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ahoneybunmariogrip: I would try the MultiROM thing but I've never have messed with that00:52
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jcbjoei noticed that ubuntu touch stable is at r20 .. is that 15.0 or still 14 ?05:25
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sturmflut2jcbjoe: which channel exactly, for which device?06:14
dholbachgood morning06:43
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sturmflut2dholbach: Morning!07:15
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robin-heroHey all! I tried to compile ubuntu-docviewer-app, but when I try to start it, I get the following error: module "QtQuick" version 2.3 is not installed07:39
robin-heroAny suggestion?07:39
sturmflut2robin-hero: Most likely the app requires a higher framework that you have installed07:41
sturmflut2robin-hero: #ubuntu-app-devel might be the right channel though07:41
robin-herosturmflut2: Thanks, I tried that channel too :)07:41
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wligtenbergHi, just curious, is anybody working on supporting android wear on Ubuntu Phone?09:40
popeywligtenberg: not that I'm aware of09:41
popeywear is very tied to android09:41
popeythat would be like asking if people are working on Apple iWatch & Ubuntu09:41
popey.. more likely is that someone might work on Pebble Time with Ubuntu :)09:41
* popey tickles cimi 09:41
wligtenberg@popey, for apps running on the wear device I agree. But I would guess that pairing them and sending notifications would be something we should be able to get to work.09:42
popeyGood luck :)09:42
cimipopey, for the pebble the jolla app might be a goot start09:43
cimipopey, https://openrepos.net/content/smoku/pebble09:43
wligtenberg@popey: Apparently someone hacked something together for ios already. :) http://bgr.com/2015/05/11/moto-360-android-wear-to-iphone-connection/09:45
popeywell, I look forward to seeing your contributions :)09:46
wligtenbergyeah, I saw the announcement for the new Meizu, and that is a phone that seems very nice. And I would like to switch. Just thinking if my moto 360 then turn into something useless or not. And how difficult it would be to get something basic going.09:48
cimiwligtenberg, I think it might be harder with android wear than pebble to be honest09:49
wligtenbergcimi, probably, but I do own a moto360, no pebble :)09:49
cimiwligtenberg, you can always sell it, I am a happy owner of a kickstarter pebble time :)09:50
wligtenbergcimi, that is an option, but not the most appealing to me. I don't like the looks of the pebble. :)09:51
wligtenbergI will try to do some digging into the protocol. And at least write that down somewhere.09:51
cimiwligtenberg, pebble time looks MUCH nicer than the old pebble, and to be honest looks nicer in reality than pics09:51
cimiwligtenberg, however, the frame around the screen scratches SO easily :/09:52
wligtenbergcall me old fashioned, but I like my watches round :)09:52
cimipopey, just ordered 3 gadget wraps for the frame...09:52
wligtenbergNo scratches on the moto360 yet (and I have it for a while now)09:52
wligtenbergcimi, you maybe could get something 3d printed :)09:53
cimiwligtenberg, yeah, build quality of the pebble time is not good09:54
popeycimi: blimey, you got the steel?09:56
cimipopey, the normal time09:56
popeywhats a gadget wrap?09:56
cimipopey, but the frame is steel anyway, just with a cheap PVD coating on top09:56
cimiyou scratch away the pvd coating when you find a harder material09:56
popeyoh gadget wraps are covers?09:57
sturmflut2Is there an "official" way to get the device name when confined?10:48
sturmflut2popey, mzanetti, ogra_: ^^10:51
mzanettino clue10:52
popeydevice name?10:52
sturmflut2popey: "krillin", "arale" etc.10:53
sturmflut2popey: The field system-image-cli -i shows10:53
popeylook at the system-settings code, it knows in "About this phone"10:53
popeybut that is probably a deb and thus unconfined10:53
sturmflut2Yep, I was about to say that that one runs unconfined10:54
popeywhy do you need to know from an app?10:55
sturmflut2popey: Someone on the mailing list asked how to do device detection because he has to work around bugs in gstreamer on different devices. I am obviously going to reply that this has to be fixed and not worked around, but it was an interesting question10:57
