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throsturif I check out a bzr repository inside a folder which is in a bzr repository, how do I say "bzr update the repository I just checked out, not the `big one`" ?15:52
LeoNerdUhhm... "inside" ?15:53
throsturimagine /foo/ is a bzr repo and CWD is /foo/bar/baz15:53
throsturand I check out a different bzr repository there15:53
LeoNerdDo you mean repository? I suspect you don't.15:53
LeoNerdYou probably mean branch15:53
throsturI mean repository15:54
LeoNerdA "repository" is not a thing that one checks out.15:54
LeoNerdBranches are checked out15:54
throsturok, whatever, it's something I 'bzr export'ed15:55
throsturbut now I want to bzr commit it15:55
throsturthe changes I made15:55
LeoNerdOK well if it's exported, the exported copy lacks all of the metadata15:55
LeoNerdThat being the point of an export :)15:55
throsturAh, okay, I see15:55
LeoNerd'bzr export' creates a snapshot of the controlled files at some moment in time, minus all the control information.15:55
throsturahh, okay15:55
LeoNerdUseful for making release tarballs and such15:55
throsturokay, then I'm thinking about this the wrong way15:56
LeoNerdIf you have some edited files, you could copy them into place over a new checkout, and then you'll see the differences by 'bzr diff', and you can commit as usual15:59
throsturyeah but then I have to actually check out the whole thing with metadata16:01
throsturI'm kind of afraid of doing that, last time I repacked I think I truncated some 30 GB away16:02
throsturor maybe that was with removing obsolete packs, I'll see what the boss wants16:11
throsturok, so what if I want to check out the repository and update a single file?17:39
LeoNerdSurely: checkout, update, commit...?17:40
LeoNerdBut again: it's "branches" that one checks out, not repositories17:41
throsturbut how do I make sure I'm working on the right branch or whatever?17:41
LeoNerdBy the URL you check out17:41
LeoNerdURLs specify a branch17:42
throsturok, so normally I do "bzr export foo -r revno:-1 bzr://url.goes.here/path/to/repo"17:42
throsturinstead I would replace export with checkout?17:43
LeoNerdbzr checkout bzr://....17:43
throstur(and leave out -r revno)17:43
LeoNerdAgain, that's not a "repo". that's a branch17:43
LeoNerdYou gave it a path to a *branch*17:43
LeoNerdIf you happen to have named it using the word "repo" then that's just a bit confusing. ;) It is a branch.17:43
throsturroger that17:43
LeoNerd(the distinction lies in that normally, when you create a new branch somewhere, bzr will create a repository at the same location to store it in. So *normally* it's correct to say that both the branch and the repository live there)17:46
LeoNerdBut nonetheless, it is the branch that almost all operations act on17:46
throsturso how do I specify that I'm working on THIS repository and branch and not the one that starts in ../../..17:47
LeoNerdBranches don't nest17:49
LeoNerdIf there's a branch at that location, then that's the branch. Period.17:49
LeoNerdIt's not like e.g. in SVN, wherein you can check out any subtree of the (SVN) repository17:50
LeoNerdIn bzr, if you've checked out the branch, then the branch arrives as one big atomic lump, with subdirectory structure of files. But that's still one atomic *thing* as far as bzr is concerned17:50
throsturdoes checkout always take much longer than export?17:55
LeoNerdIt has to create the entire local copy of the branch in *addition* to a local snapshot of the files, so yes. that's expected17:56
throsturbut LeoNerd, I've already checked out a branch. If I type bzr update, I start updating something. Now I type bzr checkout bzr://... and it starts checking something else out. Now if I type bzr update, what am I updating?17:56
throsturis it not possible to push a single file to be merged remotely?17:57
LeoNerdbzr checkout   creates a branch new set of things locally on your disk17:57
LeoNerdYou'd usually do that into a brand new empty directory17:57
LeoNerd*brand new17:57
throsturlike I'm literally on the 4th GB fetching revisions and I'm trying to add a 4kb file17:57
LeoNerdIf you already had it checked out, why are you checking it out a second time? :)17:58
throsturit was only exported17:58
LeoNerd<throstur> but LeoNerd, I've already checked out a branch. If I type bzr update, I start updating something. Now I type bzr checkout bzr://...  <==  I see "checked out" at the beginning17:58
LeoNerdAn export is not a checkout17:58
throsturyes, that's not the same branch17:58
throsturor repo17:58
LeoNerdAgain: an export is a snapshot of the current content, minus all of the control information and any history and any metadata sufficient to create and commit new revisions17:59
LeoNerdIf you want to create new revisions (which from "and I'm trying to add a 4kb file" it sounds like you do), then you will need a checkout. Not an export17:59
throsturI'm on server A that has repository A checked out in folder A. I'm actually in folder A/foo/bar/baz and if I bzr update I update *something* (in this case, definitely repo A). NOW I check out repository B (whatever branch I don't know there is only one branch afaiac) and I want to work with B, but if I type bzr update, *something* will get updated, but I have no idea what18:00
LeoNerdOK.. so if  bzr update  can do something,. then you do have a local checkout18:00
LeoNerdJust typ   bzr info   to see what you have18:00
throsturah okay18:01
throsturso if I'm writing this as a part of a library (don't ask why) I can just parse bzr info for "branch root: ." to ensure I'm in the *right* bracnh18:01
throsturor rather, that i'm working in the bzr repository that I want to be working in, and not the one that I shouldn't be touching18:02
throsturor I could check the bound to branch thing... that might be smarter18:02
LeoNerdYou could. (though also be aware of bzrlib, if you're writing this in python, as using the lib is nicer than trying to parse command output intended for humans)18:02
throsturgosh though... a full checkout... I'm only up to 6 GB :(18:02
LeoNerdYou might be able to get away with a lightweight checkout. I forget quite what those involve and what they lack18:03
throsturdoes bzr lib work for python 2.6.6?18:03
LeoNerdI'd hope so18:03
throsturoh yeah18:04
throsturI remember that, no history18:04
throsturit's like 20Gb smaller18:04
throsturthanks for reminding me :D18:04
throsturwow that took so much less time, 1.6 GB and almost done18:06
LeoNerdHistory isn't cheap ;)18:06
throsturlooks like when I commit from python it doesn't work but when I commit from bash it works18:29
throsturfrom python it tries to commit to "the other" repo18:30
throsturactually I'm wrong, it just things the file isn't versioned18:30
throsturbut it is18:30
throsturoh lol18:31
throsturit's because I chdir one dir up18:31
throsturto be in the right repo18:31
throsturhow do I bzr commit to ./this_thing instead of cd this_thing bzr commit ../path/to/file18:32
throsturthx4the help I g2g got a workaround going, will see if it breaks something overnight18:53

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