dpmok, then it's all clear08:21
dpmzsombi, so the next question is about other capabilities: how do I tell whether there is a phyisical keyboard attached?08:22
zsombidpm: why would you need that?08:22
zsombidpm: use case pls08:22
zsombior more08:22
dpmzsombi, e.g. the terminal app: it has a button to show the OSK on the phone. If running in a desktop setting, with a monitor and hardware keyboard, it should hide the OSK button08:22
zsombidpm: hmm... that's weird... why does it have that?08:23
zsombidpm: beside, if you attach a kbd to a tablet, I guess both should work, right?08:23
dpmzsombi, the osk automatic switching really got in the way of using the terminal. I'm not sure you used it before the button was added, but it was a nightmare for scrolling and screen jumping up and down08:24
dpmzsombi, why should the OSK work if I've got a hardware keyboard attached? But in any case, we're talking about the desktop case, not tablet08:25
zsombidpm: for the presence of the OSK we have an undocumented API... QuickUtils.inputMethodProvider property... perhaps we should expose these...08:26
zsombidpm: well, because you may wanna still use the prediction08:26
zsombidpm: without OSK there's no predictive text08:26
zsombidpm: and haven't you seen touch screen enabled desktops? :)08:27
dpmzsombi, I definitely don't want to use predictive text while typing CLI commands ;)08:27
zsombidpm: ok, that is one use case, but the terminsl app is not teh only app in the world ;)08:27
dpmzsombi, no, but you asked for the use case I was looking at atm :)08:27
zsombidpm: right :)08:27
zsombidpm: as said, we have an internal class for that... beside, I think Qt will have something there...08:28
* dpm looks at documentation08:28
zsombidpm: otoh, OSK presence can also be detected inm from the input method size08:28
dpmzsombi, where can I find out how to use QuickUtils.inputMethodProvider? a quick google glance didn't return any doc results08:29
zsombidpm: of course not, it's internal08:30
zsombiit's not documented08:30
zsombidpm: and you should not even use that08:30
dpmoh, so I thought that was the suggestion08:31
* zsombi looks for the Qt.inputMethod.rectangle or whatever property08:31
zsombidpm: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtqml-qt.html#inputMethod-prop -> http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qinputmethod.html -> http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qinputmethod.html#keyboardRectangle-prop08:32
zsombidpm: if keyboardRectangle.size is 0, there's no OSK08:32
zsombidpm: so no need to show that button08:33
dpmawesome, thanks zsombi08:33
zsombidpm: in any other cases, the apps shouldn't even know what devices are attached to the computer08:34
zsombidpm: toolkit elements would handle all the diffs, i.e. focusing on Tab/Shift+Tab, Scrollbar thumb when hovered over mouse, Bottom edge hint component, MultiColumnView for responsive pagestacks, etc, etc08:35
zsombidpm: if the keyboardRectangle is not giving the desired results, we have to think of a better solution08:38
popey09:22 < dpm> zsombi, e.g. the terminal app: it has a button to show the OSK on the phone. If running in a desktop setting, with a  monitor and hardware keyboard, it should hide the OSK button08:41
popeydpm: we (me and fillipo) have discussed this at length08:41
popeyI am not convined we perma-hide the OSX on a 'desktop'08:41
popey(given we already have decided not to go for rigid phone / tablet / desktop form factors - as discussed above)08:41
popeye.g. what if I _want_ the osk on screen, I don't think we should forcibly hide it and never let it be brought on screen just because there is a hardware keyboard08:42
dpmpopey, well, what I noticed is that button has no effect on the desktop, so there is no OSK at all08:43
dpmthat was what prompted me to file the bug08:43
popeythats not a terminal bug though08:44
popeythats the fact that the OSK isn't packaged up in unity8 desktop seed08:44
dpmpopey, aha. In that case, perhaps it could be a setting in the same way "show control keys bar" is08:45
popeyI still don't agree.08:45
popeyI think it should fade out so it's not so obtrusive08:46
dpmfade out permanently?08:46
popeyno, just be less obvious08:47
popeyit can get in the way sometimes08:47
popeyhigher transparency over time if you've not used it08:47
popeysame could apply on tablet/phone uses too08:48
popeyif you're using it for monitoring / tailing a log file, and rarely interact, it's more useful if those buttons fade away08:48
dpmif I'm using terminal on a big monitor and physical keyboard, and I've made a decision not to use the OSK, why should I have the icon shown at all times obstructing the view, even if it's faded out?08:48
popeybut as a new user you need to know where they are/were08:48
popeyif it's faded out it's not obstructing08:49
