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mzanettiltinkl, hey, checklist! https://code.launchpad.net/~josharenson/unity8/integrated_lightdm_refactor/+merge/26058811:01
ltinklmzanetti, to my defense, this was long ago ;) even before I started11:02
mzanetticimi, hey, can you fix this one? http://i.imgur.com/OPVOm5P.jpg11:29
cimimzanetti, try changing to us i18n11:30
cimimzanetti, shorter words :D11:30
mzanetticimi, this is nothing yet :D. look at this: http://i.imgur.com/Be9AHyV.jpg11:32
mzanettialthough I would say the translation isn't really good11:33
mzanettianyhow, the proper one wouldn't be much shorter11:33
davmor2mzanetti: just use shorter words11:33
mzanettianother solution would be to not use Google, right?11:33
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ltinklmzanetti, cimi : wrap the text in 2 lines?11:45
mzanettiyeah, or elide it at least11:45
ltinkland yes, I've seen that too11:45
ltinklin the Czech translation11:45
ltinklalthough not as bad :)11:46
greybackmight not be a bad idea to clip the scope while switching between scopes11:46
cimigreyback, and performance?11:47
cimigreyback, scope switching is already slow11:47
cimigreyback, anyway, will be fixed with scopes as apps11:48
greybackcimi: clipping a single big rect will have tiny impact. Clipping is bad if you do it in list/gridview delegates, where lots of delegates are on screen (breaks batching)11:49
greybackbut yeah11:49
mzanetticimi, well no.. .the label still shouldn't reach out of the shape11:50
greybackwtf, why is there Scottish Gaelic as a language option, but no Irish Gaelic!11:50
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greybackhmm there must be one guy doing the scottish gaelic translation. it's pretty good, just a few errors11:53
dandraderdednick, are you using the MockMirSurfaceItem?12:17
dednickdandrader: in my work yes12:17
dandraderdednick, I didn't detect this error as I'm only using the FakeMirSurfaceItem12:17
dandraderdednick, I found it much easier to use a fake than a google mock12:17
dandraderdednick, but, I'll fix it then12:17
dandraders/but/but ok12:18
dednickdandrader: i need to verify that a call is made on the surface12:18
dandraderdednick, sure12:18
dednickmzanetti, greyback: i'm getting a very strange crash in the QSGRenderThread, but can't get a stack. any idea how to get a decent stack from that?12:20
dednickif i use a mousearea, it crashes, if i use a ubuntu button it doesnt. :/12:21
mzanettidednick, not sure why you don't get a stack trace, however, one difference that comes to my mind is that the ubuntu button takes activeFocus, while the mouseArea doesn't12:22
dednickand only on device, not desktop.12:22
dandraderdednick, dumb question: do you have the debug symbols installed?12:22
dednicksome of them. qt5quick5-dbgsym is12:22
dednickand core & gui12:23
dandraderdednick, you also need glib12:23
* dandrader looks for his notes12:23
dednickdandrader: have that as well12:24
dandraderdednick, you need these: libc6-dbg libdbus-glib-1-2-dbg libglib2.0-0-dbg qtbase5-dbg qtdeclarative5-dbg libubuntu-app-launch2-dbgsym12:24
dandraderdednick, I made this list a while ago. might not be up to date anymore12:24
dednickhm. maybe because i'm using dbgsym12:24
dandraderI only used dednick dbgsym for packages that don't have a -dbg...12:25
dednickwill give it a try12:27
dandraderdednick, the tons of deprecation warnings we are getting comes from the indicators. it seems that unity8 loads the indicators from somewhere else. where's this code?12:31
greybackdednick: qtdeclarative5-dbg the main one you'd need for a renderer crash, libglib2.0-0-dbg good too for tracing down into the event loop12:35
greybackdednick: usual reason for a renderer crash would be if a surface buffer has been deleted before it was removed from the scenegraph on the render thread12:37
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dandradergreyback, can we get https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtubuntu/improve-resize/+merge/258912 in?12:49
greybackdandrader: superceded?12:49
dandradergreyback, I mean https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtubuntu/improve-resize/+merge/26095012:49
greybackdandrader: yeah ok, I'll give it a quick check12:50
greybackwant to land a few things12:50
dednickdandrader: a lot of the indicator items are in ubuntu-settings-components12:50
greybackdandrader: src/ubuntumirclient/input.cpp has nativeEventTypeToStr commented out. Should it just be removed?12:51
dandradergreyback, it's useful when you want to debug things12:51
greybackdandrader: :how about #ifndef QT_NO_DEBUG ?12:52
dandradergreyback, not enough. it will complain about unused function12:52
dandradergreyback, but I don't care much. can remove if you want to12:53
greybackdandrader: it's used by the DLOG, which is also commented out. Can fix it with the QT_NO_DEBUG ifndef12:53
greybackit looks useful, let's not lose it12:54
dandradergreyback, I would also have to uncoment the DLOG, which will make debugging very verbose by default12:54
