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olabazhey I ran an upgrade of programs and I got "a new version of configuration file /etc/default/grub is available, but the version installed currently has been locally modified. What do you want to do about modified configuration file grub?" what should i choose here?00:01
Jordan_Uolabaz: Please pastebin your current /etc/default/grub.00:02
olabazJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/mfxG591h00:03
hplc&join #security00:05
histoolabaz: keep the current one00:05
olabazok thanks00:06
Jordan_Uolabaz: Why did you add "GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT="false""? false is the default for that setting.00:06
histoolabaz: your current one differs from the default version the package provides. If you want to keep the version you modified then you would keep your local one.00:06
olabazI don't remember doing anything00:06
histoolabaz: the timeout ljooks non default also00:06
ubuntu925sat-buddhi: Can you pastebin the update and give the channel an url00:07
histoalso the cmdline00:07
Jordan_Uhisto: I *think* the cmdline will be preserved, as it's stored in debconf variable grub2/linux_cmdline_default .00:08
histoTJ-: how does the hard drive affect his ability to get into the firmware that's the part I don't get.00:08
olabazoh I changed cmd b/c my keyboard wouldn't work and it didn't fix the problem -_-00:08
TJ-histo: I assume that if the firmware boot-handler can't find an ESP it drops into Setup as the only other option.00:09
Jordan_Uhisto: If the boot firmware can't boot an OS then it realizes that showing the user a setup screen is probably better than shutting down again or just sitting there not accepting any input.00:09
TJ-histo: That's been the accepted way of handling a missing boot device as far back as I can remember00:09
Jordan_Uolabaz: If there are changes in /etc/default/grub that you didn't actually intend to make, then maybe using the package maintainer's version is a good idea, and as a bonus it will prevent this prompt from appearing again from future updates.00:10
olabazJordan_U, let's say I put keep the new one. What would be the easiest way to go back to the default?00:11
histoTJ-: But you're all alleging the hard drive is causing denied access to the firmware. As is the bios upgrade provided by lenovo that fixes this bug. I'd like to understand how installing anything on the hard drive can deny him access to the firmware00:11
olabazJordan_U, let me rephrase that00:11
olabazJordan_U, If I kept my previous version. How can I go to the package manager's version00:12
TJ-histo: No, that's not what we're saying. The issue is that the firmware is stuck in Fast-Boot mode - going straight to the ESP - and won't enter Setup. One owner reports that removing the boot device caused the U410 to enter Setup mode.00:14
TJ-Jordan_U: I've just found a firmware/BIOS simulator that Lenevo provide for service engineers! http://service.lenovo.partner-management.com/content/CoursewarePublic/15415/U310_BIOS.swf00:16
Jordan_UTJ-: Nice.00:17
TJ-Jordan_U: That shows Intel Rapid Start as the most obvious potential cause.00:17
TJ-Jordan_U: I'll be headed to bed shortly, so if regedit returns please point to that link for him00:17
sat-buddhi<ubuntu925>  i got this error when I make an upgrade00:18
Jordan_UTJ-: Will do.00:18
sat-buddhi<ubuntu925> it give me an error with "linux-headers-lowlatency_3.13.0.5500:19
hplchow can i get rkhunter to check files against the ones on ubuntuservers in order to compare the SHA256 hash value?, trying to see if its corrupt or just because of updates00:19
sat-buddhi<ubuntu925> that is the message in spanish: "dpkg: error fatal irrecuperable, abortando, el fichero de lista de ficheros del paquete `zenity -contiene un nombre de fichero vacío"00:20
ubuntu925sat-buddhi: I would pastebin the update with the command and post the url, as you can see so far the info is not empty but missing some easy confirms with requested info.00:21
Jordan_Uhplc: You can use debsums to check files against the sha of the shipped files.00:21
hplcJordan_U, shipped? like a ISO or DVD?00:22
ubuntu925!pastebinit | sat-buddhi00:22
ubottusat-buddhi: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com00:22
Jordan_Uhplc: Checked against the contents of the signed .deb files.00:23
hplcJordan_U, i dont understand :S  where is the clean source? if not cd or dvd?00:24
sat-buddhi<ubottu> ok... i din't know it :)00:24
ubuntu925sat-buddhi: Cool, mainly I'm trying to get enough info here for the kernel support from the channel for yah.00:26
Jordan_Uhplc: From "man debsums": Verify installed Debian package files against MD5 checksum lists from /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.md5sums. debsums can generate checksum lists from deb archives for packages that don't include one.00:26
Jordan_Uhplc: So it looks like it's more for users trying to detect corruption rather than mallicious modification.00:26
sat-buddhi<ubuntu925> http://paste.ubuntu.com/11727961/00:28
hplcJordan_U, but i dont care why its gone sour, i just want to weed out whatever IS sour, and i already ran debsums, a lot, with:sudo apt-get install --reinstall $(sudo dpkg -S $(sudo debsums -c 2>&1 | cut -d " " -f 4 | sort -u) | cut -d : -f 1 | sort -u)00:29
hplcafter that i got paranoid and tried rkhunter, and that gave me another answer, but nnow im becoming comfortble that rkhunter alerts ARE due to updates00:30
ubuntu925sat-buddhi: Not quite what I needed myself, but I'm not your end fix help. You will get it resolved I suspect at some point, not anything more I can add.00:31
sat-buddhi<ubuntu925> ok... Thanks very much00:32
hplchmm on the other hand, i COULD myself  SHA256  hash all those files in clean repo00:32
hplcperhaps not even thats what causing ubuntu to freeze and hang thou00:33
Jordan_Uhplc: What are the exact symptoms of the problem you're having?00:34
hplcJordan_U, my ubuntu 14?04.2 is so very very slow, and after an hour it becomes unresponive , then apps start to hang, the entire kernel00:35
hplcJordan_U, an airconditioner is blowing cold air over it so it shouldnt be heat00:36
hplcJordan_U, and i regurlary vacumm away dust from the cabnett00:36
hplc...i hope that was |exact"00:37
TJ-hplc: that sounds like some process is leaking memory and so the system is running out of RAM and using swap00:38
hplcbah, this british \ US keyboard layout, i wish i knew howto change in lubuntu environment00:38
hplcTJ-, thanks :) now i have a point to start from atleast thanks00:39
hplchad to install lubuntu frontend , ubuntu dragged it halt even faster00:40
hplcwhen thinking of it...........there have been complaints lately that there is no swap anymore, got destroyed somehow00:41
hplcand RAM fills up with blablabla00:42
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taquillataquilla, uilla00:52
Jordan_Utaquilla: Please stop.00:53
Jordan_Uolabaz: I don't know. I would have expected the following command to re-prompt, but it doesn't appear to on my system: sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::=--force-confask install --reinstall grub-pc00:56
awojoIf I enable dhcp on MAAS will it interfere with my other dhcp server? I.E cause network conflictds00:56
olabazJordan_U, ok no worries I'll just wait for it to come up again lol00:56
Jordan_Uolabaz: If you wouldn't mind trying that command, I'm curious if it will work for you. It's a slightly modified (based on my reading of "man dpkg") version of one of the solutions posted here: http://serverfault.com/questions/82801/linux-how-to-restore-config-file-using-apt-get-aptitude00:57
olabazJordan_U, it seems to not do anything00:59
olabazstuff happened but no prompt00:59
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toothrothi, i'd like to create a very restricted user account. it would be a bit like a service account... it won't need shell access, or a home dir, etc. (it's going to be used from a web interface, which syncs with the os users)01:09
toothrotcan anyone point me in the right direction on something like that01:09
OerHekstoothrot, logout, and use the guest account. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeGuestSession01:13
toothrotwhat? it needs to be a named account with a password01:13
toothrotit'll be used by someone accessing a web interface (ajenti)01:14
OerHekstoothrot, then you need the users & groups tool, not installed standard, part of gnome-system-tools01:16
jParktonI dont know if this is a Kubuntu issue or not, I connected my laptop via VGA adapter to my hdtv and selected input "PC" and it displayed 'a' desktop that was like a side desktop to mine? And I couldnt play movies or anything on the side desktop01:16
toothrotthis is for a server01:16
jParkton does anyone know if there is a specific setting on my laptop I need to use?01:17
Ben64jParkton: you can change how it displays using the display settings thingy. or nvidia-settings if you have nvidia01:18
olabazjParkton, are you trying to mirror your display or have an extended screen?01:19
ki7mttoothrot, I'd just create a normal user, then remove the groups you dont want it to have access too, or, create a group with minimal access and add the user to that group only.01:20
toothrotki7mt, ok, i'll start there01:20
OerHeksto connect with a ajenti service, or to run ajenti on that server?01:21
toothrotOerHeks, not to run ajenti. ajenti syncs with the system accounts...01:21
toothrotso i want a user i can give permission to the web interface01:21
toothrotbut can't log in to the actual server01:21
kiki_lambCan someone direct me to an up-to-date-ish guide to making a Ubuntu server join a Windows (AD) domain?01:24
kiki_lamb Google's offering me old-ish looking ones01:24
ki7mttoothrot, That may be tricky, does your web-interface use server authentication?01:24
OerHeksYou could run a vm on that server, connecting to the ajenti-service, and ssh/screen tunnel01:25
toothrotki7mt, what do you mean by "use server authentication?" ?01:25
toothrotit uses the credentials from the system it is running on..01:25
toothrot(it's set up that way, anyhow)01:26
OerHeks"chapter: how do i work @home and nobody notice it"01:26
ki7mttoothrot, Normally, web apps have their own DB for Admin and Users, and do not authenticate through the server passwd mechanics.01:26
hplcTj was right, i applied valgrind on browser midori and got report saying exactly where, how and how bad memory leaked01:26
toothrotki7mt, yea, if it was setup that way, i wouldn't need to create a system account... ajenti is a server control panel.01:27
ki7mttoothrot, To allow that would be a big security concern.01:27
toothrotit can work that way, bt it's not configured like that01:27
b4tm4nwhat is the format of files in /etc/default/?01:27
toothrotki7mt, ajenti is a web interface for admining the server...01:28
ki7mttoothrot, Fare enough :-) ... Hopefully, it's secure then.01:28
toothrotto be hoenst, i'm not a fan really either, but it wasn't my choice01:29
toothroti'm trying to make sure what i'm doing won't be at fault at the very least :P01:29
ki7mtYeah, I much prefer Keys Only server administration, but too each their own.01:29
hinderakerSo on a scale from 1 to 10 how bad is it really to run irssi as root? :p01:31
hinderakerGot me thinking, I was a little eager and fired up irssi before I created a normal user and I got banned from the server for using root.01:32
hinderakerOn a none-production, none-commercial box. Lets say its a VPS for irc only!01:32
mach20xI'm getting snow on my screen right now, it happened after I came back to my locked screen01:33
hinderakerMaybe its snowing?01:34
ki7mthinderaker, Well, if you get hacked as root, it's certainly game over. At least with a non-privileged user it's contained somewhat.01:34
hinderakerki7mt: Fair enough. But why does freenode care? :p01:35
jParktonolabaz: mirror my desktop01:35
ki7mthinderaker, You'd have to ask them why.01:35
ki7mtI could guess, but, that's all it would be is a guess.01:35
jParktonBen64: there was nothing I saw in my display settings01:35
olabazjParkton, I think default is extending desktop.  If you do a search for Display on your desktop you should be able to configure it.01:36
jParktonok i will have another go at it in a bit01:36
OerHekswe have a !root factoid01:36
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hinderaker :P01:37
mach20xhow can I show a print screen01:37
OerHeksimgur picpaste01:37
jParktonpress "print Screen" then paste it on imgur or install screencloud from the repos01:38
jParktonit is pretty awesome01:38
OerHekslive drive01:38
dj3000shutter is the best app for screenshitz01:48
gagaliciousis there a (read/write capable) compressed filesystem for linux for storing images/videos only?01:49
petrvsgagalicious: compressing media is incredibly intensive, it wouldn't be worth it01:55
ekemwill running  `sudo apt-get remove xfce4 plymouth gdm lightdm` on a fresh ubuntu install scrap the entire os by removing dependencies?02:04
ekemseems a user ran this and the os removed itself and has no boot entry02:05
jgqwhere are you02:15
mach20xRunning a Memtest on my RAM, since my Ubuntu environment crashed02:18
mach20xScreen froze02:19
JohnDoe1972guys can someone explain which version of kylin i shoul d download ?02:19
JohnDoe197214.04.2 or 15.04 ?02:20
mach20xFirst time it froze since I woke up was while using Hangouts in Firefox, last night it froze while using rhythmbox02:21
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: 14.04 is LT 5 years support vs 15.04 9 months02:21
JohnDoe1972why does a newer version get less support ?02:22
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: Ubuntu has long and short term releases is all.02:22
JohnDoe1972ok so 14.04.2 it is then02:23
JohnDoe1972dows it include grub ?02:23
mach20xJohnDoe1972: I'm having lots of troubles with 15.04 myself, so I'd say 14.04.2 as well02:23
JohnDoe1972im noob with linux so thx for help guys02:23
Tex_NickJohnDoe1972: yes it has grub02:24
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: Yeah, grub is the bootloader automatically on standard installs, you have a choice where you want it however.02:24
mach20xShould have grub 2.xx02:24
JohnDoe1972nice. im looking to create dual boot02:24
JohnDoe1972linux / 702:24
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Keannecan someone tell me how to disable mousepad in ubuntu 15.04?02:24
JohnDoe1972ok gnite guys02:25
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: choice of grub placement is in the manual install called "something else" in the install gui 6 or 7th screen02:25
root1Why would you want that?02:25
Keannethere is no option in system settings02:25
apb1963Trying to install k3b, but it says "Package k3b is not available, but is referred to by another package."  ubuntu 14.04 with kde02:25
Tex_Nickmach20x: I tried 15.04 for about a month, also had issues with that I didn't care to try and resolve, so just went back to 14.0402:25
JohnDoe1972ok thx for heads up ubuntu92502:26
ubuntu925no prob02:26
root1I'm new to Weechat, so here is a dumb question... How do I use my terminal without closing WeeChat guys?02:26
JohnDoe1972whats people experiance of running games under wine ?02:26
Ben64root1: first off you shouldn't be running stuff as root02:26
root1I noticed that. ;___;02:27
root1I didn't notice I was running it on root, I'm always on root.02:27
Ben64root1: don't always be on root02:27
root1What's wrong with it?02:27
mach20xTex_Nick: sound, audio, and network negotiation (wired and wireless) were my problems. What was your method of downgrade?02:28
JohnDoe1972root is like c: leaving your whole system open to attack02:28
root1I know... that. I always leave the door open.02:28
JohnDoe1972if your root get poisioned your whole body will diew02:28
root1What if I'm on a virtual machine?02:29
JohnDoe1972i hear that protects you but !02:29
Ben64root1: it doesn't matter, its not the way to do things02:29
Tex_Nickmach20x: I just did a backup of home ... then a clean install of 14.0402:29
ubuntu925funner ways to live on the edge02:30
JohnDoe1972whats a typical partition size to assighn ubuntu 14.04?02:30
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: min is 6 gigs or so, do this with a seperate home in the end.02:31
Tex_NickJohnDoe1972: for wine, have you looked at ... https://appdb.winehq.org/02:31
JohnDoe1972ubuntu925, seperate home in the end ? im not sure i folllow you ?02:32
JohnDoe1972Tex_Nick, thx 4 link02:32
Tex_NickJohnDoe1972: np02:32
limberianBen, are you there?02:33
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: With linux you have a choice to have your home in a seperate partiton, many do this as changing the release and even OS's is possible while keeping data and some configs.02:33
Captonjamasonhow can i change the packground picture in terminal, every fourm post i go to say there is a "Background" tab in profile settings but there isnt for me, how can i change it to a custom image?02:33
mach20xTex_Nick: any ideas on generating a script to reinstall previously used applications, and/or settings?02:33
limberianIs ben67 here?02:34
JohnDoe1972ubuntu925, so 6 gig for the os and ? 4 gig for home ? home is like a bige back up for media configs etc ?02:34
Captonjamasonben 64 and 47 are here, no ben 6702:35
Keannenevermind, i just installed touchpad indicator02:35
limberianJohnDoe1972: Hello, can I ask something?02:35
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: That is tiny how much space do you have?02:35
limberianI'm the root guy, before.02:35
limberianIf you remember.02:35
JohnDoe1972umm like the hd is about 160 gb but its got 2 partitions already02:35
JohnDoe1972roughly 8- gb each02:36
JohnDoe1972so i want to shrink both and cut her into 3 pieces02:36
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: can you confirm the free space?02:36
JohnDoe197255 gb02:36
Tex_Nickmach20x: I just keep install notes on new installs & anytime I add an app, utility, ppa ... etc. for reference and trouble shooting and new installs02:36
Captonjamasonhow can i change the background picture in terminal, every fourm post i go to say there is a "Background" tab in profile settings but there isnt for me, how can i change it to a custom image?02:37
apb1963Trying to install k3b, but it says "Package k3b is not available, but is referred to by another package."  ubuntu 14.04 with kde... any ideas on fixing this error?02:37
JohnDoe1972ubuntu925, ?02:38
JohnDoe1972ive plenty basically02:38
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: I would be safe a start with 20 gigs, a separate home is some people s choice, personally I don't bother, just mentioned as although antiquated still popular02:38
JohnDoe1972but i wish to save as much as i can for the other partitions02:38
ubuntu925which means?02:39
JohnDoe1972do you get a loading screen with grub ?02:39
JohnDoe1972wwhich means ill go with 20 gb and no home dir02:39
Tex_NickJohnDoe1972: typically if you only have one OS installed ... grub is bypassed on boot02:40
JohnDoe1972im wanting to have win 7 and  kylie02:41
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: Yes on grub and yeah on a straight 20 gig install. However you will now have 4 partitions, 2 you had and ubuntu and it's swap, this install could be contained in an extended partition,for more partitions.02:41
ubuntu925unless you are uefi of course02:42
JohnDoe1972uefi ?02:42
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ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: UEFI is the Windows install model, as of W8.02:43
JohnDoe1972im still 702:43
ubuntu925!uefi | JohnDoe197202:43
ubottuJohnDoe1972: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:43
JohnDoe1972ok thn but not relevan tto me currently02:43
JohnDoe19723.30 am 0_0 .. i need to sleep02:44
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: Be sure to confirm you're not uefi, just having 7 does not mean you don't02:44
JohnDoe1972thax for all the advice n info guys02:44
Tex_NickJohnDoe1972: also for dual boot ... keep in mind that installation is much easier if you install win first then linux ... that linux will setup grub automatically for dual boot ... so for dual boot installs ... win then lin02:44
JohnDoe19720_0 umm confirm im not uefi . how ?02:44
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: paste bin sudo fdisk -l02:45
JohnDoe1972if its not avail untill 8 then i HAVE to be the previos file system02:46
JohnDoe1972ok i ned to sleep02:46
JohnDoe1972later gus02:46
ubuntu925JohnDoe1972: Not a solid conclusion but it is your setup. )02:47
Tex_Nickubuntu925: I no longer use MS OS's, ... if bios supports uefi disable, will latest MS OS's still install ? up to say win 10 ?02:50
Tex_Nickwith uefi disabled that is ^^^02:50
tomhardyhey i'm in the ubuntu install proces and it's saying "Theis machines firmware has started the installer in UEFI mode but theres' an exisitng system using BIOS compatibility mode".. what should i do?02:50
ubuntu925Tex_Nick: I have W 10 on a msdos, not sure about what you describe have not had an uefi setup to mess with.02:52
Tex_Nickmsdos ? hmmm well ok thanks for feedback02:53
lostquantum: what up02:56
quantumlost: better then facebook02:57
lostquantum: i dont think so but theres lots of people who know stuff about linux here02:57
ubuntu925Tex_Nick: I think a reinstall of windows as decribed is not a huge deal. Heh, it's the support, none on ##windows would be my guess.02:57
lostquantum: and this doesnt track everything you do02:58
lostcan anyone help me with sshing02:58
tomhardylost: yh what's the issue?02:59
svetlanawhat's the problem02:59
Tex_Nickubuntu925: was just a matter of curosity for me ;-)02:59
losttomhardy: im just learning about it  and am trying to ssh my machine its at my moms house and want to connect remotely03:00
tomhardyok.. have you logged onto the router and forwarded the port from your router to your mums computer?03:01
tomhardydoes your mums computer have openssh installed?  what operating system is it running?  windows / osx / linux?03:02
tomhardyhey guys. is the encryption that is used int he ubuntu setup "encrypt the new Ubuntu isntallation for security" full disk encryption?03:04
AndChat|475904tomhardy: Yes. You can either use LUKS encryption of your root filesystem, leaving /boot/ essentially the only thing unencrypted, or you can choose to have ecryptfs encrypt only the files in your home directory. I personally think that the latter option makes more sense.03:09
tomhardyyeah i agree03:10
Tex_Nicktomhardy: see this, it's for 13.10 but I think holds true up to 115.04 ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/429590/what-are-the-advantages-disadvantages-of-the-new-encryption-feature-in-ubuntu-1303:11
losttomhardy: hey sorry i havent done this no and it doesnt havee openssh because i didnt know what to use thank you im terying to set up my own botnet03:11
Tex_Nick15.04 jeeze i was thinking a ways ahwd there :(03:12
xangua115.04, won't live for that03:12
lostdoes anyone know some where i could go to download a bunch of scripts that are pre made ?03:13
Tex_Nickxangua: lol ;-)03:13
tomhardylost: your way out of your depth.. get some books, learn the basics03:13
tomhardylost: anyone who makes anything clever most often has a very deep understanding of both programming and operating systems03:14
tomhardyand bare in mind.. if your doing anything illegal.. most people get caught and are given hefty jail sentances03:15
adante115.05 sneaky skynet03:15
Tex_Nicklost: you might try something like realVNC for gui remote connectivity ... multi-platform & relatively easy to setup & use03:16
tomhardywow that ubuntu installation was ridiclous03:16
tomhardyfastest installation out of any operating system i've ever used for 30 years03:16
tomhardydoes dist-upgrade include upgrade?03:17
ToneYes it does03:17
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neonixcoderI am having a strange issue with my USB drive..03:18
neonixcoderWhat ever data I write in to it, I can not see it..03:18
neonixcoderI checked if they are hidden and nothing like that.03:18
neonixcoderbut I can clearly see space has be reduced..03:19
neonixcoderany suggestions experts?03:19
bodhi_zazenwhat file system ?03:19
tomhardyneonixcoder: you've gone in terminal and done ls -al ?03:19
Ben64neonixcoder: need more information, what filesystem, what are you writing, where, etc03:19
bodhi_zazendoes the usb work on other OS ?03:20
neonixcoderbodhi_zazen: Its a FAT file system and /etc/mtab content for this USB drive is "vfat rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,showexec,utf8,flush,errors=remount-ro 0 0"03:21
Guest9397I have encrypted files on my Lubuntu, which isn't booting properly. The Lubuntu is running as a Virtualbox which may have been corrupted to some extent. I am running a live CD in virtualbox03:21
neonixcodertomhardy:Thats the first thing I did..03:21
neonixcoderBen64: I am writing some of my photos to it.. I can still see earlier(some 3 months back written data) written photos but not the ones which I written y'day.. in some folder03:22
neonixcoderAny suggestion team?03:26
Guest9397i will install zulucrypt, maybe i will be able to find and mount those encrypted files03:32
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tomhardydamn apple03:42
tomhardyhave to swap my mouse scroll direction03:42
BuzzardBuzzwhile you are at it might swap that apple for an orange03:45
guest8574What do you guys think of my cool looking desktop? http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2015-06-16-57XVoBwb.png03:46
tomhardyi can see why the swapped it (for touch) but having to jump from osx to ubuntu all day.. i have ot have them the same :)03:46
guest8574Any way to get rid of those annoying popups?03:46
BuzzardBuzzjust use a good popup blocker03:47