popeyit's an unsustainable thing IMO10:58
popeyonce there are 100 devices out there ㋛ - how will they maintain it10:58
sturmflut2Especially because he wants to do it via SoC/CPU detection, there will be more than one device with the same SoC (krillin and vegetahd already share the same), and there might be different bugs on devices with the same SoC10:59
ogra_sturmflut2, the android properties might be accessible via an upstart/dbus service ...11:00
popeyquite fancy a vegeta11:00
ogra_getprop ro.product.name ... not sure if you can pull that from the session bus though ... check the code of system-settings11:01
joo-_Hi. Just got the Aquaris E5 ubuntu phone. But i really dont see how i can enable ssh... i remounted / read-write and did apt-get install ssh, that usually does the trick, but no service is running on port 2211:12
ogra_dont remount rw ... sshd is preinstalled and preconfigured ... you just need to switch it on11:13
joo-_i wonder how to switch it on then11:13
ogra_joo-_, http://askubuntu.com/questions/348714/how-can-i-access-my-ubuntu-phone-over-ssh/599041#59904111:14
joo-_do i have to follow the adb guides on the internet? I dont know if this is based on android or linux actually11:15
ogra_android-gadget-service enable ssh ... works from the terminal app too11:15
zygaogra_: back to the topic of rw /11:15
ogra_zyga, there is no such topic :P11:15
zygaogra_: eurasia was always writable... ;-)11:16
zygaogra_: (mount should be patched)11:16
ogra_mount should be removed :P11:16
* ogra_ grins11:16
zygaogra_: -o yes-i-did-read-http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WritableRoot11:16
ogra_instead of making anything writable people should start to develop scripts that work around writable root completely ... there is no need at all to make your root writable11:17
zygaogra_: path of least resistance11:18
ogra_you can run containers and chroots in the writable space11:18
zygaogra_: "what does an engineer do when he sees a burning garbage bin?"11:18
ogra_without having to break your readonly rootfs11:18
joo-_i suppose i cannot just do this in the terminal, i will still need to copy my key and stuff before i can connect right?11:18
zygajoo-_: phablet-shell11:19
ogra_zyga, depends, does he have a smartphone with camera with him ?11:19
joo-_i now used android-gadget-service and enabled ssh and when i cannect now i get no matching cipher found: client blowfish-cbc,arcfour server aes128-ctr,aes192-ctr,aes256-ctr,aes128-gcm@openssh.com,aes256-gcm@openssh.com,chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com11:19
zygaogra_: heh, in the joe they would put the fire out11:19
zygaogra_: "what does an engineer do when he sees a normal garbage bin?"11:19
ogra_joo-_, right, you need to put the key in place ... wget is preinstalled so if you have your pub key somewhere downloadable you could just wget it11:19
joo-_yeah i guess, i am just getting very tired of typing long commands on a touch screen hehe :-)11:20
zygajoo-_: this is all much easier with phablet-shell11:20
ogra_heh, yeah, well, use adb to push it over11:20
joo-_thanks guys i guess there is now hope again for me :-) But how am i supposed to install stuff by apt-get without mounting root?11:21
zygajoo-_: you're not supposed to in the outer root11:21
joo-_ok so like in a ch-rooted environment instead?11:22
ogra_joo-_, while you indeed can make the system rw and use apt on the rootfs, you will get into trouble long term ... the system wasnt designed for apt (beyond building it from debs) so updating packages will eventually fail ... also, if you make any changes and use OTA upgrades your changes will be reverted11:23
ogra_the OTA concept is based on having a diff between two readonly rootfs images ... for that the server needs to have an identical rootfs to your phone to base this on ...11:24
ogra_if you make changes to the base, thisngs get reverted (best case) or even break (worst case)11:24
ogra_using apt is fine for developers who regulary re-flash their device, it isnt a long term solution for users11:25
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BOHverkillhow can i install (and configure) openvpn on my e4.5?11:29
