greg-gwhat's the name of that "irc replacement" service that all the startups use?00:42
jrwrenit makes me angry just thinking about it00:50
cmaloneyWhat's wrong with slack?00:54
cmaloneyWe looked at Hipchat for a bit. That looked interesting00:54
cmaloneybut it was more of an IM replacement00:54
rick_h_dammit, everyone says to be careful rivets are all in and sure enough I screw up my first one by not having it pushed all the way in01:52
* rick_h_ puts on dunce cap01:52
_stink_we use hipchat at work01:54
_stink_it's fine.  but i seriously don't get why any of them are better than any others01:54
_stink_or better than irc for that matter01:54
cmaloneyHipchat has 1 on 1 video chat02:11
cmaloneyAnd hipchat has a decent web interface02:11
cmaloneyand mobile. :)02:12
_stink_hey i can ssh from my phone02:26
_stink_that's mobile02:26
cmaloneyAlan Almond passed away.02:46
jrwrenoh THAT guy03:11
cmaloneyGood morning14:36
cmaloneyI forgot I installed this until this morning when I realized my apt-get update was failing14:37
jrwrencmaloney: what was it?14:39
cmaloneyIt was a note-taking application14:44
cmaloneyI've since moved on to Tagspaces.14:44
jrwrenscreenshot looks pretty14:46
jrwrenand I see: Springseed 2.0 is written in CoffeeScript, and uses Spine.JS and the Atom Shell framework.14:46
* greg-g breathes14:52
jrwrengood morning greg-g14:54
jrwrengreg-g: how is your search system?14:54
jrwrengreg-g: do you hate eleasticsearch yet?14:54
greg-gnah, that's fine14:54
greg-gother insanity14:55
greg-gthis week just doesn't stop :)14:55
jrwrengreg-g: will you publish your post hoc analysis14:55
greg-gjrwren: https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Incident_documentation/20150615-Elasticsearch15:03
greg-gthere are only a couple tasks that are private: one with the specific queries that brought it down and... that might be it15:04
jrwrengreg-g: you are the best115:16
jrwrenhey, I want the specific queries! I want to try it against my ES15:16
greg-gnot yet, not until we at least protect ourselves from them ;)15:17
greg-gjrwren: if you really want to test things against your ES that might do similar things: try to find known queries that used to bring down all of google search back in the day17:32
greg-gthat's all I should say :)17:32
cmaloney+new +kids +on +the +block +tickets17:42
jrwrendid someone say NKOTB17:47
greg-gI had to search that acronym to get it17:51
* greg-g is both sad and happy about that17:51

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