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lordievaderGood morning.08:15
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BluesKajHi all12:58
ryileferGuys..tried to update nvidia..running 15.10..now I cnat even login.. It says "the system is running in low graphics mode"17:01
trismryilefer: ctrl+alt+f2 to a tty, login and check you have the linux headers for your kernel: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r); then check: dkms status; to see if the module is installed for your kernel17:07
ryilefer@trism: on it17:11
ryilefer0 upgraded, 0 newly installed ,0 to remove and 18 not upgraded17:15
trismryilefer: what about the dkms status line for your kernel? does it say Installed?17:17
ryilefertrism: how do I check the dkms status??17:17
trismryilefer: just type: dkms status;17:18
ryileferDo in type the output?17:19
trismryilefer: if you have/can install pastebinit it would be interesting to see: dkms status | pastebinit; but if it really is installed you'll have to check dmesg to see if it tried to load the nvidia module and failed for some reason17:21
ryilefertrism: http://imgur.com/VHS3hLi17:22
ryileferor http://paste.ubuntu.com/11800223/17:24
trismryilefer: uname -r; was a command not your username, is the output of uname -r; 3.19.0-22-generic?17:24
trismryilefer: the screenshot was fine17:24
trismryilefer: the output looks fine, which nvidia card do you have?17:25
ryileferAnd yes, Linux-headers-3.19.0-22-generic is already the newest version17:27
ryileferThat's the output.. After cornering (uname -r)17:27
trismryilefer: do you see any nvidia lines in the output of: dmesg; ?17:28
ryilefertrism: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11800295/17:29
trismryilefer: seems to be not loading because that driver version dropped support for your card, although i can't remember where the support list page is on the nvidia site17:35
trismryilefer: not sure which nvidia versions are available in wily17:35
trismryilefer: seems kind of strange, I didn't think the 720m was that old17:35
ryilefer3-4 years17:36
ryileferGeforce 720M17:37
ryilefertrism: http://imgur.com/3QtTMSB17:40
trismryilefer: actually, I think the problem is you are using too old a nvidia version17:43
trismryilefer: you are on 304.125 but I see the 720m in the latest version17:44
ryileferAh...anything I can do?17:44
ryilefertrism: I followed some YouTube tutorial to update the driver...biggest mistake..17:45
trismryilefer: try: sudo apt-get purge nvidia-304; then: sudo apt-get install nvidia-346;17:46
ryilefertrism: on it17:46
trismryilefer: if: dkms status; says installed for nvidia-346 I would try restarting after that17:48
ryilefertrism: removed 304..installing 346..will restart the system once its done and let you know17:49
ryilefertrism: seems to be working fine...17:52
ryilefertrism: using nvidia binary driver-version 346.72 from nvidia-346(open source)17:54
trismryilefer: excellent, yeah I think the problem was 304 just hadn't added support for 720m yet, it is pretty old17:59
ryilefertrism: ah..this should work fine right?..I'll try not to mess around with it too much18:00
ryilefertrism: anyway, thanks a lot for your help man.. You saved my ass..cheers!18:10
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