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difolhi all02:25
difolI have issue with my ubuntu02:25
difolroot@human:~# ubuntu-device-flash --channel=devel --bootstrap02:25
difolDEPRECATED: Implicit 'touch' subcommand assumed02:25
difol2015/06/17 10:21:59 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting02:25
difol2015/06/17 10:21:59 Device is |mako|02:25
difol2015/06/17 10:22:01 Flashing version 2 from devel channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device mako02:25
difol2015/06/17 10:22:01 mkdir /root/.cache: permission denied02:25
difolanyone can help?02:26
RAOFdifol: Why are you doing that as root?02:28
difolyes root02:29
difolwhy? cannot running on root?02:30
RAOFIt's not necessary to run that command as root, and that might be a cause of your problem.02:31
difolI'll try.. thank you so much now is running02:31
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mowgliI have some porting questions04:25
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ArchNEThelp me04:46
ArchNETim trying to configure windows server 2012 / dns server and active directory04:48
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fooloopmorning everyone :)05:57
Sleep_Walkerfooloop: were you able to setup your WPA Enterprise already?05:57
fooloopno, sorry, just have a new job and also have to sort out stuff for my graduate programme, working > 40hrs a week as a result. :/05:58
Sleep_Walkerheh, OK05:59
fooloopI have not even had time to do anything except some brief looking through the shell and the layout05:59
Sleep_Walkerwell, it is possible to create manually configuration05:59
fooloopusing networkmnager or wpa_config?06:00
Sleep_Walkerit took some time to find correct for maintly due to nonsensical messages of NetworkManager06:00
Sleep_WalkerNM's configuration06:01
fooloopAs long as no customers turn up I will be looking through docs :)06:01
Sleep_Walkergrab your config on desktop and start with that :)06:01
Sleep_Walkerand good luck06:01
fooloopthank you06:01
Sleep_Walkerimportant message is that it _is_ possible :b06:01
fooloopI am just going to have to rtfm first, before I pretend to know what I am talking about haha06:03
Sleep_Walkerjust to be sure about CVE-2015-1328 - overlayfs is not used, right?06:20
Sleep_WalkerI can't see it anywhere, kernel is old (but there still could be some backports)06:20
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lotuspsychjepopey: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-Touch-OTA-4-Update-Causes-Problems-Canonical-Apologizes-for-Issues-and-Promises-Fixes-484533.shtml06:30
* svij got his MX4 Ubuntu Edition \o/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SujeevanVijayakumaran/posts/bubZ6KggMFX06:57
lotuspsychjesvij: wow nice!!06:58
DonkeyHoteisvij: are you in china?06:58
lotuspsychjesvij: where did you bought it from??06:58
svijI'm one of those insiders and got it from Canonical06:59
svijand no, I'm in Germany.06:59
lotuspsychjesvij: great!!07:00
lotuspsychjesvij: hows the overall speed?07:01
svijlotuspsychje: definitly faster than the bq, most importantly the app launches are faster07:03
lotuspsychjesvij: does the scopes lag on start?07:04
lotuspsychjesvij: on my nexus when i start, a few second 'scopes' loading show with little lag07:06
svijlotuspsychje: doesn't seem to be too slow (or as slow as on the bq), but I didn't setup any online account07:09
lotuspsychjesvij: ok keep us up to date :p07:10
dholbachgood morning07:11
lotuspsychjedholbach: hello mate07:11
lotuspsychjedholbach: * svij got his MX4 Ubuntu Edition \o/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SujeevanVijayakumaran/posts/bubZ6KggMFX07:11
dholbachhey lotuspsychje07:16
dholbachsvij, that's awesome! :-D07:16
svijhey dholbach and yes, definitely07:18
svijwent down to the other floor at work to get bananas and found my phone… I should often get bananas *and* a new phone. :P07:19
popeysvij: blimey, that was quick07:21
svijpopey: yeah, I didn't expected it THAT early.07:23
svijthe screen of the MX4 is great07:43
popeyit's a quick phone too07:43
SturmFlutGot mine too! This courier service Canonical is using is incredible07:44
svijand the camera seems to be great too.07:44
* svij waits for the next "its-compiling!11" (https://xkcd.com/303/) to set up the phone properly.07:44
svijSturmFlut: +107:45
SturmFlutI need better lighting, the pictures aren't great07:50
lotuspsychjeSturmFlut: nice unboxing pics07:50
lotuspsychjeSturmFlut: you should be the first making an onboxing movie on youtube :p07:50
svijSturmFlut: yeah, same here. And I didn't bring my DSLR, didn't expect that it would come today.07:51
SturmFlutlotuspsychje: I *really* suck at videos. There will be a nice unboxing article instead07:51
lotuspsychjethe best surprise07:51
svijunboxing videos are boring07:51
svijbut I'll make a "hands on/first impression" video probably07:51
justCarakascan anybody help me, I have a nexus 4 bbut I am still on r19 and it keeps saying my software is up to date07:58
seb128justCarakas, what channel are you on?07:59
justCarakasI tought I was on stable08:00
justCarakasbut I am aparently on Ubuntu Utopic Unicorn (development branch)08:00
justCarakasseb128: anyway I can switch to stable without loosing my data ?08:00
seb128justCarakas, that's not a channel08:01
justCarakasthat is what I get with ubuntu build description08:02
justCarakaswhere can I find the channel ,08:02
popeyadb shell system-image-cli --info08:02
justCarakasit says stable08:04
justCarakaspopey:  ^08:04
popeywhats the full output?08:04
popeymaybe pastebin it?08:04
justCarakashmm anyway I can past it somewhere from my phone ? if I wanne past on a text arya I only get copy08:07
popeywhat's the full line for channel?08:07
justCarakaschannel: stable08:08
justCarakasalias: ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.0908:08
justCarakasversion version 1908:08
justCarakasversion ubuntu 2015050808:09
ubot5Error: Ubuntu bug 20150508 could not be found08:09
justCarakasversion devise 2015011608:09
justCarakasversion custom: mako-1.108:09
popeythats it.08:09
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11729339/ is the list of channels for mako08:09
popeymaybe you want ubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu ?08:09
seb128has descriptions of the channels08:10
seb128you probably want ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu?08:10
justCarakascan I switch without loosing all my data ?08:11
justCarakasand apps ?08:11
justCarakaspopey: I use it as my everyday phone, so would it be too "dangerous" to use devel ?08:12
popeyyou can switch, yes08:13
popeydunno how reliable it is as I dont have that device running that channel08:18
SturmFlutI don't have the guts to take the screen protection off that MX4 :/08:18
justCarakasso if I want to play it safe ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu is the best option08:18
davmor2justCarakas: if you want the latest stuff and more reliable to boot you might be better off with rc-proposed08:22
justCarakasdavmor2 is there a command I can execute on my phone in the terminal app to switch08:23
davmor2justCarakas: yes :)  Next you'll be wanting to know what it is won't you :)  sudo system-image-cli --switch <channel you want>  eg  ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en to get back to stable08:25
justCarakashehe thx :)08:28
SturmFlutThe pre-order phase for the Aquaris E5 is over!08:36
nhainespopey: what channel would you suggest for flo if I basically want ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed ?08:43
lotuspsychjenhaines: im running flow on devel-proposed real smooth08:47
nhaineslotuspsychje: that's wily though.  I want to test the shell rotation bits.08:48
lotuspsychjenhaines: recent update got my nexus7 in landscape mode also, (if thats what you mean)08:48
nhaineslotuspsychje: what update?  Because r225 doesn't have it.08:50
lotuspsychjelemme check holdon08:51
popeyyeah, i wouldn't use wily08:51
lotuspsychjenhaines: im on r226 15.10 nexus7 devel-proposed08:52
nhainespopey: I'd rather not, although MultiROM Manager doesn't give me a different option.  I'm trying to switch to a different channel.  Any suggestions?08:53
lotuspsychjeupdating to r22708:53
popeyright, anything but wily / 15.1008:54
nhainesSo ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer looks good but it doesn't want to switch over.  Something about an error.08:54
popeyubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu is 15.04, right?08:56
nhainesNot anymore, I believe.  Let me check.08:57
nhaineschannel: ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu08:58
nhaineslsb_release -a gives wily.08:59
popeyyeah, thats proposed though08:59
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Eat Your Vegetables Day!08:59
nhainesWell, I can only install devel or devel-proposed.  Right now it's -proposed.  devel only have r1 and r2.09:00
davmor2popey: devel is 15.1009:00
lotuspsychjesomeone said last time devel-proposed was best channel for n7 last time09:00
davmor2popey: rc is 15.0409:00
nhainesWell at least the rotatey bits are in.  But it's not much use if I can't file bugs against.09:03
popeynhaines: why can't you file bugs?09:11
nhainespopey: against wily?09:12
WalexSturmFlut: "I don't have the guts to take the screen protection off that MX4 :/" you may want then a case made of transparent lead titanate to protect it :-)09:12
nhainesWalex: obviously it shuold be transparent aluminum.  :)09:12
Walexnhaines: not tough enough :-)09:13
SturmFlutWalex, nhaines: I shall only accept a case made of Unobtainium09:13
Walexnhaines: lead titanate is actually transparent09:13
nhainesSturmFlut: don't miss the flash sale.  :)09:13
WalexI added "transparent" because it is not quite obvious that an alloy of lead and titanium is transparent.09:13
* Walex not sure it is an alloy, it may be a chemical compound09:14
* Walex oops09:14
ultimatetuxAny idea why after doing `~/project-rootstock-ng/rootstock-touch-install wily-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz system.img` I still see my Ubuntu Touch version as 15.04r2 ?!!!!09:18
ogra_nhaines, why do you run wily ? the same rorartion bits landed in vivid too09:18
ogra_nobody should *use* wily ... (except for developers to verify their packages)09:19
lotuspsychjeogra_: so, what would be the best channel for nexus7 flo then?09:20
ogra_rc-proposed or rc ...09:20
nhainesogra_: because devel-proposed got switched out to wiki from under me.  :)09:20
