ovidiu-florinhello friends07:20
ovidiu-floringood morning07:20
lordievaderGood morning.08:15
clivejoRiddell: when building in pbuilder, is the environment destroyed after?  09:33
Riddellclivejo: yes09:33
Riddellit's why I only use pbuilder for a final check09:33
Riddelland normally build either on my local system if I think it's close enough to where I want to put the package or in a manual chroot09:33
clivejothere was a few missing files in the pbuild I run last night09:34
clivejotook a few hours :/09:34
clivejoso quilt is used more for host OS changes to CMAKE files09:35
clivejoie for debian 09:36
Riddellany patch we want to apply, maybe we want to put unicorns in the default kword template09:38
Riddellbut in kubuntu at least we have a policy against unicorns (sorry sitter) because they should be applied upstream in KDE09:38
Riddellotherwise it becomes impossible to maintain and the quality drops, as you discovered by just trying to update a few patches here09:38
Riddellso patches are only added when something is really needed in kubuntu and not needed upstream in KDE which is rare, or maybe a fix from upstream KDE we take that isn't in the released tar09:39
Riddelldebian have their own rules of course, and we take from debian so lots of our patches (managed by quilt) are from them09:39
clivejocan you give an example of a Kubuntu patch applied by us?09:39
Riddelldebian/patches/kubuntu_qtquick-plugin-directory.diff for example09:40
Riddellin calligra09:40
Riddellwhich we need because we use funky multiarch paths to allow i386 and amd64 stuff to be co-installable09:40
sitterjudging from the name it is a patch that shouldn't be there :P09:41
Riddellso ${CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR} isn't what upstream expects it to be09:41
sitterdescription confirms09:41
Riddellso we change it09:41
Riddellbut as sitter says, maybe there's a better way I didn't think of at the time where it could be fixed upstream for everyone09:41
Riddellto be fair I did ask boud from calligra when I wrote that and he said it was the right thing to do09:41
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sitterRiddell: patch becomes obsolete with kf5 port since ECM implements what phonon had 5 years ago in a more generic manner :P09:44
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clivejowhy is there a policy against unicorns?10:09
Riddellclivejo: unicorns are fine if upstream adds them, but unicorns added only in kubuntu could become unsustainable, we don't have the stables or vet skills needed10:18
Riddelland where would we supply all the fairy dust needed from?10:19
Riddelland if they died because we didn't have enough fairy dust think of the bad publicity10:19
clivejodiscrimination :P10:21
sitterwell, we don't accept ponies either10:21
Riddellsgclark: I'm moving about the qa.kubuntu build status pages, which one are you using?10:22
clivejo thei debuild is so long!!10:23
clivejoreally is a winter activity10:23
sittersearch for ccache and icecream/icecc and eatmydata and check debuild's -nc option10:25
sitterRiddell: didn't I have a hook for pbuilder to drop to terminal?10:25
sitterhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Using_the_Kubuntu_pbuilder_hooks look, I am famous10:25
sitterthere, most useful hook ever10:26
sittersomeone really needs to rewrite pbuilder on top of lxc10:26
Riddelllxc? isn't it all docker these days?10:26
sittersame tech, different frontends10:27
sitterOTOH docker has a proper ruby api gem, so there's that xD10:28
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* seaLne pokes people coming to akademy to register https://akademy.kde.org/2015/register11:05
sebasseaLne: is BoF registration already open?11:45
seaLneit will be the same as previous years, not sure if anyone has created the wiki pages yet. biab11:49
sgclarkRiddell: I am not using any status pages yet. No where close to that point yet.12:23
sgclarkmakes me really come to appreciate our scripts haha12:24
BluesKajHi all12:57
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soeeoh shutdown fixed in Plasma 5.3.2 :D13:51
* soee happy13:51
clivejoRiddell: still getting this error - dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library liblibglobal.so.14 needed by debian/krita/usr/lib/kde4/kritalutdocker.so (ELF format: 'elf64-x86-64'; RPATH: '')   14:55
Riddellclivejo: ignore that one, it's installed specially in debian/rules14:56
Riddellbecause it doesn't exist in arm14:56
