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daftykinshrmm video on the xbox about the backwards compatibility, they've basically written an emulator that has a slimmed down version of the 360 dashboard...01:51
daftykinsso then you download every title as a package01:52
zmoylan-pidoes it emulate the red rings of death? :-)01:56
daftykinssuch pessimism01:58
zmoylan-piwill there be an addon pack to scratch discs? :-)02:49
daftykinsnever had that02:56
diddledanso it seems osx 10.11 (el capitan, beta) can't erase optical discs via the UI03:15
diddledanand therefore telling it to "burn image" from the right-click menu on a .iso file just tells you that you need to erase the media first (when you're reusing a previously burnt disc)03:16
diddledanand.. it must be summer.. there's brightness in the sky already and it's still only 4:2003:17
zmoylan-pithe birds will start tweeting soon enough, how they pay for internet access is another story...03:18
diddledanthey use wireless03:18
zmoylan-pithen why are they always perched on phone wires?03:20
diddledanso. bq e5 is launched on the 22nd without a queue. the meizu is undated yet, and will have a weird origami thing to solve to get access to the queue, but is a beast of a phone. do I wait for the meizu or order the bq?03:23
diddledanwe need popey to do some secret espionage things to give us advice on such matterws03:24
zmoylan-pihe can typo once for yes and twice for no... :-)03:26
* diddledan tpyos there temis03:27
* diddledan tpyos there temis again03:33
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mappsplaying paddle tomorrow04:39
mappsim rather rubbish heh04:39
diddledanmornin all05:57
knightwisehey diddledan06:28
MooDoohello all07:04
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ne2kis it possible to see the contents of a print job that's on the queue, i.e. an image showing what will be printed? I've googled for "show contents of print job on queue cups OR ubuntu" and similar things but the results are all just about viewing the list of jobs, not the contents08:09
TwistedLucidityne2k: I may well be wrong, but I am going to go with "No". To show an image, something would have to render it and I doubt the queue manager would be able to do that from the data it has08:11
TwistedLucidityBe a really neat feature to have though08:11
ne2kTwistedLucidity, so, by the time it hits the print spool directory, it's been converted into a format specific to that printer, and the generic data before that has been discarded? so to view it, you'd need to have an emulator for /that/ printer.08:12
TwistedLucidityne2k: Was a total guess on my part. *Something* has to know what it's going to look like (the printer needs to print it!) it's more a case of whether or not that "something" can be asked to show page 1.08:13
TwistedLucidityI guess it's possible in theory, but the fact it isn't done makes me thing the API etc simply doens't exist.08:14
TwistedLucidityBut I'd wait for an expert. I'm probably talking out my hat.08:15
diddledanthere might be a .ps file somewhere in /var while it's in the queue08:15
ne2kTwistedLucidity, seems there's a PDF file in /var/spool/cups/d*<jobno>*08:15
diddledanprobably something in /var/spool/cups08:15
diddledan^ that08:16
ne2kdiddledan, try... every job ever printed is still there08:16
diddledanhmm, that could become a diskspace sinkhole then :-p08:17
* TwistedLucidity goes to check08:17
diddledanhow many?08:17
ne2k(I'm not a heavy printer user, as you can possibly tell)08:18
TwistedLucidityI've got the dirs, but they all appear to be emtpy...08:18
ne2kI just have lots of d* and c* files08:19
TwistedLucidityAnyway, there's the PDF/ps in there - guess it's a case of getting it on the screen. Could the print manager hook the "preview" feature than many file managers have? Or could the driver/whatever genrate a raster for the queue manager?08:19
ne2kTwistedLucidity, that would be handy08:20
TwistedLucidityI actually deal with similar problems in my day job, just not with printers.08:21
TwistedLucidityYeah, I seem to have some PDFs, some ps files and some...goodness knows whats08:22
davmor2Morning all08:22
