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sockfluffHello guys, can I ask for some help?02:45
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sockfluffAnyone here?02:54
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moomilkI require assistance03:12
moomilkKubuntu 15.0403:12
moomilkFirst task bar and desktop freezes. When I get to that point, I can ctrl-alt-del to the shutdown menu, but it won't shut down, and freezes completely. If I keep using the computer after the desktop is frozen, then everything will freeze 5 minutes after. The cursor will work, and the screen will still turn off when I close it. The only way to shut down is power button.03:12
sockfluffanyone home03:32
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regeditmy keyring / keychain / whatever it's called doesn't seem to be working... i may have accidentally uninstalled one or more of its components04:15
regediti do see some gnome-keyring stuff installed04:15
regeditgnome-keyring         gnome-keyring-3       gnome-keyring-daemon04:15
regeditlooks like it might be all installed but maybe disabled or something04:15
regedithow do i put it back in business?04:16
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regeditKDE Wallet Manager hangs...04:33
regeditdid i delete some dependencies?04:33
chinesejarhow to install brackets in kubuntu 15.0404:38
chinesejardo you know???04:40
valorieunsure what you mean, chinesejar04:41
valorieyou mean a package named 'brackets'?04:41
valorie!info brackets04:42
ubottuPackage brackets does not exist in vivid04:42
chinesejaran editor04:42
valorieseems to be something related to Tex or LaTeX?04:43
valorieif you can find a deb file, it's easier04:44
valoriebut best to just find an editor that *is* packaged04:44
chinesejaryou can enter the official website "brackets.io" to know about it04:44
valoriedo they have a .deb ?04:45
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.04:45
chinesejarit tell me lacking of some devel package when i use deb04:47
valorieinstall it then?04:49
chinesejari clicked it and it hints "Could not satisfy the dependency relationship"04:50
chinesejarthen it hints the error infomation04:51
chinesejarinstall interrupted04:51
chinesejaror you can tell me a better editor for web developing04:53
chinesejarhtml js css editor04:54
dirtside1Howdy. So I just installed Kubuntu 15.04 a little bit ago, and it sure is pretty, but I've noticed that they seem to have gotten rid of the ability to customize date and time formats. You can now only pick a country and it's an all-or-nothing proposition. Is there some way to get back the ability to customize date/time formats separately?05:16
dirtside1Specifically I just want the clock widget to show 24-hour time and a short date, like I had back in 14.04, but from everything I've found that appears to be impossible unless I manually code my own widget05:20
dirtside1Also, I presume there were discussions at some point (on some mailing list or forum) by the KDE developers about the change to the locale settings. Where might I find the archives of these discussions? I'd like to know the reasoning behind their decision to remove this customizability.05:22
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valoriedirtside1: there has been a change in Qt5 that is making this difficult06:16
valorieKDE devels don't like it either, but so far, have not figured out a way to either change Qt devel minds, or do a good workaround06:17
draikxHello all. I upgraded 14.10=>15.04 over the weekend, and I seem to have lost functionality of my Logitech G930 USB bluetooth headset. I have it set as the master channel, but it all still goes to my TV via HDMI. How do I make it go to my headset?07:03
dirtside1thanks val07:03
draikxIn "Audio Hardware Setup", I can hear the "Front Left" and "Front Right" audio when I click on the respective button.07:17
draikxDevice Preference only has "PulseAudio Sound Server" as the available option.07:17
draikxGStreamer for the backend07:17
darokthar_I'm using pulseaudio, If i have problems with my audio, i use pavucontrol. KMix seems to have some problems with pulse.07:23
darokthar_Maybe that's your problem draix?07:23
darokthar_Oh, he's gone already.07:23
usawrif i did the biarch wine compile, what winearch should i use to rune everything?07:45