SturmFlutThe display of the MX4 appears so gigantic, even though it's just 0.4" larger than the Nexus 509:21
lotuspsychjeogra_: you sure rc-proposed got tablet support also right?09:21
ogra_SturmFlut, yeah, the display and the camera are the lovely bits ;)09:21
lotuspsychjeogra_: last thing someone said devel-proposed was best image09:21
nhainesAnyway, my only two options are devel/ubuntu and devel-proposed/ubuntu.  So that's not fun.  And I can't seem to switch to a different channel either.09:21
ogra_lotuspsychje, i see flo at http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu/09:22
popeynhaines: yes, i see non reason not to file bugs against wily that exist in wily09:22
ogra_yeah, you can indeed file bugs09:22
lotuspsychjeogra_: ok ill test it soon tnx!09:22
ogra_nhaines, i dont understand ... we have images for all devices in the community channels in rc and rc-proposed09:23
nhainesI'm rebooting back into wily and I'll turn on developer mode and paste some error messages.09:24
ogra_nhaines, when i say dont use wily i mean that it doesnt get any QA, it can break any time underneath you and will only see fixes after the fact ... (nobody tests these images *before* they go out) ... if you file bugs against wily someone with a vivid device can confirm them09:25
nhainesogra_: I'd rather just use vivid-proposed.  :)09:25
ogra_well, then switch to the rc-proposed channel09:25
ogra_(or make Tassadar switch his server if he doesnt offer that yet)09:25
* nhaines sighs. :)09:26
nhainesogra_: should I in theory be able to run system-image-cli and switch from devel-proposed to rc-proposed?09:29
mr-testhow can one disable the search suggestions in the ubuntu touch browser?09:30
ogra_nhaines, yes09:30
ogra_(with the --switch option obviously ;) )09:30
nhainesogra_: sudo system-image-cli --switch ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu gives:09:32
nhainesException occurred during update; see log file for details09:32
ogra_reboot (to make sure the dbus backend service is gone) and run it with -vvv again to capture errors09:33
nhainesogra_: this makes me sad because I'm typing everything in on the onscreen keyboard because I can't set a passcode and turn on developer mode.  :P  But I shall find my OTG cable while it is rebooting.09:34
ogra_oh, why cant you set a passcode ?09:35
popeybug, has been mentioned previously09:36
nhainesogra_: technically I can, but entry is broken in wily.09:36
* ogra_ missed that 09:36
ogra_(or forgot ...)09:36
nhainesAt the very least, wily does look very PC-like on my tablet, and that's exciting.  :)09:36
nhainesAlso I can select text in the Terminal app with the mouse, which is exciting.09:37
nhainesAnd if I had a mouse pointer it'd even be useful.  ;)09:38
nhainesogra_: where does the -vvv go in the system-image-cli command, please?09:38
nhainesPutting it first.  That seemed to work.09:40
ogra_yeah, i dont think it cares :)09:41
SturmFlutogra_: The MX4 camera is actually very good. It's not as good as my DSLR, but it seems to be good enough for all those occasions when I am too lazy to haul all the "real" equipment around09:42
lotuspsychjeogra_: is this the one? ubuntu-touch/rc/ubuntu-developer09:42
nhainesogra_: http://i.imgur.com/crNXrVz.png09:42
popeynhaines: you can seleect text in terminal with your finger too :)09:46
ogra_the sensor is just awesome (the lens could indeed be better)09:47
ogra_thats the channel with extra developer tools09:47
ogra_ubuntu is the "normal" community channel09:47
nhainespopey: you mean like a peasant?  :)09:47
lotuspsychjeogra_: so rc-proposed for flo then09:47
SturmFlutogra_: https://plus.google.com/102486542947898431342/posts/YNq5sV2RMFR09:48
ogra_nhaines, it looks like confinement gets in your way here ...09:48
nhainesogra_: oh, that's sneaky!09:48
ogra_the terminal isnt fully unconfined ...09:48
nhainesSturmFlut: that's quite a lovely difference!  Even resolution aside.09:49
ogra_and it seems system-image tries to download into the application dir09:49
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Guest95092 just installed ubuntu 14.04 on my dell 7348 notebook that also has a touchpad09:49
Guest95092and a touchscreen09:49
ogra_nhaines, android-gadget-service enable ssh; ssh localhost ... then run s-i-c again09:50
Guest95092and the touchpad is not working09:50
Guest95092please help?09:50
ogra_that gets you an unconfined shell09:50
nhainesogra_: <309:50
ogra_Guest95092, you want #ubuntu ... thish channel is for phones :)09:50
SturmFlutnhaines: The resolution is about the same, 24 vs 20.7 megapixels. I have the feelling that the MX4 could do even better if the compression level was tuned a bit better09:50
SturmFlutnhaines: (and I used the JPEG output from the DSLR, the RAW image is even better)09:51
lotuspsychjeogra_: 2015/06/17 11:51:51 Flashing version 162 from ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device flo09:52
faenilogra_: can you elaborate more on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/1465331/comments/109:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1465331 in Ubuntu UX "should Dash rotate" [Undecided,New]09:53
faenilI could not understand what you mean there09:53
SturmFlutWould it be possible to give the Ubuntu phone a RAW mode? Does the system even get access to the raw sensor data?09:53
nhainesogra_: hmm, I think I got the same error.  :(09:53
ogra_with the same weird terminal app path at the top ?09:54
nhainesogra_: I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary.  Which line in the image has the weird path?09:55
nhainesIs it the "running state machine" message?09:58
ogra_nhaines, the first five lines show a very weird download path in your shot09:58
ogra_something with "terminal app" in it09:59
ogra_  /com/canonical/applications...10:00
nhainesThat's the same.10:00
nhainesHrm.  Now I try again and "ssh localhost" prints "Permission denied (publickey)."10:01
lotuspsychjeogra_: rc-proposed 15.04 r162 up n running, all smoooth tnx alot!10:02
nhainesOkay, fixed.10:05
nhainesEven though /com/canonical etc didn't go away.  :)10:05
nhainesNo crashing now though.10:05
SturmFlutYay, the first time I see a "4G" symbol on an Ubuntu phone!10:07
ogra_lotuspsychje, awesome !10:08
ogra_SturmFlut, you'll get used to it :)10:08
ogra_nhaines, that looks good10:08
nhainesogra_: now the long wait!  But I expect things to go well from here on out.  Thanks so much for the patient help.  :)10:12
popeySturmFlut: :)10:12
joaojottaHello guys10:20
ultimatetuxrootstock-touch-install is stuck at `unpacking rootfs tarball to system-image ...` for ages now10:21
ultimatetuxhow long should it normally take?10:21
joaojottaAny one know where I can get a better model than the BQ Aquaris 4.5 in Europe?10:21
joaojottaCan't be bigger than 4.5 inch. I find 4 inch big enough already.10:22
ultimatetuxogra_, any idea? :)10:22
ogra_ultimatetux, i havent used that tool in ... hmm ... probably 2 years ... but iirc it can take 15-20min10:24
ultimatetuxogra_, hmmm... what do you usually do?10:24
ultimatetuxogra_, I mean to populate the device with the system.img and the ubuntu base!10:24
ogra_it unpacks a 2GB image ...10:25
ogra_then dumps the system.img in the right place10:25
nhainesogra_: well, the upgrade is working... now to just hope it's overwriting the correct files.  :)10:25
ogra_nhaines, it will, no worries :)10:25
ultimatetuxogra_, no, I mean what do *you* usually do to populate the system :)10:27
ogra_me ? i use ubuntu-device-flash until OTA works on a new device :)10:28
ogra_and from then on i only OTA10:28
nhainesogra_: Android booted just fine, and rebooting into Ubuntu, that's now showing 15.04 (r162) so that booted just fine too.  :D10:29
ogra_nhaines, awesome !10:29
nhainesShell rotation is still working nicely.  Now if only there was more fun convergence stuff to play with!  :)10:30
nhainesBut this will do quite well.10:30
ultimatetuxogra_, ah I used that when installing from 3rd party repos however it can't install from a local image, no?!10:31
ogra_you need to turn your system.img into a device tarball ... just grab one from the system-image server to inspect the structure and build your own10:31
ultimatetuxogra_, hmmm10:32
ultimatetuxogra_, will do that now10:32
ultimatetuxogra_, though no documentation right?! as usual :D10:32
ogra_well, there surely is some but i dont know where ::)10:33
nhainesNow I just have to see if I can convince Tassadar to update his channels for the N5.  :)10:34
nhainesAlso N7.10:34
ogra_yeah, you should ... defsaulting to wily isnt such a good idea10:35
droppHi, can someone tell me where the PopupUtils.close() function is documented? Thanks!10:53
ogra_dropp, try #ubuntu-app-devel there are more app people :)10:53
droppok thanks!10:54
brobostigonquestion, do the webapps keep running in the background after being opened?10:57
ogra_no app keeps running, as soon as they get out of focus they are stopped10:59
ogra_(there are sevices that apps can use that keep running ... i.e. media-hub for playing music even if the app is stopped )11:00
brobostigonthats helpful, so i could create a service that does the backgorund job?11:00
brobostigonand then just a gui frontend.11:01
ogra_no, you need to use a service the system provides11:01
ogra_your app cant ship them11:01
ogra_it can only interface with them11:01
brobostigoni see.11:02
mr-testogra_: and if there's no system service providing what one needs?11:02
ogra_(for security and battery usage reasons)11:02
DonkeyHoteimr-test: then the app cannot run on the phone11:03
ogra_mr-test, then you file a bug asking for the service ... or implement it in a proper way and offer it for inclusion (and that proper way would have to be discussed with the system architects)11:03
DonkeyHoteithis is why for example a native irc client is not possible11:04
mr-testogra_: not good imho.. this might bloat utouch because you need a service for everything. also makes coding harder. :/11:04
mr-testand it may take quite some time (if ever) until all necessary services are included11:05
ogra_DonkeyHotei, not true ... someone just needs to develop a telepathy IRC backend ... nobody did yet11:05
ogra_mr-test, sure, it takes longer ... but its not different to i.e. IOS11:06
DonkeyHoteithere is an irc backend for telepathy on the desktop11:06
mr-testsacrificing app compatibilty for battery life is not the best move imho :/11:06
* brobostigon did just find telepathy-gabble on ubuntu touch with apt-cache.11:07
mr-testogra_: yep it also sucks in ios imho11:07
