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ubottuUbuntu bug 1468192 in muon (Ubuntu) "Muon does not show the change log for any package instead displays this text "The list of changes is not yet available. Please use instead."" [Undecided,New]05:46
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lordievaderGood morning.08:05
soeehiho lordievader08:05
lordievaderHey soee, how are you doing?08:06
soeelordievader: cool, thanks ;) you  ?08:10
lordievaderDoing good here :)08:10
soeeif anyone plan to watch Jurassic World please don't  :)08:11
soeewaste of time and money -.-08:11
mgraesslinsoee: thanks08:48
soeenow i wonder if Terminator Genesis would similar crap ;)08:54
lordievaderThat still has the Govinator in it ;)08:55
* Riddell reads http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/09:57
Riddellwow now I know the geographical location of my network card09:58
lordievaderIs (K)Ubuntu finally getting that?09:59
Riddellwily seems to have it now10:00
lordievaderAh, cool :D10:00
Riddellthat brilliantly systemd, it's a competant solution that makes things much more complex and kills off some basic assumptions for what is I guess an important problem in some cases but not many10:05
clivejohow does it know that Riddell?10:07
Riddellclivejo: the geographical location? with a map and compas and some qualified cub scouts I assume10:08
lordievaderAnd he maps it before there is a network connection :P10:09
Riddellsystemd should be renamed Akela10:10
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Riddellhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/zentyal/18438810273/in/album-72157652591863934/  caption competition!10:22
Riddellclivejo: yay your kamoso package works on my mostly clean wily install10:31
Riddellso I'll copy it to beta PPA and put it into a git archive10:31
clivejoany other testers?10:31
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clivejoRiddell: got 595 missing files in calligra!10:42
Riddellclivejo: uh oh!10:42
Riddellclivejo: I think almost all will be developer files we deliberately don't package10:42
Riddellclivejo: if you can copy them into paste.kde.org and I'll take a look10:43
clivejo.h files?10:43
Riddellright, we don't want those cos nothing builds against calligra10:43
Riddellthere should be a debian/not-installed to list them10:43
clivejoah, that will knock off a lot10:43
Riddellalso /usr/lib/foo.so files which are dev only but you have to watch for plugins which are /usr/lib/kde4/foo.so files that we do want10:44
clivejoso usr/include/calligra/*.h ?10:45
clivejodont need them10:45
Riddellclivejo: right10:51
Riddellclivejo: you started with the version in the wily archive right?10:51
clivejohummm, I copied all the missing files to kate, then tried to copy 486 lines back into not-installed and it crashed konsole :/10:51
clivejomore hung it10:52
Riddellclivejo: why are you trying to edit not-installed yet? just check the output of dh_install --list-missing for files not in not-installed10:56
clivejoI have10:56
clivejothere are 595 missing files10:57
clivejo486 are .h files10:57
clivejowhich I was adding to not-installed10:58
clivejothere are 62 usr/lib/*.so files that look important11:00
Riddellclivejo: usr/lib/*.so aren't important11:03
clivejoso add them to not-installed too?11:03
clivejook down to 4811:05
clivejoIll pastebin these11:05
clivejothose calligraactive ones go in calligraactive.install?11:06
Riddellclivejo: don't you have an existing not-installed file?11:07
Riddellclivejo: calligraactive is dead, except upstream haven't listened to themselves so they still install bits, but we don't package it so you can ignore them too11:07
Riddellthose 4 /usr/bin at the start are testing and will be in not-installed11:08
Riddelland krita gemini and sketch is dead too as I remember, replaced by calligra gemini11:09
Riddellbut checkout in #calligra if unsure11:09
Riddellso aye they're all good for not-installed11:09
clivejoIll put the active files into the active package, just to keep it right11:11
clivejothere is a package defined calligraactive.install11:11
Riddellclivejo: calligraactive.install is still around but it's not listed in debian/control so the result will be just the same (nothing happens with them)11:11
Riddellprobably neater to get rid of calligraactive.install11:12
Riddellclivejo: kamoso in git and in beta PPA, when apol appear we can ask him if he wants it in the archive or just in a PPA11:12
clivejook Ill do that11:12
clivejoremove it and put the entries in not-installed11:13
clivejoshould it be ./usr or usr?11:14
Riddellgood news is calligra is about the biggest packages get so if you can handle it you can handle a lot :)11:14
Riddellnot-installed should be ./usr  I think11:14
Riddellthat's what our kubuntu-automation scripts expect when checking it11:14
Riddellfor some reason11:14