Riddellah, can't ignore it, it's an shlibs error14:59
Riddellpastebin  debian/krita/usr/lib/kde4/kritalutdocker.so ?15:00
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Riddellclivejo: looks like libglobal is indeed a new library, just add it to krita.install15:05
Riddellit's probably in debian/tmp/usr/lib/liblibglobal.so.123415:05
clivejothere are 315:08
clivejo./usr/lib/liblibglobal.so.14.0.0, liblibglobal.so, liblibglobal.so.1415:08
clivejoso just use the so.14 one?15:09
clivejoI added it to krita.install, but stil getting the error - dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library liblibglobal.so.14 needed by debian/krita/usr/lib/kde4/kritatooltransform.so (ELF format: 'elf64-x86-64'; RPATH: '')15:14
clivejothis is where I got stuck last time15:14
clivejonot-installed must override *.install15:17
clivejostill complaining about it!15:22
clivejoRiddell: any ideas?15:28
clivejomaybe Im putting them in wrong package, should I try calligra-libs instead of krita?15:36
clivejothe readme me doesnt mention anything about liblibglobal :/15:40
seaLnesebas: we will be announcing the BoFs shortly16:13
ahoneybunplease please get 5.3.2 out fast as it has a fix for shutting down!16:57
ahoneybunoohhhh: http://www.phoronix.com/image-viewer.php?id=kde-vdg-design&image=kde_vdg_muon_lrg17:23
lordievaderThat looks quite slick, actually :)18:17
Lumby_Is it normal for kscreen to not be included in kde-plasma-desktop?18:50
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mhall119ahoneybun: the Ubuntu phone Telegram client uses libqtelegram (https://launchpad.net/libqtelegram) which as far as I know isn't a Telepathy plugin19:20
ahoneybunthere was/is work from a GSOC19:20
ahoneybunmhall119: ^19:20
mhall119thanks ahoneybun, I'll pass that on to the ubuntu client devs, I think they wanted to make it use Telepathy eventually19:22
mhall119ahoneybun: you can join #ubuntu-telegram too if you're interested in that client19:29
ahoneybunmhall119: I've been using Cutegram as it is Qt based and nice19:32
clivejodoes anyone know where the file liblibglobal.so.14 shoud go in calligra?19:48
clivejoI cant get past this error - dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library liblibglobal.so.14 needed by debian/krita/usr/lib/kde4/kritatooltransform.so (ELF format: 'elf64-x86-64'; RPATH: '')19:49
clivejoIve tried putting it in krita and calligra-libs19:50
Mamarokclivejo: at some point, they used to have good build isntructions in the wiki, did you check there?19:51
Mamarokbut such a library should be in /usr/lib/, noramlly, since it is a global one19:55
clivejothere are 3 with simular names tmp/usr/lib/liblibglobal.so.14.0.0, liblibglobal.so, liblibglobal.so.1419:56
Mamarokwhy tmp/usr/lib/?19:57
clivejobut the error message seems to suggesst it needs the liblibglobal.so.14 file, so I added it to the krita.install19:57
clivejothats where the build puts them?19:58
MamarokI would assume those all belong to /usr/lib/, and isn't that all the same file?19:58
clivejono, there are 3 separate files19:58
Mamarokhow about asking in #calligra?19:59
clivejoI have just done that19:59
clivejohow do I verify that the file is actually being installed into krita.deb?20:00
clivejois adding it to krita.install enough, or is there somewhere else?20:00
clivejoin rpm pacakges it seems to be installed into calligra-krita-libs-2.9.5-1.fc2320:02
clivejobut debian dont seem to have that package20:02
clivejoalso that file doesnt seem to be mentioned in the README.PACKAGER file either :/20:04
clivejoMamarok: if I change a *.install file to include a new file in the package, do I have to do a clean debuild?20:30
Riddellclivejo: no run Dh_install20:31
clivejodoes debuild -nc not do that?20:31
ahoneybundamn ovidiu-florin20:34
clivejoregarding the User map, could I suggest you use OSM?20:35
ovidiu-florinclivejo: if someone will do it, they are free to do so20:37
ovidiu-florincurrently it's abandoned20:37
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: seems we can edit files on github20:40
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: yes we can20:40
ovidiu-florinbut please don't 20:40
ovidiu-florinlet's just edit on the test site20:40
ovidiu-florinso we can confirm our edits20:40
ovidiu-florinI wasn't talking about that20:41
ovidiu-florinso, here it goes:20:41
ovidiu-florinCurrent site: http://www.kubuntu.org/ Test site  (only for development of the site): http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/ New site (ready to go in production?):  https://www-new.kubuntu.org/20:42
