Bashing-omI am here, Better late than never .00:27
Bashing-omNot much going on. I am going to pick up my marbles and go home and take a nap .02:14
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:16
OerHeksUnd da is unser Lotus wieder ja06:28
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: jahwolle06:29
lotuspsychjemy french is not so good :p06:29
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: did you see those cheap dell ubuntu laptops?06:30
OerHeksI read about some, i think06:31
lotuspsychjei want something like that also in my store06:32
lotuspsychjecheap + ubuntu + samsung pro 850 ssd06:32
lotuspsychjeand use the ssd's speed to compensate for the lower cpu06:33
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: morning mate06:54
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje06:54
lordievaderGood morning.07:49
lotuspsychjelordievader: hi mate07:50
lordievaderHey lotuspsychje07:50
* ObrienDave waves from never-never land ;P08:44
lotuspsychjeObrienDave: good day sir08:46
ObrienDavejust got home from work. how's it going?08:46
ObrienDavewell, considering it's 2:45am here, not so lucky ikenfin ;P08:49
BluesKajHey folks10:39
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: hello mate10:39
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje, what's happening ?10:40
lotuspsychjeoh just updated my nexus710:40
lotuspsychjeto rc-proposed channel10:40
lotuspsychjeand looks good10:41
shimmHi all13:38
shimmIs it possible to bott ubuntu 14.04 desktop iso over network for installation?13:56
MonkeyDustyes but no14:47
daftykinslotuspsychje: i'd run your comments by that mate, he said it sounded like the alternator had gone14:48
lotuspsychjedaftykins: oh tnx for info mate!14:48
daftykinsno problemo :>14:48
lordievadershimm: Through pxe, sure.14:49
MonkeyDustwhat's this german band's name again, from "du hast" etc14:50
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: yeah our car has gone bad14:51
EriC^^what's wrong?14:51
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: doesnt wanna start anymore after we replaced batty14:51
* EriC^^ knows a thing or two about cars14:51
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: so when i turn the key, it makes weird beep sound, but no start14:51
EriC^^it was running fine you replaced the battery and it won't start?14:51
daftykinso rly14:51
lordievaderMonkeyDust: Ramstein.14:51
EriC^^that's the starter that's gone bad, the automatic of it14:52
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: no once in a while it started after few hours14:52
EriC^^there's a tiny starter for the starter itself, that's what's bad i think14:52
MonkeyDustlordievader  yes found it14:52
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: then it started again, we drove few times, and coultn start again14:52
EriC^^lotuspsychje: ah14:52
EriC^^could be a bad alternator then, battery isn't charging14:52
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: ok tnx :p14:53
EriC^^np :P14:53
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: we gonna have to call the garage anyways14:53
EriC^^what car is it?14:53
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: nissan almera 1400cc '9714:54
EriC^^never seen that14:54
EriC^^i dont think we have them here :>14:55
lotuspsychjeyeah its older car and in belgium we see more of them14:55
lotuspsychjebut still, nissan is japanese right14:55
EriC^^yeah there's a lot of smaller cars in europe i guess14:55
lotuspsychjetrue lol14:55
lotuspsychjeanyways dinnertime here14:56
daftykinsthey're still too big to fit down my local roads.14:56
lotuspsychjetnx for the car support :p14:56
EriC^^anytime :D14:56
daftykinssudo apt-get purge --reinstall alternator starter14:57
daftykinsthat's probably not even a valid command XD14:57
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: the guys from ##cars were reall some bunch of 4ssh*les14:57
lotuspsychjebanned me for asking a question lol14:57
EriC^^i'm banned from there14:57
EriC^^lol, they're a bunch of losers14:57
lotuspsychjeso ive joined on proxy few times to give em hard times :lol14:58
