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brendandsil2100, any new vivid image soon?08:43
ogra_brendand, nusakan had its disks replaced ... crontab might still be off08:59
ogra_(or extended, not sure they replaced them)08:59
sil2100Yeah, there was supposed to be a switch on /srv made yesterdayish09:01
sil2100Need to check what's up with that09:01
ogra_<stgraber> nusakan is back online with an extra TB of disk space09:01
ogra_23:42 my time from another channel09:01
ogra_so i guess it should be fine09:02
sil2100Ok then09:02
sil2100brendand: you need a new image?09:02
ogra_i suspect the crontab was put back in place after 2:00 UTC so that we missed the cron time for the phone builds09:03
ogra_(they build at 2:03 and 2:0409:03
brendandsil2100, well if there was supposed to be one...09:05
cjwatsonthe crontab's certainly back by now09:09
cjwatsonand it attempted a build at 2:03 but failed, see the logs09:10
cjwatsonor at least partially failed, something to do with the isotracker code09:10
brendandsil2100, can someone have a look?09:13
sil2100Yeah, will look now09:14
sil2100Indeed, looks like a qatracker error, the rootfs built fine but then later on the road it failed09:18
sil2100Both the vivid and wily builds failed, but for different reasons09:39
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davmor2sil2100: shouldn't the calendar app be in the image now?09:47
sil2100davmor2: not yet09:51
davmor2sil2100: fair enough09:51
sil2100davmor2: Chris was adding it to the BQ customs, but I didn't get the right info yet to get it into the community ones09:51
davmor2sil2100: no worries I just realised it was there so thought I would ask :)09:52
sil2100We want it on all images, but it's not the case yet10:04
sil2100ogra_, brendand: hmmm10:25
sil2100ogra_, brendand: I actually see the midnight image on the s-i server, why did this get reported as a problem?10:26
* sil2100 didn't double-check if the image is missing10:26
brendandsil2100, i don't see an update though this morning?10:26
brendandsil2100, for vivid10:26
ogra_hmm, i seem to have one on my krillin10:27
sil2100This is the image from today10:27
ogra_ahm the arale wasnt on wifi ...10:27
ogra_so i'm now getting one on arale too10:28
brendandsil2100, what about ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en?10:28
ogra_thats the one i use on krillin10:28
sil2100brendand: in theory it uses rootfses from /ubuntu10:28
sil2100Let me double-check10:28
sil2100uh, double paste10:29
brendandsil2100, ok just weird. it didn't show me that this morning10:29
ogra_my arale is on 37 ... on meizu.en10:29
ogra_and krillin on 4810:30
ogra_bah, no SIM PIN dialog ...10:31
ogra_jibel, ^^10:31
ogra_still here for me10:31
jibelogra_, on krillin?10:31
sil2100arale I guess10:32
ogra_jibel, arale indeed10:32
jibellet me try with latest build10:32
jibelI couldn't reproduce the problem yesterday10:32
ogra_i had the dialog for the last three upgrades ...10:32
jibelogra_, if you feel brave you can try silo 3510:32
jibelit contains additional debugging code10:32
ogra_perhaps later today10:32
jibelyay, battery is empty10:34
ogra_news at 510:35
jibelogra_, iahmad has bug 1451565 again on wily10:36
ubot5bug 1451565 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "/var/log owned by wrong group (android_input) (again)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145156510:36
sil2100grrrr, I hate google10:37
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sil2100I jump out for lunch now, will be watching my phone in case anything urgent is needed11:27
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sil2100charles: https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/indicator-datetime/faster-eds-tests/+merge/262700 <- hey! Could you get this one approved?14:04
sil2100Like, top-approved14:04
mzanettitrainguards, please reconfig row 48/silo 17. I've added a unity-api branch15:15
sil2100mzanetti: on it15:39
dbartho/ trainguards, can i have a silo for line 55 ?16:06
sil2100dbarth: on it!16:10
sil2100dbarth: uh!16:11
sil2100dbarth: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/webbrowser-app/cookie-sharing-refactored is not a merge, actually there is no merge for this branch yet ;p16:11
dbarthsil2100: grmpf16:29
dbarthsil2100: now there is a proper mp16:30
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slangasekAlbertA: hi, so I see that you've approved https://code.launchpad.net/~vorlon/platform-api/lp.1465958.  What's the next step to actually getting this landed?18:17
AlbertAslangasek: I'm in the middle of it...landing-01318:18
slangasekAlbertA: ok, great!18:18
AlbertAslangasek: however, because of the massive cleanup in platform-api18:18
AlbertAwe need to patch gst plugins bad18:18
AlbertAas it refers to non-existant headers18:18
AlbertAwhich are not used in any case...the code that uses them is all #if 0 already18:19
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