ogra_DonkeyHotei, right, make it work on the phone, implement the necessary QML bits so apps can make use of it via the SDK and it should work11:07
DonkeyHoteii always thought that was one of the biggest problems with ios11:07
ogra_mr-test, if you want to maintain the security and battery usage level we have, there is not much you can do to work around this11:07
mr-testeven firefox os runs apps in background(some at least) and it doesn't drain battery so quickly11:08
ogra_ah, that is why it took off so successfully :P11:08
mr-testogra_: let the user decide what he wants. popup and ask if he wants an app to allow running in background11:08
brobostigonit depends on the design of those things as well,11:08
ogra_mr-test, dont discuss with me :) i'm just the messenger, i didnt design that setup ... if you want to discuss it, try the mailing list11:09
mr-testogra_: the lack of apps made fxos "unsuccessful" imho, not the background apps imho11:09
brobostigonon android, facebook is a great example. it sucks battery like a fish sucks water, its horrendous.11:09
ogra_right, the lack of apps ... not that fact that its performing close to unusable11:09
mr-testbrobostigon: as i said: let the user decide11:09
brobostigonmr-test: however it could also be much better designed, to behave better as well.11:10
ogra_well, once the phoone moved to snappy you might be able to work a bit more flexible with shipping framework snaps and the like11:10
mr-testogra_: it performs ok imho, apps launch almost instantly, only the animations are laggy11:10
ogra_i doubt for the current phone the design will be changed much anymore11:10
ogra_(since that will be replaced)11:11
mr-testogra_: "current phone)11:11
ogra_mr-test, well, i had the alcatel one in my hands and it was definitely not usable as daily driver11:11
mr-testthe e4.5 you mean?11:11
ogra_mr-test, the current software11:11
mr-testogra_: dualcore cpu? ram?11:12
mr-testogra_: what specs had that alcatel phone? and what fxos version?11:12
ogra_dunno, it was their first phone11:12
DonkeyHoteii thought the zte was the first11:12
mr-testogra_: by replaced, you mean wily + snappy apps?11:12
ogra_scrolling through their app store was a slideshow11:12
ogra_DonkeyHotei, hmm, i thought it was from alcatel ... i might be wrong11:13
mr-testogra_: try a better phone with dualcore cpu and 512mb ram. runs very good imho11:13
ogra_but it was fatser HW than they actually had targeted11:13
ogra_mr-test, their target HW was feature üphones for $50 or some such ... that hing was even way beyond that11:14
ogra_anyway ... this is not #firefoxos11:14
ogra_and i havent used any recent version ...11:14
DonkeyHoteiwhat does sailfish do?11:15
mr-testogra_: give the emulator a try then. it's a simple firefox plugin if you want to test at reasonable speed/version11:15
ogra_(but i was massively disappointed back then, i had an andrid G1 iin my hands about 6 months before that went on sale and it was awesome compared to that)11:15
svijfor those who are interested in the camera of the meizu MX4. I've made some photos → https://plus.google.com/+SujeevanVijayakumaran/posts/EZZhHASSQwm11:15
ogra_DonkeyHotei, live fine in its niche :)11:15
ogra_sailfsh has found its audience and it is apparently enough to keep them running ... they are not aiming for mass market as i understand it11:16
mr-testogra_: i think fxos doesn't run as well on such lowend devices as mozilla targeted. with enough ram/cpu it runs quite nice imho11:16
DonkeyHoteii tried sailfish on the n5 and absolutely could not figure out how to answer a call11:16
ogra_yeah, i find the UX also very confusing ...11:17
brobostigonswipe downwards, :)11:17
ogra_but it is fast and snappy beyond that ... and a pretty stable system11:17
* brobostigon likes sailfish as well.11:17
DonkeyHoteii swiped downwards and it declined the call. three times.11:17
brobostigonand i happen to like its ux.11:17
mr-testogra_: anyway, about that replacing of current software. what do you mean by that? -> wily+snappy apps instead of deb?11:18
* ogra_ lies ubuntus UX more ... but i'm a wee bit biased :) 11:18
ogra_mr-test, a snappy base instead of what we have now ...11:18
ogra_and yes, no more debs but snaps11:18
DonkeyHoteithen there is tizen, which is preloaded on a phone sold in india11:19
ogra_(and no more click packages either ... they will be turned into snaps)11:19
ogra_DonkeyHotei, and is as old as me :P11:19
mr-testogra_: and the stopping of apps might be changed there?11:20
justCarakasdavmor2 I just tried the command to switch channels but it doesn't seem to do anything11:20
ogra_(well, not really, but tizen is close to  ten years old already (under different names) .... was about time they finally release *something*)11:20
DonkeyHoteiyou're 60ish iirc11:20
ogra_justCarakas, no, but the ability to install frameworks might be added11:20
davmor2justCarakas: you just need to let it run, it doesn't display anything currently11:20
ogra_DonkeyHotei, lol ...11:20
ogra_justCarakas, you should have used -v ... then it has output11:24
mr-testogra_: will the complete current ubuntu repositories be available as snappy apps?11:24
ogra_mr-test, i doubt that11:24
ogra_but yoou will be able to rolll your project into a snap with a tool that makes use of the binary debs11:25
mr-testogra_: is it possible to create a snappy app from deb packages(without recompliing)?11:25
mr-testah alright :)11:25
ogra_snaps are bundles of projects, not single apps usually11:25
justCarakasdavmor2: orga_ can it hurt that I had entered the command again because I tought it hadn't done anything ?11:25
justCarakasor will it just restart11:25
ogra_so you can just translate deb to snap (that wouldnt make any sense then)11:25
mr-testogra_: can i install an xorg app as a snappy app on utouch then?11:25
ogra_justCarakas, it should just restart11:26
mr-testand run via xmir11:26
ogra_if there is a snap for it in the store ...11:26
ogra_(else you would have to snap it up yourself first)11:26
mr-testogra_: named?11:26
davmor2justCarakas: I think it just starts from scratch11:26
mr-testogra_: what snap is in the store already?11:27
mr-testah sry misread11:27
ogra_the focus for current snappy is still headless ... so there are no snaps for GUI apps yet11:28
ogra_once there are desktop and phone images based on snappy that will change quickly i guess11:28
justCarakasdavmor2: I restarted it with -v to be sure it was doing something, and it gives an error AssertionError: Missing destination files: ['/var/lib/system-image/keyring.tar.gz', '/var/lib/system-image/keyring.tar.gz.asc']11:29
davmor2justCarakas: no idea on that11:30
ogra_justCarakas, if you stopped it you dont stop the backend dbus service, just the user frontend ...11:30
ogra_it needs 10-15min to time out11:30
* ogra_ usually just reboots to make sure the backend is gone)11:31
justCarakaswas already rebooting :p11:31
SturmFlutI already love the "Home" button on the MX411:31
svijSturmFlut: me too11:32
lotuspsychjeyeah yeah makes us jaleous!!11:32
* ogra_ hates it with passion11:32
justCarakasis there a benefit to choose ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en over ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu11:33
justCarakas ? would I then get the faster gps fix and stuff ?11:33
justCarakasi have a mako btw11:33
svijogra_: why?11:33
SturmFlutogra_: Why, it doesn't waste any space, and pressing it is much faster than swiping completely from the left11:33
ogra_svij, it gets in my way it sits in an awkward place ... using the phone in landscape makes me often unconditionally press it etc etc11:34
ogra_imho it should have been disabled completely ... only keeping the LED functional11:34
ogra_SturmFlut, yes, pressing iit if you actually like to go to the home scope is fine ... i rarely use the home scope at all though ...11:35
ogra_and i tend to unconditionally trigger it when holding the phone ...11:35
SturmFlutogra_: Ah, yeah, I can understand that11:35
ogra_so in the middle of the article i read it suddenly jumps to the home screen11:36
ogra_our UX is designed for buttonless devices ... i wish we had kept it that way ...11:36
SturmFlutogra_: being able to change the function of such hardware buttons might be a good wishlist bug11:36
ogra_(if it was only that easy to change)11:37
ogra_iirc you need to hack the kernel for this ... or at least something in the device targball11:37
justCarakasorga_ I restarted the phone and still get the same error11:38
* ogra_ looks forward to the MX4 using a proper resolution so it doesnt look like a kids toy with palm sized buttons 11:38
davmor2I likes the big buttons they fit my thumb perfectly :P11:39
SturmFlutogra_: Hm, but at some point the hardware button press is passed to Unity8, which will then switch to the Home Scope. Surely this last step can be changed without too much hassle?11:39
ogra_it is just a kbd event ... "Super_L" i think11:40
davmor2SturmFlut: no it's like a upstart job it say on key press do this11:40
ogra_so yeah, you most likely can hack unity8 to do something else11:41
justCarakasdavmor2: but cant you make upstart then call a function that checks what action it should do ?11:41
ogra_davmor2, i think it is actually unity ...11:41
davmor2oh nice in that case11:41
SturmFlutogra_: Yeah, the larger screen is nice for the keyboard, I often miss the intended button on the E4.5, but the rest of the UI looks too large. And the out-of-box experience for german users is broken, on the first scope you ever get to see there is a string that's too long for its button ;)11:42
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
davmor2SturmFlut: no you just use too longer a words :)11:42
SturmFlutdavmor2: True, but the wording in this case is much less than optimal too ;)11:43
davmor2SturmFlut: if lang=="German"; nanofont11:44
ogra_if lang=="German"; force_landscape()11:45
SturmFlutif lang=="Finnish"; crash11:45
ogra_"error: out of vowels"11:45
SturmFlutI once bought a picnic blanket in Sweden, it had the product name printed in different languages11:46
SturmFlutAnd in ever language, things looked right11:46
justCarakasorga_ davmor2 is there a way to skip the gpg blacklist stuff when switching channels ?11:47
SturmFlutExcept for finnish, that was like "hjdfsayyyjkfjlkyyyyjfjlkdjkyyyy"11:47
SturmFlutProbably even more "y" than I just used11:47
popeyI do like the SailfishOS update names.11:47
popeyÄijänpäivänjärvi for example11:47
popeyLooks like line noise.11:47
SturmFlutOr a baudrate mismatch11:48
jgdxei saa peittää11:48
popeyor dead pixels11:48
* popey hugs Stskeeps :)11:48