EriC^^haha :D14:58
lotuspsychjefeel free to walk around freenode :p14:58
lotuspsychjeanyways bbl :p14:58
daftykinsi might boot a Linux live session on that Lenovo X1 today, such a beautiful machine14:59
daftykinsEriC^^: did y'see the geek porn?14:59
EriC^^do show14:59
daftykinsvery blurry video there of shutdown, boot time, sleep time, resume and hibernate14:59
JanClotuspsychje: you connected the battery correctly (+ & -), I hope?  :)15:01
EriC^^holy shit that's fast15:03
EriC^^i like it, looks sleek, elegant, and thin too15:06
daftykinscrazy thin15:07
daftykinsgood to keep full wired gigabit as well, albeit with the breakout cable15:07
daftykinsthis one has a full LTE modem in for mobile data too15:07
daftykinsso if the person that's getting it signs up for a contract it can be truly mobile15:08
daftykinsshe was kinda tempted by a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, but i didn't like that those are already a year old15:08
EriC^^who was?15:09
daftykinsmy client who's getting this machine15:12
daftykinsmy bad, i'm quite often vague XD15:12
EriC^^did you try the ubuntu phone or see it live?15:13
daftykinsif i'm honest i think it's laughable15:13
EriC^^me neither, i'm curious how it's like15:13
EriC^^i've not seen pics or anything15:13
EriC^^i should probably google :P15:14
daftykins"for further info please join #ubuntu-touch" ;D15:14
EriC^^i'm watching http://www.ubuntu.com/phone , the video is making me want to go out and eat15:17
EriC^^lol, almost seems like it's not about the phone15:17
daftykinsas in the physical handset, or the form factor?15:18
EriC^^nah i guess it's on point15:18
EriC^^i'm going to order a pizza hut15:25
EriC^^i ordered the extra-large once and i got hooked, it's so huge you won't believe15:25
EriC^^i end up microwaving and eating the rest at night15:25
daftykinslet me tell you something that'll blow your mind15:26
EriC^^i hope this is a pizza is good for you fact15:26
daftykinsgrowing up over here, there was no such thing as delivered pizza15:26
EriC^^oh wow15:26
daftykinsalso we have none of the fast food chains15:26
daftykinsthere was a KFC briefly in the early 80s apparently, so before my time... then we had a Burger King briefly for a couple of years in my teens, but the guy funding it went bankrupt15:27
EriC^^well we got mcdonald's here in ~2000 ( the whole country )15:27
daftykinsthe one larger island near me has a KFC and McDonalds, but i'd only get to try them when in England otherwise15:27
EriC^^even now?15:28
EriC^^what about now?15:28
daftykinsI have a place right in the centre of my capital, literally 10m from the high-street. There's a pizza place around the corner that's meant to do delivery, never tried though :)15:29
daftykinsi like my curry so my local indian takeaway is maybe 30m from my door15:29
EriC^^i've never had indian food15:29
daftykins:O do you like things spicy?15:29
EriC^^i puke if it's too spicy15:30
EriC^^my friend is from african, and he loves spicy stuff, i ate at his place once a native african meal and i drank water after every bite, couple hours later --> puke fest15:31
daftykinsoh dear!15:31
daftykinswater is actually the worst, as it opens your tastebuds to more of the onslaught :)15:32
daftykinsmilk is the neutraliser15:32
EriC^^oh, lol :D15:32
daftykinsi think it comes down to genes at the end of the day, no silly macho angle of course. i enjoy a nice spicy meal but it has to remain actually enjoyable15:32
EriC^^yeah, that's true, my whole family doesn't eat spicey food15:33
daftykinsah ha15:33
EriC^^i like a little spice in the pizza15:33
EriC^^gives it a little oomph15:33
daftykinsi don't really know what got mine into it, as my dad can't eat any of it either15:33
daftykinsi like to buy these meat feast ones from the supermarkets over here, then tap a bit of tabasco over the top before throwing in the oven15:34
EriC^^haha :D15:35
daftykinsaaah latest musical discovery15:41
EriC^^sounds good15:44
daftykinsok my mate wants me to try a CentOS live session too haha, (on this Lenovo) as he uses that for his PhD physics software15:50
