Private_UserLOL I just visited the system76 site and customized the top of the range server, desktop and laptop with all the bells and whistles and it came to R908 938.16...00:06
Private_Userhow much you guys think I can build the same stuff buying hardware locally which is all compatible with ubuntu?00:07
Private_Userrough estimate I intend to use each of the above to it maximum i.e. it will serve multiple purposes all at the same time00:07
Private_Userjust looking at how much I will need to budget for00:08
Private_Useror save up before I can do it or maybe do 1 at a time00:09
squish102anyone have an idea how i can keep a backup of messages from a facebook group00:16
MaNI908k lol what did you put in it?05:51
barrydkGoodmorning everyone05:52
Kilosmorning barrydk  and others06:27
barrydkhi Kilos wat gebeur jys nogal vroeg vanmore06:29
barrydknie koud genoeg nie?06:29
Kilosbesluit om maar koud te kry06:29
Kilosbaie klere aan maar kry eina koud06:30
barrydktoemaar die somer kom06:30
barrydkJy moet mar 'n groot vuur bou, netnie die veld aan die brand steek nie, ons het hoeka gister vuur gaan veg hier naby ons06:34
barrydkOns nasionale wintersport06:35
Kiloshi mazal  06:42
* mazal mumbels a lot of crude words06:45
magespawngood morning06:45
Kiloshi magespawn  06:45
mazalKyk ek dink die ersgte hitte is nou verby06:46
mazalHi magespawn06:47
Kiloshi superfly  06:52
magespawnhey superfly mazal 06:54
magespawntodays project is find a small debian based distro to run on a old laptop06:54
Kiloshow small06:55
superflymagespawn: just use Debian. It's not Ubuntu.06:56
superflymagespawn: Download the minimal Debian, and then install LXqt or XFCE06:57
magespawni have had a look at puppy and slitaz so far, not debian based but what the hell06:58
magespawnsuperfly: does debian come without a default desktop?06:58
Kilosmagespawn  what specs for the lappy07:07
magespawnKilos: do not have it with me the moment, will have to get that tomorrow07:08
magespawn512 ram i think, used to have xp on it, but it is now running the latest ubuntu server07:09
Kilosimo under 2.8g dual with less than 2g ram is too much for ubuntu07:09
Kilostoo weak07:10
magespawnthis is the server, no unity, or any desktop actually07:11
Kilosoh you want to run server?07:11
magespawnnot particularly, this is just a machine i try things out on07:12
Kiloseish , min ram man07:13
inetprogood mornings 07:14
magespawnhave got puppy, slitaz and debian minimal, so i will give them all a try, and see whats what07:14
magespawnhi inetpro 07:14
Kiloshi inetpro  07:14
superflymagespawn: the desktop install comes with Gnome 307:19
magespawnokay thanks superfly 07:29
Kilosmagespawn  https://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/780781-6-excellent-lightweight-linux-distros-for-x86-and-arm07:31
magespawnthanks Kilos 07:48
Kiloshope you find something lad08:04
Kiloshi nlsthzn  08:04
* nlsthzn needs to reboot >.< bbl08:05
magespawnthanks Kilos, this is more for experimenting than anything else, so it is not serious08:09
nlsthznand I am back :)08:10
Kiloswb nlsthzn  08:12
nlsthznhow are you uncle Kilos ?08:12
Kiloscold ty and you?08:12
nlsthznhot I guess 08:13
Kiloswe max 15° today08:13
nlsthznour "summer" starts from the 21st apparently... temps of above 50degC and in some places in the open caught in the sun it will go above 70degC... if I hadn't read it on a news site from here I wouldn't have thought it possible08:15
inetprojust had a lekker dip in power here in Hatfield08:17
Kilosuh oh08:18
* inetpro wonders what failed08:18
Kilosthe wind is blowing08:18
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MopkopGood morning friends!08:41
Kiloshi Mopkop  how are you lad08:41
MopkopI have a lot to be thankful for, thank you! And you?08:42
Kilosgood ty, just cold08:42
MopkopIndeed. Sorry for disappearing again. What did I miss?08:43
Kilosload shedding chats08:44
Kiloscomplaints, jokes etc08:44
MaNIand an unanswered question about a R900k laptop08:46
Kiloswhat was that about MaNI  ?08:46
Kilosi missed that08:46
KilosR900k seems kinda heavy08:47
MaNI[02:06] <Private_User> LOL I just visited the system76 site and customized the top of the range server, desktop and laptop with all the bells and whistles and it came to R908 938.16...08:49
MaNI[02:06] <Private_User> lol08:49
MaNI[02:07] <Private_User> how much you guys think I can build the same stuff buying hardware locally which is all compatible with ubuntu?08:49
MaNI[02:07] <Private_User> rough estimate I intend to use each of the above to it maximum i.e. it will serve multiple purposes all at the same time08:49