usawrand do i put everything in the same wineprefix07:46
lordievaderGood morning.08:05
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steve-_-hi all. is this bug known? does a ticket exist for this? https://youtu.be/gxhA7Vv_5ng?t=2m59s08:48
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lordievadersteve-_-: Oeh I've seen that. It has to do with vm's and their screen resolution changes.08:51
lordievaderOn KVM changing the scaling option fixed it.08:52
steve-_-lordievader: so it's rather a vmware bug than a kubuntu bug?08:53
lordievaderErr no, KVM suffers from it too.08:54
lordievaderNever spent much attention to it since it was easy to fix.08:55
steve-_-yes but obviously a bug that should be fixed. https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting is a messy wiki page with a lot of text :S08:56
lordievadersteve-_-: I'd file this one at http://bugs.kde.org08:58
steve-_-lordievader: do you have a link to the existing report?08:59
lordievaderI'm not sure if there is one, you should search for it.08:59
steve-_-hm finding quite a few wallpaper bugs. not sure which one applies here.09:05
lordievadersteve-_-: Looks like kde bug 34864709:09
ubottuKDE bug 348647 in general "Plasma 5 does not stretch a screen wallpaper when resizing a VirtualBox window" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34864709:09
JunkHunkhello I need help with kdinit09:14
JunkHunkI long ago installed avant window navigator which is a gnome application and therefore was not working good then I uninstalled but there must be something of that application still in the system because each time I login a warning appears saying kdinit could not launch avant-window-navigator: could not find avant-window-navigator executable09:16
JunkHunkhow could I fix this?09:17
JunkHunkusing kubuntu 14.0409:17
steve-_-lordievader: thanks for the link. will subscribe to that bug to keep track09:25
lordievadersteve-_-: Please comment on it that it affects you too.09:25
steve-_-will do09:26
JunkHunkI found this thread where all about java installation is well explained: http://www.ubuntu-guia.com/2012/04/instalar-oracle-java-7-en-ubuntu-1204.html10:10
JunkHunkI need to run a program with java710:10
JunkHunkbut after installing it....10:11
JunkHunksudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin openjdk-7-jre10:11
JunkHunkI cannot choose in right mouse button menu10:12
JunkHunkit still appears the 8 as the only option10:12
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JunkHunkI needed to add the webupd8 repo10:38
JunkHunkand then Install the 710:38
JunkHunkit works now10:38
JunkHunkI cant tell the same for the mysterious avant window nav leftovers in the system10:39
JunkHunkits bothersome!  each time I login the warning appears and the system delays for a minute or so10:40
hateballJunkHunk: do you use "restore session"? perhaps it is trying to restore the avant window even after it is removed10:43
JunkHunkhateball restore session?11:15
JunkHunkin config?11:16
JunkHunkI ll check it out11:16
hateballJunkHunk: press alt+f2 and type "session" and you should get to the right spot11:16
hateballby default KDE tries to restore a previously saved session, I prefer to start with a blank one each time11:16
hateballI suppose the savedata is stored somewhere in ~/ but I don't know where11:17
JunkHunkI dont find it11:20
JunkHunkand it is already configured to start an empty session11:25
hateballah ok11:25
JunkHunkthanks for the tip anyway11:25
tahaanJunkHunk: ~/.kde/share/config/ksmserverrc AND ~/.kde/share/config/session/* (I think that's it)11:25
JunkHunkwhat is that?11:26
hateballJunkHunk: there is also ~/.config/autostart and ~/.kde/share/autostart to look in11:26
tahaanWhere KDE stores session11:26
JunkHunkI ll snoop there11:26
hateballit may have a leftover .desktop file for avant11:26
JunkHunkfirst suggested folder...no avantwindow11:29
JunkHunkjust kmix and kwin11:29
JunkHunkin kdeshareautostart...just plasmanetbook.desktop file11:30
JunkHunkfor the .config/autostart...11:30
JunkHunkthere are some files I don't use anymore..11:31
JunkHunkdocky.desktop and wallch.desktop from the same time I tested avant window navigator11:31
JunkHunkthey got uninstalled better though11:31
JunkHunkanyway I ll remove these ones...they do nothing here11:32
JunkHunkI found it!!11:33
JunkHunkunder ~/.kde/autostart11:34
