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caribouIs there a way to test curtin commands outside of deploying units & watching the console ?10:47
caribouLooks like I found what I needed in the README10:50
caribousmoser: Hi, can I waste a few minutes of your time regarding curtin ?12:09
caribouor anyone familiar with curtin's internals12:09
smosercaribou, sure. whats up?13:43
caribousmoser: I just want to check with you if I'm trying the impossible13:43
caribousmoser: I have a request to replace a Maas d-i preseed by its curtin equivalent to install on a specific disk partitioned like this : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11767803/13:45
caribousmoser: using curtin_userdata's early_commands, I'm able to partition the device correctly13:46
caribousmoser: what I need to know is if I can use curtin's --target to tell it to install on *this* specific didsk13:46
caribousmoser: FYI, it's for maas on Trusty so v1.7x13:47
smosermaas has really nothign to do with it.13:47
caribousmoser: well, except for sending the curtin_userdata partition commands13:48
smoseroh. right.13:48
smoserso some things13:48
caribouwell, I was tried to do the partitioning with curtin but I don't think block-meta is crafted for that13:49
smosera.) if i were you, i'd test using tools/launch from curtin and skip maas. at some point clearly you'll need/want maas, but local kvm development will be faster. see doc/devel/ for how to do that.13:49
smoserb.) you dont want 'early_commands' you want to partitioning_commands.13:49
caribousmoser: yep, I found that out by reading the README13:49
cariboufound about a)13:50
caribouhmm, didn't know about partitioning_commands13:51
smosercaribou, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11767866/13:59
caribousmoser: thanks, will work on that14:00
smoserslightly improved http://paste.ubuntu.com/11767872/14:01
caribouI started with that document that talks about partitioning_commands : http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~curtin-dev/curtin/trunk/view/head:/doc/topics/overview.rst14:01
smoseryeah, that probalby has incorrect variable names in some cases :-(14:01
smoserpatches are most certainly welcome to improve doc14:01
cariboubut got mislead by the "curtin --wipe --quick" statement which seems to be obsolete14:01
caribousmoser: ok, I'll do my best to fix that. I might blog about the outcome as well14:02
smoserwell, or never implemented.14:02
smoseri actually would like that ocmmand, came needing it the other day14:02
smosersee 'wipestuff'14:03
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mupBug #1468408 changed: cannot release, or delete node from maas ui <maas-cli> <maas-ui> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1468408>15:57
mupBug #1468408 opened: cannot release, or delete node from maas ui <maas-cli> <maas-ui> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1468408>16:03

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