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Kilosmorning all06:30
dholbachgood morning07:11
Kiloshi dholbach  07:11
dholbachhey Kilos07:16
elachecheo/ LoCos :)08:10
svijmhall119: hey, do I remember correctly that you said on the Ubucon UOS-Session that we could use the same software on summit/uds.ubuntu.com for an ubucon?20:00
mhall119svij: yes, in fact jose is doing that for the next UbuConLA20:01
svijmhall119: but selfhostign should be also possible?20:01
mhall119svij: if you want to self-host summit, but that's not always a pleasant experience20:02
mhall119the codebase just hasn't been polished for making independent deployments easy20:02
svijoh i see.20:02
mhall119and it's a bit of an organically-grown mess in places20:02
mhall119but we can host your UbuCon schedule on summit.ubuntu.com20:03
mhall119like http://summit.ubuntu.com/ubuconla-2015/20:03
svijoh right20:03
svijI'm thinking of an overall new website for ubucon.eu for next year20:04
svijso I still have some time20:04
mhall119svij: if all you need is a schedule display, it might be easier to write something custom or use a CMS plugin20:05
svijthats django cms?20:05
mhall119you can, there's probably stuff for Wordpress and Drupal too, depending on what you're more familiar with20:05
svijat ubucon.de we use drupal, but I don't really like it, (old style, not that "moden" looking design etc)20:05
svijmhall119: anyway, did you see my mail from a few weeks ago regarding that documentation site ?20:07
svijI only got an answer from nhaines …20:07
mhall119svij: yes, sorry I haven't replied yet. I'd be happy with helping add documentation (having now run an UbuCon myself), shall we use the wiki until nhaines has a chance to work on ubucon.org?20:09
svijmhall119: we can, sure. The etherpad log from our uos meeting says, that it should be on c.u.com if I remember correctly20:10
svijI'm acutally documenting everything in german (on wiki.ubucon.de), but it might be good in english and with experience from other countries20:10
svijmhall119: there's already a site about "running an ubucon" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningAnUbucon but pretty outdated, last revision was in 2008…20:25
mhall119(last edited by localhost), I'm not even sure what that means20:27
svijprobably some script20:28
mhall119svij: is the current content worth keeping and building on? Or would it be easier to start something new from scratch?20:28
svijmhall119: I didn't read it yet20:28
svijmhall119: it doesn't look too bad, but I didn't read it completely so far20:33
svijbut we need more than one site …20:33
mhall119svij: yeah, but it would be a place to start20:36
mhall119maybe break things out into different pages, like venue selection, recruiting speakers, etc20:36
svijwe have subpages for communication, overall tasks, timetable for tasks, organisation at the place of the ubucon, social network stuff, sponsoring, advertisements/marketing …20:37
nhainessvij: if you pass along German documentation to me as it starts to reach stablish status, I can translate and localize those pages to English.22:44
nhainesNot that you can't, but it'll be one less thing for you to worry about.  :)22:44

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