dpmright, I think it's fine to show it on first launch, but why shouldn't I be able to hide it, just as we do with the controls bar?08:49
popeymore settings, more code to maintain, more possibility it gets hidden and not easy to discover how to re-enable08:50
popeythere's 3 buttons, not just the osk one08:50
Mirvzbenjamin: I kicked another build of Qt Creator 3.5 to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-023/+packages so that it's usable now that Qt 5.4.2 got in to wily08:51
dpmright, but the other two are settings and tabs08:51
zbenjaminMirv: there were new changes in upstream that we need yesterday, does it pull the master or did you create a tarball manually?08:52
zbenjaminMirv: the sdk plugin will only compile against the current branch08:52
Mirvzbenjamin: no it's just the same tarball, if you want the latest git I can do that too08:52
Mirvzbenjamin: alright08:52
popeyyes, and if you don't have a touch screen you could argue you don't need the tabs button08:52
Mirvzbenjamin: so, ~test5 upcoming soonish to the same place08:52
zbenjaminMirv: :) cool08:52
popeyanway, i think we should discuss this on the bug report08:53
dpmanyway, so we do have different opinions, perhaps we can ask a designer08:53
dpmin any case, terminal looks awesome on the unity 8 session :)08:53
dpmI'm using it on my unity 7 session as my main terminal now08:54
popeydpm: you using the fat package?08:54
dpmpopey, no, it appears on the store, but I couldn't install it (I'm not sure if store installs are disabled, or if I've got network issues), so I kicked off a wily build on my personal PPA (in order not to mess up the core apps one) and then installed the .deb inside the container08:56
dpmpopey, can you install apps from the store?08:56
mivoligodavidcalle: hi, IIRC you made a guide about adding translation support for the apps on the phone. Unfortunately I can't find this guide now08:58
popeydpm: not on my unity8lxc install, i thought it might be my end, but you saying it breaks for you too?08:58
popeyAlso, I couldn't login to u108:58
popeynot sure where these bugs should go, or if they should be filed08:59
davidcallemivoligo, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/qml/tutorials/internationalizing-your-app/08:59
mivoligodavidcalle: great, thanks :)08:59
davidcallemivoligo, yw :)08:59
dpmpopey, I didn't even get to a u1 log in. In my case, I can see apps in the click store, but when I click on the "Install" button, nothing happens08:59
dpmpopey, I noticed the browser crashes on start, so I couldn't check if it was a network issue. But now I've got terminal installed, I guess I could find out if I've got network at all. In any case, the network indicator shows no networks available09:00
popeyyeah, mine is wired, and can go online09:02
dpmI need to try if the browser still crashes after I ran an update on the container09:06
popeydpm: how did you update?09:06
popeyfrom outside or inside?09:06
dpmpopey, I tried both, as I had a broken package which I couldn't fix from outside. So I first did a 'sudo unity8-lxc-setup --update-lxc'09:07
dpm(from outside)09:07
dpmand then a 'sudo lxc-attach -n unity8-lxc' to fix the broken package from inside the container09:07
dpmand then I went back to doing the update with 'sudo unity8-lxc-setup --update-lxc'09:08
dpmas I didn't know if that ran other steps, so I preferred to do it this was just in case09:08
* popey tries that09:10
dpmseb128, if we find bugs such as not being able to log into ubuntuone to install packages on the unity8 desktop session, is lp:unity8-desktop-session the best place to file bugs?09:10
popeyyeah, you can't install apps from the store because you dont have a u1 account09:10
popeythat's annoying09:10
seb128dpm, you can, or on the specific packages09:13
seb128what is not working when you try to log in?09:13
dpmseb128, in my case I'm not even shown the prompt when trying to install an app from the store, but I haven't tried to explicitly go to the settings app and add the account yet. popey first flagged the issue that he couldn't add the u1 account09:16
seb128popey, dpm, is there a bug open about not being able to add the account?09:17
seb128it worked when I tried previous cycle09:17
popeyjust updating, will try again and file if not09:17
seb128we even demoed installing clicks fro u8 in washington09:17
seb128popey, thanks09:17
seb128what was the issue?09:17
popeynothing happens when you click U1 in system settings -> accounts09:18
popeyyeah, still broken09:19
dpmpopey, does the browser work for you?09:22
popeydpm: no, crashes09:22
popeywill file that one next :)09:22
dpmsame here09:23
dpmhaving the browser working and being able to install apps would be two massive improvements09:24
popeyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1466009 there you go09:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1466009 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cannot add U1 account on Unity8 Desktop" [Undecided,New]09:24
popeydpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/146601209:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1466012 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Browser crashes on launch on Unity8 Desktop" [Undecided,New]09:26
dpmpopey, thanks. Do you have the browser installed on your unity 7 session too?09:28
popeylooks like it, yes09:29
popeydpm: can you logout? my session freezes when I try to09:30
dpmme too, not sure if it makes a difference. The LXC container mounts /home, so I don't know if there are any browser settings that interfere with each other. FWIW, having terminal installed on both systems does not seem to pose any problems09:30
popeygetting segfaults in location service too09:31
dpmI got a freeze yesterday, but I generally have been able to log out09:31
popey[Wed Jun 17 10:19:10 2015] ubuntu-location[3106]: segfault at 0 ip           (null) sp 00007ffc0dee1288 error 14 in ubuntu-location-serviced[400000+49000]09:31
popeylots of those09:31
popeyoh, it finally logged out, was just really slow, probably io bound on mediascanner09:31
popeydpm: webbrowser-app works fine under unity709:32
dpmyeah, here too. And if I try to uninstall it, it wants to remove qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu and ubuntu-sdk, so I'll leave it alone :)09:33
popeymaybe rm .config/webbrowser-app and .cache/webbrowser-app ?09:33
popey(this, btw, is why I wanted to run Unity8 on a separate machine, the logging out/in all the time is kinda annoying)09:34
popeyalso, now I'm getting the welcome thing flickering repeatedly09:34
* popey reboots09:34
dpmyeah, but I don't have that many machines :)09:35
popeyseems it doesn't like you flipping unity 8 -> 7 -> 809:35
dpmoSoMoN, do you have any hints on bug 1466012 - maybe a known bug, perhaps there is a workaround?09:36
ubot5bug 1466012 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Browser crashes on launch on Unity8 Desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146601209:36
oSoMoNdpm, I marked it as duplicate of bug #145745809:40
ubot5bug 1457458 in Oxide ""No suitable EGL configs found" on desktop-next" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145745809:40
oSoMoNknown bug, no known workaround that I know of09:41
dpmok, thanks oSoMoN. Sounds more a bug for Mir rather than Oxide, if I understand it correctly?09:43
oSoMoNnot sure where the bug is, chrisccoulson can you clarify? ^09:43
chrisccoulsonthe bug is in oxide09:44
mivoligomzanetti: hi, there's something wrong with the sound when playing MvsM after the latest OTA update. The sound sometimes goes up or down suddenly. And I mean the system sound.09:45
mzanettimivoligo, yeah... it's a bug in the system09:50
mzanettiI should probably report it09:50
mivoligomzanetti: ah, ok, was it like that before?09:50
mzanettidon't remember. been using vivid for 3 months now09:51
LemmyKCan anyone tell my what the status on the new "calendar sync backend" is?10:02
popeyLemmyK: I don't think that'll be ready until July or so.10:06
LemmyKThanks, is there a bug to track the progres of this?10:07
karniWhat's the advised solution here? "Too many authentication failures for phablet from port 50877 ssh2" -- trying to install a click form beloved QtC ;) to krillin10:07
popeyLemmyK: i dont think so10:08
mzanettirpadovani, hey10:09
rpadovanimzanetti, o/10:10
mzanettirpadovani, have a reminders branch to test/review :)10:10
rpadovanimzanetti, ok, I' ll take a look after lunch :-)10:10
mzanettienjoy the lunch10:10
nik90mzanetti: I am hitting a strange issue on the latest image rc-proposed/ubuntu r163, where shell rotation doesn't happen while app rotates...https://imgur.com/Gs43FQH10:33
nik90mzanetti: was it disabled or is this a bug?10:34
mzanettino... hasn't been disabled10:35
mzanettinik90, can't repro here10:36
mzanettinik90, any steps to trigger this?10:36
nik90mzanetti: I just updated to r163 and then opened the system settings app to test shell rotation on my N4. I am going to reboot my phone and see if that helps10:37
mzanettinik90, what channel?10:37
nik90mzanetti: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu on Nexus $10:38
nik90Nexus 4*10:38
mzanettinik90, I've seen comments on G+ that some other Nexus users complain about not having the update yet10:38
* mzanetti digs out his nexus410:38
mzanettinik90, have you ever seen shellRotation on that device and it stopped working, or you didn't ever see it yet?10:39
nik90mzanetti: I had it in the before images...just so happens this image it stopped working...strange behavior.10:39
nik90mzanetti: I was the one who posted screenshots on g+ of shell rotation10:40
mzanettinik90, right...10:41
nik90mzanetti: I think its not unity8's fault..the image is messed up...my calculator and music apps which I updated yesterday have all been reverted to old version. Somehow the image upgrade downgraded everything or something!10:43