SturmFlutor what a Samsung SSD returns when you read a sector11:48
popeyalso, meow11:49
ogra_moo ?11:49
Stskeepspopey: i can't even speak the update names.. crazy update names :)11:50
SturmFlutpopey: I challenge your "meow" with whatever you write down the noise a chinchilla makes11:50
ogra_Stskeeps, you dont get finnish courses at jolla ?11:51
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
Stskeepsogra_: no, and i wouldn't accept one if they did.. polish was bad enough11:51
ogra_polish is only bad when writing it i think :)11:52
svijI really like the codenames of grml releases → https://grml.org/changelogs/11:52
svij"Schluchtenscheisser" "Knecht Rootrecht"… :)11:52
SturmFlutsvij: "Knecht Rootrecht" is a great one11:52
SturmFlut"Santa's little administrator"11:52
DonkeyHoteii'd think what germans would want to know in polish is how to order food11:54
DonkeyHoteii.e. german food and polish food are pretty similar11:55
ogra_DonkeyHotei, you mean if i order beer there is no free sausage with it in poland ?11:55
justCarakasis there a way to skip the gpg stuff with system-image-cli —switch ?11:59
=== _salem is now known as salem_
nik90anyone from norway who can confirm that 24-hour time is written as 14.30 instead of 14:30?12:29
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
diwicnik90, doing a quick search on nsb.no shows timetables with 14:3012:30
diwicnik90, dates show as 17.06.2015 and times as 15:2512:30
nik90diwic: ah thnx. hmm why does qt.locale() show a dots separator...my day only gets weirder12:31
jgdxnik90, :)12:33
SturmFlutI'm a bit confused, is arale r1 equal to OTA-4?12:33
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
jgdxnik90, from the 70s, Norway has been using a dot. As of 2014, a colon : is allowed.12:37
ogra_SturmFlut, no, prior to OTA4 still12:38
jgdxnik90, I think it should follow NS-ISO 8601 and use :12:38
nik90jgdx: ah I am relieved..unfortunately what format the clock app uses is up to Qt.locale()..i cannot hard code it..and we seem to have discrepancy in the format shown between clock-app and the welcome-screen12:38
svijSturmFlut: your question just got answered in the new mail ;)12:39
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
SturmFlutsvij: Oh, so I got a 32 GB device, but all the actual consumer versions will be 16 GB ones? Better not say that out too loud...12:41
svijSturmFlut: :D12:41
ogra_yeah, like in a püublic channel or something12:42
SturmFlutogra_: Luckily the guys over at Softpedia don't know how to use IRC12:42
svijSturmFlut: but we can say in a month "our storage was updated via an OTA update"12:42
SturmFlutsvij: Mhm, wireless flash!12:43
svijYAY :D12:43
popeySturmFlut: they do :) They join during our Q&A :)12:43
SturmFlutpopey: Because you put an IRC client thingy on the website12:43
ogra_so its all your fault !12:44
SturmFlutogra_: http://blamepopey.com/12:44
* nik90 waits to see what happens at the end of popey_exploit-0.3-alpha ;)12:46
SturmFlutAny reason why the MX4 officially has a 20.7 MP camera, but the files created on my phone are only around 14.7 MP12:52
mcphailSo how are the lucky few enjoying the Meizu? Is the difference in spec noticeable compared to the bq experience?12:52
svijmcphail: yes12:52
ogra_SturmFlut, did you select HQ in the camera app ?12:52
mcphailsvij: generally smoother, fewer spinny things?12:53
SturmFlutogra_: Yes12:53
svijmcphail: yes, atleast for the first impression12:54
SturmFlutogra_: It's always 2880 x 5120 pixels12:54
* ogra_ must admit he never checked12:54
mcphailsvij: that's encouraging. Was wondering if a high-spec phone could preload/precache all the core apps to get rid of the spinnies altogether12:54
cedian_linuxhave some issues with the camera here are the pastes: 1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11730339/ 2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11730349/ 3: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11730355/12:55
SturmFlutmcphail: It feels much slicker and faster, but some things still take their time and sometimes the UI even stutters12:55
ogra_svij, really, you find it faster than the aquaris ?12:56
* ogra_ finds quite the opposite12:56
svijogra_: yes12:56
sviji rarely used the bq, because it was kind of too slow for me12:56
svijSturmFlut: +112:56
ogra_oh ?12:56
svijatleast starting apps on the bq is _damn_ slow12:57
* ogra_ hasnt used a phone that felt faster than the bq yet .... none of my android phones can cope 12:57
ogra_oh, yeah, i never close them :)12:57
svijcompared to my android 5.0 nexus 412:57
mcphailSturmFlut: was wondering about that. It seems to be the qmlscene loading which slows down the bq. Otherwise it is very slick despite being a low-end device12:57
SturmFlutogra_: I think it already feels faster than the E4.5 because the MX4 wakes up instantly on a power button press and doesn't wake up a second later :P12:57
ogra_i mean the UI speed and responsiveness12:57
ogra_scrolling is slower on the MX ... if you have many apps installed the app scope takes a break when scrolling down ...12:58
sviji didn't like using the OSK on the bq, thats better on the meizu (probably because of that bigger screen)12:58
SturmFlutogra_: At least in my impression the MX4 is better12:58
ogra_the driver is not as good as the bq one and the higher resolution asks for a price :)12:58
ogra_thats good12:58
jgdxnik90, sorry, didn't see your reply before now. What's your suggestion?12:58
jgdxnik90, why the disparancy?12:59
* svij might find a few glitches when he uses it a few days/weeks more12:59
SturmFlutogra_: Yeah, but the app scope has lots of issues on the bq too, I don't think it's the fault of the phone hardware alone12:59
ogra_perhaps it is just my pre-production device having issues12:59
cedian_linuxogra_ Ihave some issues with the camera here are the pastes: 1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11730339/ 2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11730349/ 3: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11730355/12:59
cedian_linux(I have)12:59
ogra_cedian_linux, i have no clue about cameras, sorry12:59
ogra_(specifically not about the HAL layer)12:59
nik90jgdx: I don't have a suggestion..I need to check with charles (i-dt developer) what format he uses to display time in the indicator and the welcome-scene.13:00
cedian_linuxogra_ it adds some null values13:00
nik90jgdx: I didn't hard code anything in the clock app and don't want to do so either..I am using standard Qt.locale() functions here13:01
jgdxnik90, but if Clock app does the right thing®, shouldn't we just mark indicator-datetime as affected and clock app as invalid?13:01
nik90jgdx: yeah let me check with charles before doing that.13:01
jgdxand later, if the damned Norwegians want : in their clocks we let them change it via a setting13:01
jgdxnik90, okay, wfm13:02
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, hey, we got qa to validate the first u-s-s stack of backports, up to you for the next silo ;-)13:20
jgdxseb128, great stuff :) Ken started building that yesterday in silo313:22
julianwi_hi, I'm trying to port ubuntu touch touch to my x86 phone. I get following error in the last_kmsg: /sbin/adbd: error while loading shared libraries: libgio-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:24
=== julianwi is now known as julianwi_
jgdxabeato, hi, do you have a minute?13:30
abeatojgdx, sure13:30
jgdxabeato, I'm sitting here looking at monitor ofono13:30
jgdxabeato, and when I change a call forwarding setting, say voiceBusy to "1234", monitor ofono tells me that VoiceBusy changed.13:31
jgdxabeato, but when I set VoiceUnconditional to "1234", monitor-ofono tells me VoiceUnconditional changed, but also that "Busy" changed.13:32
jgdxwhy the inconsistency?13:32
abeatojgdx, unconditional forwarding overrides other call forwarding options13:32
jgdxabeato, yeah, but why VoiceBusy vs Busy ?13:33
abeatojgdx, oh, I see what you mean... if that happens it is definitely a bug13:33
jgdxseems like it's the same setting, with two different names13:33
* abeato checking ofono docs13:34
abeatojgdx, I think those signals come from different interfaces13:35
mardyElleo: I think I have a bug for you, do you have a minute?13:36
abeatojgdx, you have the property org.ofono.CallForwarding.VoiceBusy13:36
jgdxabeato, and…? :P What interface reports Busy?13:38
ogra_julianwi_, uh, you would need an initrd that is built for x8613:38
Elleomardy: sure, what's up?13:38
abeatojgdx, and supplementaryservices-api.txt describes an argument to some function in org.ofono.SupplementaryServices13:38
mardyElleo: I just want to know if it has already been filed13:38
mardyElleo: so, I have my OSK set to write in Italian13:39
abeatojgdx, mind doing a pastebin of the monitor-ofono output?13:39
julianwi_ogra_, my initrd files are all i386 binarys13:39
mardyElleo: I write "Princ", then I choose "Principe" from the suggestions13:39
mardyElleo: then I type "s", and the suggestions show "principessa"; I pick that suggestion13:39
mardyElleo: but on the input field, the result is "Principeprincipessa"13:40
mardyElleo: is this a known bug?13:40
jgdxabeato, added to comment.13:40
jgdxs/comment/ofono issue13:40
ogra_julianwi_, though that error only tells that it cant start adbd, there must be a real error somewhere in your logs13:41
ogra_starting adbd is only the last step wehn an error occured13:41
Elleomardy: don't think so; does it not insert a space after the word when you select "Principe"? (so the 's' should start a new word)13:41
ogra_(and also does not actually work anymore anyway witrh recent adbd)13:41
abeatojgdx, I do not see the VoiceBusy property change event in the log13:42
mardyElleo: no, it doesn't (I turned auto punctuation off)13:42
jgdxabeato, actually, I think that's the bug13:42
julianwi_ogra_, the real error is: Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!13:42
jgdxabeato, the lack of that property change13:42
ogra_julianwi_, no, thats fallout too13:42
Elleomardy: ah, that'll probably be what makes the difference then13:42
ogra_julianwi_, pastebin the whole last_kmsg somewhere13:43
abeatojgdx, ok, thanks for the bug, I'll take a look13:43
jgdxabeato, I'm confusing the matter with bringing in props from supplementaryservices13:43
Elleomardy: hmm, maybe no; jus ttried switching autopunctuation off and it still works correctly for me13:43
Elleomardy: autopunctuation should just handle double space for fullstops13:43
mardyElleo: must be autocorrection, then13:43
mardyElleo: yes, it's autocorrection13:44
