blahdeblahhi havingabadday  - hope it's not today!04:11
havingabadday...it is.04:11
havingabaddaythats why im here04:12
havingabaddaysorry, i'll type out and see if anyone has any idea what to do.04:12
havingabaddayany advice on someone on X99 running 2 ssd's (sda= 8.1 windows sdb=15.04 ubuntu), new to the, 'new' ubuntu installer, i was expecting to get the option to not install grub... but that never showed..04:15
blahdeblahhavingabadday: That's a good start; you might find #ubuntu better if you don't get an answer here quickly - it's a pretty quiet channel04:15
havingabaddaywindows bluescreens no matter how i boot into it... not sure what grub did to the begining of the drive.. anyway another question, if i can't get this fixed by tonight should i start with the rum or the whisky.. 04:17
blahdeblahThat question is definitely beyond my Windows and alcohol expertise, I'm afraid. :-)04:18
havingabaddaymine too. thanks. have a better day than me. 04:18

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