nik90yeah I have no idea wth happened..just going to reflash everything from scratch again to confirm this10:44
nik90mzanetti: fyi I had unity8 8.02+15.04.20150603.1-0ubuntu1 installed. Is that the latest?10:45
mzanettinik90, 8.10+15.04.20150612-0ubuntu110:47
mzanettinik90, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11729884/10:48
nik90mzanetti: crazy...let me finish reflashing to confirm the issue and report to sil10:48
mzanettinik90, looks like you have a different PPA10:48
nik90mzanetti: god knows how considering I just did a normal update and nothing else10:48
droppHi, can someone tell me where the PopupUtils.close() function is documented? Thanks!10:55
mzanettinik90, I just flashed ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer and it does not rotate indeed10:55
nik90mzanetti: that is intended..the ubuntu-developer images are not updated regularly.10:56
nik90mzanetti: sry I meant that is known..not sure why the ubuntu-developer images were not updated10:56
mzanettinik90, it does seem to have this ppa tho: stable-phone-overlay10:57
mzanettiunlike the one you pasted10:57
nik90mzanetti: I just reflashed ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu and it still has unity 8.02+15.04.20150603.1-0ubuntu1!10:58
davmor2dropp: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/Ubuntu.Components.Popups.PopupBase/ not sure if that is what you are after10:59
Mirvzbenjamin: bzoltan: ok git snapshot of today's Qt Creator built successfully at https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-023/+packages11:02
dpmpopey, in the interim, until we have the u1 login fixed, I created a set of daily .deb builds of the core apps at https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=wily - the first installation needs to happen from the host (as there is no terminal otherwise). If that's the terminal app, then the rest of .debs can be installed from the unity8 session with the terminal11:02
zbenjaminMirv: awesome :D, the plugin also needs a rebuild though11:03
popeydpm: i already have daily builds of clicks11:03
zbenjaminMirv: i pushed the changes there yesterday11:03
dpmpopey, ah, cool, with fat packaging?11:04
popeyfor those that need it, yes11:04
popeyi just scp them over and use pkcon to install them11:04
Mirvzbenjamin: ok, updating from  lp:~zeller-benjamin/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/sdk-refactor2 .. I don't think it'd build successfully in a PPA though due to that "ubuntu" directory requirement11:05
dpmpopey, so these are built with the scripts to create the fat packages you mentioned a while ago, right? Where can I find them?11:05
popeythey build on my laptop at the moment because it requires access to the click chroot11:05
popeyI want to move it to "the cloud" though11:06
droppdavmor2: okay thanks, but what are the parameters? :)11:06
popeyneeds a lot of space for all the chroots11:06
droppdavmor2: it's used in this example: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/Ubuntu.Components.Popups.Dialog/11:08
droppdavmor2: here is another example which uses a advanced version of it http://askubuntu.com/a/30656211:10
davmor2dropp: I'm not a dev I just knew how to look for the docs page.11:10
droppdavmor2: hehe, that's what i did in advance11:11
davmor2dropp: dpm maybe able to help you more11:11
zsombinik90: did you manage to test the alarm thing?11:13
dpmt1mp, zsombi, perhaps you can help dropp with the question about where the  PopupUtils.close() function is documented? I cannot find it under https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/Ubuntu.Components.Popups/11:14
zsombidpm: for some reason none of the .js file documentation is taken...11:15
dpmzsombi, is qdoc building the docs?11:16
zsombidpm: yes11:16
nik90zsombi: sry no..I am in the process now though11:16
droppzsombi: so the docs will be available soon?11:17
zsombidropp: I don't know how to fix that tbh11:17
droppoh okay11:17
dpmzsombi, in that case, the doc should be available locally in the ubuntu-ui-toolkit-doc package11:17
* dpm looks11:17
zsombidpm: yes, it should11:17
dpmzsombi, any hint on which of these it could be? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11729978/11:19
zsombidpm: none, the qdoc doesn' teven take JS files in11:19
dpmzsombi, so the docs are not generated in the package, then?11:20
zsombidpm: exactly11:20
dpmok, so that's what needs to be fixed before they can be published in the site11:20
Mirvzbenjamin: ok the plugin compiled fine and I installed it in wily, but the plugin is not visible in QtC.. not sure what's wrong this time, the directories etc should be correct11:21
zbenjaminMirv: meh, crap.. Did i maybe not merge all of your fixes?11:22
droppzsombi, dpm: should i file a bug report somewhere?11:22