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silvahi, having some trouble with audible pings (i.e. ping -a google.com), checked to see if I could manually make the sound with "echo -e '\a'", but no dice. anyone know whats going on?03:50
Guest9397I have a .ecryptfs/<username>/.ecryptfs folder with files "auto-mount auto-umount Private.mnt Private.sig wrapped-passphrase". There are encrypted files somewhere. How can I mount them manually?03:52
Guest9397I installed zuluCrypt but I do not know what file to point it to03:52
petrvsGuest9397: ls /usr/bin/*ecrypt*03:53
tomhardydo you have to install sshd on desktop ubuntu?03:55
cfhowletttomhardy, no03:55
tomhardyi mean.. does it come with it?03:55
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cfhowletttomhardy, not by default03:55
Guest9397Google has recommended ecryptfs-recover-private which is now searching for encrypted stuff03:55
tomhardyahh i see03:55
Guest9397This would be easier if it weren't a live CD running in a virtualbox }:(03:56
cfhowlettGuest9397, so ... install to vbox??03:56
petrvsGuest9397: if I had to guess, recovery is more than you need, but whatever03:56
robbixcan anybody recommend a popular and intuitive IDE for HTML/Javascript/PHP editing in Ubuntu?03:58
regeditJordan_U: heya03:59
regeditJordan_U / TJ-: sadly, removing all HDDs did not help the BIOS find itself...04:02
lostquantum: type this04:02
lostquantum: sudo apt-get install openssh-client04:02
Guest9397ok it is mounted and i can kinda sorta access the files?04:02
Guest9397I think I am going to say screw it, and copy the files to a new partition then reinstall04:02
ant4trobbix - bluefish?04:06
ant4tsorry- didn't see the UDE after it :X04:06
robbixant4t: Tried that one. Giving others a shot to compare. I don't mind it.04:06
Guest9397>click OK on giant operation and it freezes - you're not sure if it's just doing the giant operation, or nothing04:11
ant4trobbix: so far the only thing i've had any luck with- coming from a long history with windows04:14
ant4treally wish i knew why xchat doesn't autocomplete in ubuntu.. i feel incredibly stupid04:16
ant4t@robbix: nothing seems to work correctly!04:16
cfhowlettant4t, xchat is abandonware.  try hexchat04:16
ant4thexchat you say?04:16
ant4till check it out04:16
=== pants is now known as Guest80975
ant4ti just recently reinstalled ubuntu, and adapting is going pretty okay- still used to windows WAY too much04:17
ubuntu491ant4t: Just keep drinking the koolaid04:18
ant4ti'm trying not to, i think? unless you really mean that ;)04:19
havingabaddayHi, hopefully everyones in a helpful mood and having a better day than i.04:19
ant4tuh oh04:19
ant4ti highly doubt that04:19
ant4ti completely crashed a network today- not on purpose.04:20
havingabaddayi'll try anyway. if not.. back to alcoholism.04:20
ant4tand have no idea how to fix it- the office is using these super old VPN routers that i have NO experience with04:20
ant4ti'm hoping they choose to go with new appliances, but we shall see04:20
ant4tanyway, your problem?04:21
havingabaddayX99, 2 ssd's, sda=win 8.1 sdb=15.04 ubuntu. Not used ubuntu's installer, expected a popup for grub but that never happened? ... grub is installed on sdb but has poked my windows drive in someway that is causing it to bluescreen on bootup (5seconds of animation than bam, it goes down hard) no matter how i boot into the windows drive it fails so hard andfast i can't even see the error message. windows auto repairs are garbage, ... 404:24
havingabaddayhour of googling is prooving that my google-foo is weak.04:24
havingabaddaytoo add to the mess my bios decided to have a sh1tfit and crap out on the USB drivers so i ended up flashing to the latest.. seems to have fixed that problem.04:25
ant4tant4t: weeee04:27
ant4tmuch better. im guessing ;)04:27
havingabaddaynew bios? kinda. it's uefi and it responds to inputs like you are daisy chained through 10 vnc windows04:28
Guest9397Gparted complains "Invalid partition table on /dev/sda -- wrong signature 0" and won't let me resize04:29
Guest9397i accidentally mounted to /tmp, crap04:31
havingabaddaymoaning about windows and returning to alcohol it is then04:32
havingabaddaythanks anyway guys.04:32
=== digifiv5e is now known as Guest19245
SubCoolis anyone famliar with a VNC client that supports SSL? i had one that was amazing- it was Vimo or someting..04:39
B0g4r7havingabadday, I find that holding the [left] shift key at boot time brings up the grub menu.04:52
mark__having problems installing ubuntu 15 on vaio z with 160 gb ssd raid 0 with windows 7 pro. when installed ubuntu it said i have multiple os, i choose the first option to install with windows keeping my files. i made a partition in windows before hand by shrinking my drive by 21 gb unallocated space. ubuntu has installed on that drive. but boot loader was fatal error. and i think it creaated 6 partitions now and the 6th one says out of parameters of hd04:56
explodesHey! Did an upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 and now my main speakers do not work (headphones work fine)04:57
explodesMy soundcard is detected, so that's a plus04:57
xanguaexplodes: how did you upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04? you can not upgrade directly from 14.04 to 15.0404:58
explodespulseaudio doesn't seem to know my soundcard exists04:58
explodeshmm maybe it was 14.10? I rand "do-release-upgrade"04:58
explodesI'm pretty sure it was 14.0404:59
=== feneco_ is now known as feneco
SubCoolcould someone help clarify the use of SSVNC.05:02
explodesI've been googling for a couple of hours, was hoping someone here knew anything better05:03
SubCoolits suppsoed to be setting up stunnel, (got me if it is). But its running an x11vnc command, with attributes im not sure would work in my siutation. 'x11vnc -localhost' - since im connecting. im pretty sure that is NOT something i want to use.. right? '05:05
SubCoolwish i could help, but ive never had good use of ubuntu and sound cards..05:06
losthow do yo make a 1v1 chat on this irc?05:07
svetlanalost: '/query nick'05:08
lostsvetlana: hi what i mean whas can i have a one on one chat but not be in this chat room?05:09
svetlanayes, using the /query command05:09
lostsvetlana: query command?05:09
svetlanai.e. /query svetlana05:10
lostcan you explain?05:11
limberianGood morning peepl. It's 8am here.05:14
liquidee7 here05:14
limberianWhere are you from?05:14
limberianShould be awesome.05:14
squintylost: if using xchat or hexchat, right click on person's nick and then select "open dialog window".  first ask if it is ok to pm the person who you want a private session with05:15
limberianCan I ask something05:15
somsiplimberian: as long as it is on topic05:16
limberianI'm sure it is, how can I use my terminal without using weechat?05:16
somsiplimberian: open another instance of terminal05:16
limberianI can't, weechat keeps opening instead.05:17
somsiplimberian: are you using unity?05:17
gunndawglimberian: check your bashrc and make sure weechat isnt in there05:18
SubCoolthere edoesnt seem to be a lot of poeple on tonight.05:18
limberianI will, thanks :305:18
gunndawglimberian: also look in bash_profile05:19
SubCoolanyone famliar with Certs?05:19
Tex_Nickout of curosity why would weechat open instead of terminal ? ... is that a common thing ?05:20
liquideeyes, thats strange to me :o05:20
limberianActually I'm on debian right now. And when I open weechat on terminal, terminal becomes weechat.05:21
gunndawgTex_Nick: if its in your bash config then it will load whatever is in there05:21
gunndawgif you have 'weechat' in your bashrc its giong to launch weechat when terminal starts05:21
liquideei know, buy why you have it there in the first place05:22
liquideehow would this happen05:22
gunndawgliquidee: Its not my computer. I have no clue why that would happen. Doesnt happen to me05:22
BuzzardBuzzlost: cam i pm you?05:23
Tex_Nickgunndawg: thanks for feedback ... does weechat add it's self to bashrc with standard install ?05:24
BuzzardBuzzsubcool: it has been really quiet05:28
Tex_Nickofftopic has also been kinda quiet for 10 hrs or so05:29
BuzzardBuzzsubcool: do you want to make some self signed certs for your server?05:29
BuzzardBuzzsubcool: you need certs for running your ssl webserver05:31
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=== svetlana is now known as |svetlana|
=== |svetlana| is now known as svetlana
DocMAXis there a tool which checks if program is running and restart if its hanging or not running?05:44
BuzzardBuzzhello its 12:30 am here near Chicago05:54
=== joshua is now known as Guest33144
squintyDocMax: for gui check out System Monitor...05:57
neewbeeSystem monitor is good, but it is CPU intensive when open.06:00
SubCool_BuzzardBuzz, well, thats the thing. i know i have made one for my owncloud. but - im just worried about these certs. im not sure what they really are doing.06:01
* squinty is reminded yet once again why he rarely joins in this channel these days06:06
DocMAXi have ubuntu server06:12
DocMAXi need non-GUI06:12
squintythen use your intellect and google for a viable solution such as kill, pkill etc etc etc06:13
ubuntu491DocMAX: Install htop and try it, this all can be done from the command line as well06:13
neewbeewhat is the difference b/w htop & top06:16
OerHekshtop got more tools, and more visual performance-meters06:17
squintyare  you really that limited on resources you can't install and experiment for yourself?06:17
DocMAXhtop cant monitor and restart a program06:19
DocMAXit can monitor06:19
DocMAXbut cant restart06:19
Ben64what is the program06:21
Bray90820_Can I restart ubuntu through SSH?06:21
Ben64sudo reboot06:21
kunjiBray90820: It's better if you don't know :P06:21
SubCool_Bray90820_, use sudo reboot -f06:22
OerHeksBray90820_, only if that ssh account has root priv.06:22
kunjiBray90820: Be VERY CAREFUL that it will come back up as expected and you will be able to ssh in again.06:22
OerHeksbut you will find out06:22
Bray90820_It does06:22
Bray90820_it hung06:25
cyris212whenever I use i3wm on my laptop it goes to sleep after 1-2 minutes (tested with ubuntu and debian)06:25
cyris212any idea what that could be?06:25
boodllebati have a server and suddenly a random domain is pointing to my server how should i prevent that domain to pint my server thanks06:31
agent_whitecyris212: That's likely not an i3wm issue, but of the OS. You may want to look into managing ACPI events with systemd, or startup scripts to change this "1-2 minute" time.06:32
cyris212agent_white: the funny thing is that xfce works without any problems06:33
Ben64boodllebat: you can't06:33
boodllebatsomebody is hacking my server from honk kong06:33
Tone_Floati recovered a lot of my files but a lot are also corrupted it seems06:34
agent_whitecyris212: KDE/GNOME/Xfce generally have programs that work with power-management to delay it or avoid it.06:34
Tone_Floati'm fscking stuff to make it work better maybe06:34
lotuspsychjeTone_Float: did you try photorec?06:34
agent_whitecyris212: Do some research into power-management and init scripts in ubuntu.06:35
Tone_Floati did not try any undeleting things but i might06:35
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | Tone_Float start photorec after installing06:35
ubottuTone_Float start photorec after installing: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3build2 (vivid), package size 343 kB, installed size 1382 kB06:35
lotuspsychjeTone_Float: it can recover data from far away ages06:36
lotuspsychjeim testing gmail notifier indicator, and says login failed anyone had this issue before?06:39
Tone_Floatlotuspsychje: I am not entirely clear on how I would use photorec on a "private" encrypted partition06:48
Tone_Floatnor fsck for that matter. It doesn't show as a "Disk" option when I open program06:48
Ben64you'd have to decrypt it first06:49
Tone_Floatit is decrypted and mounted, I can open some of the files but others are problematic06:49
Ben64so use the decrypted device to make a copy, then photorec on that06:49
Tone_Floater... like a straight cp?06:50
=== one_ is now known as Guest73614
lotuspsychjei found the problem on gmail notify, its gmail itself that blocks it and sends a mail to inbox to report the blocked login...someone knows a workaround for this?06:53
histolotuspsychje: under gmail settings you have to enable a login thing. trying to remember their name for it06:54
auztywhy i always get "Cannot start TLS: handshake failure" when sending mail using sendmail?06:55
auztyis TLS related dependencies that i must install first?06:55
lotuspsychjehisto: yeah ive tryed, but it says wrong login06:55
histoTone_Float: I don't believe you'll have much  luck carving a mounted partition  that was using evcryption06:56
auzty(this happened with one server, and the other server with same configuration didn't get that error)06:56
histolotuspsychje: are you using imap?06:59
lotuspsychjehisto: no the gmail notify indicator06:59
lotuspsychje!info gm-notify | histo06:59
histolotuspsychje: notification indicator in what? what is it using for server settings07:00
ubottuhisto: gm-notify (source: gm-notify): highly Ubuntu integrated GMail notifier. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.10.3-0ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 20 kB, installed size 313 kB07:00
Tone_Floati quit on getting more files back07:00
Tone_FloatI'm just going to use what i have and reinstall ubuntu07:00
Tone_Floatthank you for the help07:00
lotuspsychjehisto: not sure what service its using, but it says login failed and i type the right l:p for sure07:02
lotuspsychjehisto: after that i get a mail from gmail that it blocked a login07:02
histolotuspsychje: under gmail settings you have to allow whatever service it's trying like pop3  or imap07:02
=== Evanion is now known as Evanion[AFK]
lotuspsychjehisto: ah i found it mate, the link from gmail asks to block or enable apps07:04
histolotuspsychje: there ya go07:04
lotuspsychjehisto: so i unblocked apps, and bingo tnx!07:05
histoTone_Float: sorry I'm tired. if you mount the partition or an image if it, the under lying file system should stoll present itself like a block device and you could recover files like normal.07:10
=== Evanion[AFK] is now known as Evanion
Tone_FloatAnd I have done that before, histo, but that was when it was a encrypted full partition. Now it's just files in ~/.ecryptfs and idk it'll get the same options07:19
Tone_FloatI'm not too worried about it07:19
Dark-BotHello, I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the intention of dual boot with Windows 7, however it boots directly into Ubuntu with no menu, how can I fix this?07:25
EriC^^Dark-Bot: you can create an entry for windows in grub07:25
Dark-BotThe partition and installation were done correctly07:25
EriC^^try sudo update-grub07:26
Dark-BotOk sweet thank you07:26
EriC^^if it doesn't work, you can create the entry manually07:27
EriC^^no problem07:27
Dark-BotIt looks like it found a few things .. linux image, initrd image, linux image, initrd image, memtest86+, memtest86+, windows 707:27
EriC^^ok, great07:28
Dark-Botthank you eric07:28
EriC^^no problem07:28
boodllebati wanna grep for two pattern like grep "phrase1" && "phrase2" myfile07:32
EriC^^boodllebat: grep "phrase1\|phrase2" /myfile07:32
EriC^^that's an or though07:33
histoEriC^^: -e ?07:33
EriC^^histo: it works without -e07:34
boodllebatEriC^^: i want it like that only show which have both phrase1 and phrase207:34
histoEriC^^: he wants multiple patterns right?07:34
EriC^^boodllebat: then grep "phrase1.*phrase" /myfile07:34
EriC^^but that means phrase1 comes before phrase2 in the sentence07:34
EriC^^histo: he wants if both are in the file07:35
histoboodllebat: grep -e pattenr1 -e pattern207:35
EriC^^histo: not sure that's it, he wants if both are there07:36
EriC^^does that work?07:36
boodllebatEriC^^: yeah worked07:36
EriC^^ok, cool07:36
nvkhey, just a quick question07:50
nvkI have downloaded a .deb file that has its data compressed with xz, how do I change the compression?07:50
OerHeksnvk, see man xz # -0 ... -9              Select a compression preset level.  The default is -6.07:53
histonvk: why?07:54
nvkhisto: actually I'm trying to install a deb file in an old distro, and i'm getting this error " contains ununderstood data member data.tar.xz/    , giving up"07:55
nvkI read that changing the compression might do the trick, but haven't found how07:55
OerHeksnvk, you better check the md5sum, if provided07:56
OerHeksand a corrupt xz container, what would you change to fix ?07:56
nvkOerHeks: is it that the package is corrupted?07:57
OerHeksIt is not saying all oke, is it?07:58
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:59
=== Samul|AWAY is now known as Samul`
Dark-Bothey eric are you still here?08:06
Dark-Botjust wondering if there any way to set windows as the default in grub?08:07
lasersDark-Bot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/ChangeDefaultOS08:09
histoDark-Bot: edit /etc/default/grub and then sudo update-grub08:09
the-ermDoes anyone know how to get gstreamer to play flv files that are h264?  I've installed every good, bad & ugly plugin I can find yet to no avail.08:24
the-ermYet it still keeps reporting missing plugin.08:24
grunhartI just use VLC for everything, never had problem with it...08:25
the-ermWell the problem is I've been developing a media player for years now.08:25
the-ermWhich is based on gstreamer.08:25
the-ermIt's weird because mplayer works fine.  Yet there are no gstreamer1.0-ffmpeg plugins.08:26
histothe-erm: do you ahve ubuntu-restricted-extras?08:28
the-ermLet me check08:28
the-ermI have restricted, but not restricted-extras listed.08:29
the-ermI see what you're saying sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:30
the-ermApparently I was missing something in that package.08:30
the-ermLet's see if that works.08:30
the-ermon_sync_message: missing-plugin08:31
the-ermNope alas that doesn't work either.08:31
histothe-erm: should be in the good plugins08:32
the-ermIn the past I've installed every gstreamer pluginn and it just sorta worked.08:33
histothe-erm: double check that gstreamer0.10-plugins-good is installed08:35
the-ermYup it's installed08:35
the-ermDo you want me to paste it :)08:36
the-ermPerhaps I'm using the wrong playbin ... I don't know.  It's odd.08:37
the-ermI'll check in #gstreamer and see if there is any advice there.08:37
Beetlejuicei'm using xubuntu08:39
histoBeetlejuice: good08:40
Beetlejuicecan i /sysinfo08:40
lotuspsychjeBeetlejuice: this channel is to be used for ubuntu support only08:40
Beetlejuiceah ok08:40
Beetlejuicei used a 4.0 kernel08:40
lotuspsychje!discuss | Beetlejuice08:40
ubottuBeetlejuice: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.08:40
* ObrienDave waves from never-never land ;P08:45
blzzHello, I just ran `cat /proc/mdstat` and discovered that a disk in my RAID5 array went down.  How can I determine which disk is involved?08:52
=== huh is now known as Guest1966
histoblzz: does mdstat have any info about the disk?08:57
blzzhisto, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11729503/  Not anything specific08:57
blzzhisto, uh wait, I'm an idiot08:58
jordan_anybody have experience compiling 4.0.5 for ubuntu 15.04?08:58
ObrienDave4.0.5 what?08:58
jordan_linux kernel 4.0.508:58
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:59
ObrienDaveit would be nice if you said so to begin with ;P08:59
jordan_Sorry my mistake08:59
blzzOkay, so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the disk that went down.  Is it safe just to add it back to the RAID array?09:00
lotuspsychje!kernel | jordan_09:03
ubottujordan_: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)09:03
AlcapoteHi :) I have a small question, when you want to make a script, which language do you prefere to use ? Bash, python, perl or other  ?09:06
liquidee_Alcapote: depends on what you want to do09:06
liquidee_Alcapote: "make a script" is too general. Depends on what do you want to achieve09:08
mistralolI have some problem with virtualbox in vivid. It appears that it will run windows vms fine. However if i start a ubuntu virtual machine (also vivid) it locks up the host. Unfortunatly I cannot get it to produce and opps either anyone any suggestions?09:11
bhueyWhat's the current method of getting autologin for a getty on ttyS0 ?09:14
bhueyI've seen --autologin username for the options but it doesn't seem to work09:14
bhueyIt use to work in 14.1009:14
dreamerhi all, trying to upgrade 2 (identical) machines with new fglrx. one went fine while the other gives: http://pastebin.com/uBh2Mv8709:19
dreamerbtw on 14.0409:20
=== user is now known as Guest53807
farooqI am using ubuntu 14.0409:22
farooqi face a problem whenever ethernet wire is unpluged system not connected to the internet after reconnecting. The only solution works is system restart. Can anyone has any idea?09:24
farooqPlease help09:24
blzHello, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the options out there for backing up my (headless) server OS and I could really use some advice/recommendations.  My requirements are as follows:  (1) I must be able to restore the entire system state (2) backup must run without any server downtime (3) delta backups strongly preferred (4) archive compression and encryption is strongly preferred09:26
histo!backup This page has a few options | blz09:28
ubottuhisto: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:28
t0byblz, I don't know but that's kind of what most backup technologies provide, in general. Even tape can be used for incremental backups, consider http://surf.ml.seikei.ac.jp/~nakano/dump-restore/dump-restore-mini-HOWTO.en.html#ss1.109:28
histo!backup | blz This page has a few options09:28
ubottublz This page has a few options: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:28
blzhisto, hmm I like the first page.  Thanks09:29
histofarooq: how are you configuring your network?09:29
histoblz: I believe there is a table on that page that breaks them all down09:29
t0byblz, for non-gigantic data sets I am partial to tape or other removable media. The medium itself is inexpensive and you can have multiple backups on multiple different medias in different places, if you rely on RAID o ah hard disk with a z-backup you have a single point of failure.09:30
farooqusing dhcp09:30
histofarooq: using the network manager or are you editing the /etc/network/interfaces by hand?09:30
blzt0by, the issue here has more to do with software than media.  This is a home server so it's not, strictly-speaking, critical infrastructure09:30
blzt0by, it's just that I have a working setup and it would be a pain to redo :)09:30
blzSo I'd rather not go out and buy a tape deck09:31
t0byblz,well, those are very cheap on the Evil Bay these days. Just saying :)09:31
wasp__blz, there are loads of options, Cloudberry & Bacula are 2 options we use at work. Both are pretty decent, I use Tarsnap for my private servers.09:31
blzReally I just have one 16 GB SSD that hosts the OS files and I'd ideally like to take a snapshot at a given point in time without having to dismount anything09:31
blzwasp__, I like the sound of tarsnap09:32
wasp__It's both decent & cheap09:32
blzoh but this is cloud storage :/  I was just hoping to store everything on a server at work09:33
wasp__Bacula then :)09:33
blzalright, I'll give it a whirl :)09:34
wasp__We use it to back up file servers, databases, web servers etc all seems to take it in it's stride09:34
stemidit takes a little work but I made my own backup system using rsnapshot and attic. it gives me a better dedup ratio than symantec netbackup.09:34
farooqI got this error after two to three minutes"could not connect dbus"09:35
k1l_farooq: what ubuntu exactly? what desktop? what errormessage (pastebin)? from what program?09:39
farooqI have not configured using gui on from file that is /etc/network/interfaces09:40
k1l_farooq: i still dont know what setup you use and what the real issue is09:44
farooq@ kll_ I am using ubuntu 14.04 with gnome desktop09:44
k1l_farooq: and you are using the networkmanager?09:45
farooqIssue is whenever ethernet unpluged it is not connected after plub in. Internet is working after restart09:45
k1l_farooq: yes, because if you dont use the networkmanager you need to do that manually. use ifup and ifdown.09:46
k1l_you choose to not use the service, so you need to do it manually09:46
farooqI got some error after some time regarding dbus09:47
crazyhorse18how do you restart networking in ubutnu 15.04 ?09:47
k1l_farooq: if you set the settings in the /etc/network/interfaces the networkmanager will not make the networks09:47
jokoonanybody knows how to recover a win7 that won't boot anymore ? all I have is a win8.1 and a ubuntu 11 live cd09:48
jokoonand no linux installed09:48
k1l_crazyhorse18: since its systemd now use sysctl09:48
farooqi used ifup and if down also and /etc/init.d/networking restart but network not up09:48
hateball!windows | jokoon09:48
ubottujokoon: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents09:48
cfhowlettjokoon, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr , ask ##windows?09:48
crazyhorse18sudo systemctl restart ?09:49
farooqsudo systemctl restart ? IS THIS FOR ME?09:49
k1l_farooq: no!09:49
k1l_crazyhorse18: sudo systemctl restart network09:50
jokoonnobody answes on the windows channel -- for 1hr now09:50
k1l_jokoon: we cant tell you how to repair a windows. see if there is other windows support.09:50
cfhowlettjokoon, not an ubuntu issue, and we don't support windows.  shocking, I know, but true09:50
crazyhorse18k1l_ didn't seem to work09:51
farooqthis is the configuration of /etc/network/interfaces file "# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)auto loiface lo inet loopback"09:51
k1l_crazyhorse18: details matter09:51