TwistedLucidityne2k: Seems I only get previews for image files, not PDFs/ODTs etc. Guess there would a big performance hit in constantly calling the relevant apps unless they generated a raster at save time and that was (somehow) linked in a known way to the native.08:24
TwistedLucidityOut of curiosity, does anything clean-up /var/spool/cups ? I would have assumed the files got deleted once the job had been run.08:43
foobarryare they successful print jobs08:43
foobarryi expect anything sitting in spool has not printed (yet)08:43
awilkinsNope, my /var/spool/cups is full of files08:46
awilkinsNot printed anything in months08:46
foobarryhow old are the files08:48
foobarryoh yeah, i have tiny files08:48
foobarrygoing back to install date08:49
foobarry"2) PreserveJobHistory No is not in my 8.04 cups.conf; it had to be added.08:49
foobarryi think thats the answer TwistedLucidity08:50
foobarryvi /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.default08:50
foobarryhow id that autocomplete from irssi :S08:50
TwistedLucidityI'll check the GUI in a moment...just out of curiosity08:51
awilkinsThere's an option08:51
awilkins"Advanced server settings"08:51
awilkinsDefault is "preserve job history but not files"08:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Eat Your Vegetables Day!08:59
davmor2JamesTait: what is it with you and vegetables recently09:01
JamesTaitMust be something in the water, davmor2.09:04
* davmor2 bans JamesTait from drinking the water so we can either have meatier days or geekier days09:05
JamesTaitApple Strudel Day?09:05
davmor2JamesTait: that'll do09:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:07
davmor2brobostigon: I logged off when you asked your question last night, the chat stuff I don't think is on the tickets at all yet, too many things to get right with what we have :)09:08
diddledanhmm, methinks my old lga775 mobo's sata is dying09:10
JamesTaitbrobostigon, o/09:10
diddledangetting "ATA bus error"09:10
brobostigondavmor2: very true, yes, however it is something, one of us can work out how to do, and then pass it onto them, less work for them as well.09:11
brobostigonmorning JamesTait09:11
davmor2brobostigon: indeed there is nothing that I know to to stop a person contributing to the project at all09:12
brobostigondavmor2: thats my thinking as well, :)09:12
diddledanok, moving the drive to a different port seems to have sorted it09:21
Myrttiwell it is a good vegetable season10:35
MyrttiI've already had first veggies from our Hozelock boxes10:36
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:36
foobarrywhats a hozelock box myrrti?10:36
Myrttithey've got a growbag version too10:37
Myrttiit's a bit dear but spares from good amount of stress10:37
Myrttithe knitting machine is turning out great fun.10:41
MyrttiI've ordered the Arduino parts for it now10:41
bashrcknitting machine?10:48
Myrttiyeah. Brother Electroknit KH-910, originally using Mylar sheets and an optical reader to electronically control the needles for doing different knitting patterns10:51
Myrttitake the original control board off and it can be modified to be controlled on any computer by the help of an Arduino Uno and a specific shield made for it10:52
Myrttiworks a treat in Ubuntu :->10:55
davmor2Myrtti: did you ever get your sound issue fixed by the way?10:55
MyrttiI complained hard enough to DellCares on Twitter, I think the "I've tried it now with LiveUSB of Ubuntu and problem persists, also, if this were Developer Version of XPS13 9333, how would you treat me then" did the trick and they've apparently scheduled something to happen, I assume a phone call10:57
davmor2Myrtti: :(11:00
intrbizI always hate stupid tech support and having to pull the line, that I know what I'm talking about, so stop with the bs11:04
directhexmost people who pull that line... don't11:05
Myrttiwell I just didn't want to reinstall Windows just to run a diagnostics test...11:06
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Myrttikek http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/jun/17/kitchen-gadgets-review-ikettle-boil-phone12:00
popeyczajkowski: is that the kettle you have!?12:02
popeyit looks familiar12:02
popeyhis reviews are very funny!12:04