Mirvzbenjamin: tarball of the deb:s at http://people.ubuntu.com/~timo-jyrinki/QtCreator/11:23
zbenjaminKaleo: does the Ubuntu.Components somehow change default fonts/ fontsizes / margins for the whole application? Because importing Ubuntu.Components does break the title in the new project wizard in QtCreator11:24
zbenjaminKaleo: t1mp suggested you might know about that11:24
Mirvzbenjamin: sorry, correction, works!!11:25
Mirvzbenjamin: I've no idea what happened, I had them installed and then they woosh disappeared somehow.11:25
zbenjaminMirv: so it works?11:25
dpmdropp, yes, please on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+filebug11:26
Mirvzbenjamin: ah, I accidentally ran dpkg -i *.deb outside of the wily, not inside..11:27
Mirvzbenjamin: so yes, sorry for the alarm :) seems good!11:27
zsombizbenjamin: we set the default font, in the plugin11:27
zbenjaminMirv: awesome :D11:27
zbenjaminzsombi: do you know where?11:27
zsombizbenjamin: in the plugin itself, we set Ubuntu family font11:27
zbenjaminzsombi: sooo should i add the UITK to that bug as well?11:34
zsombizbenjamin: you can, but no idea how to fix that11:36
zsombizbenjamin: what you can try is not to set the size, perhaps that would be enough11:37
zsombizbenjamin: like QGuiApplication::getFont(), set the family, and set it back, perhaps that would be enough for the toolkit and for the QWidgets as well11:38
zsombizbenjamin: also, set the weight11:38
zsombiand try it out11:38
zbenjaminzsombi: hm yeah i could reset the default font back after i loaded the uitk11:40
Mirvzbenjamin: tried building the plugin in PPA :D https://launchpadlibrarian.net/209307420/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu_3.5.0%2B15.10.20150617-0ubuntu1~wily1~test1_BUILDING.txt.gz11:42
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Mirvzbenjamin: that error is because of the directory mangling/hardcoding11:42
zbenjaminzsombi: that fixes it , indeed11:47
zbenjaminzsombi: why do we need to set the default font in the first place?11:48
nik90zsombi: I am unable to get clock app to crash on vivid desktop before applying your fix.11:56
nik90zsombi: what steps did you take to get it to crash?11:56
nik90I have one alarm and tried enabling/disabling it a couple of times. Changed the alarm time, labels etc..11:57
nik90popey: Can you help me test https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/lock-portrait-orientation/+merge/26205312:02
popeynik90: sure can12:04
nik90popey: be sure to be on r162 to get shell rotation12:04
* nik90 brb in 5 misn12:05
popeynik90: hmm, i dont have a device with shell rotation enabled.12:08
nik90popey: which device and channel?12:13
popeyubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en on arale, 2712:14
popeyubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en on krillin, 3812:14
nik90popey: for N4 it seems we have shell-rotation on r262 but not on r163...turns out r163 is a OTA-4 image for testing purposes. The same could have been done for the BQ and Meize rc-proposed images..not sure12:15
popeyI no longer have an n412:15
nik90popey: oh wow .. upgrading to newer devices eh ;)12:15
nik90no worries I will wait for victor since I am not sure about the meizu and bq image status12:16
ogra_popey, ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en 27 definitely has shell rotation here12:16
ogra_(since 25 actually)12:17
popeyoh, so it does12:17
popeysorry nik90, my mistake12:18
nik90popey: do you need a click?12:18
popeynah, i can make one12:18
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rpadovanimzanetti, o/12:22
mzanettirpadovani, hey12:22
rpadovanimzanetti, so, improve-viewer and content-hub have to be reviewed, right?12:23
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karnizbenjamin: where can I learn what the load(ubuntu-click) magic does?12:30
zbenjaminkarni: check out the /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/mkspecs/features/ubuntu-click.prf file12:33
karnithank you zbenjamin, exactly what I've been looking for12:33
zbenjaminkarni: and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/mkspecs/features/ubuntu-click-tools.prf12:33
zbenjaminkarni: the *-tools file is loaded after your project settings have been parsed, the ubunu-click.prf is loaded when load() is executed12:34
karnizbenjamin: great, thank you :)12:34
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zsombizbenjamin: we need to set the default font because Qt brings Sans font and not Ubuntu12:50
zsombizbenjamin: and setting the font in every label has performance impact, beside text inputs won't use the default font12:51
zsombinik90: I had the same: I enabled a disabled alarm...12:51
zsombinik90: the alarm did not change its position in the model, then it crashed... not every time, but after I did the changes, I never got it crashing anynore12:52
