RAOFHuh. I thought explicitly sized enums were in C99.00:21
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dufluSigh. Science is mostly about finding new things that don't work...10:05
dufluSpeaking of which, time to do some science on dinner.10:06
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kgunnmterry: yo, so with the agetty race thing13:48
mterrykgunn, yeah?13:48
kgunnis this the bug13:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1445553 in Mir "[snap] Can't ever VT switch (Ctrl+Alt+Fn) while the deb2snap Mir service is running" [Undecided,New]13:48
kgunnmterry: and follow up question is, if you "lose the race"13:49
kgunnis there a way around it? e.g. can i just kill agetty13:49
kgunnjust curious...13:49
mterrykgunn, if you lose the race, you can kill mir and it will restart and take the vt.  I've not tried killing agetty, but maybe?13:49
mterrykgunn, it's not that bug.13:49
mterrykgunn, there's not an LP bug for the race issue13:49
kgunnmterry: that seems strange to me, you can kill mir to restart and take the vt ?13:51
kgunnmterry: i guess you're assuming in that statement13:51
kgunnthat the script is always present,13:51
kgunntrying to win the race13:52
mterrykgunn, so with the vt race, the problem is, whoever starts last gets the VT13:52
mterrykgunn, and if you restart mir, it will steal the VT back13:52
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kgunnmterry: ah...ha14:09
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AlbertAvogons: any other opinions on https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/mir/fix-1465883/+merge/262160 before I TA?16:07
AlbertAthat will be backported to 0.1316:07
dandraderanpok_, what do I do to in qtmir/unity8 to disable USC's cursor?16:10
dandraderI mean, what do I have to do in qtmir/unity8 to accomplish that16:14
dandraderracarr_ ^ (you might also know about it)16:15
AlbertAalf_: you want lp:mir r2667 in mir 0.13.3 right16:21
alf_AlbertA: Correct16:25
AlbertAalf_: ack16:26
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kgunnracarr_: anpok_ so i'm wanting dandrader to do the mouse cursor rendering, but he's stuck cause mir doesn't have mouse input event type, only pointer16:59
kgunnhow can we unblock him ?17:00
kgunnwhat needs to happen17:00
racarr_the pointer events are the location of the system cursor17:00
racarr_ / is the same as mouse input17:01
racarr_not sure what you mean :)17:01
dandraderracarr_, ah, you're there. unity8 needs the raw mouse events17:01
racarr_unless you mean "relative coordinates"17:02
racarr_ah yeah17:02
dandraderracarr_, qtmir, actually17:02
racarr_thats on the backlog...it was blocked by the input event cleanup17:02
racarr_I think RAOF had kind of marked it off but not sure17:02
dandraderracarr_, so qtmir needs to tell USC to not draw a cursor and it needs to get the raw mouse events (not the higher lever pointer ones)17:04
dandraderracarr_, can't find the card...17:06
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racarr_dandrader|lunch: so I believe you can tell USC not to draw the cursor now using17:12
racarr_unless we privatized it17:12
racarr_but in the nested case thats hooked up17:12
racarr_to the17:12
racarr_system compositor cursor17:12
racarr_and you can just hide it17:12
racarr_dandrader|lunch: This must be the card https://trello.com/c/FfH2HUV8/109-add-client-api-for-subscription-to-raw-events17:13
racarr_for raw events17:13
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fisch246i have a feature request for mir19:15
fisch246there is one feature missing in unity and x that is the one thing missing that prevents me from using Ubuntu as my daily driver. Borderless fullscreen window support. This is used in video games to allow easy access to your second monitor without alt-tabbing. It's in windowed mode, but taking up the dimensions of your screen. Currently the top panel overlaps or pushes the window of the screen. If the panel would either allow windo19:19
fisch246if you have any questions about what i mean, feel free to ask19:19
anpok_your line was cut off after ".. allow windo"?19:21
anpok_why without alt-tabbing?19:21
fisch246"allow windows to overlap (which can cause problems) or allow a way for games and windows to tell mir that it is in borderless mode. When it gets this flag it should then draw the window over the panel instead of allowing all windows to do so."19:22
anpok_btw that would be a feature request for unity8.. and I believe the plan for unity8 desktop mode includes that feature..19:22
fisch246ah so that's DE not display server?19:23
davmor2fisch246: you can do fullscreen on Ubuntu now19:23
fisch246yea fullscreen works, but i use 2 monitors19:23
fisch246so if i need to move my cursor off to answer a message or answer a call from skype, my game closes19:24
AlbertAvogons: I need at least one review for: https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/0.13/+merge/26226219:24
fisch246i'm stuck in the game when it's fullscreen mode19:25
fisch246i'm trying to come back to ubuntu from arch, but this is the last issue that's stopping me19:26
fisch246but anyway, so you think i should go check on the unity team to see if they're working on this?19:26
kdubAlbertA, lgtm, but why does launchpad have those 5 bugs as related? I don't see those patches in the diff19:27
AlbertAkdub: for some reason it lists the previous resolved bugs from earlier merges19:27
AlbertAkdub: thanks btw19:29
kdubAlbertA, yep, no problem19:29
kgunn_racarr_: so i'm a little confused, wrt adding raw event client api, is mirevent2 cleanedup to the point that can proceed ?19:50
kgunn_e.g. is it blocked or no ?19:50
racarr_kgunn_: I think it's unblocked enough!20:20
racarr_it's sort of a matter of like20:20
* kgunn_ loves good news20:20
racarr_a month ago it would have been obtusely difficult20:20
racarr_now there are some minor difficulties20:20
racarr_post libinput and some other stuff20:20
racarr_it could probably get even easier20:20
racarr_but I think it's 'unblocked'20:20
AlbertAracarr_: slangasek is complainging about papi build failures (seems related to event headers) in the #ubuntu-ci-eng channel20:26
AlbertAmight want to join....20:26

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