JunkHunktahaa you didnt name that one...11:34
JunkHunkbut there is a awn.desktop there!!11:34
tahaanJunkHunk: I did not11:35
JunkHunkcool I am eager to test the login11:35
JunkHunksee you and thanks a lot11:35
tahaanI get a disk I/O error on first boot of Kubuntu 15.04 in Virtualbox, while shutting down.  http://imagebin.ca/v/26KniONUIqb111:44
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hateballtahaan: sr0 is cdrom11:51
tahaanhateball: I missed that, but that jsut makes it worse.11:52
hateballtahaan: and you dont have any such removable devices in /etc/fstab or mounted through virtualbox?11:53
tahaanThat is where I installed from11:53
hateballtahaan: does the system not continue to halt after that?11:53
tahaanI had to reset the VM.11:53
tahaanhateball: I don't think it should try blk_update_request on sr011:57
BluesKajHiyas all12:47
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eXistenZegood afternoon13:14
eXistenZegood afternoon13:37
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bassehi, i have strange problem with Dolphin. i dont see any preview of fonts.. and there is no configuration option to view them.. is this missing feature?15:57
regeditwhy... why can't we have nice things... :'(16:22
regediti can watch youtube clips normally shiny perfectly in windows with my GeForce 610M, but here in kubuntu it's all choppy and tearing16:23
mparilloI find youtube is almost never choppy in Chrome, but it sometimes is in rekonq.16:28
mparillo(and sometimes does not play at all in rekonq).16:29
regeditusing chrome here16:30
regedittried with hardware accel, and without16:30
regeditplaying with all sorts of Compositor, Nvidia Settings, and CompizConfig options16:30
regeditchoppiness insists on remaining choppy :'(16:31
regeditrestarting chrome (and even entire OS) continuously16:31
regeditstill choppy!16:32
BluesKajregedit, chrome or chromium ? chrome has it's own builtin flash that's much better then the one in chromium , unless chromium has adopted the chrome version16:33
regeditgoogle-chrome --version: Google Chrome 43.0.2357.13016:33
BluesKajregedit, got an example on youtube that's choppy16:33
BluesKajsmoothe here ,and I'm usinga lot of bandwidth atm DLing the latest Wily daily image16:35
regeditwhere have I gone wrong?16:35
regediteven the KDE environment in general often seems to have that choppy edge to it16:36
regeditwhat's generally better: Nouveau, kubuntu repo Proprietary, xorg-edgers Proprietary, or Nvidia Proprietary?16:37
BluesKajregedit, nvidia recommended in system settings/driver manager16:39
eduzeni have a problem with kde16:40
regeditBluesKaj: well that used to be 346 (i think non-updates?) until i added the xorg-edgers repo, when their 352.21 became recommended16:40
eduzenit doesnt appear nothing after loggin16:40
eduzeni search and find something about dolphine with sudo that maybe is what i did16:41
BluesKajregedit, you're new drivers , the latest aren't necessarily the best to use in my experience16:41
eduzensomeone knows?16:42
BluesKajxedgers doesn't maintain the drivers with any consistency, so they fail when one gets kernel upgrades16:42
regediteduzen: you might want to try Alt+F1 to get command shell and delete some of your KDE cache/configs (someone please list which) so when you reboot it will start afresh16:42
regeditBluesKaj: hm i see...16:43
regeditBluesKaj: is 346-updates a bad idea compared to regular 346?16:43
eduzeni found on the internet, that some owners from home folder had changed. I changed to my user and now i can see the background image16:45
BluesKajwell afaik the 346 is still fairly new ..haven't used it yet , still on th e 340 here , but my card is sortof entry -level , 8400gs16:47
regeditBluesKaj: and you watch youtube clips smooth and crispy?16:49
regeditwhere have i gone wrong... :(16:49
BluesKajregedit, is it just youtube that's choppy ?16:53
eduzenregedit: now I can see more things, but not the menu bar; the bottom one that launchs applications16:54
regediteduzen: there is another config/cache to reset/delete16:55
eduzenthere is a problem if a delete al .cache folder16:56
eduzenbecause i already installed cinnamon16:56
eduzenbecause without a desktop manager i couldnt use the pc16:56
regediteduzen: possibly ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc16:57
eduzenlet me see16:58