crazyhorse18https://gist.github.com/anonymous/929fdc4154c5d1f44c5e << i added this to my /etc/network/interfaces09:51
no_gravityHello! Does anybody know how to wait for a keypress inside a read loop? pseudocode: while read -r line { ... do stuff... WAIT FOR KEYPRESS ... } < file.txt09:52
k1l_!paste | farooq09:52
ubottufarooq: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:52
crazyhorse18sudo systemctl restart networking    and then ifconfigh eth0 | grep inet addr   and it's still on dhcp 1.1.10409:52
asadmoosviI have recently installed ubuntu 14.04.02 on my dell 7348 notebook which also has a touchscreen09:52
asadmoosvithe cursor shows up when i boot up the system09:53
=== ripthejacker is now known as akhil
asadmoosvibut then it disappears and the touchpad does not seem to work09:53
asadmoosviwhen i close the lid09:53
asadmoosviand open it back09:53
asadmoosvithe touchpad works fine09:53
asadmoosvihow can i fix this?09:53
asadmoosviplease help09:53
asadmoosviplease anyone?09:54
cfhowlett!patience | asadmoosvi09:54
ubottuasadmoosvi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:54
EriC^^asadmoosvi: what is shown in dmesg after you open the lid? maybe that can tell09:54
crazyhorse18hmm ok i also tried sudo ifup eth0 and i get  "ifup: couldn't read interfaces file "/etc/network/interfaces""09:55
asadmoosviin dmesg? how do I check that09:55
EriC^^asadmoosvi: open a terminal and type dmesg09:55
k1l_crazyhorse18: what are the file permissions of interfaces?09:56
asadmoosviumm unfortunately i had gotten fed up of this problem and i installed linux mint, where the touchpad works perfectly, but I want to go back to ubuntu...09:56
farooqkill please review this URL:http://paste.ubuntu.com/11729703/09:56
crazyhorse18k1l_, -rw-r--r--09:56
crazyhorse18k1l_, -rw-r--r-- root:root09:56
cfhowlettasadmoosvi, for mint support ask mint.  after you install ubuntu, come back for support09:57
cfhowlett!mint | asadmoosvi09:57
ubottuasadmoosvi: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:57
k1l_crazyhorse18: that looks right.09:57
asadmoosviso I should come back here once I get ubuntu installed again?09:57
cfhowlettasadmoosvi, correctomundo09:58
asadmoosvialright. :)09:58
k1l_farooq: so you are using the networkmanager and dont use the /etc/network/interfaces09:58
crazyhorse18k1l: you mean me?09:59
k1l_crazyhorse18: no09:59
farooqyou know well09:59
NoOovaCould i send to a socket via /proc/PID/fd/SOCKET_FD_ID?10:01
farooq@kill_ why your text is showing red in my channel?10:03
farooqcould not connect to dbus session bus10:04
farooqthis message is pop up after some time10:04
Johnny_Linuxfarooq , give it some time10:05
k1l_crazyhorse18: hmm, dont know then what you changed else10:05
k1l_farooq: its called "hightlight". its when your line starts with the correct nick of the other person.10:06
sheldonhwhen defining an upstart service, and saying "start on starting x", is x the name of the file in /etc/init (sans .conf)?10:06
farooqthank you kill10:06
jokoonof course you wont help me for my windows problem, its a competitor :)10:06
farooqJohnny_Linux I given 5 to 10 minutes10:06
cfhowlettjokoon, yeah, THAT'S why ..10:07
Johnny_Linuxfarooq , some times it takes time for research, you should know that, be polite.10:07
jokoonlinux and windows are like apples and oranges though10:08
jokoonyou cant compare them10:08
mcphailjokoon: please stop the offtopic chat here10:08
farooqJohnny_Linux sorry i was understand that you say to give time to system to connect to the internet10:08
Johnny_Linuxjokoon , did you read the entry guidelines when entering ?10:08
cfhowlettjokoon windows is off-topic here.  install ubuntu and we can help.  otherwise best of luck10:08
k1l_farooq: the question is what did you change on your system. originally ubuntu works fine with reconnecting on the ethernet cable10:09
jokoonok Ill stop trolling this corporate channel10:09
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asadmoosvihi i'm back and have installed ubuntu 14.04.0210:22
asadmoosvithe touchscreen is working but the touchpad is not10:22
EriC^^ok, try closing the lid then open it and type dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999 in the terminal10:23
ircnode0somebody know how to install deal.ii package in Ubuntu 14.04? According to this ( https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/deal.ii ) page there is deal.ii package10:24
asadmoosvi_the cursor has shown up but it is not moving with the touchpad10:25
asadmoosvi_what do i type in the teminal?10:25
EriC^^type dmesg | nc termbin.com 999910:26
ircnode0tried "sudo apt-cache search deal.ii" ==> nothing also apt-cache search libdeal ==> nohting10:26
k1l_ircnode0: which ubuntu are you on?10:26
EriC^^also cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999910:26
ircnode0k1l_: Ubuntu 14.0410:26
k1l_ircnode0: there is no package from 12.10 to 15.0410:26
asadmoosvi_http://termbin.com/8z00 <---- this is the output10:27
k1l_ircnode0: seems like the project or the maintainer was dead in that timeframe. last package is 12.04 and now since 15.0410:27
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asadmoosvi_I can see the cursor on the screen but I just cant move it using the touchpad10:29
asadmoosvi_its just in the center of the screen10:29
EriC^ok did you close the lid and open it like before?10:29
EriC^ok, did you type the dmesg command?10:29
asadmoosvi_yeah i got those two links ive sent10:30
EriC^asadmoosvi_: which laptop do you have?10:30
EriC^asadmoosvi_: sorry i got dc10:30
EriC^can you paste them again?10:30
ircnode0k1l_: Can I just download package from 15.04 and "dpkg -i" ?10:30
cfhowlettircnode0, not built for 14.04 so don't expect it to work10:30
k1l_ircnode0: might not install, or break other things in worst case10:31
ircnode0Understood. I will try to compile it from the source.10:33
asadmoosvi_Did you get the links?10:34
=== zero is now known as Guest43512
EriC^asadmoosvi_: yes, xorg picks up the touchpad10:34
EriC^which laptop are you using?10:34
Guest43512how can I set up anonymous email A/c10:34
asadmoosvi_I'm using a Dell Inspiron 734810:34
asadmoosvi_http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-13-7348-laptop/pd <--------------- This is the laptop I'm using10:36
EriC^asadmoosvi_: ok, try sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf10:36
asadmoosvi_Okay, then?10:37
EriC^asadmoosvi_: add blacklist i2c_hid10:38
EriC^blacklist i2c_hid10:38
asadmoosvi_Does it matter where in the file I add it? Do I just add it at the end?10:39
BluesKajHey folks10:39
EriC^asadmoosvi_: add it at the end10:39
asadmoosvi_okay done10:40
EriC^asadmoosvi_: did you save it?10:40
EriC^asadmoosvi_: type sudo depmod -ae10:40
asadmoosvi_depmod: WARNING: -e needs -E or -F10:41
asadmoosvi_That's what I got10:41
EriC^asadmoosvi_: ok, nevermind type sudo update-initramfs -u -k all10:41
asadmoosvi_okay now?10:42
EriC^ok, type sudo nano /etc/default/grub10:42
EriC^in the line that says quiet splash, add i8042.nopnp10:43
asadmoosvi_GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i8042.nopnp"10:44
asadmoosvi_Like that?10:44
EriC^save, then type sudo update-grub10:44
asadmoosvi_done, now?10:46
EriC^asadmoosvi_: type sudo nano /etc/modules10:47
asadmoosvi_Okay, then?10:47
EriC^add synaptics_i2c10:48
asadmoosvi_just at the end like last time?10:48
Timboanyone on 14.10?10:48
TimboThe following packages have unmet dependencies.10:48
Timbo libopenvg1-mesa-dev : Depends: libopenvg1-mesa (= 10.3.2-0ubuntu0.1) but 10.4.0~git20141112.7a82961b-0ubuntu0ricotz is to be installed10:48
asadmoosvi_alright done10:49
asadmoosvi_Eric, what do I do next?10:52
lotuspsychjeTimbo: maybe time to upgrade?10:52
lotuspsychjeTimbo: 14.10 will be eol pretty soon10:52
doublethinkerI'm using Ubuntu. Is it possible to make a snapshot of it, back that up, wipe the drive, install Windows, and then install the OS with the snapshot/files?10:53
Timbolotuspsychje: perhaps, but packages shouldn't be broken, eol or not10:53
Timbomanually installed the dependency and it's happy though10:53
cfhowlettdoublethinker, no, but you can image and restore the exact copy of the present state10:53
lotuspsychjeTimbo: did you add a ppa?10:53
doublethinkercfhowlett, what should I google for to learn how to do that?10:54
Timbolotuspsychje: nah10:54
cfhowlett!backup | doublethinker10:54
ubottudoublethinker: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning10:54
Timboat least not that would affect this10:54
astroduckHi, I get 404 when doing sudo apt-get update: [https://dpaste.de/jEmg] my /etc/apt/sources.list [https://dpaste.de/gWv3]. I dont remember why I added i386 package anymore10:54
lotuspsychjeTimbo: can you explain what you been trying to do exactly?10:54
cfhowlettdoublethinker, cloning is one you should check10:54
asadmoosvi_Eric, I've added synaptics_i2c to /etc/modules10:55
doublethinkerthank you10:55
cfhowlettdoublethinker, happy2help!10:55
Timbolotuspsychje: apt-get install libopenvg1-mesa-dev10:55
lotuspsychjeTimbo: yes, but why?10:56
Timbograbbing the build deps for qt510:56
asadmoosvi_Is the process done? The cursor still doesn't seem to work with my touchpad...10:57
k1l_noethics: this is not the right channel for this10:58
asadmoosvi_EriC^: Are you there?10:58
asadmoosvi_EriC^: Do I have to reboot my sytem now or do I still have to do something else?11:00
lotuspsychjeTimbo: can this help? https://wiki.qt.io/Install_Qt_5_on_Ubuntu11:01
asadmoosvi_EriC^: Hmm?11:01
Timbolotuspsychje: don't worry, I already resolved the problem by manually installing the dependency11:01
Timbolotuspsychje: thanks though11:01
asadmoosvi_Is EriC^ still here?11:04
lotuspsychje!patience | asadmoosvi_11:04
ubottuasadmoosvi_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:04
lotuspsychjeasadmoosvi_: its best you re-ask your question in one line here once in a while, so other can also help you11:04
asadmoosvi_ubottu: No, EriC^ was guiding me and he had told me to do some steps but now he has left so I am not sure what I have to do next...11:05
ubottuasadmoosvi_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:05
lotuspsychjeasadmoosvi_: thats why you need to re-ask your issue here once in a while, if other volunteers leave11:06
Johnny_Linuxasadmoosvi_  just stand by, maybe he is looking for something11:06
EriC^asadmoosvi_: sorry, i'm back11:08
asadmoosvi_EriC^: No problem!11:08
VastRiverjion #linuxba11:09
asadmoosvi_EriC^: So it should be fixed after restarting? I'll restart and come back11:09
EriC^asadmoosvi_: ok11:09
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EriC^asadmoosvi: did it work?11:14
asadmoosviEriC^: It works now!11:14
asadmoosviEriC^: Thank you so much!11:14
EriC^no problem!11:15
asadmoosviEriC^: What was the problem?11:15
EriC^i don't know i just followed a guide from a bug report11:15
asadmoosviEriC^: Alright, thanks again :)11:15
EriC^no problem :)11:15
asadmoosviSee you!11:16
EriC^see you11:16
IrfanAlamhow to delete a fine from every where  ?11:16
lotuspsychjeIrfanAlam: what kind of file you want to delete?11:17
IrfanAlamI want to delete .htaccess file from all the directory11:18
IrfanAlamlotuspsychje: are you there >11:21
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DarkSimHello! I'm having problems with a HP printer on Ubuntu 14.04, I got this strange preset that it adds a lot of bottom margin and I noticed I can't edit any kind of settings for the printer, it just reverts as soon as I hit OK11:24
lotuspsychjeIrfanAlam: can this help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/3865/how-to-find-and-delete-duplicate-files11:25
lotuspsychjeDarkSim: have you installed hplip?11:26
DarkSimlotuspsychje: Yes I installed the latest HPlip and it found the printer and everything, if I go into settings I think under job settings the advanced option "media-col: media-bottom-margin" might be what's causing it but I can't remove or edit that or any setting11:27
DarkSimlotuspsychje: and I can't seem to find any option in HP's own software which affects margin11:28
lotuspsychjeDarkSim: did you try reboot to reset cups perhaps?11:28
DarkSimlotuspsychje: rebooting...11:29
kostkontiger0616: hi11:29
TJ-DarkSim: you need sudo privileges to edit printer settings I seem to recall11:30
DarkSim_lotuspsychje: Rebooted and it didn't work11:33
lotuspsychjeDarkSim_: wich ubuntu version is this?11:33
DarkSim_lotuspsychje: 14.0411:33
lotuspsychje!info hplip trusty11:34
ubottuhplip (source: hplip): HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP). In component main, is optional. Version 3.14.3-0ubuntu3.2 (trusty), package size 62 kB, installed size 384 kB11:34
DarkSim_lotuspsychje: what does that mean?11:35
lotuspsychjeDarkSim_: just wanna look at the version, not sure what causes this issue for you11:36
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soeeguys someone had this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11730061/ ?11:43
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TJ-DarkSim: which printer model is it with the issue. It's not unknown for the PPD files to be incorrect and need fixing11:49
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Jakey2Is there a sql server management studio for ubuntu11:51
Jakey2Is there a sql server management studio for ubuntu11:51
NicholasCJakey2, why would there be?11:53
NicholasCMSSQL is a Windows only product that only runs on Windows - why would there be a Linux-based management suite for it?11:53
Jakey2i swithing workflows to ubuntu11:53
NicholasCNope, it doesn't exist. It won't work with Wine either.11:54
NicholasCEither RDP into a windows machine somewhere or set up a VM with Windows.11:54
Jakey2ok thanks for the info11:55
ablest1980hello need some help11:55
crocketHow do I get a guest session on ubuntu gnome?11:55
ablest1980i install a cpu freq scaler thing how do i remove it?11:56
crocketThe only way I know is to install lightdm on ubuntu gnome, which is not ideal.11:56
DarkSim_lotuspsychje: I balled on an option called "Pretty Print" or something and that seems to have solved it11:56
TvFredHI, I run chromium-browser from LXDE autostart file in kiosk mode, when sometimes an hard reset occours a "chromium didn't shut correctly..." message appears at next boot: how can override (ignore and not show) this message ??? some switch to add to starting line ?  Thanks11:56
DarkSim_lotuspsychje: is it OK if I ask another thing tho?11:57
Jakey2NicholasC, what about http://squirrel-sql.sourceforge.net/?11:57
NicholasCcrocket, https://github.com/ksinit/gnome-help-mobile/blob/master/user-addguest.html the actual docs have.. poofed. so save this as a text file and open it with a browser.11:57
NicholasCJakey2, I personally dislike using non-official management suites for my software, so I don't know. Sorry.11:58
Jakey2fair point11:58
NicholasCTvFred, come on, mate, you could've googled this. https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/#!topic/chromium-discuss/D2bsW1wdfac11:59
hateballTvFred: havent tried this myself, but have a look at http://superuser.com/questions/873381/how-can-i-disable-the-chromium-didn-t-shut-down-correctly-message-when-my-brow12:00
luvenfucan i hide and show the clock using terminal?12:03
TvFredNicholasC - hateball : thank you both !!!12:03
ahopCan I send a file via FTP via Cmdline?12:13
ahopsorry: SFTP12:13
hateball!scp | ahop12:13
ubottuahop: scp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/12:13
Ben64ahop: scp or rsync can do it, there are probably others12:13
crocketNicholasC, What is that?12:13
NicholasCcrocket, and explanation on how to set up guest accounts in Gnome 3.12:14
NicholasCWhich is what you asked.12:14
crocketNicholasC, Do you mean a set of instructions for gdm?12:14
NicholasCNo, it's an HTML page. A webpage.12:14
ahopthanks about scp, i'll try this!12:14
NicholasCAs I mentioned, the official docs seem to be down/missing, so this translates into a webpage12:15
=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
NicholasCcrocket, http://i.imgur.com/dza88ok.png12:16
crocketNicholasC, That's just a set of instructions for creating a passwordless account.12:17
crocketA guest session is a temporary session that wipes out every data on logout.12:17
crocketA passwordless account doesn't do that.12:17
NicholasCThis is true.12:17
NicholasChttp://askubuntu.com/questions/631/starting-a-guest-session-from-the-login-screen which I assumed you meant, as googling guest sessions gets your plenty of instructions.12:18
luvenfuwhat's the name of clock of ubuntu, can  i configure that by terminal?12:19
crocketNicholasC, All of them are nasty hacks that don't actually work.12:19
lotuspsychje_luvenfu: maybe there's a value you can change in dconf-editor?12:20
kokutanyone knows how to set up a cron every minute? this is for every 5 minutes right? */5 * * * *  so */1 * * * * would be for every minute?12:20
Pumpkin-_or just * * * * *12:21
lotuspsychje_!cron | kokut12:21
ubottukokut: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto12:21
luvenfulotuspsychje_: did you mean gsettings, because dconf is only the interface12:21
lotuspsychje_luvenfu: yeah, but not sure if clock can be enabled/disabled from there12:21
luvenfulotuspsychje_: where are the configurations?12:21
luvenfuthere is some file?12:22
lotuspsychje_luvenfu: you can use dconf write...from terminal also12:22
kokutanyone knows how to prevent cron from running again before finishing the last task?12:23
luvenfulotuspsychje_: but it will save in the original file of config?12:23
lotuspsychje_luvenfu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/72070/how-do-i-change-dconf-keys-without-a-gui-for-a-post-install-script12:23
luvenfulotuspsychje_: thanks12:24
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ahopBen64: I tried with scp12:25
ahopbut I cannot pass the password via scp filename root@ip:/filename12:25
ahopgoogle gives me "sshpass"12:25
ahopbut this is not available on my RPi with apt-get install sshpass12:26
hateballahop: you should be prompted for the password12:26
ahophateball: I need to do this in a script12:27
ahopso no prompt wanted12:27
hateballahop: you can use ssh keys12:27
mcphailkokut: lots of ways. Often you get the process to check if a file exists. If not, create it and remove whenever process finishes. If file already exists, abort. Why do you need to run a job every minute?12:27
ahophateball: is it short to do this?12:28
kokutmcphail: i'm testing stuff12:28
lotuspsychje_luvenfu: check this in dconf com.canonical.indicator.datetime12:28
kokutfor some reason my cron is not working12:28
luvenfulotuspsychje_: right12:28
hateballahop: yes, look at http://www.lindonslog.com/linux-unix/ssh-keygen-keys/ for instance12:28
kokuti have many cron tasks at the same time, is that a probable cause?12:28
luvenfuyes, i did found it and the task i want, many thanks12:29
lotuspsychje_!yay | luvenfu12:29
ubottuluvenfu: Glad you made it! :-)12:29
mcphailkokut: might be, if you have created some form of race condition12:30
mcphailkokut: other causes more likely, though12:30
ahophateball: I think it's the easier tutorial I've seen about this! thanks one million times!12:34
ahopnow I understood how it works!12:34
hateballahop: :)12:35
ahopI always found it complex before, now i see it's not12:35
hateballPoor documentation can make anything seem complex12:35
Mionahop: allowing ssh as root is bad practice btw12:37
Mionahop: also you should not use rsa2048, which sadly, is usually the default12:38
ahopIt's only a toy server, so I don't think too much (now) about extra security12:39
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t0byahop, just saying that your toy server could be used for malicious purpouses if somebody gained access.12:48
t0bywhich may or may not land you into hot water.12:48
dexstarrrrHi there, I have somehow managed to introduce screen tearing into my Ubuntu 15.04 install. I'm using a Haswell with integrated graphics12:51
dexstarrrrNothing I can change in Compiz makes a difference12:52
underyxhey there12:52
underyxthe trusty64 Vagrant box (https://atlas.hashicorp.com/ubuntu/boxes/trusty64) has been getting a bunch of updates recently, but none of them have any changes listed12:53
underyxhow do I contact someone at canonical who's responsible for this?12:54
=== ika is now known as Guest34579
underyxI can't seem to find any way get in touch with them12:54
Piciunderyx: I'd expect them to match the changelogs posted for the other cloud image builds, like at https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/trusty/current/unpacked/release_notes.txt13:04
underyxPici, cool, didn't know this existed, thank you!13:04
Piciunderyx: the source for the vagrant boxes are on that server too: https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/vagrant/trusty/13:05
geothom230does anybody know how to find usb wifi adapter that supported from ubuntu?13:12
Jedi1join /cisco13:16
Fuchs/join #channel13:17
hateballgeothom230: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/category/WIRELESS/13:17
geothom230hateball:thanx man13:17
hateballgeothom230: other things may of course work, google your chipset model + ubuntu13:17
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cheetahw26the wifi on my box appears to be stuck in some strange loop... it keeps connecting/disconnecting to the wireless router... on my router I keep seeing: "associated", "deauthenticated due to local deauth request"  I thought it might be the router so I tested on a few others, but I experience the same issue13:28
=== mikecmp__ is now known as mikecmpbll
hateballcheetahw26: what chipset is this?13:29
hateballand driver13:30
cheetahw26the error on the box is: rockchip 3188 I believe... not sure what driver, how can I find out?13:30
cheetahw26the error on the box is: Link down reason: WLC_E_LINK13:31
cheetahw26before that ctrl-even-disconnected13:31
hateballcheetahw26: "lspci -k" should give relevant info13:31
cheetahw26no pci... it's a rockchip13:32
zacktuI am trying to execute a program that fails for not finding the shared library libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.  Is that in one of the packages in synaptic?13:33
TJ-zacktu: "sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0"13:34
Rush2112hey guys, im trying to extract some files. i'm using the command "su -c 'tar zxvf filename.tar.gz -C ~/Documents13:43
Rush2112it then lets me input something, starting with >, but it keeps letting me do that forever13:43
Rush2112am I doing something wrong?13:43
hateballRush2112: well that line is missing a " at the end. and I dont understand why you're using su at all13:44
hateballthe string for tar itself is missing an ' also13:44
zacktulibgtk2.0-0 is already installed.   Could it be another package?13:45
Rush2112well, its because when i try to just extract the tar.gz normally (i.e. without any terminal stuff) it gives me an error and tells me something was truncated13:45
Rush2112what can I use instead of SU?13:46
HoloPedHey guys, how do I commandline mount a windows usb drive? The problem is that it has a 1k partition (the first one) and want the mount to be smart enough to use the biggest partition13:48
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:49
hateballHoloPed: You'll explicitly specify partition to mount regardless of its size13:49
HoloPedhateball, this is an automated system13:49
HoloPedI'm looking for a way to do it without specifiing the partition13:50
fantasmae ae13:50
Rush2112hateball: Is there another way I can extract a file like that?13:51
StarfaceTry you Luck Here http://tinyurl.com/p2vb8po13:51
hateballHoloPed: suppose you could use something like "fdisk -l" with awk or something to query the largest partition, perhaps there are smarter ways13:52
hateballHoloPed: I mean "parted -l"13:52
hateballRush2112: "tar xvzf file.tar.gz -C ~/Whatever" should be sufficient so long as your permissions are correct13:53
Rush2112how can i checck my permissions?13:54
Rush2112also when i try that, i get gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file13:54
Rush2112tar: unexpected EOF in archive13:54
Rush2112tar: error is not recoverable: exiting now13:54
hateballPerhaps the file is corrupted13:54
Rush2112i guess i can just download it again and try again13:55
Rush2112though it did happen with two downloads13:55
Rush2112thats what i'm trying to install, if it helps13:55
hateballRush2112: any reason you're not installing Eclipse from the repos?13:56
Janels1why don't you use vim13:57
Picivim isn't exactly an IDE.13:57
Picihateball: iirc, the version in the repositories  is terribly out of date13:58
PiciNetworkingPro: please don't share random links in this channel.13:58
NetworkingProhaha sorry man13:58
NetworkingProi actually didnt look at what chan i was in13:58
NetworkingProdidnt mean to13:58
Janels1vim + javacomplete13:58
hateballPici: I see13:58
Rush2112hateball: does the checksum on that site matter? i can pick MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-51213:59
hateballRush2112: no, but you may as well go with md5 and verify it14:00
Rush2112hateball: I'm not getting Eclipse from the repos because I have no idea what that means. You want me to install it through terminal? I'll do that but I don't know how.14:09
robbixRush2112: Eclipse is an IDE if I remember correctly. Type sudo apt-get install eclipse to download it and it should be available in your app list afterwards.14:14
robbixA Java dev tool.14:15
hateballRush2112: either what robbix said, or using the software centre14:15
=== mikecmpb_ is now known as mikecmpbll
robbixwell yeah, software centre will do it too14:15
zacktuMy error message is this: "error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".  I found the file "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0"  I can do a symbolic link to it, but what is the specific name of the file to link?14:16