nik90zsombi: I am atm testing it on the phone by getting to crash before and then verifying after the patch is applied12:53
zsombinik90: cool, thx12:53
zsombinik90: I get to finish the MultiColumnView before I leave, so I'm pretty busy now, thx for help12:53
nik90zsombi: np..I will commment on the MP after I am done12:54
zsombinik90: the prob is that I'll be away after that...12:55
nik90zsombi: oh on hols? Then go ahead with the merge12:56
karniIs MultiColumnView available somewhere for testing?12:56
zsombikarni: comin in staging soon12:56
karniis it the one related to different behavior of PageStack for converged UIs?12:56
karnizsombi: cheers12:56
zsombikarni: but Header work is still to come from t1mp12:56
* karni nod12:57
nik90zsombi: I cannot reliably validate it without taking more time. You should approve it if you're confident.12:57
zsombikarni: yep12:57
zsombinik90: I can be confident if your test shows different thing12:57
zsombinik90: beside. it was made against trunk, so it needs a landing...12:58
zsombinik90: however, if this goes to ota5, then we have time12:58
zsombikarni: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/multicolumnview/+merge/26170312:59
karnizsombi: nice :)13:01
zsombikarni: note, MultiColumnView with 1 column will be the PageStack13:04
karnimakes sense13:04
zsombiso most probably PageStack will be based on MultiColumnView13:04
karnizsombi: when are these expected to be available for testing in staging? (this + usable header, in case current work is required)?13:05
zsombikarni: the final is expected to be in staging by wk31, but the header work should be there within 2 weeks13:06
zsombikarni: so stable will be on wk3113:07
karnizsombi: sorry, I don't have week numbers enabled in calendar. what does that translate to in human speech :D?13:07
karni2 weeks sounds good :)13:07
karnigreat, actually13:08
zsombikarni: I have a proto for the Messaging app to test it, so you can check that https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/messaging-app/prototypeWithMCV13:08
zsombikarni: the adaptive column handling is good to go actually13:09
zsombikarni: we are on wk 25 now13:09
karnioh that's cool!13:09
karniaha :)13:09
zsombikarni: we may optimize it, or perhaps redo it if we see that we need some major header refactoring to get the header working properly13:09
zsombikarni: and header work is the bigger bone in this storry13:10
karnizsombi: sure, np. it'll be a while before I can lay my hands on it13:10
zsombikarni: I am writing some tests now and then it is ready for t1mp to continue with the header13:10
zsombikarni: I'd recommend to play with the idea on using it, so we can get early feedback on API if we need to change sthing13:11
zsombior if sthing is not clear from the docs13:11
nik90zsombi: good news..i got it to crash once before applying patch..haven't had it crash after applying patch and reproducing steps again..13:13
zsombinik90: huhh...13:13
nik90zsombi: i had clock app open and changed the timezone manually .. and alarm can be enabled/disabled without any crash13:14
nik90on the phone that is13:14
nik90I had no luck on vivid desktop13:14
zsombibzoltan: ^13:14
nik90zsombi: commented and approved in MP13:18
zsombinik90: thx!!!13:18
zsombinik90: as said, we may need to move this to ota5 :(13:18
nik90zsombi: that's fine..I am stil going to go ahead with a new clock app release since this crash exists in today's OTA-4 image.13:19
nik90zsombi: so clock-app is not the cause and shouldn't be blocked. I will take it up with popey and QA later today.13:19
zsombinik90: cool!13:19
seb128nik90, what you said earlier, it means no stopwatch added to the default image before the16.04?13:19
nik90seb128: I am more or less sure unfortunately. The SDK will provide timer API only in 16.04 and I doubt I will get designs for stopwatch or timer before that happens with current focus on convergence.13:20
seb128nik90, do we need design to work on that? can't that just be hacked in whatever way you find to work and tweaked/redesigned later?13:21
Elleonik90: looks like that menu rotation bug is fixed with the shell rotation stuff, so we can just land the rotation branch without automaticOrientation and then it'll start automatically working with OTA5 (since you no longer need to set automaticOrientation with shell rotation, it's controlled in the .desktop file then)13:22
nik90seb128: the problem is we don't use a standard tabs navigation model...once I add Tabs, the main clock app will get a page header and pretty much kill the clean look of the clock app. And I don't want to keep rewriting the clock app again and again because of design changes.13:23
seb128nik90, I see, I guess users can install one of the click store apps then ;-)13:23
seb128nik90, thanks13:23
