smoseris it declared / decided what major.minor wily will be ?16:20
rtgsmoser, likely 4.216:22
rtg99% sure16:23
smoserrtg, thank you. 16:23
smoserrtg, silly related qestion16:25
smoseruname will show 4.2.0 ?16:25
smoseris .0 basically always now ? /me remembers this sort of16:26
rtgsmoser, yup16:26
rtgsmoser, /proc/version_signature shows the stable release version, e.g., 3.13.11-ckt2016:27
infinitysmoser: To be fair, it's always been like this.  As in, our uname never showed patchlevel.16:29
infinitysmoser: It's just that it got a bit wonky when upstream switched from 3-part (plus pl) to 2-part (plus pl), but downstreams were scared to death (rightly so) of userspace exploding with a 2-part uname, so we tacked a fake .0 to the end of it. :P16:30
smoserthat wasn't really what i was asking about.16:30
smosermore the change from 2.6.18 where major.minor.micro meant one thing to 3.19 where micro essentially is gone.16:30
infinitysmoser: It's actually minor that's gone from that scheme.16:31
infinityIf one wants to be a pedant.16:31
infinityBut yeah, our workaround is confusing.16:32
infinityAnd probably worth revisiting some day, but I don't think anyone digs the task of "test all userspace software ever" to see if we can get away with just reporting "4.2".16:33
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