abeatojgdx, anyway I would prefer the bug in LP13:44
Elleomardy: ah, okay13:44
Elleomardy: yeah, could you file a bug for that? I think we should probably add spaces when the user selects a word from the word-ribbon regardless of whether auto-correction is on or not13:44
mardyElleo: in English: type "T", pick the suggestion "the", type "r", pick the suggestion "there", and you'll get thethere13:44
mardyElleo: no please! :-)13:45
=== rickspencer3_ is now known as rickspencer3
mardyElleo: I use a lot of commas :-)13:45
jgdxabeato, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/146609513:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1466095 in ofono (Ubuntu) " When setting VoiceUnconditional, unset properties (e.g. VoiceBusy) is not reported" [Undecided,New]13:45
julianwi_ogra_, I think the problem is that the bootloader adds console=null to my cmdline13:45
mardyElleo: and this concatenation of suggestions can be very useful for some languages13:45
abeatojgdx, nice, thx13:46
Elleomardy: looks like we already have a bug for it here actually: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/1384953 perhaps you could comment on that with the against doing it that way?13:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 1384953 in ubuntu-keyboard "Selecting words from the word ribbon should insert a space" [Undecided,New]13:46
ogra_julianwi_, oh, yeah, you need a proper tty there ... tty0 is a good one13:46
Elleomardy: I'd say for commas we should probably change that to work like other punctuation so it automatically removes any preceeding space13:46
anpok_Elleo, mardy: but inserting spaces or not isnt really relevant to the prblem13:46
julianwi_ogra_, ok I will try to rebuild my kernel with CONFIG_CMDLINE_OVERWRITE=y13:47
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|bank
anpok_Elleo, mardy: even with a space when you go back.. it often makes a suggestion based on the already typed letters (which is great) but then does not replace the whole word - just appends..13:47
ogra_just make sure to have the neccessary options in your kernel cmdline option then ;)13:47
mardyElleo: anpok_ is right: even if you insert a space, then I can go back and remove it, and continue typin13:47
anpok_Elleo: I would say that is essential not just useful..13:48
Elleoif you backspace into a word it'll put it back into pre-edit13:48
Elleoso the whole word will get replaced13:48
anpok_but it appends the whole suggestion..13:48
Elleoanpok_: can you show me the steps to do that?13:48
mardyElleo: ah, you are right13:49
Elleoanpok_: for me it works correctly if you delete a space13:49
julianwi_ogra_, which options are neccesary?13:49
ogra_julianwi_, well, depends on your HW ... but you shoudl see the currently used cmdline in your boot log13:49
faenildandrader|bank: ping13:50
anpok_Elleo: hm with english.. just th (select suggestion the) go back one space type r pick suggestion there -> ththere13:52
anpok_or rather thethere13:52
anpok_also works if you remove more from the word13:52
Elleoanpok_: ah, I see what you mean; you've moving the cursor, not deleting backwards13:54
cedian_linuxnothing :P, I'm on my laptop13:55
Elleoanpok_: yeah, we shouldn't be providing suggestions when you're in a word in the middle of a sentence, I suspect its trimming the last space when checking that13:55
anpok_not moving .. sorry deleting13:55
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
Elleomight be able to do a special case that still allows for suggestions when at the end of a word13:55
Elleoanpok_: do you mean you are deleting? because I was able to reproduce it by moving the cursor, but not by deleting13:56
Elleoanpok_: when deleting it puts the whole word back into preedit for me (so the whole word gets replaced)13:56
anpok_not for me13:56
Elleoanpok_: any chance you could make a quick video of what you're doing so I can see?13:56
m4nuuu_Evening all, anyone elss running UT on the aquaris e4.5?14:08
faenilogra_: hey :) how can I trigger this from debuild? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/view/head:/CMakeLists.txt#L12714:09
faenilI want to skip the tests and build the deb14:09
faenilbut -e NO_TESTS is not helping, probably because that's a cmake option and not an envvar14:09
anpok_Elleo: uploading ...14:11
Elleoanpok_: thanks14:11
=== julianwi is now known as julianwi_
anpok_Elleo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/146610514:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1466105 in ubuntu-keyboard "Selected suggestion is always appended to pre-edit text" [Undecided,New]14:16
m4nuuu_Is it possible to install android on the aquaris e4.5 ubuntu edition, or dual booting if possible?14:17
Elleoanpok_: could you add what settings you have enabled to the bug?14:19
Elleoanpok_: and what channel you're on? that should be adding the word back into pre-edit with what you're doing, so I'm guessing there's some combination of enabled/disabled features that causes that not to happen14:20
ogra_faenil, ask some unity8 developer ?14:24
faenilogra_: fair point, I've tried prodding mzanetti :)14:25
ogra_m4nuuu_, you can flash android, but there is no dusl boot14:25
faenilbut this is a more generic question :)14:25
mzanettifaenil, usually one would use "cmake -DNO_TESTS"14:26
faenilmzanetti: yeah, from cmake :) but from debuild?14:26
mzanettimaybe "debuid -e -DNO_TESTS" or something14:26
mzanettijust a gues14:26
mzanettidunno... edit debian/rules :D14:26
faenilyeah well there are many ways I can do it :D14:27
faeniljust wanted to know the proper way14:27
faenilthere must be a way to add a cmake option from debuild14:27
mzanettiyeah... quite sure there is, but don't know it.14:27
m4nuuu_Ogra: So its possible to replace ubuntu with android? And if so this is easily reversible?14:28
anpok_Elleo: done14:29
K1773Rwhat is the current plan to support VPN?14:30
ogra_m4nuuu_, no, idea, i have never done it, but i think with some windows flash tool you can flash the device back and forth14:33
m4nuuu_OK cool, I'll see what the deal is :) thanks14:34
Elleoanpok_: thanks, have you had this problem for a long time or has it only just started?14:35
Elleoanpok_: those settings don't look much different to what I have14:36
Elleoanpok_: will have a poke around as soon as my device has finished running some autopilot tests and see if I can figure out a way to reproduce it14:36
cedian_linuxon my laptop the screen didn't want to start :(14:36
cedian_linuxBut I resolved it14:36
ogra_K1773R, VPN support is in the image bu there is no UI14:38
ogra_you can set up some vpn with the keys and files in /home/phablet and manually firs it up though14:38
anpok_Elleo: not sure.. but it isnt something that happened just recently14:43
=== dandrader|bank is now known as dandrader
dandraderfaenil, pong14:44
Elleoanpok_: okay, thanks; I'll see what I can do to reproduce it14:44
faenildandrader: hey :) I saw you committed the NO_TESTS config to Unity8's cmake14:44
faenilso I was wondering if you knew how to to enable that from debuild14:44
faenili.e. without hacking around and disabling lines manually14:45
dandraderfaenil, I don't know, sorry. I don't use debuild. Maybe some DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS tag would be needed14:50
faenildandrader: alright, thanks anyway ;)14:50
anpok_Elleo: hum it works fine on the rtm images14:51
Elleoanpok_: interesting; I'm testing with wily and rc-proposed and not seeing it in either of those14:54
Elleoanpok_: although actually on rc-proposed I have a trunk build of keyboard running currently14:54
Elleomy wily image is a bit out of date though, will just try flashing the latest one14:54
=== julianwi is now known as julianwi_
K1773Rogra_: openvpn isnt installed, i have to build it myself14:59
ogra_what ?14:59
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ dpkg -l |grep openvpn15:00
ogra_ii  openvpn                                              2.3.2-9ubuntu4                                    armhf        virtual private network daemon15:00
ogra_definitely installed15:00
K1773Rnot for me, just flashed the current stable on mako15:00
dobeyit's installed in wily at least15:06
ogra_dobey, dont use wily :P15:09
ogra_dobey, it is in vivid since months (i seeded it)15:09
ogra_and nobody should use pre-vivid images anymore anyway :)15:10
ogra_K1773R, the stable channel is very old anbd outdated ... there should be an update to it this week though15:10
ogra_(well, the stable community channel that is, the official release channels are all updated already)15:11
K1773Rogra_: i used ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu15:15
ogra_right, thats the community channel15:16
ogra_the upgrade is in testing this week and will land there eventually ...15:16
ArchNET\msg nickserv register15:16
dobeyogra_: i have wily on my mako to test the things i'm landing into wily :)15:17
ogra_the stable/bq-aquaris.en and stable/meizu.en channels are updated since monday15:17
ogra_dobey, crazy !15:17
K1773Rogra_: which one should i pick then?15:17
dobeyogra_: i only use that device for devel/testing work, not as an actual phone. so eh, doesn't much matter what i run on it, as long as it boots :)15:17
ogra_K1773R, what device ?15:17
ogra_stable/bq-aquaris.en should be good then ... or just wait a few days for the upgrade in the ubuntu channel15:18
dobeyor use rc-proposed if you want slightly less tested stuff15:18
ogra_living on the edge :)15:19
dobeya softish edge15:19
dobeymore like a foam noodle15:19
anpok_hum hm i use devel-proposed as a daily phone and to do testing15:19
dobeynow that is living on the edge15:20
ogra_living on the foam noodle then15:20
ogra_i can live with that description :)15:20
K1773Rok, will wait15:21
ogra_anpok_, well, devel-proposed is totally un-QAed ... gets all the crack and will eventually break if we start snappy work15:21
K1773Rits fine, i compiled openvpn myself ;)15:21
ogra_K1773R, any reason to not just use am existing deb ?15:23
K1773Rogra_: yes, broke my phone twice with chaning fings on the r/o filesystems15:23
K1773Rs/fings/things/, wtf15:23
ogra_well, making it rw to install a single deb that wasnt installed before and then making it ro again wont do any harm15:24
K1773Rok, then something else did ^^ good to know15:24
K1773Rlast time there was no package openvpn, thats why i built it myself15:24
ogra_it really depends what you do with the rw state :) usually small and single packages that are not installed already wont do any harm15:25
ogra_oh, because you were using the RTM release, yeah15:25