EriC^^cool :D15:53
daftykinsfor ubuntu hmm, i'm sure vivid would work better but i don't do non-LTS ^_^15:53
BluesKajdaftykins, you're missing all the fun then15:54
daftykinsupgrade hell? ;)15:54
BluesKajclean installs15:55
BluesKajwhere's your sense of adventure? Unless of course you're at work15:56
daftykinsmmm i definitely don't believe in upgrades15:56
daftykinswell it's just gonna be trying out a live session on this new machine for fun, it's not mine so won't be installing15:56
daftykinsmy stuff is ancient in comparison, core 2 quad desktop with DDR2 from 2007 and a sandybridge laptop from don't-even-know15:57
BluesKajI have a 2yr old laptop, but this pc is an amd 2008 vintage HP desktop, dual core cpu,  with RAM upgrades to 6G and pci audio and gpu ?15:59
BluesKajerr ignore the ?16:00
daftykinsi quite like letting my clients spend the money, i get to play with the lovely new kit then give it back at the end of the day16:00
BluesKajit all works great on kubuntu16:00
BluesKajstill have 10yrold WD HDD as a windows drive16:01
daftykinsone thing i have done is go SSD across all my kit16:02
daftykinsi think that makes the difference between tolerating such old hardware and not16:02
BluesKajwell it's our media server setup and it works for us16:03
daftykinshave you guys noticed that if you have a lot of nearby wireless networks, NM on a unity desktop actually puts the best-signal strength one right at the bottom of the list, under 'more networks'?16:14
daftykinstotally stupid imo16:14
EriC^^can't say i've noticed that, it's stupid though16:15
daftykinswow at ubuntu on this screen o016:15
EriC^^i lately have been reading about resolution and stuff, now i want a 1920 screen16:16
EriC^^mine is 1366, i always wondered why other desktop's have such a huge space in the launcher16:16
EriC^^i wanna buy another lcd screen so i've been reading a bit16:17
daftykinsmy old laptop is 1366 too16:17
daftykinsmy desktop has a pair of 24" LCDs of 1920x1200 each16:17
daftykinsmuch spoilt++16:17
daftykinsthis is with scaling set to 1.25x to make it look a little more sane16:20
BluesKajusing our plsama TV as a monitor since I'm chating on the media server pc and #m away in my easy chair with wireless KB and mouse ... comfy  situation for an old guy :-)16:21
BluesKaj3M away16:21
EriC^^looks good16:22
BluesKajlazy old guy who's procrastinating cutting the lawn , but gotta do it before the rain arrives toight16:24
daftykinshttp://i.imgur.com/0X3yocv.jpg - 1.00x scaling16:26
BluesKajoops, Konverstion just froze then crashed , plasma desktop still not ready for prime time methinks16:29
BluesKajplasma 5.3.1 that is16:29
daftykinsunstable version?16:31
daftykinswell CentOS booting on this thing has a 3.10 kernel and doesn't work with the wifi out of the box16:33
BluesKajyeah I'm testing  Kubuntu 15.10 Wily, altho it behaves most of the time there ia the odd freeze/crash now and then16:35
daftykinsah right16:37
daftykinsnever really gone near KDE16:37
daftykinsi fear i'll start prepending 'k' to all my words if i did ;)16:37
BluesKajlove KDE, unity/gnome never did much for me16:37
BluesKaj<--old windows guy...it was more familiar to me in 2004 when i seriously got into linux distros , trying this and that16:39
daftykinsthat makes sense16:43
daftykinsxfce is quite comfy to me, but you have to fight it a lot16:43
daftykinsseems whenever i try to disable screen blanking, locking, screensavers etc there's always something else making it happen still16:44
daftykinsreally drives me mad about Linux usage as a whole on a mobile device :P16:44
MonkeyDustpity, i can't run irssi from a remote server -- unixssh.com18:16
MonkeyDustbeen doing it for some weeks, now it's blocked18:17
ObrienDaveOMG i just had to completely disable IPV6 to properly update my system :S18:19
BluesKajipv6 where, on your router?18:54
BluesKajoops missed the exit18:54
Bashing-omsupport - lotuspsychje - has arrived !19:32
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: :p:p20:00
* lotuspsychje doesnt like disconnects while away20:00

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