pittiGood morning05:11
didrocksgood morning05:55
pittibonjour didrocks06:01
didrockshey pitti, how are you?06:03
pittididrocks: quite well, thanks! juggling systemd, langpacks, and urgent apport features :)06:07
didrocksgood luck!06:07
pittiet toi ?06:07
didrocksI'm fine, thanks06:08
larsumorning :)06:24
pittihey larsu, wie gehts?07:11
seb128hey pitti & desktopers07:12
seb128pitti, wie gehts?07:12
* pitti ^5s seb128, gut danke! und dir?07:12
seb128pitti, larsu is off for the morning, he's have spanish classes this week (and shifted hours)07:12
* seb128 ^5s pitti back, good, danke!07:12
pittiseb128: ah, I missed his "good morning" earlier07:12
seb128so that iso doesn't boot in kvm :-/07:54
seb128"systemd: Started udev Coldplug all Devices."07:54
seb128it just sits there07:54
seb12813s in the boot07:55
didrocksmorning Laney08:07
seb128hey Laney08:08
seb128pitti, is boot blocking on "systemd: Started udev Coldplug all Devices." symptomatic of some known class of system misconfiguration/bug?08:11
Laneyhey didrocks & seb12808:13
seb128Laney, how is u.k today?08:13
Laneycloudy, rain later08:15
Laneyand nl?08:15
seb128sunny today!08:18
seb128and not too windy, which is nice08:18
pittiseb128: not really -- that sounds like a kernel driver issue usually, but hard to tell without more logs08:22
pittiseb128: drop "quiet splash" and boot with "debug systemd.debug-shell"?08:22
seb128pitti, k08:23
seb128pitti, it hangs on http://imagebin.ca/v/25WyUYshyvpy ... no way to go to vt8 or something09:18
pittiseb128: hm, is that with a new kernel or something? since when did that happened?09:28
Laneybet a thousand euros it's the personal image09:30
seb128Laney, you won!09:30
seb128pitti, it's a candidate of snappy personnal image I'm trying to build in kvm09:31
seb128it's the first image build that worked so can't compare to "previous versions/since"09:31
pittiseb128: ah, ok; and no VT switching? seems that something is breaking stuff really hard then :/ could you try moving /etc/sysctl.d/ away for testing if it's one of the knobs there which trigger a kernel fault or so?09:32
seb128pitti, how do you I move things away without a command line? can I do that from grub?09:47
seb128booting with upstart it hits cloud-init expection errors and seem to bug on that09:47
pittiseb128: you can't boot rescue either?09:47
seb128some mkdir failing09:47
pittiseb128: you could boot with init=/bin/bash09:47
pittithen mount -o remount,rw /09:48
pittiand h4ck stuff there09:48
seb128let me try recovery09:48
pittiI can help you in a bit, I'm just rather swamped ATM09:48
seb128don't worry, thanks for the hints09:49
pittiand Laney's "fix udisks" club is becoming a real threat too09:49
pittiseb128: in the mean time, feel free to scp it to people.c.c.?09:49
seb128pitti, it's a 10G image, going to take a while on my dsl line, going to do that over lunch09:49
pittiseb128: convert it to qcow2?09:50
pittiseb128: please don't upload a raw image :)09:50
* seb128 googles09:50
seb128qemu-img convert -f raw -O qcow209:51
pittiseb128: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 xx.raw xx.img09:51
pittiseb128: you can then also use -snapshot09:51
pittiwhen running the VM, to avoid modifying it09:51
* didrocks has some easy-to-use scripts for this if interested09:52
seb128didrocks, converting?09:52
seb128shoot! :-)09:52
didrocksseb128: not converting, but starting with/without snapshot, using hw accel…09:52
* Laney hugs pitti 09:53
Laneyfeel free to punt that if you have some hints about where to look09:53
didrocksseb128: http://people.canonical.com/~didrocks/vms/vmcommon09:53
seb128didrocks, I'm interested!09:53
didrocksseb128: http://people.canonical.com/~didrocks/vms/ rather09:53
seb128didrocks, 'ci09:53
pittifun how everyone has their own :)09:53
didrocksseb128: make them all executable, but vmcommon09:53
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~pitti/scripts/vm and http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/scripts/vmbr here09:54
didrocksUsage: /home/didrocks/bin/vm [--master] <image> [vm options...]09:54
pittiso that I can do "vm /my/ubuntu.img -snapshot"09:54
pittiand vmbr is with using the lxcbr0 bridge for "proper" networking09:54
Laneyyou crazy people09:54
didrocksinteresting, mine are -snapshot by default, unless you specify --master to modify base image09:54
LaneyI just load it up in virt-manager :P09:54
didrocks(as I'm using snapshot way more)09:55
pittididrocks: yeah, I tend to do that too, good idea09:55
didrocksthe vm-net is inspired by the commands you gave me some times ago, seems similar to vmbr :)09:55
