finetundrahello all, can you get to the wallpaper changer from kickoff?02:33
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abdullahall of you?04:30
abdullahhey vbgunz04:31
abdullahhow u doing04:33
abdullahwhy non answering04:33
abdullahwhat r u doing guys04:33
vbgunzI just got here, I don't spend much time looking at the conversation here when it's dead04:35
vbgunzdead as in quiet, it's pretty quiet right now04:35
abdullahquiet? it's completely dead04:36
abdullahare u programmer or something?04:36
bshahif you have question feel free to ask..04:53
bshahthats how IRC work..04:53
bshahmm he lef04:53
bshahmm he left04:53
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michael_phi i am still having the same issue05:54
michael_pi ran the systemctl and it still apears05:54
babu_can anyone tell me which one is best apt-get or aptitude?05:55
michael_pbabu what version are you on05:56
babu_can anyone tell me whish one is best apt-get or aptitude?05:59
michael_pi just apt-get05:59
babu_and best opensource firewall?06:01
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo06:04
michael_pcould 219 be refering to video drivers06:08
michael_pi hope 15:10 dosnt have the same problem06:25
michael_pshould i use my own video drivers06:27
michael_por third party06:28
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michael_pi think this room is dead06:48
Tm_Tmichael_p: patience is a virtue (:06:51
valoriemichael_p: what do you mean "your own"?07:39
valoriein general, driver manager will suggest the best drivers for your equipment07:40
lordievaderGood morning.08:15
michael_p<valorie i mean i have nvidia .run08:42
michael_por should i use 3rd party08:42
michael_pwith me sometimes thats not allways the case08:50
michael_pthe only one that works is edgers or my own but thats on a diffrent version08:51
michael_pwith edgers i got no cuda08:51
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michael_pshould i downgrade to 14:0409:23
mparilloIf you really hate Plasma 5, or something worked on 14.04 that still does not work now, sure. Otherwise, why make the effort?09:30
michael_pjust the bug09:31
michael_pand plus if i am going to ise one ogf the drivers i need something to fall back on09:31
michael_pi ment if the drivers on the new diesktop dont work09:34
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mparilloIf the drivers work on 14.04, then sure. But when you say downgrade, what you really mean is save your data, and install. There is no automagic downgrade as far as I know.09:46
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mtthw831whatt up11:58
mtthw831is anyone up11:58
mtthw831i just installed11:59
mtthw831what do i do now11:59
lordievaderUse it?11:59
mtthw831i have done that11:59
mtthw831next step pls11:59
lordievaderThat is it, you install the os. And then you use it.11:59
lordievaderNot sure what you are looking for exactly.12:00
mtthw831just making sure12:00
mtthw831updates ?12:00
mtthw831any special firmware12:00
mtthw831you know12:00
lordievadermtthw831: Open a terminal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:00
mtthw831thank you12:01
mtthw831and after12:01
lordievaderAfter updating? I'm still not sure what you are after...12:02
mtthw831ill try to be more specific sorry12:02
mtthw831my internet is kind of slow12:02
mtthw831but i am staying at a motel right now but i was wondering if it was the driver12:03
lordievaderI rather think it is the motel's wifi. Such things are usually slow as hell.12:04
mtthw831i thought so too12:04
mtthw831is there a way i can check if all drivers are up to date12:05
mtthw831im new at linux12:05
lordievaderIf your packages are up to date, the drivers are up to date* (Ubuntu repo's are sometimes a bit behind)12:05
mtthw831my laptop used to be windows does that make any difference12:07
mtthw831how long have you used linux12:09
lordievaderQuite a while.12:10
mtthw831any tips?12:10
lordievaderOn what?12:11
mtthw831to learn the commands basics12:11
mtthw831i don't see myself returning to windows12:11
mtthw831ok thanks12:12
mtthw831oh should i install any kind of antivirus12:12
lordievaderNo need for that ;)12:12
TJ-mtthw831: "man" is your friend, as in "man <topic or command>" e.g. "man bash" for the BASH shell12:12
mtthw831ok got it thanks12:12
lordievaderMan is awesome :)12:13