ogra_that doesnt have anything in the archive except for whats on the image15:25
K1773Rit was fine with the last 2-3 updates, but this time it broke :S15:26
ogra_(thats all fixed with the current upgrade)15:26
ArchNETterminal on ubuntu  phone15:30
charlesjgdx, nik90: what is the date formatting issue you two were talking about earlier?15:41
charlesthe indicator's format is coded to match https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate#Presenting_times15:41
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nik90charles: in the norwegian locale, clock app shows time as 21.30 while indicator-datetime shows it as 21:30.15:45
nik90charles: for clock app I'm using Qt.locale(), so we're wondering what format is used by indicator-datetime..if it was hard coded or not..15:45
* nik90 reads the link15:45
charlesok. I don't think the link's germane for that15:46
charlesnik90, is there a ticket open for this already?15:46
nik90charles: yes, one sec15:46
charlesI'm doing triage on a couple of other datetime questions today & will add this to my TODO15:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 1466002 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Clock display not using the same format as the indicator" [Undecided,New]15:47
charlesnik90, thanks15:47
seb128ogra_, in your reply to this email you are assuming that the issue is a bluez one/that bluez5 resolves that problem, which is unsure, seems like they are mentioning pulse routing issues16:09
ogra_seb128, oh, yeah that too ... i just wanted to point out the complexity of the task though ... since i find the accusation that we ignore the problem rather rude16:10
ogra_feel free to point them to pulse :)16:10
seb128ogra_, well, we ignore the problem it's true16:12
seb128like we didn't assign anyone to look at what the issue is and work on resolving it16:12
ogra_we ahvent ignored it in the phonedations team16:12
seb128then there should be a bug with the status...16:13
ogra_right, its a lack of manpower ..16:13
seb128yeah, I don't say we could do better16:13
seb128but we basically didn't work much on it by lack of resources/priority16:13
seb128so he can challenge that the bug priority should be bumped16:13
ogra_(and an issue that our BT specialis suddenly left the team and went to maintain the installer :P )16:13
seb128which is pat&co decision16:13
ogra_but its simply not like we say on a developer level "screw it, we dont care" ... that is what the mail implied16:15
seb128right, it's just that he didn't get ranked as a top priority on our current list16:15
* seb128 is going to reply16:16
ogra_thanks :)16:16
dednicklarsu: ping16:27
dednicklarsu: attaching a source to a mainloop. during an iteration, what is the order the sources are polled in? by the source priority?16:29
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cedian_linuxHi all16:49
cedian_linuxI'm removing Gentoo external and will install Ubuntu on there, my internal HDD starts failing17:01
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colbyfjust sent an email to Enpass to ask if they would create there app for ubuntu phone17:11
colbyffingers crossed, good password manager and you can sync it with your ownCloud and other clouds17:12
colbyfI also work in BT so pushing the app developes in there to make apps for the UK phone17:12
seb128who is looking at unity-scopes nowadays? is https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/82f3407ea224db29041027eca65d23d17eb2027e a known issue?17:14
seb128it's ranked high on e.u.c device issues17:14
seb128smartscopesproxy error17:15
sergiusens_alecu: ^17:22
brobostigonis there a method for working out battery drain?17:33
brobostigonand the causes?17:33
brobostigonhi studio_17:41
dobeyseb128: is there a bug report against unity-scopes-api for that one?17:41
studio_popey, i have a question about the adapter in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvDbi5h5RF4, is it an normal mhl adapter or displaylink?17:41
seb128dobey, unsure, the e.u.c entry is not linked to one at least17:41
chrisccoulsonhi mandel. It's probably EOD for you, but just on the off-chance that you're still around - I have a question about the download manager and I've been told you're the person to ask :)17:44
dobeyseb128: can you get one filed for it? i think everyone who looks after that bit is gone for the day (either in eu or au)17:46
seb128dobey, k17:46
dobeyseb128: thanks17:47
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, how are you?17:52
studio_popey, are you still there?17:52
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, good! how are you?17:53
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not bad :)17:53
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ogra_brobostigon, try to catch cking tomorrow, there are a bunch of measuring tools he has on the image ... and i think SturmFlut also wrote something about monitoring power drain if i'm not wrong17:56
studio_@mhall119, sorry haven't seen, that you are also online. what adapter are you using?17:56
brobostigonogra_: ok, thank you.17:57
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studio_come on guys, what usb-adaper is it on 8:17 to clone the display?18:07
studio_nobody knows, or nobody wants to tell?18:16
dobeystudio_: acquire a modicum of patience, please18:17
mhall119studio_: it's a very specifoc slimport model18:19
mhall119not all slimport adapters work with the nexus 4 it seems18:20
studio_mhall119, is it mhl?18:20
mhall119studio_: I'll have to find the Amazon link, will ping you with it layer18:20
mhall119studio_: no, it's pre-mhl I think18:23
studio_mhall119, what is the different between "slimport" and mhl? payment for license? if yes, will that adapter work on the bq E4.5/E5?18:26
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dobeystudio_: https://lmddgtfy.net/?q=slimport%20vs%20mhl18:33
* ogra_ would have used http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?word1=slimport&word2=mhl 18:35
studio_sorry, but i do not unterstand the video. it is not an official ubuntu phone18:38
studio_i think ubuntu touch needs more time. it is nice to see, what is "possible", but on the "official" ubuntu touch devices it is "now" not working.18:41
grepohello, I am new to ubuntu touch, may I consult bug reporting process here?18:42
ogra_you mean the feature that is announced for april 2016 is not working today ? thats indeed shocking18:42
ogra_grepo, sure18:42
dobeystudio_: stop expecting a product that has been announced to be released a year from now, on something that was released 6 months ago18:42
grepoorga_: I am experienced Fedora user and feel lucky about Red Hat Bugzilla18:43
studio_ogra_, yes maybe on 16.04, but not in the moment18:43
grepoorga_: I was trying to file a bug report over launchpad for ubuntu touch, but the bug gets no maintainer for a long time18:44
grepoorga_: How can I push the process forward?18:44
ogra_grepo, there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers showing a bit of the package relations ... and for generic bugs you can use https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+filebug18:45
grepoorga_: I did that with the result above...18:45
ogra_the latter list  is reviewed by the phone product team regulary18:45
ogra_grepo, got a bug number ?18:46
ogra_studio_, who said when that it would be available "in the moment" ?18:46
studio_ogra_, why canoncial make a different between "phone" and other touch devices with gsm/3g/lte-support?18:47
ogra_it is a feature for 16.04 ... (which, as i think you have been told 1000 times now or more ... yet you come back to complain about it for your own fun apprantly)18:47
grepoorga_: OK, I opened a filed bug now and added canonical system image as a affected project, does it help18:47
ogra_grepo, whats the bug number ... i can find someone to push it forward18:48
grepothe number is 146209018:48
ogra_bug 146209018:48
ubot5bug 1462090 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "Calling to numbers formatted with slash results in Call failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146209018:48
ogra_bfiller, ^^ ?18:48
grepoorga_: I have the phone for two month not able to place a call to slovakian fixed lines because of i18n formatting18:50
studio_ogra_, who said that? the blueprint. as i remember correct it said something about xmir on mir18:50
ogra_grepo, right, i think bfiller's team is responsible for that part of the system ... i pinged him above and he will take care of getting it to the right developer18:50
ogra_studio_, no idea what you talk about, sorry18:51
grepoorga_, ok thanks18:51
studio_ogra_, you asked, what is working in the moment, aren't you?18:51
bfillerrenatu: can you take a quick look at this bug grepo is reporting please? https://launchpad.net/bugs/146209018:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1462090 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "Calling to numbers formatted with slash results in Call failed" [Undecided,New]18:52
ogra_studio_, no, i know what is working atm18:53
bfillerrenatu: maybe tiago knows it better18:53
bfillergrepo: we'll get it fixed for the next ota and can get you the fix before that if you're willing to make your phone rw18:55
grepowhat is the frequency of ota?18:56
ogra_grepo, about monthly18:56
ogra_last OTA went actually out on monday18:56
ogra_(you should have recieved it)18:56
grepowhen putting rw, what is the way of patching? apt-get update?18:57
studio_ogra_, ok, nice, but "maybe" you could answer my last question to you?18:57
ogra_studio_, what was that last question ?18:57
studio_ogra_, about the "phone"18:57
ogra_all your question here are "about the phone"18:58
bfillergrepo: apt-get update from a ppa or copy deb to phone and dpkg -i to install it18:58
studio_ogra_, why canoncial make a different between "phone" and other touch devices with gsm/3g/lte-support?18:58
* ogra_ would do the latter ... as it is the least intrusive 18:58
ogra_and then make the phone readonly again18:58
ogra_studio_, does canonical do that ? i dont think so18:59
grepobfiller, ok no problem, i can remount / rw and update if it will not affect future ota updates....18:59
ogra_dont use apt then18:59
bfillergrepo: yeah, what ogra_ says is the best18:59
ogra_if it is only a single package make it rw, wget the package, dpkg -i ... make it ro19:00
ogra_apt will first need to update package caches etc etc ... the changes it does are a lot more19:00