pittiyeah, "vm" just searches a free port and uses that for ssh redirection, vmbr does the bridge thing09:55
didrocksLaney: remember that you are the one liking tiling wm :)09:57
larsuhi pitti :)10:57
larsuman it's nice out10:57
ogra_in berlin too ?11:00
pittic'était gris en Bavière d'hier :(11:04
larsuogra_: ya. Perfect.11:11
ogra_kassel too :)11:12
larsunice :)11:12
pittiLaney: udisks is an actual regression; investigating now11:24
pittiperhaps related to newer kernel/util-linux/udev, as udisks2 itself hasn't changed in a while11:24
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seb128pitti, ok, so I managed to get a debug console, tons of jobs fail to start :-/14:28
seb128journalctl has a lot of "failed dependencies", is there a way to tell which one?14:28
seb128also trying to start e.g getty@tty7 returns a job for ... canceled"14:29
larsuit is configured to only allow 6 gettys14:29
larsuthis is on touch?14:29
pittiseb128: can you pastebin a journalctl output?14:30
* pitti needs to run for some errands, back in 2014:30
seb128larsu, ignore getty, I can list any other job in the same situation, rc-local.service if you prefer14:31
seb128pitti, not easy, I'm in a debug console of a kvm without much access to outside14:31
pittiseb128: systemctl --failed14:31
seb128larsu, and no, it's not touch, it's snappy personnal try14:31
seb128pitti, that lists 38 failed jobs14:31
seb128but mostly mount ones14:32
seb128which I know why they fail, but that shouldn't block the system to start, should it?14:32
larsudepends on which ones fail I guess14:32
seb128larsu, /writable touch rw overwrites14:33
seb128not system partitions14:33
seb128what do you "hm?" about?14:33
larsunot sure what you mean by "/writable touch rw overwrites"14:33
seb128the fstab includes bindmounts for touch14:33
seb128which don't work on snappy14:33
seb128but I don't really care if those locales stay ro14:34
seb128so those jobs failing is fine to me (if that doesn't block other things)14:34
larsuah, that makes sense14:34
larsuhaven't dug that deep into systemd yet14:34
larsubut probably it's configured to not boot when mounts fail14:34
seb128is there a "retry all failing jobs?" ;-)14:35
larsuI don't think so, no :)14:35
larsuthere's probably some mount target that you can activate though14:36
* larsu looks14:36
larsuseb128: what does `systemctl list-units --type=targets --all` say?14:38
larsuespecially for the local-fs.target14:38
seb128"unknown unit type or load state 'targets'"14:39
larsusorry, it's --type=target14:39
seb128all is not-found14:40
larsunot good :/14:40
seb128syslog as well14:40
seb128everything else is loaded14:40
seb128local-fs is loaded inactive dead14:40
seb128which I guess is not good14:40
larsushould be active :)14:41
larsuyou can try reactivating it, but I'm not sure why that would work now14:41
seb128yeah, a dependency job failed14:42
seb128but it doesn't say which one14:42
larsunot even in the jounral?14:42
larsujournalctl -f in a separate terminal is really handy btw14:43
seb128yeah, just too much content in there14:44
seb128like it lists 50 jobs that fail14:44
seb128k, that's ridiculous, I guess I need to clear out the fstab/writable issue first and see what remains14:46
pittiseb128: if fstab mounts fail that aren't marked with "nofail", they will fail local-fs.target and with it pretty much everything else14:46
seb128pitti, yeah, I guess it's the issue there14:46
seb128pitti, can I edit fstab and tell "retry all the jobs"? ;-)14:47
seb128or retry start local-fs ?14:47
pittiseb128: (untested) "systemctl default"14:47
pittiseb128: but might be easier to just reboot :)14:47
pittiseb128: systemctl status local-fs.target doesn't say which dependency failed? it shold14:48
seb128pitti, hum, are changed to qcow2 images stored/persistent?14:51
pittiseb128: normally yes, unless you start qemu with -snapshot14:51
pittiusually better to start with -snapshot, as you can hack away without destroying the image14:52
seb128pitti, http://picpaste.com/qemu-7fiqV7Bv.png14:52
didrocksor if you use my script… :)14:53
* seb128 tries reboot14:53
pittiseb128: ok; then "systemctl --failed --type=mount" should list the failed ones14:54
seb128pitti, yeah, there is like 38 of those14:54
seb128ok, boots now to what looks like a display server fail, progress!14:55
seb128didrocks, do you remember why you didn't include http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/ubuntu-core/hooks/20-extra-files.chroot in the ubuntu-desktop-next dir?14:57
seb128that seems the issue14:57
seb128the /writable dir is missing so all the mount job fail14:57
pittiseb128: ah, nice!14:58