ogra_BOHverkill, it is already installed ... just put your credentials under /home/phablet somewhere and write a script to start it11:31
ogra_(there is no UI for it yet, but it is on the roadmap afaik)11:32
BOHverkillwho needs a gut :P11:33
ogra_sudo openvpn --daemon --config /home/phablet/.myvpn/myvpn.conf11:33
ogra_something like that will work11:34
BOHverkillk thx i will try it11:34
ogra_oh, if there is a username in your config you indeed want to adjust it for th phablet user11:35
BOHverkilli use nobody i think11:35
ogra_well, my configs usually have the keys in ~/.$vpndir ... so the config defaults to /home/ogra and stuff ...11:36
ogra_which i need to adjust to make it work11:36
sturmflut2jhodapp: Ping11:50
sturmflut2It's incredible how easy it is to cross-compile most software on the desktop once you've figured out "click chroot run" and some environment variables11:52
* zyga wonders if click chroot is based on qemu-static-arm11:53
sturmflut2cking: Ping11:57
sturmflut2cking: Ah, you already fixed the high CPU usage in one of today's evenstat commits12:02
ckingsturmflut2, there are a couple more issues than need fixing, I'm working on them now on a device that can reproduce the issues12:02
ckingwell, it will be \o/ once I've got a fix :-)12:03
sturmflut2cking: Oh, that was too early. I'm on commit 03db70584a1a8903331b0c6b9e56a1ab89c99cb3 right now and it consumes more CPU the longer it runs12:04
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ckingsturmflut2, yep, it's WIP12:04
sturmflut2popey: Do we have an existing bug about the picture quality setting in the camera app not working properly on arale? The camera has 20 megapixels, the output file is always 14.7 megapixels and only the compression level changes12:13
popeysturmflut2: i dont see one in any place I'd expect it12:14
sturmflut2popey: Okay, the camera-app has two bug lists12:15
popeythey are different sizes here12:15
popeyit does?12:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1355051 in camera-app "Camera app has two unsynced bug lists" [Low,Confirmed]12:15
popeyso someone needs to move all those bugs12:16
popeybut I agree with kaleo, we shouldn't move them to the distro12:17
popeyfile them in lp:camera-app12:17
Kaleodid I say something?12:17
Kaleooh right12:17
sturmflut2popey: Strange. I just took the same picture with each quality setting, all three files have 2880x5120 pixels (which is wrong for arale), the file sizes are 930kB, 1.3 MB and 2.9 MB.12:20
sturmflut2popey: I already noticed it on r1 and it's still so on r212:21
popeyok, do file a bug in camera-app then, and attach the different pics pls12:21
popeylet me know the bug number and i'll reproduce here12:21
Kaleosturmflut2, quality setting corresponds to levels of JPEG compression12:22
Kaleosturmflut2, not resolution12:22
sturmflut2Kaleo: Yeah, but the resolution is still wrong, the MX4 has a 20 MP camera and not a 14.7 MP one12:23
sturmflut2I have no idea where "14.7 MP" even comes from12:23
sturmflut2Errr, am I stupid or is it wrong on krillin as well12:25
sturmflut2krillin has an 8 MP camera, the files are 2448x4352 = 10.6 MP12:25
Kaleosturmflut2, MX4 has a 5248×3936 back camera indeed12:26
Kaleosturmflut2, and BQ E4.5 has a 3264×2448 back camera12:29
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mcphailsturmflut2: the final resolution of the picture isn't always the same as the resolution of the sensor, though (I think). There's a lot of jiggery-pokery goes on in firmware with interpolation and oise reduction before jpeg processing12:32
Kaleosturmflut2, the reason is very likely that qtubuntu-camera uses a prioritized list of aspect ratios to decide on which resolution to pick12:34
Kaleosturmflut2, the list has first the aspect ratio of the display12:35
Kaleosturmflut2, followed by 16.0f/9.0f, 3.0f/2.0f, 4.0f/3.0f, 5.0f/4.0f12:35
popeythanks for the info Kaleo12:36
Kaleopopey, I'm not sure why it was done like that, so it could very well be a bug12:37
ckingsturmflut2, i've fixed that CPU hogger issue, just trying some other fixes now12:37
sturmflut2mcphail: Sure, I could understand that images are scaled down on arale, but there is no point in scaling them *up* on krillin12:48