bfillergrepo: so to be clear, you are entering the number in the dialer app and it is incorrectly formatting it by adding "/"?19:01
studio_there is no "phone". the is a handelt pc with gsm/lte or what ever support, same is with an "tablet-pc" or "netbook", isn't it?19:01
ogra_who says that ?19:01
ogra_fine then19:02
grepobfiller: the / on the display is not a problem, but it should be removed when placing a call, I suggested regular expression change in a source code file in bug report19:03
studio_ogra_, what is a PDA?19:03
bfillergrepo: ok19:03
bfillersaw that19:03
ogra_studio_, something from the 90s that collects dust on my shelf19:03
studio_ogra_, what is a phone?19:04
davmor2studio_: a thing you make phone calls on19:04
grepobiffler, I am not 100% sure I identified problem correcly but 99% the problem is the regular expression removing prettyprinting of the numbers19:05
bfillergrepo: even if we strip the slash before placing the call, does it make sense to have / on the display?19:05
davmor2studio_: how are you communicating on irc you are a studio19:06
studio_davmor2, so for what is an ubuntu phone? just for making phone calls?19:06
grepobfiller: I don't mind the / on the screen it separates operator part of the number from the party number, but it it is not there i do not mind it either. Both solutions are OK for me.19:06
ogra_studio_, it is a smartphone ... similar to an android or IOS or sailfish device19:07
bfillergrepo: is / common for slovakian numbers?19:07
grepobfiller: yes they are often printed like this. The number before / identifies the locality of the fixed line.19:08
bfillergrepo: ok thanks19:08
Sleep_Walkergrepo: you still use it?19:08
greposleep_walker: use what?19:09
renatubfiller, let me take a look to see if it is related with number formating19:09
Sleep_WalkerI haven't seen '/' as separator in Czech republic for really long time19:09
ogra_we have that in germany too ... but nobody would have the idea to type it in i guess19:09
bfillerrenatu: sounds like the / needs to be removed before placing the call but it is correct to have it on the display19:10
davmor2studio_: depends on your user case, My mom would use only sms basically combined with a bit of phoning, because that is all she uses her android phone for, Then there are power users that very rarely use the phone or messaging tools on the device.  But the thing that differentiates a a phone from a table and pc, is it fits in your pocket and can make phone calls via the phone networks and sms via the phone networ19:10
studio_ogra_, a smartphone is just PR. "smart" phones have been old phones which became "smart" with some addons. bat they are still PDAs or handheld PCs ...19:10
ogra_studio_, whatever you say ...19:10
greposleep_walker: czech republic removed locality identification few year ago. You can move your number to another locality. I think it is not possible here in Slovakia. You should ask for non-goegraphical number if you want to move between locality.19:11
Sleep_Walkergrepo: thanks for explanation, I had no idea19:11
studio_ogra_, would you say, that an mt6595 with phone support is just a "phone"?19:12
ogra_studio_, no, i would say that a cpu has nothig to do with the use case of the software19:12
ogra_and you wont get nowhere going on with this ... it is extremely tiring19:13
ogra_(but you are being told that every time anyway, i know you wont listen to anyone in here as usual)19:13
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grepobfiller: could you, please, put the URL from where could be the dpkg downloaded from to the bug report after it is avalilable? Thanks.19:14
bfillergrepo: will do19:16
grepobfiller: thank you very much19:16
bfillergrepo: sorry about the bug, thanks for reporting it19:16
bfillerI didn't notice it earlier19:17
studio_thanks guy for answering my questions for today, have to leave. wish you a nice evening. thanks again.19:18
grepobfiller: it is normal for the software to contain bugs. I was just frustrated for not taking care of it. I was not aware of the correct process. So is adding to cannonical system image correct way to get care of it? Or should I always use the url posted above by orga_?19:18
bfillergrepo: adding canonical system image and the affected project (in this case telephony-service) is the correct way, the bugs get triaged fairly often but sometimes it takes a while19:21
bfillergrepo: so best to file the bug and ping one of us on irc if it's something critical19:21
grepoOK. I will do it like this. Thank you once more. Bye19:22
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grepoI have one more question, does anybody observe same bahaviour? When I disable wifi, battery drains faster than when it is enabled on bq aquaris... or does it only seem to me?19:54
* ogra_ never disables wifi ... 19:54
ice9I'm trying to initiate the repo but I get this error https://gist.github.com/anonymous/95255793b01a8d52379e19:54
ogra_on idle my phone lasts about 5-6 days (if i dont touch it at all) ...19:54
ogra_average usage gets me 2-3 days ... heavy usage a bit more than one day19:55
grepoorga_: when the phone was new, i had one sim installed, wifi on, and the phone on the table without moving I got 8 days and 7 nights.19:56
grepoorga_: now with two sims installed and wifi off 3 days and two nights.\19:56
ogra_yeah, thats normal19:56
ogra_i did use two sims for a while and didnt notice a difference ...19:56
ogra_so it may actually be the turned off wifi19:57
grepoorga_: it is very strange, I would expect the battery to last longer with wifi off...19:58
ogra_well, there is surely some bug ...19:58
ogra_like the notification service polling more or some such19:59
grepoogra_: yeah, I think so. But if nobody else is observing it maybe it is not true and it is only seeming to me...20:00
ogra_to observe it you need to turn off wifi ... not sure how common that is20:01
ogra_i definitely never turn it off20:01
ogra_you could try writing to the mailing list and see if others have the same experience20:01
grepook. will try.20:02
taiebotIs anyone on OTA 4 ? just want to check if bug on willy is present on older revision. Open contact-app => select a contact => click on the little messaging icon => (Opens the messaging app )try to send a sms from there ( it should work but it fails)20:04
=== boud_ is now known as boud
SturmFlutgrepo: The standby time of my E4.5 is so long that I usually forget when I last had to charge it, so if my phone showed this bevior too, I wouldn't have noticed. But there are people out there who seem to have the equipment to actually measure such things, see bug 146094520:06
ubot5bug 1460945 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "System Settings Updates/Storage pages lead to high cpu usage even there is no network/io activity" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146094520:06
grepotaiebot: how can I check OTA version? I have the one from monday... probably not what you want...20:06
taiebotgrepo could you try?20:07
grepoSturmFlut: I was running top on terminal not seeing any high cpu usage. It should be something hidden. Polling frequently, but not using CPU hard.20:08
ogra_grepo, monday was the OTA4 :)20:12
grepotaiebot: sure i can, i am going to, but how to check for ota version?20:12
ogra_(i think you see it as 23 in your system-settings)20:12
ogra_ah, no, 24 actually20:13
grepotaiebot: the message was successfully sent.20:14
grepotaiebot: but i have chosen contact from Favorites. I do not know if that matters?20:15
taiebotgrepo: mm weird mine when i do this it opens the messaging app on a different thread than the original contact thread and from their i cannot send any messages20:16
grepoogra: you mean OS Ubuntu15.04(r23)??? This is what I see...20:16
ogra_http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/rc/bq-aquaris.en/krillin/ shows a 24 ...20:17
greporeally weird. why do i see r23?20:19
taiebotogra_ can you confirm it works on 24  Open contact-app => select a contact => click on the little messaging icon => (Opens the messaging app )try to send a sms from there ( it should work but it fails)20:19
SturmFlutogra_: You are looking at the "rc" channel20:19
ogra_SturmFlut, oops :P20:20
SturmFlutogra_, grepo: OTA-4 equals "r23" on the stable channel20:20
ogra_thats what you get when never using the stable channel :P20:20
SturmFluttaiebot, grepo: Most people should be on OTA-4 by now, sadly I don't have a SIM in my bq at the moment20:20
grepook, understand...20:20
* SturmFlut has too many phones and not enough SIMs20:20
matv1hmm cached search suggestions in scopes are placed outside of the shell. Seen it before but thought that was fixed. Has it regressed since OTA4?20:24
taiebotsturmflut is your Sim on your new phone ? (saw the google + post)20:24
SturmFluttaiebot: Yep20:25
taiebotme is jealous ;-)20:25
svijsame for me ;)20:25
taiebotjust wished it had a SD card20:26
taiebotSturmflut: How app startup compares ?20:26
SturmFluttaiebot: Yeah, the lack of an SD card while having just 12 GB of available storage is a problem for me. I upgraded my bq to 72 GB20:27
ogra_SturmFlut, there is resize code that will land in one of the next OTAs that will at least expand to the full disk for you20:27
SturmFluttaiebot: It starts crazy fast. 20 seconds from power-on to lockscreen20:28
SturmFlutogra_: Pssst, we got a special version ;)20:28
ogra_yeah :) thats why i said "full disk" ;)20:29
svijogra_: I always wanted a storage upgrade through an OTA update… you should that with the RAM too :P20:29
taiebotsturmflut i meant the apps like calculator, browser, etc. Sometimes i get a little bit frustrated with waiting20:29
ogra_svij, well, we'll see ... i work on snappy now you will have to wait til the phone switches to it20:29
svijogra_: :)20:29
ogra_taiebot, just dont close them :)20:30
svijtaiebot: it's a bit better on the mx4 compared to the bq20:30
SturmFlutogra_: Ah, you mean the whole 17 GB? ;)20:30
ogra_SturmFlut, 16 ... yeah :)20:31
SturmFluttaiebot: The browser on the MX4 starts in about half the time the bq needs20:31
taiebotogra_ yeah i might have OCD for running apps cannot let them in the dash needs to swipe them away.20:31
taiebotogra_ always wondered if some should not be hidden in the background like ,messaging, contact, browser,  to give the device a speedier feel.20:33
SturmFluttaiebot: Same for the Music app, starts about twice as fast than the bq20:34
ahayzenSturmFlut, really? how fast?20:34
SturmFluttaiebot: And the MX4 has 2 GB of RAM, so it doesn't have to kill apps all the time20:34