pittiln -sf /proc/mounts /etc/mtab14:58
pittioh for $DEITY's sake, can we just completely eradicate /etc/mtab?14:59
pittiit seems snappy is the one thing that doesn't need to be concerned about 30 year old tools for disks/mounts administration?14:59
didrocksseb128: once sec, looking (sorry, finishing up opening a BTS issue on licensecheck)14:59
seb128didrocks, thanks14:59
seb128pitti, yeah, I just want the "mkdir -p /writable"15:00
seb128mvo_, ogra_, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/ubuntu-core/hooks/20-extra-files.chroot ... see pitti's comment about mtab15:00
didrocksseb128: maybe a mistake. I remember to have deleted one file on purpose, but I don't think it was that one15:00
pittimvo_, ogra_: specifically, did you just add /etc/mtab "because we always did", or does something on snappy actually need it? if the latter, can we fix that?15:01
ogra_seb128, yes, and ? i'm fully with him15:01
ogra_pitti, no, i had to add it else mountall tries to set it up15:01
pitti(I'm volunteering for fixing it, FTR)15:01
ogra_we discussed that, remember15:01
pittiogra_: aah, ok15:01
seb128ogra_, so it's needed?15:01
pittiogra_: so that was just to quiesce mountall15:01
ogra_it needs to be a sym,link15:01
pittibut that doesn't affect snappy, just touuch?15:01
ogra_we used to do that on the s-i server when re-packing15:01
ogra_does systemd have anything handling mtab ?15:02
ogra_i think you said no15:02
pittiogra_: our package has a "fixup" job to replace a file with a symlink15:02
pittiupstream, no15:02
ogra_then snappy wont need it15:02
pittithe last bit of util-linux was fix in 2.25 I believe (but we only turned on that option in wily)15:02
pittiogra_: ah, I just see that we do need to adjust /lib/systemd/debian-fixup15:03
pittiwe don't need /lib/systemd/system/debian-fixup.service in snappy at all, so if we are looking for some 0.01 s optimization somewhere.. :)15:04
seb128ogra_, pitti, so should I keep it or delete it?15:04
pittiseb128: delete it, and I'll fix debian-fixup.service15:05
ogra_pitti, btw, i discussed mtab with slangasek when i added that ... (we are trying to get rid of it since at least 5 years) and i think he said it would probably time to re-visit that ... iirc there are still some debs that rely on it and iots format he said15:05
pittiit'll fail on a r/o image until then, but that's harmless15:05
seb128pitti, k, what happens without your fix?15:05
ogra_seb128, /etc isnt writable ...15:06
pittiseb128: debian-fixup.service will likely fail as it can't create the /etc/mtab link15:06
ogra_so whatever would try to create it would fail15:06
seb128k, but that doesn't block the boot?15:06
pittiseb128: no, should be fine; it's just a wants15:06
ochosiLaney: pressed the power button on my new xps13 for the first time one minute ago15:07
seb128ogra_, mvo_, do you want it out of ubuntu-core as well?15:07
seb128ochosi, oh, you received it? great :-)15:07
ochosiyep! :)15:07
ogra_seb128, i dont reallyy care, just leave it in touch15:07
ochosifirst time i see ubuntu OEM15:07
Laneyochosi: nice, good luck ;-)15:07
ochosiLaney: well i've already downloaded a 15.04 iso, but i still wanted to see what the ootb experience was15:08
ogra_the point of this hook is to make it possible to use plain cdimage rootfses without them being re-packaged on the s-i server15:08
ogra_i thinnk it will make mountall fall over or at least unhappy on the phone15:08
ochosiLaney: is it just Dell or do you ship chrome by default these days?15:11
Laneyhaha of course not15:11
seb128ochosi, just oem images15:11
Laneythat's them15:11
ochosithought so, just wanted to be sure15:11
seb128we have discussions every now and then about chromium by default but it never managed to make it default15:12
ochosiyeah, basically it'd mean replacing tb as well, no?15:12
ochosiat least to get the full benefit of dropping XUL15:12
seb128yeah, well that's not the main driver motivation to change15:13
seb128the people who want chromium default just think that it has more users/is more popular15:13
ogra_well, it will soon have less ads :)15:14
ogra_(given the new firefox ad model)15:14
ochosiLaney: whoa, who made BIOS look like Windows 95??15:16
seb128pitti, ok, next problem, the vm boots to what looks like x failing to start, but it loops on that and no way to go to a vt or anything, any clue how to debug?15:33
seb128recovery does the same15:33
seb128tried to boot with init=/bin/bash but that hangs boot and doesn't give me a shell15:34
pittiseb128: can you boot with console=ttyS0, and with qemu option "-serial stdout"15:34
pittisorry, "-serial stdio"15:34