MaNII don't know what to say :P08:49
MopkopThe same stuff? Hmm, I'm guessing it is the server that cost so much? I doubt that he can make a top of the range server for very cheap.08:55
MaNIdefine top of the range, there is always something better :p08:56
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grembleGood morning10:49
Kiloshi gremble  10:49
grembleI am done with my exams LD10:50
Kiloshow did it go?10:50
gremblePhoned the highschool and told them I will help with Winter School for the matrics10:50
grembleit went well, I would say10:50
Kilosgood 10:50
Kiloswhat is winter school10:51
grembleSome schools struggle to get through the matric curriculum, mostly state schools. So there is a winter school that is two weeks in the June/July holiday where the learners can come and either get help with work, or more attention can be given to the neccesary parts in the curriculum10:52
grembleSome schools have it as optional extras but for the others they need it to get through all the work for the students10:52
grembleI offered to help out Hoerskool Tuine as it is close by10:53
Kilosdo you speak afrikaans?10:53
grembleYup. 10:54
grembleMy english is better though. Even though I've been put through an Afrikaans education :P10:54
Kilosenjoy teaching the young10:55
grembleI doubt it. I'm not a fan. However, I can imagine that they need someone who isn't tired of their shit and enjoys the subject every once in a while10:56
magespawngremble: what would you teach?11:24
magespawna lot of people need help with that subject11:24
gremble(Or NatSci, but I don't like chemistry that much, so I'm hoping it is mathematics)11:25
grembleYup. That is why I am volunteering11:25
magespawnyou could probably do physics too then11:25
grembleI missed out with doing community work last year at a school. So I am trying again this year11:25
grembleAlbeit a bit late11:25
magespawnbetter late then never11:26
grembleSadly that seems to be my motto11:26
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mazalHow can I dig a rope out , just the rope without the box ?11:55
mazalI have an old one hanging about and can't dig it with any tool I try11:56
mazalAg , wrong window sorry guys11:56
grembleGood. I was starting to think I was in the wrong place11:59
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mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening , God bless12:41
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magespawnlater all13:22
Kilostoods  magespawn  13:22
MaNIsigh, there always has to be one problem neighbor :/13:42
mazalHallo and goodbye14:34
mazalI'm off to a VERY warm bath :P14:35
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z3r009sup 16:01
Kiloshi z3r009  16:02
z3r009what's happening?16:03
Kilosno9t much i think16:04
z3r009a lot of waiting goes on here. What's in the agenda link? i dont have the data to click links right now16:07
Kilosagenda for the next meeting?16:08
z3r009Oh, it's a meeting16:09
Kilosit sucks when you got data shortages hey16:09
Kilosya thats for the 23rd16:09
Kilosour monthly meeting16:09
Kilosanyone can add what they think might be interesting16:09
z3r009what usually happens at these?16:10
Kiloswe discuss things of interest to ubuntu-za and so on16:10
Kilosyou should try attend16:13
z3r009brb just gotta restart hexchat16:13
Kiloswb z3r009  16:17
inetproai tog! 16:22
inetproloadshedding is on again... fortunately not by me this evening 16:23
Cryteriongot notified 1hr behind, and in it now16:24
Cryterionfor 2hrs16:24
Kilosgot notified how16:24
Cryteriongridwatch, phone beeped16:24
Kilosif mine goes off at 8 im going to bed16:25
Kiloscan that gridwatch id your area from your fone? 16:25
CryterionYou set it16:26
Cryterionor select from list16:26
Kiloshahaha i dunno what area they see me as16:26
Kilosthose lists dont pinpoint my area16:26
inetprostill no response from the city council? 16:26
Kilosoh the mail i sent16:27
Kilosno nothing16:27
Cryterionlol, My dad's place somehow lands in a section off an industrial area, so hardly gets load scheduled atm16:27
Kilosnor from the tweet methinks16:27
Kiloshe lucky16:27
Kilosuh oh sticky broke something16:50
Kilosstickyboy  stop breaking things16:54
* Cryterion will probably ping timeout just now when his laptop battery dies16:57
Cryterion22 mins left lol, and still an hour of load scheduling16:58
Kilosdim your screen16:58
Kilosand close everything except irc16:58
z3r009i say go crazy, do everything at once, turn that 22min of powersaving into 4min of untamed power usage17:01
