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mupBug #1470013 opened: MAAS 1.8 - failed power off/status for majority of nodes <cpec> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1470013>09:04
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schiattohi guys!! I've a problem with the installation of MaaS via command line on a ubuntu 14.04lts, as reported its own official guide, the eroor is here reported (http://askubuntu.com/questions/641540/error-during-installation-via-command-line-of-maas-region-controller). anyone can help me?10:50
gnuoyI'm using juju with maas 1.8 and when I deploy an LXC container via juju dns is not working. Which looks alot like Bug #1382190 which was fixed in 1.7. Is there some special step  to enable maas to manage the lxc dns entries (which I may not have done) or does this look like a regression?10:50
kikoschiatto, good morning13:42
schiattohello kiko13:43
kikognuoy, do you have a static range defined?13:43
kikoschiatto, the question is why is the postgresql database not being installed and configured properly?13:43
kikoschiatto, is there something else blocking the port?13:43
schiattokiko yes13:43
kikodo you have postgresql already running on that system?13:44
schiattoI saw its own official guide13:44
kikoschiatto, I would use 1.7 from the stable PPA above instead of 1.5 which is currently in trusty13:45
schiattono, it's a new installation of maas13:45
schiattoI've used an ubuntu 14.04lts clear and added the repository and followed the guide13:45
kikookay, it is 1.7 then?13:46
schiattoI've obtained the same problem also using 1.513:46
kikoschiatto, something is happening during the postgresql install -- could you look at the logs?13:46
schiattonow it's 1.7, also I saw that is ready 1.813:46
schiattoI testing it on another infrastructure13:47
schiattoI don't know I've just run the command sudo apt-get install maas-region-controller the first time then sudo apt-get install maas and the situation was the same13:48
amiralii want to install maas 1.8 on ubunto 14.0416:06
amiraliis this the code16:06
amirali sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas-maintainers/experimental16:06
amirali sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/stablesudo16:07
amirali sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/stable16:07
amiralihi kiko16:42
kikohey amirali16:43
kikothat will get you maas 1.8 and whatever juju is in stable16:44
amiralidoes it differs what juju version should be with maas 1.8 ?16:55
amiralior with maas 1.8 should juju be experimental too ?16:56
catbus1amirali: maas is not dependent on juju.17:17
catbus1you can use juju from stable with maas 1.817:18
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catbus1where on maas 1.8 web UI to change installer to debian installer?18:30
wolverineavhey, quick question - how do we change the installer being used from fastpath to debian?18:33
wolverineavmy webui looks pretty different from the one in documentation: https://imgur.com/z1W53L418:39
wolverineavas compared to : https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/installing-ubuntu.html18:39
roaksoaxwolverineav: there's a bug for that: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/147020218:40
roaksoaxwolverineav: and also, 1.8 does not officially support debian installer anymore18:40
wolverineavah, ok. thanks @roaksoax18:43
mupBug #1470202 opened: Documentation needs to be udpate for new WEbUI <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1470202>18:43
wolverineavI was making some changes in the 'post_scripts' section of preseed/generic18:44
wolverineavany suggestions as to where I should move that?18:45
roaksoaxwolverineav: preseed/curtin_userdata18:46
catbus1roaksoax: do you happen to have any nic bonding examples for curtin?18:47
roaksoaxcatbus1: not at the moment, maybe someone for IS19:04
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kikoroaksoax, ivoks does I believe (not in this channel)19:26
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wolverineavso, I've updated the curtin_userdata with a couple of lines and an echo message to a file, just to verify that its executed (line 26 - 28): http://pastebin.com/i4FxXVwG but my new node doesn't reflect that.21:44
wolverineavalso restarted maas services - maas-dhcpd, maas-regiond, maas-clusterd. ideally, after any change to curtin_userdata, it should just pick up that change when a new node is deployed, right?21:45
catbus1wolverineav: I think you take those new lines out of if/endif section. If it doesn't run, probably because it doesn't satisfy the if condition.23:30
catbus1and I'd add a -y for apt-get install ifenslave-623:31
wolverineavoops! saw series of apt-get and added one in the end, not realizing that its in an IF condition :| thanks catbus123:33
catbus1wolverineav: it should just pick up the changes without restarting any services.23:36
mupBug #1470276 opened: add cisco snic to 3rd party driver <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1470276>23:44
wolverineavyep, just ran it on a new node without restarting services, it works :)23:45

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