clivejodpkg-shlibdeps: warning: can't extract name and version from library name 'libkdeinit4_karbon.so'11:18
clivejoanything important?11:19
Riddellclivejo: that's fine to ignore, those libkdeinit libs are just subs to load the application as a library rather than a whole new process which speeds up load a bit11:19
Riddellso they're not real libraries and the magic shlibs which finds the libraries an app wants gets confused11:20
clivejooh a problem : dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library liblibglobal.so.14 needed by debian/kexi-xbase-driver/usr/lib/kde4/kritadefaultdockers.so (ELF format: 'elf64-x86-64'; RPATH: '')11:20
clivejo10 errors like that so far11:22
Riddellhi prth, how's summer of code going?11:22
prthhi Riddell, great :)11:23
Riddellclivejo: hang on, kexi package installing krita plugin looks wrong11:24
Riddell(oh make sure kritalutdocker.so and krita_lutdocker.desktop are in not-installed, they're installed specially in debian/rules)11:26
Riddellclivejo: what's in kexi-xbase-driver.install ?11:26
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santa_clivejo: may I suggest you a couple of things for kamoso?12:43
BluesKajHiyas all12:47
clivejokexi-xbase-driver.install: usr/lib/kde4/*.so13:20
clivejosure santa_, I was away from keyboard, looking for a 3/4inch thread die!13:22
clivejojust go easy, Im new to this all13:22
santa_1. fix the watch file13:22
santa_2. set the package version as 3.0.0~alpha13:23
clivejohow do I do that?13:23
santa_clivejo: man uscan + inspect the watch file of krecipes as a source of inspiration13:24
santa_after that uscan and uscan --force-download should work properly ;)13:25
santa_try to figure it out on your own, but if you can't just ask me later13:25
Riddellsanta_: I merged in some changes to kamoso into the debian git archive13:26
clivejodo I fix it to be unstable?13:27
Riddellincluding a change to the watch file13:27
clivejohttp://download.kde.org/unstable/kamoso/kamoso-3.0-alpha.tar.xz ?13:27
Riddellclivejo: ooh did you do that to debian/kexi-xbase-driver.install ? that should be reverted13:27
clivejoRiddell: no, I didnt touch that13:28
santa_clivejo: you can have both stable and unstable, see the watch file of oher packages13:28
Riddellclivejo: should be like this https://paste.kde.org/pexttfozw13:28
santa_I don't remember a concrete one13:28
clivejoRiddell: where did you get that from? or you make it yourself from the README?13:29
Riddellclivejo: I got it from the existing package in the archive I got with apt-get source calligra13:31
clivejohummmm, thats the one I took :/13:32
clivejothere was two13:32
Riddellit's also in bzr here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/calligra/files/head:/debian/13:32
Riddellbzr on launchpad is the older place we keep our packaging in revision control, most of it has moved to debian git pkg-kde team now13:33
clivejoI still dont understand bzr13:33
Riddellclivejo: you don't have to as we're moving to git, do you understand git?13:36
Mamarokgit is easy to learn, you only ever will use 10 commands or so for everyday use13:36
MamarokI guess I never used more than 613:36
Mamarokand there have been a lot of blog posts about git on planetkde in the last few years13:37
clivejoI know a little bit, but still lot more powerful than I know13:37
Riddellgit is more powerful than anyone can know13:38
Riddellit's why I was reluctant to learn it for a long time13:38
Mamarokwell, you don't have to learn all of git, I guess that not even Linus knows on the top of his head13:39
Mamarokjust because there are a bazillion of options dosen't mean you need all of them, or are you reluctant to use ls on a command line because there are like 50 options to it?13:39
clivejobut surely if I can push and pull code thats all I need to know :P13:39
Mamarokclivejo: you need clone, push, pull, rebase, status, and a few more, that's pretty much all you will ever need13:40
Mamarokand have your initial settings right, the techbase.kde.org wiki has a nice list on how to do a basic configuration13:41
santa_when dealing with rebase I suggest to use "qgit --all" to inspect the results13:49
santa_that helped me to understand how rebase works13:49
santa_and same for merges13:49
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Riddellximion: membership 20:00UTC tomorrow (22:00 central europe)14:02
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mparilloI see http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/342/builds is out for Alpha 1. Is it really ready for installation testing (I have been applying updates to Wily for a month now)?14:25
* Riddell looks14:37
MamarokRiddell: I should be around for the meeting tomorrow evening14:38
Riddellmparillo: they're a couple of days old and there has been a bunch of stuff transitioned since then so I've asked for a rebuild and it should be good to test in an hour or so14:38
mparilloThanks. I will look for a testers call then.14:40