regeditBluesKaj: i can log into my fresh Windows 8.1 installation and load vanilla internet-crap-explorer 11 and the same clip plays beautifully16:58
eduzenregedit: :(17:00
eduzenI'm using plasma now17:01
eduzenand the bottom there is nothing17:01
eduzenit's like use openbox17:02
regediteduzen: if there are channel logs search for my nick a few days ago i went throught the same exact thing17:05
regeditit was about deleting or chowning some config/cache files and rebooting17:05
regeditunless i'm forgetting something else...17:05
BluesKajregedit, what about Firefox , have you tried it ?17:05
eduzenok thanks17:05
regediteduzen: it may have been in the #ubuntu channel though...17:06
eduzenok, i wll reboot mi pc and then i will check that17:06
eduzenthank you very much!17:07
regeditBluesKaj: just downgraded to 346-updates, will reboot and see. thanks!17:07
regediteduzen: np good luck17:07
BluesKajregedit, I don't use the "updates" they aren't stable either, but I guess it's worth a try17:08
regeditBluesKaj: i'll switch to the non-updates if i still have trouble17:09
BluesKajBBL , errands to todo for 40 mins or so.17:09
regeditBluesKaj: restarted. now i remember why i got the xorg-edgers driver; there's a bug where the mouse disappears when it reaches the screen edge...17:20
regeditmore specifically when it reaches the top edge of my 2nd monitor17:21
regeditBluesKaj: are you sure xorg-edgers will break with kernel changes? don't they make sure to stay in line with the kernel?17:21
regeditnevermind, im'a stay away from xorg edgers, missed the part where they warn "...This PPA is currently meant to be used as a whole. Please do _not_ individually install packages from it...Do not assume that because it lets you install a DDX with just the driver and libdrm update that it will work. These packages are made with scripts that use the the current packages as the base, so some dependencies can be wrong and your package manager17:26
regeditwill not resolve that for you..."17:26
regeditif i want to install drivers directly from Nvidia, what do i need to keep in mind about breaking from kernel changes, what steps do i need to take if that happens, or what to avoid doing etc.?17:31
regeditbaggiogroup: the fish? or the vegetable17:33
baggiogroupyang indo mana?17:43
regeditBluesKaj: hm yes i *think* it does seem much closer to smooth and crispy play in firefox17:43
eXistenZehey there.18:16
eXistenZeis ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports recomended?18:16
mparilloeXistenZe: I use it on 15.04. What is nice about a PPA is that if it breaks something, you can simply remove it.18:44
jubo2can I install Kubuntu15 on a server and just tell it not to boot X unless I tell it to boot X ?18:48
jubo2#debian-offtopic prlly considers pauvre jubo-jubo ein des idiots18:48
jubo2whoops.. wrong chan.. see y'all in #kubuntu-offtopic18:49
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eXistenZegot into serious trouble yesterday lordievader20:35
lordievaderHow so?20:35
eXistenZebeen getting the login to black screen bug20:35
eXistenZe10 times yesterday20:35
eXistenZeit seems related to plasma/kwin .config files corruption20:35
lordievaderDo you reconfigure those things everytime you get your original desktop back?20:36
eXistenZeI delete all those files and restore my old .config20:36
eXistenZeand yes, reconfigure desktop, K menu, etc20:37
lordievaderRight. Reconfigure stuff one step at a time next time. Log out and log back in. All in order to see what triggers it.20:38
eXistenZeI made a safe .config and a corrupt .config folder comparison20:38
eXistenZeperhaps (just perhaps) it's a plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc file corruption20:39
eXistenZebut I can't reproduce the bug now to test the theory20:39
eXistenZeoh... and I have to delete the .cache too (don't know why though)20:40
SmilexHello. I just tried booting into a usb with Kubuntu installed, and the Kubuntu logo pulsades 3 times then stops.20:45
eXistenZethe other small nasty bug is the konsole crash on exit with "Executable: konsole PID: 5370 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)"20:46
SmilexI let it hang for about 10 minutes, but it never started again20:46
SmilexAnyone have an idea as to why this is?20:46
lordievaderSmilex: Press escape when you get to that screen, or boot up without the 'splash' and 'quiet' kernel parameters.20:54