z3r009live in the moment17:01
z3r009youre gonna run out of power, that's inevitable just do it on you terms man xD17:02
inetproCryterion: switch to your mobile for IRC17:03
Cryterionlol, screen stays dim anyway, normally even at min is normally too bright for me, just haven't figured out how to change all white backgrounds to a grey17:04
Cryterioninetpro, will just now17:04
CryterionWhat does everyone else use for irc on android, currently using andchat which seems fine to me17:06
z3r009me 2, it's the only one i've tried17:07
z3r009chose it coz it was first on the list.17:08
CryterionOthers I've tried just don't work nicely, they work, but andchat seems the easiest17:08
Cryterionanyone know a way to get your pvt key onto SSHclient for android?17:10
z3r009i don't. which sshclient do you use?17:11
Cryterioncalled SSH Client in shop by Anstudios Ltd17:12
CryterionImage has a screen with prompt17:13
z3r009you gonna ssh to your laptop?17:16
CryterionNo, can only ssh into the various servers from laptop, can't on phone17:18
CryterionNot important now, will email them17:18
inetproI guess we all need to learn, adapt and even start to prepare food before 17:00 in the evening 17:43
Kiloswe tried that and had cuts anytime from middday17:44
Kilosnow sis starts cooking at 7am17:44
CryterionGenerator and gas stove help big time17:44
inetproKilos: peak load is at 18:00 in the evening now 17:45
inetprosee http://www.poweralert.co.za/poweralert5/index.php?location=online17:45
* Cryterion is still surprised at how long the last 5% of anything on a pc can take17:46
Kilosso what does the red arrow at 17.30 mean17:49
Kiloslast night?17:50
inetproKilos: you mean 19:30?17:51
Kilosoh ya sorry17:51
inetproKilos: what's the time now?17:52
inetproah... better, thank you17:52
Kilos52 sorry17:52
inetpronow look towards the right17:53
inetpro"PLEASE NOTE: The trend display indicates Power Alert states in half hour intervals only."17:53
Kilossaw that17:53
inetprowhich means?17:53
inetpro19:30 is the current half hour interval17:53
Kilosmeans that no more shedding after 20.0017:54
inetproit's black all the way up to before 2217:54
Kiloswell graph stops at 2017:54
inetproKilos: that is tomorrow17:55
Kilosblack means what17:55
Cryterion--no power to light it up17:56
inetproKilos: click on "How does it work?"17:56
Kiloswell ive made my hot water bottle17:58
Kilosso if im gone in 2 mins goodnight17:58
inetproyou used someone else's power?17:58
Kilosno man no cut here today17:59
inetprothe more you use the less there is for someone else17:59
Kilosi didnt make a mug of tea17:59
Kilosmade a hot water bottle instead18:00
Kiloswhich do you prefer me to do18:00
Cryterion--it's not that cold tonight18:00
Kilosyou in ct?18:01
Cryterion--power is back18:01
Cryterion--nah dbn18:01
Kilosoi durbanites cant talk about cold18:01
Cryterion--true we just don't get much of it18:02
Kilosyou have never seen outside water taps freeze solid till 10am of even later18:02
Cryterion--hmmm. midlands kzn as a kid. i do know it18:02
Kilosmidlands where?18:03
Cryterion-boston and underberg18:09
Kilosoh ya cold in underburg18:09
Cryterion-bbiab. eating dinner18:09
inetproKilos: it's not so cold this evening18:10
Kilossjoe, i think its colder than last night18:10
inetprowe've had much colder days in previous years18:11
Kilosyes dont worry the worst is still coming18:11
inetproI guess the cold is still coming, but certainly not cold just yet18:11
Kilossome peach trees still have leaves here18:12
Kilosand the mulberries18:12
Kilosnormally they all dropped by now18:12
Kiloswhy didnt you help me explain what our meetings are about????18:13
inetproKilos: uh, serious!?18:15
Kilos17/06/2015 18:10] <z3r009> what usually happens at these?18:16
inetproKilos: that is my family time... I can chat now18:17
Kiloshe ran out of data again18:18
inetprosorry, can't help with that18:18
inetprowb Cryterion18:30
Kilosohi superfly  ThatGraemeGuy  18:33
inetproVacant Developer Membership Board seat: Call for nominations http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2015/06/17/vacant-developer-membership-board-seat-call-for-nominations-4/18:34
inetprosuperfly: if you were not so busy I would nominate you for that ^^18:35
Kiloshi spinza  18:41
spinzahey Kilos 18:47
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:05
Kilossee ya morrow19:05
Kiloskeep warm19:05
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CryterionNight Everyone19:35
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