mgolischzacktu: stuff in /usr/lib should be found by default your probably running a 32bit and missing the 32bit version of that library14:18
acqant_what's the secret to add a static ip with preseed on 14.04.214:20
acqant_nothing seems to work ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netcfg/+bug/1361902 )14:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1361902 in netcfg (Ubuntu) "14.04 /etc/network/interfaces is always overwritten by Preseed" [Undecided,Fix released]14:21
zacktumgolisch: My system is 64bit.   "file" says that it is an  ELF 32-bit LSB executable.  So is there a next step?14:22
heeenhow do I get into the grub CLI14:22
heeenif I hold shift it just say "GRUB _"14:22
mgolischzacktu: yes install the 32bit version of that library14:22
acqant_ubottu:   I'm using packer so I can put it in the boot prompt but I can't find docs on that.14:23
ubottuacqant_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:23
mgolischzacktu: you should be able to install it by appending :i386 to the package name when installing with apt14:24
zacktumgoolisch: is that apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386  ?14:25
regeditJordan_U: hey14:26
Tarelerulzcan you hook an external Blu ray player in14:33
Tarelerulzwill a USB Blu ray player work with you until for playing commercial Blu ray?14:35
petrvsTarelerulz: don't see why not14:35
Termin4lhi, can anyone help me wiht sume BithcX irc clinet settings plsease :)14:36
Tarelerulzmy stand-alone unit is not working correctly for Netflix or YouTube. I thought about building a small computer to replace my Blu ray player.14:36
petrvsTermin4l: /msg alis list *bitchx*14:38
EriC^^Termin4l: bitchx stopped a long time ago14:38
EriC^^it has security issues14:38
petrvsTarelerulz: standalone what?14:38
Tarelerulzstandalone Blu ray player.14:38
petrvsTarelerulz: so you're going to replace it with a computer and a bluray-only player14:40
petrvsTarelerulz: that makes sense to me14:40
petrvsTarelerulz: although the bluray player that doesn't work for netflix/youtube probably does work for bluray (video) playback just fine14:41
TarelerulzI primarily use it for Netflix and YouTube. so the fact that crashes a lot is a problem.14:42
maggotsProblems with libcrypto.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory    whats the problem here14:44
manacityou probably need to install libcrypto14:44
maggotsi have it installed14:45
manacitdo you have the dev package installed?14:45
manacitsudo apt-get install libcrypto++-dev I believe14:45
maggotshold on14:45
maggotswhats the fedora help handle on freenode14:48
xrfanghello after use encfs (or any fuse tool like sshfs) to mount a directory, the target directory is owned by ROOT, how to solve this (i.e. keep the mounted folder to myself so that I can write to it without sudo.14:49
petrvsxrfang: mount it as non-root in the first place14:52
petrvsmaggots: /msg alist list *fedora*14:52
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jxshxxHello - If I dual boot using 2 different Linux OS, can I use the second OS to mount and access the other partition?14:56
xrfangpetrvs, I did NOT mount it as root14:56
petrvsxrfang: then what you mounted is all owned by root, chown it14:57
petrvsjxshxx: sure14:57
xrfangpetrvs: you are right it is owned by root, but I am having problem chown it. I will try to solve that first...14:58
gtrmtxhey guys im having a nightmare getting my network to work properly on the main server...running version 3.4 and here's what my /etc/network/interfaces and ifconfig looks like: https://pastee.org/767aq14:59
gtrmtxsorry i need to clarify its proxmox version 3.414:59
jxshxxpetrvs, Would you say it's a fairly easy process, or more advanced?15:00
petrvsjxshxx: easy15:00
jxshxxpetrvs, cool.  I'm on it.  Thanks!15:02
petrvsjxshxx: either it'll just show up in your file manager as a mountable volume, or you can add it to /etc/fstab15:02
IT_GuruUbuntu Unity is complete GARBAGE, JUNK, CRAP !!  Totally shameful coded trash.15:06
IT_GuruDon't agree with me?  Post your comments here:  www.googledrive.com/host/0BzPzPOUFeX8acWRoU0RXd3VPdEU15:06
IT_GuruGive a good reason to like unity.  noobs15:06
petrvsIT_Guru: what if we don't care what you think either way? =)15:07
IT_Gurupetrvs, submit your comment :- )15:08
cheetahw26is there anyway to configure wifi with Network-Manager using shell?15:09
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tr3yI'm a bit of a linux noob running ubuntu 14.04, was wondering if someone could tell me how to install libimobiledevice-1.2.0? I downloaded and extracted the package to a folder and I don't know which commands to run in the terminal to install it15:10
boreetotr3y: you should just normally use apt-get to install things15:12
boreetoso use apt-cache search <name> to search for a package15:13
petrvscheetahw26: nmtui15:13
boreetoand then apt-get install <name> to install the package15:13
petrvstr3y: very much what boreeto said15:13
boreetotr3y: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/apt-get.html15:14
tr3yGreat, thanks everyone.15:15
petrvsfxw: adios15:16
stacks88on most of my ubuntu systems, if i type a command that belongs to a package that is NOT installed, it tells me what it is..  (The program 'rz' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:), can someone tell me what package i need to install on this new ubuntu 14.04 to get this?15:17
stacks88when i type a command it doesnt tell me that message15:17
petrvsstacks88: command-not-found15:18
stacks88ah yes thanks15:18
petrvsvia: https://www.google.com/search?btnI=&q=ubuntu+program+not+currently+installed15:18
cheetahw26I have nm-tool, but not nmtui...15:19
stacks88i did google but i guess i didnt search the right words15:19
cheetahw26oh, it's something I can install...15:19
petrvscheetahw26: might need to run it as root/sudo15:20
petrvsstacks88: what'd you search?15:20
cheetahw26can't find it anywhere... tried searching NetworkManager-tui and just ntui15:24
cheetahw26err... nmtui15:24
herrkinhello ubuntu community, I have  been googling for about a week  about a problem I have with 2 huawei modems that I own. no help so far.15:25
petrvscheetahw26: ask apt-file15:25
herrkinthe thing is that I had a claro huawei modem, it worked just fine, ubuntu switched it to modem and I could see 3 ttyUSB ports in dmesg and they were available in /dev/15:26
Rush2112anyone here have experience with wine and steam? i'm looking to use this https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=14322 but I don't know how I'd install the game, should I launch Steam IN Wine and install the game while in the WIne emulator?15:26
herrkinbut now after I plugged a second huawei modem, this time from digitel venezuela I cant access the ports15:26
herrkinthey show up in dmesg as ttyUSB* but when I go to /dev/ they are not there15:27
herrkinthere is a file which I cannot access called huawei_mobile15:27
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
herrkinits not a port.15:27
herrkinI dont know what todo, I need to finish an app for a company and now I cant access any of those phones15:28
herrkinI mean modems15:28
herrkinboth modems show 3 ttyUSB in dmesg but they dont appear in /dev/15:28
cheetahw26nope.. nothing... I'm running on armhf with 12.04 maybe it's not available there... looks like exactly what I need though, wonder if I can compile and install from source?15:30
conorMcGregor9whats the difference between installing something with 'sudo' or using sudo -i, then installing?15:31
k1lconorMcGregor9: there is none. but the risk of doing wrong commands is bigger on the root-shell since there is no"you are not allowed to do that".15:32
HoloPedwhich command line will return the main dev that the OS is mounted on? Like sba or sdb15:34
conorMcGregor9k1l, i used sudo -i, then installed newer version of ruby, when i sudo -i, the application works, when i use 'sudo app' it says cannot find command15:34
boreetoHoloPed: mount will tell you whats mounted where15:34
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conorMcGregor9sudo uses the /root/.basrc file?15:35
k1lconorMcGregor9: well. when talking about installing i thought you were using the package management with apt-get15:35
boreetoalso sudo fdisk -l is useful to see what discs / partitions you have15:35
k1lconorMcGregor9: there is a difference in the env variables, of course.15:35
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:35
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HoloPedboreeto, how do you use mount to show what is mounted to / ?15:36
conorMcGregor9k1l, well i actually installed it under normal user, i then used sudo -i to set it as the default version15:36
csbHoloPed, mount | grep " on / "15:37
conorMcGregor9now sudo command doesnt work, only sudo -i, the command works15:37
HoloPedcsb, thanks15:37
conorMcGregor9k1l, you know why this is happening?15:39
k1lconorMcGregor9: see if its in users PATH15:39
conorMcGregor9yeah it is15:39
k1land see the bots message for explaining at the end15:40
conorMcGregor9the application is15:40
k1l!sudo | conorMcGregor915:40
ubottuconorMcGregor9: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:40
k1li need to leave now for training15:40
csbHoloPed, If you want only the device name you can use: mount | grep " on / " | sed 's/[ \t].*//;/^$/d'15:44
HoloPedoh nice15:45
HoloPedcan you tweak that to return only sdb15:45
HoloPedthat is just voodoo to me15:45
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boreetoHoloPed: it gets a bit more tricky if your distro installs with KVM as default15:46
boreetobut generally mount should give you all you need15:47
asadmoosviHi, I a using a Dell 13" 7348 notebook. Should I have secure boot enabled?15:47
petrvsasadmoosvi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#SecureBoot15:47
boreetoasadmoosvi: I _think_ that with the new Ubuntu boot CD/DVD they will detect if your machine uses UEFI now15:48
boreetowhat petrvs says :)15:49
phinzeutlemming: ping and hello! wanted to chat with you about the cloud-images automation pipeline, specifically the vagrant portion. feel free to msg me directly or direct me to another room and/or person.15:49
asadmoosviboreeto: Secure boot is currently disabled on my system and I'm not facing any issues. I am just wondering whether enabling it makes any difference?15:49
petrvsif it ain't broke, don't fix it15:51
zunowhats up15:52
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Rush2112If I install a program using Wine, where do I go to launch it via Wine?15:59
=== frknegeoztrk is now known as egemaster
heeenhow the heck was it possible for grub to update in such a way that my system would not boot anymore16:00
TJ-heeen: That depends on what happened previously and what the specific symptoms are16:01
heeenTJ-: I have a GPT formatted disk without a bios boot partition16:03
heeenit seems before GRUB was able to fit into just the MBR?16:03
heeenI rebooted after some updates and now it refused to boot16:03
TJ-heeen: Was the system booting in UEFI mode?16:04
heeenI used a 15.10 live disk to chroot and reinstall grub, which told me it would have to use blocklists or something16:04
heeenso I had to add a partition for just grub16:04
heeenI just wonder how it could even end up in this state16:04
heeenI prefer an outdated grub over a non-booting system16:05
heeenthe system in question runs 14.1016:05
Beetlejuicehello fayez16:10
ernalveHi. I have this problem: I tried replacing unity desktop with Mate but after removing unity and while installing mate, my ubuntu session logged out. Now, Ubuntu won't login: it asks for my password but says it's not correct. ¿What can I do?16:10
jhutchinsheeen: Do you have an encrypted disk?16:10
Beetlejuicedo you have use aptitude for remove?16:10
PiciBeetlejuice: for removing packages? You can use aptitude, or apt-get, or whatever gui package managers you prefer.16:11
jhutchinsernalve: It's possible that you manged to set or create files owned by root in your home directory.16:11
Beetlejuiceernalve: log on tty1 with your user pass ( control + alt + f3 ) and log and: passwd16:11
jhutchinsernalve: Can you log in on the console?16:11
BeetlejuicePici i know yeah yeah16:11
Beetlejuicei removed kde, and unity, for xfce, so i meant i used aptitude16:12
ernalveI removed Unity on the terminal, pasting code I found on the web. I think it was trough apt-get16:12
Beetlejuiceernalve: its odd you cant log or you log but get "kicked"?16:12
ernalveI can't log16:13
Beetlejuiceif you cant log due the password reboot in safe mode and change the user pass16:13
Beetlejuicei have a problem with lightdm, it shows the mouse when i boot but no X. i need to killall lightdm and log with X16:13
xanguaernalve: what code? what web? the MATE wiki has specific instructions, you don't need to follow a random site instructions16:14
Beetlejuicewell thats not critical16:14
ernalveI tried safe mode -or a similar option that I found on the grub- but it still asks for password16:14
Beetlejuiceat some point the screen was white so i backup xorg.conf .. long history16:14
Beetlejuiceernalve: if you dont have the root password i meant ... i have no possible solution idea so reinstall16:15
Beetlejuicetry to lon on tty16:15
Beetlejuiceits a good idea every time you install make a : sudo passwd16:16
ernalveok, I know the root password but it just won't work for login on the gui desktop. What is tty?16:17
Beetlejuicepress Alt+Control+F1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,916:17
Beetlejuicethats tty1,2,3,,6,7,8,9 ^16:17
jhutchinsUsually there are only 6 VTs.16:18
Beetlejuiceoki doki16:18
Beetlejuiceyes jhutchins16:18
Beetlejuicefor example my f8 anf f9 doesnt work16:18
jhutchinsX usually takes No. 7.16:18
Beetlejuiceor 116:18
Beetlejuiceor 9...16:18
Beetlejuicebut yes on linux usually 716:19
Beetlejuicefreebsd takes 8 or 9 i dont remember16:19
Beetlejuicewell thats random i suppose it varies depending your vga16:19
ernalvedo I need to press all this keys at the same time? on a terminal? what should I do after this?16:20
Beetlejuiceat the same time alt + control + 1 (to) 716:20
ernalveby the way: this is the web that I followed http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/08/install-mate-desktop-ubuntu-14-04-lts16:20
Beetlejuiceits something like "internal terminal" of linux16:20
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
Beetlejuiceyou are using 14.04?16:21
=== apoplexy is now known as blonde_19f_cali
Beetlejuiceah... well change the user password login on tty1 as root16:21
Beetlejuicethen passwd user16:21
Beetlejuicebut make sure lightdm or whatever login manager you are using, its rejecting you due the password16:22
Beetlejuiceif is not rejecting your user for the password all we are doing is useless16:22
Beetlejuiceyou should consider creating another user16:24
Beetlejuicesee man adduser ; or man useradd16:24
gambl0reare you supposed to install npm and nodejs as regular user or as root?16:28
gambl0rei dont understand..16:29
ernalveok, I will go back to linux -I'm using windows from my dual boot right now- and I'll tell you how it goes. thanks16:30
petrvsgambl0re: I wouldn't install either16:33
Beetlejuiceok good luck16:33
vbgunzI have a weird problem. I have to boot up twice *TWICE* in order to boot up once successfully. The first time, it's a black screen that never changes. I ctrl+alt+del and reboot, go through the grub menu, hit enter and it boots up successfully. This happens every time, what the hell is happening?16:34
xanguathere is no "code to remove unity" there ern16:34
vbgunzalso, my grub refuses to detect Windows 7 or another ubuntu installation16:34
sgo11hi, I got an android phone. I have two computers. One is a laptop which is running 14.04 64bit OS. Another one is a PC which is running 14.04 i386 OS. My PC can detect my android phone and mount the mtp storage automatically. but my laptop does nothing. why? thanks.16:35
gambl0renpm WARN uninstall not installed in /usr/lib/node_modules: "ember-cli"16:40
gambl0rewhat does this mean? how do i uninstall ember-cli using npm16:41
=== Artpicre_ is now known as Guest33794
heeenjhutchins: no16:44
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
chotaz`wIs it possible to get automatic DHCP settings for my network connection and overwrite just the DNS Servers?16:45
sgo11chotaz`w, a hardcoded way. try to change the file "/etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head"16:49
ernalveHi. I'm back (I removed Unity and now can't login on ubuntu). I just tried changing my password but on the terminal it says that such user does not exist. I also tried creating a new user but this error arised: could not block etc/group. It also showed a message reporting error 10 in regard to usr/sbin/groupadd -g 100116:52
Jen88can someone give me the commandline install openvpn thank or links to web page16:52
ernalvewhat can I do next?16:52
xanguathere is no "code to remove unity" in the instructions you followed ernalve16:52
chotaz`wsgo11, that'll work, thanks a bunch!16:53
Jen88i want install on 15.0416:53
sgo11chotaz`w, you're welcome. :)16:53
ernalveyou're right xangua. I removed it following with this code: sudo apt-get remove unity unity-asset-pool unity-control-center unity-control-center-signon unity-gtk-module-common unity-lens* unity-services unity-settings-daemon unity-webapps* unity-voice-service16:54
ernalveI got this from here: http://blog.desdelinux.net/eliminar-unity-e-instalar-mate-cinnamon-ubuntu-14-10/16:54
ses1984i have an ubuntu desktop with a VPN connection configured through network manager. i need to activate this VPN connection...there's one problem though I only have SSH access to the box now16:55
xanguaernalve: for future references the official MATE wiki has instructions to both install MATE and replace Unity by MATE http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/download16:57
xanguaor you can just do a fresh install of Ubuntu MATE16:58
ernalvethanks, I did a really stupid thing just pasting code from different sites: Now I want to recover access to my linux OS and files. What should i do?16:59
=== chreuben_ is now known as chreuben
petrvshi arp17:05
petrvsernalve: what's the problem?17:05
ernalveThis is my current issue: I removed unity and tried installing Mate. After that my session logged out and now when I try to log in it says the login attempt has failed17:06
ernalveI removed Unity from a terminal using this code: sudo apt-get remove unity unity-asset-pool unity-control-center unity-control-center-signon unity-gtk-module-common unity-lens* unity-services unity-settings-daemon unity-webapps* unity-voice-service17:08
ernalvepetrvs: I'm reading this article: http://askubuntu.com/questions/283985/unable-to-load-session-ubuntu-in-12-0417:12
ernalveit looks like a similar problem. The difference is that I'm on 14.0417:12
ernalveand when I tried using apt-get from terminal -after the problem- I got an error report in relation to var/lib/dpkg/lock17:13
colbyfernalve, if no package manger is running, then delete the lock file17:14
colbyfthat includes ubuntu store or synaptics manager17:14
myndzifwiw i was in here the other day asking about a cron problem and managed to run down the rest of it today; had to install an mta in local mode to get cron output, modify the path environment (within the crontab) so node could be found, and you certainly can have commands of the form "cd /workingdir && ./script" in a crontab file17:14
TJ-ernalve: did you use "sudo apt-get ..." ?17:14
=== neewbee is now known as melting
colbyfits sayign locked so the command is executing17:15
colbyfsry you could be very right17:15
ernalveYes, I used sudo17:16
TJ-ernalve: That can be a transient issue if the update checker is running, which will sometimes happend very shortly after booting. Does that same error get reported every time you try the command?17:17
IntranetSupportRHi guys...when u have the time...I kinda need some help with an Ubuntu 14.04.01...17:18
jhutchinsernalve: Rather obviously you need sudo to run aptitude.17:19
petrvsIntranetSupportR: when you have time, go ahead and specify the problem17:19
jhutchinsIntranetSupportR: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?17:19
ernalveYes, I actually can't login to ubuntu. I boot to the login screen and when I write my password it says login attempt failed. I've tried going to a terminal as root, and I got this messages.17:20
IntranetSupportRI have a server installed with ESXi and an Ubuntu VM on top of it, the server has a RAID 5 ... with 3 disks...one disk crashed last night...afterwards the VM won't init...instead it's halting17:20
vbgunzI have this issue where my Kubuntu installation can no longer find any other OS throughout the system. grub refuses to see Windows 7 or Kubuntu 15.04. How can I fix this?17:20
IntranetSupportRit throws: init failsafe main process killed by term signal17:20
darthanubisvbgunz, try #kubuntu17:21
conorMcGregor9vbgunz, have u tried an update-grub?17:21
vbgunztoo few people in there, grub should be the same on both, I'm hoping for better luck here17:21
vbgunzyes, update-grub only finds my main installation17:21
conorMcGregor9you could add it manually17:22
IntranetSupportRI've booted the VM with a live CD, mounted the lvm volumes and I've looked in dmesg syslog kernlog and boot.log.... I don't understand much of what I see...17:22
fulanitoI am using an ubuntu distro remotely17:22
JohnDoe1972guys what the FUCK !!!! Im on a xp laptop and it says i have to update adobe flash player and java but when i try to update jave it says XP is too old 0_017:22
fulanitounfortunately I activated the ufw without ssh rule17:22
JohnDoe1972this is just to watch you tube videos17:22
gambl0reshit i changed the permissions of usr/lib and  now i cant use any sudo commands....how do i fix this17:22
fulanitoI have unmounted the volume and attached it to another instance17:23
fulanitothe question is17:23
JohnDoe1972dam i used to be able to watch video on win 98 ffs17:23
xanguaJohnDoe1972: no curses here and this is #ubuntu not ##windows17:23
JohnDoe1972ohh :)17:23
JohnDoe1972my appologies17:23
IntranetSupportRJohnDoe1972: XP is deprecated....upgrade to some sort of linux distro :)17:23
TJ-gambl0re: reboot in recovery mode, or break into the initrd shell, mount the file-system read/write, and correct the permissions17:23
JohnDoe1972im in the process of doing so17:23
fulanitowhat conf file I need to edit inorder to disable ufw17:23
fulanitoor add ssh rule17:23
JohnDoe1972going for kylie 14.0417:23
conorMcGregor9JohnDoe1972, why not put win 7 on?17:23
JohnDoe1972ive 7 on my desktop17:24
JohnDoe1972i liketo keep xp around17:24
ernalveI read this http://askubuntu.com/questions/283985/unable-to-load-session-ubuntu-in-12-04 and I'd like to try it. What do you think?17:24
JohnDoe1972its an old laptop !17:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:24
gambl0recan you give me a walkthrough?....17:24
JohnDoe1972conorMcGregor9, its an old laptop17:24
fulanitoany help?17:24
JohnDoe1972i really resent being forced to upgrade applications and hardware so i can do the same damn thing17:25
conorMcGregor9JohnDoe1972, just put ubuntu on it lol17:25
JohnDoe1972im going to17:25
JohnDoe1972this is why ive got this channel open17:25
IntranetSupportRpetrvs: I don't know if you saw my story few lines up the page...can you please give me a hint on that issue - thank you17:26
JohnDoe1972hypothetically ! i install ubuntu on say 20 - 30 gig partition using grub !! than later u decide to abandon windows anderase it from its partition. can i then recover that partition an enlarge my ubunto partition to encompass it ?17:26
fulanitoJohnDoe1972, can you help me?17:27
conorMcGregor9hypthetically speaking i beleive thats possible17:27
IntranetSupportR I have a server installed with ESXi and an Ubuntu VM on top of it, the server has a RAID 5 ... with 3 disks...one disk crashed last night...afterwards the VM won't init...instead it throws: init failsafe main process killed by term signal, thing is ESXi is booting and acting good, the VM is starting...but at one point....kernel panic and dies17:28
JohnDoe1972fulanito, 0_0 im no expert but will try !17:28
conorMcGregor9although i had problems with doing that before JohnDoe1972, apparently the space had to be at the end of the disk lol17:28
JohnDoe1972fulanito, what appears to be the problem ?17:28
fulanitoI enabled ufw without ssh rule17:28
fulanitoso I dont have access to the instance17:28
fulanitoI detached the volume and attached to another instance17:28
JohnDoe1972ahh im the wrong man to talk too17:28
vbgunzwell, I tried again for the 15th time to try and manually add an entry to grub. let's see if this one gets me to the menu which is all I want17:28
JohnDoe1972im a beginner like you  !17:28
petrvsIntranetSupportR: if I were you I'd convert the system to be raidless17:29
fulanitoany one?17:29
petrvsany one what17:29
fulanitopetrus, who can help me? I need to edit ufw rules manuelly either to desable it or to add ssh rule17:30
fulanitocause I cant connet to the instance17:30
fulanitoI have already attached the volume to another instance17:30
fulanitobut I dont know what files I need to edit to disabel or add ssh rule17:30
fulanitopetrus, do you know the answer?17:31
IntranetSupportRpetrvs: I'm looking for a way to make it boot normally again...though If I can't do it...I will reinstall and reintegrate all services and web content on a new instance...but that's kinda time consuming17:31
conorMcGregor9fulanito, what is the ufw running on?17:31
fulanitowhat do you mean? the disto is ubuntu 14.0417:32
IntranetSupportRpetrvs: would fsck repair anything if the issue is generated by the failed RAID ?17:32
conorMcGregor9can u physically access the machine?17:32