Smilexlordievader, pressing escape didn't work. I'll try the params20:55
SmilexHey. I've been trying to boot kubuntu from a usb, but the boot gets stuck with a message sort of like "soft lock up - CPU#3 stuck for 22 seconds [systemd:2236]" (maybe not verbatim)21:48
valorieSmilex: did you md5sum the USB image?21:51
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:51
Smilexvalorie, I did run the disk check grub option21:52
valoriethat checks your physical disk21:52
valoriemd5 checks the ISO you are attempting to boot21:52
valorienothing to do with the media its on21:52
valoriethis is why I always torrent the ISOs, since ktorrent does that automatically at the end of the download21:53
valoriebut it is always worthwhile doing it again on the USB if there is a problem booting21:54
valoriefirst, before checking anything else21:54
Smilexvalorie, md5 and sha256 are the same thing?21:59
valorienot quite, but both for verifying in this context21:59
valoriejust follow the first link unless you are in windows22:00
Smilexvalorie, the md5 windows program output is very different from the sha256 on the kubuntu webpage22:00
valorietwo links: one for linux, one for windows22:01
SmilexYes. I followed the windows one22:01
Smilexbut it provides a md5sum.exe22:01
valorieand you are in windows, just to be sure?22:01
valorieI've not worked in windows for many years, and never done an md5sum in it22:02
SmilexYes, and same here22:02
valorieso all I can do is tell ubottu to give you links22:02
Smilexwhich is why I'm wondering if md5 is the same thing22:02
valorieI've never produced an .exe file in linux22:03
valoriewhat I know about it is on that first link22:03
SmilexNo I'm in windows22:03
Smilexnvm, found some other software22:05
Smilexvalorie, took forever, but yes the checksum is the same as the one provided on the download page22:21
valoriecool, so you know that you have a good ISO22:22
valoriehowever, I have no clue about "soft lock up" -- have you tried copy/pasting and then googling the error message?22:23
valoriethe precise error message often is important22:24
Smilexvalorie, yes it's common. Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it isn't22:24
valoriemight be a firmware issue22:24
Smilexapparently it happens because some code in kernel space loops too much22:25
EtriaphDoes anyone know where the widget style configuration is stored?22:25
EtriaphFor whatever reason, my breeze theme was unset and I can't configure back to it.22:25
valorieconfigs are now in ~/.config and ~/.local22:26
EtriaphEverything looks GTK+, this is strange.22:26
valoriealthough if it is for some unported app, you might still find stuff in ~/.kde22:26
valorieall plasma5 stuff will in config or local22:27
valoriethat said, you might find more precise advice in #plasma22:27
EtriaphAh, good idea.22:29
EtriaphOK, word of warning to others, don't install appmenu-qt522:36
EtriaphObviously a huge bug with it.22:36
valorieEtriaph: is this reported?22:36
Etriaphvalorie: I just encountered it and fixed it by removing that package, but I don't actually know what the issue was.22:37
Etriaphvalorie: Will report my experience though against the package.22:37
EtriaphErr.. except I don't have the package installed anymore.22:38
EtriaphLaunchpad needs a raw bug reporting feature.22:38
EtriaphI was trying to add application menus to a top taskbar, which is what led me to that package.22:39
valorie`ubuntu-bug packagename` in the cli is just that22:39
valorieaka apport22:39
EtriaphDoes it require the package to be installed?22:40
EtriaphI guess not, thanks valorie :D22:41
EtriaphLogged, good to go.22:47
valoriethank you22:48
EtriaphActually, gonna log another bug if I can get someone to confirm it.22:49
EtriaphBut you need a number pad on your PC to do it.22:49
EtriaphKCalc doesn't accept input from the number key pad on the keyboard with or without num lock on.22:49
valorieperhaps ask in #kubuntu-devel and #kde for people who may have kcalc installed22:53
* valorie does not22:53
* eXistenZe secods the bug23:15
Roey<Roey> I have a Wacom Intuos 5 and I have kde-config-tablet installed... yet when I go to systemsettings5 I don't see any config section for tablets...23:51
Roey<Roey> is this its own config command?23:51
Roeyvalorie:  heya23:57

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