svijsturmflut2: that might be the interpolation-"feature"12:49
mcphailsturmflut2: the early android phones had camera modules which scaled up with dodgy interpolation algorithms12:49
sturmflut2I'll open a bug, in the worst case it gets assigned "Wishlist"12:50
mcphailsturmflut2: we tried to hack one to get RAW sensor output. It was a complete black box. No idea if krillin's camera is the same12:50
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PhilippePHello everybody13:43
PhilippePsharing a picture to facebook does not work anymore, wheel spins then fail without notice ... any hint to where to look , any log ?13:45
PhilippePon Bq4.513:45
jgdxkenvandine, ^ :)13:48
jgdxPhilippeP, if you have a shell on the phone you can kill the content-hub-service and restart it with CONTENT_HUB_LOGGING_LEVEL=2 content-hub-service13:51
PhilippePjgdx: I'll try that13:52
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joo-_No email or calendar app or anything for ubuntu except webbrowser based ?14:19
dobeyjoo-_: there's the calendar app in the store, and also dekko for e-mail14:22
kenvandinejgdx, that's probably not content-hub-service, but the facebook webapp14:46
pundirjgdx, hi.. terminal app yes. I dont have adb working yet but I do have serial port (UART) access to the ubuntu-touch device.14:55
pundirall i'm missing is the shell/console/terminal access to the system to get in14:56
pundirI tried modifying init.rc to launch /system/bin/sh unconditionally on boot but no luck so far.14:56
sturmflut2mcphail: Bargh, RAW mode would have been so nice. But I don't know of any Android phones that offer one, so most likely the drivers don't even care to support it.15:16
sturmflut2One day Ubuntu on phones will go from "there's a bug report for that" to "there's an app for that " ;)15:18
sturmflut2john-mcaleely: Ping15:20
john-mcaleelysturmflut2, pong15:21
sturmflut2john-mcaleely: regarding bug 1468077, if you see any problems with the way I measured, just tell me what to change and I'll repeat. I tried to make sure that I actually report something that makes sense, but I am not 100% confident15:22
ubot5bug 1468077 in Canonical System Image "arale has very high memory usage compared to krillin" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146807715:22
john-mcaleelythanks sturmflut2 we need to get someone assigned to look into that15:23
john-mcaleelyand then come back to you if there are questions15:23
sturmflut2Yay, questions!15:23
john-mcaleelymy bet is some legacy android blob we've not tracked down15:23
sturmflut2john-mcaleely: my guts tell it's the GPU, it also generates a lot of timer events when the phone sleeps, but I can't prove it15:24
john-mcaleelyoh, maybe. and that neatly explains the mx4 vs bqaq4.5 diff15:25
john-mcaleelygpu's also use lots of memory without trying15:25
sturmflut2Suddenly it all comes together!15:25
sturmflut2If it's the GPU, that would somehow explain why the disparity becomes larger and larger the more UI apps are started15:27
sturmflut2cking: There is no way to account the memory allocations of drivers and kernel threads, is there15:29
ckingsturmflut2, i'm not sure about that one, never give that a thought before now15:30
ckingsturmflut2, perhaps cat /proc/modules ?15:31
ckingargh, not ignore that15:31
sturmflut2cking: I don't think it is, drivers and kernel threads don't have their own address space. Solaris had a Kernel Memory Allocator Debug Module, it could tell you a list of all allocations made within the kernel15:32
sturmflut2But wait, maybe with ftrace and kprobes...15:32
sturmflut2The idea might be insane enough to try it15:34
ckingsturmflut2, i think it's non-trivial for sure, there aren't any easily user space readable /proc interfaces to get this kind of info15:34
ckings/easily/easily readable/15:35
sturmflut2cking: I have to finish that article on ftrace some day anyways, why not use this as a good example. I'll see what I can come up with, there are some long train journeys ahead of me...15:36
OerHeks"Not many ubuntu-phone buyers return the phone" \o/ dutch: http://webwereld.nl/mobility/86631-veel-tevreden-ubuntu-phone-kopers--zegt-ubuntu-phone-maker15:42
varikonniemihello, will the meizu mx4 support desktop mode? IT seems to have the mhl support15:46
