lonixGuys when i launch a .Desktop file from the search bar it opens in gedit06:59
lonixRather then expected to launch it06:59
berglhlonix: does it have .desktop or .Desktop suffix?08:56
berglhi'm assuming it's in the right place if you can see it08:56
lonix.desktop suffix08:57
lonixWhen i browse to it i can launch it08:57
lonixthey are stored in /home/<user>/Desktop08:57
lonixim Assuming thats correct as it's steam shortcuts and alike08:58
lonix<- Linux veteran, but Desktop noob :)08:58
berglhis where you want to put it i think09:01
berglhI just have it a 644 and owned by root09:02
berglhand the contents of an example .desktop i used for launching chrome with forced gpu accleration09:04
LinDolhi all :)12:59
LinDolCould I add some language table to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/GetUbuntuGNOME/LTS here?13:00
shimmHi all, i'd like to ask if theres an option to do an netboot with ubuntu GNOME ?13:36
LinDolwhat is your netbook?13:41
LinDolbecause I am working fine on my netbook for Ubuntu GNOME 15.0413:42
LinDolso I didn't need any option for netbook :)13:42
shimmi want to do an NetBOOT13:42
shimmand there no netboot installer included in the ubuntu gnome iso13:42
LinDolshimm, sorry for my mistake.13:42
shimmLinDol: nP :)13:43
LinDolThank you for your understand13:44
shimmdo somebody of you know maybe how to do an installation over network ? (for ubuntu gnome)13:44
LinDoli just reboot.13:44
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ricanlinuxafternoon all20:56
Noskcajdarkxst, ubuntu to new debdiff for gnome-shell http://pastebin.com/ri8Mjk4j21:06
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