conorMcGregor9and disable the ufw?17:32
fulanitonope, it is a virtual instance17:32
fulanitoso I move the volume to another one and attached it17:32
IntranetSupportRpetrvs: thing is the VM is simple lvm...no raid...the raid si hardware based and VMWare ESXi between hardware and VM...so17:33
TJ-*never* use RAID5 these days, and especially *never* with 3 disks!17:34
armguyIs there a way to prevent a route defined in transport to not fall back to other gateways if the route in transport has an outage? I am running 12.04.*17:34
conorMcGregor9fulanito, wont it be quick to just setup another virtual instance?17:34
IntranetSupportRTJ: I agree...is not my server...I just have the honor to repair it :)17:35
fulanitonope; because I have stuff in ther I need17:35
fulanitoto be running17:35
fulanitoI mean this instance has a lot of configuraton17:35
TJ-IntranetSupportR: I sympathise! It sounds like at least one of the VMs has been corrupted. Is the array still rebuilding?17:36
tomorrowExcuse me. In konsole terminal, C-return C-. C-; C-= didn't work, have a good solution? Someone help me, thks.17:36
armguyIs there a way to prevent a route defined in transport to not fall back to other gateways if the route in transport has an outage? I am running 12.04.*17:37
armguymaybe asking about cntrl + c ?17:38
conorMcGregor9but if hes pressing c + return in the console...17:38
IntranetSupportRTJ: thing is I removed the bad disk but I don't have a good one to replace now... so is running in two disks with array in status degraded... in theory I should be fine right ? I mean...ESXi is running ok...the VM tries to boot but it hangs with kernel panic...what I don't understand...what is the reason...did the Ubuntu got a crash right when that disk member failed or this is a permanent error until the moment the RAID will be back in normal m17:39
tomorrowIn terminal, emacs's keybinding.17:40
IntranetSupportRTJ: right now I'm copying the VM files and transfer them to another healthy ESXi server... I'll import the vmx file and start the VM ... see what happens17:40
TJ-IntranetSupportR: In theory the array should operate in degraded mode, but this is one of the issues with RAID5... there are so many complex variations that can cause failures. At the least the parity is incorrect. At worst the data is.17:41
lisbethOn ubuntu server 14.04 64 bit i don't have an /etc/shells directory and I am not sure why17:41
IntranetSupportRTJ: thing is even if I can't manage to start the VM...I have access to data...my fear now is when I'll try to copy the data from a live cd to a ssh / ftp destination.... if it fails to read .... damn17:43
IntranetSupportRTJ: from your experience ... when Ubuntu is virtualized...I guess there's less to troubleshoot than if Ubuntu would run on physical server ?17:44
petrvsthere's less (virtual) hardware you could be using, so sure17:45
IntranetSupportROk guys... thanx for your time and thoughts...I appreaciate...have a great day all !17:46
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armguyIs there a way to prevent a route defined in transport to not fall back to other gateways if the route in transport has an outage? I am running 12.04.*17:47
ImJuneThe software center is not finding my gtx960 drivers like it used to (14.04lts)17:52
notpratheekHello, I got a question, why are the packages in ubuntu 14.04 LTS a bit outdated ?17:53
ImJuneIt was finding them before with issues17:53
ShapeShifter499so I'm getting the following error running ubuntu inside of a chroot17:54
ShapeShifter499sudo: effective uid is not 0, is /usr/bin/sudo on a file system with the 'nosuid' option set or an NFS file system without root privileges?17:54
armguycause 14.04 is not bleeding edge its an lts release notpratheek. Things get locked and slowly pushed out17:54
ShapeShifter499any ideas why guys?17:54
notpratheekarmguy: is it possible to track packages' progress ? (cause I wanted to follow about golang, which is currently 1.2.1 in 14.04,but the newest is 1.4.2)17:55
ImJunethis is so lame17:55
ImJunewas fine before17:55
xangua!latest | notpratheek17:55
ubottunotpratheek: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:55
armguysee if there is a ppa maybe? Ubuntu is not the best OS for staying in line with upstream releases17:56
ImJuneeven can't find the proper packages when I run apt-get17:56
armguystability != older packages17:56
armguyUbuntu's "stability" is in their locking of packages, and "stability" is really relative and is by no mean more so through a locked lts setup that only gets specific updates for specific reasons.17:57
notpratheekarmguy: Oh ok ! got it ! :) (recently shifted from Fedora, which is why I was wondering about these slightly older packages !)17:58
ImJunestability lol I would actually get mad about that statement if ubuntu wasn't free17:58
armguysame here Ubuntu is more unstable than my Arch Linux prod boxes17:58
ImJunebut the community is kinder17:59
armguybut my company insists on Ubuntu in prod. Gotta love the endless will not fix bugs in lts versions17:59
ImJuneI can't stand arch17:59
ImJuneI get more love in the BSD world17:59
OerHeksImJune, support for gtx960 came with the 346 driver  http://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/81252/en-us  which is not standard in 14.0418:00
pbxstop debating distros or i'll start saying how much i love windows18:00
ernalvesHi, everyone. I'm back with the same problem: uninstalled Unity, tried to install Mate and now can't login. I just tried to reinstall ubuntu-desktop from terminal using the guidelines here http://askubuntu.com/questions/283985/unable-to-load-session-ubuntu-in-12-0418:00
armguyI dont care about love in a community I want solid stuff that gets fixed. Not stuf with many will not fix bugs. Then you get to piece meal together some BS fix to work around crap that should be fixed18:00
ImJuneI already downloaded those drivers Oer18:00
OerHeks!ot | armguy18:00
ubottuarmguy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:00
ImJuneI just need to install them I wish I could just get the update app to see it18:00
OerHeksand watch your language please, thanks.18:00
armguylol I am answering what someone asked18:01
armguyhow is crap a bad word?18:01
armguyI did not say shit !18:01
ShapeShifter499crud is better18:01
ImJuneI dunno this guy is power tripping or something18:01
ernalvesbut I got an error message: can't write /var/libr/dpkg/lock (read only) and can't write to var/cache/apt either18:01
armguyhow so I am answering a questions someone else had and giving my opinion. When is sharing ones opinion a power trip?18:02
armguyDid not realize #ubuntu is communist controlled entity where opinions are not welcome to questions about Ubuntu lts and the locked packages in it18:02
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
ernalvesI tried sudo rm /var/libr/apt/lists/lock but it says read only again... what can I do?18:03
OerHeksImJune, xorg edgers provides nvidia 346 349 352 https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa18:03
notpratheekernalves: that means apt-get is running (somewhere)18:03
ImJuneOer thanks18:03
notpratheekernalves: which is why, you can't run another process of apt-get18:04
ImJunein fairness I don't like arch rolling release system either it has broken on my AMD hardware many times18:05
ImJunearch is so far from beginner friendly18:05
gambl0remy ubuntu vm is messed up....display is lagging, the menu at the top of the app (file, edit, view search) is constantly hiding and showing, sudo commands arent working.18:05
armguyif you want beginner friendly sure not for you.18:05
gambl0reanybody can help me?18:05
notpratheekImJune: what about Fedora ?18:05
armguybut watchout ImJune you are not off topic18:05
mrchairmanMy monitor keeps shutting off, even though I set it not to. What can I do?18:05
ImJuneFedora is ok18:05
ImJuneI mean its similar to centOS that I use at work18:05
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:06
ImJunewell I don't use a gui therer18:06
ernalvesnotpratheek: I see what you mean, what should I do?18:06
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icerootif have a mount point in /etc/fstab, as it seems since ubuntu 15.04 /etc/fstab is not used automaticly anymore? on older ubuntu version and debian the /etc/fstab mountpoint is still working, of 15.04 i have to execute sudo mount -a  to get all my points from that file. so were there any changes?18:09
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
AmazonianDude_not sure whats going on guys but my ubuntu desktop crashed while playing a youtube video18:09
AmazonianDude_and it went to a black screen18:09
AmazonianDude_then a series of fast moving text18:09
AmazonianDude_then kicked back to login screen18:09
jhutchinsAmazonianDude_: Sounds like it rebooted.18:10
jhutchinsernalves: Do you know how to list running processes?18:11
ernalvesno, please tell me how18:11
AmazonianDude_Alls I was doing was playing a 45 minute video on a 64 bit system, with 8 GB RAM installed, AMD R7-240 Graphics card. and it forced a reboot? o.o18:11
jhutchinsAmazonianDude_: Could've hit a temp limit.18:11
jhutchinsAmazonianDude_: When was the last time you cleaned the cooling system?18:11
mrchairmanI ran out of space on my hard drive because I had 3 virtual machines. I didn't think a VM was that big.18:12
AmazonianDude_I cleaned the fans not too long ago18:12
AmazonianDude_I don't think it's a temp limit. The fans are blowing cold air18:12
jhutchinsAmazonianDude_: Is lm_sensors installed?18:13
AmazonianDude_How to check?18:13
AmazonianDude_I don't know I just fear for the possibilty someone remotely connected to my desktop or something. idk.18:13
ImJuneI am going to try ubuntu 15.04 lts18:14
ImJuneoops I mean just 15.0418:14
ImJunelast time it found the drivers for my card with no fuss18:14
conorMcGregor9ernalves, ps aux18:15
ImJuneI give up on 14.04 on this machine18:15
ImJuneI have already lost over an hour trying to get this graphics driver working18:15
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
conorMcGregor915.04 is dev/testing?18:15
xangua!15.04 | conorMcGregor918:16
ubottuconorMcGregor9: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/vivid18:16
conorMcGregor9O.o lol18:16
ImJuneyes but it is not an LTS18:16
ImJune9 month support on the odd numbers usually18:16
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu and is the latest !LTS version. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes18:16
AmazonianDude_I have 15.04 installed on a 120 GB SSD18:16
ImJuneI want an SSD18:16
ImJunefor my desktop18:16
ImJuneI should sell myself somewhere for a PciE one lel18:17
AmazonianDude_What desktop hardware you got?18:17
ImJuneAMD a8 760018:17
ernalvesI can do a ps aux and report back, the issue is that I'm currently on windows -from my dual boot- because ubuntu just won't login. Is there a way to save the ps aux results to my windows drive so I can later paste it for you?18:17
ImJuneasrock mini itx board18:17
ObrienDaveOMG i just had to completely disable IPV6 to properly update my system :S18:17
ImJunegtx 960 evga18:18
ImJunehard drives suck 1 is a 1tb toshiba sshd which is slow anyway and the other a WD black 750gb18:18
ImJunewhich I install nix systems on18:18
conorMcGregor9ernalves, you can mount your windows hard drive, then just output the result '>' to the mount18:18
ImJuneoh yea ram is 2400mhz radeon 8gb 4gb x 218:18
AmazonianDude_AMD FX-6000 6-Core CPU, R7-240 Graphics18:19
AmazonianDude_8 gig ram18:19
ImJuneI have an extra r7-240 4gb version here18:19
ImJuneits xfx18:19
ImJunelow profile18:19
ImJuneused to run it in hybrid crossfire18:19
AmazonianDude_And 3 hard drives, 1tb Windows 7 drive, upgradable to W10 next month, 120 gb ssd running ubuntu 15.0418:19
AmazonianDude_and this 500gb hdd running ubuntu 14.0418:20
ImJuneI want a new motherboard and an intel chip18:20
ImJuneI just feel more compatibility18:20
ImJunex99 sabertooth18:20
ImJuneand maybe the 6 core intel 5XXX I dunno the numbers18:21
Beetlejuiceintel mobos are good18:21
Beetlejuice5920 5920 or 596018:21
ImJuneI don't think intel makes them18:21
Johnny_Linuxasus or bust18:21
Beetlejuiceeh 593018:21
ImJunethey make cpu I know that18:21
ImJunemaybe an ssd or two18:21
Beetlejuice1 os 240 is enought18:22
Beetlejuiceof of18:22
ImJuneyeah maybe my wife is getting me a new ssd soon18:22
Beetlejuicei have 1 tb18:22
ImJuneI evesdropped :)18:22
Beetlejuiceno no, there's ssd, sata, and a hybrid ssd-sata, this is sata18:23
ImJunesata is a connection type18:23
Beetlejuicei meant big18:23
ImJunessd can be sata PCie18:23
Beetlejuiceeh yes18:23
Beetlejuice"normal" not fast18:23
ImJuneso your 1tb drive is non ssd18:24
Beetlejuicei have 2 ports of those on the mobo with 2x1tb18:24
ImJuneits an HDD18:24
Beetlejuiceno its not18:24
ImJunesame here18:24
Beetlejuicehard disk drive indeed18:24
jhutchinsIt might be a good idea to take this discussion to ##hardware or somewhere it's not off-topic.18:24
ImJunemine is a toshiba hybrid but its performance is a joke18:24
Beetlejuicethis is ubuntu relate ImJune18:24
Beetlejuicei was duding18:24
ImJunesure Or I can just reboot try installing 15.04 and not punch my screen18:25
Beetlejuicei installed 15.04 succesfully with a tcl bot which works18:25
Beetlejuiceusually he doesnt work18:26
Beetlejuiceis for make server ops etc for ircd18:26
Beetlejuiceglines etc18:26
PiciIs there a support question you had?18:26
Beetlejuicei ran a old ircu local with a znc, the bot, etc18:27
Beetlejuiceno Pici sorry18:27
PiciBeetlejuice: #ubuntu-offtopic exists if you just want to chat, there are a bunch of us there.18:27
Beetlejuicei dont understand why that bot works on my setup and not on normal ubuntu18:27
BeetlejuicePici: wait18:28
BeetlejuicePici:  http://pastebin.com/cXVRYipg ^18:28
PiciBeetlejuice: Perhaps it only supports specific versions of tcl?18:30
=== massoo_ is now known as massoo
Beetlejuiceperhaps but you cant imagine how many versions of tcl i've installed and technically should be only 8.5x18:31
Beetlejuicei will case i loose this installation 8.5.x all of them ty18:32
lisbethWhat is it called when you send data requests to a server in the url, and then the server outputs the answers back in the page content?18:36
jhutchinslisbeth: An API?18:37
lisbethjhutchins: Maybe. I'll ask again if it turns out that's not what it is.18:38
gambl0rei f*cking hate linux...18:39
jpdsgambl0re: Noone's forcing you to use it.18:39
lisbethgambl0re: why?18:39
gambl0rei spend more time troubleshooting problems then doing actual work..18:39
lisbethgambl0re: how long have you been using linux. After you get used to it becomes easy18:40
gambl0reim now reinstalling ubuntu for the like the 3rd time now cause something got screwed up..18:40
jpdsgambl0re: What are you trying to do?18:40
flexushi. did something change in 3.19.0-21 lowlatency? i got a "usb 1-3-port4: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?" on my snd_usb_audio18:40
gambl0rei was trying to install some packages using npm, as usual i was getting error messages18:41
gambl0regoogled for like an hour18:41
gambl0retried uninstall a couple other packages, as usual, getting errors.18:42
gambl0regoogle for another hour..18:42
gambl0refuck this18:42
vbgunzI have an nvidia card and noticed that on one boot, I boot up and my terminals are blank. completely blank, I didn't know this but cryptsetup was stopping me from booting up because it was asking for a password and I never saw the prompt. anyhow, the terminals remain dark even after logging in. How do I get my terminals back?18:42
jpdsgambl0re: Stop wanting to use npm?18:42
lisbethgambl0re: The package manager for ubuntu is called APT, and is the main way you should be installing packages. What were you trying to install?18:43
vbgunzif I reboot, every other boot, the terminals work and I can see prompts, etc. it's the weirdest issue18:43
gambl0reit doesnt matter now...i already started the reinstalltion process..18:43
lisbethgambl0re: If you let us talk you through your issues I can almost garuntee you we can teach you how to solve the problem on your own next time. Why don't you explain in detail the steps you were taking and where the problem has arisen?18:44
lisbethgambl0re: Some of us have been using linux for multiple years and are experts.18:45
zykotick9vbgunz: the black VTs is common when you use nvidia.com's driver.  Did you?18:45
vbgunzzykotick9: yeah, on 14.10 but no on 15.04 (used the provided driver)18:46
gambl0rei cant really explain to you the problem cause i dont really know. i was trying to install some web development packages (nodejs, ember) and they require npm18:46
cheetahw26I want to continue to use network-manager, but I can't figure out how to connect to a wifi network with wpa2 via the command line...18:46
gambl0reand whenn i try installing using npm shit never works..18:46
geniivbgunz: Sometimes it keeps toggling between Intel and Nvidia if you have one of those hybrid cards18:46
vbgunzit's the same issue though on 14.10 and 15.04. one boot, it's a black screen, the next boot I can see everything fine18:46
jpdsgambl0re: There's a package for nodejs.18:47
jpds!info nodejs | gambl0re18:47
vbgunzhmm.. the intel onboard graphics is not plugged in. every display is plugged into the nvidia card18:47
ubottugambl0re: nodejs (source: nodejs): evented I/O for V8 javascript. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.10.25~dfsg2-2ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 672 kB, installed size 3094 kB18:47
gambl0rei dont even know what you just said right here..18:48
jpdsgambl0re: sudo apt-get install nodejs18:48
lisbethgambl0re: Keep in mind some of the people on here are very smart but not very good at explaining things.18:48
jpdsgambl0re: Installs nodejs from the official repos.18:48
regeditTJ-: heya18:49
gambl0reok let me ask you guys this...18:49
TJ-regedit: Hey. How you progressing?18:49
gambl0rewhen i install ANYTHING using package manager, do i run using sudo or user?18:49
jpdsgambl0re: sudo.18:49
gambl0rei keep getting conflicting answers...18:50
lisbethjhutchins: I think an API is the solution I was looking for.18:50
regeditTJ-: not too well unfortunately; removing battery and using AC only didnt seem to help, how is that supposed to disarm intel rapid start anyway?18:50
lisbethgambl0re: to install anything on any linux system you need to be an administrator. In linux we call this a sudoer.18:50
regeditif that is the issue anyway18:50
lisbethgambl0re: to make any command a sudoer command, type sudo infront of it18:50
lisbethgambl0re: Example. "apt-get install firefox" becomes "sudo apt-get install firefox"18:51
vbgunzok, tried something, gotta reboot to test18:51
TJ-regedit: Sometimes that will cause the settings to be cleared in laptops/notebooks.18:51
lisbethgambl0re: you also want to update before you install anything any time you install anything. The command for this is "sudo apt-get update"18:51
gambl0reif i install a package using sudo, does that mean only root has access to those files?18:51
lisbethgambl0re: No. The developer of the package determins who has access to it, unless you change it. Most software can be used by all users.18:52
lisbethgambl0re: however if you are moving around or editing files as sudo or root that will usually cause root to own it.18:53
lisbethgambl0re: Usually you only want to use sudo if you are required to.18:53
TJ-regedit: I'm a bit concerned that the fwts cannot read any variables. That suggests the firmware is customised to a degree where the OS cannot properly 'talk' to it, which might explain why a Windows Recovery can also cause this issue. From my research I believe its cause is that the free space in NVRAM isn't being garbage-collected which is causing weird knock-on effects since some variables cannot be altered.18:53
regeditTJ-: sounds like what that other guy was talking about in that lonely bios-mods forum thread18:54
lisbethgambl0re: the cool thing is there are these things called aliases which can make typing easier on you. You can take a long string like "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install" and make it a single word like "checkinstall." then all you have to type is, checkinstall <packagename> to install something.18:54
Picilisbeth: well, checkinstall is already the name of another tool, so it would be weird to do that.18:55
TJ-regedit: I've finally managed to bisect the kernel to the commit that breaks it - the issue I've been working on since last Friday. At least 1 of us is making progress :)18:55
regeditTJ-: heh :) great success to you!18:56
ubottuvitothe: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:57
regeditTJ-: this is about as close as i ever got to playing with linux kernel - http://eudyptula-challenge.org/18:57
regeditTJ-: well actually, just reading that page, and not actually doing anything with it :p18:57
gambl0reyea but whenever i try to install anything without usng sudo, it always gives me an error msg saying you dont have permission or some BS like that18:57
ernalveHi, I have this problem: I tried replacing Unity with Mate in Ubuntu 14.04 but now I can't login to Ubuntu. I get to the login screen, type my password and get a message saying the login has failed. Any help?18:57
TJ-regedit: I've been doing kernel development since 2005 ... started off by necessity18:58
sha1sumSooooo, my dumb self accidentally created the root mount point on a regular drive and the home directory on a SSD when I meant to do the reverse. How can I use a live USB stick to switch the data and change the bootloader?18:58
lisbethernalve: try ctrl+alt+f1 and see if that takes you to a terminal18:58
gambl0realso i changed the folder permissions on usr/lib and thats when my system started falling apart...18:59
cheetahw26eh... finally found something that works in a checkbox script...18:59
=== Davi is now known as Guest66495
lisbethgambl0re: taht's becuase linux is designed so that you can't install something without sudo. The purpose of this is that only the person who is the administrator of the computer can control what's installed.19:01
qdiiwhy can't I escalate like this: "echo password | sudo -S su"19:01
lisbethgambl0re: It is perfectly ok to use sudo to install software. Just be careful when installing something from third parties.19:01
roryqdii: you can set it up so you can run "sudo su" without a password19:01
roryqdii: and then you wouldn't need to resort to such hackery19:01
regeditTJ-: cool wow, this is the story of the linux world innit19:01
regedithah that's a good pun in(n)it19:02
lisbethgambl0re: everything in your repo should be safe to install. This is one of the benefits of a package management system.19:02
qdiirory my case is a bit complicated, I really need to feed the password19:02
ernalvehey, I get to terminal but can't login from there either19:03
sha1sumCan I just switch the data between the partitions, change /etc/fstab, and change the bootloader configuration?19:03
ernalveit just won't recognize my user as a valid one19:03
qdiiit's a ssh connection established from a php script19:03
maximus2where the  heck is the chat room19:03
lisbethgambl0re: if you are looking for a way to install software that is a little easier than the command line, but a bit better than the ubuntu software center, try using synaptic.19:03
lisbethgambl0re: synaptic is a very good software manager that will take care of alot of the compilcated things for you19:03
roryqdii: look into "expect" - I don't know it in enough detail to help you directly, but it's a way of scriping the input of text into other programs19:03
leshasteI would like to stitch two scanned images together which have a large overlap.. is there a tool for this?19:05
lisbethernalve: are you sure your username and password are correct?19:05
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
ernalvelisbeth: I think so. I'm writing my password as always, no caps lock or mistakes, and the username is the one that shows up on my login screen...19:07
jhutchinsleshaste: You could do it with The Gimp.19:07
pbxleshaste, you mean to find the overlap programmatically?19:07
lisbethernalve: could you show me a picture of your screen?19:07
icerootif have a mount point in /etc/fstab, as it seems since ubuntu 15.04 /etc/fstab is not used automaticly anymore? on older ubuntu version and debian the /etc/fstab mountpoint is still working, of 15.04 i have to execute sudo mount -a  to get all my points from that file. so were there any changes?19:08
ernalvelisbeth: i'm using windows now from my dual boot, because linux won't login19:08
lisbethernalve: do you have a picture phone?19:08
icerootqdii: dont use expect for ssh, its to buggy, there is only one correct way and that is "pubkey". everything else is wrong, insecure and buggy19:09
ernalvelisbeth, not actually19:09
ernalveno phone19:09
ernalvebut I can try any suggestions and report back19:09
icerootqdii: and also sudo su is very wrong, use sudo -i instead and never ever use something like "echo password". its stored in your bash history and maybe also in log files19:10
lisbethernalve: well you are going to want to try a process called recovery19:10
lisbethernalve: if your user and password isn't working there's a few ways to do this19:10
lisbethernalve: one is to try to save your install, and this is by far the hardest option.19:10
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
lisbethernalve: if all you want is the files in your documents and pictures etcetera, then you can just copy them over and then reinstall your ubuntu system19:11
gambl0rei still dont get it...whats the difference if i use sudo or not when installing something?19:11
ernalvelisbeth: that's ok19:11
lisbethgambl0re: if you type sudo it makes the command you are running an admin command19:11