ElleoOerHeks: yeah, the verge article quoted low single figures which is very cool :)15:46
OerHeksNot surpisingly, the bq 4.5 is technically oke, totally worth it. and consumers are aware that ubuntu-touch is something different, with a big perspective.15:47
* kenvandine really loves the bq... 15:48
kenvandineit would be my daily driver if it wasn't stuck on edge in the US :/15:49
john-mcaleelyvarikonniemi, it does not support it today15:50
k1l_i think at the end of the year i need to look out for a new one to replace my n4. and since i dont see a n5 2015 coming i would love to see what the mighty convergence phone will be.15:50
varikonniemijohn-mcaleely, that i know,but it will once the support is added ?15:54
pundirjgdx, nevermind. i figured it out.15:54
john-mcaleelyvarikonniemi, we won't know that until later in the year15:55
k1l_imho, at this stage you need flagship-like devices to get the nerds (the devs) to use and program for the platform. but seems like with the cheaper devices it works quite well with the average user?15:57
renatuhey pitti, are you around?15:58
renatuI have a question about dbus-mock :D15:59
k1l_looking back at the android start with the g1 and the motorola milestone/droid. that were targeted at the technical guys, not at the average joe. but imho the convergence will attract a lot technical people15:59
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kissielHey there, popey!16:03
popeykissiel: hello16:03
kissielpopey: got another checkbox-touch release :)16:04
popeyfire away16:04
kissielpopey: https://launchpad.net/checkbox-touch/trunk/1.2/+download/com.ubuntu.checkbox_1.2.0_multi.click16:04
kissielpopey: relnotes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11768421/16:04
kissielpopey: btw. I'm playing around with packaging multiple apps into one click (we want to have some tests run with different - confined - policy)16:05
kissielpopey: and lint is not happy about it16:05
kissielpopey: should I worry?16:05
popeykissiel: was it tested on a device?16:08
kissielpopey: the click I sent?16:08
kissielpopey: ye16:08
kissielpopey: krillin and flo16:08
popeykissiel: ok, all done16:08
kissielpopey: lovely, thanks!16:09
kissielpopey: when You asked "was it tested" I was like "OMG, I uploaded borked click" :)16:10
popeygotcha :)16:10
kissielpopey: that means I should have more 'confidence inspiring' test methodology16:11
kissielpopey: so I can panic less :D16:11
dobey"confidence inspiring" test methodology reminds me a bit of the monty python skit in the meaning of life about the tiger in africa. "i wouldn't worry about it. your leg should grow back in a few days." "thanks for the reassurance, doc!"16:32
kissieldobey: +116:37
ZabuldonHello! Maybe someone can help me woth the porting of ubuntu touch to Cyanogen Based device? AOSP not available for my device (HTC desire 816)16:53
om26ersalem_, Hi!16:58
om26ersalem_, how can I re-enable my real SIM with ofono-phonesim package installed ?16:58
om26erboiko, ^ do you know ?17:01
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ogra_john-mcaleely, the GPU driver also spills a lot of errors in logcat ... (libEGL and IMGSRV) ... if i run something like "sudo /system/bin/logcat -d -b main *:E" to list all fatals ...17:04
ogra_(and a lot of gps and agps stuff )17:04
interested_userHello, community, Does Ubuntu Touch have calDAV, cardDAV support. Something that works easy like on the iphone. No Terminal-Commands. Thank you.17:06
popeyinterested_user: not yet17:09
ogra_i think there was some commandline way documented, but definitely no UI way yet17:10
ogra_(it will come for sure ... just a matter of time ... or of people sending patches :) )17:10
boikoom26er: wily?17:14
om26erboiko, its vivid and I think I have found a way17:14
om26erboiko, I edited the -autostart script and commented a few lines17:15
boikoom26er: you basically need to reload ofonod loading the correct plugins, and change the ofono account to point to /ril_017:16
kenvandinepopey, for the calendar event sharing/downloading, do you think ContentType.Event makes sense?18:04
kenvandinewhich can support other formats as well18:05
popeykenvandine: sounds reasonable18:11
kenvandinepopey, ok18:12