nik90seb128: yeah .. its way too much work with fixing the autopilot, qml tests and so much that it just isn't worth the effort especially when later designs will be completely different :/13:24
nik90Elleo: it does fix it. I disabled automaticOrientation (as it was by default) in my branch. So yes we can land it as it is.13:25
zsombit1mp: I feel we would need a function in MultiColumnView which would clear all the pages added...13:26
t1mpzsombi: we have removePages(page) already. If you pass the root page there, it clears everything.13:27
seb128nik90, why do you disable rotation?13:27
zsombit1mp: well, the first column can have many "root" pages13:27
nik90seb128: because the clock app designs that I have up until now indicate that clock app was meant to run in the side-stage.13:28
zsombit1mp: if you add a page with null page reference, that means the first column gets a new root, sibling to the other one, as the first colum pages do not have common parents13:28
nik90seb128: until I get further designs, best just to lock it in portrait mode.13:28
seb128it seems to work mostly fine in landscape, just miss some scrollable13:29
seb128but your choice I guess ;-)13:29
t1mpzsombi: still, you have a stack, even though with multiple columns. Each row in the stack only has one Page. So there is a top-most row (or bottom-most depending how you build it up)13:29
t1mp(bottom is better, since top() is usually the last page added)13:29
zsombit1mp: dude... removePages(page) removes a tree13:30
zsombit1mp: it removes all child pages of the given page including the page13:30
t1mpzsombi: yes13:30
t1mpzsombi: what would the clear function do?13:30
zsombit1mp: so, if you add two pages to the first column, and you remove the first added one, that won't remove the second one13:30
nik90seb128: I just thought clock, address-book and dialer were similar in that aspect and designed to be in the side-stage, later we can use MultiColumn view and Flickable when we get to that stage.13:31
zsombit1mp: because they can be both added with addPageToCurrentColumn(null, page);13:31
zsombit1of course we can say that this is not good...13:31
seb128nik90, k13:31
t1mpzsombi: if you addToCurrent(page1); addToCurrent(page2), then removePages(page1) should remove both page1 and page213:31
zsombit1mp: and we can say that addPageTo[Current/Next]Column should always get a valid sourcePage property13:32
zsombit1mp: you keep forgetting the second parameter man13:32
zsombit1mp: the sourcePage13:32
t1mpzsombi: the sourcePage should be the first parameter, so you cannot leave it out13:33
zsombit1mp: we are no longer working a s a stack, we are working as a tree13:33
t1mpzsombi: that's how you have it in the doc also13:33
zsombit1mp: heh???!13:33
zsombit1mp: but you can set it as null13:33
zsombit1mp: in which case it adds to the first column13:33
t1mplet's not allow that, that will mess up everything13:33
zsombit1mp: without having any parent page13:33
zsombit1mp: ok, that's what I wanted to say13:34
zsombit1mp: so the first page must then be set with primaryPage, right?13:34
zsombit1mp: deal13:34
t1mpand when adding a new page, its parentPage must be in the tree already13:34
t1mpnot sure if parentPage is the best name though, because we have parents in the tree of Items already13:35
WhiteHi everyone13:35
t1mpwell parent is a very generic name that makes sense often to use13:35
WhiteWhat's the topic?13:35
zsombit1mp: sourcePage is we call aint we13:36
t1mpzsombi: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bSoEynFzD3VAB8kLJW4lcVgtlEzwEF5_RicNQTIA-RY/edit# needs to be updated then13:37
t1mpzsombi: also the API at the top does not match the API a bit further down13:37
zsombiah, ok13:37
zsombit1mp: updated13:45
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zsombit1mp: also, should we allow to remove the primaryPage?13:45
zsombit1mp: I think we shouldn't13:45
t1mpzsombi: don't forget https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/100-SectionBar/+merge/26050213:45
t1mpzsombi: no we don't allow to remove primaryPage13:45
zsombit1mp: ok13:46
zsombit1mp: update components.api13:46
t1mpzsombi: I did. The jenkins results are not from the latest revision13:46
zsombit1mp: your MR fails13:46
t1mpFAILED: Continuous integration, rev:155813:46
t1mpthe last revision is 156413:46
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zsombit1mp: happroved14:25
t1mpzsombi: great, thanks!14:28
zsombit1mp: MultiColumnView MR is ready for you14:30
t1mpzsombi: ok, I was just checking it14:31
t1mpzsombi: you may want to change the commit message :)14:31
zsombit1mp: yes, I will: )14:31
zsombit1mp: done :)14:31
t1mpzsombi: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bSoEynFzD3VAB8kLJW4lcVgtlEzwEF5_RicNQTIA-RY/edit#14:42
t1mpzsombi: ^ColumnViewConfiguration should be ColumnMetrics?14:42
vitimitiCan I set the parent of a pop up by using PopupUtils.open(component, parent)?14:43