icerootgambl0re: sudo is used to ecexute something as root, if not using sudo, your current user is used19:11
lisbethgambl0re: if you don't type sudo it is not an admin comand19:11
iceroot!sudo | gambl0re19:11
ubottugambl0re: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:11
bekkssudo elevates your privileges to run a command with root privileges.19:12
icerootgambl0re: always use sudo, dont login as root directly19:12
gambl0reif im the only person using this computer then it doesnt really matter19:12
icerootgambl0re: of course it does19:12
lisbethgambl0re: anything that coudl potentially mess up your system, they make you type sudo for two reasons. First of all so that only the administrators can do it. Second of all because they want you to understand that the operation comes with risk.19:12
icerootgambl0re: you are executing EVERYTHING as root when you are logged in as root also in cases where root is not needed19:13
lisbethgambl0re: basically any time you use sudo just be careful19:13
lisbethiceroot: puppy linux runs everything as root19:13
icerootgambl0re: its much easier to kill a system if you are root all the time19:13
icerootlisbeth: and?19:13
icerootlisbeth: windows xp also runs everything as admin19:13
lisbethiceroot just making small talk19:13
SchrodingersScat!ot | lisbeth19:14
ubottulisbeth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:14
ernalvelisbeth: how can I recover my files?19:14
lisbethernalve: pop in your ubuntu disk and when you get to the option to "try ubuntu or install ubuntu" click "try ubuntu". It should give you access to all of your files.19:14
bekksiceroot: Windows XP doesnt run everything as admin. It is the user who logs in with the Administrator account.19:14
icerootbekks: and the default user is an admin account19:15
Bashing-omernalve: Loss of access is often times loos of authorizatio to acces "your" /home . ' ls -al /home ; ls -al /home/<Username> ' Do "you" own the files ?19:15
lisbethSchrodingersScat: The chat isn't very active right now. I don't see the harm in going slightly off topic with this little traffic.19:15
bekksiceroot: And using the Administrator account for your daily work is strongly discouraged, as on every OS. So let's move on.19:16
icerootbekks: but i think we both agree that it is bad to login as admin/root instead of a normal user and only get admin/root access if needed19:16
icerootbekks: +119:16
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ernalveI'm the only user in this computer, I guess that's not the problem19:17
gambl0rei cant do step 3.1 - http://installfest.railsbridge.org/installfest/linux19:17
gambl0reim getting a long ass error msg AS USUAL19:17
Bashing-omernalve: Check and see, will only take a tic in time .19:17
ernalveok, thanks19:17
lisbethgambl0re: for future reference when in IRC getting help, it is beneficial to you to post the guide you are following at the outset of the conversation.19:18
gambl0redo you want me to paste the error message?19:18
lisbethgambl0re: send us the output of your terminal when you attempt step 3.119:18
lisbeththe entire output19:18
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
Bashing-omernalve: Could possibility that "root" owns "your" files ... not "you" . check and make sure with the above.19:18
gambl0rericky@ricky-VB:~$ curl -L get.rvm.io | bash -s stable19:19
gambl0re  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current19:19
gambl0re                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed19:19
gambl0re100   184  100   184    0     0    518      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--   52219:19
gambl0re100 22721  100 22721    0     0  21923      0  0:00:01  0:00:01 --:--:-- 4108619:19
gambl0reDownloading https://github.com/rvm/rvm/archive/1.26.11.tar.gz19:19
mherweghow can i install missing language packs on the command line ?19:19
FalconHow could i use Ubuntu on a currently windows 8 PC19:19
lisbethgambl0re: Oh. Do you know how to open a .tar.gz file?19:19
n344lyFalcon: dual boot or in a virtual19:20
Falcondual boot19:20
gambl0retheres the error msg19:20
n344ly!uefi | Falcon check this19:20
ubottuFalcon check this: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:20
jpdsgambl0re: Dude.19:20
gambl0rei know how to open it using the gui19:20
jpdsgambl0re: ANY software that makes you run a bash script from the internet, is just going to be trouble.19:21
Falconthanks n344ly19:21
mherwegFalcon: boot from stick or DVD19:21
n344lyFalcon: Be sure to preface the user nick your addressing, you can tab complete nicks. ;)19:21
gambl0reim just following instructions....what do i know?19:21
lisbethgambl0re: I think that the keys that that guide uses are expired. Try using this guide for that step: https://rvm.io/rvm/install19:21
gambl0redont blame me, blame the author19:21
Falconmherweg, i have tried that it did install then showed bootstrap error19:22
lisbethgambl0re: I am not blaming you19:22
Falconn344ly, thanks19:22
lisbethgambl0re: it's pretty common19:22
n344lygambl0re: I'm not sure any of that is supported here realistically, just saying.19:22
ubottuWubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.19:23
jpdsgambl0re: If I were you, I would be doing this in a virtual machine.19:23
lisbethjpds: since gambl0re is willing to reformat is machine so readily I don't think that is a necessary step.19:24
n344lymherweg: Key note in bot's nessage, "Do not use Wubi" it is not supported.19:24
gambl0rei am doing in a vm19:25
JohnDoe1972guys why are there so many distros and what do they really offer thats different from each other ?19:25
MonkeyDustJohnDoe1972  that's a question for #ubuntu-offtopic19:26
JohnDoe1972jesus really19:26
mherwegnever tried win8. with win7 dual boot works fine19:26
JohnDoe1972couldnt you just answer the question19:26
n344lymherweg: If you have W8 make sure you know if a UEFI setup or not, this is a crucial issue.19:27
trijntjeJohnDoe1972: because different people like different things. Its like asking why there are so many different foods19:27
MonkeyDustJohnDoe1972  this is not the place for discussion, stick to support questions19:27
MonkeyDustor so many different carq19:27
JohnDoe1972ok i need some support19:27
JohnDoe1972im going to install linux but im confused what distro to choose19:27
JohnDoe1972what considerations should i have when choosing a distro19:28
conorMcGregor9start with ubuntu19:28
JohnDoe1972why ?19:28
conorMcGregor9u can always install another should u not like it19:28
n344lyJohnDoe1972: You are missing the point this is ubuntu support on installs and problems only.19:28
conorMcGregor9because its somewhere to start19:28
lisbethJohnDoe1972: the most guides out there on the internet are for ubuntu 14.04 linux unity edition19:28
lisbethJohnDoe1972: you will get the most support on that distro19:28
trijntjeJohnDoe1972: its easiest to stick with the biggest ones (ubuntu and mint I think), that way there is a lot of support19:28
Bashing-omJohnDoe1972: ^^ ther is no one answer, the resonses can be many . Linux, no one size fits all .. And yes the discussion belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic. Support for ubuntu does belong here .19:28
conorMcGregor9i used debian for years and recently changed to ubuntu19:28
MonkeyDustJohnDoe1972  if you have to start somewhere, start with ubuntu19:28
JohnDoe1972ok folks thanks for the positive support.19:29
k1lJohnDoe1972: when you ask in #ubuntu start with ubuntu :) for other comparisons ask in ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic19:29
conorMcGregor9and cant beleive how easier things were with ubuntu19:29
conorMcGregor9it comes with 3.16 kernel, so i didnt have to backport a newer one19:29
kostkonJohnDoe1972, becuase you've alredy made the first step, joined its support channel19:29
JohnDoe1972any links to guides for nobs19:29
conorMcGregor9installing nvidia drivers was as simple as clicking a radio button...19:29
k1lconorMcGregor9: 15.04 even ships with 3.1919:29
p5yc071chas anyone recently had an issue with the boot folder filling up with updates?19:30
MonkeyDust!manual | JohnDoe1972 start here19:30
ubottuJohnDoe1972 start here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:30
lisbethJohnDoe1972: I have plenty of time today. If you talk to me in PM I can guide you through everything you need to know.19:30
trijntjeJohnDoe1972: ubuntu comes with good documentation by default, just search for 'help' in the menu after installing19:30
JohnDoe1972thx ubottu19:30
n344lylisbeth: We like every thing on the channel19:30
lisbethn344ly noted19:30
conorMcGregor9i didnt know there was a 3.19 kernel lol19:31
n344lypeer review is all19:31
lisbethn344ly: is it acceptable to invite people to be social network contacts?19:31
n344lylisbeth: Thetre is no rule here basically, just on help you really want that peer review, we all make mistakes. ;)19:32
voozeHi, I cant seem to add the google chrome to the gnome shell launcher/dock. If i do, it just lanches another instance. What could be the cause of this?19:32
conorMcGregor9if u click terminal does it open new ones too?19:33
n344lyvooze: you are right clicking it in the search and adding?19:33
Bashing-omp5yc071c: Lots ! The system will not impose on your desires and remove old kernels. That is at your direct descretion . What returnd ' df -h ; df -i ' ?19:35
ptreeguys do you know how to update llvm to the "development" version?19:35
Jordan_Uregedit: Please pastebin the output of "sudo efibootmgr" and "ls /sys/fs/pstore/".19:35
n344lyptree: This is repo supported.19:36
conorMcGregor9ptree, just install the dev version19:36
p5yc071cI'm having trouble installing updates as the boot folder is overfilled...19:38
n344lyp5yc071c: Do you have a seperate boot partition?19:38
HoloIRCUser14.04LTS. After applying software update and restarting, I'm no longer able to log in graphically - the screen freezes, responds to mouse but never loads sidebar. How can I get to a console?19:38
p5yc071c*Not that I know of* ; )19:39
k1lp5yc071c: remove old kernel packages. see with "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" what are installed19:39
n344lyp5yc071c: pastebin sudo fdsik -l19:39
k1lp5yc071c: oh, please show a "df -h" first in a pastebin19:39
ebernhar2sonI just installed ubuntu 14.04 on my new laptop with a 2560x1440 screen.  Annoyingly the fonts are all the wrong size, any idea how to fix: http://i.imgur.com/QH5WhAj.png19:39
Bashing-omp5yc071c: K; show us : ' df -h | pastebinit ' IF you are not at 100% capacity there may be an easy solution .19:39
p5yc071cFilesystem                   Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on19:39
p5yc071c/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root  901G  195G  661G  23% /19:39
p5yc071cnone                         4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup19:39
p5yc071cudev                         7.8G  4.0K  7.8G   1% /dev19:39
p5yc071ctmpfs                        1.6G  1.4M  1.6G   1% /run19:39
* ebernhar2son notes that screenshot didn't work right either ...19:39
p5yc071cnone                         5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock19:39
n344lyerr fdisk -l and k11's command19:39
k1l!paste | p5yc071c19:40
ubottup5yc071c: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:40
HoloIRCUserI've tried ctrl-alt-F1 through F6, no dice, ctrl-alt-backspace, nothing.19:40
conorMcGregor9fdisk will require root19:40
Bashing-omHoloIRCUser: Can you boot from grub's "recovery" kernel ? From ther we can look .19:41
n344lyHoloIRCUser: Have you installed propietary graphic drivers?19:41
p5yc071cn3rrtly -  Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System19:41
p5yc071c/dev/sda1               1     1050623      525311+  ee  GPT19:41
p5yc071cPartition 1 does not start on physical sector boundary.19:41
p5yc071c/dev/sda2   *     1050624     1550335      249856   83  Linux19:41
p5yc071c/dev/sda3         1550336  1954209791   976329728   83  Linux19:41
HoloIRCUserN334ly: no.19:41
k1lp5yc071c: stop pasting the stuff in here. use a pastebin website like the bot told you19:42
treelzeb_!paste | p5yc071c19:42
ubottup5yc071c: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:42
conorMcGregor9df -h doesnt work?19:42
=== treelzeb_ is now known as treelzebub
HoloIRCUserBashing-om: okay, rebooting19:42
geniip5yc071c: If you don't start using a pastebin we'll have no choice but to boot you, especially as you have been told to use one more than once npw19:42
HoloIRCUserBashing-om okay, I have a root shell. Now what?19:43
conorMcGregor9now you have to say abra kadabra19:44
Bashing-omHoloIRCUser: We want to know that 1) "you" own your /home . in the terminal coomand ' ls -al /home ' You own the files and not 'root' ?? then we look at 2) .19:45
HoloIRCUsern334ly graphics card is an Intel GMA, runs find under mesa19:45
HoloIRCUserOr, rather, ran fine until today19:46
treelzebubebernhar2son: i'd recommend installing Unity Tweak Tool. There's a Fonts tab, where you can Restore Defaults, or tweak as you like. to install: $ sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool19:46
k1lHoloIRCUser: does another user or the guest account work?19:47
HoloIRCUserk1l: guest account  has the same problem19:48
HoloIRCUserK1l: ah, no, it seems guest account works fine19:49
conorMcGregor9whats the problem? a black screen when u login your other account?19:49
k1lwhich desktop is it? and what ubuntu version exactly?19:49
ebernhar2sontreelzebub: hmm, tried that but it didn't change the size of the fonts in titlebars, just inside that single application.  i'll try logging out to see if a reset makes any difference though19:50
HoloIRCUserconorMcGregor9: keeps login background, never progresses19:50
k1lso i would start with looking in the homefolder like Bashing-om told you to rule out the easy solutions.19:50
HoloIRCUserk1l: the default wm with default de, release is 14.04LTE, kernel is 3.16.0-41-generic19:51
ebernhar1sontreelzebub: perhaps i'm doing something wrong, i logged out and logged back in and text scaling factor is back to 2.4519:51
treelzebubebernhar2son: Sys Settings > Displays > "Scale for menu and title bars"19:51
k1lHoloIRCUser: so unity?19:51
HoloIRCUserK1l: sure.19:51
regeditJordan_U: efibootmgr outputs "No BootOrder is set; firmware will attempt recovery"19:52
regeditJordan_U: ls /sys/fs/pstore/ is empty19:53
p5yc071cDid the pastebins work?19:54
HoloIRCUserK1l: what am I looking for in the home directory? It has my files.19:54
Jordan_Uregedit: What did happen when you booted with no drives plugged into the machine?19:54
conorMcGregor9did u paste the link?19:54
p5yc071ccomorMcGregor9 - I had tried... here it is again:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11732272/19:54
k1lHoloIRCUser: "ls -al" so you see the owners. see if there is stuff that is owned by root19:54
treelzebubebernhar1son: if tweak-tool and sys settings keep reverting when you logout/in, you can try this: $ gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Interface.app-fallback-to-maximum-scale-factor false19:54
regeditJordan_U: nothing particularly interesting. i got the initial (bios?) boot menu which still had the option to boot "ubuntu" (which usually brings me to grub), except now it just didnt find the boot drive and carried on trying other boot devices19:55
treelzebubebernhar1son: shit, sorry-- this: $ gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Interface app-fallback-to-maximum-scale-factor false19:55
k1lp5yc071c: you have a seperated /boot partition. so do a "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" please in a pastebin19:55
Jordan_Uregedit: And when all boot devices failed?19:55
MichaelPRuning kubuntu 15.04 installing ubuntu-deskto-next https://bpaste.net/show/312ba2efb8e0 .. can i make it ignore the blue tooth ?19:55
regeditJordan_U: i think it just rebooted or something19:56
regeditreboot loop if i remember correctly19:56
HoloIRCUserK1l: in root shell, it hasn't done the mount rebind yet.19:56
regediti can verify if it's important19:56
ebernhar1sontreelzebub: excellent.  how do you find those values?  is there some sort of browser for all the settings that can be searched through?19:56
Jordan_Uregedit: I'm not sure it's important, but I'm curious :)19:56
regeditoh :)19:56
conorMcGregor9open another shell Holo19:57
HoloIRCUserk1l: .. is owned by root, rest are owned by user19:57
treelzebubfrom ubuntu forums, i found some possible related bugs that led me to bugs.launchpad.net, and in the comments there was this solution. [src: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1310316]19:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 1310316 in Unity "Text scaling factor changing unexpectedly" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:57
Jordan_Uregedit: What was your original end goal in getting to the boot firmware menus? I seem to remember something about booting an OS that was installed for BIOS rather than UEFI?19:57
HoloIRCUserconormcgregor9: and then?19:57
k1lp5yc071c: you see the packages you got installed. so do a "sudo apt-get remove linux-image........ linux-image...." to remove the kernels not needed. but keep at least 2 different kernels installed19:57
regeditregedit: if i'm not mistaken both Windows and Ubuntu are currently UEFI installations19:58
regediter Jordan_U ^19:58
conorMcGregor9HoloIRCUser, i thought u said your shell was working19:58
regeditJordan_U: my goal is to mess with bios settings, like virtualization or intel rapid start / rapid storage etc19:58
historegedit: did fwsetup work?19:58
k1lHoloIRCUser: ok, so maybe you need to reset the gnome settings.19:58
HoloIRCUserconormcgregor9: I have a root shell through recovery, yes. I want my wm to work after I log in with my user19:58
regedithisto: sadly not... grub said command not found19:59
p5yc071ckll - so...it doesn't matter which two that I keep?19:59
p5yc071ckll - or a better question - where do I go to learn about how to make that decision?19:59
historegedit: what's the problem your having now? still can't get to fimrware?19:59
regedithisto: yep, inaccessible19:59
regeditthe setup that is20:00
HoloIRCUserk1l: so delete the gnome-related files?20:00
historegedit: did you try booting with the drive unplugged?20:00
k1lp5yc071c: i would say the latest one and then choose one that you like. if all worked just go for the second latest one. the second latest installed kernel is used for the recovery boot option in grub20:00
regedithisto: yup, nothing interesting was discovered there20:00
historegedit: you still couldn't fn+f2?20:00
conorMcGregor9HoloIRCUser, do u have a lot of settings on your user?20:00
Jordan_Uhisto: No, fwsetup requires the ability to read and write to UEFI variables, and it looks like right now regedit's boot firmware is reporting that there are no UEFI variables at all whenever asked by an OS or bootloader (though clearly there is at least one, containing the boot entry for Ubuntu).20:00
historegedit: and what do you mean by nothing interesting?20:00
regedithisto: correct, i couldnt..20:00
HoloIRCUserconormcgregor9: no20:00
conorMcGregor9and the guest account works?20:00
conorMcGregor9just make a new account then and copy your files over20:01
regedithisto: system simply fails to find boot device, and power cycles20:01
historegedit: does /sys/firmware/efi  directory exxist20:01
regedithisto: yes20:01
historegedit: wth20:02
moto_unixHi guys20:02
regeditconfig_table  efivars  fw_platform_size  fw_vendor  runtime  runtime-map  systab  vars20:02
HoloIRCUserConormcgregor9: adduser is saying it can't lock /etc/passwd from within recovery20:02
tgm4883HoloIRCUser: you probably need to remount / rw20:02
historegedit: you're kernel is booted in efi mode this is so odd.  So the firmware update that fixes the issue is still a no go?20:02
regedithisto: the installer fails...20:02
HoloIRCUsertgm4883: yep, thanks20:03
Jordan_Uregedit: When you tried to upgrade the boot firmware, was that via a program that did the flashing from the OS, or was it something that put the new boot firmware image in the EFI System Partition for the boot firmware to flash itself at next boot? (Or do you not know?)20:03
regeditJordan_U: some of the guides/tutorials were more this way, some were more that way20:04
regediti tried several of them in various combinations20:04
regeditno wait, actually20:05
regeditthe guides were mostly USB stick based20:05
regeditonly the lenovo supplied update seemed to be trying to do it by direct flashing the boot firmware20:05
regeditlet me show you the guides i was following20:06
regeditactually i think that one was pretty much it, with some variations thereof20:08
lotuspsychjeregedit: sounds like an issue for the ##hardware guys20:08
tersioI installed wine in my ubuntu, i was reading this        http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1294119              how do I go to    c:/windows/system32       in wine?20:09
tgm4883tersio: IIRC, you should be able to launch windows explorer20:10
lotuspsychje!wine | tersio20:10
ubottutersio: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:10
harishkrupotersio, there is a directory called .wine in home search there20:10
tgm4883tersio: you could also go to ~/.wine/drive_c20:11
tersiohow do I run wine in my ubuntu?20:11
tersiolike to get a windows desktop20:11
tgm4883tersio: you dont20:11
tgm4883tersio: that isn't what wine is20:11
lotuspsychjetersio: you want a virtual machine windows?20:12
conorMcGregor9its for running windows applications20:12
harishkrupotersio, for that you need to install windows20:12
tersioI see20:12
conorMcGregor9dont know why that bot is even in here20:12
tersiobecause here it points to some windows style directories20:12
tgm4883tersio: yes, and?20:12
lotuspsychjeconorMcGregor9: what do you mean?20:12
tersioif I'm just executing a windows program through wine I won't have any of those dirs20:13
conorMcGregor9lotuspsychje, the ubottu bot that no one seems to read lol20:13
lotuspsychjeconorMcGregor9: yeah its described fine indeed20:13
tgm4883tersio: when you installed wine, it also installed a windows explorer that would let you see a windows file structure20:13
GitNickOk, so I tried to install something using apt-get, but then ran out of space, now I'm stuck, I can't continue. How can I undo this?20:14
tgm4883tersio: yes you would see that file structure if you were executing a windows program20:14
lotuspsychjetersio: maybe you can explain what you really want to do? wich windows program do you need?20:14
tersiohow do I access that windows explorer?20:14
harishkrupoGitNick, remove that application20:14
tgm4883tersio: did you search unity for windows explorer?20:14
sha1sumI'm trying to wade through old and seemingly irrelevant search results... How do I simply switch the partition to boot from? I have all files copied and have changed the fstab, now not sure about the next step to get THAT parition to be the root partition20:15
Jordan_Uregedit: Please pastebin the output of "find /sys/firmware/efi/".20:15
tersioI'm trying to play a wrf file, I found this  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1294119          so trying to do what it says there20:15
GitNickharishkrupo: I get an unmetdependencies error and no apt-get command will run20:15
tgm4883tersio: are you running unity?20:15
Jordan_Usha1sum: Do you have this new root partition mounted currently? If so, what is the mountpoint? If not, please mount it to /mnt/.20:16
tersiotgm4883: no20:16
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tgm4883tersio: kde? xfce? help me out a little here20:16
harishkrupoGitNick, what about apt-get remove <package>20:16
sha1sumJordan_U: I'm basically trying to switch two mountpoints that I accidentally reversed on installation: "/" and "/home"... I just simply rsync'd all files to both until I get the boot partition switched, so yeah they're both currently mounted but reversed20:16
GitNickharishkrupo: nope20:17
tersiooh you mean the ubuntu desktop? not sure, thought it was gnome? I'm on 14.04 default20:17
sha1sum(one is an SSD and one is a disk, so I obviously want the SSD as the root but didn't configure it that way)20:17
conorMcGregor9so unity20:17
harishkrupoGitNick, apt-get remove --purge <package>20:17
tersioyes I have the ubuntu file explorer but not a windows one20:18
tgm4883tersio: ok, did you bother searching for windows explorer or wine?20:18
KowabungaDude^Hello again20:18
GitNickharishkrupo:  All commands result in "E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution)."20:18
acz32GitNick: it is telling you how to fix your problem. are you blind?20:18
harishkrupoGitNick, what about apt-get install -f20:18
HoloIRCUserAfter creating a new user and copying all files over, I'm no longer able to log in to my secondary user - I'm simply kicked back to login. This is an improvement - but how do I log in?20:18
harishkrupoacz32, no he is out of space20:18
sha1sumJordan_U: so basically if I knew how to just tell the bootloader what the root partition was then I think I'd be fine because it's still using the disk as root instead of the SSD20:19
Jordan_Usha1sum: Have you done a lot since installing? If not, then the simplest and most reliable method would be to just re-install properly.20:19
acz32harishkrupo: that doesn't matter. it's telling him what to do20:19
conorMcGregor9HoloIRCUser, did it work before u copied your files over?20:19
tersioI have configure wine, uninstall wine, winetricks20:19
harishkrupoacz32, if he uses the command it will try to install but no space20:19
HoloIRCUserSha1sum: grub2 menu.lst contains the grub instructions20:19
GitNickacz32: And what it tells me to do doesn't work (because I have no more space)20:19
HoloIRCUserconormcgregor9: yes20:19
conorMcGregor9must be some of the files in your home directory20:20