popey"There was also a slight smell the first time I used it, which kind of reminded me I was boiling a lump of plastic with my breakfast"12:04
bigcalmEugh, I had one of those egg timers. Didn't work well and stank12:14
popeyyeah, someone gave me one of those, never used it12:14
popeyi just use the timer on the oven12:14
popeywe use that for timing _everything_12:14
awilkinsThe basic clock app in Android is really good if you have multiple things12:22
awilkinsBecause you can add multiple labelled countdown timers12:22
awilkinsAn android wall surface in the kitchen would be great if you could set them via voice commands12:23
awilkinsYou can set timers by voice but I can't get it to set the labels12:24
popeyor that amazon thing12:26
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zmoylan-pi<unrecognised command arrrrrrghhhh my hand> :-)12:50
czajkowskipopey: nope sage14:34
daftykinshrmm never used apt in place of apt-get before, nice progress bar14:46
popeyyeah, i have to keep reminding myself to use apt15:02
daftykinsdoesn't seem to have auto-remove so it doesn't appear to do it all?15:02
daftykinslol "apt remove package+ " will install instead of remove, why would you even...15:03
zmoylan-pito flush out the ocd folk who say it's perfectly logical? :-)15:03
daftykinsmy set of pics and a video of a clean setup on that Lenovo X1 Carbon i have here15:05
daftykinsi'm gonna try an ubuntu live session out on it today i think15:06
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daftykinshttp://i.imgur.com/JJcq37s.jpg - ubuntu unity on this 2560x1440 Lenovo X1 Carbon, 1.25x scaling16:24
daftykinshttp://i.imgur.com/0X3yocv.jpg - 1.00x scaling16:26
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Myrttiawwwww http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/jun/17/stephen-elop-leaves-microsoft-nokia-smartphones16:45
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daftykinshttp://i.imgur.com/Ew2Sj46.jpg - CentOS 7 to keep my mate happy ;)16:49
daftykinsno scaling, 3.10 kernel, wifi doesn't work out of the box - poor :>16:49
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davmor2daftykins: but servers don't user wifi ;)17:30
daftykinsheh, my physics PhD mate uses it for all his sciencey software17:32
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jpdsdaftykins: https://d1rktuf34l9h2g.cloudfront.net/7/75/75c1b58a_3trz9o.jpeg18:38
daftykinsjpds: fail to see the relevance but ok18:52
jpdsdaftykins: Last line of your last screenshot.18:53
foobarryanyone bought from tinydeal? seems cheaper for chinese tat than ebay/amazon19:16
foobarryfor same product19:16
davmor2foobarry: try it and let us know19:20
MartijnVdSis it like dealextreme?19:25
foobarrydavmor2: i just did19:35
foobarrylooks like an ebay seller has just set up a massive store outside of ebay19:54
daftykinsfoobarry: probably cheaper as a customer would have less recourse when things go wrong, as opposed to with ebay20:21
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diddledanwho's next for the elopalypse, then, now that microsoft has given him the boot20:49
awilkins_Hah, all as planned20:58
awilkins_Elop delivers Nokia into MS hands21:00
awilkins_Paid off. Gets to retire comfy.21:00
zmoylan-pithey've just released the trojan horse again21:06
awilkins_No-one would hire him again21:08
awilkins_Not unless they like the climate in Redmond21:08
zmoylan-pinever underestimate the stupidity of management21:08
diddledanhe doesn't just do it for redmond tho - he did exactly the samemaneuver with adobe and macromedia IIRC21:09
diddledanbrb, reboobing21:17
zmoylan-pibrb, rebooting.  the 'i may be gone for some time' of our era...21:22
diddledanwell we have cars able to drive to the north pole these days21:25
zmoylan-pionly if they float, and he went walkabout at the southpole21:25
diddledansouthpole, minor detail. and you've not watched topgear21:26
zmoylan-pii've seen it.21:26
shauno(that was magnetic north)21:30
shaunoeg canada21:31
diddledan_windows doesn't like me21:32
m0nkey_i dont like you!21:32
m0nkey_nah, just kidding21:32
m0nkey_diddledan_, WHY U NO USE ZNC?21:37
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