Riddellmparillo: it'll be quietly announced on this channel14:41
mparilloHmm, I did not think of it as quietly announced, but more the standard protocol to announce it here with the bang testers.14:43
BluesKajRiddell, what's to be tested ,...was disconnected for a few mins so I din't see any info14:44
RiddellBluesKaj: alpha 1 candidates when they're build, should be done in an hour or so http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/342/builds14:45
BluesKajRiddell, ok thanks , I'll be around14:46
BluesKajbut I have another desktop freeze so gotta reboot again14:47
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Riddellnew images are in15:12
Riddell!testers | go test iso alpha 1 candidates15:12
ubottugo test iso alpha 1 candidates: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip for information15:12
Riddellhmm no mparillo on that15:12
RiddellTm_T: could you fix ^^15:12
* Riddell out15:12
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santa_murthy: https://launchpad.net/~panfaust/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu-kf5-experiments18:31
santa_patched ark18:32
murthysanta_: Tested Ark from the ppa you gave. It works, ark is able to extract the zip file properly. Tested the gui and also on command line. Thank you so much!20:39
santa_murthy: ok, would be interesting to compress a file with the windows menu and non-ascii characters and see if it works20:41
santa_but please note that the patch is going to be somewhat controversial20:41
santa_non upstreameable, can't share with debian20:41
santa_it depends on ubuntu's infozip & unzip :(20:42
murthysure, ya I know. You guys discuss with the team members and ask team if they are ok with a downstream patch20:43
BluesKajok testing alpha wily-desktop image here, and so far so good after installing the roght graphics driver (nvidia-340). Nouveau wasn't working very well when switching between VDs20:45
BluesKajKonversation is still slow to switch between chats, almost 2 secs20:47
murthysanta_: just tested ark for zipping, it works properly20:47
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murthysanta_: Windows menu is the dolphin's context menu right?  I have no Idea of how to test with a non-ascii characters20:55
murthysanta_: Can I create a file with kate which contains non ascii chars20:55
santa_murthy: in the filename20:57
santa_the patch from debian was meant to solve that problem20:57
murthysanta_: "ஏன் இனிய தமிழ் மக்களே" Is this ok ?20:57
santa_but it broke ark in other ways20:57
santa_murthy: also would be nice if you could mail me the file20:59
santa_I would like to inspect it with an hex editor20:59
murthysanta_: I tested the original and the extracted with kdiff and it says they are binary equal21:00
murthysanta_: extraction of files with non-ascii filenames is successfull21:00
murthysanta_: so do you need the files? 21:01
santa_murthy: would be nice to have them, yes21:02
santa_could you mail them? you have my mail address in a priv query21:03
murthysanta_: how can I give you and what are the files you want? some of the original and extracted, just the non-ascii filenamed files ?21:03
santa_the zip file you created with windows21:04
murthysanta_: you mean dolphin?21:04
santa_hmm, windows21:06
santa_that's the only platform I haven't covered21:06
santa_I already have one file created with macos, another in linux21:07
santa_but I don't have one from windows21:07
santa_wait, have you created the file with dolphin?21:07
murthysanta_: I don't have a kde installation on windows21:07
murthysanta_: ya21:07
murthysanta_: I cant test any kde stuff on Microsoft windows21:08
BluesKajmurthy, why not ? :-)21:08
santa_ah, ok.21:08
BluesKajKDE for windows 21:08
santa_murthy: what I meant was: 1. create a *.zip file in windows and 2. extract it with ark21:09
murthyBluesKaj: Last time I tested it, windows is degrading kde21:09
murthysanta_: I have pzip in linux, wont it work?21:09
murthysanta_: I have peazip in linux, wont it work?21:10
BluesKajmurthy, I was just kidding ..I tried KDE on windows and it's pretty clunky21:10
murthyI knew you :)21:10
BluesKajOk 21:10
BluesKajmurthy, try unp , it will extract almost any compressed file21:11
BluesKajanyway , gotta go ..have fun , later21:14
murthysanta_: I will try compress a some files in windows using winrar on windows and extract it in linux using ark and compare it. I will send the compressed file from windows and the extracted files to your mail id21:14
murthyneed to reboot, will be back soon21:15
santa_murthy: whatver you do, must be a zip file, please let me know in the email how you created it21:16
murthysanta_: I have sent you the mails with the zips and original files21:58
murthyIts 3:30 am here, going to bed see you later21:59
soeewe wont have non LTS nvidia drivers available in drivers manager ?22:00

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