acz32GitNick: try creating enough free space to run the apt-get install -f20:20
acz32that should fix it20:20
GitNickacz32: (To answer your other question: No my sight is fine)20:20
Jordan_Usha1sum: Basically you want to follow this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot , but having your new root currently mounted as /home/ is a little awkward, and again a re-install would be more reliable and simpler.20:20
conorMcGregor9how did u copy them over? a cp -r?20:20
tgm4883tersio: can you run 'winefile' from the command line?20:20
HoloIRCUserconormcgregor9: mount -o bind20:20
GitNickacz32: Tried that, cant20:20
acz32acz32: or do sudo apt-get autoclean20:20
harishkrupoGitNick, what is the output of df20:20
tersiotgm4883: yep, opened something20:20
tgm4883tersio: a file explorer?20:21
tersioyes, there I see a c:20:21
sha1sumJordan_U: I didn't change the boot parition's location because it was already right, so I'm wondering if I simply edit stuff under /etc/grub.d/ and see if I can switch the root partition and it doesn't work then I guess re-installationn is the fallback... ?20:21
HoloIRCUserConormcgregor9: if it were really a file, wouldn't these behave identically?20:21
sha1sumJordan_U: (and run update-grub obviously)20:21
GitNickharishkrupo: https://gist.github.com/NickClark/1aa355aec9f96d4fbb0920:22
conorMcGregor9well if it worked before u copied any files over20:22
conorMcGregor9it must be a file20:22
HoloIRCUsersha1sum: changes need to written to mbr or uefi, run grub-install20:22
tgm4883tersio: ok, so you should be able to follow that post now20:22
harishkruposha1sum, how did you even boot if the disk is mounted as / ?20:22
sha1sumHoloIRCUser: isn't that old though? Also menu.lst is grub not grub220:22
tersiotgm4883: ok thanks20:22
HoloIRCUserconormcgregor9: but there's also something else, because two users with identical home directories have different behavior20:22
lotuspsychjetersio: i think you best convert the wrf file into .mp4 with a converter, then play with vlc20:23
HoloIRCUsersha1sum: system still boots using grub20:23
sha1sumharishkrupo: all the files are present on both the drives (I just copied all files from each to the other) until I get it working... Then I edited the fstab on what *should be* the root20:23
harishkrupoGitNick, do apt-get autoclean20:23
Jordan_Usha1sum: Do *not* edit anything in /etc/grub.d/.20:23
harishkruposha1sum, then edit the /boot/grub/grub.cfg20:23
conorMcGregor9what files are u copying, your own personal files?20:24
conorMcGregor9or hidden files in your home directory?20:24
harishkruposha1sum, point it to the right partition and then boot20:24
harishkruposha1sum after booting remove the boot directory from you home and run grub-install and update-grub220:25
harishkrupoGitNick, it will clean some of the cached packages20:25
Jordan_Usha1sum: The guide that I linked you to will have you run update-grub within a chroot that's using your new root filesystem, so it will create a grub.cfg appropriate for your new configuration. You could also manually edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg once, then reboot and run "sudo update-grub" again once you're booted into the new configuration.20:25
sha1sumOK I appreciate everyone's help, I'm going to give this a try20:26
TJ-sha1sum: GRUB determines the root device based on the entries in '/etc/fstab' and specifically the UUID of the file-system. If you effectively swapped the file contents in those partitions then right now it sounds like your root partition in fstab points to the partition containing /home. If that is in fact the case simply swap the UUIDs around for those entries in fstab20:26
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GitNickharishkrupo: Nothing. But I found a workaround (hopefully I didn't break something else) This whole problem was caused by an out of control devicemapper image. Finally figured out a way to clean it up.20:28
harishkrupoTJ-, grub does not determine the root device from fstab at boot it is passed as a parameter from grub.cfg20:28
edoceoI'm getting some dependency loop: policykit-1 depends on libpam-systemd; however: Package libpam-systemd:amd64 is not configured yet.20:28
harishkrupoGitNick, great :)20:29
edoceoI canno seem to apt-get install anything else now from these dependency problems, not sure how to resolve20:29
sha1sumTJ-: so right now /home/username/etc/fstab contains the *proper* configuration and /etc/fstab is the old configuration20:29
TJ-harishkrupo: You misunderstand. 'update-grub' reads fstab and writes the UUID of the root file-system into the entries in grub.cfg20:29
sha1sumShould I just replace any instance of the old UUID with the new one in grub.cfg?20:29
regeditJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11732478/20:30
harishkrupoTJ-, ok got it :P20:30
Jordan_UTJ-: No, grub-mkconfig uses grub-probe to determine the UUID of the filesystem currently mounted as '/', it doesn't read the /etc/fstab.20:30
sha1sumTJ-: or sorry, /home/etc/fstab20:30
ste_hello - would anyone be able to help me with an issue I'm having when vsync'd games are running in a window and alt-tabbing in this situation is causing a 2-3 second delay before switching? Other windows are incredibly slow to drag around in this situation also, and it appears to be related to ubuntu only20:30
lotuspsychjeste_: ubuntu version and graphics card chipset?20:31
ste_ubuntu 15.04 and graphics card is gtx 770.. I have the recommended priopietary drivers installed but it happens on other drivers too20:31
sha1sumactually I'm going to run the chroot route I think, this grub.cfg file is scary lol20:32
Jordan_Usha1sum: That would probably do it. Of course you should make a backup copy of the grub.cfg first, and once you are booted in the configuration you want re-run "sudo update-grub" to make sure that you have a proper grub.cfg, rather than just one that happened to work once.20:32
lotuspsychjeste_: did you have same issue on 14.04?20:32
harishkruposha1sum no just go to the line which starts with linux and then paste the correct uuid20:32
ste_I couldn't say.. but I don't have this issue in linux mint20:33
historegedit: I'm out of ideas to try. Other than verifying the  downloaded firmware update is correct20:34
sha1sumJordan_U: well I also noticed that along with the UUID references there are drive and partition number indicators so I don't really want to mess around with all that because they're separate physical devices.20:34
TJ-sha1sum: As long as you can perform 1 successful *Recovery mode* boot (to root shell) by manually editing the "linux ..." root device entry from the grub boot-time editor to specify the correct root file-system you will then be able to correct the entries in fstab and use update-grub to fix the boot entries for subsequent boots20:34
Jordan_Usha1sum: Those are only used as hints to make searching faster, grub never depends on them and so their values aren't important. (At worst, boot will be ever so slightly slower).20:35
regedithisto: well it seems so http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/ideapad-u-series-laptops/ideapad-u410/downloads/DS03364620:35
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historegedit: be nice if they provided a checksum20:36
lisbethhey so I am in ubuntu 14.04 installing it alongside windows 720:37
lisbethonly I didn't like the partition sizes it recommended and want to partition myself20:37
Jordan_Uregedit: Please file a bug report about this. It's clearly a boot firmware bug, but just like the Samsung bricking bug, we may want to try to avoid users hitting it if we can on our end.20:37
lisbethI a in gparted and I changed the ntfs partition down to 989617 mb20:37
lisbeth*I am20:37
histoJordan_U: I thihnk it's more of a hardware bug than a bug with ubuntu or grub20:37
lisbethand I am wondering if this operation will erase the ntfs partition?20:37
petrvslisbeth: no, but it's not 100% guaranteed safe20:37
petrvslisbeth: more like 90%20:38
histoJordan_U: the manufacturer has released a fix for his problem. But he can't install it also20:38
lisbethwhat can happen in the 10%20:38
regeditJordan_U: how so? what is the ubuntu-end of the bug here20:38
petrvslisbeth: loss of data20:38
tgm4883lisbeth: personally I'd resize the ntfs partition from inside windows20:38
Jordan_Uhisto: It's definitely a hardware bug, but so is the samsung bricking bug I mentioned. There is now code in the linux kernel to prevent hitting that bug, as there should be.20:38
petrvsthere's no guarantee from any OS20:38
petrvsyou need to backup data you care about before resizing a partition20:38
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tgm4883petrvs: yes, that is true.20:39
histoJordan_U: windows hit the bug not linux btw20:39
petrvsor embrace the possibility of starting from scratch :)20:39
Jordan_Uregedit: What event initially triggered the bug, if that was easily identifiable?20:39
histolisbeth: anytime you are resizing partitions/filesystems you really should backup your essential data first.20:39
lisbethWhat if I said I am 100% sure that the disc is not filled past the point that I am resizing it to?20:40
histoJordan_U: what i'm wondering is why fwsetup won't work for him20:40
petrvslisbeth: that's not really the issue, although it's obviously another concern20:40
charlytavuHi everybody, can someone tell me if there is a possibility to add a script at boot time on a live USB ?20:40
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lisbethalso I am trying to access the files from the live cd so I can back them up and it is not letting me because it says I don't have permission20:40
petrvscharlytavu: anything is possible in software20:40
lisbethI was under the impression that I was root when using a live disc20:40
petrvslisbeth: you are20:40
petrvslisbeth: what command are you using?20:40
histolisbeth: what don't you stop.  Mount the disk read only check how much free space is available and see20:40
regeditJordan_U: unfortunately i wasnt expecting this issue (duh) so i dndt pay attention as to when exactly it started happening. all I know is that before installing the 2 OSs i could access BIOS, and after they were installed i couldnt anymore20:41
histocharlytavu: live usb of what?  the ubuntu installer?20:41
regeditJordan_U: and there was a new boot menu option "ubuntu" that didnt used to be there20:41
charlytavupetrvs, without rebuilding source iso, is it possible ? i've looked at syslinux options but found nothing :/20:41
regeditJordan_U: and the other boot menu option "setup" disappeared20:41
Jordan_Ucharlytavu: What is your end goal?20:42
lisbethnevermind I am installing ubutnu on a usb20:42
petrvscharlytavu: sure, the ease with which you can accomplish it depends on the image20:43
historegedit: can you get to the grub menu?20:43
charlytavuJordan_U, histo I'm just trying to execute a script at boot time without rebuilding the iso :)20:43
Jordan_Uregedit: Then that sounds like it's at leat possible that installing Ubuntu triggered the bug in your firmware.20:43
regediti probably should have mentioned this earlier; in the list of devices to boot from (upon power on boot menu) the top one is simply "ubuntu". further down the list is the actual drive that has the 2 OSs, and if boot to it i get straight windows (not grub)20:43
Jordan_Ucharlytavu: That's not an end goal. What does the script do? What are you actually trying to accomplish?20:43
histocharlytavu: what does the script do?20:43
charlytavuchanging keymaps, mounting filesystems, etc.. basic configuration20:43
regedithisto: yep no prob20:44
historegedit: So what happens on the grub command line when you type fwsetup20:44
regedithisto: no such command error20:44
regedithisto: even after insmod efifwsetup20:44
sha1summmmmk so chrooting into the partition with the proper fstab and running "grub-install" produced a "could not find EFI directory". update-grub2 worked, however, but the system still boots with the wrong partition mount points20:44
lisbethso I am installing it in gparted on a usb and It is not showing me the partitions for /dev/sdb20:45
charlytavuhisto, Jordan_U changing keymaps, mounting filesystems, etc.. basic configuration20:45
Jordan_Usha1sum: You need to mount your EFI System Partition to /boot/efi/ within the chroot.20:45
sha1sumahhhh that makes so much sense.20:45
historegedit: what version of grub are you running?20:45
sha1sumOK well it's almost 5:00 here so I'll act like you didn't tell me that until the morning :P20:46
regeditan important thing i'm trying to figure out is: If I delete the GPT partition and install a legacy msdos/MBR windows installation, will access to bios be restored?20:46
regedithisto: can i check from within ubuntu?20:46
sha1sumJordan_U: can I mount it before chrooting or no?20:46
sha1sumor does it matter?20:46
Jordan_Uregedit: Please run "sudo modprobe -r efivars && umount /sys/firmware/efi/efivars && modprobe -r efivarfs && modprobe efivarfs && mount -t efivarfs efivarfs /sys/firmware/efi/efivars"  (as per https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface#Inconsistency_between_efivarfs_and_sysfs-efivars ) and pastebin the output of "find /sys/firmware/efi/" again.20:46
Jordan_Usha1sum: It doesn't matter when it's mounted, as long as it's mounted before you run grub-install.20:47
sha1sumJordan_U: well I'm going to mount a barstool and saddle up to a brew next. I appreciate all of your help!20:48
sha1sumThat goes for everyone else also :)20:48
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historegedit: dpkg -l | grep grub20:48
regeditJordan_U: the first command in that series emits "modprobe: FATAL: Module efivars is builtin."20:48
historegedit: disregard the fwsetup patch has been in there since ubuntu 12.0420:48
regedithisto: ok, yes this is kubuntu 15.0420:49
Jordan_Uregedit: OK, never mind that then :) It's probably safe to assume that no variables would be visible via efivarfs either.20:49
regeditJordan_U / histo: would you know about ^ (re. "important thing i'm trying to figure out")20:50
historegedit: sudo efibootmgr | nc termbin.com 999920:51
regedithisto: that command rings a bell... i've done it before, leme check again20:51
mackstingI'm trying to run a visualization that's got native builds for Mac 10.7 and WinXP. OpenGL3. Am I better off using Wine, or using a Macintosh emulator?20:52
Jordan_Uregedit: My guess would be no, but it can't hurt to try. You shouldn't need a full BIOS Based Windows installation to try, simply having grub-pc on an msdos labeled drive with a single partition containing a boot flag would probably be enough.20:52
regedithisto: http://termbin.com/9ag320:52
Jordan_Uregedit: If you file a bug report it's also a good way to get the attention of people who might be familiar with these types of problems, and it will also serve as a place for others having this problem to find information when google searching.20:53
regeditJordan_U: hm ok20:53
regeditJordan_U: being rather new to a lot of the concepts issues here, would we be able to write the bug description jointly so you can help me formulate the right & succinct details?20:54
freeone3000After switching users, it seems like Chrome no longer recognizes my keyboard. As is obvious, other applications seem to work fine. What could cause this?20:54
Jordan_Uregedit: Yes.20:55
regeditJordan_U: how can we do this, something like collabedit.com/new ?20:55
Jordan_Uregedit: Sure.20:55
regeditJordan_U: ok i'll PM you the link...20:55
histomacksting: I'd try in wine first if all else fails you can get a vm running20:56
freeone3000Sorry. It appears GNOME applications no longer recognize my keyboard. Opera, Firefox, Chrome, gcalc were tested. Terminal is fine, KDE applications are fine.20:56
mackstingIs there a way to get a VM for this without spending money or violating the law?20:56
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Jordan_Umacksting: Something written for XP and openGL has a fair chance of working in wine, perfectly legally. Zero chance of getting a MacOS binary running without OSX, and no legal way to run Windows in a VM without paying for it.21:00
mackstingJordan_U: Pity. Seems Wine didn't cut it. There's no Macintosh equivalent?21:01
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freeone3000(Please note that Windows VM licenses are not the same as Windows bare metal licenses - certain licenses, such as "Windows Home", cannot be virtualized legally.)21:03
Jordan_Umacksting: Have you checked the wine appdb? Have you tried asking about your problem (including relevant output and error messages) in #winehq?21:06
mackstingJordan_U: Haven't yet. Figured I'd explore what options are available before I commit to problem-solving.21:07
HoloPedis there a simple guide to use systemd ?21:08
HoloPedI'm totaly lost21:08
HoloPedtrying to run a script on startup has never been so complex21:09
jootorI am getting this message when I want to open a partition i created, I was able to enter the partition in the past but now i get this message:'' could not display all the contents found.000':input/output error ''21:10
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TJ-regedit: Have you tried the Lenovo bootable USB UEFI diagnostics toolkit?21:13
Jordan_Ujooncheol: Please pastebin the output of "mount".21:13
mackstingJordan_U: Though no, this program isn't on the appdb.21:14
StevenmcqueevenI have a noob question that you guys probably hate21:15
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Stevenmcqueevenwhat are some cool things I can do in linux that a beginner can do21:15
Jordan_UTJ-: Do you mind helping write a bug report description for regedit?21:18
OerHeksStevenmcqueeven, i started with cronjobs and writing a conky script, 1001 examples http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865&page=231221:18
Stevenmcqueevenwhat do conky scripts do?21:19
histoStevenmcqueeven: cool how?21:19
regeditTJ-: no, that sounds very interesting, how do you find all these things! :)21:19
histo!manual | Stevenmcqueeven21:19
ubottuStevenmcqueeven: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/21:19
regeditTJ-: can i PM you a link to a bug me and Jordan_U are writing21:19
TJ-regedit: see http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds03086121:20
histoDon't even see his model supported there21:21
Jordan_UStevenmcqueeven: run "bb".21:21
Jordan_U!info bb | Stevenmcqueeven21:21
ubottuStevenmcqueeven: bb (source: bb): ASCII-art demo based on AAlib. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3rc1-8.2ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 962 kB, installed size 1798 kB21:22
ImJuneha ubuntu 15.04 found my card and installed drivers perfectly21:22
regeditTJ-: interesting that IdeaPad is not listed there21:22
ImJune14.04 needs to dissappear21:22
Stevenmcqueevenhisto just things I couldn't quite do with windows or to make things easier for me21:22
histoStevenmcqueeven: learn about bash and command line interface.21:23
histoStevenmcqueeven: that manual page I sent you has a section on the terminal etc...21:24
StevenmcqueevenAwesome thanks I'll take a look21:24
histoStevenmcqueeven: it should also answer your questions in the learning more section21:24
acz32is there any way to have okular not show page thumbnails when i open a pdf?21:25
JohnDoe1972hey guys i have the iso disk image on usb flash stick . do i need to extracxt it first for it to boot from flash ?21:25
ImJunesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype21:25
ImJunethis is fouled up21:26
kingeRHi, I am looking at these VPS with ubuntu, what kind of access do i get there, how does it look like?21:26
histoJohnDoe1972: you don't just copy the iso to the thumb drive to boot it. YOu need to write it's contents to the drive21:26
histoJohnDoe1972: what is the iso of and what operating system are you currently using?21:27
rypervenchekingeR: If you purchase a VPS with Ubuntu on it, you will likely get root access to the command line.21:27
petrvsJohnDoe1972: try using http://unetbootin.sf.net/21:27
JohnDoe197214.4 kylie 64 bit21:27
histokingeR: full access to the box typically21:27
kingeRok, and how will upload stuff, cause i see there is no cpanel for it21:28
Jordan_UJohnDoe1972: You have two primary options. The most commonly done is to use Ubuntu startup disk creator or Unetbootin, which will extract the iso for you. If for some reason you really don't want the iso extracted, you can install grub to the USB drive and use it to loop boot the iso: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/Loopback.cfg#How_do_you_use_a_loopback.cfg_to_boot_an_iso.3F21:28
histokingeR: manage it using ssh or their provided inteface21:28
histo!usb | JohnDoe197221:28
ubottuJohnDoe1972: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent21:28
kingeRhisto, I was never much of command line guy, is that too hard to learn. I mean, I know quite a lot stuff on command line, but not it21:29
JohnDoe1972:/ ok info overload but thx guys21:29
Jordan_UHoloPed: You can still add a script to the end of /etc/rc.local if you really just want it to run at boot.21:30
histokingeR: Why do you want a VPS?21:30
rypervenchekingeR: If you want something with cPanel, you will need to purchase a VPS with cPanel installed on it. cPanel is not free, so you will likely have to pay extra for the license fee. You can learn how to use SFTP to upload and download files on a server without cPanel.21:30
kingeRhisto: I have bih website, with over 20k articles, and over 1gb of files. rypervenche: I know that, I just asked if it is hard :D21:31
histokingeR: I would get a vps that is already setup for hosting if you are not familar with setting it up yourself. Unless you want to learn.21:32
rypervenchekingeR: "hard" is subjective. I don't think it is hard at all. You just need to learn how to do it.21:32
Jordan_UHoloPed: If you want to make a proper systemd service file, http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/systemd-for-admins-3.html is a good guide.21:32
rypervenchekingeR: Personally I would never recommend using anything like cPanel. Minimal is usually better in my experience. Only what you need and nothing else. But it all depends on what your needs are and what you are willing to learn and forgo.21:33
kingeRhisto: I want to learn, that's why I am buying it one month earlier then i need it.21:33
regeditTJ-: sent you the link in PM21:33
mackstingJordan_U: So yeah, I just looked the matter up, and while it seems there's efforts at a Wine-like Mac environment called Darling, it sounds like there's a lot of work to be done. Anything else seems to require a copy of the OS. I'll go ask in #winehq, since this is firmly a Wine problem at this juncture.21:33
mackstingJordan_U and histo: Thanks for helping where you could.21:33
Jordan_Umacksting: You're welcome.21:33
TJ-regedit: sorry, been busy. I've discovered something that might indicate a way to flash at boot-time.21:33
mcphailkingeR: if you want to upload/download using ssh/sftp, you can do it directly from the ubuntu GUI. Really couldn't be simpler21:33
regeditTJ-: no apology necessary man :) sounds interesting! please do share21:34
kingeRrypervenche: I had my fear share with cpanel, f***ing hate it. whenever there is problem have to wait for three days for someone from tech support21:34
histokingeR: digital ocean has some great setup tutorials.  BUt you will need to familiarize yourself with the command line at some point.21:34
TJ-regedit: Reading some Phoenix SCT documentation for engineers... one phrase jumps out at me: "Phoenix SCT allows Capsule to be stored in the disk GPT partition, rather than in flash RAM, for native restart support."21:34
kingeRmcphail: thank you, i wasn't sure. I only used ssh for communication from my phone to laptop21:34
TJ-regedit: source (see page 2, "Non-Volatile Capsule"): http://www.embedded-tools.de/sites/default/files/Phoenix_SecureCore-Mobile.pdf21:35
mcphailkingeR: it _is_ worth learning some command line stuff, though. Makes life very simple indeed when you get the hang of it21:35
regeditTJ-: ok so, how would i do that?21:36
HasovAnyone from PL?21:37
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petrvs/msg alis list *ubunt*pl21:37
TJ-regedit: I'm guessing the .cap file is put in the root of the ESP file-system, probably with a special name which I'm trying to discover now. I'm reverse-engineering the .CAP image we have21:38
TJ-regedit: here's the API, "UpdateCapsule()" in particular is interesting21:39
KowabungaDude^Need help with rndis networking in Ubuntu 14.04: I have two networking USB rndis devices. When I connect Device1 to the linux laptop an interface eth3 get's created and the device servers dhcp to the laptop. If I unplug Device1 and plug Device2 the same behaviour is observed. If I try to plug both devices, the last one to be connected the interface gets named "rename22", it's down and has no...21:39
KowabungaDude^...ip. If I modify /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules (http://www.pastebin.ca/3030308) to add another rule similar to the last one it works the first time connected but not afterwards21:39
TJ-regedit: see http://wiki.phoenix.com/wiki/index.php/EFI_RUNTIME_SERVICES21:39
=== muschiiii is now known as moschiii
regeditTJ-: holy moly they have a wiki for this stuff! now that's what i'm talking about21:40
=== Mr_Caboose is now known as Mysterytrain
ImJunedoes anyone know of some issues with skype launching on ubuntu 15.0421:41
varenikcool! What it is the chat?21:41
HasovHello who can help me?21:42
TJ-regedit: see http://wiki.phoenix.com/wiki/index.php/Boot_Mode21:42
acz32ImJune: no but check out some superior alternatives: firefox hello or utox21:42
JohnDoe1972guys could i just mount the iso using deamon lite then copy or extract the files to usb ?21:42