ogra_taiebot, heh, bfiller brought that up a few times for the dialer app :)20:34
ahayzenits around 2.7-3.2s on mako when i last checked20:34
taiebotSturmflut: i only have a nexus 4 here and like ahayzen i would say most apps start in 3-4sec when they have been cached. Calculator can take up to 6 sec20:36
ArchNETNickServ VERIFY REGISTER ArchNET xqpoojqexlth20:37
SturmFlutahayzen: I just did a cheap test with a stopwatch, on the bq it's exactly 5 seconds until the app starts to show actual content, on the MX4 it's about 2.7 to 320:37
SturmFlutArchNET: ...you might want to do that right20:37
SturmFlutArchNET: Because we just saw your password20:38
ahayzenSturmFlut, copy this script on your device http://people.ubuntu.com/~ahayzen/measure.py and run $ ./measure.py /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/unity8.log ApplicationManager::onProcessStarting "MirSurfaceItem::updateMirSurfaceFocus true"20:38
ahayzenSturmFlut, and it'll tell you how long it takes for the app to start20:38
SturmFlutahayzen: Ooooh!20:38
ahayzen...or at least gives you a measurable value :-)20:39
SturmFlutI'll just enable Developer Mode for the first time20:39
taiebotahayzen: are you developping for the music app?20:39
SturmFlutSo exciting20:39
ahayzenjust remember the first time you start an app it has to build the cache, so measure with the second/third start20:39
ahayzentaiebot, yeah ;-)20:39
SturmFlutahayzen: Yeah, I measured after a couple of starts20:39
taiebotahayzen can i make a feature request?20:39
ahayzentaiebot, maybe? hehe20:40
ahayzentaiebot, ... is it an Eq .. or convergence?20:41
taiebotAhayzen. There should be some kind of animation to show that music is playing like a fake music spectrum on the bottom bar would be lovely https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=music+spectrum+images&client=ubuntu&hs=IV1&channel=fs&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=b9uBVfC4AuHd7gbSo4HIDw&ved=0CCEQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=68220:42
ahayzentaiebot, interesting, across all pages? or just when the toolbar is shown (non now playing page)?20:42
ArchNETI want to install penman on Ubuntu phone20:43
ArchNETor nmap20:43
ahayzenArchNET, this may interest you https://uappexplorer.com/app/netscan.mzanetti20:44
ArchNETtank you20:44
ahayzentaiebot, its probably best you report a bug against the music-app in lp, and i'll mark it as wishlist and i suppose we would need design input20:45
SturmFluttaiebot: Okay, so according to your script the Music app starts in about 4100ms on the bq and 1800ms on the MX420:46
ahayzenSturmFlut, interest, is this with a completely empty queue?20:46
taiebotahayzen well the black bar that you click on to show now playing at the bottom could be a music spectrum analyser or a fake one. It would be just moving to show that music is playing. I found myself more than ones with wondering if i had launch the music and did not realised the sound was muted.20:46
SturmFlutahayzen: No, different music files on both devices. I would have to synchronize both for a very fair comparison20:47
ahayzenSturmFlut, it doesn't really matter about how many music files are on the device, just if any were in the play queue20:47
ahayzentaiebot, yeah the only visual element we have is the seekbar moving *very* slowly across the bottom :-)20:48
mzanettirpadovani, I've fixed the issues20:48
SturmFlutahayzen: I think the queues should be empty20:48
ahayzenSturmFlut, if they are then yeah its a pretty good test :-)20:48
ahayzensounds about the right times tbh20:49
matv1I cannot even find a bugreport for that. surely I am not the only one seeing that on the bq?20:50
taiebotahayzen https://gitlab.com/nitroxis/pasa/20:51
ahayzentaiebot, hehe unfortunately we don't have access that low :-/ we just tell media-hub what to play20:52
matv1..assuming that that would be a Unity bug.20:52
taiebotmatv1: is it for search suggestion in scopes. if you report it i confirm it20:54
matv1yes thats right. It appears above the searchbox. which is outside of visible area20:55
matv1taiebot I am guessing report it against Unity right?20:56
taiebotmatv1: unity820:57
matv1taiebot yup will do.20:57
ArchNETI have a problem on mi phone20:59
ArchNETsudo passwd21:00
dobey!ask | ArchNET21:00
ubot5ArchNET: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:00
dobeyArchNET: the password is whatever you set it to. the pin/password for the lock screen21:00
ArchNETies but , I cant change the password21:01
ogra_you can ... via system-settings21:01
dobeyyes you can, in the system settings21:01
dobeyArchNET: if you are trying to use sudo to use apt though, i'd not recommend it. you should create a chroot on your phone and install any cli tools in there instead, and use them from within the chroot21:02
ArchNETit say authentification token manipulation error21:02
ogra_ArchNET, if you use system-settings to change it ?21:02
dobeyyou can't use the passwd command to change the root password. there is no root password21:03
ogra_and the password database is locked down21:03
dobeysee https://askubuntu.com/questions/620740/recommended-way-to-install-regularcli-deb-packages-on-ubuntu-phone/623311#623311 for making a chroot21:03
matv1taiebot https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/146622821:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1466228 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "search suggestion in scopes is shown outside visible shell on Krillin" [Undecided,New]21:08
taiebotmatv1 confirmed and i placed a screenshot too21:12
matv1taiebot ah cheers!21:12
matv1taiebot hang-on, now I see that its not actually the same thing. In Mako the hint covers the searchbox, I see in your screenshot21:15
matv1in Krillin the search hint just is not visible21:16
matv1I will add a screenshot as well to show the difference21:16
taiebotmatv1: yeah i think the bug should be called the position of the search box is not fixed. sometime the little arrow is above the search box.21:17
matv1taiebot agreed. I will update in a minute :)21:17
taiebotmatv1 i did find this search box at different place on my screen http://uppix.com/f-screenshot2015065581e434001931da.png21:18
matv1taiebot haha I never saw that one before. what channel/release is that on?21:20
taiebotmatv1 its quite easy to trigger when you have done more than 3 searches.21:20
taiebotmatv1 i am on willy (the bleeding edge)21:21
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matv1taiebot I see.21:22
=== _salem is now known as salem_
matv1oh yeah I can do that too on BQ stable, i just found out. I can actualy swipe the sugestions list to a different place on the screen so that it looks like your screenshot21:24
taiebotmatv1: so far it has been not very bleeding :) kudos to the developpers as UT is becoming more and more stable. back in the days you could end up with a non-working phones.21:25
matv1taiebot totaly agreed! all in all its looking pretty neat21:25
matv1I started out on the galaxy nexus back in october 2013 :D21:26
matv1i recently came across an ols screenshot21:26
matv1looks totaly different now21:26
matv1background of homescope was purple for starters21:27
taiebothas been my primary phone since oct 2013 was kind of edgy at that time.  ;-)21:27
matv1taiebot wow respect :D not even most canonical peeps went that deep in that early21:28
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matv1taiebot it actualy makes me happy to be reporting minor things like that search sugestions thingy :)21:29
taiebotLol well i do not receive that many call use my phone as a webbrowser mainly. Has soon as i got 3g working that was it. My girlfriend did not like it because i was missing sms and calls :-D21:29
matv1taiebot lol :) same here21:30
taiebotAnyway bed time.21:31
ArchNETUbuntu phone must be changed completly21:33
geniiFeel free to do so21:34
mcphailmatv1: can you post the screenshot? Would be interested to see how things have changed21:36
ArchNETthe operaring system must be changed , the graphic interface sucks.  unity dock aswell ,21:36
ArchNETI like Ubuntu21:37
matv1mcphail you mean the one frm back in 2013?21:37
mcphailyep - if you still have it21:37
ogra_ArchNET, you dont sound like you do21:37
matv1haha hang on a minute, I should do21:37
ArchNETbut Ubuntu phone phablet it's sucks sorry for the comment21:38
matv1found it :) wasnt even a screenshot propper. just a selfie, just after initial flash :)21:40
matv1you couldnt even do screenshots back then21:40
mcphaillooks like firefoxOS!21:41
matv1mcphail haha don't say that21:41
mcphailThat is a real moment in history. Thanks for sharing!21:42
matv1you also have to realise that they started out with a lot of placeholders. i.e. thumbs that didnt do anything21:42
mcphailthat is called "ambition"21:42
matv1mcphail no problem I am sure there are many others who have the same kind of shots :)21:43
matv1absolutely true! I am still amazed every day21:43
mcphailI love this kind of stuff. Wish I had been along for the ride21:43
matv1the ride is still pretty early days :)21:44
mcphailfun, isn't it?21:44
matv1yup. my next biggie would be standing next to someone on the street using one of these21:45
matv1that would just blow me away21:45
mcphailIt is a shame the bq looks so much like an Iphone. No-one notices when you use it21:46
mcphailI'm hoping for a bright and shiny device in Ubuntu-orange or purple. That would get heads turning21:47
matv1mcphail, they will notice for sure when you run a full desktop off your phone at the end of this year21:48
matv1mphail that would actualy be a great idea21:48
matv1those colors21:48
* mcphail shouldn't be relied upon for fashion advice21:49
matv1mcphail :)21:50
nik90balloons: ping23:07
nik90balloons: When you see this msg can you re-run jenkins on https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/migrate-to-15.04-framework/+merge/26033623:08
nik90balloons: looking at the fail log, it seems it failed for 2 reason, the first being no internet connection and the second being a random segmentation fault of clock app.23:09
nik90balloons: Are the jenkins vivid machines connected to the web? I know we talked about mocking online search but never got to it in utopic. But seemingly it is failing now on vivid due to that reason.23:09
mariogripahoneybun: Hey, I saw that you registered on the forum, but you're not activated. did you get the activate email? I'm asking because some people didn't got the activate email, but i thought i fixed that issue.23:19

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