t1mpvitimiti: no. The parent is always the root window, otherwise the popup cannot position itself freely in that window. But you can set the caller of the pop up15:08
vitimitit1mp, I am trying to open a second dialog from a first dialog, but if I close the first dialog while doing so, the second one will be completely blocked, I can't press any buttons on it and have to close the window. The dialogs end up stacking up on the screen. Is there a solution for this? (can give the code)15:10
t1mpwe don't support stacking of dialogs15:17
t1mpare there any designers around to give advice here?15:17
t1mpFemma_: ^?15:18
Femma_Stacking of dialogs is not a good idea15:21
t1mpvitimiti: what is your use case?15:22
vitimitit1mp, I have a help dialog that would have two buttons: one is a "OK" button that should simply close the dialog, and the other one is an "About" button that opens a second dialog. If I don't close the Help dialog I can clearly see how the screen goes darker and darker as they stack on top of each other and the Help dialog is there after closing the About dialog. But if I close the Help dialog when opening the About dialog, the About15:23
vitimitidialog's buttons won't work15:23
t1mpFemma_: ^do we have a pattern for cases like that?15:31
mihirhey popey16:37
mihirpopey: could you suggest something on this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1464459 ?16:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1464459 in Ubuntu Calendar App "The default Personal calendar color is hard to see" [Undecided,New]16:37
mihirlike which color would be better, or should we wait for the UX input ?16:37
popeyhey mihir16:42
popeymihir: will ask design :)16:42
mihirpopey: okay :)16:43
popeythanks mihir16:43
popeyhow you doing ?16:43
mihirpopey: doing good , i know after long time was struggling for settling in new phase of life , finally kind of set up16:43
popeyAll settled in now?16:45
JMulhollandmihir popey i’ll check on the latest from Visual Design16:45
popeythanks JMulholland16:45
popeySee, I didn't even have to ask16:45
JMulhollandtheire doing some substantial work on overhauling style atm16:45
mihirJMulholland: great just comment on that bug once you have final call for the same.16:47
JMulhollandwill do!16:51
JMulholland^ mihir16:52
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rararahi people. I am trying to get started with app development in touch. However, all the examples in qtcreator contain an include of "../shared/shared.h" which is not present. How can I get it working? locate doesn't find any file like that and i didn't find anything on google. care to help?18:42
nik90rarara: yeah I have the same issue as well. I ended up just following the tutorial at developer.ubuntu.com when I started long time ago.18:47
rararanik90: is the tutorial up to date? I will do it but the sdk is still installing18:58
* nik90 checks18:59
nik90rarara: more or less they are..they are using some older imports but those will still work.19:00
nik90rarara: once you install ubuntu-sdk and use qtcreator, it has further detailed API information that you can read to know more about using a specific component.19:01
nik90rarara: how familiar are you with qt/qml programming?19:01
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nik90mzanetti: Fixed portrait orientation for fahrplan at https://github.com/smurfy/fahrplan/pull/213. I had to lock it since it breaks badly in some places in landscape mode.19:18
nik90mzanetti: I think it would be best to wait for MultiColumnView to land in the Ubuntu SDK before we start work on landscape mode.19:18
mzanettinik90, wow. that was fast19:19
mzanettiah, you locked it down19:20
mzanettinik90, works for me19:20
nik90mzanetti: had too..the OSK takes way too much space in landscape mode for the stations page to be of any use19:21
nik90s/had too/I had to19:21
mzanettiright... have this problem in more places19:21
nik90mzanetti: I tried to make a slightly fancier design by using icons to denote duration, station etc..but the listview starts crawling slowly..seems performance is good only without any icons.19:23
mzanettiicons shouldn't be *that* bad19:24
nik90not sure what went wrong when I tried that..I will create like a demo branch to prove it :)19:26
dubstar_04is there any documentation for creating layouts with OptionSelector?20:30
dubstar_04Anyone here?20:38
ogra_it is more busy during the european workday ...20:40
dubstar_04Where are we supposed to get support as developers?20:43
dubstar_04no one ever answers questions in here.20:58
ogra_thsi afternoon it was very busy ... in europe is is simply late and most devs seem to be in that timezome20:59
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totojayi'm french and i want to install touch on my nexus 5 under hammerhead anyone know xhere i can find a wikihow22:55

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