pittiseb128: then you will get a serial console and the boot messages there15:34
pittiand don't need to rely on the internal VTs15:35
seb128pitti, great, danke15:36
seb128don't ctrl-C on that std :p15:38
seb128it stops the qemu15:38
pittiseb128: yeah :/15:40
pittiseb128: do you get some useful output and a getty there?15:40
seb128pitti, yes, basically xorg fails to start as expected15:41
seb128it just do it in loops for ever15:41
seb128and in recovery mode as well? (that feels wrong)15:41
pittiso lightdm keeps restarting? or the autologin does?15:41
pittiyes, recovery shouldn't start lightdm and default.target and all that15:41
seb128lightdm keeps restarting as far as I can tell15:42
ogra_seb128, hmm you dont create the firmware and modules mountpoints ?15:43
ogra_(why ?)15:43
seb128ogra_, is that needed and why?15:43
seb128because I don't understand why that's here15:43
seb128and it's undocumented15:43
ogra_to give your system access to modules and firmware files :)15:43
seb128so I try without and if it's needed I'm going to know why and document it15:43
ogra_that is where the initrd mounts them15:43
ogra_s/mounts/bind mounts/15:43
seb128so it's needed?15:44
ogra_if you plan to use any modules or firmware ... yes15:44
ogra_well, if you always only use system-image re-packed rootfses it will currently still work because the s-i server re-packs the whole rootfs just to add these three dirs15:44
ogra_but we are planning to drop that code from there15:45
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ogra_this hook was in preparation of the droppage15:45
seb128oh ok15:45
ogra_so if you want it future proof, better create these two dirs too15:45
seb128I was going to say, livecd-rootfs copy things to those dirs15:46
seb128noted for the next upload, thanks15:46
ogra_no, it doesnt ... they are just nodes for mountpoints15:46
ogra_(firmware and modules come from the device tarball, separate from the rootfs)15:46
seb128ogra_, well, on the booted image those dirs exist and have content from the kernel image deb15:47
ogra_thats the code in system-image the hook replaces15:47
ogra_(and which we will drop)15:47
seb128pitti, yeah, according to the journal lightdm does "Failed with result 'exit-code'" and it keeps retrying15:48
seb128ogra_, k, thanks15:48
mvo_seb128: could you do me a favour and reject my accidental golang-gettext from vivid-proposed. that was a mistake15:51
seb128mvo_, done15:52
ochosiLaney: oh wow, installing 15.04 cleanly doesn't seem like much fun... (uefi and no wifi)15:56
ochosiand sry, i'll stop spamming you with this now15:56
Laneyochosi: I just got bcmwl on there manually15:56
Laneyand it is installed in efi mode15:57
ogra_15.04 isnt even usable on the old XPS1315:57
* ogra_ will actually do a reinstall of trusty on the weekend 15:57
ochosiLaney: switching to legacy left me with: floppy, cd/dvd, usb and mini-sd as boot options...15:58
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seb128Laney, can you retry desktop-next iso build?.16:58
Laneytry using your powers?16:58
seb128Laney, where is the button?17:00
seb128I don't see any control on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/wily/ubuntu-desktop-next17:00
ogra_ssh nusakan :)17:01
Laneywrong and wrong17:01
Laneygo to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com and log in17:01
Laneythen go to "Wily daily"17:01
Laneytick the boxes next to the things you want to rebuild17:01
seb128login fails "The name seb128 is already taken."17:02
Laneydid it use sso?17:02
larsuother seb :D17:02
seb128"Have you forgotten your password?" points to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/user/password17:02
seb128which is "The resource you tried to access doesn't exist. This can happen because of an invalid link or because of a bug."17:02
seb128quality website17:02
Laneybe charitable please17:03
seb128sorry ;-)17:03
Laneyprobably go ask stgraber, that is his product17:03
seb128can you click for me then? ;-)17:03
Laneyfine, if you go ping him so that I don't have to keep doing this forever17:04
Laneyprobably good to see if doing it via this button works first anyway ...17:04
* Laney always did it over ssh before17:04
seb128Laney, done on -devel17:04
seb128thank for pointing me to the website17:05
Laneydidn't work anyway17:07
seb128stgraber is looking at my issue17:09
seb128it's better I'm older than the sso17:09
* seb128 dinosaur17:09
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LaneyI retried it the old way for now17:32
seb128Laney, thanks17:34

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