ahoneybunonce we/you get a theme up for the d.k.org domain, I'll move over everything there20:45
ovidiu-florinlet's launch the site first, and then work on that. ahoneybun do you agree?20:46
ahoneybunof course20:46
ahoneybunlet's get your baby out the door first20:46
clivejook liblibglobal.so.14 is a sym link to liblibglobal.so.14.0.020:50
clivejowhat on earth is that in aid of?20:50
ovidiu-florinI'm off to bed 20:55
ovidiu-floringood night20:55
sick_rimmitI would very much like to be part of the Team, if that would be possible20:56
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: nite nite see you tomorrow20:57
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: the website team?20:58
sick_rimmitNo, sorry I saw your emails on that, thank you20:59
sick_rimmitNo I meant on the Kubuntu Team page20:59
ovidiu-florinaaaa, I have nothing against it20:59
ovidiu-florinHUMANS: you on board with this ^21:00
* ovidiu-florin ZZZZZzzzz.....21:00
* clivejo nods21:01
* clivejo needs a cold shower21:03
valorieeverybody who helps out here should be on the team page21:54
clivejohas Nxt Stage 2 been disabled?23:16
clivejohumm seems so23:18
sgclarkvalorie: It is not suppose to be this HOT up here!!!23:30
valoriealthough I was able to work outside for 15-20 mins23:30
valoriebut sheesh23:30
valorieand it is predicted to go on......23:31
sgclarkyeah been out in it, yucky :(23:31
valoriepoor people, poor plants, poor forests!23:31
sgclarkyeah, no relief in sight is the weather report, ugh23:31
sgclarkI know, my poor flowers are crying23:31
valorieI get to go up to the cabin this weekend where it's nice and cool23:31
valorieat least in the cabin23:31
sgclarkoh nice!23:32
clivejohow do I make a comment on Trello?23:32
valorieyes, watering the flowers and other plants that need it take like an hour23:32
valorieclivejo: do you have an account?23:32
clivejojust signed up23:32
sgclarkclivejo: Riddell will have to invite you to board23:33
clivejoIm interested in this card - https://trello.com/c/1KfVhhjf/2-kubuntu-users-map23:33
kubotu[Kubuntu Promotion :: Ideas :: Kubuntu Users Map ++ SI]23:33
valorieI might have admin powerz, checking23:33
clivejoand to use OpenStreetMap instead of GoogleMaps23:33
valorieclivejo: did you join the kubuntu group?23:34
valorieI don't see you on the list of members23:34
valoriesgclark: do you have good a/c in your place?23:35
valoriemine is a life-saver23:35
valoriemy next-door neighbor opted not to get a heat pump, and they are so regretting it this summer23:35
clivejosilly question, but how do a join a board!?!23:36
valorieoh, it's called subscribe23:36
valoriethere is a menu button up on the right top23:36
clivejoI must be blind23:38
clivejocant see subscribe or join board anywhere23:38
clivejoIve starred the board23:38
valoriecan you give me a screenie of what you are seeing?23:39
sgclarkvalorie: yes, funny enough we decided to get a full A/C unit this year, best decision we ever made lol23:40
valoriesure, but that just puts it in your most view stuff, clivejo23:41
valoriesgclark: oh, good23:41
valorienot as good as cooler weather, but at least you live though a heat wave23:41
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valorieclivejo: see the menu button on the top-right?23:42
valorieclick that and a menu will come down23:42
clivejobut no subscribe in there23:42
valorieno join or ?23:42
clivejoProfile, Cards, Settings, Help, Apps, Shortcuts, Share Trello, Getting started guide,trello blog, change language, log out23:44
valoriewell, perhaps Riddell has to invite you23:44
valorieI don't see a way to do that23:44
valorieas sgclark says23:44
clivejomust have to be added23:46
valorieoh gosh, already time to make dinner23:48
clivejovalorie: are you on wily?23:48
valorienot yet23:48
valorieI'm thinking about trying to upgrade the other laptop, but since networking is dead on it, sort of hard to do that23:49
valoriefor now I'm stuck on this old slow one23:49
clivejohow did it die?23:49
valorieseems like the card itself flickered for awhile like a guttering candle23:50
valoriethen died altogether23:50
valorieI tried a USB wireless thing but nothing23:50
clivejois the card being recognised?23:50
clivejoBluesKaj: will you be around in a free hours?23:54
ahoneybunclivejo: do you have a trello account?23:57
clivejoahoneybun: yes, just created one23:58

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