mtthw831ill check it out12:14
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BluesKajHi all12:57
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mtthwpis anyone14:07
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sysop2how can I create an akondi google contacts account by hand? the gui just doesnt work.14:24
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owlmanHi all, any idea what happened to the "Log konsole output history" option?15:04
jamaicatech9whats up fellaz15:11
jamaicatech9how are u doing15:11
mernilioGreetings all! :-)15:16
mernilioJust for the discussion, why do you think its so few females who is intressted in free software and linux?15:18
mernilioIn the computer department we have some great woman, Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, and the girl who invented Biff15:20
hyper_chhi there, my screens are messed up. One screen, during boot up, is detect at a lower resolution and once plasma has started, it gets turned off. In system settings -> display it's not even shown anymore. Any suggestion?15:20
mernilioIf it's an new error it sounds like a hardware failure.15:22
hyper_chit's no hardware failure15:23
hyper_chright now it's shown... but only at 1024x768 resolution instead of full hd15:23
mernilioTry to check each monitor and stuff atacked to your computer. Problems with dual monitors can be a bitch to solve on IRC.... :-P15:26
hyper_chmernilio: monitors work15:27
hyper_chmernilio: kde systemsettings just doesn't want to let me put it to 1920x1080 resolution15:27
mernilioI also use KDE. No dual screens tho. Maybe you should ask in a KDE-channel?15:28
hyper_chawking there also15:28
merniliooki :-)15:28
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hyper_chwhy can't I select 1920x1080 resolution in display settings?15:39
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mr-richkubuntu 14.04 latest updates - plazma seemds to be eating up tons of memory ... any way to fix?18:19
lordievaderWhat is tons of memory?18:20
mr-richlordievader: 15GB out og 16 GB ...18:22
lordievaderOw... that is a tad much. What process is eating it exactly?18:24
mr-rich$ ps -e -o pid,vsz,comm= | sort -n -k 2 | tail -n 318:26
mr-rich31592 2946672 kwin18:26
mr-rich 4881 3930172 plasma-desktop18:26
mr-rich 2332 15599288 Xorg18:26
mr-richlordievader: ^^^^18:26
lordievaderKwin.. hmm. Does logging out and logging back in help?18:27
mr-richlordievader: I tried running kwin --replace ... didn't work ... I'd rather not have to close all my apps to log out ...18:29
lordievaderWhat kind of resolution do you have?18:29
mr-richlordievader: 1600X1200 ... been running that since 12.04 ... problem started recently. At first it was Firefox and when I closed firefox mem would drop to like 2-4 GB ... but now I'm using Chrome and closing it doesn't make a difference ....18:32
lordievadermr-rich: No it is kwin hogging the memory. What is the uptime?18:35
Lumby_Is it expected for kscreen to not be included in kde-plasma-desktop?18:46
mparillo_Lumby_: If you do not get an answer here, I would try #kubuntu-devel before it starts getting late in Europe.18:47
lordievaderLumby_: Is it included with the 'plasma-desktop' package?18:55
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akasichello ppl, i just set my taskar to be covered by windows, is any way to make it appear when i hit the bottom? (like in opensuse)20:43
akasici mean with the mouse, hitting at the bottom, it will show up automatically20:46
akasic(with windows covering it, not the autohide option)920:46
akasicwell, a good solution is to set the max size of the specific window to a fem pixels less, and a space for a click is there, than for the help20:54
akasicthnx for the help cya20:54
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PhoenixzAnybody who has the same problem with amarok where its not possible to drag drop move tracks in the playlist?21:45
PhoenixzI have had this problem spanning over multiple versions, since like 14.04 and 14.10 at the least.. Right now on 15.10, still same issue21:45
valoriehmmm, I've not built amarok for awhile22:13
valorienot sure I have time for that today however22:13
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eXistenZehum... 15.10?22:59
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