flexiondotorgstgraber, I would like to have an 15.10 Alpha 1 for Ubuntu MATE. I am not clear what I need to do in order to make that happen.10:53
flexiondotorgstgraber, I have people ready to do test and update the ISO Tracker for Ubuntu MATE. But I an unclear if all flavours need to participate in Alpha 1 or if Ubuntu MATE can go it alone?10:54
infinityflexiondotorg: It's up to each flavour if they want to participate.  Responding to his mail on ubuntu-release@lists would be nice.10:58
stgraberturning off rebuild-requests to look into Laney's problem18:20
stgraberLaney: so it's currently running:18:22
stgraberARCHES=amd64 i386 armhf DIST=wily for-project ubuntu-desktop-next cron.daily-preinstalled --live18:22
stgraberso the problem is the sub-project18:22
stgraberSUB_PROJECT=system-image ARCHES=amd64 i386 armhf DIST=wily for-project ubuntu-desktop-next/system-image cron.daily-preinstalled --live18:36
stgraberLaney: that should do the trick ^ cron re-enabled18:36
Laneystgraber: did you test it?20:53
Laneycron runs: SUBPROJECT=system-image for-project ubuntu-desktop-next cron.daily-preinstalled --live20:53
ogra_Laney, how do you make your changes to cdimage usually ?20:54
ogra_ah, other channel20:54
Laneycommit, push, bzr up/pull20:54
stgraberLaney: oh yeah, looks like I messed up, kinda odd I didn't get a failure mail20:56
stgraberLaney: fixing20:56
stgraberthat looks better. Build running now21:04
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