dholbachgood morning07:11
dholbachhey dpm - do you want to catch up about sprint5 targets or shall I just place them on the trello board as I see fit?07:20
dholbachand I think we wanted to talk about https://bugs.launchpad.net/help-app/+bug/1433532 at some stage07:20
dpmmorning dholbach. I'm happy with either. If you already know what you want to pick and want to go for it, we can just sync on IRC after you've done it07:25
dpmdholbach, as per the bug, let me have a look at it now, but I'm not sure I can find a solution yet07:26
dholbachthanks dpm07:26
dholbachdpm, let me know what you can find or think of07:26
dholbachsalut davidcalle07:41
davidcalleguten morgen dholbach07:43
davidcalledholbach, good doc, I would tend to prefer the second proposal. If we have something solid to import we caould even expand it to guides we have in API docs (eg. we have a full featured scopes guide that has very little visibility)08:52
dholbachnice one08:55
dholbachI'll add a note regarding that08:56
* dholbach hugs davidcalle08:57
* davidcalle hugs dholbach back08:57
dpmdholbach, good work with the docs plan. I think I'd prefer 2) as well, but we need to see how much work that is going to be. Do you think you could work with mhall119 to have an estimation?09:14
dholbachdpm, sure09:14
balloonsmorning :-)12:14
dholbachballoons, I'll update the checklist of the "open house" card, if that's all right :)12:35
balloonsdholbach, ack12:35
jcastrodpm: wow, nice desktop shot14:27
jcastroI have two monitors and the 8 session did NOT like that at all!14:27
mhall119jcastro: you filed a bug, right?14:36
dpmjcastro, <314:50
dpmjcastro, yeah, I ended up unplugging one of my monitors14:51
dpmI thought it'd work, as initially it showed me cloned screens, but then the login box somehow got confused and didn't let me enter the password14:51
jcastrodpm: me too14:58
jcastromhall119: it was so broken that it was obvious me no one had started even looking at it yet, I'll do so when there's something to test.14:58
jcastrodpm: I like the shinier black for the top bar, the current one is getting tired on the desktop15:08
dpmjcastro, yeah. Love the new icons for apps on the launcher too15:34
jcastrois OTA-4 coming to the Nexus4 or am I stuck?15:36
balloonsjcastro, *soon* TM15:38
jcastroah man, I was hoping for a reason to #blamepopey15:39
balloonsjcastro, honestly I would expect your device to want to update by now15:39
balloonsit's been out for a bit15:39
* jcastro checks15:41
mhall119jcastro: reflash with --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/here15:41
mhall119it's fun on the bleeding edge15:41
jcastromm, I am on vivid-dev, from april15:43
jcastrothat's probably why15:43
jcastroman guys, whoever did the Channel Selection Guide, +115:45
* popey goes offline to spend time with wifey on her birthday 16:53
popey\o/ curry16:55
dpmenjoy popey!17:30
mhall119jcastro: jose: are there arrangements yet for phones to be displayed at Texas Linux Fest?20:00
josemhall119: no, I haven't talked yet. think we can get BQs?23:09
mhall119jose: I don't know about BQ, but I have a couple of Nexus 4s I can probably send23:37
mhall119need to verify with msm that nobody needs them between now and then23:38
mhall119jose: also, I have stands for those, which makes for a nicer display than just laying them on the table like we did at SCaLE23:43

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