greybackdandrader: DLOG only prints if built with debug mode12:54
greyback#if !defined(QT_NO_DEBUG)12:55
greyback#define DLOG(...) LOG(__VA_ARGS__)12:55
greyback#define DLOG(...) qt_noop()12:55
dandradergreyback, yes, but it will still make debug logs very verbose by default12:55
dandradergreyback, debug logs in debug builds12:55
greybackdandrader: debug mode is not the default12:55
greybackthat's a dev's problem :)12:56
greybackif you need to go in to uncomment a useful chunk of code, you can also go in to comment out a DLOG line that's useless12:56
dandradergreyback, didn't quite get you. the thing is: I usually don't want those "UbuntuInput::customEvent(type=%s)" messages printed on every single event when I'm debugging qtubuntu12:58
dandradergreyback, and that's why it's commented out. it's too verbose12:59
greybackdandrader: ok, it'll do, leave it12:59
dandradergreyback, to make things prettier I could surround nativeEventTypeToStr and that DLOG with a "#if VERBOSE_DEBUG" or something...13:02
greybackdandrader: only if you want to. It's not worth arguing about :)13:03
greybackdednick: are you using this: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtubuntu/window-close-support/+merge/249579 ? If itt's ok, please approve it and I'll try landing now13:03
dednickgreyback: ya. ok13:04
dednickgreyback: done13:04
dandradergreyback, hmmm there's already a "#define LOG_EVENTS 0" there, which I can use13:05
greybackdandrader: again, only if you want to. It's too minute a detail to really care about13:06
dandraderdoing it alread13:07
dednickweird. not crashing now :/13:09
dednickoh. that's because the problem is in media-hub/qtubuntu-media which were downgraded on reflash13:11
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greybackdednick: you don't get any stacktrace? or the stacktrace is useless - no valid frames?14:43
dednickgreyback: just a bunch of ?14:44
dednick2 to be exact14:44
greybackdednick: ok, gdb unable to figure out the trace14:44
greybackthat might imply it crashes in the android/hybris side14:44
greybackwhich gdb can't figure out, as different ABI14:44
greybackdednick: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Core/UbuntuDebugAndroid if you fancy a go14:50
dednickgreyback: cool. thanks14:50
dandradermzanetti, do you know about these errors? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity8-wily-i386-ci/94/console14:52
dandradermzanetti, "tests/plugins/Utils/modeltest.hLGPL (v2.1)*No copyright*" etc14:52
mzanettidandrader, yes, on it right now14:52
dandradermzanetti, is it a bug in the script?14:52
mzanettidandrader, the licensecheck tool was updated and fails when a / is in the copyright line14:52
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dandradergreyback, kgunn, I think I can't work on the shell cursor yet. mir doesn't have a mouse input event type. I has only pointer.16:58
greybackdandrader: you'd best liaise with racarr/anpok to describe your requirements and get them on that job17:02
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fisch246is fullscreen boderless window support coming to unity8? windows in windowed mode that takes up the entire screen and overlap the top panel.19:32
fisch246it's a feature used by video games19:33
fisch246honestly the only thing stopping me from playing games on ubuntu19:34
bschaefera normal fullscreen app will remove this IIRC (when i was testing some SDL stuff on unity8)19:36
bschaeferjust like how the camera app works19:36
bschaeferie. no border19:36
fisch246yea but a fullscreen app requires me to alt tab in order to get access to my second screen19:36
fisch246so if i'm waiting for friends to join me in a game, i'd have to alt tab just to accept their skype call19:37
bschaeferthen im not sure :), i've not seen if theres a borderless option atm19:37
bschaeferalso IIRC, fullscreen in mir will not change the res of the screen it self19:38
bschaefersoo that means in a sense they are already fullscreen borderless, the window just have to be the right size19:39
bschaeferas far as mouse grabbing there wont be any of that, and its still in the works on how relative mouse support will work19:39
bschaefersoo you'll just need to move your mouse over to skype and all will work19:40
fisch246oh that sounds nice19:40
bschaeferstill some things that need to work out for games :)19:40
fisch246i hope wine will work the same way. if you fullscreen wine it can freak out the display19:41
fisch246no idea if it does it for the beta19:41
bschaeferi dont think wine works on unity8 atm sooo i've clue how that'll even work19:41
fisch246ha true19:41
fisch246oh one last question, not sure if this is the place for it. as for snappy desktop, i assume it will eventually merge back into the current branch when it's ready right?19:42
bschaeferhmm #snappy might have a better answer19:43
* bschaefer isn't really sure :)19:43
fisch246ah okay thanks19:43
fisch246i assume it's #ubuntu-snappy19:43
bschaefernp! Hopefully they have an answer there, im just on #snappy, idk if #ubuntu-snappy exists19:43

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