kenvandinepopey, i'm working on it now :)18:12
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mukaI need some advice. Looks like today's upgrade (r235) stopped my phone from working, I can not make calls. Is it possible to downgrade image? I found this: ubuntu-device-flash --revision=225 --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu19:28
awekenvandine, I just added a note about powerd requiring clients that request SysState to remain connected to the system dbus session19:32
awepowerd grabs the owner unique name, and then watches the bus for it to leave19:32
aweif it does, 5s later, any associated SysState requests are cleared for that 'owner'19:33
brendandmuka, i believe you can reflash without specifying --wipe, as above and that will preserve your data. it's not something i've done before though19:36
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kenvandineawe, thx, will be helpful next time someone goes looking20:02
kenvandineawe, question is, would it be easier to add another state besides active that doesn't watch the connection?20:02
kenvandineor... make indicator-network or network-manager manage it20:03
aweI wouldn't be proposed to such a change20:03
aweChickenCutlass, rsalveti, ^^20:04
awekenvandine, ChickenCutlass == revision 120:04
kenvandineawe, i just want to land the hotspot feature :)20:05
awekenvandine, https://bugs.launchpad.net/powerd/+bug/145056820:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1450568 in powerd "Requests are not cleared if a client dies unexpectedly and drops from the bus" [Critical,In progress]20:08
kenvandinei think the most technically correct place to handle this is network-manager20:09
awelooks like ricmm's original bug.  I'd want an ack rsalveti, Chicken or ricmm to adding a new mode.  I think that's a clean way to fix it.  That said, we could easily add logic in the indicator, so I guess I'd lean that way20:09
kenvandinebut... that is clearly not the easiest20:09
awewell...I wouldn't say it's not easy, it's just one more patch we need to worry when working with upstream20:10
kenvandinethat's what i mean, having a delta from upstream costs20:10
awethat said, if you want to write the patch, I'll review it20:10
* kenvandine doesn't plan to touch network-manager20:10
aweyes, that'd be a good career move20:10
aweso I guess I'll leave it to you for now.  I for one, would entertain a powerd patch, but we'd also have to patch the cli, and then we end up with yet another script in lxc-android-config20:12
awethat's not really documented, and changes the system networking behavior20:12
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mukaI get : Cannot push .... to device: free space /cache/recovery is 542M. How can I free it?20:41
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
mukaOK. What happens if I delete all files from /cache/recovery/?20:52
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dobeymuka: can you boot the device and connect to it with phablet-shell?20:58
dobeyin ubuntu that is, not recovery20:58
dobeymuka: instead of trying to flash again with u-d-f, you might want to switch to the more stable 15.04 channel21:02
dobeymuka: there is no intention to release a supported version of wily on phones. the devel-proposed images exist to test things, but you probably shouldn't be using it if you want an actual somewhat stable phone that you use daily21:03
mukadobey: not sure what you mean by u-d-f, but I'm trying this: ubuntu-device-flash  --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu. all works fine until I get  Cannot push .... to device: free space /cache/recovery is 542M21:04
dobeymuka: u-d-f == ubuntu-device-flash21:04
dobeymuka: but it sounds like you are on devel-proposed from your earlier complaint about image 235 breaking21:05
mukai'm trying to change that without wipe21:05
dobeymuka: so my suggestion is to do "sudo system-image-cli --switch" on the phone, to switch to the more stable channel21:05
dobeythe phone will need an active wifi connection to download the image though21:06
mukawifi works, but "sudo system-image-cli --switch" no chennel?21:07
dobeyyes you need to specify the channel too21:07
dobeyi just don't recall what the stable channel is for mako at the moment21:08