Bashing-om_KaszpiR_: IF the help is ubuntu related, maybe, ask and see ?21:43
histoJohnDoe1972: What operating system are you running?21:43
ImJuneadvertise much21:43
histoJohnDoe1972: use win32 disk imager to write the iso to your usb drive21:43
JohnDoe1972on desktop21:43
ImJunebecause I don't have work contacts on skype or anything21:43
JohnDoe1972whats wrong with demon line ?21:43
histoJohnDoe1972: http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/21:43
acz32ImJune: you consider my recommendation an advertisement? ok...21:43
histoJohnDoe1972: demon line?21:43
acz32good luck with your microsoft software issue21:44
JohnDoe1972k thx histo but .. deaone lite21:44
histoJohnDoe1972: I have no idea what deaone lite is21:44
JohnDoe1972daemon tools lite21:44
ImJuneyou are a moron I know that much21:44
ImJunelike I am trying to install skype for my personal pleasure21:44
TJ-regedit: Mmmmm! http://wiki.phoenix.com/wiki/index.php/Crisis_Recovery21:45
Jordan_UImJune: Please treat people in this channel with respoect.21:45
HasovWho can help me with Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS?21:45
histoImJune: Are you experiencing a problem with skype?21:45
ImJunewhen I sign in it doesn't proceed21:46
ImJuneat all21:46
ImJunesomething is broken21:46
HasovHello :v21:46
ubuntu233Hasov: Share the issue with the channel for help.21:46
ImJuneI will have to skype my coworkers from my phone21:46
histoImJune: Perhaps you should have started there. How did you install skype?21:46
ImJunevia the command line21:46
ImJunesudo apt-get install skype21:46
acz32ImJune: you're the moron for getting so offended by a recommendation21:46
HasovI need a first guide for newbies, i migrated from EL and i want to learn how to use Ubuntu :c21:47
ImJuneyou are on ignore21:47
Bashing-omHasov: State your issue for the channel .21:47
histoJohnDoe1972: just use win32 disk imager to write the iso the the drive. It will write the filesystem and everything there.  All data on the drive you are writing to will be lost so backup anything before hand.21:47
HasovI know how to use apt-get etc.21:47
KowabungaDude^Anyone who cold help me with rndis networking in Ubuntu 14.04? I have two networking USB rndis devices. When I connect Device1 to the linux laptop an interface eth3 get's created and the device servers dhcp to the laptop. If I unplug Device1 and plug Device2 the same behaviour is observed. If I try to plug both devices, the last one to be connected the interface gets named "rename22", it's...21:47
KowabungaDude^...down and has no ip. If I modify /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules (http://www.pastebin.ca/3030308) to add another rule similar to the last one it works the first time connected but not afterwards21:47
JohnDoe1972!win32 disk imager21:48
ubottuJohnDoe1972: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:48
regeditTJ-: so it probably keeps recovering the old bios huh?21:48
KowabungaDude^I don't know much about USB or what to look for21:48
JohnDoe1972histo, link ?21:48
histoJohnDoe1972: http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/21:48
JohnDoe1972also will the fact that im on 64 bit upset the 32bit install of my iso >?21:49
kingeRmcphail: I agree. I am PHP developer, good at Java, medium at C and Assembly... but never got myself around cmmand line21:49
Jordan_UKowabungaDude^: What do you mean by "rndis"?21:49
histoJordan_U: no, but is there a reaosn you aren't using a 64bit iso?21:49
histoJohnDoe1972: ^^^21:50
histoJordan_U: sorry21:50
TJ-regedit: I think we have a procedure! https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-FLASHING-LAPTOP-DELL-INSPIRON-5323-13Z?pid=55511#pid5551121:50
histoJohnDoe1972: It won't affect it but why not use the 64bit iso?21:50
JohnDoe1972its going onto a 32bit laptop21:51
histoJohnDoe1972: ahh you'll be fine then.21:51
TJ-regedit: wimbios has a/the crisis tool: https://www.bios-mods.com/bios-recovery/phoenix-bios-recovery/21:51
tgm4883JohnDoe1972: geez, that must be an old laptop21:51
JohnDoe1972win32 bit disk manager dosnet install on 64 bit ! :(21:51
KowabungaDude^Jordan_U: RNDIS is the USB driver developed by Microsoft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNDIS21:52
histoJohnDoe1972: it's a standalone program from what I remember21:52
JohnDoe1972tgm4883, yess sir21:52
mcphailkingeR: worth having a trawl through the debian-administration.org archives. Not quite Ubuntu, (and a bit out of date), but a well-written resource. The sit owner works at Bytemark Hosting if you're looking for a VPS provider21:52
Trudkohi guys I've installed elementary os(based on 14.04 ubuntu) along side with windows but I cant load Windows anymore because of 0xc000000098 error. I ve tried boot-repair but it didnt help this is info from boot repair http://paste2.org/dp1FPLDb21:52
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.21:52
histoJohnDoe1972: http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/download21:53
kingeRmcphail: I am reseller myself, and i have decent prices, so I will buy it at my own website21:53
mcphailkingeR: fair enough :) - I have no connection or conflict of interest but know Steve is very helpful21:54
regeditTJ-: sounds exciting! reading...21:54
TJ-regedit: I'm checking the 'phlash' tools now to see if the filename they look for is "BIOS.cap" or something else21:54
regeditTJ-: wait, this is pretty much this solution http://superuser.com/a/81362321:55
regeditTJ-: with a tiny bit of new variation to try21:55
JohnDoe1972ive got it with deamon tools lite21:55
regeditTJ-: and maybe we just need to find the right file name21:55
Trudkotgm4883: well this is universal problem21:56
histoJohnDoe1972: you've got what?21:56
Jordan_UTrudko: This channel only supports Ubuntu, period.21:57
kingeRmcphail: thank you for that. even i didn't start this to earn, just to save money on my own projects :D21:57
TJ-regedit: That tool I linked you to, I think that is only legacy BIOS from examining it. We need to find a more recent version that support UEFI21:57
regeditTJ-: oh... is it the same as the one posted on the superuser (mediafire download) link? ^21:59
victor-is it possible that apparmor is preventing a www-data user to read a directory called 'etc' ?21:59
stevendaleHey I have a question21:59
ubuntu233Trudko: That is a bad install, look up uefi, fix windows remove and elementary. I would install ubuntu as in this specific area support is great.21:59
JohnDoe1972ok guys why is a usb stick being recognised on a 32 bit laptop, and a 64 bit desktop but not on a different 32bit laptop ?22:00
Trudkoubuntu233: how does removing elementary help me ?22:00
ubuntu233Trudko: sorry fix winds and remove elementary was the corrrect syntax22:00
stevendaleDoes Ubuntu default to using the Ethernet connection even if there’s a Wi-Fi connection, or does it default to the Wi-Fi connection even when there’s an Ethernet connection?22:00
TJ-regedit: It's worth installing that tool onto a USB and following the boot instructions to see if 1) it'll boot to the flasher and 2) the flasher can recognise how to talk to the host (it would report the discovered FLASH chip types)22:00
TJ-regedit: if that works then it's worth pursuing, if not, you don't waste time on it22:01
mcphailstevendale: defaults to a wire if it is plugged in22:01
stevendalemcphail: Thanks, :) I’ll be going now22:01
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
ubuntu233Trudko: It is a bad install, not worth fixing, that is a msdos install ona uefi setup.22:01
ubuntu233Trudko: As far as I can tell, however, none of this is support, just a comment.22:03
regeditTJ-: sure i'll try that one again why not22:03
Jordan_Uregedit: When you do get to filing a bug report, do so by running "ubuntu-bug grub-efi-amd64".22:03
regeditTJ-: i tried loading the capsule into some "andy" or other Bios-Mods.com tool, it complained that the file was incorrect size or something...22:03
regeditJordan_U: ok cool, though i'd really love to hear TJ-'s input on it first22:04
histoJohnDoe1972: What do you mean recognized?  Like when you plug it in?  or are you trying to boot to it on each machine?22:05
regeditEriC^^: heya, you there?22:05
JohnDoe1972histo when i tryed to acces the usb on the laptop i wish to install it , it says it need s to be formatted ! however on other pc's it can be opened without difficulty22:06
gambl0reE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. how do i fix this?22:07
JohnDoe1972when i try to boot the laptop from usb it just loads windows even though i have the usb key at hte top of the boot order22:07
JohnDoe1972what file system should be on the usb ?22:08
Trudkoubuntu233: nvm thanks for your time. I think I look around or just get windows repair drive somehow22:08
JohnDoe1972fat32 or exfat ?22:08
histoJohnDoe1972: how'd you put the files there?22:08
ubuntu233gambl0re: The channel likes pastebinned info, show it all with the commands22:08
histoJohnDoe1972: I told you your method wouldn't work please use the link I provided you.22:08
histoJohnDoe1972: http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/download22:08
JohnDoe1972i mounted the iso then opened a folder to view files,. then copied them to usb22:08
ubuntu233!pastebin | gambl0re22:09
ubottugambl0re: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:09
histoJohnDoe1972: that won't work use the link I just gave you.22:09
TJ-regedit: Got it! Found the instructions for how to configure a UEFI ESP in order to flash an update! see https://github.com/antonizoon/archivis.me/wiki/Phoenix-UEFI-BIOS-Crisis-Recovery22:10
Jordan_UTJ-: regedit: I'm leaving for the day, but when you do file a bug report please subscribe me to it (JordanU on launchpad.net).22:11
regeditTJ-: you are impossibly tenacious and resourceful22:11
ubuntu233Trudko: Looks like W8, it has built in reloads of the OS with the data saved or a fresh install.22:11
regeditJordan_U: will do, thanks muchly for the help!22:11
TJ-regedit: UEFI looks on boot media for a script to run, rather like MS-DOS used to look for autoexec.bat. In this case for UEFI the standard mandates a file named startup.nsh instead. In that (text) file you put one line that calls the firmware's flashing EFI module with the path to the new firmware image22:11
Jordan_Uregedit: You're welcome :)22:11
jonubuntuTried installing Ubuntu with a usb drive yesterday, but it kept putting the boot stuff on the thumb drive instead of the server HD. Anyone know how to work around this? Maybe I should use a different USB mount software?22:12
regeditTJ-: ok hang on so, what are the actual steps to take here please?22:13
gambl0rethis is the error message https://gist.github.com/crazyboy867/6cf65f215191760864d422:13
jonubuntuwas using universal usb installer22:13
gambl0repplease help guys thanks22:13
Jordan_UTJ-: Which reminds me, if that fails we may be able to load UEFI shell from grub and do interesting things from there.22:13
gambl0rewhat is this broken packages they are talking about?22:13
JohnDoe1972hiso whats persistance ? is it like a cache limit ?22:14
ubuntu233jonubuntu: It must ask where grub goes or have an area this is chosen, you can easily put grub where you want it after an install.22:14
k1lgambl0re: any PPAs involved? or other packages manually installed?22:15
TJ-regedit: OK, I got over-excited there! The key files may not be built-in modules, and may not be publicly available (easily) but I'm digging. See the Phoenix documentation on their ShellFlash: http://www.aures-support.fr/DATA/drivers/YUNO-%20Driver/ShellFlash_SCT_UG_v1.5.29.pdf?dl=022:15
TJ-regedit: For now I suggest you just collect and save all these URLs and save the pages locally for reference :)22:15
jonubuntu@ubuntu233 During the final part where it does the grub install do I say "No"? Will it let me choose the drive then? The text says it uses the first drive by default.22:15
DAnCoorMay I ask... I just upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04 and noticed I haven't one single row in /var/log/syslog ever since... anyone know if log has been discontinued?22:15
gambl0rei installed many thins22:15
gambl0renpm, nodejs, ember-cli22:15
jonubuntuI've never moved the grub install location before22:16
k1lgambl0re: try to run a "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"22:16
regeditTJ-: where can i get this shellflash utility?22:16
k1lgambl0re: so that is all 3rd party stuff?22:16
TJ-regedit: OK, found public files for you: ftp://ftp.icg.eu/Drivers/BeatlePOS/D2550/BiosTool/Phoenix/EFI_Shell/Release/v1.5.66.0/22:16
TJ-regedit: We might have everything you need now22:16
TJ-regedit: I need coffee... be back soon22:17
=== xangua1 is now known as xangua
k1lgambl0re: well, than it might be that its just rubbish put together from the guy who did that 3rd party packages.22:17
kostkonDAnCoor, obviously it hasn't22:17
ubuntu233jonubuntu: Use tab tab to complete nicks, I don't know what download you're using, however any install has this option, so yes sounds like you follow the text.22:17
gambl0reit worked before...22:17
gambl0rei installed nodejs and npm using apt-get22:18
gambl0rethen i uninstalled apt-get and then nodejs22:18
regeditTJ-: enjoy! le'me know when you're back what happens next, i got the files22:18
gambl0rethen i was able to reinstall nodejs but not npm22:18
drewx0rDAnCoor, this is the only relevant thing i could find22:18
k1luninstalled apt-get?22:18
JohnDoe1972hey guys can someone explain the linux live usb creator step 3 : Persistance ?22:18
gambl0reuninstalled npm and nodejs22:18
gambl0reusing aptget22:18
gambl0reits gonna take 6 hours to for dist-upgrade?22:19
DAnCoordrewx0r: thank you, well... need to search why it's gone then... :-)22:19
k1lgambl0re: and npm is from a 3rd party manual install?22:19
k1lgambl0re: well, run the dist-upgrade first. that will bring you all the needed updates22:19
gambl0reyou could have told me that dist-upgrade is gonna take 6 hours22:19
gambl0rei already ran the apt-get update22:20
k1lgambl0re: i could not have known, that you dont have all the recent updates installed!!22:20
jonubuntu@ubuntu233 Thanks! I found the procedure to move grub too. Looks pretty easy; If that doesn't work I'll try a new install. Thanks again22:20
gambl0reyou could have cautioned me22:20
k1lgambl0re: apt-get update doesnt install udates. it just gets the list with new packages22:20
gambl0recould i just cancel whatever its doing now and do it another time?22:20
ubuntu233JohnDoe1972: It is a extra file syatem to save changes in the OS.22:20
k1lgambl0re: sorry but that is server-basics.22:21
k1lgambl0re: installing the updates is mandatory.22:21
k1l!apt-get | gambl0re22:21
ubottugambl0re: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)22:21
Ben64theres no way it should take 6 hours though22:21
JohnDoe1972ubuntu233, will the rest of the usb be avail to stor upon as the persistance file is only 4gb in size22:21
k1lread yourself in the basics in the meantime22:21
=== michael__ is now known as Guest40681
gambl0recan i cancel the update?22:21
gambl0rewithout causing any damage?22:22
k1lgambl0re: you need the updates22:22
k1ldo it now22:22
gambl0reill do it later on.22:22
ubuntu233jonubuntu: Cool, you don;t need to move it, but just get a terminal in the server and run sudo grub-install /dev/sdX  X is the HD.22:22
k1lgambl0re: not having the recent updates can block installation of new software.22:22
Macanecesito ayuda?22:24
ubuntu233JohnDoe1972: You can actually make a casper-rw partition, and have a persistance as big as you want. But live has it limitations, adding casper in this context I would not know. Not sure really what your question entails.22:24
k1l!ar | Maca22:24
ubottuMaca: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe22:24
Ben64!es | Maca22:24
ubottuMaca: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:24
JohnDoe1972ubuntu233, well , what i mean is that when i boot into ubuntu from 64gb usb wil the remaining 60 gb be asccessable to me to write to ?22:25
TJ-regedit: I'm creating a USB image for you to try, give me 10 minutes22:27
ubuntu233JohnDoe1972: Ah, write to, wide question is all. You can have the usb iso on  a small partition and have the rest partitioned and openable from the live yes.22:27
k1lMaca: this channel is english only. see the bots messages for other languages22:27
Bashing-omDAnCoor: 15.04 uses the init system systes, and logging is a function of sais 'systemd'. What returns from terminal command ' journalctl ' ?22:27
JohnDoe1972the persistance file is just for changes to the os correct ?22:28
Macagracias kill!22:28
ubuntu233JohnDoe1972: Yeah exactly the live, say you add apps, or do an update....etc.22:28
ubuntu233JohnDoe1972: Acts basically like an install, however it is the iso still, kernel updates are not good generally.22:29
DAnCoordrewx0r: thank you... your link cleared this out for me...22:30
Bashing-omDAnCoor: As one intro to systemd : https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/systemd-essentials-working-with-services-units-and-the-journal22:30
regeditTJ-: awesome!22:31
DAnCoorBashing-om: Thanks ... I'll read that link22:31
drewx0rDAnCoor, glad to help, and I'll keep it in mind whenever I finally have to upgrade my unit's computers from 12.04.22:33
ImJuneW: Failed to fetch http://jp.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid-updates/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch22:34
=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
DAnCoordrewx0r: Well... I somewhat wish I never upgraded, but well... Now I'll have some catch up to do... :-)22:36
drewx0rmy users' experience with 14.04 kept me clinging to 12.04 LTS. I'm still hanging on.22:38
ImJunehang on yeah22:38
ImJunethere is something really wrong with 14 and 1522:39
k1lImJune: that message appears when the servers are syncing and the packages are not matching the hashes from the list. just give it some time22:39
DAnCoorI had trouble from every dist upgrade last 3 times... Last time I figured out that since I wasn't used "sudo" from the beginning, when I start using sudo there was some missing in PATH that made my dist-upgrade crash every time... now from 14.10 I didn't use sudo (run from root) upgrade went through smoothless....22:42
k1lDAnCoor: the upgrades get automated testings, so if you dont change too much on your system manually, that should work like a charm. and i dont get what you mean with sudo vs. root22:44
JohnDoe1972guys i used ubuntu a couple of years ago and it was FASTTT. Kaylin seems REALLY slow in comparison !22:44
histoJohnDoe1972: what is kaylin?22:45
JohnDoe1972also the recycle bin folder on the desktop is in japanseese / chineese ?22:45
JohnDoe1972ubunto 14.04.222:45
k1lJohnDoe1972: kylin is the chineese version of ubuntu. why you use that?22:45
JohnDoe1972its whats on the ubunto download pake22:46
DAnCoork1l: I never want to upgrade manually... that's why I upgraded to 14.10 because I needed the "mangle" file in shorewall newer release22:46
k1lJohnDoe1972: so you use a chineese version and wonder why its chineese?22:46
JohnDoe1972ive just wasted the last hour22:46
JohnDoe1972i dint know it weas the chineese version22:46
k1lJohnDoe1972: use the plain ubuntu version.22:47
JohnDoe1972its stupid shit like this why i stoped using ubuntu in the first place22:47
histoJohnDoe1972: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop22:47
histoJohnDoe1972: You're the one who chose to download the chinese version without reading whatever link you followed.22:47
histoJohnDoe1972: I don't see why this would stop you from using ubuntu?22:48
JohnDoe1972also why is it so slow ? im booting from usb. that should be like ssd speeds surely ! well not quite but faster than normal hhd22:48
k1lJohnDoe1972: you are making that too difficult. get the regular ubuntu iso. put it onto a usb or dvd like the official tutorial says, try it.22:48
k1lJohnDoe1972: no, usb is slow.22:48
histoJohnDoe1972: The read and write speed of usb is pretty slow22:48
JohnDoe1972faster then hdd !22:48
k1lJohnDoe1972: everything needs to be loaded into the ram. and most usb drives are very very very very very slow. just get the facts instead of blaming ubuntu22:49
JohnDoe1972i used ubuntu 12 and it was FAST !22:49
k1lJohnDoe1972: do you know the read and write speeds of that usb?22:49
k1lJohnDoe1972: then make a real install.22:49
DAnCoork1l: Actually, when I moved from Mandrake to Ubuntu, I did the misstake to skip the "sudo" and continued using root... when I suddenly followed the instructions and did an dist-upgrade with sudo it stopped on libc and dev-libc upgrade... kind of loop problem.... appearantly sudo was missing some relevant path's to /sbin etc22:51
JohnDoe1972then im going to have to do the god damn live usb creator again22:51
bazhangno cursing here JohnDoe197222:51
JohnDoe1972why ?22:51
k1l!guidelines | JohnDoe1972 that is why22:51
ubottuJohnDoe1972 that is why: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines22:51
bazhangJohnDoe1972, a usb live will never be even a little close to hdd speeds22:52
JohnDoe1972isnt that a bit draconian ? i thought the web was where people could express themselves any way they wished !22:52
Demon_JesterHey guys I have a quick question if I were to install another ubuntu OS over my current one will it save my files similar how windows will store them in windows.old folder?22:53
JohnDoe1972not to be controled by some power hungry  anonomous person who thinks god damn is a curse22:53
k1lJohnDoe1972: stop all that. if you just want to rant start a blog. this channel is for ubuntu support according to the guidelines.22:53
histoDemon_Jester: what is your current os?22:54
bazhangDemon_Jester, there should be an option to preserve the home22:54
Demon_Jesterhisto: xubuntu, and I will be install ubuntu server over it22:54
Demon_Jesterbazhang: If my directory is in home will that guarantee that my files won't be deleted, or are all my files no matter what are in /home directory?22:55
bazhangat least for a desktop install, no idea about server22:55
bazhangtry in #ubuntu-server about that Demon_Jester22:56
Demon_Jesterbazhang, ok thanks22:56
TJ-regedit: let's take this private since it's not strictly Ubuntu now :)22:58
Azaziah_Hi! I',m trying to make backups of broken Win install with Ubuntu CD and wanted to use the LIVE feature, but it opens in GRUB instead22:58
onanymousi use a backbox :)22:59
k1lonanymous: then #backbox (or wherever they have a support channel)  is the right place :)23:00
DalekSec#backbox on irc.autistici.org/6667 to be precise.23:00
onanymousoke thx23:01
ubuntu233Azaziah_: you have a link to the download of the iso23:02
ubuntu233basically what your booting with live23:03
Azaziah_ubuntu233: I have ubuntu 10 from some years ago, it boots to grub_rescue console..Im pretty sure this used to work with Live..23:04
k1lAzaziah_: uh, that is very old. i would try a 14.04 or 15.05 to boot into live23:04
ubuntu233Azaziah_: does it boot to the live from any of the choices?23:05
ubuntu233+1 on a updated release23:05
Azaziah_ubuntu233: I set the laptop to boot from CD and it goes straight to grub rescue mode.. I should probaby try  to remake my backup solution if there is no easy way to fix this..23:07
ubuntu233Azaziah_: There is a per-session boot, mine is f12, my bios screen has a notation of this, try the cd from there if you can. Could youhave modified this cd to go to grub?23:11
Azaziah_My best quess is that the CD may thinks Acers hidden recovery partition is Ubuntu install or something?23:12
educacionithow do i sudo?23:13
ubuntu233Azaziah_: Without dragging this out further, I would try the per-session, I have seen the  bios bypass cd/usb's first listed23:13
Azaziah_ubuntu233: I trie'd that also but it does the same.. I don't think I have touched the CD myself, but maybe Ubuntu automatically edited it once I actually installed it on one HDD?23:14
ubuntu233Azaziah_: I would get a supported media like 14.04....etc23:15
al2o3-creducacionit: how'd do you mean?23:16
educacionital2o3-cr: how do i use sudo?23:17
Azaziah_ubuntu233: Okay then, thank you for the support and have a nice day! :)23:18
al2o3-creducacionit: sudo command ?23:18
al2o3-crunless i'm missing what you really mean23:19
=== iPadGuy100 is now known as ipadguy
ubuntu233!sudo | educacionit23:21
ubottueducacionit: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo23:21
afflictoHi. I'm taking a lot of screenshots (and uploading to imgur) with shutter. But I wish it was automated (screenshot, upload, get URL to clipboard). Does anyone know of any alternatives that provide that?23:33
FuZi0Ni was running an installer script and my ssh session timed out but the script is still running, how can i restore my sceen to resume the interactive installer?23:34
psusiFuZi0N, what is "an installer script"?23:37
psusiyou have to have run it under screen to begin with and then can reattach using screen.. iirc, do-release-upgrade does this automatically23:37
FuZi0Ni wasn't running it under screen, is there any way to restore it?23:39
bazhangFuZi0N, debian is not supported here23:39
bazhangkeep in #debian FuZi0N23:39
qmr2ii  php5-mysql                                            5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.9                               amd64        MySQL module for php523:45
qmr2^ why does phpinfo() not show mysql support?  ubuntu 14.0423:45
tvxhas Ubuntu gotten any better in regards to (a) hardware detection, (b) being able to view lots of images over a local network?23:46
tvxthough i am a beginner to Linux i am unhappy with Manjaro and the seeming (from my perpective) difficulties it has resolving dependencies when using the genric add/remove software program.23:47
grunhartUsing Lubuntu atm. Manjaro is cool but... Better safe than sorry.23:48

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