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MacSlowWhat missing package provides the module "units" -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1176753612:46
MacSlowis that ubuntu-ui-toolkit autopilot-stuff?12:46
brendandMacSlow, yeah it's in a particular version of ubuntuuitoolkit12:50
MacSlowbrendand, "particular" ?12:51
MacSlowwhich one would that be?12:51
brendandMacSlow, more recent12:51
MacSlowbrendand, stock vivid or wily doesn't seem to provide it. Do I have to compile from source then?12:51
brendandMacSlow, it's possibly only in the overlay ppa, i think that was a mistake12:53
brendandMacSlow, the version i have is 1.2.1485+15.04.20150429-0ubuntu212:53
MacSlowbrendand, only have ...20150422-0ubuntu1 atm12:55
brendandMacSlow, maybe add the stable overlay ppa to your system?12:56
MacSlowbrendand, this one ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay ?!12:58
brendandMacSlow, yeah that has it12:59
MacSlowbrendand, elopio: any idea if that's a direct Mir-issue or a missing autopilot-related package -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1176808414:55
brendandMacSlow, don't ask elopio anymore, he's a snappy guy now :)14:55
brendandelopio, no more autopilot for you!14:56
MacSlowbrendand, ah... you lost elopio to the snappy-phenomenon :)14:56
brendandMacSlow, i don't think it's a missing package14:56
brendandhmm wait14:57

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