dobeyrc-proposed maybe21:08
dobeyif you don't want stable stable21:08
dobeybut slightly less stable stable21:08
mukaok thank you21:09
dobeyubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer maybe21:10
extraymondHi! Anyone know how to get gps working on nexus4? More specifically, do anyone know what channels support here maps's agps service?21:17
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Richanyone know how to view the data usage?22:07
dobeyas in cellular data usage?22:08
RichYes that is the one. Like in android, get a warning on the monthly cap?22:09
RichI jus got the HD phone and a little worried, being new and all that, it will burn throw my awful 700meg a month limit.22:09
dobeyno, i don't think there is any way to view that locally on the device at the moment. if your provider has a web site where you can view it, you could perhaps create a web app for it though22:09
tathhuÄh, thank god I live in Finland :l22:10
RichI thought this might be the case, bit of a shame. I guess took Android quite a few revisions to get that kind of functionality.22:10
RichYer, UK sucks on phone deals.22:11
dobeywell, some providers have special exceptions and such, which make local data tracking kind of moot anyway22:11
tathhuI gotta get proper case for my Nexus 7 so I could run ubuntu on it.. :D22:12
dobeylike, t-mobile us has unlimited music streaming from various services, so even though i've streamed 2.5 GB of music, i've only used about 200 MB of data22:12
tathhuCheapeiest one on ebay just suck, can't swipe :D22:12
RichI don't really know that much of how all this works. was hoping that in the network settings for the sim would show data usage. No idea if that is a statisic sent from the providor or the phone tracks it.22:12
dobeyi'm not sure. i know android definitly isn't getting it from the provider though22:13
RichI'm stuck on EE as they the only people who get a signal where I live.22:13
RichAh that is intresting, so sounds like the phone could be out of sync.22:14
Richthe android on that is22:14
dobeyi think android probably just tracks bytes transferred on the physical network interface22:15
dobeywe could possibly do that in ubuntu too, but would take a fair bit of work i think22:15
RichWould be a good bet. I would imagine it would have to be at the OS level as you can have apps having access to the data stream. (guessing a bit here)22:16
Richnot can22:16
RichOnly got my phone yesterday, not dug into it yet. Not to be void of the samsung bloat on my Note 3.22:17
dobeyright, it would be a change in the system level, you can't provide an app in the store to add the feature22:18
RichNice not, Not. silly typos.22:18
DonkeyHoteii just switched to the note 322:18
dobeyall an app could do would be get info from the provider over the internet, or just be a webapp that opens the provider account page22:19
RichGood phone, don't get me wrong. But loads of apps getting updated all the time I can't uninstall.22:19
RichThat is not a bad idea dobey. But may end up being a bit specific. Unless they all have a standard REST interface.22:20
dobeyno, that would be too hopeful :)22:20
dobeyyou could report a bug about data usage tracking not being available, at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network perhaps22:21
RichI do a load of steam stuff at work, they web interface rocks. Json and REST. All you need. Ah thanjs for the link, was googling for that got a bit lost. Coming back to ubuntu after a years back packing in Windows 8 land. ;)22:21
RichThanks for the help. Bug submitted. Hopefully I've done it correctly.22:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1468530 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "Data usage summery " [Undecided,New]22:28
dobeyRich: great, thanks22:35
dobeyand now i must leave :)22:35
mukaRich, not perfect but you can try installing nload.22:50
RichIs that on the store?22:51
mukano, your phone must be read-write mode and than sudo apt-get install nload.22:53
mukain terminal22:53
RichI see, ok. Only got it yesterday. Need to reconnect my Ubuntu HD to my PC first. Had to run Windows for a bit for some Uni work. Will look at that when I'm back up to speed. Ta. :)22:54

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